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Entelos Releases Commercial Dog Nutrition Simulation Model

San Mateo, California (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Entelos, a premier provider of physiological system modeling and services that help pharmaceutical and consumer product companies predict better paths to success, today announced the availability of a new commercial quantitative physiological model that will enable petfood manufacturers to predict the effects of different diets on dogs and replace expensive and lengthy animal testing.

The petfood market is a $ 59 billion industry that is extremely competitive and requires manufacturers to deliver better scientifically proven nutrition at lower costs, said Entelos President and CEO, Shawn OConnor. Our transformational simulation approach provides the foundation for petfood R&D groups to run quick and humane computer simulations for different diets on different dog types."

The new Dog Nutrition PhysioLab is a mathematical physiological model designed to simulate, examine and explore the effects of food intake within dog diets and the corresponding body weight outcomes. The model provides a foundation to investigate effects of macronutrient intake relative to exercise, age and size simulating carbohydrate, protein and triglyceride mass balance to determine total body mass and total fat. The model includes the simulation and quantitative insights into the canine circulatory system, adipose tissue, liver, muscle and GI tract. Additionally, simulations take into consideration the hormonal control from hormones such as glucagon, insulin, epinephrine, adiponectin and other gastrointestinal hormones on weight loss and gain.

About Entelos

Entelos is an in silico modeling and simulation software and services company delivering predictive technologies reducing risk, time, and cost of product development for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutrition and consumer products customers. The Company's PhysioLab systems biology platforms generate virtual populations providing highly predictive analyses to develop safer and more effective drugs, foods and consumer products and help eliminate the need for animal testing. Entelos understanding of consumer variability has significant application to the emerging field of personalized medicine and products. The Company is headquartered in San Mateo, California. For more information, please visit


Primary Color Launches at Dine America a New Cost Savings Distributive Print Model and Web-Based Solutions for the Restaurant Industry

Southern California (PRWEB) September 26, 2012

Primary Color, a provider of superior graphic communication products and web-to-print solutions based out of Orange County and Los Angeles County, California, announced today that it launched its new Distributive Print Model at the Dine America show in Atlanta. The company also announced the release of several cutting-edge web-based applications as part of its expanding core software platform PRIMARYCONNECT. Included in the release is Verify, an industry leading, mobile supported POP and restaurant signage profiling and verification tool. The application ensures marketing managers with guaranteed brand compliance including timely and accurate placement of all POP and print materials. The company has recently landed several of the fastest growing 500+ unit fast casual and quick service restaurant operators as a result of these new service enhancements. PRIMARYCONNECT will serve as the web entry point for tens of thousands of restaurants and franchisees to get access to digital assets, restaurant signage, marketing materials and other forms of media. Primary Color provides complete end-to-end brand asset management solutions for large restaurant chains and retailers.

Paul Wartman, Primary Colors Senior Vice President of Franchisor Development spearheaded the Dine America event. He observed that, having been a franchisor in the restaurant industry, it is clear that this new technology will be of great benefit to both the franchisor and franchisee. It provides guaranteed brand integrity while offering significant savings throughout the franchise network.

The new applications will simplify the process of managing the creation, production and distribution of menus, digital signage, POP and local store marketing collateral. Kent Barkouras, Primary Colors Executive Vice President of Enterprise Services and Sales, stated, "the landscape has definitely changed over the last two years. Our new model and services were designed based on specific knowledge we gained by managing the branded assets of leading restaurant chains and retailers over the past several years.

The company introduced a guaranteed minimum 10% savings at the show by using the new model. Our new product and services we announced will greatly enhance the ability for restaurant operators and franchisees to have real-time visibility into their restaurants while also having instant access to their branded materials, Barkouras added.

Primary Color consulted with several senior executives of chain leaders as well as top industry consultants as part of the process to build the industrys best service offering. The company specializes in retail signage, national POP, menu, local store marketing, store profiling and verification, content management, fulfillment and distribution, and supply chain management.

