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Entelos Releases Commercial Dog Nutrition Simulation Model

San Mateo, California (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Entelos, a premier provider of physiological system modeling and services that help pharmaceutical and consumer product companies predict better paths to success, today announced the availability of a new commercial quantitative physiological model that will enable petfood manufacturers to predict the effects of different diets on dogs and replace expensive and lengthy animal testing.

The petfood market is a $ 59 billion industry that is extremely competitive and requires manufacturers to deliver better scientifically proven nutrition at lower costs, said Entelos President and CEO, Shawn OConnor. Our transformational simulation approach provides the foundation for petfood R&D groups to run quick and humane computer simulations for different diets on different dog types."

The new Dog Nutrition PhysioLab is a mathematical physiological model designed to simulate, examine and explore the effects of food intake within dog diets and the corresponding body weight outcomes. The model provides a foundation to investigate effects of macronutrient intake relative to exercise, age and size simulating carbohydrate, protein and triglyceride mass balance to determine total body mass and total fat. The model includes the simulation and quantitative insights into the canine circulatory system, adipose tissue, liver, muscle and GI tract. Additionally, simulations take into consideration the hormonal control from hormones such as glucagon, insulin, epinephrine, adiponectin and other gastrointestinal hormones on weight loss and gain.

About Entelos

Entelos is an in silico modeling and simulation software and services company delivering predictive technologies reducing risk, time, and cost of product development for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutrition and consumer products customers. The Company's PhysioLab systems biology platforms generate virtual populations providing highly predictive analyses to develop safer and more effective drugs, foods and consumer products and help eliminate the need for animal testing. Entelos understanding of consumer variability has significant application to the emerging field of personalized medicine and products. The Company is headquartered in San Mateo, California. For more information, please visit


Introducing the Epicure Digital NutriSchool Menu and Nutritional Information System at CSNA 2012 California School Nutrition Conference

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) November 05, 2012

Epicure Digital Systems, a leader in digital menu boards, presents at CSNA 2012 California School Nutrition Conference, the Epicure Digital NutriSchool Menu and Nutritional Information System for centrally controlling menu and nutritional information on school websites, classroom smart boards, and digital menu boards in the cafeteria and around campus, Introducing Epicure Digital NutriSchool menu and nutritional information system centrally controlling menu and nutritional information on school websites, on classroom smart boards, and on digital menu boards, to help school food services to transform school cafeterias into smarter lunchrooms

K-12 schools have just finished implementing the new revolutionary healthful menus and face these challenges:

Promote the new school menus
Students need to learn the benefits of good nutrition to help them make healthier menu choices on a daily basis and as a way for life.

Meet the new regulations
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Act of 2010, sections 204 and 209, requires schools to make information more readily available to students, parents and the public about the nutritional quality of meals.

Increase participation in the Breakfast and Lunch program
School food services need fuller participation to sustain profit margins in the face of increased food costs as a result of new and modified meal recipes.

With the new school meal standards beginning to be implemented and the growing importance of providing nutrition information to families and students, Epicure Digital NutriSchool is a logical way for K-12 schools to communicate to students and parents about nutrition information relating to their menus. This will help educate students and parents alike on the nutritional quality of their food choices, according to Kim Blum, MS, RD, LD, owner KB Nutrition Consulting in Dallas, TX and a former USDA employee, and it makes perfect sense to showcase the improvements via a simple system which can be displayed on cafeteria menu boards, online and in the classroom.

Increasing participation in breakfast and lunch programs is essential to retaining profitability. Less than half of low-income children receiving school lunches participate in the breakfast program and only about 30 million out of the total 50 million students in US public schools participate in the school lunch programs. Food services have potential to double the number of school meals served.

The NutriSchool system displays daily menus, nutritional data and labels, allergen alerts, and educational and promotional messages and graphics on classroom smart boards, on district and individual school websites, and on menu boards in the cafeteria, to inform, engage and encourage student participation.

In the classroom, teachers can use NutriSchool menus on smart boards to help students make healthier menu choices. At home, viewing NutriSchool menus on the school website, parents can guide their kids to make healthier menu choices. In the cafeteria, digital menu boards can educate on the front line, at the point-of-sale.

