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Its Risky Business for Tech Startups;’s New Platform Will Prevent Early Mistakes

(PRWEB UK) 16 July 2013

(Marketing Empire PR) - To many, the biggest lure of the tech sector lies in possibility of becoming the next big thing, and, of course, the potential for lucrative returns never hurts. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts and, oftentimes, a great idea, a significant number of tech startups are destined for failure.

According to Inside Startups, 20 percent of businesses are doomed to fail within the first year of being established, and about 50 percent fail within three years. There are a number of reasons why an enterprise may fail to prosper, but The Financial Times Guide to Business Start Ups has said that 20 percent of failed companies would still be in operation if they had gotten advice at the beginning of their venture.

For those who are building a new website or creating a new app, can provide honest, thoughtful advice from fellow web and app designers. Users of the site reciprocate by providing reviews for others. After making changes, a website or app can be resubmitted, and members can continue the process until they are satisfied with their feedback and ready to roll out their new site or app.

Ilya Berelson utilised the innovative review site to get feedback on a number of projects and also for help in designing He commented, Nothing is more valuable to a product or service than a first impression. As a web engineer, I get to experiment with new features and designs and then get a few (first impressions) with Criticue. Criticue can be a websites best business partner. The reviews are sometimes harsh, but that's OK. Every new review on Criticue simply encourages your service to be as clear and perfect as can be.

Its not surprising that Criticue has been called one of the most promising tech startups of 2013. Martin Bilski, CEO of, has said, Criticue will create micro-communities of expert tech developers, providing each other with qualified reviews and suggestions on way to improve their software or avoid pitfalls an incredibly comprehensive resource provided for free to all users.

Theres no doubt that the companys growing popularity will enable it to beat the odds that face many newly established businesses, and with the likes of Google and Yahoo acquiring tech start-ups for their creativity, software, branding and members - odds are on for Criticue to be next in line to receive bids for the platform.

A recent report compiled by five top academic institutions examined the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme and determined that innovative ideas and models were necessary to the continued growth of small businesses. With companies like driving the innovation and support of new Internet enterprises, many startups in the tech sector will easily move past being considered risky business to being hailed as good business.

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How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes When Buying A Gaming Computer

Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 11, 2006

Seven tips for choosing the best gaming computer for your lifestyle.

“Every Gamer Dreams of Having the Best Gaming PC Possible But Be Careful Which One You Choose Because They're Not All Created Equally,” says Jordan Hall, creator of a new gaming computer Web site called

Recently, I’ve heard of way to many people going to buy a gaming computer and coming back with the heavily promoted, but very inferior “entertainment computer," or "gaming laptop" that's not really a gaming laptop. They soon find out that this is a mistake.

If you want a truly great computer gaming experience, you need a computer that is made for gaming. This makes sense right? Here are some tips for making the right decision.

1. Ask yourself a few questions first. How much can you spend on this? What else will it be used for? Do you want mobility? Gaming Laptops used to be just a wistful daydream, but now that are a powerful reality.

2. If price isn’t a big issue, shoot for the leaders in the industry. Don’t settle for what the local electronics store tells you are the best gaming computers. Do some research. Search for gaming computer reviews or something similar. As of right now, some good choices for high-end gaming PCs are the Dell XPS and the Alienware products.

3. If price is an issue, then you might want to look into custom gaming computers. When you customize, you tell them exactly what you want so you can get the performance you want, and leave out the extras you don’t want.

4. Another good option for those that are strapped for cash is to build your own gaming computer. This way you can safe a lot of money by shopping for your own parts cheaper and you can customize all you want. You can save money by losing all the extra bells and whistles, and upgrade the performance parts that matter.

5. Do a lot of research on the latest technology. When you find a computer that has the right processor and video card you want, go check the reviews for that computer and make sure other users are happy with it. Check and other sites.

6. Make sure the computer you get is upgradeable. This is important because of how fast technology is advancing. If you can’t upgrade the parts of your computer, then it will rapidly become obsolete.

7. Make sure to find others that have the computer you want, and go ask them how it has performed for them. Ask them if it has had any problems, etc. You can find them through forums and review pages.

So there are some tips to get you started. Gaming computers are (in my opinion 😉 one of the greatest sources of personal entertainment these days. Taking the time to choose the right gaming PC will reward you over and over again, so make sure to do you due dilligence.

Jordan Hall is the creator of the Web site His web site offers gaming computer reviews. It also has lots of tips for choosing the best computers, accessories, and PC gaming hardware.

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