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Nonprofits and Churches Easily Prepare Annual Contribution Statements with Updated Aplos Nonprofit Accounting Software

Fresno, CA (PRWEB) November 28, 2012

Aplos Software, LLC updated their nonprofit accounting software this week to make it easier for nonprofits to manage donor contributions. With this update, nonprofits and churches can allow an individual to only have access to the contribution management sections of the accounting software so they can quickly, easily and safely help enter donations, update donor contact information and help print the required annual Contribution Statements prior to the IRS deadline of January 31, 2013.

Mailing giving statements on time can be stressful for small nonprofits and churches, especially if they are not using an appropriate fund accounting software throughout the year. Aplos helps nonprofits change this time-intensive project into one that is as simple as the click of a button, said Tim Goetz, CPA and co-founder of Aplos Software. Even if organizations have not been using Aplos Accounting all year, we will help them import their data so they can easily prepare 2012 giving statements, then they will already be set up to start 2013 accounting on the right foot.

Nonprofit Accounting Software Eases Contribution Statement Preparation

Aplos Accounting, the web-based fund accounting software designed for small nonprofits and faith-based organizations, is designed to be simple enough for a non-accountant to manage it easily and accurately. In addition to true fund accounting, organizations can add optional Apps based on their unique needs, including Contributions Management to track donations and automatically generate Contribution Statements.

Other available Apps include budgeting, bank reconciliation, check printing and a people database. Aplos Accountings web-based platform includes the ability to have multiple users with various permission levels who can access the software from any location using an Internet connection.

For example, a nonprofit can create a user for a board member or accountant so this person can log in from their office to view reports or audit the accounting, but not make changes to any transactions. Aplos Accountings recent update created a new user type called a Contribution Manager user, who can only access Contributions Management-related sections of the nonprofit accounting software. This is ideal for a nonprofit or church that uses a volunteer or untrained staff member to help enter end-of-the-year donations, update donor contact information and print Contributions Statements.

Fund Accounting Software For Small Nonprofits and Faith-based Organizations

Aplos Accounting is designed for the specific fund accounting needs of small churches, faith-based organizations and nonprofit organizations with its intuitive user interface. Many organizations are actively looking for the best church accounting software or nonprofit accounting software for their 2013 accounting and are finding Aplos is very easy to set-up, import their information, manage without accounting experience and quickly customize and print their needed financial reports.

Aplos customer Michele Slayden, co-founder of the nonprofit Off The Front said, Aplos is for people like me who have little time, minimal experience, and are in desperate need of confidence in an area requiring a great amount of responsibility.

In addition to providing all of the essential accounting functions, Aploss Cloud-based accounting software means there is no software download needed and users dont need to worry about saving a back-up in case a computer crashes because Aplos does it automatically on its secure platform.

Aplos Softwares web-based fund accounting suite with the Contributions Management App is priced from $ 16.98 up to $ 30.95 per month based on the number of users and other functionality needed. Aplos Software also offers Aplos Oversight, a free enterprise accounting platform for users to easily manage the finances of multiple nonprofits or churches that use Aplos Accounting. Nonprofits can register for a 15-day free trial of Aplos Accounting. Visit for more information or call Aplos Software at (888) 274-1316.

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Non-Profit UpWord Studios Kicks Off Support and Funding of New Media Projects for the Catholic Community

Olathe, KS (PRWEB) May 09, 2012

UpWord Studios ( launched today as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that supports and funds the creation of Catholic new media, bringing enhanced access to historical materials and enabling new digital content.

UpWord Studios works with Catholic publishers, church organizations, and ministers to utilize todays technology in sharing the Catholic faith. The organization helps fund and create Catholic digital media projects in the areas of catechesis, evangelization, prayer, and community, with the goal of helping to define, preserve, and promote Catholic identity.

We as the Catholic community need to take every advantage to evangelize and share the Good News. And there is no greater opportunity available to us right now than effectively utilize digital media, Internet and mobile technologies to share Gods message, said Diane Lampitt, a longtime leader in Catholic publishing and UpWord Studios Board member.

Among todays increasingly tech-savvy population are seekers who are desperately trying to find deeper meaning in their lives. UpWord Studios strives to reveal this spiritual dimension through digital new media, where people are spending a great deal of time. The message stays the same its the format and channel of communication that change, said Fred Fosnacht, founder of UpWord Studios.

UpWord Studios inaugural project, The Rosary multi-touch ebook, is now available on the iTunes store. Designed as a both a multimedia book and a teaching aid on the iPad, the multi-touch ebook brings together video, animation, images and audio to create a compelling learning experience.

