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Charlestons Knowledge Economy Demonstrates Solid Growth in 2013

Charleston, South Carolina (PRWEB) October 25, 2013

In its 2013 annual list of 500 fastest growing companies, Inc. Magazine named several Charleston Digital Corridor companies including BoomTown, Blue Acorn and SPARC. Another milestone for Charleston’s tech economy in 2013 was the Benefitfocus IPO in September. A broader look at the technology companies in Charleston, through the Digital Corridor’s 2013 Wage and Job Growth Survey, demonstrates that the strength of the tech sector is broad and robust.

The Charleston Digital Corridor is pleased to report that knowledge based companies comprise a growing portion of Charleston’s economy, have posted solid results with an annual average wage of $ 71,657. This average wage level by companies participating in the 10th Annual Survey represents a strong 1.85 and 1.74 times State and Regional (Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville MSA) average per-capita wages, respectively.

Beyond wage levels, Charleston’s tech companies are becoming a larger component of our regional workforce with 94% of the companies reporting staff increases in 2013 and 88% expecting to continue hiring in 2014. On the real estate front, 50% of the companies expect to add additional office space in 2014.

“Charleston’s tech economy continues a pattern of significant strength as demonstrated by the 2013 Survey,” said Digital Corridor Foundation Chairman, Kirk King. “Our sharpened focus on talent development through CODEcamp will ensure that tech companies in Charleston have the skilled workforce to grow their enterprise,” he added.

“In the ten years that we have conducted this annual survey, the results are consistently positive even through the most recent recession,” said Ernest Andrade, Director, Charleston Digital Corridor. “The success of Charleston’s knowledge economy is the direct result of an effective and highly focused, public-private partnership,” he added.


About the Charleston Digital Corridor

The Digital Corridor is a creative initiative to attract, nurture and promote Charleston's knowledge economy through a combination of technology-enabled initiatives and business incentives, private business support and member-driven programming. To learn more, visit


Ernest Andrade




U.S. Federal Government Agencies Can Use RightAnswers Knowledge Management Platform on Amazon Web Services

Edison, New Jersey (PRWEB) November 11, 2013

Government agencies that need to comply with DIACAP, FedRAMP or FISMA standards can now use the RightAnswers Unified Knowledge Platform in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud (US) Region.

RightAnswers, Inc., the #1 provider of cloud-based knowledge management and self-service solutions, has become an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN). RightAnswers is available for immediate purchase via the AWS Marketplace.

The Federal Government has mandated that its agencies should migrate to cloud-based software and services, to save costs on computer and networking equipment and maintenance and to enable faster deployment of computerized systems and services.

RightAnswers on the AWS Marketplace allows government agencies to manage their knowledge and provide self-service while adhering to strict government regulations in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region.

“By residing in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region, the cloud-based RightAnswers knowledge management platform is available to more government agencies. By moving to the cloud, agencies will reduce infrastructure and operational costs, something the U.S. government is eager for them to pursue,” explained Alan Demsky, Vice President of Federal Systems, RightAnswers.

Government agencies are already using the cloud-based RightAnswers Unified Knowledge Platform to improve the service they provide. RightAnswers proactively prepares government departments for change, to keep pace with agency developments and new policies and regulations.

The RightAnswers platform integrates seamlessly with their existing support systems, providing a deeper knowledge experience from the agent’s desktop. Government employees and citizens can quickly find answers to their questions, reducing the number of calls to the service center and decreasing call wait times.

See our website for more information on RightAnswers solutions for the Federal Government or request a demo at

About RightAnswers

RightAnswers is the #1 provider of cloud-based knowledge management and web self-service for optimizing customer service and IT support. Our 500 clients around the globe use RightAnswers seamlessly integrated with their CRM, ITSM or other customer service software, to provide stellar support experiences while saving millions of dollars a year. For more information, visit

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Avoid Confusion: A Knowledge of Supplier Agendas Mean Substantial Savings in IT and Telcom

(PRWEB) September 2, 2005

Convergence is a life changing event provided we can overcome our initial confusion as our traditional suppliers stake their claim in non traditional (to them) IT services.