About Primary Color:

Primary Color was established in 1985. A commitment to print innovation and service has positioned Primary as an industry leading, comprehensive provider of world-class marketing communication products and services. By focusing on technology, Primary analyzes traditional workflows, recommends improvements and develops and implements modern, systems-driven, print solutions. Primary provides a turnkey service across all pre-media, print and web-based technologies to simplify marketing execution.Primary has been certified as a G7 Master Printer and is a FSC and 3M certified company. They operate three state-of-the-art facilities in 175,000 square feet.


PRIMARYCONNECT is a dedicated service group within the company offering web-based marketing solutions that link corporate marketing, franchisees, dealers or dispersed sales and marketing teams via customized print manufacturing, fulfillment and distribution. With PRIMARYCONNECT, corporate marketers can now execute national print campaigns that conform to brand standards while also providing variable and flexible marketing tools to dispersed users.

For more information, please contact Jeff Peterson jeffpeterson(at)

Schedule a demo of PRIMARYCONNECT here.

Visit Primary Color

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Model N Launches International Reference Pricing Solution for Global Life Sciences Manufacturers


LONDON, UK HYDERABAD, India (PRWEB) October 16, 2012 -- Model N, Inc., the leader in Revenue Management solutions, has announced the general availability of its International Reference Pricing (IRP) solution to pharmaceutical manufacturers operating globally.

This application addresses one of the massive market challenges for the global Life Sciences market and delivers significant gross margin benefits.

To contain growing healthcare expenditures related to drug costs, a rising number of governments seek to control prices with international reference pricing programs. These programs officially set a drugs national or regional price based on price benchmarks in other countries. Failing to coordinate price setting at launch and subsequent price changes can result in missed opportunities amounting to tens of millions in revenue. In addition, more and more governments across the globe require that manufacturers proactively report reference prices. Failure to comply in an accurate and timely fashion often puts manufacturers in a weak negotiating position with governments.

Model N International Reference Pricing delivers significant business and operational benefits to pharmaceutical manufacturers by:


Linux Netbook Music Computer Mobile Digital Audio Workstation Audio Software Available On New Indamixx Netbook Model 2

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 14, 2009

Trinity Audio Group Inc. refreshes it's line of award winning mobile audio computers by announcing today the Indamixx Netbook Model 2, an affordable Linux audio Netbook with pre-installed audio and mobility software.

"At $ 499.00 complete with hardware and fully loaded software, we provide the most affordable full featured mobile recording studio in the world," says Creative Director Ronald Stewart. "The Indamixx Netbook is an ideal product for music beginners and priced perfectly for the masses."

"Google and Apple are 'talking' about the Netbook space. We're already there and shipping our own Linux blend. Indamixx is a great fit for Adobe," says Stewart. Indamixx wins Remix Magazine's 'Most Innovative' Product of 2009. All Indamixx products feature award winning energy XT2 digital audio workstation.

More than a Netbook but better than OS X?

Keyboard magazine says "Routing audio, MIDI, and sync between apps is quicker and easier than on Windows and Mac. The included music applications are rock solid and better connected to each other than on other computers, even compared to the smooth functionality of Mac OS X."

Remix magazine says "For any Web-savvy DJs or performers who want to integrate Web streaming broadcasts into their world, Indamixx is a fantastic all-in-one solution."

Major upgrade of OS based on trusted Ubuntu 9.04.

Model 2 improvements include 3.0 Transmission (OS) - Custom Linux operating based on Ubuntu 9.04. A Private Label MSI Wind U100 with factory installed 2GB RAM - 1 year limited warranty

160GB HDD. Beautiful 10" Widescreen

An Over clocked Intel Atom chip up to 2.0Ghz with up to 4 hour battery life.

3G and HSDPA capable.

Pre order now at Musician's Friend.

Visit us at:


All inquiries please contact:

Ronald Stewart

Creative Director


About Trinity Audio Group Inc.:

Trinity Audio Group Inc. is a Washington state corporation specializing in the production and marketing of affordable, innovative field recorders and portable digital audio workstations.

About XT Software AS.:

XT Software is a multimedia company delivering true community-based music software. Founded in 2006, the company puts the needs of the user in focus, rather that the needs of the software developers. The main product of the company, to be found on Indamixx, is the award winning DAW energyXT, which was first released in 2003. The company is based in Norway and are selling products worldwide. Find us at

The VST mark and logo is a trademark of Steinberg.