The organizations project pipeline includes work with a variety of collaborators on Catholic new media initiatives, including:

iPhone and iPad apps
Interactive games
Webcasts and live video streaming
Podcasts and videocasts
Virtual event experiences
Online communities

UpWord Studios will serve as a catalyst for Catholic new media creation in the areas of sacramental life, faith formation, catechesis, evangelization, prayer, and community. The foundation will provide select grants for Catholic material that is:

Experiential drives toward an experience of a relationship with the Triune God
Participative engages the user interactively
Image-driven rich in images, video and music
Communal creates a connection between spiritual seekers and our Catholic community

Grant applications can be downloaded from

UpWord Studios is also seeking support from Catholic benefactors who can make donations securely online at These donations provide critical support for development work of projects in the pipeline.

About UpWord Studios

UpWord Studios, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is a new media development house that supports and funds the creation of Catholic new media, bringing enhanced access to existing materials and enabling new digital content. The organization provides new media services and financial support to promote effective, innovative communication vehicles for the Gospel message. As a non-profit organization, UpWord Studios supports many important Catholic ministries, including youth, young adult, RCIA, RCIC, marriage and family, and many more. Visit us at

# # #

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Data Loss Prevention Company Continues Donations of eDiscovery Tools to Non-Profit Cancer Centers

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 06, 2012

GTB Technologies, the Data Loss Prevention Company, announced that world-wide donations of GTB Technologies Inc's, eDiscovery Tools are currently underway to Non-Profit Cancer Centers. Due to the success of last year's donation event, GTB has decided to expand the program. Now GTB Customers, Partners & Business Associates can make a donation of GTB's eDiscovery tool to a Non-Profit Healthcare organization of their choice.

The GTB Donation program is in memory of Leslie Cohen Tully, a sister of one of GTB Technologies founders. Leslie was diagnosed with Stage II cancer in the Spring of 2002, who unfortunately, after a brutal fight, succumbed to the disease March 8, 2006; just a few days shy of her 48th birthday.

"Leslie had always been the first to lend a hand to various worthy charities including Cancer Research and Treatment, both before and during her struggle with the disease." says GTB co founder, Wendy Cohen, "We have seen firsthand that our donations help Cancer Centers avoid heavy fines and damaging publicity while achieving compliance and maintaining patient privacy. Now these organizations are able to spend valuable funds on research and patient care."

All eDiscovery donations include a perpetual license to the GTB eDiscovery tool, free training, free support as well as maintenance upgrades. To request a donation of the eDiscovery tool please Click Here

About GTB Technologies Inc:

With offices worldwide, GTB Technologies Inc. has re-invented the enterprise extrusion / data leak prevention marketplace, like no other; bringing a broad set of influential innovations such as solving the known market limitation of false positive rates.

Unlike others, GTB customers are comfortable moving into enforcement mode quite quickly. This is due to an innovative, unique differentiator in its DLP design. Based on a Content-Aware Reverse Firewall, GTB DLP is the only Data Leak Prevention solution which can block Real-Time, with unsurpassed accuracy, on all ports & protocols; while being intuitive for administrators to operate with minimal operating expense.

GTB customers' include enterprises across the Global 1000 in sectors such as financial services, healthcare, defense contractors, power and energy, telecommunications, retail, and high-tech, as well as government agencies around the world in defense, homeland security, law enforcement, and intelligence.

GTB's Flagship product, the GTB Inspector, a content-aware reverse firewall, provides port-independent inspection covering all 65,535 ports. This technologically unsurpassed platform - provides accurate visibility and control over all content and applications in use, on the network, in real time. Some of its market distinguishing features are:

Support for all file formats
Real-Time Detection (without the need for File Cracking Tools)
100% accuracy for detecting both Personal Identifiable Information, PCI and partial file matching (on fingerprinted data)
Multi-language detection
Flexible and easy policy definition
GTB SSL Proxy - for SSL encrypted visibility (all in one product)
Scalability to outbound network bandwidth
Workflow for event remediation
Port hopping
Tunnelling Detection
SIEM integration
24/7 support
All at a fraction of the cost of any other comparable DLP solution

Enterprises with Data Loss Prevention initiatives whom have an interest in evaluating the GTB DLP / Extrusion Prevention suite can sign up for a free 30 day evaluation at

The Evaluation comes with free Data Leak Prevention education, training plus GTB's unprecedented support, analysis and reporting.

