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Keep Control of Business Finances by Processing Payroll In House with Updated EzPaycheck Software

Miami, FL (PRWEB) June 24, 2013

Issuing employee paychecks in time and accurately is critical. understands how important being in control of the business is. With this in mind, they have updated EzPayCheck payroll software in an effort to let business owners take back control of the finances and eliminate those expensive payroll processing services once and for all.

With the updates included in the new version, customers can process payroll in house at a much less expensive and easier way. Additionally, customers can customize tax options to meet their special needs. For example, nonprofits and churches can uncheck FICA taxes if they do not deduct FICA taxes for clergy members. Employers can also add a new tax option for local tax or withhold extra taxes easily.

"Taking control of the business finances by processing payroll in house is essential for small business owners wanting to save time and money," founder Dr. Ge said.

Customers simply go online to and download the payroll software. The download includes the full version of the paycheck software along with a sample database. The sample database allows new customers to try all of ezPaychecks exciting features, including the intuitive graphical interface, without wasting time entering data.

Once satisfied that ezPaycheck payroll software is right for the business ,customers can activate the software for unlimited use by purchasing a license key for just $ 89 per installation. Annual updates with new tax tables and forms for the upcoming year cost just $ 59.

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, ezPaycheck payroll software speeds up payroll tax calculations, paycheck printing and tax form filing. Small businesses will appreciate the unique features in the latest release of ezPaycheck payroll software:

Automatically calculates Federal Withholding Tax, Social Security, Medicare Tax and Employer Unemployment Taxes.

-Includes built-in tax tables for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Prints payroll checks on blank computer checks or preprinted checks.

Supports daily, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly and monthly payroll periods. Features report functions, print functions, and pay stub functions.

Easily calculates differential pay

Prints miscellaneous checks as well as payroll calculation checks.

Creates and maintains payrolls for multiple companies, and does it simultaneously.

Prints Tax Forms 940, 941, W-2 and W-3.

-Supports multiple accounts at no additional charge.

-Supports network access.

EzPaycheck payroll software is affordable for any size business. To start the no obligation 30-day test drive today, please visit


Founded in 2003, has established itself as a leader in meeting and exceeding the software needs of small businesses in US. The softwares graphical interface guides customers step-by-step through setting up employee information, setting up tax options, calculating payroll - including calculation of federal, state and local taxes; deductions for Medicare, insurance and 401(k) plans; and printing paychecks & tax forms.


IEC International Standards help to keep the power on

(PRWEB UK) 10 December 2012

IEC standardization work is central to the global expansion of industry and economy.

When Hurricane Sandy struck the North-eastern United States, one of the world's most technologically advanced societies, it brought home to millions how central electricity is to their lives.

In many countries, everyday services and amenities such as water supply, heating, transport and communications are taken for granted. That is, until a major natural disaster cuts offelectricity, bringing all other services to a grinding halt. At the global level, all links in the entire chain, from the generation to the distribution of electrical power to end users, rely on International Standards prepared by many IEC TCs (Technical Committees) and SCs (Subcommittees).

Converting primary sources

Electricity generation results from the conversion of mechanical or thermal energy from primary sources, such as fossil fuels, nuclear or renewable energies, into electric energy. This process requires different machines such as hydraulic, steam and wind turbines, or other systems, to harness solar or marine energy.

The fact that IEC TCs preparing International Standards for power generation, transmission and distribution were among the first to be created demonstrates the need for standardization in an industry that is central to the economic activity and prosperity of all countries.

Created in 1913, TC 4: Hydraulic turbines, was one of the first IEC TCs, reflecting the pioneering role played by hydropower in electricity generation. Hydropower is the primary source of renewable energy worldwide, representing 16% of global electricity generation in 2010, according to the IEA (International Energy Agency). Thanks to pumped storage facilities, it is also the main source of EES (electrical energy storage), making up 99% of the world's capacity (see article on pumped storage in this e-tech

The IEC's commitment to EES is illustrated by its decision in October 2012 to establish TC 120: Electrical Energy Storage Systems

From fossil fuels to new renewables

Two thirds of the worlds electricity are currently generated by burning fossil fuels, mainly coal but also gas. This requires the use of steam turbines in nuclear power plants and the exploitation of geothermal energy. Steam turbines are also used to generate electricity from biomass.

International Standards for steam turbines are prepared by TC 5, whose origins date back to 1927. Steam turbines have also been adopted in other domains such as integrated gasification combined cycle, industrial and petrochemical plants.

