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NesterSoft Experts say: Millions Wasted, Security Breaches Exist for Years Due to Lack of Proper Employee Monitoring

(PRWEB) January 23, 2013

The Story in Recent News: How Bob Outsmarted Himself.

In recent news there was a story about a very successful software developer named Bob who was the star employee at his company, yet he still managed to lose his job because he outsmarted himself.

Bob was his companys best software developer, received glowing performance reviews and earned more than $ 250,000 a year. One day Bobs employer decided the IT security department should start monitoring their VPN logs. What they discovered that the code produced by Bobs had in fact been the handiwork of a Chinese subcontractor using Bobs credentials. For years Bob had been paying Chinese subcontractors to perform his job while he spent his days surfing the web.

NesterSoft experts respond to this news:
-In large organizations individual employee investigations are not feasible.

-Computer monitoring software is a simple, inexpensive and effective way for a company to protect itself against many employee security risks.

-Aside from the benefits of enhanced security computer monitoring software is an excellent way for a company to save money.

-A Fact of Big Corporations: at least 75 of out of every 1,000 salaries are a complete waste of money.

NesterSoft Experts Say How to Prevent The Story of Bob
Every day the same thing happens in countless companies. There are many real cases where security breaches have existed for many years. Companies spend large amounts of resources to discover, investigate and protect against these breaches in security. Unfortunately the actions taken to secure the company are very often ineffective.

There are plenty of software solutions on the market today (WorkTime, for example) that offer automatic computer monitoring of employee activities. Such software is a simple, inexpensive and effective way for a company to protect itself against employee security risks, such as (but not limited to) detecting any abnormal Internet and overtime activity.

These monitoring services are automated and would have uncovered Bobs actions from the very beginning, allowing management to take appropriate actions to mitigate all risks. And these automated reports do not require any sort of physical investigation. These, and many other features offered by monitoring software make it a necessary part of a security package for any company. This is especially true for large organizations where individual employee investigations are simply not feasible.

Fact: Salaries Wasted
Aside from the benefits of enhanced security, computer monitoring software is an excellent way for a company to save money. For example (based on NesterSoft statistics): 20 salaries out of every 1,000 are wasted on zero productivity as this is how much time 1,000 employees spend on Facebook in a given year.

Other sources which account for wasted salaries are (per 1000 employees):

News sites: 30 salaries wasted per year
YouTube, eBay, Craigslist, job search sites: 15 salaries wasted
Spider, FreeCell and Solitaire (just these 3 programs!): 10 salaries wasted.

Now let's calculate: if one salary is at least $ 50,000 then the total waste of money is $ 3,750,000.

Managers Take Action
Are you as a manager aware of all the processes going on in your company?

Elena Proskurnina,

Sales & Support Manager,

NesterSoft Inc.



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