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Alpharetta, GA (PRWEB) October 17, 2013

SECUDE, an SAP partner and a leading data security provider, will present its newest technological invention in booth 149 in Las Vegas on October 21-25. SECUDE will introduce Halocore for SAP NetWeaver, a technology to persistently protect critical information that is downloaded from solutions running on the SAP NetWeaver


Game Nation Tells Its Story in a New Form of Graphic Novel Introducing GN Archives

Fort Myers, FL (PRWEB) July 03, 2013

Game Nation Theme Park and Resort is proud to announce the release of their first ever hybrid graphic novel, GN Archives. But this is no ordinary tale. The original saga tells "true stories of fictitious events" yet to happen.

Episode 1, Lab Rats, the first in the series of historic hybrid novels, tells the legend of the evolution of Game Nation leading up to GN Celebration. Humans discover the possibility of other worlds worlds where games are real.

Follow the first story as Wake discovers a universe of physics beyond his dreams and possibilities, beyond his imagination. Wake is excited to use his flight pilot training for something meaningful when hes recruited for a top secret, corporate-military joint project. Or he was, until co-workers began suddenly leaving the organization and strange lights started appearing on his flights. Track his journey as he uncovers plots in the organization he works for and tries to unravel the mystery of The Blur. But the revelation doesnt come until November at GN Celebration. Is this coincidence or truth to be uncovered?

The Game Nation Archive series are not novels, nor are they graphic novels. They are a genuine hybrid tale connecting novel and comic book. The series is created and developed by RUKE and written by A.J. Scudiere, with art by Christopher Betancourt. This is the first of its kind, blending reality into fiction and offering real people the opportunity to be written into history as a Game Nation character. Written charactersas well as their human alter egos--will be celebrated at Game Nation Theme Parks and Events. This is a truly unique opportunity for those who join the army of Game Nation.

Game Nation is giving fans the first look at GN Archives before the phenomenon hits. You're invited to join the GN Army and download your free digital copy at and order your copy in limited release only at

About Game Nation Theme Park and Resort

Game Nations mission is to create a realistic experience that immerses the visitor into a story. By combining video game mechanics with interactive physical themed attractions, we are creating the worlds first Experiential Video Game Theme Park and Resort. Visitors will become players as they step into a re-creation of worlds based on popular video games filled with myths, legends and arenas. Instead of just rides, visitors are immersed in a world of total interactivity where, with everything they do, they earn a higher score, experience points and reputation. It is a place where dreams and fantasies will come to life. They will be able to become anything they like and live out the character they create in the actual park. But it's not a video game: its a physical, large-scale theme park and resort.

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Introducing the Epicure Digital NutriSchool Menu and Nutritional Information System at CSNA 2012 California School Nutrition Conference

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) November 05, 2012

Epicure Digital Systems, a leader in digital menu boards, presents at CSNA 2012 California School Nutrition Conference, the Epicure Digital NutriSchool Menu and Nutritional Information System for centrally controlling menu and nutritional information on school websites, classroom smart boards, and digital menu boards in the cafeteria and around campus, Introducing Epicure Digital NutriSchool menu and nutritional information system centrally controlling menu and nutritional information on school websites, on classroom smart boards, and on digital menu boards, to help school food services to transform school cafeterias into smarter lunchrooms

K-12 schools have just finished implementing the new revolutionary healthful menus and face these challenges:

Promote the new school menus
Students need to learn the benefits of good nutrition to help them make healthier menu choices on a daily basis and as a way for life.

Meet the new regulations
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Act of 2010, sections 204 and 209, requires schools to make information more readily available to students, parents and the public about the nutritional quality of meals.

Increase participation in the Breakfast and Lunch program
School food services need fuller participation to sustain profit margins in the face of increased food costs as a result of new and modified meal recipes.

With the new school meal standards beginning to be implemented and the growing importance of providing nutrition information to families and students, Epicure Digital NutriSchool is a logical way for K-12 schools to communicate to students and parents about nutrition information relating to their menus. This will help educate students and parents alike on the nutritional quality of their food choices, according to Kim Blum, MS, RD, LD, owner KB Nutrition Consulting in Dallas, TX and a former USDA employee, and it makes perfect sense to showcase the improvements via a simple system which can be displayed on cafeteria menu boards, online and in the classroom.

Increasing participation in breakfast and lunch programs is essential to retaining profitability. Less than half of low-income children receiving school lunches participate in the breakfast program and only about 30 million out of the total 50 million students in US public schools participate in the school lunch programs. Food services have potential to double the number of school meals served.

