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Pooch Taps Tiger, Grid, and Web – Pooch Makes Cluster and Grid Computing Even Easier

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) May 11, 2005

Dauger Research, Inc., releases version 1.6 of Pooch and Pooch Pro clustering software today. Leveraging new technologies introduced with "Tiger", Apple's newest Mac OS X, the Pooch family introduces new enhancements, including "playlist"-like node lists and network tools, enriching the user experience of supercomputer-compatible cluster computing. Long recognized as a leader in cluster solution providers, Dauger Research delivers an unmatched and powerful solution to manage cluster resources, maximizing the power of clusters for its users.

"While carrying the Macintosh philosophy to supercomputer-compatible cluster computing, we accomplish many 'first's to adopt the latest in desktop technology, such as Bonjour, AppleScript, and drag-and-drop, to make clusters as easy-to-use as possible for users. Leading 'ad hoc' clustering, we continue that spirit with the new Pooch and Pooch Pro.", said Dr. Dean Dauger, President of Dauger Research, Inc. "The Pooch family provides the easiest and most reliable path to parallel computing; we've just made it even better."

The Pooch family leads the way making grid and cluster computing easy-to-use and reliable. A new web interface to Pooch increases the ways users can utilize clustering, making it even easier for users on other platforms to utilize a Mac cluster. As enhancements to its network scan tool, the new Pooch introduces user-defined node lists, much like iTunes' "playlists", in its new Network pane, allowing the user to switch between subnets of the Internet as well as define arbitrary groups of computing nodes for the user's convenience and benefit. Users can access multiple networks of nodes in the new Network view and evaluate queued, running, and terminated jobs through Pooch's native interface or via AppleScript. Pooch's Job window features a new Grid job type, making distributed launching of many single-processor executables as easy as point and click. Independent executables not designed for parallel computing can therefore utilize a cluster through Pooch's GUI.

These features build on the Pooch family's recognized lead over other cluster solutions. Pooch and Pooch Pro can have multiprocessor Macs behave like multiple "virtual nodes". They can utilize logged-out machines for parallel computing with preexisting resources. Pooch supports all execution environments available on current Apple hardware and supports five distinct implementations of the Message-Passing Interface (MPI). Pooch Pro provides the only easy-to-use GUI-based resource management mechanism, securely encrypting user data about CPU time, job limits, and even rollover minutes, another feature unique to Pooch Pro in the cluster world. Dauger Research makes powerful clusters easier than ever to build and run today.

Pooch and Pooch Pro v1.6 are available today. Updates are shipping to Pooch users whose subscriptions are active.

Pooch v1.6 is available for US$ 175 for the first compute node then US$ 125 for each node thereafter. Pooch Pro v1.6 is available for US$ 200 for the first compute node then US$ 150 for each node thereafter. See the web site for special academic pricing. Users may order Pooch and other software using the forms on our web site or online through the Dauger Research Store.

Pooch requires networked Macintoshes and/or Xserves running Mac OS 9 with CarbonLib 1.2 or later, Mac OS X 10.2 or later, and/or Mac OS X Server 10.2 or later with 4 MB of available RAM and 2 MB of disk space. Pooch Pro requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later, and/or Mac OS X Server 10.2 or later.

Profiled and honored very recently on national television by the William Shatner-hosted "Keeping America Strong" show, Dauger Research, Inc. makes high-performance computation and visualization easy to use and accessible to users. Our award-winning team, to better accomplish our scientific goals, reinvented the cluster computer in 1998, pioneering easy-to-use, high-performance clusters. Dauger Research, Inc., is committed to bridging the divides between the scientifically and technically complex and the mainstream.

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Aquafadas AQ Cloud Authoring Makes Its Debut at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt, Germany (PRWEB) October 10, 2013

Aquafadas (, innovative developer of digital publishing solutions, is now previewing its new cloud-based digital platform, AQ Cloud Authoring (more here), at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Running from October 9-13, book fair attendees can visit Aquafadas (stand E67 in hall 8) for the first-hand look at the newest addition to the company’s award-winning digital publishing technology offering.