The suppliers clearly have their own agenda’s but once you understand those agendas and can leverage off the various benefits each supplier gives to you. You should see significant productivity improvements as old ideas remerge and new ideas and alliances form. All indications are that IT services are a strongly growing market and a market fuelled by these new ideas.

IT convergence means that as a customer today you are now finding your traditional Telecommunication carriage providers selling you IT equipment and applications; and your IT equipment and application providers selling you telecommunication services. Traditional boundaries that existed between voice and data are being swept away and everyone is talking about IT convergence.

This is not a new story and those that have spoken with Cisco, NEC, Avaya, IBM or Nortel (to name only a few) would be aware of the claimed benefits of IT convergence to maximise your usage of your current infrastructure or applications. Each will claim to have a unique solution, however there stories are surprisingly similar and each is clearly after expanding their share of your “wallet”.

This is simply because IT convergence means to them accessing a share of the total IT & Telecommunications wallet that they were not able to access in the past. However often to the buyer IT convergence is confused the benefits are often esoteric or poorly explained and it is easy to be caught up in the various agendas of the suppliers.

A current example is IP Telephony, where you have the traditional voice infrastructure providers protecting their customer base. They advocate the “safe and sure” approach of migrating your voice environment to IP. While the IT and network vendors approach voice as an application advocating voice “call servers” and a big bang approach of integrating voice services with IT.

Both approaches will meet particular user requirements; however it is easy to get caught up in the agenda of the various providers in the market.

However what are the agendas? How do you make yourself aware of them?

The best description of the various agendas I have seen comes from IDC who categorises suppliers into three types. Those types are Network Centric, IT Centric and Equipment Centric, defined as follows:

Network Centric: this category comprises the network operators that have offerings beyond the typical access and transport component; network provisioning, configuration and monitoring. They are often building capabilities to migrate and install next generation services.

IT Centric: the category encompasses the IT vendors with data centres capabilities including server hardware and operating system, Web applications and databases. They often bundle solutions with application implementation services and application management and monitoring.

Equipment Centric: this segment includes the equipment side of the convergence supply chain, with provision of LAN/WAN routers and switches, IP PBX, IP Phones and also sometimes maintenance, network readiness assessment.

In the past a customer who had an application requirement would go to their traditional IT vendor or if they wanted equipment they would go to their equipment provider. Those clear cut deliverables from suppliers are disappearing with each supplier vying for a greater share of their customer’s “wallet” and driving for a greater share of the IT services market.

It is interesting to note that each supplier is coming from their position of strength today and leveraging the strength and relationships in their customer base to break into non traditional (for them) areas of IT services.

From a marketing perspective access to adjunct IT services is the low hanging fruit. This means as a carrier managing customer networks and moving the telecommunications “cloud” to the desk top port makes logical sense. However in Australia with Telstra’s acquisition of KAZ, Optus and NCS (Singapore National Computing Systems) and Telecom New Zealand’s acquisition of Gen-I, there is a clear move from the Telecommunication companies to own the end to end IT services market including the applications.

From general research this appears to be a global trend especially in the UK, Europe and North America and Asia is not too far behind. Gartner recently (3/5/2005) published Asia/Pacific’s IT services market revenue growth at 12.4%, which outperformed the global market growth rate for 2 straight years. In the light of this type of growth it is obvious that this market represents an attractive area of growth for companies especially the Telecommunication companies who have been stuck at single digit growth for a number of years

All this means that following the initial confusion and the struggling with the various supplier agendas you should see IT service prices drop across the board. Each supplier will be using there business model to full advantage. Telecommunication companies cross subsidising and bundling their service elements. Application pricing erode with shared services and new technologies such as IBM “On Demand” services reducing CPU cost and storage. Equipment suppliers marginalising the cost of equipment to gain a greater share of the surrounding service elements and push for annuity revenues.