The NutriSchool system displays daily menus, nutritional data and labels, allergen alerts, and educational and promotional messages and graphics on classroom smart boards, on district and individual school websites, and on menu boards in the cafeteria, to inform, engage and encourage student participation.

In the classroom, teachers can use NutriSchool menus on smart boards to help students make healthier menu choices. At home, viewing NutriSchool menus on the school website, parents can guide their kids to make healthier menu choices. In the cafeteria, digital menu boards can educate on the front line, at the point-of-sale.

NutriSchool is an affordable system, explained Harvey Friedman, President and Founder, Epicure Digital Systems. Any size school district can easily and quickly provide daily online NutriSchool menus on their websites and existing classroom smart boards. And, the same system can also be used to control LCD menu boards in cafeterias if and when they are required.

For schools that already publish weekly and monthly menu information on their websites, NutriSchool provides the ability to display an additional webpage updated daily with nutritional and allergen information for each menu item.

NutriSchool utilizes a proprietary nutritional menu labeling system to easily select icons representing food groups, allergens, and nutritional data for each menu item.

NutriSchool can display district wide ES, MS and HS menus, or menu and nutritional information for each school with each schools local messaging and graphics.

NutriSchool can display different graphics and communicate different messages on the websites, smart boards and cafeteria digital menu boards, targeting students and parents with relevant and timely information for each platform.

NutriSchool can provide content in English and Spanish.

NutriSchool can read and display RSS feeds, campus alerts, live weather forecasts and current news and information from the Internet and can easily be set to display nutritional tips of the day and other school and district news and information.

NutriSchool can integrate with food service management and nutritional information systems.

The Epicure Digital NutriSchool Products & Services:

Epicure Digital Menu Boards
Display daily NutriSchool menus on LCDs in the cafeteria and at other

campus locations including outdoor

Epicure Digital NutriSmart
Display daily NutriSchool menus on district and individual school websites

to help parents at home guide their kids to make healthier menu choices

Epicure Digital NutriClass
Display daily NutriSchool menus on classroom smart boards as a tool

teachers can use to help students make healthier menu choices

Epicure Digital NutriGuide
Disply daily complete nutritional and allergen information for all menu items

Epicure Digital Nutritional Menu Labeling
We develop creative nutritional menu labeling solutions for each client

Epicure Digital Multi Function Boards
Display daily menus, school information and multimedia messages in the

cafeteria and at other campus locations including outdoor

Epicure Digital Menu Engineering & Design
We solve clients complex menu engineering and student participation issues

Epicure Digital NutriLive
Easily control nutritional menu labeling on your digital menus

Epicure Digital Quick & Easy-To-Use Interface

Designed for non-technical food service personnel

Epicure Digital LiveText
Instantly change and update your menu items, descriptions and prices

Epicure Digital LiveMenu
Easily rearrange the layout of your digital menus

Epicure Digital SlideShow Builder
Assemble and upload your own slide shows

Epicure Digital Integration
Import data from third-party nutritional data bases

Epicure Digital Meets the New Legislation Guidelines
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Act of 2010, sections 204 and 209, requires

schools to make information more readily available to students, parents

and the public about the nutritional quality of meals

NutriSchool is a product of Epicure Digital Systems, a leader in digital menu board systems with over twelve years of experience designing customized digital menu and nutritional board systems. The company pioneered the display of nutritional data on menu boards in 2004 for the U. S. Navy.

Epicure Digital clients include K-12 schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, independent and chain restaurants, contract food service companies, business & industry, and cinemas and casinos among others.

The company's website ( has an extensive portfolio of its client's digital and online menu board projects.

Visitors to the CSNA California School Nutrition Association Annual Conference in Pasadena, 9-10 November 2012, Booth #305, will be able to view NutriSchool at the Epicure Digital booth on large daylight readable Sunbrite LCD screens for indoor and outdoor menu boards.

For more information, contact:

Tommy Orpaz





Introducing Lacuna Creative, a Boutique Marketing and Design Firm

Leawood, KS (PRWEB) September 21, 2012

Lacuna Creative, LLC, was created with one idea in mind; to provide clients with the means necessary to truly brand and promote their businesses through a variety of marketing outlets. This new venture is made up of individuals that were formerly part of the marketing division of a large hotel and resort management company, Leisure Hotels & Resorts. The former Corporate Director of Marketing, Katie Brooks, now owns and operates this successful boutique design and marketing firm focusing not only on the hospitality industry but also a wide array of businesses looking to increase awareness and promotion of their businesses. Lacuna helps build brands through a variety of marketing strategies such as website design, internet and search engine marketing, SEO, email campaigns, social media, branding and graphic design.