AQ Cloud Authoring lets just about anyone looking to publish an eBook easily convert PDF files into digital format and distribute across tablets, smartphones and the Web. With simple-to-use production tools, users can re-order and crop pages as well as add enrichments like Guided Reading, a unique Aquafadas capability that allows readers to glide smoothly through text with one simple tap. AQ Cloud Authoring’s flexible export options include ePUB, AVE (for publishing apps) and the WebReader.

“While we officially began work on AQ Cloud Authoring a year ago, we poured approximately seven years of our existing digital publishing R&D into building this new platform,” said Thomas Ribreau, technical director at Aquafadas. “With AQ Cloud Authoring, our goal was to close the gap between what customers did manually versus what could be automated, simplifying the overall digital publishing workflow while greatly accelerating production time. And AQ Cloud Authoring does exactly this, fulfilling just about any publishing need – from corporations looking for an easy way to publish marketing materials and beginners just getting into digital publishing, to publishing giants looking to push large numbers of titles automatically to mobile devices within a matter of minutes.”

Digital Publishing on Cloud Nine

AQ Cloud Authoring makes it simple for publishers to quickly create near exact replicas of any print publication, requiring only an Internet connection to convert files. The intuitive workflow, which is designed for non-technical users, supports all document types – magazines, books, marketing collateral and more. Authors just upload files into AQ Cloud Authoring, fill out the metadata, then add enrichments, and make simple adjustments, such as cropping or re-ordering the pages. Before purchasing the final product, users can take content through a test-spin on the spot by downloading 30% of the file for free.

Volume Publishing That Saves Money and Time

AQ Cloud Authoring also lets publishers turn large volumes of PDF files into digital content in a matter of minutes. No longer do organizations need to spend additional time and resources to painstakingly recreate titles into digital-specific formats. With AQ Cloud Authoring, users can easily convert vast archives or mass-produced content in just ten minutes, providing a fast and affordable way for publishers to offer a wide variety of material on tablets and the web.

Ouest-France, which boasts an impressive 2.5 million daily readers making it one of France's most popular daily newspapers, is beta testing the new AQ Cloud Authoring to digitally distribute its 53 local issues to subscribers every day. “By utilizing the AQ Cloud Authoring platform, we were able to create a digital presence that met our readers' expectations,” states Fabrice Bazard, SIPA group director of digital development at Ouest-France. “For quality reasons, we were looking for a partner able to process and automate our content flow exactly. To our full satisfaction, Aquafadas succeeded in delivering this automation. Publishing on iPad and iPhone is the first step of our digital deployment. We also plan to deploy the newspaper on Google, possibly on other tablets and on our website. Using Aquafadas tools, we are able to use the same digital publishing workflow for all these platforms.”

The daily task is completed in less than an hour with more than 650 pages converted and published by AQ Cloud Authoring. Local editions are automatically pushed to each subscriber’s device Monday through Sunday, allowing readers to instantly enjoy the newspaper’s daily digital editions with added enrichments such as page-by-page and article-by-article navigation, and embedded slideshows.

“Working with the publishing teams to release Ouest-France on iPad and iPhone has been a pleasure, and we appreciate that this launch is the first in a long list. With the Ouest-France project, AQ Cloud Authoring has shown its ability to effectively support the substantial digital publishing workloads of publishers: automating more than 95% of the conversion and distribution work, making it possible to create high-quality content for tablets,” says Claudia Zimmer, president of Aquafadas.

Small Publishers Get on the Fast (and Cost-Effective) Track to ePublishing

Aquafadas Cloud Authoring removes the barriers to digital publishing for companies working with smaller budgets, resources or both. With AQ Cloud Authoring, it’s simply a matter of converting a PDF file by uploading it into your server for conversion and distribution to either WebReader or ePUB or an App. AQ Cloud Authoring manages the technical complexities of file formats behind the scenes. The transparent workflow eliminates the need for additional technical resources. “With easy-to-use tools and budget-friendly distribution options, AQ Cloud Authoring has made it very easy for just about anyone to adopt a digital strategy and enter the digital publishing world,” Zimmer comments. “We look forward to helping individuals and organizations alike realize their digital publishing initiatives and sharing the many new and exciting features planned in AQ Cloud Authoring in the months ahead.”