The share of electricity produced from non-hydro renewable sources is increasing rapidly; it is expected to grow more than seven-fold between 2010 and 2035, according to the IEA. This expansion is driven by environmental concerns and the volatile price of fossil fuels.

TC 82: Solar photovoltaic energy systems, TC 88: Wind turbines, TC 114: Marine energy Wave, tidal and other water current converters, and TC 117: Solar thermal electric plants, established in 1981, 1987, 2007 and 2012 respectively, prepare International Standards that cover all the different technologies developed to utilize power from these renewable sources, which are expected to generate nearly a third of global electricity in 2035.

Stepping up and down

Electricity generated by power plants must be adapted for transmission and distribution. Transformers are used to convert a system of alternating voltage and current into another system of voltage and current, usually of different values. They are an important link in the electricity generation, transmission and distribution chain.

They are installed in step-down or step-up substations in which outgoing voltage from the transformers is reduced or increased in comparison with that of the incoming power.

Transformers are technologically mature products with a low rate of problems, indicating the overall adequacy of International Standards prepared by TC 14: Power transformers, which was created in 1939. TC 14 work covers "transformers with power ratings above 1 kVA single phase and 5 kVA polyphase".

Power transformers are produced and procured widely across frontiers without problems. This trade relies on IEC International Standards, against which transformers can be purchased, manufactured, tested and inspected. TC 14 International Standards are adopted as national standards in many countries and used globally by utilities, consultants and project management companies as the basis for the specification of power transformers.

Demand is strong across the entire range of power and voltage, both to accommodate growing demand for electricity and to replace ageing units.

However, power transformers are not immune to failure, which is often caused by external factors. This was the case when Hurricane Sandy provoked the explosion of a Consolidated Edison transformer in a Manhattan power station on 29 October 2012. Such failures can paralyze entire distribution networks, as was the case then.


Electric power is generally produced some distance away from where it is needed. Proper distribution is therefore essential and relies on many systems such as wires, cables and various electrical accessories. Overhead conductors and lines, as well as cables of all kinds, are what immediately come to mind when power transmission is mentioned. Overhead electrical conductors are an essential link in the transmission chain.

TC 7: Overhead electrical conductors, was set up in 1928 to prepare recommendations for bare aluminium wires and conductors. Its work now covers all kinds of overhead conductors including ground wires and hardware directly connected to conductors for the purpose of maintaining electrical/mechanical continuity. It also prepares International Standards related to guidance for the fabrication and use of overhead electrical conductors and test methods for assessment of their performance when in operation.

TC 7 also prepares International Standards for new types of overhead electrical conductors required by innovative fibre or carbon-reinforced high performance wires. These International Standards are usually specified in projects financed by international agencies such as the World Bank.

TC 11: Overhead lines, prepares International Standards for overhead lines above 1 kV AC and 1,5 kV DC nominal voltage, "excluding railway traction supports and line materials".

The scope of TC 11 concerns the reliability of overhead lines and also deals with safety aspects, including the definition of clearances, tests on structures, foundations and fittings and methods of erection. It sees increased interest in EHVDC (extra high voltage direct current) transmission, possible surges in AC transmission voltages and new technologies in the construction of overhead lines as technology trends that will require more work.

TC 20: Electric cables, which first met in 1934, "prepares International Standards for the design, testing and end-use recommendations (including current ratings) for insulated electrical power and control cables, their accessories and cable systems, for use in wiring and in power generation, distribution and transmission".

The not so obvious

Besides the most conspicuous installations and equipment such as dams, conventional or nuclear power plants, transformers and overhead lines and cables, the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power depends on many other vital additional systems and components that rely on standardization work from a variety of other IEC TCs.

The task of TC 8, System aspects for electrical energy supply, is to "analyze electricity sector evolution () and take the necessary initiatives to c

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The RealHelp iPhone App Can Help Keep Teenagers Safer.

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

The RealHelp App gives teenagers another way to reach out for help when they need it.

