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Memory Zipper Plus – Optimize Windows Memory Management

(PRWEB) September 1, 2005

You may or may not be an avid user of computer but you do encounter the problem of frequent shutdowns and computer crashes. You couldn’t leave your computer unattended. Here is the solution!

Memory Zipper Plus optimizes memory management and the performance of your system operating on Windows 98, Me, NT4, 2000, 2003 and XP. It is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Windows utility that is designed to tackle the most difficult and crucial problems of memory management. It assists in recovering unused memory and lets you to adjust your computer speed. The in-built Data Safe Technology ensures complete reliability and safety of data. It comes with CPU Cooler to save power, this will cool the CPU in idle time. In addition to that, if you want to optimize system memory, improve core kernel performance or manage other performance tweaks, Memory Zipper Plus’s integrated suite of functions can get your system running at peak performance levels.


Designed to tackle the most difficult and crucial problems of memory management.

Recovers unused memory, lets you adjust your computer speed and keeps your computer optimized.

Real Time Memory Statistics on available and consumed memory, and CPU usage.

Lets you monitor the running processes and set proprieties to the current or new process.

Built in Data Safe Technology for safety, reliability and speed.

Increases your computer speed by 400%.

Built in CPU cooler to save power.

Prevents your computer from crashing frequently.

Recovers memory leaks from poorly behaved applications.

Runs as a system service in the background.


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Global and China Memory Industry Report, 2013

London (PRWEB) November 20, 2013

Global and China Memory Industry Report, 2013 consists of the following contents:

Brief introduction to global semiconductor industry

Market analysis of DRAM and NAND

Major memory vendors

Major memory packaging and test vendors

No digital electronics can do without memory. Memory can be basically classified into RAM and FLASH. The former is Processor Unit, offering Cache and falling into Commodity DRAM, Mobile DRAM and Embedded RAM.

FLASH consists of NOR and NAND, used for storage of Data or Code. Presently, NOR is mostly applied to Embedded field, and seldom used independently.

Memory industry is highly concentrated. In NAND field, five vendors dominate the whole global market. From perspective of sales by brand, in 2013Q1, SAMSUNG occupied 37.1% market share, Toshiba 28.9%, Micron 13.7%, SK Hynix 12.7% and Intel 8.6%. Seen from revenue by company, in 2012, global NAND vendors achieved revenue of USD28,995 million, of which, SAMSUNG held 36.8%, Toshiba and Sandisk (joint venture in NAND field) 35.0% and Micron (IMTF) 17.8%.

Mobile DRAM mainly includes LPDDR2 and LPDDR3. In terms of sales by brand, in 2013Q1, top three companies were SAMSUNG, Elpida (Micron) and SK Hynix, respectively accounting for 55.8%, 18.5% and 21.7% of the market size, totally 96%.

When it comes to Commodity DRAM, top four players together shared 91% of the market.

Since memory industry entered the stable phase in 2012, market competition has been eased considerably. Yet technical barriers and capital requirement have significantly risen. So there is no possibility of new player’s appearing. Investment in capacity expansion has been reduced to a large extent. Balance of supply and demand is achieved and there even occurs short supply during peak season. Profit of memory companies embarks on a steep rising trend. Memory industry will get rid of the stage of fierce competition and consistent deficit, and usher in a new period for rich and stable profit.

2Gb DDR3 DRAM was priced only USD0.83 in Dec. 2012, but USD1.5 at the end of Apr. 2013, a jump of 80%. The price reached even up to USD1.96 in May, but dropped slightly in July, the slack season, yet still remained around USD1.8. 2Gb DDR3 DRAM is primarily used for PC. In 2013Q1, global PC demand fell by 14%, and PC DRAM output was down 25%. Monthly PC DRAM Wafer Capacity got just 270,000. That is to say, although PC DRAM price got increased, output didn’t stop declining.

The short supply of PC DRAM was led by two reasons.

First, the jump in smart phone and tablet PC shipment caused the sharp increase of demand for Mobile DRAM. To deal with that, a large amount of capacity, previously targeting at PC DRAM, was shifted to Mobile DRAM, especially that of SAMSUNG. It would take at least half a year for producers to shift capacity back if they want to. But obviously they don’t, for the prospect of Mobile DRAM is widely regarded much brighter than that of PC DRAM.

