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CompAmerica Claims Title to ‘the Most Powerful Laptop on Earth!’ — the ORCA 9098

Cranford, NJ (PRWEB) November 11, 2005

The world of exotic super laptops is a hotly contested field. Today, CompAmerica added on to the top end of its exotics with a new laptop for the very enthusiastic, and professional laptop user community, one with pizzazz, potency and performance, the ORCA 9098.

CompAmerica announced that its newest high-end ORCA Laptop will support the brand spanking new and more powerful NVIDIA 7800 GTX PCI-Express x16 Video Adapter, coupling it to 17 Glass-View UXGA and WSXGA+ Screen offerings. The laptop supports the INTEL Pentium 4 to 3.8GHz and 800 MHz Front Side Bus. I starts for around $ 2149.

Glass-View is a proprietary screen enhancement technology that brings LCD out of the naked plastic digitally ragged world of laptop screens into the more professional, better for the eyes, better overall video clarity that was formerly dominated by large plasma and high end flat CRT screens.

The new ORCA 9098 is designed with five primary markets in mind:

1. High End Portable Workstation (for Cad Cam, Telecom, Graphic Design)

2. Gaming and Hyper Gaming

3. HDTV aspect ratio Video Viewing and Editing

4. Extreme Business (Stock Brokerage, multi-screen analysis, financial analysis)

5. Extreme Laptop Enthusiasts.

It includes a powerful dual hard drive with SATA-150 or ATA-100 Raid 0/1 for fast data transfer and better data security, dual cd/dvdrw drive design, and an enhanced viewing angle 17 inch diagonal Glass View screen. It also offers a choice of three NVidia Video Graphics Adapters (the PCI-express x16: Go 6800, Quadro FX Go 1400 Ultra and the new GEFORCE 7800 GTX) along with an ATI Video Graphics Adapter (the PCI-express X800), all boasting 256M of GDDR3 memory onboard. With four 480Mbps USB 2.0 ports and a Firewire port, Digital/Analog TV Tuners, and advanced full-size keyboard with scroll pad touch pad with graze rejection, the product equals and exceeds every other laptop in the industry, says a company brochure.

The company meets Microsofts new MCE 2005 Media Center by offering both a standard or Microsoft MPEG3 integrated TV Tuner with remote control built in and a choice of Windows XP (Home or Pro) or Media Center 2005 Edition Operating Systems. The system is also said to be Red Hat Linux compatible, according to CompAmericas Lookout Mountain Workshop which is devoting its time to certifying Linux and Unix to run on all CompAmerica products.

We have taken the time to insure that this laptop has all the capabilities one would want with a wide screen workstation with LCD panel. Weve even included a Subwoofer and four tweeter speakers, for maximum fidelity, and our famed Glass View screen, which uses special optical glass to eliminate digital artifacting. These artifacts are the key drawback LCDs can exhibit - as found on our competitors screens when they play back DVDs or HDTV input, these artifacts resemble crossword puzzles that mysteriously appear and disappear on the screen. Glass View eliminates much of the artifacting found on the average LCD panel, as well as smoothing the images so they are not as ragged. We have virtually eliminated digital artifacting, while also widening the viewing angle to nearly 170 degrees. Thats no small accomplishment. This clearly is the Mercedes of laptop computers! stated CompAmericas CEO Dr. Jack A. Shulman.

Joe Davenport, an engineering consultant working in CompAmericas computer design center commented: Modern desktop replacement laptops need to have balance, between their screens, CPUs, Hard Drives, Video, and Memory. Without balance, they just dont deliver the goods. The ORCA 9000 series will support 2GB, soon 4GB of DDR2-4200 memory. It has the right CPU, the P4/800 front side bus with 2M L2 cache and 64 Bit Bus, EM64T. It has optional dual mobile SATA-150 hard drives, to take advantage of striping or mirroring depending upon whether you want max transfer rate or max data security. It supports dual DVDRW with Lightscribe in Dual format Dual layer mode. It offers MCE 2005 Media Center Edition from Microsoft with remote control and dual choices of TV Tuner. It has four tweeters and a subwoofer. It has external 8.1 channel audio. It has SPD/IF, USB 2.0 and Firewire as well as TV In and Out. Now thats what I call balance!

CompAmerica indicated that it would be offering DUAL CORE versions of the ORCA as soon as Intels chipsets for their form factor were ready and was delivering the 64 Bit version of Windows XP Professional on an early release basis awaiting additional software from Microsoft and other vendors to take even more advantage of the 64 Bit features of this new, more powerful version of Windows XP Professional, called X64.