Parents cant guarantee the safety of their teenage children, but with RealHelp they can give them one more option to reach out for help. RealHelp exists for those situations between which a user might call a friend or family member for help, and those where a call to 911 is appropriate. With the swipe of an alert button, RealHelp sends dozens of push notifications to preselected emergency contacts, informing them that the RealHelp user is in trouble. From there, those contacts can see the users location, hear live streaming audio, and see any pictures taken by the alert instigator. It gives all of those people everything they need to help. They can head to the alert location to intervene and extract the RealHelp user, or they can listen and direct emergency services to the location if it sounds appropriate. Just the act of involving so many people may be all that it takes to prevent crimes that wouldnt take place if there were witnesses present. While the RealHelp App is useful for anybody, its especially useful to teenagers in that it makes them more likely to seek help and get a response.

With RealHelp, a teenager can make sure that alerts only go out to people that he or she is comfortable seeking help from. There are three color coded alert levels, red, orange, and yellow, and the user can quickly and easily set which of their contacts gets alerts at which level. Just like a teenager might call a friend for help, RealHelp allows that teenager to reach all of his or her friends for help. If the situation is urgent, that can make all of the difference. In the time that it takes for one persons phone to start ringing, RealHelp can have pushed dozens of push notifications and Facebook wall posts inviting friends to get involved and help out. By the time that a user could have reached voice mail, they could already have a friend messaging them within the RealHelp alert. Whats important though is that the user trusts all of those people on his or her contact list enough to call out for help. While parents can insist on being on that list, they cant insure that their child wont remove them from some alert levels. While parents may prefer to be notified on every level when their child is in trouble, they probably prefer that their child seeks help without hesitation rather than stalling until its too late.

The creators of RealHelp stress the importance of not using RealHelp as a substitute for 911, but want it to be available where teenagers have reasons not to call 911. Everyone wants their children to be able to call 911 and get quick emergency assistance when in trouble. Unfortunately, teenagers are prone to be engaged in various illegal activities. In fact, it seems more likely that a teenager will need to seek help while involved with underage drinking, recreational drugs, or just out after a citys curfew. For all of those situations, a teenager has to weigh the legal consequences of calling the police against the importance of getting fast reliable emergency assistance. Just hesitating may mean waiting for the situation to go from bad to worse. With RealHelp, a teenager can call out for help without worrying about legal consequences. Even where a teenager might eventually called 911, he or she can use RealHelp preemptively. That low barrier to action means that the user can can reach out for help earlier, and even keep the situation from progressing to the point where 911 is appropriate. That RealHelp alert also increases the chances that others who are listening in will call 911 if the situation requires it.

You can learn more about RealHelp App at, and get the fully featured version free for your iPhone at the iTunes App Store. The RealHelp App is entirely supported through user donations, and is ad-free.

About The RealHelp App

The RealHelp App heads off potential emergency situations by instantly notifying dozens of preselected friend and broadcasting audio, location, and pictures to them in real time. RealHelp is available fully featured and free for the iPhone in the iTunes App Store. Its supported through in-app donations by RealHelp users. RealHelp is ad-free since ad servers would slow down the app. Theres a graphic guide to how it works here: How RealHelp Works, and plenty more information at

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Pulse Technology

Southlake, TX (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

Additional U.S. Patent approvals continue to distance PulseTech


Multifunction Printers Tackle the BYOD Market in an Attempt to Keep the Industry Alive

London, ON (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

The introduction of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) has urged MFP vendors to step up their game for requirements while the market itself plummets due to a decline in sales, according to new research from Info-Tech Research Group. A Multifunction Printer Vendor Landscape report, published by Info-Tech Research Group, ranked HP, Konica and Xerox as Champions in a market thats struggling to stay afloat as technology sails forward.

Increasing usage of personal devices means new user and security requirements. Web options, universal print drivers, and increased security controls are essential for organizations allowing employees to BYOD, said Darin Stahl, Lead Research Analyst for Info-Tech Research Group. Unfortunately, an overall decline in hardware sales in the printer space has caused several vendors to consider restructuring offerings to focus more on managed print services, as well as increase pricing to address the decline.

HP provides a strong global presence and mobile product offerings, landing them as a Champion in the report. Founded in 1939, HP has mostly been known as the leader in single-function printer solutions and has lately challenged Canons hold on the MFP market. As their business looks to address the ever-growing importance of Green IT, HPs competitive price point also landed the vendor with the Best Overall Value award.

Xerox ranks as a Champion in this report and is a long-time leader in the MFP space. Founded in 1906, Xerox has a stable position in the market and provides solutions that span small desktop MFPs to large enterprise document solutions that improve workflow. Enterprise of all sizes are likely to find a match in their broad portfolio.