For those that have been in the IT and T industry of 20 years or more we have seen all this before with bureau services of the 80s and CPU time sharing of the 70s.

However with the global economy and the drive to maximise productivity, the re-emergence of old ideas and the creation of new ideas and alliances will, I believe, accelerate. So provided we can overcome the initial buyer confusion IT Convergence has the potential to drive significant synergies and efficiencies into business processes and deliver even greater quality of life.

About the Author:

Craig Price is the Managing Director of BITTS Pty Limited, He has over 22 years expereince in both IT and Telecommunications and today through his company provides consultancy, provisional services for customers and vendors in ICT.

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Creative Virtual Unveils V-Portal as a Knowledge Management Tool To Seamlessly Deploy Multi-Channel Virtual Assistants

London, UK (PRWEB) October 17, 2012

Creative Virtual unveils V-Portal as a knowledge management solution that simultaneously deploys intelligent virtual assistants across the call centre, web, mobile and social channels with just a few clicks. V-Portal manages and curates content based on business line or product area, and connects users to web services via natural language virtual assistants. Our virtual assistants are able to hold personalised customer conversations 24/7 helping organisations build brand loyalty and increase customer engagement.

A well-known online financial services brand, that is currently realising over 80% reduction in live chat volumes with Creative Virtuals V-Person technology, plans to implement V-Portal this year to seamlessly answer customer questions throughout a range of communication platforms.

Creative Virtual is a pioneer in virtual assistant technology, and continues to evolve its presence in the customer service market, says Mitch Kramer, Senior Analyst, Patricia Seybold Group. V-Portals knowledge management technology is a significantly strong differentiator in the industry, and one that will exceed customer expectations.

V-Portal technology provides sophisticated workflow, permission management and intuitive task controls that support the creation and approval of content. The technology incorporates sophisticated natural language processing to deliver personalised conversations with virtual assistants that have a 90% accuracy rate, and call deflection rates of up to 50%, resulting in a lower cost per conversation.

V-Portal enables organisations to create a seamless customer experience by managing content and deploying multi-channel virtual assistant technology from a single platform, states Creative Virtual Founder & CEO Chris Ezekiel. Our customised knowledge management solution is an industry leading technology that gives our clients a competitive advantage by enabling them to deliver a great online customer experience at low cost, while supporting multiple business goals.

Key V-Portal Differentiators:

Multi-Channel Content Management: V-Portal manages cross-channel content from internal databases, call centres, live chat transcripts, CRM and business intelligence tools from a single platform, unlocking organisational information silos to access, share and modify content in real-time to optimise customer support.

Intuitive Workflow Management: V-Portals simple drag and drop graphical decision tree editor allows for the creation of complex flow charts, which can be customised to provide contextual answers via the web, smartphones, tablets, game consoles or social sites like Facebook or Twitter, and published live in minutes.

Unique Natural Language Engine: Creative Virtuals unique natural language (NLP) software enables customers to talk to a virtual assistant that can hold entire real-person conversations specifically about their issue.

Intelligent Reporting & Analytics: The V-Portal reporting dashboard provides valuable insights into customer behaviour and interaction via transcripts and survey feedback that is unavailable with traditional web analytics.

While knowledge management is critical for a cross section of industries from retail to telecommunications, the features of V-Portal are particularly beneficial for regulated industries like health care and finance where a history of changes and an approval flow are mandated, says Richard Simons CEO of Creative Virtual USA. Our suite of tools creates a unique level of transparency between the company, its departments and their customers which cannot be duplicated in the market by any other solution.

To learn more about V-Portal, please visit Creative Virtual.


