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Centrifuge Accelerates Momentum Through FinTech Innovation Lab Award

McLean, VA (PRWEB) July 30, 2012

Centrifuge (, a leading provider of Visual Network Analysis solutions, announced that it was chosen from a large field of early and growth-stage companies that applied to participate in the exclusive FinTech Innovation Lab program. Co-founded and run by the New York City Investment Fund and Accenture, the FinTech Innovation Lab is an annual NYC 12-week program for next-generation entrepreneurs and early-stage companies that are developing cutting-edge technology, targeting the financial services industry. As one of six companies selected, Centrifuge demonstrated its Visual Network Analysis solution to dozens of financial services, venture capital and technology executives, including chief technology officers and senior technology executives from 12 global financial institutions.

With the explosion of social networking and Big Data, the demand for scalable analytical and collaborative discovery tools is increasing, comments Cristobal Conde, Executive-in-Residence at FinTech Innovation Lab, and the former CEO of SunGard. The financial services industry has so much to gain from approaching Big Data with a new approach to investigative discovery. Centrifuge provides a disruptive, scalable paradigm for Big Analytics that I believe will truly revolutionize information discovery. Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics has the potential to play a key role in helping banks to reduce fraud and risk, mitigate security threats and identify growth opportunities. I am impressed with the Centrifuge team and excited about the companys future potential as an industry game-changer.

Centrifuge is now actively engaged with six of the top financial institutions that have identified a growing number of use case applications for Centrifuge Big Data Analytics solutions in critical areas such as regulatory compliance and risk and security surveillance. As a result of its participation in the FinTech program, Centrifuge has released version 2.7 of its Big Data Analytics platform that uniquely addresses the growing challenge of operational risk and security in a much more disruptive, cost-effective way than traditional technologies.

Centrifuges patent-pending technology addresses a key Big Data analytics challenge faced by financial services organizations today, reported Renee Lorton, CEO of Centrifuge. As a result of the FinTech program, we have received customer validation of our new visual paradigm for uncovering patterns and relationships. There is an incredible demand for pattern-based, easy to use interactive visualization and link analysis tools that can improve the discovery of risk and security threats. The era of data-driven security intelligence is here.

The financial services industry is increasingly challenged by managing and deriving value from the petabytes of raw, unstructured data that proliferates on social and mobile networks, as well as the machine data generated from vast IT infrastructures. In addition, the SEC has announced new regulations that significantly raise requirements for banks to collect and integrate data in near real-time to deter undue financial risk. In working side-by-side with the financial institutions, Centrifuge identified key trends in financial services approach to Big Data analytics and how traditional BI falls short:

Financial services enterprises are evolving their analytical processes from rule-based to pattern based, so traditional BI or analytics methods do not meet todays Big Data challenges.

Machine data is becoming increasingly prevalent and relevant in many use-cases, so new ways of viewing and understanding relationships between data has become critical. A flexible, collaborative, investigative approach is required for Big Data analysis.

Financial services enterprises require agility across large heterogeneous data sources, requiring a data-agnostic platform as opposed to a costly, traditional proprietary data warehouse approach.

Centrifuges pattern-driven visual discovery provides immediate relevance to operational risk as well as security and surveillance within financial services. With Centrifuge, customers can quickly gain insight into relationships between employees that might signal conflicts of interest or insider trading opportunities. From an IT Security perspective, security professionals can think like a criminal to quickly highlight and report threats and risk scenarios that could mitigate the loss of sensitive business and competitive information. For example, many sophisticated computer breeches mask their entry into a system through a series of seemingly harmless network connections, which taken together over time can indicate a substantial pattern of information loss. Centrifuge enables users to quickly filter through the data to visually identify patterns and relationships that can improve the detection of these threats.

We were excited to select Centrifuge as one of the members of our FinTech program this year, said Maria Gotsch, President and CEO of the New York City Investment Fund. The program, now in its second year, successfully helps tech startups expand into new markets while giving them critical information and feedback that will let their businesses grow and thrive.

About Centrifuge

Centrifuge is a leading provider of Visual Network Analysis solutions that help organizations discover insights, patterns and relationships hidden in public, cloud and enterprise data and social networks. Centrifuges unique approach enables users to bring their own data from any source, easily integrate and filter it into interactive visualizations and share and collaborate with others. Easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy, Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics reduces time to discovery up to 70% in regulatory compliance, risk and security applications. Today, Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics powers some of the most demanding data analytics and data visualization applications in the world, including cyber security, counter-terrorism, homeland defense, anti-counterfeiting and financial fraud. With Centrifuge, you can See Clearly NowTM.