Konica Minolta provides an open platform technology to customize solutions to enterprise environments and also ranks as a Champion. According to the report, IT managers will appreciate Konicas unique management and reporting options.

Samsung won the Trend Setter Award providing high quality solutions. Ranking as an Innovator in the report, Samsungs mobile app and unique web printing options makes it a steward in the BYOD space.

For the full list of Info-Tech Research Groups recommendations for selecting a Multifunction Printer vendor, visit:

Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape reports recognize outstanding vendors in the technology marketplace. Assessing vendors by the strength of their offering and their strategy for the enterprise, Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscapes pay tribute to the contribution of exceptional vendors in a particular category.

About Info-Tech Research Group

With a paid membership of over 25,000 members worldwide, Info-Tech Research Group ( is the global leader in providing tactical, practical Information Technology research and analysis. Info-Tech Research Group has a fourteen-year history of delivering quality research and is North America's fastest growing full-service IT analyst firm.


Computer Clue CEO Decides to Keep Company Small

Computer Clue CEO Decides to Keep Company Small

Brick, New Jersey (PRWEB) April 26, 2010

Computer Clue founder and CEO Tomasz Banas announced his intentions to remain a one-man business today despite the possibility of increasing profits through expansion.

"I truly believe that remaining a one-man operation is in the best interest of my clients," said Banas. "It allows me to provide my customers with the personal level of service required to meet their individual needs."

Currently, Banas offers in-house computer services in New Jersey. In addition to providing repair services, he also helps his clients pick out the right equipment for their personal needs. His company will also set up the equipment, will provide routine maintenance services and will provide lessons to those who are interested in learning more about how to use computer software and hardware.

"I just don't think a large company can offer the personal level of attention to its customers that a smaller company can provide," continued Banas. "By remaining a one-man operation, I get to know my customers and I am able to actually come to their houses to provide them with the services they need."

Offering an in-house computer repair service is one of the specialty areas of Computer Clue. According to Banas, remaining a one-man operation allows him to get to know his customers and to build the level of trust that is necessary to be invited into customers' homes.

"In this day and age, people are nervous about allowing a stranger into their homes," said Banas. "By remaining a one-man operation, I feel I am better capable of establishing a trusting relationship with my customers."

As a one-man operation, Banas is also able to keep the costs down. Since he doesn't have to hire a team of employees and because he is not investing a great deal of time and money on creating a corporate image, he is able to reduce his overhead costs and pass those savings on to his customers.

"With the economy the way it is, finding the money for computer repair and maintenance services can be difficult," said Banas. "This is particularly true for the elderly and for low-income families. By remaining a small business and keeping my costs down, I believe I can help more people gain access to technology."

Computer Clue is a New Jersey computer repair company. To learn more about the company and the services it provides, visit

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City of Long Beach Tackles Stormwater Pollution to Protect the Public’s Health and Keep Its Beaches Open

City of Long Beach Tackles Stormwater Pollution to Protect the Public's Health and Keep Its Beaches Open

Long Beach, CA (PRWEB) July 24, 2006

The City of Long Beach, California announced today the success of a progressive stormwater management pilot program aimed at preventing harmful, illness-causing bacteria from contaminating city beaches and other recreational waters. The program uses a unique technology called the Smart Sponge, which kills bacteria such as E. coli, fecal coliform and enterococcus on contact and also removes other harmful substances like gasoline, oil & grease as well as sediment and debris. The Smart Sponge product is non-toxic, non-leaching, and is fully recyclable.

As part of the study, over 1,950 Smart Sponge filters were placed in targeted stormdrain catch basin inlets throughout the City of Long Beach beginning in August 2004. Continual testing has gone on since late 2004. In a recent testing of over ten sample locations throughout the City of Long Beach, the Smart Sponge® Plus filters successfully destroyed a very high percentage of bacteria, including E. coli and other fecal coliform, with an average destruction rate of over 79 percent and a maximum destruction rate of 97 percent.

Tom Leary, Stormwater Management Division Officer, Long Beach Public Works Department, said “Our number one priority is to protect the public’s health. With over 11 miles of public beaches and Colorado Lagoon, one of the few remaining inland recreational water bodies, the presence of bacteria and other harmful pathogens in our stormwater and urban runoff poses risks to human health, particularly after heavy rainfall. “I am pleased with the results of the pilot program in dramatically reducing bacteria in our stormdrains and thus allowing us to keep our beaches safe and open to the public. We hope to receive continued support from local and federal officials to sustain our efforts and expand the program,” stated Leary.