Model N Channel ImpACT Helps High Tech Manufacturers Improve Channel Margins through Better Business Insight

Redwood Shores, CA (PRWEB) July 17, 2012

Model N, Inc., the leader in Revenue Management solutions, today announced the general availability of its High Tech Channel ImpACT analytics solution.

Model N Channel ImpACT provides data-driven business insights to answer key business questions for semiconductor and component manufacturers through a powerful combination of visually rich dashboards, statistics, sophisticated advanced analytic models, and services. It helps business leaders strategically and tactically respond to changing market conditions and improve channel margins.

Channel ImpACT Highlights

With Channel ImpACT, executives, channel managers, and sales operations managers gain current and accurate visibility into revenue and profit trends by customer, distributor and product, distributor ranking, and win / loss analysis. Going beyond standard Business Intelligence, Channel ImpACT can be set to detect changing trends in market share or prices and alert managers to take action. Pre-built analytics and best practices processes include:


Premium Bicycle Brand Budnitz Bicycles Launches Model No.3 Honey Special Edition, New Cutting Edge City Bicycle with Elegant Styling.

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 03, 2012

Premium luxury bicycle brand Budnitz Bicycles launched their latest bicycle today, Model No.3 Honey Edition, a new special edition bicycle featuring top-end titanium components paired with classic honey-leather details and cream tires.

Budnitz Bicycles new No.3 Honey Edition continues our commitment to building only the most elegant, lightest, and fastest city bicycles in the world, says founder Paul Budnitz. "Our bicycles are works of art, and like classic automobiles, they function immaculately."

Produced by hand in small runs and for sale for the first time today, Budnitz Model No.3 Honey Special Edition is a lightening fast gloss-black steel & titanium commuting bicycle featuring some of the best components in the world, many taken from top-end race bikes.

The big 29-inch wheels and clean lines of No.3 make it the ultimate city bicycle, very fast with an incredibly smooth ride and stunning elegance, says Budnitz.

Model No.3 incorporates Budnitz stunningly beautiful trademark split-tube cantilever frame, optimized to absorb road shock and provide a quick, responsive ride in a city environment. They also a feature silent and clean Gates Carbon belts instead of chain as well as titanium badges, handlebar, seatpost, and many other parts.

Base price is $ 3100.

My goal for this special edition bicycle was to create a classic bike with modern, high-tech components that is elegant enough for the President of the United States to ride to a press conference, or for Pharrell Williams to ride to the Grammys says Budnitz.

Budnitz Bicycles are sold exclusively online at


Budnitz Bicycles ( creates the fastest, most beautiful, and most elegant urban bicycles in the world. Combining advance design and top-end components with founder Paul Budnitz eye for detail, Budnitz Bicycles makes striking, lightning-fast titanium & stainless steel bicycles that are built to last a lifetime. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Boulder, Colorado with offices in New York City.


Paul Budnitz is well known as the founder of Kidrobot, the world's premier creator of art toys, fashion apparel & accessories. Budnitz' obsession with creating the perfect urban bicycles lead him to found Budnitz Bicycles in 2011.

Budnitz has created or art directed virtually every Budnitz Bicycles & Kidrobot product; created Dunny and many other million-selling platform toys; and has designed retail stores, nightclubs, apparel, and bicycles. Over a dozen Budnitz designs are part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. He has worked with designers from Shepard Fairy to Frank Kozik to Marc Jacobs, and brands including Nike, Hermes, Volkswagen, and many others.

In 2010, Budnitz authored I AM PLASTIC, TOO, his 2nd book on designer toys, and The Hole in the Middle in 2011, a childrens book published by Disney/Hyperion. Budnitz is the director of two award winning feature films. He is also an accomplished software designer, and is currently creating childrens apps for Callaway Digital Arts.

Budnitz speaks on innovation & creativity worldwide, and blogs at He lives in New York City & Colorado and owns 50 pairs of size 13 sneakers.