About the FinTech Sponsors

The New York City Investment Fund ( is the vision of Henry R. Kravis, founding partner of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., who serves as its Founding Chairman. The Investment Fund has raised over $ 110 million to mobilize the citys world financial and business leaders to help build a stronger and more diversified local economy. It has built a network of top experts from the investment and corporate communities who help identify and support New York Citys most promising entrepreneurs in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. The Fund is governed by a Board of Directors co-chaired by Russell L. Carson, General Partner of Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe; and Richard M. Cashin, Managing Partner of One Equity Partners.

The Investment Fund is an affiliate of the Partnership for New York City (, an organization of the leaders of New York Citys top corporate, investment and entrepreneurial firms. They work in partnership with city and state government officials, labor groups and the nonprofit sector to promote the interest of the city and its neighborhoods. The Partnership carries out research, policy formulation and issue advocacy at the city, state and federal levels, leveraging the resources and expertise of its CEO and Corporate partners. Partnership companies account for nearly 7 million American jobs and contribute over $ 740 billion to the national GDP.

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with approximately 204,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the worlds most successful companies,

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Appcelerator Momentum Continues with New Industry Accolades

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) May 10, 2012



Positive Momentum Trading For Success In Todays Marketplace Is Todays Topic In The Absolute Wealth Newsletter

Austin, TX (PRWEB) March 11, 2012

Todays Absolute Wealth newsletter article by Mike Sankowski explains that when markets are going up they tend to continue going up, with researchers saying momentum is a little known fourth factor of stock returns. Mike states in the newsletter, that Positive Momentum trading takes advantage of this fact, and to find the best performing assets over the last several months then follow these assets.

The Article published today by the Absolute Wealth newsletter says that the best part about momentum trading is that it is so simple, because people don't need to spend hours in front of a computer screen, or be on the phone with their broker 3 times a day. Positive momentum trading, the newsletter adds, only takes a few minutes a month to place a few trades, and once those trades are in, the work is done for the month.

Mike reveals in todays newsletter that placing these stock trades in an IRA account is very easy, and people can usually switch to a low cost IRA provider, then use a super simple momentum strategy in that account.

The Absolute Wealth newsletter article reports that the good thing about doing Positive Momentum trading right is:

1) People can trade this with a stock account

2) It only trades 1 time a month

3) People choose a handful of ETF's to trade

4) Many people can do this system in their retirement account

5) The returns are higher and smoother than the stock market

Mike explains in the Absolute Wealth newsletter article that on the first trading day of every month, this strategy makes just a handful of trades, and people can do these trades in a stock account. This can be their retirement account for most people, the newsletter suggests, and if they have a normal stock account, it works too.

The important part is to choose assets that are already going up, Mike reveals in todays Absolute Wealth newsletter article, and to do this in a consistent manner. Once people start doing this every month, it will be easy to continue adds the newsletter, simply because they will find their account going up during the good times, and avoiding the worst losses during the bad times.



The Momentum Group Announces an In-house Multi-Media Department

The Momentum Group Announces an In-house Multi-Media Department

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) April 27, 2007

The Momentum Group, TMG, offers a complete package for the MLM Company. Whether that company is just starting out, or already established. TMG not only writes cutting edge software, but provides all the support needed to start and maintain a business. One of the services offered is an in-house multi-media department.

The World Wide Web is constantly in motion. Businesses can take advantage of those changes by incorporating multi-media into their presence online. To compete in this highly evolving arena, a company needs up to date, professional graphics that engage the client and get them involved with the company and its capabilities. Sophisticated, vibrant, rich, compelling content is vital.

Multi-Media presentation tools can cost thousands when purchased separately. TMG has a staff that is capable of providing all the graphic needs of a company in one place. By providing all the MLM needs in one company, a client can save time and money.

Having a complete audio video team brings a significant advantage that most MLM companies cannot. TMG has a full time staff team of senior designers and graphic artist capable of taking anything from conception to completion. Unlike many companies, the multi-media group at TMG is made up of professional artists who actually begin with sketches. Using top of the line equipment they are able to produce graphics with the same high quality as major motion picture companies. Whether it is audio, video, printed material, live action or other graphics, it is all done with excellence.