Glenn Rink, Founder & President of AbTech Industries, makers of the Smart Sponge technology stated, “We are very excited to report the continued success of our filtration technology and are thrilled with the results from the Long Beach program. Tests over the last year have demonstrated the ability of the Smart Sponge to continually and consistently remove bacteria, trash and debris with only routine maintenance as well as confirmed its effectiveness and longevity,” said Rink.

According to a recent published report in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, water pollution caused by high levels of bacteria, sickens as many as 1.5 million swimmers annually in the Southern California area beaches and causes millions of dollars in public healthcare costs. “This is a true testament to the City of Long Beach and Tom Leary for their aggressive and foresighted approach in keeping their beaches clean. “Long Beach is clearly setting the standard for municipalities interested in protecting their beaches as well as their community and we look forward to working with them to help maintain and expand its stormwater management program,” added Rink.

Over the next year, the City of Long Beach will continue its study to validate the project's success and carefully monitor the reductions in bacteria, hydrocarbons, trash and debris captured and/or destroyed by the Smart Sponge filters before going into the City's waterways or onto its beaches. AbTech Industries will also continue to work with the city to service, maintain, and help monitor the catch basins installed with Smart Sponge filters.

About AbTech Industries

AbTech Industries, Inc., based in Scottsdale, Arizona, provides communities and industries with customized solutions to control or remove bacteria that are threatening the quality of our nation’s waterways while at the same time removing trash and debris as well as petroleum products such as gasoline, oil & grease.

AbTech’s products incorporate a polymer-based filtration material, the Smart Sponge®, a technology that effectively removes pollutants from flowing or pooled water, encapsulating them so that they cannot be released back into the environment even under high pressure. In addition, AbTech is the first company to combine an antimicrobial agent in its filtration material and provide the first solution that effectively destroys bacteria at the street level.

The Environmental Protection Agency has included AbTech’s Ultra-Urban® Filter series with Smart Sponge technology as a Best Management Practice (BMP) under the federal environmental guidelines that apply to local and state governments. Please visit: to learn more about AbTech Industries’ Smart Sponge Plus technology.

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Blue Water Media’s 2009 Web Awards Keep Rolling In

Blue Water Media's 2009 Web Awards Keep Rolling In

Washington, DC (PRWEB) October 21, 2009

Blue Water Media, a web design agency in Washington DC, continues to garner web awards in 2009. The latest awards come from: the Web Marketing Association's WebAwards and Graphic Design USA's Design and Web Design Awards. These award agencies, who boast decades of international website judging experience, aim to recognize individual achievement behind today's most innovative websites. With thousands of entries received from around the world, this is an outstanding achievement for the Blue Water Media team.

The Web Marketing Association recognized Blue Water Media for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development for its work on American Sugar Alliance's website. The American Sugar Alliance partnered with Blue Water Media to create a more user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and functional website. The result was an innovative new website powered by an open-source content management system.

Graphic Design USA recognized Blue Water Media for its graphic design work on: Georgetown's Office of Compliance and Ethics' logo and Blue Water Media's self promotion. Blue Water Media was also recognized for its superior internet design on: American Sugar Alliance, Brown Bag online, Go Out 2 Eat, and myRep Lunch. Each of these projects resulted in image altering websites and logos that spurred company growth. Graphic Design USA also recognized Blue Water Media for its web design work on Go Out 2 Eat, a cooperative green marketing program. These two companies partnered to establish Go Out 2 Eat's web presence and help it promote its recycled and reusable coupons.

About Web Marketing Association and Graphic Design USA

Web Marketing Association was founded in 1997 and was designed to set a high standard for internet marketing and development while recognizing the best websites. Now in its 13th year, the WebAwards recognizes the best websites in 96 industries. Graphic Design USA is an internationally acclaimed magazine and website which recognizes companies who excel at graphic design, in-house design, package design, and web design. For more information, please visit:, and

About Blue Water Media

Blue Water Media is a Washington D.C. based web design agency offering a comprehensive line of design services including print, brand identity and web design. Blue Water Media has been providing expert service to businesses in the Washington DC metro area and beyond for nearly a decade. Blue Water Media's wealth of experience and winning track record of creating effective websites establishes it as a leader in the industry. For more information, please visit:

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Keep a Digital Eye on Your World with Award-Winning Video Surveillance Software

Keep a Digital Eye on Your World with Award-Winning Video Surveillance Software

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) March 22, 2006

RFC Services is pleased to announce upgraded versions of Visual Hindsight Professional Edition. Already at the forefront of IP video surveillance and recording desktop software, recent enhancements to the Visual Hindsight product line add increased value and functionality for those in the Security and Video Surveillance domain.

