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SavRow R-70 Monza Racing Laptops

(PRWEB) April 8, 2005

Featuring benchmark destroying performance, and sublime aesthetics, the R-70 Monza will be available to discerning clients in a limited run of 100 units – each designated by an individually numbered aluminum plaque. The Monza features a custom designed SavRoyal™ Paint Finish with Rosso Corsa racing paint and a brilliant white GT stripe featuring the Italian Tricolore running down the composite frame of the laptop. Additionally, every unit comes in a matching Rosso Corsa composite laptop hard case to ensure that our client’s investments are safeguarded. Each high-powered unit is individually signed by the manufacturing engineer and the MD of SavRow, ensuring individuality and exclusivity for our clientele.

Available in V-8 and V-12 variants, this laptop features the very latest technology including highly power efficient Intel® Pentium® M (533MHz) processors and the latest X700™ (256MB) Mobility Radeon® Graphics from ATI®. Every Monza laptop comes complete with SavRow Concierge™ a software service enabling automated updates of drivers and applications – including gaming patches. The Monza edition R-70 comes complete with the very latest SATA drives as well as ample 1GB of RAM helping ensure racing responsiveness and handling.

About SavRow Computers

SavRow is high-end system builder focusing on bespoke technology solutions for high-performance applications. SavRow was founded with a primary focus on providing the ultimate in desktop PC design. Among our very first desktop designs was the phase-change (think refrigerator compressor) cooled (to under -21C) SavRow Plutonium™, a 4GHz Pentium 4 system, that has retained the CPU performance crown since July 2003 when it was launched.     

This success has been replicated by our other desktop systems, the Diamond - recently featured in Esquire as 'Quite simply, the best computer in the world', and the Deuterium PC which won a global invitational system builder group test to be crowned Dream PC 2004 by Custom PC magazine. Since 2003 our product range has expanded to include high performance laptops, providing the very best technology available, fully customised and tailored. These laptops have included the SavRow Blade-65 an awesome 15.4" WUXGA Centrino laptop and the award-winning SavRow Razor-62, which was recently crowned as the Ultimate Designer Laptop by PC Pro magazine in a high-hitting group test, and later lead to the product being nominated by PC Pro staff for most desirable piece of hardware 2004.

SavRow Bespoke Design

Our systems are somewhat unique in offering a bespoke design both technically and aesthetically. Currently we offer our laptops and desktops in 30 pre-defined SavRoyal™ paints based on Lamborghini and Ferrari-style paints, and colour shifting TVR-style Gold-Red and Green-Purple paints, these are offered in a number of designs including GT stripes and a good view of some of the designs can be seen in our product WebGallery ( This comprehensive range of pre-defined paints is complemented by our ability to match any automobile paint requested by our clients.

Background about SavRoyal™ Paints -

SavRow Contact Details

For more information and image assets, please contact Ali Raissi at SavRow on +44(0)2074280031.

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