The staff understands that the product has to look professional. The website, business cards, branding and packaging need to be consistent. This magnifies the appeal to the client with consistency.

TMG uses a dynamic technology called Overweb. It allows one to literally leap off the screen and speak directly to the clientele while all functions of website exist behind them. With all the multi-media and digital products available, the staff can create more than just a custom web-site. They can create all the graphic needs and make them exclusive to the customer.

This team of custom designers and programmers can build something that makes a business completely unique. High quality websites are a necessity for today's best marketing companies. A company's future depends on first impressions. These graphic designers, website builders, and programmers know the network marketing business. Every button, picture, page and menu bar is built with distributors and website visitors in mind.

TMG offers not only the website builder but the support and expertise to help in any way possible. They also offer many other multimedia products to help personalize the website as well as professional artist to make any website distinctive.

TMG has all the tools needed to get any MLM company of the ground and running. For free information on MLM software and to view their instructional and MLM success videos visit them online.

Mark Manuel is one of the founders of The Momentum Group. MLM software back office and consulting services are in high demand. TMG consistently book requests for consulting meetings on a daily basis. Mr. Manuel and the TMG Company only works with those who take their business and our services seriously. Determine if your business is a category 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Visit their site at or to find out more information and watch the videos.


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Highgate Tech Fund 2 Gains Momentum Fast, Raising Record Funds in Run up to 31st Jan Initial Close for Tax Optimisation

Highgate Tech Fund 2 Gains Momentum Fast, Raising Record Funds in Run up to 31st Jan Initial Close for Tax Optimisation

Andrew Muir Chairman Highgate Tech Fund

London, UK (PRWeb UK) January 6, 2011

Highgate Associates and Enterprise Corporate Finance announces today that Highgate Tech Fund 2, the second investor fee free fund to be launched is already breaking fund raising targets just one month after release. Highgate Tech Fund 2 specialises in early stage UK based technology companies, supporting the wealth of entrepreneurs emerging from the current economic recession. Fund managers are prepared for a January rush on funding as investors look to EIS funds to optimise their tax positions and shelter capital gains.

Highgate Tech Fund 2 offers a unique approach and unlike other EIS funds will invest 100% of the funds raised into a portfolio of companies ensuring that investors receive the full benefit of their initial EIS relief. There are no fees charged to Investors and all money raised in the Fund will be transferred into shares across the portfolio of companies selected for investment by the Fund managers.

Highgate Tech Fund 2 is managed by Technology Industry veterans, a team of entrepreneurs who have successfully established, grown and exited high tech businesses globally for profit. The Investee businesses receiving investment from the Fund all benefit from this level of expertise to support the achievement of their business plans and forecasts. When Fund 2 finally closes at the end of July, the management team will have invested in a portfolio of between 6 and 8 early stage high tech businesses, all selected for investment based on clear acceptance criteria and extensive due diligence.

The success of this fund has been driven by the ‘famous 5’ EIS tax breaks, as well as the unique approach to fund management fees, the focus is on minimising the cost to investors and maximising the investment into the selected businesses. The Fund managers, who do not take salaries, will not achieve any benefit from the fund until it has delivered a minimum of 6% annualised return to investors.

Mr Andrew Muir, Co-Chair of Highgate Tech Fund 2 says “we are delighted to have successfully closed Fund 1, launched Fund 2 and to already be surpassing our targets, so soon after launch. The tax benefits of investing in an EIS Fund before the end of January are excellent for investors who want to optimise their tax positions. The Fund 2 Information Memorandum explains the Fund and benefits in detail for those who are interested.”

Highgate Tech Fund 2 is open to sophisticated investors with £5000 or more to invest in a portfolio of early stage high technology companies and has a first close date of 31st January 2011 and final close of 31st July 2011. This is a medium to long term investment opportunity with a 3-7 year exit strategy.


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StreetDeck In-Car Computing Platform Continues Strong Momentum

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 22, 2006

StreetDeck, the in-car computing expert, today announced it has continued strong momentum since the company first introduced its car computer software interface in January 2006 at the Computer Electronics Show (CES). The company quickly followed-up and kept the buzz going with the official company launch and the introduction of the first car computing hub concept at DEMO Spring in February. The car computing hub concept showcased its integration of navigation, satellite radio, audio and FM receivers, vehicle diagnostics, Bluetooth communication, Wi-Fi synching and more, via its Enabler hardware device. Since kicking off 2006 with these two big public introductions of in-car computing technology, StreetDeck has continued to enhance its computing platform with a variety of new features and big-brand industry partnerships.