Professional Edition V. - Features at a Glance:

Support for Secure Protocol (HTTPS).

Support for up to 2 terabytes of recorded video footage.

Automatically rotate (bring to the front of the screen) each active group of camera views, according to a - user-defined interval, as with professional CCTV DVR systems.

Support for hyper-thread and multi-CPU computers, for even better overall performance.

Simultaneously view up to 100 cameras, video servers, or Web server URLs.

Simultaneously record up to 50 cameras, video servers, or Web server URLs.

Receive alert e-mail on connection failure.

Automatically eliminate "jitter" (unwanted speed variation during playback).

Automatically connect and record when Windows is restarted.

Record to local and networked drives.

Manage local and networked video footage using Retention Manager.

Optimize local and networked video storage disk space using Retention Monitor.

Support for pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) control, random movement, preset positioning, and ad-hoc commands.

Motion detection recording, with user-definable sensitivity settings.

Automatic reconnection of a dropped connection.

Automatic record-on-connect (24-hour schedule).

Support for concurrent users, access rights, and administrator functions.

Support for English, French, Italian, and Spanish user interfaces, with dynamic switching between languages during program operation.

More than 60 camera and video server models supported, including AVerMedia, AXIS, Aviosys, Cannon, D-Link, Dynacolor, Elmo, Eltis, FlexWatch, Hawking, Hunt, IDView, IQInvision, Intellinet, JVC, Lenovo, LevelOne, Levo, Lindi, Mobotix, Orite, PDuke, Panasonic, Pixord, Soho, Sony, Stardot, Talitor, Toshiba, Trendnet, VCenter, Veo, Vivotek, Xannet and more.

Visual Hindsight requires Windows NT, 2000, XP, or 2003 Server running on a PIII 450 MHz PC at a minimum video resolution of 800 x 600 x 16 bit, with a direct, network, or broadband connection to camera, video server, or Web server URL.

About RFC Services

Established in 1994, RFC Services has over a decade of experience as an IT consulting and software development firm, and for the last several years has specialized in the domain of security, biometric access-control and digital IP video surveillance.

For more information about RFC Services and Visual Hindsight, please visit:

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In an Effort to Keep America Competitive, Graphic Savings Group Launches Medical Equipment Leasing Initiative

In an Effort to Keep America Competitive, Graphic Savings Group Launches Medical Equipment Leasing Initiative

Fairfield, CT (PRWEB) February 3, 2006

Just as President George W. Bush iterated in his State of The Union Address, “keeping America competitive requires affordable health care.” In an effort to meet that challenge and provide a new funding source for members of the health care industry, the Graphic Savings Group is excited to announce its Medical Equipment Leasing Initiative (MELI).

“As an employer and financial services company, we understand the need for cost control with relation to healthcare. By establishing a consistent and reliable funding source for corporations that are looking to lease medical equipment, we believe we can help improve the fiscal responsibility of medical institutions,” said Andrew Bender, CEO of the Graphic Savings Group.

MELI is designed to accommodate doctors, dentists, and even veterinarians by offering them access to capital to finance medical and office purchases. The large upfront costs of new surgical equipment or x-ray machines can be a deterrent to a doctor’s practice with fixed cash flow.

With close to $ 3 billion in medical equipment being leased each year, the need for constant upgrades and the development of new technology makes leasing an attractive option for a number of medical professionals. Medical equipment leasing can ensure that hospitals are not locked into equipment that is outdated, giving them the flexibility to offer the most innovative treatments while staying within a budget.

Doctors can adapt to the changing Medicare reimbursement structure and insurance rebates by creating a step payment schedule that fixes the cost of their equipment and office essentials.

“We’re excited by the partnership opportunities in the medical field. We believe that we can bring our expertise in finance to help manage cash flow and costs for medical profiessionals,” said Bender.

About Us

Graphic Savings Group is a cash flow management consulting company. GSG specializes in leasing high volume copiers, printers and other IT equipment. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a start-up venture, Graphic Savings Group helps clients control the velocity of money. For more information visit Graphic Savings Group online at or call 203.336.4034.

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