I felt the hospitality industry and specifically independent resorts and hotels needed a dedicated firm that fully understands the need to drive traffic to those property websites that dont have the dedicated support many franchised properties have. Our team has over ten years experience in hospitality marketing and we have the knowledge and skill set to truly market these properties whether that is through branding, internet marketing, or many of our other services. We like to pride ourselves on our website design and truly understand that a great website is the key to a successful brand, an overall web presence and a proven way to track your businesses success. This move also enabled us to utilize our expertise in marketing to a variety of other industries and help other small to large businesses create a presence through the many stages of start up, re-branding, or even revamping an existing business, Brooks stated.

Brooks has been involved in the hotel and resort industry since she was young, having worked alongside her father who owns and operates over 20 hotels and resorts, and his father before him an independent resort owner as well. We are an independent multi-media design firm that delivers unbeatable services. All of our team has worked in marketing and the hospitality industry for over ten years, we have the big brand marketing experience under our belts but we bring this knowledge and experience to our small boutique approach, commented Brooks.

Lacuna Creatives client base spans through many industries and combines the art of design and technology to connect too many types of clients. Located in the Kansas City metro area, and specializing in website design and development, graphic design, internet marketing and search engine optimization, branding, and print services. Employing a small team this boutique firm is dedicated to selling and branding businesses through marketing. For more information visit,

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Introducing SYSTM, a New Line of Protective Cases for Mobile Devices

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 22, 2012

Designed for sport performance and tuned to the urban grid, SYSTM introduces new protective cases for iPhone 5: Vise, Chisel and Hammer. Featuring PORON


Introducing Aleratecs New Automatic Shredder: The RoboShredder; Hands Free Information Security

Chatsworth, CA (PRWEB) June 19, 2012

The RoboShredder Auto Feed Paper Shredder, introduced today by Aleratec, is an automatic shredder that can shred up to 80 sheets of paper at a time without user intervention. Its convenient auto-feed tray frees users to take care of other important business while insuring the confidentiality of sensitive information


Every year, millions of businesses and individuals suffer the cost, inconvenience and potential legal liability of identity theft and other breaches in information security. Using a shredder is the best way to keep sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.

The RoboShredder keeps data safe. It not only auto-shreds paper, it will also destroy Blu-ray, DVD or CD discs and credit cards which can be fed through the manual feed slots. For smaller paper-shredding jobs, paper can also be fed through the manual feed slots, up to six sheets at time.

The RoboShredder will cross cut paper and credit cards to a shred size of just 3 x 9 millimeters, safely shredding confidential documents and data. It will strip cut optical discs into three strips, rendering any data on the disc unreadable.

Shredding large amounts of paper documents can be tedious and time-consuming, says Perry Solomon, Aleratecs President and CEO. The RoboShredders 80-sheet auto feed system addresses this problem with a simple, yet effective solution.

The RoboShredder has several additional features that ensure ease-of-use:


Introducing Personalized Embossed Chocolate Logos by Chocolate Graphics International – A Great Marketing Tool

Wellington, FL (PRWEB) April 03, 2012

Put any company name on everyone's lips with personalized embossed chocolate logos by Chocolate Graphics International. After all, everyone loves chocolate! Logo chocolates are ideal for hotels, product launches, thank you gifts to clients, promotional tools, coffee accompaniments and even cake toppers. People may forget what is said, but they always remember how they felt. Companies will benefit as customers will never forget with this amazing chocolate promotional tool.

Hand-crafted with care from the finest ingredients. Chocolate Graphics' chocolate is individually tailored to feature any special message, corporate logo or design, making it not only unique it its style, but a delightfully delicious treat for the taste buds.

Managing Director John Taylor comments, "Our clients love the "wow" factor that comes with the product. For business, the branding of a chocolate with a corporate logos, photo or message creates a compelling communication. Who could say no to chocolate?"

