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Lake Michigan Mailers, Inc. Announces Promotions for Personnel and the Creation of New Jobs in Preparation of Future Planned Expansion

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN (PRWEB) January 14, 2013

Lake Michigan Mailers, Inc. announced today that it will be making strategic promotions and create a series of full-time jobs to allow the company to manage its continued growth and allow for future planned expansion.

Marti Veld has been named to the newly-created position of Vice President of Operations. In this position Marti will have daily oversight of all revenue-generating activities for the company. Marti has previously served as Plant Manager since January 2003.

Carisa Hamre has been named to the newly-created position of Human Resources and Projects Coordinator. Carisa will have responsibility for all clerical and compliance issues related to human resources. In addition, Carisa will oversee select strategic and tactical projects for the company. Carisa has been with the company since May 2003 where she has served as Human Resources / Accounting Specialist II.

Steve Lauritsen has been named to the newly-created position of Systems Analyst/Programmer and will have responsibility for the development of web-based solutions for both internal use and increasing value to external customers. Steve joined the company in May 2007 as a part-time Mail Processor while he attended college seeking a degree in computer programming.

In addition, the company will begin seeking candidates to fill select positions at its Kalamazoo, Michigan facility, including; a full-time Team Leader for Operations, a full-time Accounting Specialist II, and a full-time Account Executive. The company is also seeking to fill two positions at its South Bend, Indiana facility; a full-time Account Executive and a part-time Driver/Mail Processor.

We are very excited about the promotions of Marti, Carisa, and Steve. They each bring great vision, professionalism, and enthusiasm to the job every day, said David C. Rhoa, president of Lake Michigan Mailers, Inc. We are equally excited about our continued growth and look forward to having new talent join our team.

While our country continues to struggle to regain its economic footing, and wrestles with prolonged uncertainty emanating from Washington, D.C. policies, Michigan and Indiana continue to demonstrate signs of sustained renewal, Rhoa continued. We are bullish on the opportunities for growth that are presenting themselves in our primary markets of Michigan and Indiana.

About Lake Michigan Mailers, Inc.:

Lake Michigan Mailers, Inc., founded in 1977, is a family owned and managed company with processing centers in Kalamazoo, Michigan and South Bend, Indiana. The company is a leading provider of document management, mail assembly, mail processing, presorting, data management, digital marketing and distribution services to companies, schools, colleges and universities, health care providers, governmental entities and organizations throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Additional information about Lake Michigan Mailers, Inc. can be found on the companys web site at or on Facebook at or on Twitter at

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Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Michigan Create United States Steroid Injection Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Infographic

Southfield, Michigan (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

The Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. medical malpractice lawyers in Michigan recently created an infographic on the recent United States meningitis outbreak linked to steroid injections. The infographic was created to aid those victims who are currently suffering from meningitis due to the injection, as well as make others who have also received the injection aware of the symptoms of this disease, and how it spreads throughout the body. Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. is a Southfield law firm that is actively investigating the legal rights of patients who have been injured or died due to the meningitis outbreak due to steroid injection.

The United States Steroid Injection Fungal Meningitis Outbreak infographic visually displays the most recent statistics of injury cases and deaths reported due to fungal meningitis linked to steroid injection throughout the U.S. (both an U.S. map and chart are used), a description of the disease, the signs and symptoms of fungal meningitis, as well as where the needle is injected into a patient who receives the medication. The statistics reported on the infographic are recent counts reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Fungal meningitis can develop after a fungus spreads through the bloodstream from somewhere else in the body, as a result of the fungus being introduced directly into the central nervous system, or from an infected body site infection next to the central nervous system.

According to NBC News, all infected patients received injection with preservative-free methylprednisolone acetate prepared by New England Compounding Center (NECC), located in Framingham, MA. The injections were shipped to 23 states and nearly 14,000 patients have been given this potentially tainted injection of pain medication.

The CDC reports 257 cases of patients who suffer from the fungal infection linked to steroid injections has been reported thus far. 20 reports of death to a patient from fungal meningitis due to steroid injection in the U.S. have also been reported.