In addition, second-tier Taiwan-based vendors have dropped out of DRAM field because of years of loss. For instance, Powerchip Technology even sold the plant. Companies are so pessimistic about PC DRAM that even through the profit would double, there won’t be many vendors switch to it. Mobile DRAM is extremely tempting, the prospect is highly rated and the present profit is generous as well.

In 2014, in the wake of upgrading of the processor, memory system of smart phones and tablet PCs will be further upgraded. By then, 2Gb LPDDR3 will be mainstream product. Bedsides, in addition to smart phones and tablet PCs, Ultrabook also will be the huge market of Mobile DRAM. For example, the latest Macbook Air of Apple has already abandoned traditional PC DRAM, and turn to lower-power-consumption Mobile DRAM.

As for NAND, since hit bottom in the middle of 2012, the price has started rebounding, yet at rate of only 40-50%, far slower than DRAM. Market driving force of NAND cover smart phones, tablet PCs, Ultrabooks and SSDs. But smart phone has lost its strong growth impetus, with growth rate getting lower and lower. The same is true for tablet PCs. Because of high price, Ultrabook also progresses slowly. Despite that SSD is developing vigorously, it is not strong enough to shore up the entire NAND market. NAND began dropping in price after May.

In memory module field, Kingston assumes the top role, exerting much pressure on its opponents. In the short supply period, without die, small plants won’t be able to operate. As a result, independent memory module plants become increasingly few. The largest Chinese player Ramaxel is an affiliated company of Lenovo; Crucial was acquired by Micron lately, so did Smart Modular Storage and PQI, taken over by Sandisk and Foxlink, respectively. For memory module vendors, the key assets are retail outlets. But e-commerce is emerging, traditional retail outlets cost too much in operation, which generates big pressure on memory plants, and put them to be confronted with two choices, namely, transforming to electronics distribution or turning to DRAM Die plants.

In regard to packaging and test, SAMSUNG and SK Hynix do it mostly by themselves, and outsource a small part to STS and HANA, while Japanese and American companies outsource the majority of the work. Taiwan-based PTI, the top memory packaging and test provider, and Walton Advanced Engineering serve as the OEM of Elpida’s Mobile DRAM and standard model DRAM production lines. Elpida conducts the advanced packaging, like Multi Chip Package (MCP) and Package on Package (PoP), in Japan by itself.

With regard to back-end packaging and test of Micron, there is huge difference between it and that of PTI. And its DRAM products are mainly packaged in ChipMOS, and tested in its Xi’an Testing Plant in Chinese Mainland. Packaging and test of NAND Flash is conducted by ChipMOS, iNETest and PTI.

Large NAND Flash vendor Toshiba has its memory products packaging and test done by PTI and Amkor.

1 Global Semiconductor Industry

1.1 Overview of Global Semiconductor Industry

1.2 Chinese IC Market

2 Memory Market

2.1 Recent DRAM Price Trend

2.2 Market Demand for Mobile DRAM

2.3 DRAM Supply and Demand, 2006-2014

2.4 Downstream Applications of DRAM

2.5 Downstream Applications of NAND

2.6 NAND Supply and Demand

2.7 SSD

2.8 Mobile Phone Memory and Tablet PC Memory

3 Memory Industry

3.1 Brief Introduction

3.2 Market Share of NAND Vendors

3.3 Capacity Forecast of NAND Industry

3.4 Overview of DRAM Industry

3.5 Market Share of Mobile DRAM Vendors

3.6 Market Share of Commodity DRAM Vendors

4 Memory Vendors

4.1 Micron

4.2 SK Hynix

4.3 A-DATA

4.4 Transcend

4.5 Ramaxel Technology

4.6 Kingston

4.7 Toshiba

4.8 Sandisk

4.9 Nanya Technology

4.10 Samsung Electronics

4.11 Winbond

4.12 Apacer

4.13 Macronix

4.14 Spansion

5 Memory Packaging and Test Vendors

5.1 PTI

5.2 ChipMOS

5.3 FATC

5.4 Walton Advanced Engineering

5.5 STS Semiconductor

5.6 Hana Micron

Read the full report:

Global and China Memory Industry Report, 2013

For more information:

Sarah Smith

Research Advisor at


Tel: +44 208 816 85 48


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Advanced NEXCOM COM Express Type 2 ICES 268 Comes with 4 Cores, 16GB Memory and Multiple Displays

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

NEXCOM ICES 268 is a COM Express Type 2 Basic module designed to prolong the use of systems by allowing them to be updated in line with evolving technologies. Based on the rPGA988-type 3rd generation Intel


Flash Memory Summit 2012s Best of Show Awards Showcase Innovation in Big, Fast Storage for the Enterprise, Mobile Computing, and Beyond

Santa Clara, California (PRWEB) August 31, 2012

Flash Memory Summit 2012, produced by Conference ConCepts, announced the winners of its FMS2012 Best of Show Awards presented by a panel of judges to todays foremost innovators in solid state storage and flash memory Nimbus Data Systems, Pure Storage, Samsung Semiconductor, Skyera, Micron, DensBits, and Proximal Data.

Seventh Annual Flash Memory Summits FMS2012 Best of Show Award Winners

Most Innovative Flash Memory Customer Implementation for real-world solutions that demonstrate ROI, quality of service, business continuity, security, data protection, virtualization, or other demonstrable benefits.

Award Winner: Nimbus Data Systems S-Class Flash Memory

Most Innovative Flash Memory Enterprise Business Application in market segments such as video/broadcast, automotive, imaging, military, healthcare, or financial.

Award Co-Winner: Pure Storage & Samsung Semiconductor FlashArray & PM830 SSD

Award Co-Winner: Skyera - SKY 44

Most Innovative Flash Memory Consumer Application such as smartphones, music/video players, digital cameras, gaming systems, navigational systems, tablets, netbooks, ultrabooks, mobile computing solutions, and other consumer hardware and software products.

Award Winner: MicronConsumer Products Group Crucial m4 mSATA Solid State Drive

Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology for innovations that will change the way flash memory is used in products to improve performance, availability, and energy efficiencies,

Award Co-Winner:


Peak Hosting Talks Lightning in the Cloud – The Answer To Scaling Large Memory and Compute In the Cloud and Its Significant Savings

Milpitas, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2012

Peak Hosting, the industrys most trusted leader in Operations-as-a-Service, managed hosting services and hybrid cloud computing, today talked about Peak Lightning in the Cloud, Peaks definitive solution to scaling large memory and compute requirements in the cloud, and now available at the remarkable price of $ 1,999 per month, a significant savings compared to average market rates.

Peak's partnership with Dell delivers their R815 dedicated server with 512 GB of RAM, sixty-four (64) 2.3 GHz cores and blazes new terrain for lightning fast performance, while saving customers on cost, complexity, fewer points of failure, cost, and cloud network and virtualization latency. Peak Lightning in the Cloud provides state-of-the art performance at entry-level pricing, while delivering about 8X the memory and 10X the compute power.

Its unbelievable the horsepower companies can leverage now with Dells 512 GB, 64 core solutions. This level of processing has never been available in our industry before at these prices. Mr. Papen further reiterated Peaks Lightning offering gives customers in the no-SQL, big data, or any memory or CPU intensive application the tools they need to be successful at price points unprecedented in the cloud industry.

To get technical details on Peak Lightning in the Cloud, click here. To get pricing, performance benchmarks or to schedule an appointment with one of our Solutions Architects call 888-476-7325, option #3 today.

About Peak Hosting:

Founded in 2001, Peak Hosting builds the worlds largest Internet properties across every technology vertical. With the ethos of, Whats the most we can do? Peak engineers, who average over 15 years of industry experience, have designed, built and scaled the largest and most well-known Internet giants.

Peak Hostings AlwaysUp Architecture ensures component failure doesnt lead to service failure, enabling us to deliver an industry exclusive 100% AlwaysUp SLA without exceptions or excuses for maintenance windows. As part of our Operations-as-a-Service solution, Peak Total Operations (PTO) delivers the expertise in everything but your code to manage every aspect of infrastructure operations so companies can focus on what they do best.

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Jupiter Upgrades its Fusion 940 Display Wall Processor; Enhanced Processor Offers More Memory, Video Processing, a New Removable Drive and More Video Inputs

Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) June 21, 2007

Jupiter Systems, (INFOCOMM07, Booth #2426), the industry leader in Command and Control Visualization, today announced enhancements to its Jupiter Fusion 940 Display Wall Processor, offering more memory, video inputs and processing power and a removable hard disk.