NutriSchool is an affordable system, explained Harvey Friedman, President and Founder, Epicure Digital Systems. Any size school district can easily and quickly provide daily online NutriSchool menus on their websites and existing classroom smart boards. And, the same system can also be used to control LCD menu boards in cafeterias if and when they are required.

For schools that already publish weekly and monthly menu information on their websites, NutriSchool provides the ability to display an additional webpage updated daily with nutritional and allergen information for each menu item.

NutriSchool utilizes a proprietary nutritional menu labeling system to easily select icons representing food groups, allergens, and nutritional data for each menu item.

NutriSchool can display district wide ES, MS and HS menus, or menu and nutritional information for each school with each schools local messaging and graphics.

NutriSchool can display different graphics and communicate different messages on the websites, smart boards and cafeteria digital menu boards, targeting students and parents with relevant and timely information for each platform.

NutriSchool can provide content in English and Spanish.

NutriSchool can read and display RSS feeds, campus alerts, live weather forecasts and current news and information from the Internet and can easily be set to display nutritional tips of the day and other school and district news and information.

NutriSchool can integrate with food service management and nutritional information systems.

The Epicure Digital NutriSchool Products & Services:

Epicure Digital Menu Boards
Display daily NutriSchool menus on LCDs in the cafeteria and at other

campus locations including outdoor

Epicure Digital NutriSmart
Display daily NutriSchool menus on district and individual school websites

to help parents at home guide their kids to make healthier menu choices

Epicure Digital NutriClass
Display daily NutriSchool menus on classroom smart boards as a tool

teachers can use to help students make healthier menu choices

Epicure Digital NutriGuide
Disply daily complete nutritional and allergen information for all menu items

Epicure Digital Nutritional Menu Labeling
We develop creative nutritional menu labeling solutions for each client

Epicure Digital Multi Function Boards
Display daily menus, school information and multimedia messages in the

cafeteria and at other campus locations including outdoor

Epicure Digital Menu Engineering & Design
We solve clients complex menu engineering and student participation issues

Epicure Digital NutriLive
Easily control nutritional menu labeling on your digital menus

Epicure Digital Quick & Easy-To-Use Interface

Designed for non-technical food service personnel

Epicure Digital LiveText
Instantly change and update your menu items, descriptions and prices

Epicure Digital LiveMenu
Easily rearrange the layout of your digital menus

Epicure Digital SlideShow Builder
Assemble and upload your own slide shows

Epicure Digital Integration
Import data from third-party nutritional data bases

Epicure Digital Meets the New Legislation Guidelines
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Act of 2010, sections 204 and 209, requires

schools to make information more readily available to students, parents

and the public about the nutritional quality of meals

NutriSchool is a product of Epicure Digital Systems, a leader in digital menu board systems with over twelve years of experience designing customized digital menu and nutritional board systems. The company pioneered the display of nutritional data on menu boards in 2004 for the U. S. Navy.

Epicure Digital clients include K-12 schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, independent and chain restaurants, contract food service companies, business & industry, and cinemas and casinos among others.

The company's website ( has an extensive portfolio of its client's digital and online menu board projects.

Visitors to the CSNA California School Nutrition Association Annual Conference in Pasadena, 9-10 November 2012, Booth #305, will be able to view NutriSchool at the Epicure Digital booth on large daylight readable Sunbrite LCD screens for indoor and outdoor menu boards.

For more information, contact:

Tommy Orpaz





Integrative Nutrition Announces September Health Coaching Conference

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 02, 2012

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), the worlds largest nutrition school, is proud to announce that it will be holding its next live conference from September 29-30, 2012, at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City.

The conference will feature Founder, Director, and Primary Teacher of Integrative Nutrition Joshua Rosenthal, MScEd, and the following esteemed keynote speakers:


Virginia Tech Nutrition Professor & Published Author Brenda Davy Named to WellBalance Weight Loss Camps Scientific Advisory Board

Asheville, NC (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

Dr. Brenda Davy, Associate Professor of Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise at Virginia Tech, has been named to the Scientific Advisory Board for WellBalance, a leading health organization that runs weight loss summer camps for adolescents ages 10 20.

