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Author Deb Schense Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Extended Vacation: Home Never Looked So Good

North Liberty, Iowa (PRWEB) June 04, 2013

When the aggravating Granny ends up dying across the Mexican border on vacation, her son-in-law thinks it's the end of his problems. Then the van gets stolen, with Granny's body in it. The border patrol wont let the family re-enter the United States until they can account for the missing body and van. To make matters worse, the morticianpaid in cashgoes on an extended international vacation. They need a duplicate death certificate but, dont know when the mortician will be back and with a toilet paper convention in the city, the hotels are booked solid. Will Grannys body show up before the money runs out? Where will they stay? Who ends up in jail? Let the comedy begin!

Author Deb Schense has launched a pre-publication crowdfunding campaign at: where she offers limited edition paperback books with the names of the financial supporters, signed limited edition books, an eight or six pack for literary groups or gift giving, a custom gel mousepad, a custom deck of playing cards, posters, and a metal portrait print along with a thank you card with each order.

This pre-publication offer allows readers to obtain the book at a $ 3 discount with domestic free shipping before being offered at major bookstores. Pre-publication rewards are available until June 26th, 2013, for supporting the Kickstarter project.

Deb has also written the matching screenplay and has it edited professionally. The editor commented, "Your characters are all so hilarious." The book will help promote the screenplay. Also, she has edited many state, local, regional, ethnic books, and cookbooks, including many award winning titles while contracting for Penfield Books of Iowa City. Debs personal titles of regional interest are, "The Adventures of Molly Sue and Buster Too," "Barns Around Iowa: A Sampling of Iowas Round Barns," and "Eastern Iowas Historic Barns". Deb is a Kirkwood Community College and University of Iowa graduate with over 20 years in the computer field. She currently lives in North Liberty, Iowa, in the United States with her husband and their son.

"Extended Vacation: Home Never Looked So Good will be available this summer from,, Amazons Kindle, Barnes and Nobles Nook store, and Her website and contact info can be located at:

For more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Deb Schense, please call Deb at: 1-866-549-4016 (cell) or e-mail her at debschense at gmail dot com.

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Mobile Media Millions Review- Now or Never for Internet Marketing?

(PRWEB) September 27, 2012

Mobile Media Millions is a training and software platform which purports to offer users a method and system upon which to score consistent revenues by using a cell phone. Internet marketing has become extremely popular in recent times, and mobile marketing leaves the immobility of the standard computer in the dust with its innate quality of portability.

Writes John Taggart of, "I know I'm not alone in being a cell phone junkie. How do I know this? Because I have two eyes, and when they are not glued to my obnoxious phone they bear witness to everyone around me doing the same thing - punching phone buttons at ball games and practices, parking lots, stoplights, etc. We all use our phones like its our last chance to connect with civilization. Mobile Media Millions promises to help its users turn their phones into little money-making machines".

Taggart continues, "Meanwhile, don't we all complain about wanting to make more money at some point? And, haven't we all noticed, to some degree, how certain friends, family, or acquaintances seem to be "making money online"? How do they accomplish this? Affiliate marketing, aka online marketing, aka affiliate reselling, etc".

Because of mobile portability, mobile device marketing has stormed the arena to capture five times as much affiliate marketing volume as the cord-to-wall computer. The Mobile Media Millions logic continues, "so, what we know about conventional 'internet marketing' is apparently becoming fossilized, relatively speaking, because we spend tons more time on our phones than at the computer". Maybe this can be compared to a transition like DVD to Blue Ray?

A final note from Taggart: "As much time as we spend on our phones and because of the fact that we carry them EVERYWHERE, it only makes sense that those looking to "make money online" step up to the cutting edge of the affilate market and embrace the medium which is five times as effective as the computer, which had formerly been the convention".

In other words, mobile marketing is the new internet marketing, it seems.

Mobile Media Millions is one way to get started, fresh on the market as of September 20, 2012.

Mobile Media Millions enables affiliate marketers to tailor their internet marketing efforts to mobile device settings, effectively establishing a "portable" affiliate marketing business. Users will learn how to quickly and easily implement key fundamentals such as niche research, smart domain selection and hosting, effective sales methods, compilation of mobile numbers to which to sell, setting up cash funnels, attracting traffic, and setting up social media links.

The actual training comes by way of video demonstration, using a combination of graphics, screen shots, and verbal and written step-by-step instructions.

Also available (as upsells) are the Mobile Media Millions Pro Software, which automates and streamlines the entire process, and the Affiliate Cash Cloner, which integrates affiliate platforms (ex, Clickbank) while allowing the user to pull in articles and stagger-schedule postings.