Budnitz Bicycles


+1 303-647-9197 x 3

Facebook: Budnitzbicycles

Twitter: @budnitzbicycles

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IntoxBox Interactive Breathalyzer to Unveil New Model at Vegas Shows

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) March 12, 2012

It will call you a cab, invite you to guess your BAC (blood alcohol content), and, if you guess correctly, it will even text an activation code directly to your cell phone for a free BAC test. The IntoxBox, the worlds first smart BAC testing kiosk for bars, will make its national debut at two trade shows at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 12-16.

With its 19-inch touch screen monitor, dynamic graphics, interactive user interface and remote management system, the IntoxBox Interactive Breathalyzer bears little resemblance to the garish, novelty bar breathalyzers of the past.

Its advanced programming, entertaining user experience and state-of-the-art sensor module represent a quantum leap in bar breathalyzer technology. The IntoxBox even cycles ads in high definition on its touch screen monitor when the breathalyzer is not in use.

The IntoxBox will be featured at the Night Club and Bar Owners Convention and Trade Show March 12-14 and the Amusement Expo March 14-16. Both shows are at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The IntoxBox, which is manufactured by Walden Innovative Resources, LLC (WIR) of Eden Prairie, MN, currently has distributors in 13 states.

The IntoxBox features an interactive program that guides users through the testing process. Once the test is over, they are offered the opportunity to order a cab simply by touching an icon on the touchscreen monitor. It also invites users to guess their score. If they guess correctly they receive an activation code for a free BAC test.

Weve tried to make the IntoxBox experience something that entertains, educates, informs and provides a transportation option for customers who may decide not to drive their own vehicle home from the bar, explains Ryan Walden, WIR president and co-founder. Driving under the influence is a very serious issue, and we want to give customers all the tools they need to make a responsible decision.

Drunk driving accounts for nearly 12,000 deaths, 700,000 injuries and 1.4 million arrests each year in the U.S. Part of the problem, claims Walden, is that bar patrons dont have an opportunity to check their BAC before they leave the bar. You wouldnt drive without a speedometer, says Walden, so why are bar patrons expected to drive home without the opportunity to test their BAC before they leave the bar?

The IntoxBox is equipped with a state-of-the-art fuel cell sensor and a circuit board-controlled sampling system that is specially engineered to stand up to repeated use with no drop-off in accuracy. The IntoxBox quickly clears out residual condensation after each test to assure that BAC readings are as accurate as possible.

Measuring 34 inches high by 20 inches wide by 7 inches deep, the IntoxBox is built to last with a 14-gauge steel case, double-bolt lock and durable touchscreen monitor. It has a credit card swipe, dollar bill acceptor and a built-in straw bin that can hold more than 500 straws.

In its national rollout, the company has been contracting with independent operators who either sell or place the machines in bars in their area and collect revenue from usage fees and advertising.

Ad Sales

Between tests, the IntoxBox can display high definition video ads on its19-inch touchscreen monitor. It can also run direct impression ads during the testing process.

Not only can advertisers align themselves with responsible drinking, they are also able to get their messages displayed in the high traffic areas of these popular bars and nightclubs rather than on restroom displays that are normally associated with indoor advertising. The IntoxBox displays each ad about 12,000 times a month during prime business hours.

Remote Monitoring

The IntoxBox is the first bar breathalyzer with a remote monitoring system that allows operators to troubleshoot equipment functions and track paid transactions from their laptop or desktop computers or smart phones.

From a distributors perspective, the remote monitoring capability may be the most significant advancement of all, says Walden. You can see if the units are working properly and you can see how much each unit is earning each day without ever leaving your home.

After two years of test marketing in the Minneapolis-St Paul area, WIR rolled out national distribution of the IntoxBox in December 2010. The Las Vegas trade shows marks the first time the IntoxBox will be featured at a major public forum.

For more information on the IntoxBox, please go to or contact Gene Walden at 952-201-9362.


Continuent Announces Move to New Subscription Pricing Model

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) April 5, 2007

Continuent, Inc., the leading provider of commercial open source middleware solutions for database high availability and scalability, today announced its new pricing strategy.