We are very pleased with the reception for the ORCA 9098, weve already sold out this weeks production without any advertisements. Along with the announcement of the new DOLPHIN 5720 Centrino Laptop with 17 screen and sleek exterior, which supports many of the features of the 9098 in a Mobil Pentium M platform, we believe we have exceeded any expectations of the market for the 2005 Holidays. stated Shulman.

We tailored the 9098s capabilities to customer requests that we had for features they wanted. Those came from such diverse buyers as the Department of the Army, Northrup Grumman, Summit Brokerage, Solomon Schechter Schools, Doctors, Filmmakers and even Judges and Lawyers who wanted a Laptop whose screen they could see, one that wouldn't give them trouble, and which had maximum speed so they could get their work done. Speed also seems to smoothe out Windows behavior, taming it to deliver the load handling that power users demand.


CompAmerica is an innovator in Laptops, PCs and Servers formed in the 1970s. Founded by Industry Innovator Jack Shulman in 1970, CompAmerica first entered the PC industry in 1978 and opened its first store in 1985. The company is headquartered in New Jersey with assembly operations in California, Taiwan, New Jersey and New York. It maintains an all electronic web presence as well at the following locations on the internet.

Main website:



Industrial: http://www.industrialcomputersystems

IT eStore:

The company has been leading the industry in first releases of new technology for many years. Known for long warranty, up to 4 years on these products, CompAmerica has a nearly non-existent return rate and a very small warranty rate, less than 8 systems in 2005.

For more information, call the company at 908-931-1200 or 888-275-2771.


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Laptop Power UK is Now Offering an Extensive Range of Original OEM Laptop Batteries

(PRWEB) December 11, 2012

Laptop Power UK is now offering a wide range of laptop batteries from an assortment of laptop manufacturers. Their quality assurance sets their products apart from other battery retailers. They make sure that the laptop battery is fully compatible with its corresponding laptop brand and model number. They deliver the highest capacity products at a great price, while providing an efficient and secure shopping experience.

When choosing a laptop battery, one should first make sure that it is compatible with the laptop, and then consider the materials it's made out of. It's also best to look at the power rating and service life, since these have a large impact on its performance and lifespan. Additionally, one may want to consider whether one wants a brand name or a generic replacement.

Whichever a buyer choose, they should also look at warranties offered, and make sure that it complies with the safety standards. The replacement laptop battery one wishes to purchase must have the same voltage as the laptop. It is very important that the battery voltage matches the laptop. Budget is perhaps one of the most important factors when buying notebook batteries.

It is no secret that brand names are a little bit pricier than generic brands. For the love of the laptop, ensure that one buys a high quality battery from a trusted and reliable source. A good wholesale laptop battery shop sells top quality laptop computer batteries at very reasonable prices, and buyers are guaranteed value for the money spent. Laptop Power UK is committed to supplying OEM spare parts.

Customers will find a comprehensive range of Laptop chargers, adapters, laptop batteries, keyboards and screens to replace any lost or damaged components of laptops. Over a number of years they have forged links with only the finest suppliers, who are able to meet their exacting quality requirements. Laptop Power UK believes there is no other supplier currently operating in the UK market that can match either our core price competitiveness or our outstanding delivery service to customers of all sizes.

About the Company

Laptop Power UK was formed four years ago. It was set up to provide UK customers with an outstanding selection of laptop chargers at a fraction of the high street price. The company has expanded into other product areas to provide a complete solution for all laptop hardware needs including batteries, keyboard and LCD screens.

For more information on their offerings visit


US Immigrants Build Credit with UpgradeUSAs Laptop Payment Plans

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

UpgradeUSA, a leading online company focused on helping customers build credit through laptop payment plans, today announced a service that provides legal US immigrants the chance to build a history of good credit.

People from all over the world who move to the US find that when they complete their move, their credit doesnt move with them, effectively forcing them to start building credit from scratch -- and they quickly discover the US financial system to be daunting and full of hassles.

UpgradeUSAs laptop payment plans help these people build the future they want in the US by being a company that will help them build better credit, and have every payment reported to US credit bureaus.

After they work with their immigration lawyers, legal US immigrants often find it challenging to take the next step and build the credit they need to fully participate in the US financial system, said Jon Weisblatt, founder & CEO, UpgradeUSA. It doesnt matter to us if our customers are doctors or janitors we can help legal immigrants address the credit challenges they face. Our service offers a smart way for legal immigrants to demonstrate that they can make consistent payments over time, which is critical towards building good credit.

Which Immigrants Can Benefit

People who have legally moved to the US from any country in the world -- including Mexico, Canada, India, China, Japan, etc. will see benefits from the UpgradeUSA laptop payment plan program. Establishing credit in the US is an important milestone for any family looking to build a future in the US. The UpgradeUSA program is a discreet, online-only program.