All of these things and other periphery are available to subscribers in the MMM Members Area.

Beta-testing was very promising, per the Mobile Media Millions creators and beta users. Now, the honeymoon is over and the product is live.

Click here for the Mobile Media Millions website or HERE for the review. is a broad-sweeping review site, where author, editor, and person of many interests John Taggart shines the limelight on products of every persuasion. John has always been a bit of a Renaissance Man and seems to have a knack for nuance, so we suggest you tune in when he profiles a product for review!


Powerful New Book Promises: “It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again” by global author Daniel Bloom

Powerful New Book Promises: "It's Never Too Late
to Begin Again" by global author Daniel Bloom

(PRWEB) November 29, 2003

New York -- Life Potential Books announces the publication of a global book for adults titled "In the Eyes of a Child, It's Never Too Late to Begin Again" by global author and book packager Daniel Bloom


"In the Eyes of a Child, It's Never Too Late to Begin Again" empowers readers worldwide to explore and discover their own potential for

living a richer and more rewarding life. "Eyes" offers insightful observations coupled with poiganant questions that readers can consider as they go about their lives. As it raises our awareness of how we are living in the present, it offers empowering alternatives that can help us live with a greater sense of happiness and personal fulfillment. It's a picture for adults, with an inspirational text for those in the 18-48

age bracket and with 50 illustrations from the Global Children's Art Gallery as artwork.

The book is already winning fans in the online therapy community worldwide. One poet and therapist from Japan says, "When I read this

insightful, user-friendly little book, I got goosebumps and was

truly touched by its wisdom and simplicity. Every page contains something that can be used to improve one's life. I am recommending it to all my friends, clients and fellow therapists."    

Dan Bloom studied the works of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D., Baba Ram Dass and Rudolph Steiner, and has spent many years as an editor

and reporter, in severeal countries, including Japan and Taiwan.

Through these experiences he has gained a remarkable ability to find the

opportunities in seemingly impossible situations. "Eyes" combines a collection of simple observations with thought provoking questions.

It includes thought provoking topics such as: asking for what we need, being enough, deadlines, forgiveness, letting go, making a difference,

feeling overwhelmed, regrets, and being exactly where we need to be.

Readers can use the accompanying illustrations by young children from

over 15 countries to reflect their own most personal and heartfelt needs.

Contact: Dan Bloom at

NOTE: The 120-page book has already been published in Taiwan, with future editions coming soon in Japan and Korea. The author is currently looking for an ethusiastic US publisher to release the book to a global market. Inquiries welcome.

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5 Top Reasons For Businesses Calling Help Desks Should Never Happen

5 Top Reasons For Businesses Calling Help Desks Should Never Happen

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 12, 2007

According to a recent study done by a California business computer help desk company, 85% of all calls come from 5 reasons. The number one reason, at 32%, is slow running computers. The other top four problems help desks respond to are: 22% application issues, 14% operating system problems, 9% security issues and customers frustrated by inability to print at 8%.

Dan Scolnick. President of IT Computer Support of New York, one of the fastest growing IT outsourcing companies in the country, says those support calls cost companies

o     Support charges

o     Time / lost work

o     Lost or stolen data

o     Lost focus

o     Aggravation

Companies that experience these 5 problems have a clear indication they have an inadequate level of computer support. They are losing time, business opportunity and money due to recurring problems that are 100% preventable.

IT Computer Support of New York is eliminates the fundamental causes of those support calls through proper configuration of computer network. We do not "fix" the recurring problems over and over again. We eliminate recurring problems, we do not turn your recurring computer failures into an on-going revenue stream.

The majority of our support calls are for advice and help on increasing business efficiency and additional functionality of the business computer network. Our motto is: "we do IT right the first time" and our customers benefit from the difference.

Call IT Computer Support of New York, the IT outsourcing people. ITCSNY specializes in small and medium sized businesses. IT Computer Support of New York serves New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Chicago and San Francisco and is PC and Apple certified. Reach IT Computer Support of New York at 1-877-752-6283 or visit them on the web at

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A2Z Keywording Launches Keyword Perfect? 2.0 Image Tagging Studio to Ensure Photography Professionals Are Never at a Loss for Words

A2Z Keywording Launches Keyword Perfect™ 2.0 Image Tagging Studio to Ensure Photography Professionals Are Never at a Loss for Words

Tivoli, NY (PRWEB) October 18, 2010

A2Z Keywording, specialists in the practice of professional image keywording, today announced the launch of Keyword Perfect™ 2.0, a highly efficient sales tool that enables photographers, stock photo agencies, archivists and other imaging professionals to tag their photo libraries using a comprehensive dictionary of searchable keywords, ensuring that their images are as accessible as possible to potential buyers. First developed as the in-house engine around A2Z Keywording's successful keywording service, Keyword Perfect is now available to pro photographers as a means to quickly input relevant tags and, with a minimum of keystrokes, generate dozens of associated keywords that make their work more likely to be identified by stock agencies and other image buyers.