Annual Subscription-Based Pricing.

Continuent offers commercial open source solutions for business continuity for mission critical database applications. Continuent uni/cluster is an award-winning clustering solution for MySQL Enterprise and PostgreSQL.

Until now, these products have been sold under a perpetual license. The decision to move to a subscription model was driven by the desire to align Continuent products with other commercial open source companies' pricing practices. Such a move will make purchase decisions easier for prospective customers. This move is also consistent with feedback from existing Continuent customers.

"Continuent's success is a clear indication of the increased demand for commercial open source solutions, also in mission critical use, and the overall positive effects of the cost effective open source economy," said Eero Teerikorpi, CEO of Continuent.

Continuent partner MySQL has successfully offered subscription-based MySQL Enterprise solution for over a year. Another Continuent partner, EnterpriseDB, has also gained significant traction in the PostgreSQL market with its EnterpriseDB and PostgreSQL support subscription offerings.

"More and more companies are seeking cost effective alternatives for their database needs. Continuent uni/cluster solutions allow our customers to deploy MySQL and PostgreSQL confidently with their critical applications, which earlier would have required more expensive commercial database solutions. By aligning our pricing with MySQL and EnterpriseDB solutions, we now make it easier and even more cost effective for our joint customers to gain access to these excellent solutions," Teerikorpi continues.

The new pricing starts at $ 3,600 per database CPU per year.

For more information about Continuent products, visit, and for information on Continuent's involvement in the open source community, visit

About Continuent

Continuent increases application reliability by ensuring continuous database availability. Continuent manages a database-neutral, open source database-clustering project Sequoia ( Continuent also develops and markets commercial Continuent uni/cluster products and services based on Sequoia technology.

Continuent's commercial open source solutions are currently available for MySQL


DSS Networks, The Gigabit Experts, Announces an Innovative Evolution of Its Model 6468 – A 4-Port Gige Server Adapter With an Onboard Switch Providing Bypass

Lake Forest, CA (PRWEB) May 2, 2007

DSS Networks announces an innovative evolution of one of their PCI Express based board level products - originally offered as an extreme performance 8-port Gigabit Ethernet hybrid switch/HBA on a highly integrated PCI-Express card form factor, now has evolved it into an intelligent Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter - further demonstrating years of commitment to enhancing extreme network computing board level products targeted for OEMs and Systems Integrators in embedded and real-time systems applications.

GigPCI-Express Switch - Model 6468. At its core, the Model 6468 is an 8 port Gigabit Ethernet L2 switch. The GbE switch fully interconnects the 8 ports at wire-speed. Four of the ports offer a host bus adapter (HBA) interface to the host driver and protocol stack. This provides major benefits by not having to use any base board Ethernet interfaces for switch connections, freeing them for other functions. The host ports talk through the Model 6468 onboard switch to any of the 4 external RJ-45 ports.

Model 6468's core features an innovative "4+4" switching design that provides extreme performance and functionality and can be used to provide add-on Gigabit Ethernet switching capabilities in standard or rackmount server-based systems. In addition to the switch, it has a 4-port PCIe Intel-based Gigabit MAC host interface, an onboard FPGA for management and control, and transceivers for the interconnect. Switch management is provided via eeprom and the host bus interface. Optionally, a microcontroller function can be synthesized into the FPGA to enhance the onboard management capabilities.

The Model 6468 can be used as a standalone or simple managed multiport switch or front-end network processor and is fully IEEE 802.3 compliant. As a PCI-Express option card, it can be used to add-on scalable-switched networking capabilities to any embedded system design with either "x8" or "x16" PCI-Express slots.

Independent Bypass feature on System Hang. Unlike most network interface cards with bypass, you must have a power failure in order to re-route port connections resulting in a dedicated port groupings and fixed network connections. The problem is, this all most never happens. More often than not, systems typically hang along with your network connections. Whereas with a Model 6468, should your host system hang, the 4 external ports will be allowed to continue to route network connections through it's onboard switch, not locking down port pairs, and continues independent bypass connections amongst the external ports.