The StreetDeck offering, an open car-computing platform, provides driver’s access to digital media, hands-free mobile telephony and navigation functionality, all while keeping their eyes on the road. StreetDeck brings together two of the 20th century’s greatest inventions: the automobile and the computer. Bringing the two together is one of the biggest opportunities – and demands – of the 21st century. StreetDeck is smack in the middle of that intersection, which the Gartner Group estimates to be a $ 6 Billion industry by 2010.

“Bottom line, all of us at StreetDeck wanted to find a way to marry our passions: cars and computers. For nearly two years now we have been delivering our solutions, proven and tested in after-market environments,” said StreetDeck CEO Robert Wray. “What’s even cooler is the momentum building with the StreetDeck platform being pre-installed with cutting-edge car manufacturers whose drivers want to take OnStar + XM Radio significantly up a notch!”

Continued Momentum:

In 2006, StreetDeck built on the capabilities of its car computer interface by adding internet connected features. StreetDeck added Microsoft® Virtual Earth™ satellite imagery to its next generation mapping and location services. Microsoft Virtual Earth technology provides exciting new innovations around mobile satellite imagery, map styles and usability enhancements. These enhancements are just the beginning of exciting possibilities with an internet connected car. StreetDeck also became a founding member of the DLNA Automotive Work Group and introduced a new dealer program that will create a national network of qualified car computer installers.

More recently, StreetDeck “streamed” in a rear seat entertainment capability with dual monitor video streaming and content serving. The dual monitor system allows the front seat/driver to continue benefiting from the in-dash computer functionality, which operates navigation, communication, music and much more. However, with these new capabilities, the front seat can also operate a different set of functions for the rear seat monitors - true dual video content serving – whether the content is a DVD, or homework served up via a Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system.

Additionally, Damien Stolarz, StreetDeck CTO and new media convergence expert will be a panelist at the Intel Developer Forum. The panel will take place on Wednesday, September 27, 2006 at 3:00 p.m. PDT.

Extensive Mobile Computing Capabilities

StreetDeck delivers an open, standards-based platform with a safety-oriented Human Machine Interface (HMI) and plug-in architecture. The StreetDeck all-in-one mobile electronics package features:

Touch Screen Control

Navigation & Mapping

Bluetooth Phone Integration

Satellite Radio

Vehicle Diagnostics

Rear-view Camera Support

CD player/MP3 Extraction

MP3 Player

FM Radio

DVD/Video Player

Picture Viewer

Wi-Fi Sync Support

About StreetDeck:

StreetDeck designs and manufactures innovative products for in-car computing, integrating elements of mobile computing, media centers, broadband networking, mobile phone technology and software in open computing platforms. The company was created in 2005 by the Mp3Car team, a group who since 1996 has been dedicated to creating the best, safest in-car computing experience possible. Over time, this car computing forum attracted over 500,000 posts by thousands of car computing enthusiasts worldwide, evolving Mp3Car into an e-commerce destination. Those roots, as well as academic research and years of development, bore StreetDeck, now jointly headquartered in Baltimore and LA, and working closely with such technology and automotive leaders as Microsoft, Parrot, and Seagate. For more, see


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ad:tech Continues to Build on Year’s Momentum at Sheraton Chicago, July 24 ? 25, 2006

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 28, 2006

ad:tech expositions, LLC (, the leading organizer of conferences and exhibitions for the interactive marketing community worldwide, builds on ad:tech San Francisco’s record-breaking success with its second 2006 show at Sheraton Chicago, July 24-25. ad:tech Chicago explores the groundswell of activity around the intersection of technical innovation and creative process -- showing how the lines between these worlds are blurring and exploring what it means for modern marketers. In addition to its keynote speakers, hands-on workshops and state-of-the-art technology presentations, ad:tech's interactive panel sessions represent the show's core value.

“A survey of 400 members of the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association shows rich media and search are expected to grow 40% and interactive media budgets are expected to increase by 15-25%. This vibrant growth was evident at ad:tech San Francisco, where record-setting attendance showed the renewed energy and interest in this industry,” said Don Knox, VP, ad:tech expositions. “ad:tech lies at the center of it and strives to expand and improve offerings to build the knowledge base, grow the vision and widen the circles of influence for attending marketers. We anticipate that Chicago’s success will reflect this exciting upward trend.”