Creative Virtual is a leader in self-service customer experience management solutions for enterprises. Global organisations like HSBC, Verizon, CA Technologies, E*TRADE, Lloyds Banking Group, O2 and Virgin Media rely on our technology to optimise their customer support, sales, marketing and call centre teams, reduce costs, increase online sales, and achieve operational excellence across mobile, web, and social media channels. Since 2004, Creative Virtual has built the most advanced technologies in knowledge management, natural language processing, and virtual assistants to help businesses deliver intelligent, personalised customer experiences that reduce email and call volume, build brand loyalty, and increase customer engagement at a lower cost per conversation. Delivering accuracy of over 90% and call deflection of up to 50%, our platform is the most compelling self-service product in the world today. For more information about Creative Virtual solutions, products and software, please visit our website at

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AlarmWATCH Inc. Hosts First Security Technology Summit – U.S. Independent Alarm Dealers Gather with Experts to Gain Industry Knowledge on the Impact and Pitfalls of VoIP

Hunt Valley, MD (PRWEB) June 06, 2012

More than 120 U.S. independent security alarm dealers, manufacturers, and telecom professionals will gather at the first of many summits to discuss the impact of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology on alarm signals and security monitoring.

The VoIP summit organized and hosted by AlarmWATCH, Inc., a leading UL-certified central monitoring station, will take place on Thursday, June 7, 2012, (noon to 3:00 pm) at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Mr. Guy Kline of AlarmWATCH, Inc. will moderate the summit with a distinguished panel of industry experts: Larry Byers of DSC Tyco Products, Steve Farkas of Interlogix UTC, Jim Filer of Honeywell, Dave Mann of Certified System Design, and Brad Nye of Engage Communications and Protection Plus.

VoIP is rapidly replacing traditional phone services in ways that we may not be aware of, said Guy Kline, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for AlarmWATCH, Inc. We need to understand the pitfalls, especially when it comes to the security industry and protecting our customers. It is no longer clear or guaranteed which calls are carried by traditional phone networks and which calls are VoIP; this could threaten the delivery of alarm signals to the central station.

AlarmWATCH, Inc. is known for its many security business partnerships and business acumen programs to meet the growing needs of large and small U.S. independent alarm dealers and diversified industries such as fire and crime watch associations, locksmiths, and home theater installers. The company supports and monitors tens of thousands of its dealers customers to include government facilities, commercial businesses, and residential homeowners to protect them from the emergent threats of burglary, fire, computer hacking, and identity theft, as well as providing a host of other commercial and lifestyle monitoring solutions.

To receive the VoIP white paper and information about upcoming summits, events and trainings at the AlarmWATCH University (AWU), sign up at

# # #

About AlarmWATCH, Inc.

AlarmWATCH, Inc. ( is a full service UL-certified central monitoring facility, capable of handling all alarm formats to protect commercial and residential properties from crime and emergent threats. Founded in 1990, the company has developed a solid reputation for its fast response time and distinctive Total Support services and best business practices. State-of-the-art software and hardware programs ensure optimal security monitoring performance with a comprehensive range of security protection products and services tailored to a client or business owners preferences and needs.


Data Center Knowledge Acquired by iNET Interactive


iNET Interactive has announced today the acquisition of Data Center Knowledge, the leading online source of daily news and analysis about the data center industry. Named among the 50 Must-Read IT Blogs by BizTech Magazine, Data Center Knowledge serves IT and operations professionals who build and manage data centers.

Data Center Knowledge joins AFCOM and Data Center World to form three complementary media brands serving different facets of the data center industry under a single iNET Interactive umbrella. With the acquisition, iNET Interactive has the leading source of daily news and analysis with Data Center Knowledge, the leading association of data center management professionals with AFCOM, and the premier conference and trade show for data center and facilities managers through Data Center World. Together, the three media brands enable iNET Interactive to effectively serve the educational and business development needs of the data center industry. Further, the three media brands enable iNET Interactive to provide a full suite of advertising options including online, events, print and email for companies seeking to reach data center professionals.