AQ Cloud Authoring will be available Q4 2013. For more information on AQ Cloud Authoring and other Aquafadas solutions, please visit

About Aquafadas

Aquafadas, a pioneer in digital publishing technology, enables the creation and mass distribution of graphics rich, interactive digital content such as books, comics, corporate documents, magazines, and newspapers, across all major platforms including smartphones, tablets and the web. Businesses all over the world rely on Aquafadas’ purpose-built content creation and distribution solutions to achieve their digital publishing strategies, significantly expanding content reach while lowering overhead costs. Some of Aquafadas prestigious customers include Bayard, Carrefour, Egmont International, Kelby Media Group, Lagardere, Mondadori, Reader’s Digest, Sanoma, Standard & Poors and Vodafone.

In addition to the Aquafadas Digital Publishing Solution, the company’s line of award-winning creative software is utilized daily by thousands of graphic designers, web developers, photographers and video editors from the avid enthusiast to the seasoned professional.

A Rakuten group business, Aquafadas also provides its technological expertise to Kobo, the world’s fastest growing e-reader provider. For more information about Aquafadas, please visit

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Wireless Handheld Scanner Makes Scanning Items into GiftLogic a Snap

Englewood, FL (PRWEB) December 29, 2013

Retailers using GiftLogic Point of Sale software now have another way to input items into inventory or gift registries: The CipherLab 8000-c handheld wireless scanner.

According to a spokesperson from GiftLogic, "This wireless handheld scanner allows users to easily add items to the software. Whether they're receiving a shipment, conducting a physical inventory, working the cash register, or helping customers set up a gift registry, this handheld scanner makes item entry a simple matter of pointing the scanner and pushing a button."

"The CipherLab 8000-c wireless scanner arrives preprogrammed for use with GiftLogic," the spokesperson explained. "And GiftLogic is already set up to work with it. Our customers do not need to buy additional software in order to use this scanner to scan items into inventory."

The wireless scanner runs on two AAA batteries and retains data for 30 days. The scanner also comes with a USB cradle; making data uploads a simple process. "Most users initiate a process such as inventory or gift registry, scan the items, and then immediately upload the data to GiftLogic," said the spokesperson. "However, if they want to wait a few days before doing so, they can."

According to the spokesperson, the handheld scanner is a mini computer. It comes with two megabytes of on-board flash memory, an easy-to-read LCD display, and a user-friendly interface. "Retailers can feel confident handing the wireless scanner off to customers and setting them loose in the store to create a gift registry," said the spokesperson. "It's that easy to use."

The scanner is also rugged and designed to survive a four-foot drop. "With inventory season around the corner, retailers will be busy," the spokesperson said. "This scanner offers the portability, ease-of-use, and peace of mind retailers need this time of year."

About GiftLogic

GiftLogic Point of Sale software is designed for merchants operating small brick and mortar stores. It is a robust cash register and point of sale management system with many of the same features more commonly found in chains and big box stores. Optional features such as gift registries, layaway, QuickBooks integration, and gift certificates are available. This allows merchants to start with the essential features and build a complete POS system that best meets their needs as their needs and goals change.


Major Milestone: CS Odessa Makes 2012 Software Magazine 500 for 5th Time

(PRWEB) September 17, 2013

CS Odessa is proud to have been ranked in Software Magazine’s listing of the top 500 software companies worldwide. This marks CS Odessa’s fifth consecutive year on the list, the result of continued commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

CS Odessa’s flagship ConceptDraw Productivity Line continues to attract customers with its innovative approach to knowledge organization and project planning. Now in its second generation, the ConceptDraw Office suite (consisting of ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7, ConceptDraw PROJECT v6, and ConceptDraw PRO v9) has improved in all facets, with enhanced stability and tighter integration between its three components. Also included with all ConceptDraw Products is the ConceptDraw Solution Park, offering even more value in the form of an ever-growing online collection of business-specific plug-ins, accessed via the included ConceptDraw Solution Browser for no additional charge.