Tennessee has the highest amount of cases reported with 63, following the State of Michigan with 49 cases, and Virginia with 37 cases. Tennessee also has the highest numbers of deaths reported (8 deaths), with the State of Michigan to follow in the same sequence (4 deaths).

To learn more about the recent meningitis outbreak and to see the United States Steroid Injection Fungal Meningitis Outbreak infographic visit

Share this infographic with others who may find this infographic interesting or have recently become a victim by embedding the graphic on your own site, emailing the link to family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbors, etc, and sharing on all social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

The United States Steroid Injection Fungal Meningitis Outbreak graphic by Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. If you share our infographic, please include the link of its source:

About Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.

Buckfire& Buckfire, P.C. is a Michigan personal injury law firm representing patients who have been injured or died due to the meningitis outbreak due to steroid injection. The award winning law firm has a team of top-rated experienced attorneys that specialize in medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits and have a reputation and track record for obtaining sizeable settlements for their injured clients and families. At Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C., the Michigan medical malpractice lawyers will obtain all of the medical records, personally review them, and consult the case with a board certified physician.

For a free legal medical malpractice consultation call toll-free at 800-606-1717 or visit the law firm website at


Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers Launch Mobile Website For Accident Victims

Southfield, Michigan (PRWEB) December 14, 2012

Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. , Michigan personal injury lawyers go mobile with the recent launch of their website ( The launch of the mobile website marks a continuing upgrade to the law firms already current communication efforts in ensuring that accident and injury victims are able to access important legal information right at their fingertips.

The Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. mobile website is designed for enhanced compatibility on smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. The user-friendly site allows accident and injury victims to access information on the go to keep the pace of everyday life, while providing a trusted source for Michigan legal information anytime and anywhere.

From resource pages on car accident injuries and medical malpractice cases, to social media buttons for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, the Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. Michigan personal injury lawyer mobile website provides viewer-friendly access to every feature available on the practices main website, including:

About Top-Rated Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.
Practice Areas, including car accidents, medical malpractice, dog bite injury, nursing home neglect cases, and more
Client Reviews
Current News and Free Legal Resources/Information on a victims rights
Contact information
And More

The launch of our mobile website was very important, as the number of smartphone and tablet users accessing the worldwide web continues to increase every day. By launching a mobile website, we have created an avenue for victims to receive quick access on legal rights and Michigan law, including what actions they should take once injured in an accident. Our role as a firm is not only to act as an attorney, but also provide legal knowledge and expertise to victims no matter where they may be, says Partner and Attorney, Daniel Buckfire. With our mobile site, injured individuals or families of individuals injured will now have the opportunity to contact myself or the firm immediately with the touch of a call button on their phone. At Buckfire & Buckfire, we hope the mobile site is just one way of developing a stronger relationship with our clients.

About Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.

Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. handles all types of accident and injury cases, including auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death cases, medical malpractice lawsuits, nursing home neglect cases, slip and fall cases, dog bite attack cases, and all other personal injury matters throughout the State of Michigan. Our best Michigan personal injury lawyers are known for their meticulous case preparation-an approach that results in major verdicts and settlements for their clients.

For more information on the personal injury law firm, please feel free to call the office, toll free at (800) 606-1717 or visit their website at on your computer or mobile phone.

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Michigan Car Accident Lawyer Gets Largest Overall Settlement, Largest Auto Negligence Verdict in State

Southfield, MI (PRWEB) January 21, 2009

The auto accident lawyers of Southfield-based Michigan Auto Law are proud to announce that partner Steven M. Gursten has gotten the largest settlement and the largest auto negligence verdict in the entire state of Michigan for 2008, according to a year-end verdicts and settlements report by Michigan Lawyers Weekly.

In addition to achieving some of the highest car and truck accident settlements each year for injury victims in Michigan, Steve Gursten has received the largest jury verdict in four of the past seven years. He also has received the largest pain and suffering settlement in Michigan in more than a decade.

Lawyers Weekly stated about Gursten's successful record, "considering the fact that there are approximately 4,000 Michigan attorneys who say they handle personal injury cases as part of their practice, the odds of accomplishing this feat are astronomical."