The Data Center Knowledge team will join iNET Interactive, and they will continue in their current roles. Rich Miller, founder and editor-in-chief of Data Center Knowledge, has covered data center industry news and trends since 2005. Under his leadership, the brand has become a significant information resource for the sector. Kevin Normandeau, a veteran of the technology publishing industry who has worked in senior sales roles at NetworkWorld, AOL and International Data Group (IDG), will continue in sales and business development. Colleen Miller will continue as Director of Content for Data Center Knowledge, with a focus on leveraging social media and managing Industry Perspectives, a thought leadership channel.

The Data Center Knowledge acquisition signals iNET Interactives commitment to serving the fast-growing data center industry. Troy Augustine, iNETs President and CEO stated, Not only have we added a great property that perfectly complements our existing data center portfolio, weve also added great people. Data Center Knowledges editorial and sales talent will have a beneficial impact throughout the company, and the combination of AFCOM, Data Center World and Data Center Knowledge opens up some very exciting opportunities.

Were excited to become part of iNET Interactive, said Miller. The iNET team shares our vision for providing exceptional news and analysis for data center professionals. iNET is the right company to help us grow the brand and take Data Center Knowledge to the next level.

About NET Interactive

Founded in 2002, iNET Interactive ( is a web-centric media company serving special interest communities through prominent online properties, events, and publications. iNET Interactives media brands include premier destinations for technology professionals and enthusiasts including Web Hosting Talk, HostingCon and Web Host Industry Review (theWHIR.)

About Data Center Knowledge

Since 2005, Data Center Knowledge has provided senior IT and operations professionals, who build and manage data centers, daily news and analysis about the industry. It covers the latest developments and trends driving the powerful growth in demand for mission-critical facilities, the challenges and opportunities presented by high-density computing and its impact on power and cooling, and the evolution of the industry to include cloud computing and modular data centers.

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Surviving the New Economy: Knowledge Drives Growth

(PRWEB) March 16, 2012

A few centuries ago, Thomas Jefferson remarked: He who receives an idea from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lights his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me.

Two hundred years later, a few senior textile executives and a software engineer were inspired by one of the genius' of our time Steve Jobs. They watched as economic turmoil drove up the price of raw materials, threatening the industry with seemingly insurmountable challenges. And they knew that if companies were to survive it would take more than just offering more and better products at a better prices than the competition ... it would take radical change and innovation from within. Most of all, it would take embracing new technology to support cost-cutting measures. With reduced overhead costs in areas like sampling, savings could be passed on to clients.

Envisioning a brighter future the idea for iDesign Center was born. Now with this powerful new technological innovation things like speeding up the process of bringing new collections to market can give companies an important competitive edge.

Today, in an age of sweeping technical innovation it's clear that knowledge drives growth, and the economy grows not so much by creating more things, but by developing new ideas.

A key principle of New Growth Theory is that new technology (and not capital and labor) are central to continuing growth. Can this be true for nuts and bolts industries like the textile and design industry trades?

The truth is that to meet the challenges of a troubled economy characterized by stifled consumer consumption -- and where the cost of doing business has mushroomed in the face of spiraling raw material costs, like increases of 600% for cotton; 400% for silk, and logistics costs for FedEx and UPS basic rates that have also skyrocketed by over 200% in just eighteen months. And where competition grows ever fiercer as more and more new companies quickly enter the field, buying up 1-2 years of cheap product.

In order to survive and prosper in this heated environment the entire textile and design trade needs to grow from the inside out; in ways less dependent on external influences and more about companies' internal actions.

Already successful with launching internal innovations to meet external challenges many designers have been quick to adopt 'Apple' products, especially textile designers; the people that generate designs for mills. Successful leaders in the textile design industry, manufacturers of textile design software, like NED Graphics use Apple almost exclusively.

In fact, today, the business environment for the textile and design trades is more connected and more challenging then anyone could ever have dreamed.