The upgrade includes up to an optional 3GB memory (over a standard 1GB maximum), processing power of 3GHz (up from 2.4GHZ) and a removable SATA 150 80GB hard disk (instead of a fixed 20GB ATA hard drive). The enhanced processor also offers Jupiter's popular video processing add-in card, the Octal Video Board. For the Fusion 940, video inputs can increase from 12 to 44 with the addition of 4 Octal boards.

The Octal Video Card is designed to support applications where large numbers of video signals need to be shown on a display wall. With multiple cards installed in a Jupiter Fusion 940 display wall processor, over 32 video signals can be shown on the display wall simultaneously. This new capability provides the flexibility to attach all required video sources directly to the processor and eliminate the need for an external matrix switch, thus reducing cost and simplifying installation while improving user control.

The new Fusion 940, configured with multiple Octal Video Cards, is the perfect price performance solution for Intelligent Traffic, 911/Dispatch, Security and Surveillance, Public Utilities and Telecom installations that require monitoring numerous video sources simultaneously.

The Enhanced Jupiter Fusion 940 Display Wall Processor

The Jupiter Fusion 940 Display Wall Controller is capable of driving up to ten analog or digital projectors to a resolution of 1600x1200 pixels per projector. The robust processor offers flexible digital and analog input and output options housed in a compact 2U rack mount enclosure.

The Jupiter Fusion 940 comes standard with 12 composite video BNC and six S-Video mini-DIN inputs to the system. The integrated video matrix switch and analog video bus allows any video input channel to be directed to any output window, simplifying configuration. To accommodate larger configurations, optional Octal Video boards can be added to the system to provide up to 44 video inputs and the ability to display up to 34 video windows on a Fusion 940 system. Windows containing video inputs can be moved, scaled and minimized like any other application window, making the Fusion 940 highly flexible and easy to use. Multiple video windows can be placed on a single screen, providing display space for other applications.

Up to eight HD15 inputs can be added to display live RGB graphics images on the display wall from other computer sources such as laptops, desktop computers, workstations and legacy systems. RGB windows can be easily moved, resized and minimized like any other application window. RGB image quality is guaranteed with automatic software recognition of incoming RGB signals that correlate to existing VESA standard display formats.


John Stark


Fujitsu Introduces Stacked MCPs with NAND Flash Memory and FCRAM

Fujitsu Introduces Stacked MCPs with NAND Flash Memory and FCRAM

(PRWEB) July 8, 2001

London, July 6 2001 - Fujitsu Microelectronics has introduced stacked multi-chip packages (MCPs) that incorporate high-density NAND Flash memory and Fast Cycle RAM (FCRAM®), developed to provide the speed, density and cost-efficiency required for data storage in the next generation of mobile information terminals.

The functions and services available to users of these mobile information terminals, particularly cellular phones, including e-mail and image transmission, viewing and downloading of home pages and, more recently, playing high-quality video games, continue to expand dramatically.

Fujitsu's new MB84VN23381EJ and MB84VN23391EJ MCP devices provide 64Mbit NAND-type Flash memory and 16Mbit FCRAM with a static RAM interface. The NAND Flash enables page programming in 200 microseconds, random read access in 10 milliseconds, serial read access in 70 nanoseconds max within a page and small block erasure in just 2 milliseconds. The random read access time for the FCRAM SRAM interface is 90 nanoseconds per word. The new MCP accommodates large files, and can rewrite and erase the particularly high volume of serial data required for video applications.

The NAND-type Flash memory uses a x16 configuration, enabling a two-fold speed increase to be achieved compared with the x8-configuration of NAND products now available for cellular phone design. The MB84VN23381EJ includes a common data I/O port for Flash and FCRAM, while the ports on the MB84VN23391EJ are separate.

Samples of the new devices are now available in plastic BGA packages, measuring just 11mm x 12mm x 1.4mm, with a pitch of 0.8mm.

FCRAM is a trademark of Fujitsu Limited. Other product names and proper nouns are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.