Additionally, law firm partner David Christensen garnered the ninth biggest settlement in Michigan last year. Here are our personal injury lawyers' top 2008 verdicts and settlements:

No. 1 Michigan settlement: $ 3.9 million (Case 07-719459-NI)

Estate of Patrick G. Nunez v. Utica Transit Mix and Supply, Co. Inc. and Charles L. Dreyer

Plaintiff Patrick Nunez was traveling in the fast lane on I-75 in Detroit, Michigan when a trucker driving a fully-loaded, 150,000 pound gravel truck lost control and collided with Nunez' car. The car was smashed against the highway retainer wall, where it burst into flames, killing Nunez.

The truck lost control when its front-steer tire blew. But trucks are not supposed to dangerously lose control when they experience a tire blow-out, which is a foreseeable and common event. The defendant lost control because his truck was in defective and dangerous out-of-service mechanical condition. The driver admitted in a deposition that he had received no formal training or supervision from his employer. He also said he failed to inspect the truck's tires and brakes. Furthermore, he had a seizure disorder and was on powerful epilepsy medication that causes drowsiness and delayed reaction time.

Because of the Michigan truck driver's negligence, the case settled for $ 3.9 million.

No. 9 Michigan settlement: $ 1.6 million

Donald Weller, et al., v. J.T. Express, et al. (Case 06-620 NI)

The plaintiff truck driver Donald Weller was rear-ended by another semi-trailer truck at an intersection in Romeo, Michigan. He was treated for neck and back complaints in the emergency room and had physical therapy.

Seven weeks later, the plaintiff noticed weakness and numbness in his left arm and leg. A discectomy with fusion was performed after a disc was found to be compressing the spinal cord. His left-sided weaknesses never diminished, and symptoms were stroke-like. The man had suffered a stroke nearly six years before the accident, but he recovered completely.

Through case facilitation, a $ 1.6 million settlement was reached.

No. 2 Michigan verdict: $ 5.65 million (Case 07-937-NI)

Broeren, et al., v. Bates

Plaintiff Anthony Broeren was seriously injured after a friend accidentally ran him over with a Dodge Ram pickup truck and propelled him head-first into a log cabin. Doctors say Broeren -- who suffered crushing injuries to his leg that have required many surgeries and a traumatic brain injury for starters -- will never be able to return to competitive employment. He also suffers tinnitus, vertigo, side effects from various pain pills and weight gain. Prior to the accident, he was an engineer.

Broeren sued Roy Bates II of Chesterfield Township, Michigan. Chrysler owned the Dodge Ram pickup truck, and Bates was employed with Chrysler when he accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake and struck Broeren during a group hunting trip in Evart, Michigan. Although the verdict was issued against Bates because Chrysler had been removed as a named defendant in the case, Chrysler remains financially responsible for the award.

The jury deliberated for three hours before deciding to allot $ 5.65 million, broken down into $ 2.75 million for pain and suffering, $ 1.88 million for economic damages and $ 1.02 million for loss of consortium.

The personal injury lawyers of Michigan Auto Law have been successfully protecting auto accident victims for more than 50 years. Our law firm is the largest in Michigan that practices exclusively in car and truck accidents. Our greatest satisfaction is obtaining justice to our clients who have been seriously injured or killed in auto accidents, and have been wronged by insurance companies. We realize that lawyers must bring lawsuits to obtain justice for these people, because it's only the threat of litigation that will force some insurance companies, large trucking companies and corporations to do the right thing.

About Michigan Auto Law:

Michigan Auto Law is a third-generation law firm with 16 lawyers specializing in helping people who have been seriously injured or killed in car, truck and motorcycle accidents throughout Michigan. The firm has received the top reported Michigan jury verdict in five of the past eight years. It is headquartered in Southfield at 26555 Evergreen Road, Suite 1530, (800)777-0028. The firm also has offices in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and Sterling Heights. For more information, visit

About Steven M. Gursten:

Steven M. Gursten is recognized as one of the nation's top experts in serious car and truck accident injury cases and automobile insurance no-fault litigation. Steve heads Southfield-based Gursten, Koltonow, Gursten, Christensen & Raitt PC, also called Michigan Auto Law. His honors and awards include:


Vantage LED Welcomes Matthew Elliott, New In the Field (Michigan) Sales Manager to the Team

Corona, CA (PRWEB) July 24, 2012

Vantage LED announces the appointment of Matthew Matt Elliott to the Vantage LED Regional Sales Team. Matt joined the sales team July 16, 2012 and will be responsible for establishing new business partner relationships and to promote and sell the renowned Vantage LED product line to valued resellers.