To learn more about next generation extrusion / data loss prevention solutions, how to "Put the 'P' back into DLP" , visit or follow us on twitter@gtbtechnologies

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Ventureneer Webinar Tells Small Business Owners, Nonprofit Leaders How and Why to Use Cloud Computing

Ventureneer Webinar Tells Small Business Owners, Nonprofit Leaders How and Why to Use Cloud Computing

New York, NY (Vocus) April 7, 2010

Confused about cloud computing? That's no surprise when one expert praises its low cost and ease of implementation and the next expert condemns its lack of reliability and security.

Ventureneer's free webinar How, Why, and When Small Businesses and Nonprofits Should Use Cloud Computing will introduce participants to the concept of the cloud, the way it can work for small businesses and nonprofits, and the costs of cloud computing. (Sometimes, there's no cost!)

Confusion about this leading-edge technology may make small business owners and nonprofit leaders unwilling to use it. Although it sounds airy, cloud computing is solid technology that businesses of every size have found useful. Because cloud computing is so seldom defined clearly, many people don't realize that they're using it already when they sign up for Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail.

"Cloud computing makes collaboration and data storage so much easier that nonprofit leaders and small businesses owners owe it to themselves to check it out," says Geri Stengel, founder of Ventureneer. "Cloud computing may be just the thing you need to increase efficiency without spending a lot of money."

The free webinar will be held on Thursday, April 22, from 2pm to 3pm EDT. It will be taught by Jason Hutchins, president of Nonprofit Solutions Network, which specializes in customized, affordable IT services for nonprofits and small businesses. Since 1998, NSN has helped nonprofits boost productivity, lower costs, and improve their overall operation through the use of technology.

In this free, one-hour webinar, Hutchins will teach:

    What cloud computing is;
    Benefits of cloud computing for small businesses and nonprofits;
    Drawbacks to working in the cloud;
    How you can use the cloud for everything from document storage to managing customer relationships, from email to finance;
    Who provides cloud services (from start-ups to the big boys);
    Costs (free to hidden).

In plain talk, participants will learn how to determine if the rewards of the cloud are worth the risks.

Senior level management of nonprofits and small businesses, including CEOs, COOs, and CFOs as well as office managers, the head of marketing and the head of IT will benefit from this free webinar.

To register, visit Ventureneer.

About Geri Stengel

Geri is founder of Ventureneer, an online education and peer support service. An adjunct professor at The New School, she honed her online experience at companies like Dow Jones and Physicians’ Online. Geri co-founded the Women’s Leadership Exchange and is president of Stengel Solutions, a consulting service for social-impact organizations.

About Ventureneer provides nonprofit and small business advice as well as entrepreneurial and nonprofit training through a new approach to learning: a blend of traditional, formal instruction with informal, peer learning that takes advantage of Web 2.0 technology to capture and share knowledge. Ventureneer's customized blogs, virtual classes, peer-to-peer learning, coaching, web events, and articles help entrepreneurs make faster, better decisions for their enterprises.

Geri Stengel





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Connexion Technologies Creates Technology Center in Georgia Community Non-Profit

Connexion Technologies Creates Technology Center in Georgia Community Non-Profit

Cary, NC (Vocus) December 15, 2010

Connexion Technologies recently partnered with The Hope Center, a non-profit serving Gwinnett Estates, a manufactured home community in Loganville, Georgia. Connexion Technologies donated 12 laptops as well as high speed Internet service for the center.

The Hope Center is a community outreach ministry of Graystone Church at the Gwinnett Estates. This manufactured home community is home to more than 200 families, the majority of whom are first and second generation immigrants.

The Hope Center offers many different programs for residents in the community. One of the center’s primary focuses is its after school program. Every Tuesday and Thursday during the school year, nearly 60 elementary and middle school age children come to the after school program for tutoring, homework help, games and other activities.

“The single greatest need we've had at the Hope Center this year is computers and Internet access. Most of the children in the community do not have access to a computer or the Internet at home, so we want to be a place where the kids can come and use these computers and the Internet for their schoolwork during the after school program,” said Jim Hollandsworth, co-chair of operations of the Hope Center.

“Our vision for the future of the Hope Center is to have a computer lab where children and adults in the community can come and use the computers and internet to study, do homework and practice English. This donation from Connexion Technologies will help to make this vision a reality for the residents in the Gwinnett Estates community."

“The Hope Center is a wonderful opportunity for us to assist one of the communities we serve,” said Glen Lang, founder of Connexion Technologies. “As a leader in telecommunications infrastructure, we and our service provider partners look forward to future opportunities to give back to the communities we serve.”

For more information about the Hope Center or to learn about volunteer opportunities, please contact Jim Hollandsworth at jim(at)graystonechurch(dot)com.