Attendees of the PhotoPlus Expo (Oct. 28-30, 2010, New York) are invited to visit the A2K Keywording booth (#177) to view demonstrations of Keyword Perfect and obtain trial versions of the software.

With an easily mastered user interface running on top of a powerful platform that includes A2Z Keywording's proprietary keyword dictionary and thesaurus, Keyword Perfect imports digital images into its workspace and displays them in a convenient filmstrip pane. Users can then keyword each image by selecting any number of pre-defined and/or user-generated tags, representing not only the image's physical contents, but also its less tangible elements such as time of day, photo style, concept, emotion and activity. The keyword engine then reads each assigned tag and adds a number of logically associated keywords, eliminating significant input time while ensuring that the images are thoroughly and accurately identifiable to discerning image buyers.

"After all the time, effort, and emotion that goes into creating great images, properly editing them and preparing them for the market, photographers still need to ensure that their images will be seen by potential buyers, regardless of how broad or specific a search those buyers might conduct," said Alexander Zane, president of A2Z Keywording. "The only way to ensure maximum success is to tag each image comprehensively, but no photographer wants to spend precious hours manually keywording or fumbling with a dictionary and thesaurus. With Keyword Perfect, we took the system we used to produce accurate keyword matrices for as many as 200,000 images per year and made it available to everyone. We're confident that the results will be a true revelation to both veteran photographers and those new to image tagging."    

As more photographers make their work available to image buyers and additional content floods the marketplace, it is absolutely vital to properly keyword images to ensure they are searchable by the most appropriate audience. To increase the accuracy of Keyword Perfect, A2Z Keywording developed a powerful set of automated checks that guide users through a structured review of their work to catch oversights or inconsistencies. This feature, comprising more than 300 individual checks, helps avoid the human errors that are common in manual keywording. And since Keyword Perfect manages keywords in a central dictionary and reviews all work in a structured process, it delivers an unsurpassed level of consistency.

"A2Z Keywording has long provided a critical service to stock houses like ours by keywording large batches of images quickly and accurately, and I admit that I've been somewhat envious of their capabilities in the past," said Monika Mosch, managing director of the stock agency goZOOMA. "With Keyword Perfect, anyone who relies on high keyword quality can achieve professional results in less than half the time it would take to input manually. The software is powerful, yet easy to work with; clearly A2Z Keywording has honed this product to meet the specific requirements of both photographers and image consumers who search through large volumes of stock images."

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements

Starting today, Keyword Perfect is available for purchase at at a list price of $ 249.00. A special introductory launch price of $ 199.00 is available through Dec. 31, 2010 and a free trial version is available.

-- PC Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista recommends utilizing a quad-core processor. Minimum 2 GB RAM, recommended 3 GB.

--Apple Requirements: Intel Macintosh 2.5 GHz dual core CPU with 2GB minimum RAM (4GB is recommended) running Mac OS 10.5.x (Leopard).

--Minimum 15-inch monitor.

About A2Z Keywording

A2Z Keywording are specialists in the practice of professional image keywording, having created keywording databases for stock photography agencies and publishing companies for more than a decade. With the release of Keyword Perfect 2.0 in 2010, A2Z Keywording has expanded its presence in the stock photo industry by offering individual users the same comprehensive and efficient keywording engine that has driven its business for more than 15 years.

Using a proven methodology, A2Z Keywording's service and technology transcribe virtually every detail of a given image - not just its personal subject and object, but the unique emotions, concepts and photographic styles that give the image its character and make it stand out in a crowded marketplace. Companies who have worked with A2Z Keywording include Meredith Publishing; Reader's Digest;; Direct Stock; Hemera Inc.; American Showcase; Solus Images; Corbis; The Metropolitan Museum of Art; and Chelsea House Publishers.

For more information, visit and



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Never Outgrow Your Docking Station or USB Port Replicator Again

(PRWEB) July 20, 2005

For too long, mobile computing users have relied on a proprietary docking station to quickly connect their laptops to a printer, network, external monitor, or other peripherals at the office or home office.