Moreover, CS Odessa grew 12% in revenue during 2012; the company has worked diligently to grow their market share since launching ConceptDraw Office v2. CS Odessa has released many free high-performance solutions to the ConceptDraw Solution Park that can plug directly into the ConceptDraw Products adding value to all of the products. ConceptDraw’s standard named-user license offers dramatically lower procurement costs than the competition by allowing users to install on up to two systems, without being restricted to a single OS (ConceptDraw runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac OS 10.7+). As CS Odessa charges full-steam ahead, it remains committed to further improving every aspect of the ConceptDraw brand, and bringing their customers the highest levels of productivity, value, and support.

About CS Odessa

Founded in 1993, Computer Systems Odessa supplies cross-platform productivity tools and graphics technologies to professional and corporate users around the world. From their headquarters in Odessa, Ukraine, and offices in San Jose, CA, and Boston, MA, CS Odessa sells internationally in over 150 countries, both directly and through resellers. The ConceptDraw Productivity Line has won numerous awards and is used by hundreds of thousands, including Fortune 500 companies, U.S. Federal government agencies, small and medium businesses, and students and educators around the globe. For more information, visit

ConceptDraw, ConceptDraw Office, ConceptDraw MINDMAP, ConceptDraw PROJECT, ConceptDraw PRO, ConceptDraw Solution Browser, and ConceptDraw Solution Park are registered trademarks of CS Odessa.

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Digital or offset: Ricoh Calculator Makes Decisions Easy

(PRWEB UK) 6 September 2013

In a world where many printing businesses run a hybrid offset/digital production operation, there can sometimes be an uncertainty about the most effective production technology to use. Ricoh is making these decisions easier with its Digital or Offset Calculator. This new tool, free and exclusive to all members of the Ricoh Business Driver Programme™, identifies which print production process is most appropriate for a particular job. Using the Digital or Offset Calculator, printers can ensure that their offset and digital presses are used in the optimal — and most profitable —way.

“We are working all the time with combined offset/digital operations that are producing jobs in a wide range of run lengths,” comments Stephen Palmer, production print director for Ricoh UK. “For jobs at either end of the scale, the production technology decision can be obvious. However, there is an increasing grey area in the middle that this calculator addresses. This is driven by continual price/performance improvements in digital printing presses that extend the run lengths for which these presses are appropriate. The Digital or Offset Calculator provides printers with a fact-based methodology for making these important production decisions.”

The Digital or Offset Calculator helps customers make an informed production technology choice, job by job. It takes into consideration the run length for a range of products i.e. leaflets, business cards, posters, brochures and folders, to determine the most profitable printing platform.

Ricoh customers simply enter basic information into the calculator to confirm fixed costs such as labour, consumables and energy consumption for each process. For offset - the make-ready waste, plate production, service and maintenance costs are included. For digital - click charges and maintenance fees based on anticipated volumes are important data points. For both offset and digital, equipment depreciation and residual values are also considered. Information on substrates, based on an A3 sheet size and whether the job is simplex or duplex, can also be a factor if different substrates are used in the two processes.

“We have been very pleased with the Ricoh Digital or Offset Calculator,” said Aryen Pellikaan, Managing Director, De Hoop Grafisch Centrum, who was an early beta tester of the calculator in his print centre which runs three offset presses alongside its digital colour Ricoh Pro™ C901 Graphic Arts press. “We use it as a basis for jobs and that helps us improve our margins because we have a greater trust in the crossover period.”

Palmer adds: “This latest Calculator can also be used in conjunction with our Carbon Calculator to allow Ricoh customers to accurately assess and offset the carbon emissions generated by individual jobs. It is a part of our continuous research and development to help our customers improve profitability and sustainability, as well as to strengthen relationships with their clients by delivering more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable products.”

The Digital or Offset Calculator is the newest addition to Ricoh’s Business Driver Programme, which Ricoh is continuously expanding. Other recent additions to the Programme include the Carbon Calculator, reports, videos and application guides.

| About Ricoh |

Ricoh is a global technology company specialising in office imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management systems and IT services.

Under its corporate tagline, imagine.change. Ricoh helps companies transform the way they work and harness the collective imagination of their employees.

For further information, please visit

For further information, please contact Anna Powell, Proof Digital on behalf of Ricoh UK Ltd [e] anna(at)itsproof(dot)co(dot)uk.