….ends (Ref: PR730)

ISSUED ON BEHALF OF:            

Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe    

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Tel: +49-6103-690257            

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Contact: Jim Bryant        


JDK Marketing Communications

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Westerham, Kent TN16 1SL

Tel: 01959 562772

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Contact: Frank Cornell

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Corsair® Wins a Best Selling Product Award from RetailVision for its 4GB XMS Memory Kit

Corsair receives RetailVision award

Fremont, CA (Vocus) May 6, 2009

Corsair®, a worldwide leader in high-performance computer and flash memory products, today announced it was honored with one of RetailVision's coveted Best Selling Product Awards in the e-tail PC RAM Best-Seller category.

RetailVision Spring 2009, produced by Everything Channel, took place April 27-30 at the Boca Raton Resort in Boca Raton, FL. The award program was supported by research from The NPD Group, the leading global provider of consumer and retail market research information.

Corsair earned the e-tail PC RAM Best-Seller award for its 4GB XMS2 DHX memory kit (TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX), which achieved the highest sales totals in both retail and e-tail markets for 2008.

Corsair's Director of Sales, North America, Anthony Andrews, accepted the award from Everything Channel Vice President and Editor, Larry Hooper.

"Corsair is proud to accept this award, and we'd like to thank our retail and e-tail channel partners for helping make our 4GB XMS memory kit a true best-seller." Said Tony Andrews, Director of Sales, North America, "We could not have achieved this milestone without the strong relationships that enable Corsair and our partners to work together to deliver this outstanding product to gamers and enthusiasts. We look forward to continuing our mutual success in 2009 as we lead the way with a complete range of high performance DDR3 memory solutions for the new Intel® Core® i7 and AMD Phenom™ II platforms."

Thanks to its leadership in PC memory technology and expertise in the PC gaming market, Corsair was instrumental in discovering and raising awareness of the benefits of using at least 4GB of memory in systems designed for high-performance gaming (see, helping to drive demand and sales.

The award for a 4GB kit of gaming memory highlighted the importance of PC gaming products to the retail channel, and from the show floor to the boardrooms, the latest in gaming gear was top of mind for many retailers at RetailVision Spring 2009.

In addition to the e-tail PC RAM Best-Seller award for Corsair, awards were given in a host of other categories, from wireless networking gear to multifunction printers. Each award recognized the cream of the crop in the retail and e-tail landscapes for 2008. The winners were chosen using the market analysis firm the NPD Group's retail sales tracker, which aggregates product sales from 100 retailers and e-tailers, representing roughly 20,000 storefronts.

Stephen Baker, NPD Group vice president of industry analysis recognized the Best-Sellers' achievements, and commented that other manufacturers can learn from their success."It is important that manufacturers realize that every step they take at retail and e-tail counts," Baker said. "It's this kind of data and recognition that helps vendors understand what they need to do to be successful in partnering with retailers and e-tailers."

For additional information on RetailVision, visit

About Corsair®

Founded in 1994, Corsair Memory, Inc., is a worldwide leader in high-performance components for personal computers. Specializing in very high performance memory and ultra-efficient power supplies, our flagship products, Including Dominator™ memory modules, are the choice of overclockers, enthusiasts, and gamers everywhere. Our expertise in design and manufacturing is also evident in our complete line of Flash Voyager® and Flash Survivor™ USB storage devices. Corsair offers 24/7 customer support via forums and the Tech Support Express helpdesk. For more information, please visit

About The NPD Group, Inc. (

The NPD Group is the leading provider of reliable and comprehensive consumer and retail information for a wide range of industries. Today, more than 1,700 manufacturers, retailers, and service companies rely on NPD to help them drive critical business decisions at the global, national, and local market levels. NPD helps our clients to identify new business opportunities and guide product development, marketing, sales, merchandising, and other functions. Information is available for the following industry sectors: automotive, beauty, commercial technology, consumer technology, entertainment, fashion, food and beverage, foodservice, home, office supplies, software, sports, toys, and wireless. For more information, contact us or visit and

About RetailVision (

RetailVision is the premier event for building alliances between top retailers, vendors, distributors and industry experts serving the retail channel across North America and Latin America. RetailVision's agenda is built to maximize the face-to-face interaction in both highly structured business settings and relaxed social networking events. RetailVision's format, tools and offerings give retailers, vendors and distributors more access and control to develop a comprehensive strategy to maximize their success throughout the retail channel.