The problem: a proprietary docking station must be replaced each time you upgrade your laptop or notebook PC, an expensive and wasteful proposition. Until now, alternative USB-based port replicators while non-proprietary, haven’t functioned with a Video Graphics Array (VGA) connector. And KVM switch capability - which enables users to share peripherals between two computers such as a notebook and desktop PC - has largely been missing, thus complicating mobile computing tasks at home and the office.

Fortunately, you’ll never outgrow your docking station or port replicator again, thanks to the new UniXpress USB Port Replicator from Addlogix of Irvine, Calif., which offers one-step peripheral hookup, KVM switch capability, and VGA support.

Mobile computing users simply connect peripherals such as VGA display, Ethernet, speakers, and printers to UniXpress, which works on any Windows-based notebook or PC, and these peripherals would interface with the computer via a single USB cable.

Unlike proprietary docking stations, when upgrading to new computers, there is no need to replace UniXpress as long as the new computers are equipped with USB interfaces.

“UniXpress bridges the worlds of VGA, USB, and non-USB computer peripherals to the notebook with a single cable,” says Matthew Chang, Addlogix Marketing Manager. “For the first time, users have KVM capability, can achieve 1280 x 1024 resolution via USB-connection, or even use a third screen without adding a video card.”

With UniXpress’s KVM capability, users can control two computers with a single keyboard/monitor/mouse set and switch peripherals with a single button-push or hot-key combination. This simplifies access to peripherals without requiring tedious multiple cable connections or rebooting the computer to add or remove devices.

Through UniXpress, users can also add a second monitor without installing video graphics cards; for computers that already support dual displays, a third screen can be added. This means that mobile users will have a much larger screen to work with. For example, multiple software applications can be running at the same time without being on top of each other.

In addition, UniXpress’s VGA port provides a benefit normally reserved for high-end video graphics cards – three modes of video support:

1) Extended mode (doubles the workable desktop space, which allows different applications to be running on each screen - a real help to multi-taskers)

2) Primary mode (allows use of a larger desktop monitor in place of the smaller notebook screen)

3) Duplication mode (the same image appears on the notebook and second or third computer monitor)

Comparable to a top [docking station], UniXpress is the only USB-based port replicator that supports video resolution of 1280 x 1024, which provides better visibility on data intensive applications than smaller resolution displays. It is also the only port replicator that supports primary mode, convenient when use of a larger external monitor is preferable to a smaller screen. Its patent pending graphics engine also offers DVD playback on a notebook or desktop PC.

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Shopping for Computer Memory Upgrade Has Never Been Easier

Upgrade your Computer Memory Like a PRO

San Jose, Ca (PRWEB) August 28, 2009

Selling truth about computer memory upgrades, keeps systems running properly. PRO Memory Upgrade is helping customers avoid pitfalls of upgrading computer memory with an online store that guarantees all memory modules purchased are an exact quality of those originally installed at the factory, unless they become end-or-life. With the RAM expansion market being rather tricky, PRO Memory Upgrade discloses the truth about the brands it carries and eliminates the guesswork in quality. There are no "house brands", OEM eTT, pulled or refurbished part types of RAM chips sold through their store. Weather you are upgrading your Apple MacBook Pro, Dell PowerEdge or Sun Fire, the consistently of memory upgrades remains the same; buy identical brands and part numbers that Apple, Dell, HP and Sun choose to install.

In addition to supporting computer users with genuine factory made memory modules such as Apple, Dell and HP would install, PRO Memory Upgrade actively seeks to help RAM shoppers save money when purchasing computer memory, by allowing customers to submit offers on similar grades of memory they might find at other online memory stores. PRO Memory Upgrade then stives to match that price. RAM module upgrade capacities range in size from 8GB, 4GB, 2GB, 1GB and 512MB. Larger upgrades so making offers to lower costs can insure customers can be confident they can really purchase the best quality memory modules at the best price, at one place, www.MemoryUpgrade.PRO

The PRO Memory Upgrade store holds quotes for .gov & .edu customers for extended periods as they have reserves on server memory modules. PRO Memory Upgrade can very easily hold a quote on a 1000 piece 4GB Fully Buffered or Registered module quote for up to 30 days, which is unique in a volatile memory market.

Delivering unique set of attributes targeted toward small business, government and educational institutions, PRO Memory Upgrade enables procurement of higher quality memory upgrades at greater values. To find our more please contact: www.MemoryUpgrade.PRO

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