In addition, people over 18 who are able to take advantage of the much-discussed DREAM Act will also find UpgradeUSA to be an invaluable tool for them to jump-start their credit in the US as they seek citizenship.

Any legal immigrants interested in UpgradeUSAs credit building laptop payment program must have a social security number.

How People Can Apply

To participate in the program, people should visit where they can click on the Apply Today button and complete a short application on a secure site. They should expect an email response within one business day. UpgradeUSA ships after the first customer payment.

After approved customers make their first payment and schedule subsequent monthly payments, UpgradeUSA quickly ships the computer that the customer ordered. Customers can make and schedule all payments securely online via debit or credit cards.

UpgradeUSAs Prices and Products

UpgradeUSAs laptop payment plans are available for immigrants and the general public, and start as low as $ 55/month. Unlike other companies, prices at UpgradeUSA do not change based on a customers credit score. This makes for an affordable quality alternative to traditional rent-to-own, financing, and layaway.

UpgradeUSA offers a variety of high-quality new and factory-refurbished laptop computers from the worlds best technology brands. Available products often include the latest technology and operating systems.

Availability by State

UpgradeUSAs online-only laptop payment plan services are now available for qualified customers in the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming.

About UpgradeUSA

UpgradeUSA helps solve a leading question for a growing number of U.S. consumers: How do I build credit? The company addresses this through the online leasing of new and refurbished mobile computers, with each monthly customer payment reported to all three major U.S. credit bureaus. Customers can choose to end their lease and return their computer at any time after a few months, or can purchase it early at any time during the lease process, with no penalty. Our program is available in a growing number of states across the U.S. UpgradeUSA is privately held and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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New Dell Alienware Gaming Laptop Coupons Released

(PRWEB) October 12, 2012

Dell recently released more Alienware gaming laptop and desktop coupons for potential buyers who want to receive a discount and save money when purchasing an Alienware product. These online coupons are displayed around the web and are featured on, which has a special Alienware Discount Coupons page designed especially for this purpose.

Many times, these Alienware coupons are exclusive and are only featured online. Savvy shoppers can then take advantage of these coupons to save $ 100s off any Dell laptop or Desktop PC purchased through these special discount links. Future customers can also be given coupons which one has to supply at checkout - see the Dell site for complete details and conditions.

Featured in this new batch of coupons, are discounts and free shipping, for such popular models as Alienware M17x, M14x, M11x and the Alienware Aurora gaming desktop. There are also additional coupons which can be added to increase one's savings.

Most PC gamers already know Alienware is one of the oldest an most respected brand names when it comes to computer gaming. Despite the sometimes hefty prices, their products have won the respect of both the gamer and the average consumer looking for a high-end, high-performance laptop.

The Bizwaremagic site, which features a comprehensive laptop buyer's guide, has been displaying these Alienware coupons for years and smart online shoppers have bookmarked this page and site, since new Dell coupons are displayed as soon as they become available. Like all merchants and sellers, Dell offers many attractive offers and discounts on its products. Those discounts and offers will only become more numerous as we approach the holiday season, especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the horizon. Smart shoppers are already keeping track and taking advantage of these discounts.

This special updated Alienware Coupons/Discounts Page can be found here: or download our comprehensive laptop buying guide here: All products/companies mentioned above are registered trademarks of their respective owners and companies.


Toshiba Coupon Featured Today for up to $400 off a Qosmio Gaming and Media Laptop

Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 20, 2012

Today featured a Toshiba coupon that saves consumers up to $ 400 off the standard retail price of a Qosmio Gaming and Media Laptop. The Qosmio model X770-BT5G23 laptop is the featured model for $ 400 in savings, but the coupon offer is valid for the X770-BT5G24, X775-Q7170 models, and the F755-3D320 and F755-3D150 3D laptop models, with savings in various amounts from $ 50 to $ 300 dollars off. The Toshiba Qosmio laptop models are Toshiba's line of premier gaming and media focused computers, and many are customizable according to purchaser preference. The coupon for instant savings is featured in CouponBuzz.coms new section for Toshiba coupons.

Serious gamers tend to purchase laptops that have been custom-built with that purpose in mind, explained Justin Bowen, founder of Toshibas Qosmio line of laptops are ideal for this purpose, and we are thrilled to be able to offer consumers a way to check out these great computers for less. Todays featured Toshiba Coupon combines serious price savings with a couple of great free upgrades on memory and storage.