Described as a jack of all trades in the signage world, Matt has experience in sales, IT support, design, and installation of LED signage. I feel that if I use everything I know about Digital Signage, I can make my customers that much more comfortable in their choice states Matthew.

"Matt is tech guy. He knows all his stuff from design and build to service level support which will make him a great resource said Chris Ma, CEO and Founder of Vantage LED.

Matt brings years of combined experience as a Graphic Designer, Signage Fabricator, and IT Support for most brands of LED Signage to the team. Matt is technology-driven and sees the future in the LED Industry to be an explosion waiting to happen and Vantage LED has the Trigger!

Matthew states, Where other LED signage manufacturers fail, I see Vantage LED learning from their competitors mistakes and coming up with spectacular remedies that shake the LED world to the core.

When Matthew first heard about Vantage LED, he said, Wow, they actually know what theyre doing! One month later he found two of his best go-to people in the industry, Deacon Wardlow and Frank Vega, jumping on board to join the Vantage LED Team.

Matthew is definitely fired up adding, This Company knows where the industry is moving, and I quickly wanted a ticket. The technology innovations combined with the professionalism of the Vantage LED team is already making a name for itself!

Matt resides with his wife, Rebecca, in the Historic town of Monroe Michigan; famous for historic battlefields from 1812, the home of Lay-Z-Boy and its fishing which you will find Matt doing on any given Saturday.

Vantage LED is the fastest growing U.S. based manufacturer of superior LED signage. Supporting a competitive and successful dealer network in both the United States and internationally, Vantage LED has risen to be a formidable contender and loyal partner. The success and solid growth of Vantage LED is due to its unique ability to produce a highly reliable, technologically advanced product at a competitive price from its state-of-the-art Southern California manufacturing facility. For more information on Vantage LED or its superior product line please visit their website at

Vantage LED is a subsidiary of Tradenet Enterprises, LLC, a California based company with headquarters in Corona. For new Dealer information, please contact Josie Salitrero, National Sales Manager at (888) 595.3956 or Dealers(at)

Vantage LED

370 Meyer Circle Suite 102, Corona, CA 92879

Phone (888) 595.3956 Fax (888) 595.3959

Never an Ordinary Experience.


Data Strategy Achieves EMC Signature Velocity Partner Status Making Them the Partner of Choice in Michigan for Best-of-Breed EMC Solutions

(PRWEB) July 27, 2012

Grand Rapids based Data Strategy LLC, a leader in Business Continuity, End User Computing and Cloud Computing, announced today it has achieved Signature status, the highest level of EMCs Velocity Partner Program. This makes them the first and only partner headquartered in Michigan able to demonstrate the technical expertise and knowledge required to achieve Signature status.

Achieving Signature status demonstrates the commitment Data Strategy has made to provide the highest level of technical expertise and skill set to our customers, said Gregg DeWitt, President of Data Strategy. Gregg also stated, "We take great pride in being the experts in our core competencies of Business Continuity, Desktop and Application Virtualization and Cloud Computing, providing end-to-end solutions from planning and design to implementation and on site support.