Davy has agreed to provide recommendations to WellBalance for improving a clients overall health through better teen diet, physical activity, and weight management strategies. Davys expertise in improvement of weight loss diet and health behaviors will be beneficial to WellBalance customers on their journey towards meeting their summer weight loss camp and health goals.

Dr. Davy has an enormous amount of respect in the scientific world due to the research she has led, said John Taylor, Vice President of Programs for WellBalance and a celebrity fitness expert. Dr. Davy is one of the nations leading experts on helping individuals create healthy behaviors, something that the entire nation is attempting to implement as a way to fight childhood obesity. WellBalance is honored to have her as a member of our Scientific Advisory Board, and we feel that her opinions will help our clients progress in their journey towards healthy living.

Davy has a number of publications to her credit including Translational Research: Bridging the gap between long-term weight loss maintenance research and practice, which appeared in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Davy is also a Registered Dietitian, and studies the relationship between beverage consumption and weight management.

I am very happy to join WellBalance as a member of their Scientific Advisory Board said Davy. I look forward to helping WellBalance clients adopt weight management strategies and diet behaviors that will enable them to lead healthier lives.

Dr. Davy earned her Ph.D. in Human Nutrition from Colorado State University in 2001. She also earned a M.S. in Exercise Physiology and B.S. in Human Nutrition from Virginia Tech, and in 2010, was featured in the WebMD article Study Shows Drinking Water Helps People Lose Weight and Keep the Pounds Off, which was a report based on her research. This study, published in the journal Obesity in 2010, received national and international media attention.


WellBalance fitness and weight loss health camps designed the ME Plan to Motivate & Educate on what medical research shows works for sustainable fitness, weight loss, and health success. Founded by professionals and guided by experts who have led some of the largest behavioral health, mental health, and treatment programs in the country, WellBalance is working to become the leader with a focus on improving an individuals overall health. WellBalance developed the WellBalance Health Score


fitlosophy Expands fitbook Family with Arrival of NEW mama2b, a 40-Week Prenatal Fitness & Nutrition Journal

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 28, 2012

fitlosophy inc., creator of fitbook fitness and nutrition journals, is proud to announce the arrival of its new bundle of joy: fitbook mama2b. Designed to help expecting moms navigate through 40 weeks of pregnancy, fitbook mama2b is a tool for moms-to-be to plan for an active and healthy pregnancy. From goal-setting and informational tips, to fitness and nutrition facts, mama2b delivers an all-in-one guide complete with a ton of motivation and a tad bit of humor.

Based on fitbooks unique and proven goal-setting system, fitlosophy has developed a 40-week version to meet the needs of expecting mamas, says Angela Manzanares, chief fitlosopher and fitness expert. Seeing the numbers of the scale go up during pregnancy makes many moms-to-be feel down mama2b helps pregnant women keep a positive perspective on staying active and healthy.

Personalized, flexible and functional, this chubby 40-week fitbook is packed with everything expectant moms need to get and stay on track. Each color-coded trimester planner includes sections to record important stats like healthy baby weight gain and blood pressure, set workout and nutrition goals, and reflect on daily and weekly achievements. To give active mamas some extra TLC, the trimester planner also poses soul-searching questions and is sprinkled with inspirational quotes.

Offering expecting moms a no-brainer blueprint for fitting exercise and healthy nutrition into their busy schedules, the weekly plan encourages setting goals and tracking progress. Other weekly features include practical and often entertaining fitness and nutrition tips, fruit and veggie graphics to estimate babys size week-by-week, and an excitement-building baby countdown. And, for those experiencing pregnancy brain, there are plenty of places to jot down important bits of info like doctors appointments, questions for physicians, blood pressure, and healthy weight gain milestones.

On a daily basis, moms-to-be are encouraged to record strength training and cardio, log food, track nutrients, and take note of water and sleep intake all key elements to a healthy pregnancy. For in-hand convenience, there is also a chart for nutrient-packed, power pregnancy foods and a healthy baby weight gain guide. At the 40-week mark, fitbook mama2b offers some final words of wisdom and a page to celebrate achievements and earn much-deserved rewards (postnatal massage, perhaps?). Theres also a place for babys birth date, time, length and weight stats, as well as after-baby tips to help new moms gear up to regain their pre-baby body.

fitbook mama2b is available online for $ 24.95 at and all Target stores.

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