The idea of direct, rich contact permeates the show with the theme “The Intersection of Technology and Creativity.” Hotseat: Small Talk with Big People returns, to delve beneath the surface of scripted interaction and drive impactful, LIVE! connections. The Hotseat merges a game show feel with a focus group format, bringing industry veterans and audience members together for quick questions and answers ranging from industry anecdotes and career tips, to the free-flow feel of truth-or-dare.

Industry luminaries present keynotes each day. Fay Ferguson, co-CEO of Burrell, leads “Multicultural Clicks In” to help marketers deploy rich-media driven creative strategies and targeted media strategies to deliver interaction rates that exceed today’s norms. In “The Creativity Continuum,” Lauralee Alben, president of Alben Design, LLC, guides attendees through ways to design strategic flows of ideas and innovations and how to apply the new creative to profound and meaningful work. Finally, Hunter Hastings, CEO of EMM Group, presents “How Marketing Will Save Itself,” outlining the tools and engagement components behind a new intellectual paradigm designed to help ad:tech’s audience reach their customers.

In addition to proven presentations and industry leaders, ad:tech Chicago launches two new programs: “Getting Creative: How To Think Creatively,” led by Robert X. Cringely, founder of TaguchiNow, Inc.; and “Midwestern Magic – Creative Showcase,” where leading Midwestern creative directors present a cross-section of recent work for multiple clients from agencies such as Click Here/The Richards Group, Designkitchen, Arc Worldwide, and Avenue A | Razorfish.

“ad:tech thrives by continuing to deliver thought-leaders who share their digital marketing experiences to keep our audience ahead of the curve,” said Susan Bratton, CEO of Cendara, Inc. and ad:tech Executive Chair. “In addition to our exhibit hall and conferences, ad:tech Connect!, our online networking community, continues to foster relationships among attendees, presenters and exhibitors alike, creating global connections that fuel change, innovation and good business.”

Throughout the show, key issues are broken up along four different, interest-specific session tracks, to help attendees best take advantage of ad:tech’s broad offerings, and to maximize the fusion of technology and creativity (visit for the agenda): Creative Conversations; Professional Development; Media Matters and Performance Plus. Along with details on each panel and presentation, attendees can learn about moderators, panelists and the other influencers who bring the energy and real-life examples that make ad:tech so valuable. Standout workshops include: All You Need is Love -- Using Emotional Buy-In to Create Long-Term Customers; New Product/Service Growth Strategies for Marketers; 8 Ways to Fuel Your Org’s Results Revolution with Microsoft Excel; Guerilla Tactics for Effective Web Sites; and The Creativity Continuum - Designing Your Own Flow.

For public information, please visit

Editors: To register to attend or for more information, please contact: Martha Shaughnessy, 415-402-0230. Media can also register directly at:

Platinum Sponsors include: Advertising Age, Datran, Forbes, imedia connection, Ultramercial, Webmaster radio

Gold include: Revenue Magazine Silver Include: Avenue A/razorfish, Digitas, DoubleClick, Direct, Leapfrog Bronze Sponsors include: Casale, Google, Prime Q, RevenueScience, Web Awards Sponsors include: 1 to 1 Media, AAF, adotas, Adrants, Atomic, BtoB, Business OL, Cima, Clicksor, Conference Guru, Digital Moses Confidential, eMarketer, KLP, Marketing Sherpa, Midwest, Morningstar, OOOPA, PRWeb, Simplefeed, SmartBrief, Streaming Media Magazine, The Useful

About ad:tech: ad:tech expositions, LLC is the leading organizer of conferences and exhibitions for the interactive marketing community worldwide. ad:tech produces the world’s largest interactive marketing events held in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Shanghai, Sydney and Paris. ad:tech is produced by dmg world media; based out of the company’s headquarters in Larkspur, California. For listings of exhibitors, speakers, events and upcoming conference offerings, visit

About dmg world media: An international exhibition and publishing company, dmg world media produces over 300 market-leading trade exhibitions, consumer shows and fairs each year and publishes 45 related magazines, newspapers, directories and market reports. dmg world media employs 800 people and maintains a worldwide presence through 38 offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, the United Arab Emirates, China, Australia and New Zealand. dmg world media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc (DMGT), one of the largest and most successful media companies in the United Kingdom. Additional information on dmg world media can be found at

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