About Data Strategy - Data Strategy was formed with a single focus; to provide clients with the ability to effectively manage their data, while controlling the costs resulting from server and data growth. As cloud experts, Data Strategys competencies are concentrated around Business Continuity, End User Computing, and Cloud Computing. Through successful projects across many different industries including healthcare, education, financial services, manufacturing, government, and retail; Data Strategy demonstrates the experience that qualifies them to deliver tailored solutions to support your organization's unique private and hybrid cloud requirements. From solution design to comprehensive implementation and support, partnership with Data Strategy helps to satisfy critical business objectives and achieve your desired technology outcomes. Data Strategy is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan with offices in Grand Rapids, Troy and Indianapolis and can be found at


Michigan Computer Firm’s Website Named as Finalist in Local Competition

Michigan Computer Firm's Website Named as Finalist in Local Competition

Northville, MI (PRWEB) October 8, 2007 - Vision Computer Solutions -- has been nominated as a finalist in the Helen eWards for Web Excellence competition sponsored by the Troy Chamber of Commerce's ITroy Committee (formerly Internettroy Committee). Winners will be announced at the eWards Luncheon & Mini Business Expo on Thursday, October, 18, 2007 at the Radisson Hotel in Bloomfield.

Clarity Quest Marketing -- an Ann Arbor marketing firm -- created and designed the website. Clarity Quest specializes in outsourced marketing for technology firms.

"The website re-design is leading to more leads and more sales for our computer repair and IT consulting services," said David Marino, president and owner of Vision Computer Solutions. "We worked extremely hard with Clarity Quest to ensure our site is a reliable source of information of both our business computer services clients and residential customers."    

About Vision Computer Solutions:

For small to medium-sized businesses, Vision Computer Solutions offers customer-focused information technology management going beyond simple break/fix services to help people in businesses get the most from their technology systems. For residential customers, Vision Computer Solutions' knowledgeable, personable IT professionals provide expert on-site computer repair, equipment installation, and purchase advice. The company also offers a complete line of software as a service including email spam filtering, online backup, Microsoft Exchange hosting, and antivirus protection. Founded in 1995, Vision Computer Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Small Business Specialist.

About Clarity Quest Marketing:

Clarity Quest combines technology know-how with marketing and business acumen to serve small to medium-sized companies across the U.S. Founded in 2001, Clarity Quest serves as the outsource marketing department for companies in the biotechnology, software, hardware and professional services industry. Clarity Quest is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan with a satellite office in Seattle.



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Not Everyone Struggling for Business in Michigan

Not Everyone Struggling for Business in Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI (PRWEB) January 14, 2009

Coming off its 5th year in a row of 30% plus annual growth, Online Technologies Corporation is enthusiastic about its data center business prospects in 2009.

Online Tech made significant investments in its managed data center business in 2008, making it one of the largest independent managed data center operators in the state of Michigan. To match it's growth rate, the company added 10,000 square feet of data center space with its third data center brought on line in early 2008. Online Tech also added 10 employees to its payroll in 2008 to better support its rapidly growing customer base.

A November report by Tier1 Research found that the global multi-tenant data center market continues to grow. Demand increased 14% last year while data center supply was up only 6%. This demand/supply gap is projected to grow over the next 3 years. Despite a difficult economy, the Internet will continue to grow as a vehicle for service and application delivery, driving the demand for expanded data center space. Software as a service, managed hosting, social networking and streaming media will increase the demands for data center space and power.

The credit crunch, coupled with small and mid-size businesses' reluctance to invest significant capital and operating expenses in private data centers, is also driving the demand for outsourced data centers and colocation. Rather than investing in the capital to build or expand an in-house data center to meet their IT needs, many companies are sharing data center space by co-locating with others in multi-tenant managed data centers.

Online Tech has seen these same trends in the State of Michigan. As companies need to cut back on IT capital intensive projects and reduce operating costs in their data centers, colocation in multi-tenant data centers can provide a solution that requires no capital investment, i.e. "Cap-Ex Free" IT, and can often reduce operating expenses by leveraging outsourced data center specialists.

In one of the states hit the hardest by the economic downturn, Online Tech is finding increased demand for it's managed data center solutions. "In both periods of growth and periods of decline, there are business opportunities" said Yan Ness, CEO of Online Tech. "It's when everything is flat, that I go sailing. Right now, all we see is opportunity."

With the recent downturn in the economy, managed data center operators like Online Tech have found an unexpected wind toward their back, which they expect will make the sailing even better in 2009.