The Toshiba coupon for $ 400 off is for the Qosmio X770-BT5G23 laptop, a 17.3 inch screen with 1600x900 native resolution and an integrated webcam. A 640G hard drive pairs with 6G of DDR3 memory and an Intel Core i5 processor to create an impressive gaming and media machine. For which the Nvidia 1.5GB GDDR5 GeForce graphics card is made to order. The memory can be customized to 8G for faster performance, and the hard drive storage increased to 750G for a small additional fee. And if thats not enough, an entire second hard drive can be built into the machine. A DVD super multi drive comes standard, but can be upgraded to a Blu-ray super multi double layer drive.

Starting at an incredibly low $ 899 after the $ 400 off Toshiba coupon is applied, the 17.3 inch Qosmio X770-BT5G23 is hands-down the best deal available. However, online shoppers looking for even more bells and whistles, like 3D screens, might prefer one of the different models also offering an instant discount via this special offer. The offer is located at the top of CouponBuzz.coms Toshiba coupon section here

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Laptop Power UK Comes Up With A Full Range Of Packard Bell Laptop Adapters

(PRWEB) July 27, 2012

Laptop Power UK, the multi-brand laptop accessory provider, has come up with a full range of Packard Bell laptop adapters. Laptop Power UK stocks the original Packard Bell laptop adapters. Laptops are more popular choice as they are very convenient to carry. They have become a part of daily life. Due to the advancement of technology laptops have become ideal for anyone desiring convenience of being able to take their computer anywhere at any time.

Packard Bell has a reputation as an economy range laptop brand which is designed with price competitiveness in mind. One of the strongest selling points of Laptop Power UK is that they stock every type of Packard Bell laptop adapters. Whether one has a brand new laptop or a 10 year old laptop, Laptop Power UK will have the original Packard Bell laptop adapters for the machine. Packard Bell has been releasing some really innovative laptops over the past year in particularly. The laptop chassis designs are sleek; the technical specifications are powerful, altogether making the Packard Bell laptop range a strong mid-range laptop brand. Laptop Power UK supports a full range of Packard Bell laptop adapters, all of which are held in local stock.

Laptop Power UK is one of the largest suppliers in the country for computer peripherals which includes both desktop and laptops. Computer peripherals include laptop adapters, laptop batteries, keyboards screens etc. They provide accessories for a wide range of brands including ACER Laptop Batteries, Apple, Dell, Sony and many more. They can also offer a repair service in the event of a laptop accident, meaning that customers can simply replace their damaged laptop screen as opposed to buying a new laptop.

About the company

Laptop Power UK was formed four years ago. Shocked at the difficulty and expense involved in finding a reasonably priced laptop adapter, Laptop Power UK was set up to provide UK customers with an outstanding selection of adapters at a fraction of high street price. Laptop-Power UK excels in providing all requirements of a laptop and its smooth functioning. To get to know more about the company, just log on to


Top Quality Dell Laptop Screens Available At Laptop Power UK

(PRWEB) June 01, 2012

Laptop Power UK, has expanded its collection of Laptop screens by providing top quality Dell laptop screens available at affordable prices. Dell laptop screens are created in ways that suit particular use. Laptop Power UK is a multi-brand laptop accessories provider who has been in the market for quite a long time and within this point of time they have earned their bit of respect by providing the best service of the industry. Laptop Power UK, provides outstanding collection of premium quality laptop screens at lowest possible prices.

Laptop screens are very important part of any laptop but at the same time vulnerable to damage. Taking into account the increasing demand for laptop screens, Laptop Power UK has come up with a whole new range of Dell laptop screens. Laptop Power UK also provides top quality Dell replacement screens at affordable prices. The Dell 01KOR2 replacement screens are grade A+ quality and come with a 12 month warranty as standard. As long as the Dell 01KOR2 is in stock at the time of ordering, customers will receive the replacement screen within the very next day if ordered before 3pm. The two most likely reasons to replace Dell laptop screens are if they are cracked or when the screen is displaying horizontal or vertical lines that should not be there.

Another variety of Dell replacement screens available at Laptop Power UK is Dell 084FGP. The Dell 084FGP is produced to the highest quality and come with a 12 month full manufacturers warranty. There is also the option of LCD Dell laptop screens which use less electricity as compared to the glossy screens of touch screens. They offer superior graphics and colour accuracy which is especially beneficial for user s such as graphic artists or photographers for whom crisp presentations are critical.

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Exciting New Lenovo Coupon Code Offers Consumers $290 off the Lenovo G570 Laptop

Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 22, 2012

Today highlighted a Lenovo coupon code that will save consumers an impressive $ 290 dollars off a Lenovo G570 laptop. The coupon code is short-lived, valid for the next 48 hours, but packs impressive saving power for consumers who are ready to act fast. It is featured near the top of CouponBuzz.coms recently launched new web section for Lenovo coupons and special offers.