Forward thinking companies are responding with initiatives to harness the momentum of technological advances like the iPad. One of the most innovative new iPad applications to benefit the trade is iDesign Center. This application lowers high logistics costs, allowing companies to pursue attractive customer segments and to expand their geographic footprint. Client presentations can take place in a virtual environment; a key advantage in reducing overhead costs associated with the burden of cumbersome sample books and where electronic mail can replace slow land, sea and expensive air-based mail systems.

Product introductions are seamless with iDesign Center, resulting in a more confident, better-informed sales force, faster response times, and a more satisfied customer base, less likely to have to explore competitive options.

Strategically-- as the design/decor industry grows more competitive overhead, and costs of doing business need to be capped. As companies fight for a share of customers' shrinking "luxury budget", logistics costs must be reduced in order to give the customer more for their money. Without internal changes that require embracing new technologies -- only few will survive.

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Dr. Satwant Kaur Shares Knowledge of Embedded Technology on Interview Circuit.

San Jose, California (PRWEB) February 02, 2012

Dr. Satwant Kaur is now sharing her knowledge of and love for technology on the interview circuit. Dr. Satwant Kaur, touted the First Lady of Emerging Technologies on her radio show, Computers2Know, has a passion for sharing her vast knowledge of technology with the world. Dr. Kaur has shared a wealth of information in her book published by Intel, Embedded Systems to Intelligent Environments, keynote speeches, and in her writing for Intel Press and imageSource.

Some topics on which she would make the ideal interviewee include:

Five Ways Embedded Chips are Going to Affect the Average American

Five Everyday Household Items that Will Be Changed by Embedded Chips

Five Ways Embedded Chips Are Shaping the Future

Dr. Kaur has answers to some of the big questions:

What is the paradigm shift in health care intelligence?

What is the need for Cloud Paradigm?

What is the future of mobile communication for radio technologies and mobile broadband?

Dr. Kaurs passion for technology comes from her sincere concern for people, which gives her a unique perspective and a genuine approach that comes across to readers, viewers, and listeners. Her personality was recently showcased in the interview First Lady of Emerging Technologies in imageSource magazine on 9 January 2012 (

Dr. Kaur can discuss any topic related to technology, with the remarkable ability to address both a technologically savvy audience and the ability to explain how cutting edge technologies will profoundly affect the lives of average Americans.

About Dr. Satwant Kaur

Dr. Satwant Kaur has a resume that includes such positions as CTO of the Emerging Technologies Group at TIBCO Software, Director of Development at Symantec, Chief Technology Architect of Quest Software, platform strategist in the Intel Architecture Group at Intel and, most recently, a Masters Solution Architect for HP .

In her distinguished career, she has garnered many awards and nominations, among them: the 2009 Technology Innovation Award from Executive-VP, Intel, Distinguished Technologist by HP Technical Career Pipeline Review Board, and nominations for the 2011 Most Influential Women in Technology award from Fast Company, and the 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award from the Indian Institute of Technology.

Her weekly radio show, Computers2Know, dedicated to emerging technologies producers, has an audience of thousands that tune in each week. She has had front page features for her technology writings for such magazines as Mobile Development and Design, Government Security News, and Fierce Wireless. She has appeared on a wide variety of radio shows as an expert in her field, including: Peggy Smedley Show, Hall of Fame on Amnons Radio Show, Felice Gerwitz Radio Show, Craig Peterson Media Show, and Michael Ray Dressers Dresser After Dark.

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New Website Helps People to Share their Untapped Expertise, Knowledge, and Skills to Make Extra Income in their Spare Time

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 28, 2012

It's only natural that most people are looking for new sources of income. One way to earn income is to offer micro-services online on UrHype is an innovative marketplace that allows people to share their unique skills, expertise, and knowledge to get stuff done for extra cash in their spare time. UrHype enables people to work small tasks that only take a few minutes to a few hours. Due to the segmented nature of the work, these micro jobs offer a remarkably flexible way for ordinary people to monetize their time.