About Online Technologies Corporation

Online Tech ( is Michigan's premier Managed Data Center Operator. Online Tech helps companies manage their growing demand for data and computing capacity through it's highly secure and reliable multi-tenant data centers. With a full range of colocation,dedicated server and managed service options, industry leaders trust Online Tech to ensure their servers are always on, always online, and always safe.


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Wagner Design Develops Marketing Materials for University of Michigan Medical School Business Development

Wagner Design Develops Marketing Materials for University of Michigan Medical School Business Development

Ann Arbor, MI (PRWEB) February 18, 2011

Wagner Design Associates has developed several key marketing pieces for the University of Michigan Medical School (UMMS) Office of Research and its Business Development team. The graphic design firm designed the Business Development logo using compass imagery to signify the team’s role as collaboration navigators for faculty, and created a pocket folder and flyers that give a comprehensive view of how the team facilitates interactions between faculty and industry partners. Wagner also designed complementary pieces for conference use, including a retractable banner, table drape and giveaways. In addition to the work for the Business Development team, Wagner also enhanced the Office of Research web site with new graphic elements.

With expertise in both the academic and business realms, the U-M Medical School Business Development team connects faculty with new collaborators and helps them navigate the most efficient path to accelerate research from “bench to bedside.”

Wagner Design provides a full range of creative design and advertising services to organizations in the high technology, retail, health care, financial, and academic sectors. The firm has won recognition and awards for its work in print collateral, direct mail, electronic communications, and web design, and has been featured in various design publications.


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Online Tech First Again for SAS70 at All Three Michigan Data Centers

Online Tech First Again for SAS70 at All Three Michigan Data Centers

SAS 70 Audited

Ann Arbor, MI (PRWEB) October 20, 2009

Online Tech, Michigan's Leading Data Center Operator, announced today that it has successfully completed its SAS 70 (Statement on Auditing Standards number 70) Type II audit for all three of its Michigan Data Centers. Six months after successfully completing the SAS 70 Type I audit on all of its data centers, Online Tech raised the bar again by completing the Type II audit through UHY, LLP. Online Tech is unique in Michigan in that all three of its data centers have successfully completed a SAS 70 Type II audit.

SAS 70 for data centers is similar to ISO 9000 standards for manufacturing enterprises. SAS 70 is a nationally recognized audit standard for evaluating the process and security control procedures across the data center. A Type I audit demonstrates that the data center operator has the proper controls and procedures around physical and network security, environmental controls, system availability and performance. The Type II audit demonstrates that not only are the controls and procedures are in place, but that those controls have been followed consistently over time.

Online Tech invested nearly $ 250,000 into the SAS 70 audit process to ensure the security, controls, and processes in each of its data centers are closely followed and monitored. "We won a significant business based on the success of a SAS 70 Type I audit earlier this year," said Mike Klein, President of Online Tech. "The Type II audit demonstrates our commitment to delivering on our security and quality promises and proves our ability to support companies facing Sarbanes Oxley requirements when they outsource their data centers through colocation or dedicated server hosting."

By completing the SAS 70 audit process, Online Tech's clients have assurance that each of its data centers consistently demonstrates the same high standard of security and control. Online Tech posted its experience about Surviving a SAS 70 Audit on its web site and authored several articles on its blog including What to Look for From a SAS-70 Hosting Provider and What is a SAS-70 Audit?.

The independent auditing firm UHY, LLP examined each of the data centers closely, specifically examining compliance with the control objectives in the areas of organizational structure, governance and administration, physical and environmental controls, physical and network security, and system availability and performance.

The SAS 70 audit, or Statement on Auditing Standards ("SAS") No. 70, was developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) as a means of auditing and reporting the effectiveness of operations and controls of a service provider. The resulting SAS 70 audit report enables Online Tech to communicate details on internal operations and security controls to our clients in an industry accepted format. Independent auditors perform thorough testing and assessment of each of our controls.

About Online Tech

Online Tech, Inc. is one of the Midwest's Premier Managed Data Center Operators. Online Tech helps companies manage their growing demand for data and computing capacity through its SAS 70 secure and reliable multi-tenant data centers. With a full range of managed colocation and managed dedicated server offerings, industry leaders trust Online Tech to insure their servers are always on, always online, and always safe.

# # #


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