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New License Package from Lavu Makes Premium iPad POS Features Attainable

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) November 14, 2013

Lavu Inc. has announced an update to their license levels: the Platinum license is being replaced by the new Lavu Professional (Pro) license. Lavu Pro will make it easier for small businesses to obtain a full-featured iPad POS system by reducing upfront cost. Larger businesses and franchises who desire the premium features will pay a significantly reduced license upgrade cost.

Lavu POS continues to be a full-featured point of sale system for any type of restaurant, from food trucks to upscale nightclubs and fine dining establishments. Silver and Gold POS Lavu licenses will remain available at the same prices.

The new Lavu Professional license will be available starting Nov. 20. New customers will be able to sign up for a Lavu Professional license from the Lavu iPad POS website, and existing Lavu customers can upgrade through their Admin Control Panel. Lavu Platinum Licenses will no longer be available for purchase after Nov. 20.

With Lavu Pro, customers will have access to the additional features and reports that are available to current Platinum license holders. The base price for Lavu Pro is $ 2,495 with a monthly hosting fee of $ 149 for three iPad terminal devices. For each additional terminal device, the monthly hosting fee will increase by $ 20. Lavu Pro will also allow for up to 20 handheld devices, including iPhones, iPod Touches, or iPad Minis in Tableside mode.

Lavu Sales can provide more information or assist in referring a local Lavu Certified Specialist. Lavu Certified Specialists will be able to access and upgrade customers to the Platinum license until January 7, 2014, when the Platinum license will no longer be available. Lavu Sales can be contacted at 855-528-8457 option 1.

About Lavu Inc.

Founded in Albuquerque, NM, and operating worldwide, Lavu Inc. was formed as a solution to common point of sale problems and restaurant industry issues. Lavu Inc. offers POS Lavu as a full-featured restaurant point of sale software solution at a fair price. Through cloud computing, wireless mobility, and multi-touch devices, Lavu iPad POS redefines the entire approach to restaurant business management.


The Discovery House Makes Donation to Local School

Reseda, California (PRWEB) September 16, 2013

The Discovery House is pleased to announce its selection of Bertrand Elementary School as the recipient of a $ 5,000 donation. McKay and Tom Whiting, founders of The Discovery House, announced the donation to the Reseda school last week.

In a letter to the school principal, Esta Herman, a representative from The Discovery House encouraged the work that teachers and staff are doing at the school, and made the connection between education and drug and alcohol prevention. "Education is of particular importance to The Discovery House, as studies show that individuals who drop out of high school are more likely to engage in cigarette use, alcohol use, marijuana use, nonmedical use of prescription drugs, and use of illicit drugs (SAMHSA)."

Bertrand school officials plan to use the funds to purchase new computers. As the use of technology becomes more common in education, it is necessary for schools like Bertrand to keep their equipment up to date. Technology in the classroom will provide students with a more engaged learning experience, and help them develop the tools to function in a society that is based on technology.

Principal Esta Herman thanked The Discovery House for their support.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful contribution to Bertrand Elementary School," Principal Herman said. "Your generous check will fund much needed technology so that our teachers can support the educational program for our students. I applaud your commitment to education for students and adults."

The Discovery House's Tom Whiting firmly believes that support from organizations and businesses like hers are vital to the structure of the community. Schools and youth programs are often under-supported and help from the community can ensure schools become better equipped to teach students.

"We hope that The Discovery House's donation will be one small step toward providing Bertrand Elementary teachers with the additional tools needed to keep young students engaged in their education," said Tom.

The Discovery House is a drug and alcohol treatment center located in Reseda, California. The center works with clients from the neighborhood and nearby communities who are suffering with substance abuse addiction. The Discovery House offers a variety of programs, each designed to meet the individual's recovery needs.

Programs offered at The Discovery House include 12 step programs, family therapy, art therapy, psychodrama therapy, yoga therapy, and nutritional therapy. The Discovery House is "working today for a better tomorrow," which is shown through the center's professional treatment of patients, as well as its support of its community.