About Connexion Technologies

Connexion Technologies customizes and manages advanced communications networks in residential properties nationwide. Its networks optimize the communication experience and value of properties for residents and owners. Connexion Technologies is not a service provider, rather it selects and manages providers that offer entertainment and communication applications, including enhanced television, telephone and Internet services over Connexion’s provider-neutral networks. The company is based in Cary, North Carolina. It was established in 2002 and serves properties nationwide.


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Computer Donations Needed to Help Charitable and Non-Profit Agencies

Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver Canada (PRWEB) January 12, 2007

Electronic Recycling Association ( celebrates 2006 and the holidays by taking some well deserved time off. In 2006 ERA was successful in collecting thousands of old computers and redeploying them with various charities, non profit agencies, community centers and libraries.

Thousands of people benefited from the hard work of the ERA. Thousands of computers have been placed in learning institutions and with people who otherwise could not have afforded access to them.

In 2007, ERA's goal is to collect even more old computers, laptops and networking equipment destined to landfills or to be smelted.

It is a proven fact that reusing computers and technology is more environmentally friendly that smelting, and ERA's purpose is to reuse as many computers as possible by putting them in the hands of the needy and disadvantaged groups, who would otherwise not be able to afford them.

In Canada, thousands of companies and government departments are using the top end equipment, and upgrades are very frequent to keep on top of technology. Unfortunately this has created a problem for the environment. These companies and government departments sometimes dispose of computers and technology in a not so environmentally friendly manner, such as dumping this equipment in landfills, or having it smelted.

ERA operates reuse programs with many charities and non profit agencies. One example of this is a program between the ERA and the Calgary Drop in Center. Old computers are collected by ERA, and refurbished by ERA and the Drop in Center and then given to poor people getting their first apartment or home.

These same computers would otherwise be burried in landfills or smelted by government funded recyclers, who think of profits first, environment and helping the community last.

ERA is different. ERA collects old computers for donation to organizations and people who can not afford computers and technology.

If your company has old computers, you can rest assured that giving them to ERA is the best solution. The data is erased safely, usually at your location so you can rest assured any secrets ae not revealed.

The computers are then cleaned up, refurbished and donated to communities that can use them for several more years.

ERA has offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto. ERA can pickup computers, laptops, servers, and networking equipment from anywhere in Canada and even in the USA.

ERA works with a large refurbishing and donations organization in the UK as well, which can also collect and donate old computers.

For more information please contact the ERA at under the contact section.



National Non-Profit launches Guaranteed Computer Loan Program “Jump On It”

MERCER ISLAND, WA (PRWEB) April 23, 2004

In its continuing effort to bridge the Digital Divide; The On It Foundation has launched a Guaranteed Computer Loan Program for any individual to purchase a computer regardless of income level or credit status. This program, called “Jump On It” is designed to allow applicants the ability to purchase a new or refurbished computer with no interest. All computers will be available for less than $ 700 and include a 17-inch monitor and Windows or LindowsOS operating system.

To qualify for the Jump On It Program, the applicant must have a verifiable checking or savings account. If the applicant does not have a checking or savings account, The On It Foundation has partnered with Bank of America to provide the applicant with a bank account. [Additional approval guidelines may apply]

The On It Foundation - (Opportunities Necessary for Increasing Technology) was Founded in November 1999 and is a public 501 (c) (3) national non-profit organization, whose Mission is to provide free computers (via donated and purchased computers), to low-income families with students in grades K-12, that reside within the United States; Accompanied with computer training and Internet access.    

To qualify for a free computer, the family must have a student in grade K-12 that receives a free or reduced school lunch from his/her public school. There are some families and/or individuals that do not qualify for a free computer. The “Jump On It” program fills a void for those families and/or individuals who may not afford a computer, or do not have the necessary credit to purchase a new computer.

The On It Foundation’s President, Calvetta Phair, states “…At one time I was unable to purchase a computer for my daughter due to personal hardships and after contacting companies for a donated computer, I was told donated computers were only made to educational institutions, public non-profits etc.; Therefore, I founded The On It Foundation to provide free computers to families via donated and purchase computers. Computer ownership is no longer a luxury…computer knowledge is a necessity for obtaining basic employment skill requirements; job readiness and online recruitment as well as utilizing online social service programs as many government services have gone web-based…The On It Foundation can make a difference through one family at a time…”    


Calvetta Phair - President

The On It Foundation Headquarters                                    

7683 SE 27th ST, Suite 192

Mercer Island, WA 98040        

866.681.ONIT (6648)

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