One of the things we believe helps differentiate the customer service at from our competitors is that we are able to find and advertise coupons that have a short life span, asserted Justin Bowen, Head of Marketing for Our hand-picked human Buzz Guides can sort through a massive amount of data and not only find the best deals, but send out an alert when they are going to be over soon. More and more consumers are excited to join our email subscription list because they get timely notice on great deals like this Lenovo coupon, special offers that might not be around long enough for them to discover on their own.

The Lenovo coupon code for $ 290 dollars off the Lenovo G570 laptop is valid for this model only, but the laptop is fully loaded with some sophisticated features. It has a 15.6 inch screen with an integrated 2.0 webcam, and comes in a glossy black finish. A 6-cell lithium ion battery gives it long battery life, and HDMI, USB and Bluetooth ensure that it is easily connected to all other devices. It comes standard with a remarkable 8GB DDR3 memory, and a 500G hard drive. The Intel Integrated HD Graphics 3000 card makes multimedia usage a genuine pleasure, and the recordable DVD drive is an extra bonus for sharing and transferring media and data.

The Lenovo G570 laptop bundles an imposing amount of computing power into a very tiny price-tag. And keep in mind that online shoppers now have a short window of time to take an additional $ 290 dollars off of this retail price. The full specs for this laptop and details on how to use the Lenovo coupon code can be found at CouponBuzz.coms special page for Lenovo coupons here

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New Alienware Ivy Bridge Laptop Coupons Presented on

(PRWEB) May 05, 2012

New Alienware gaming laptops, empowered by the latest 3rd Generation (Ivy Bridge) Intel Core processors, are now being presented on the site. These new laptops have the new Intel Core i5 and i7 Ivy Bridge CPUs, which is a step up from the 2nd Generation Chips, commonly referred to as Sandy Bridge processors.

Potential laptop buyers can find the new Alienware laptop coupons on the Bizwaremagic website, which runs a very comprehensive online laptop computer buyer's guide. These online shoppers and gamers can save money by using the discount coupons presented on the site.

Recent additions include, a $ 50 off coupon for the Alienware M17x with 3rd Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB memory, 1TB hard drive, 1080p 3D display and 2GB video card for $ 2449. Or try the powerful Alienware M14x with 3rd Gen Intel Core i7, 8GB memory, and 750GB hard drive for $ 1399.99, plus free shipping. Other less expensive models are also available.

The main reason for upgrading to these latest Intel Ivy Bridge chipsets is improved graphics and battery life. In benchmark tests carried out by PCWorld, the new Ivy Bridge CPUs did show "significant graphics improvement, as well as better battery life."

These new Alienware gaming notebooks will be of interest mainly for gamers, who demand the highest performance level possible in their computer systems. Ivy Bridge is the next step up and will soon become the new standard for all gaming laptops and computers.

These new Alienware 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge gaming laptop coupons can be found here: or download our comprehensive laptop buying guide here: All products/companies mentioned above are registered trademarks of their respective owners and companies.


Dell Coupon Code for $100 Additional Savings on 25% off Dell XPS 17 Laptop Featured Today

Houston, TX (PRWEB) May 17, 2012

Today featured a new Dell coupon code which offers online shoppers $ 100 dollars off the Dell XPS 17 Laptop, which is currently being offered for 25% off standard retail pricing after instant savings. The XPS 17 is a beautifully thin, compact computing machine with the capability to fulfill every computing need. These significant savings end soon, so for consumers considering upgrading the purchase of a laptop, now is a great time to take the leap. The new coupon code for $ 100 off will be highlighted at the very top of the recently launched Dell section of, and area dedicated to the latest offers from the computer industry giant.

We find that smart online shoppers tend to do a lot of comparison shopping when they are considering big purchases like a computer, said Justin Bowen, a spokesperson for They check prices on all the competing big-name brands, and find out what features are available. We also find that some shoppers take smart to a whole new level, and after finding the computer they want, wait cannily for a major sale or coupon. If you are one of those shoppers, the current Dell coupon for the XPS 17 laptop we are highlighting in the new Dell section is a home-run. It just doesnt get better than $ 100 bucks off a sweet computer already on sale at 25% off.

The Dell XPS 17 laptop comes standard with Windows 7 Home Premium, which is upgradeable to Windows Professional, and 6GB of Shared Dual Channel DDR3 memory, which can also be upgraded. It has a 2nd Generation i7 Intel

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