For more information about the Discovery House and its programs, visit

The Discovery House is licensed by the State of California as a residential treatment facility, but is not licensed to perform medical services. While we strive to provide the highest degree of recovery and treatment care, the Discovery House does not offer medical services.


ATM Parts Business Acquisition Makes TestLink Number One

(PRWEB) March 22, 2010

Independent ATM supplier TestLink has acquired ATM parts specialist OEM Oceansound Ltd to make their combined ATM spares operation the worlds biggest of its kind.

TestLink is building on strong organic growth by adding OEMs ATM spares business to its own global ATM parts operation creating a


Hallmark Makes It Simple to Make It Personal for Mom

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) May 02, 2013

This Mothers Day, Hallmark introduces new cards and gifts that make it easier than ever to celebrate Mom in a personal and meaningful way.

We know from our research that moms want Mother's Day to be meaningful for them and for their families, said Dan Woodall, product manager at Hallmark. Personal touches within cards or gifts, such as a child's handprint or a photograph, help make Mom feel loved and appreciated.

With more than 1,300 Mother's Day cards and a wide variety of customizable gifts, Hallmark makes it simple to make it personal for Mom or Grandma.

2013 Mother's Day Cards & Gifts

Hallmark Signature Collection

This greeting card collection features 72 sophisticated, stylish designs with simple messages. Each card is handcrafted with beautiful papers, rich textures and sophisticated embellishments. Choose a design and sentiment that fits Mom's personality or current stage in life, like the "Mommys Own Sippy Cup" card featuring a tropical adult beverage and a detachable wine charm for Mom to keep. Available at Hallmark Gold Crown


Triumph Learning Makes Major Updates to “Mastering the TEKS Online,” Delivering Even More Powerful Tool for Texas Teachers

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 21, 2013

Triumph Learning today announced major updates to Mastering the TEKS Online, its comprehensive online library of resources designed to support Texas schools and districts as they prepare students for the state assessments. The newly added instructional content, enhanced functionality, and real-time reporting make Mastering the TEKS Online an even more powerful tool for differentiating instruction for grades 3-8.

Now Texas educators have access to every lesson in Triumph Learning's best-selling series for grades 3-8, including proven Coach and Buckle Down resources, giving instructors multiple selections to support individual learning needsall indexed by TEKS standard, academic topic, and keyword. In addition, new graphic organizers, glossaries, and video tutorials offer further support for instruction.

With its robust data and reporting tools, Mastering the TEKS Online allows teachers to identify individual learning needs easily and, using the new Bookshelf feature, quickly access and assign any lesson from the print textsregardless of the lessons standards alignment. Newly refined alerts and updates to the Teacher Dashboard significantly improve workflow, making it easy to monitor student and class progress, and to search for and assign resources from their home screen.

When Texas teachers logon to Mastering the TEKS Online, they will discover all of the resources that they need to prepare their students for success," said Rick Noble, President and CEO of Triumph Learning. "These updates to Mastering the TEKS Online demonstrate our ongoing commitment to developing standard-specific programs and to making all of Triumph Learnings acclaimed print resources available online in an easy to use, teacher-driven environment."

Other enhancements to Mastering the TEKS Online add flexibility to the programs assessment features, allowing teachers to re-assign and re-grade past assignments, change assignment deadlines, generate assessment comparison reports to demonstrate progress, and export data for analysis and reporting. Ready-made tests are included and a build-a-test feature allows teachers to create original assessments. The Mastering the TEKS Online item bank features thousands of questionsa minimum of 10 per standard, and real-time data allows educators to analyze items and sort results in meaningful waysby lesson, assessment, class, or studentproviding educators the capability to track growth and proficiency.

For more information about Mastering the TEKS Online, visit:

About Triumph Learning:

Triumph Learning, LCC, is a leading educational content company and publisher of print and digital K12 standards-aligned resources, standards-aligned instructional materials, and effective literacy programs. Its state-customized products increase student achievement and raise scores on high-stakes exams. Triumph Learning offers unique student solutions, robust teacher support, and professional development opportunities. Imprints include Triumph Online, Coach, Buckle Down, Options, Plugged-in to Reading, and The BookJam. Triumph Learning is committed to serving all students with a mix of interactive digital tools and innovative student texts.

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