Each day, many unemployed people spend hours on the computer, looking for work. While it certainly makes sense to spend time consulting job referral sites, these individuals would do well to spend at least a few minutes each day actively making money. Once people start making money through, they may find that the process is pleasantly habit forming. For people that are confirmed daily computer users, UrHype may revolutionize the way they relate to the Internet. People now have a new tool for earning much needed cash. UrHype is perhaps the most promising new site for people who wish to perform any kind of tasks and services for cash in this rapidly growing industry.

UrHype makes it easy for both small businesses and individual service providers to create a small service job or hype stating what they're willing to do for a bargain price. Hypes range from promoting your messages to their Twitter followers, inviting Facebook users to your businesss or personal fan page, creating a video podcast, promoting your YouTube videos, writing a press release or article for your business blog, creating web, logo, brochure, banner, icon, and stationery design, creating business cards, and anything in between.

Buyers can order the above mentioned or any other hypes from 17 different categories of services, including Social Marketing, Blog Writing, Logo Design, SEO Work, Website Design, Coupons, Podcasts, Graphic Design, Video, Programming, and more. Buyers are required to pay for the hype in advance, and after the work is completed and accepted by the buyer, UrHype gives the task performer a full cut of the fee. UrHype also posts buyers review and feedback for each task performer, helping buyers to decide before ordering the hype.

Since UrHype doesnt charge any commissions on hypes, it's easy to build up substantial sums. With a new source of income coming in, people will be able to afford purchases that have been delayed far too long. Many people feel frustrated by the traditional occupational world. Even those who are traditionally employed still often search for ways to supplement their income. Funds earned here can be used to pay rent, car payments or other vital bills. Alternatively, money can be saved to form the nucleus of future trips and vacations.

UrHype is one of the most promising sites in this rapidly expanding industry and has a huge potential to truly change the way that people work.


For Press Inquiries or to schedule an interview contact feedback(at)urhype(dot)com

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Advanced Knowledge Associates Adds LCD Controller to Growing List of IP Cores

Advanced Knowledge Associates Adds LCD Controller to Growing List of IP Cores

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (PRWEB) December 19, 2007

    Based on industry-standard programmable logic platforms and including processor cores and the necessary I/O and peripheral circuitry, PRISMs are fast replacing other custom and standard platforms as they reduce system size, cut costs, minimize time to market and protect against obsolescence. With on-board FPGA-based SDRAM for video buffer storage, high-bandwidth links to host processors via local or external bus, programmable FPGA fabric, and programmable GPIO, the AKA PRISMs are ideal platforms for driving video displays of all types and sizes. AKA's flexible display controller supports LCD and TFT displays ranging from SVGA and WSVGA to XVGA using various programmable GPIO electrical interfaces including LVDS.

AKA's LCD controller IP facilitates a high frame refresh rate which can be adjusted as desired to optimize bandwidth requirements. Multiple color depths are supported through both palletized and true color modes. Some 2D acceleration features are implemented to enable the easy incorporation of common user interface elements such as menus, icons, cursors, fonts, bit-maps and images. High speed access to the frame buffer memory from both FPGA and CPU is achieved through the use of a dual-ported SDRAM controller.

"LCDs are used widely as the interface for display and interaction in diverse embedded applications ranging from PDAs and cell-phones to complex avionics displays," comments AKA's CEO, Guy Marom. "We have responded to the demand for LCD functionality by incorporating a highly efficient LCD driver core into all of our PRISMs thus ensuring that companies can get to market quickly and with the minimum amount of design effort."

About Advanced Knowledge Associates:

Advanced Knowledge Associates (AKA) is a major supplier of Prepackaged Reconfigurable Integrated Systems-on- Modules (PRISMs) that enable and accelerate advanced embedded system design. AKA's miniaturized and high-performance PRISMs ensure that customers get to market as quickly, easily, and cost-effectively as possible. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and provides design-to-manufacturing services for companies across a range of markets including Mil/Aero, Defense, Medical, Industrial and Communications.

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