Extreme performance and features: The Model 6468 is capable of running all ports at wire-speed including a host-bus interface throughput 980MB/sec (7.84Gb) and allows the Gbe switch to be embedded and tightly coupled with the CPU for advanced server control and routing capabilities. In addition to the Broadcom L2 switch and Intel MAC functions, a 4-port GbE Serdes transceiver from PMC-Sierra and a Lattice FPGA are used to provide interconnect and control functions. The combination of the switching, MAC's, onboard routing and control functions provide a very high-level of performance, functionality and integration using a low amount of power in a compact space. Features supported include port-based and 802.1Q VLAN's, trunking, failover and link-aggregation, port mirroring, protected ports, jumbo frames and 802.1p QOS/priority. Using this host interface coupled with the onboard FPGA allows dynamic control for advanced switching and management functions.

The Model 6468 GigPCI-Express Switch is available with an OEM Developers Kit containing Linux and VxWorks device drivers, library functions, frame generators, loopback tests, benchmark programs, statistics and management utilities and documentation.

DSS Networks, Inc. is a privately funded company located in Lake Forest CA and designs and manufactures embedded high-performance next generation Broadband Networking products based on technologies including Gigabit Ethernet, 10-Gigabit Ethernet, PCI-Express, PCI-X and CWDM. For more information, visit their website at


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Latest Release of Model N High Tech Revenue Management Suite Adds Powerful New Functionality and Valuable Enhancements

Redwood Shores, CA (PRWEB) March 06, 2012

Model N, Inc., the leader in Revenue Management solutions, today announced the general availability of Release 8.2.2 of its industry-leading High Tech Revenue Management Suite at the RAINMAKER 2012 Revenue Management conference in San Diego. Release 8.2.2 new features include Approvals by Email and Reverse Price Protection, as well as Price Books that allow users to generate price lists applicable to a specific distributor in different currencies.

8.2 Highlights

Released last year, 8.2 delivers powerful functionality and significant enhancements to help High Tech manufacturers better control and manage key pricing and quoting processes in an increasingly complex and globalized marketplace, including:

Regional Pricing: Set and manage prices by region and across different currencies to improve price execution across geographic areas

Segment-Based Pricing: Set and manage prices by customer segments and execute on value-based pricing strategies

Date-Effective Pricing: Specify effective dates on prices that are stored in price tables

User Roles: Support more effective user capability management, improve Sarbanes-Oxley reporting, and ease user access control maintenance

Access Controls by Region: Gain more granular control over user visibility into transactions and tighten information access

Quote Workflow: Increase quote approval routing flexibility and improve workflow history auditing

Print Templates: Print final quote documents for customer review

Model N RosettaNet: Integrate easier with business partners using RosettaNet standards

Release 8.2 also delivers significant enhancements to the Model N Application Developer Kit; Deal Analytics, Quoting and Pricing, and Opportunities and Registrations applications; and admin and security.

High Tech manufacturers are facing numerous operational challenges due to rapid globalization, increasingly complex channel relationships, and intense competition, said Lawrence Whittle, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Model N. To help address these challenges, Release 8.2 gives manufacturers enhanced visibility into how price strategies are being executed across key customer and geographic segments and improves control over user access across regions and channels.


Now in its eighth year, RAINMAKER is the premier industry gathering for Revenue Management professionals in Life Sciences and High Tech. RAINMAKER 2012 provides a valuable networking forum and the opportunity to engage directly with fellow Revenue Management innovators across the Life Sciences and High Tech industries. Attendees will learn how leaders are deploying operational and analytic Revenue Management best practices throughout their global organizations and gaining true competitive advantage. RAINMAKER runs March 6-8 at the historic Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego.

About Model N

With over $ 150B in annual revenues across 50 countries managed in our Revenue Management systems, Model N leverages its deep industry expertise and best practices, highly configurable applications, and comprehensive services to support Life Sciences and High Tech organizations on premise or in the cloud. Whether you are an emerging business or a global leader, Model N results in revenue.

Model N is a mark of Model N, Inc. All other company names mentioned are the property of their respective owners and are mentioned for identification purposes only.

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