About Everything Channel (

Everything Channel is the one-stop shop for accessing, enabling, managing and accelerating technology sales channels. From branding and recruiting to marketing and sales, Everything Channel offers technology marketers the unmatched breadth and depth of global brands and market intelligence combined with unparalleled audience loyalty and credibility serving all technology sales channels through an extensive database. Everything Channel provides innovative sales and marketing solutions to arm the sellers of technology with the resources they need to achieve measurable and significant results.

About United Business Media Limited (

United Business Media Limited (UBM) is a global media and marketing services company that informs markets and brings the world's buyers and sellers together at events, online, in print, and with the information they need to do business successfully. UBM serves professional and commercial communities, from IT professionals to doctors, from journalists to jewelry dealers, from farmers to pharmacists around the world. UBM employs more than 6,500 people in more than 30 countries. UBM's businesses operating in the US include CMPMedica, Commonwealth Business Media, Everything Channel, PR Newswire, RISI, TechInsights, TechWeb and Think Services. UBM is listed on the London Stock Exchange (UBM.L) and has a market capitalization of $ 1.6 billion.


Elianne Edelstein

Corsair Memory, Inc



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Parc Communities’ Residents Tour Georgia Tech Memory Lab

Parc Communities' Residents Tour Georgia Tech Memory Lab

Atlanta, GA (Vocus) August 7, 2010

Georgia Tech students are sharing their research with Parc Communities Atlanta retirement community residents by providing tours of their School of Psychology and its Memory Lab. The Tech students have been doing research with Parc residents at Parc Communities during the past several months.

Audrey Duarte, PhD from Georgia Tech School of Psychology provided a presentation on memory and aging and an overview of their research to date. The Atlanta retirement community residents also learned how Georgia Tech conducts the behavioral, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG) studies about memory on-site at Georgia Tech.

About Parc Communities

Parc Communities (Parc) is an Atlanta, GA based company that focuses on the development and operation of upscale housing for active retirement age seniors in the Southern United States.

Parc Communities currently operates Atlanta retirement communities in the Buckhead, East Cobb, Duluth and Alpharetta areas of metropolitan Atlanta, with plans to develop additional communities in other locations in the Southern United States.

Dedicated to the proposition of providing residents with the premier senior living option, Parc Communities has established itself as the leader in hospitality-oriented Atlanta retirement communities for active seniors. For more information on Parc Communities, please visit our website at

# # #

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Memory To Go Selects Zunch for Search Engine Optimization Services: Online Retailer Chooses Zunch Communications, Inc. to Drive Traffic to Computer Supplies Website

Memory To Go Selects Zunch for Search Engine Optimization Services: Online Retailer Chooses Zunch Communications, Inc. to Drive Traffic to Computer Supplies Website

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 21, 2005

Zunch Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce they will be conducting search engine optimization for a new client, Los Angeles-based Memory To Go ( The online retailer Memory To Go specializes in hard drives and computer memory for all major brands including Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Gateway, Compaq and more.

The Zunch Communications, Inc. search engine optimization (SEO) team will be working to increase the number of search engines and directories in which the Memory To Go website is listed and to improve upon the current search rankings for the site. In doing so the Zunch team will work to analyze the current search engine strategy employed by Memory To Go and update this information based on keyword and site analysis.

Memory To Go offers RAM upgrades for a large variety of computer manufacturers and models, computer cables, computer hardware and software, as well as camera memory, cases and much more. Working with the most trusted names in computing, Memory To Go provides an assortment of computer related products. From the student looking for a memory stick to store their schoolwork to the computing professional searching for a processor upgrade, everyone can find something to suit all of their computer needs on the site.

“Memory To Go is a unique retailer because unlike many of the ‘super-sites’ out there, they concentrate solely on computer-related items and have a great reputation for outstanding customer service,” said Zunch Chairman & CEO John Sanchez. “We’re excited to get the Zunch SEO team working to drive business to their site and introduce new clients to their services and offerings.”

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Zunch Communications, Inc. ( is a search engine optimization, website design and Microsoft Certified application development company dedicated to achieving measurable results for its clients. Top-ranked worldwide in search engine optimization; Zunch Communications is a member of DFWIMA, SEO Consultants, seopros, DFWSEM, topseos and a Circle Member of SEMPO. Zunch also maintains offices in San Francisco, Chicago and Mumbai.

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