"We had already researched what was available in personalised chocolates but Chocolate Graphics


Slim, Stylish and Well-Connected: Introducing the Dell Inspiron Mini 12 — New Addition to the Dell Inspiron Mini Line Expands Personalization Options Available First in Japan Through Bic Camera, Kojima and Sofmap Stores Includes Windows Vista Home Basic, Webcam and Bluetooth

ROUND ROCK, Texas (PRWEB) October 26, 2008

The Inspiron Mini 12 is available initially only in Japan through Bic Camera, Kojima and Sofmap stores and other retail outlets. It will launch online globally by late November with configurations starting under $ 600 (U.S.). Ubuntu and Windows XP


Introducing the Cigorn Wireless Gateway: The City to Global Radio Network

Introducing the Cigorn Wireless Gateway: The City to Global Radio Network

Cigorn System Overview

Vista, CA (PRWEB) October 4, 2010

Raveon is pleased to introduce to the wireless industry a truly unique product concept. This new wireless system architecture is codenamed “Cigorn” and the core component of the system is a Linux based Cigorn Gateway running Open Source Cigorn Gateway software. The Cigorn Gateway software is free, licensed to anyone per the terms of our Open Source license agreement.

Raveon’s vision of this Cigorn system is a City to Global Radio Network that is easy to manage, simple to deploy, data centric, and very bandwidth efficient. It routes messages, and will dynamically assign wireless bandwidth to operate even when 100% of the subscriber devices need to communicate. Cigorn is optimized for telemetry, mobile data, RTK, meter-reading, utility-monitoring, and GPS tracking, but will scale to work for wireless broadband access, two-way voice calling, and many other wireless applications. View a simple Cigorn system diagram.

The Cigorn Gateway is built using powerful computing hardware, feature-rich software, and sophisticated communication protocols. But because Giga-bytes of RAM are inexpensive, GHz processors are inexpensive, and Open Source Linux software is free and reliable, the Cigorn Gateway is more sophisticated than comparable commercial systems, and yet costs very little to build.

Possible Applications for a Cigorn Wireless Network are:

    Wide-area GPS tracking system using UHF / VHF radios spanning multiple sites, mines, dumps, cities, and states.
    Mobile data system for public safety, dispatch, busses, taxis, or trucking.
    Interconnecting multiple wireless systems to make them look like one network.
    RTK signal distribution utilizing multiple networks and radio technologies.
    Routing data in a SCADA system giving the system Internet access, remote management, system logging, and bridging of sites.

The primary functions of the Cigorn Gateway are:

1.    Manage/configure wireless devices over-the-air (slot numbers, TDMA timing, assign RF channels, etc.)

2.    Intelligent routing to send/receive data messages to the wireless devices anywhere in the network.

3.    Allow for wireless devices to be easily added or removed from the network.

4.    Track the wireless devices as they roam from one gateway to another.

5.    Route messages to/from the appropriate gateway for each wireless device in the network.

6.    Communicate messages from a user (via WMX-telnet, SMTP, RTCM, NTRIP, or MODBUS Ethernet) to and from the radios.

7.    Provide mechanisms for a system operator to track system usage by Wireless Device and by groups of Wireless Devices.

8.    Provide a telnet, SSH, and Web interface to manage the gateway.

9.    Track the GPS position and status of all radios and allow a user to query for position.

10.    Forward GPS position data to any number of external applications via telnet connections.

11.    Maintain a central database of all wireless devices, their statistics, their status, and their authorizations.

Raveon would like our customers and end-users to participate in the development of this technology. We have set up a website ( ) to manage this project. There is also a forum for comments, suggestions, and developer participation.

If you manage, sell, or use VHF or UHF radio networks, please take a look at the Cigorn project, and consider participating in it. We look forward to your input and ideas.

# # #


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Introducing SCRIBE, the Java-based Report Generator Using Graphical Programming Concepts, Including a Free Version

Introducing SCRIBE, the Java-based Report Generator Using Graphical Programming Concepts, Including a Free Version

(PRWEB) January 7, 2005

Calgary, Alberta, Canada STEP FORWARD Software Inc. has released its SCRIBE™ Report Generator. The Personal edition comes with a free permanent license that provides a single DB connection. The Enterprise edition allows multiple concurrent connections.

SCRIBE can produce reports from one or more relational databases, e-mail the reports as HTML-formatted body or PDF attachment (or both), publish them over the Web in HTML or PDF format, schedule them for periodic background execution, extract data from the database(s) and export it into an ASCII file, connect reports in a cascading drill-down fashion, and enforce security based on a user access mask.

SCRIBE is based on graphical programming concepts, allowing the users to define the process of retrieving data from the database tables, performing the necessary calculations, creating pie, bar and line charts, and formatting data for printing - all in the form of an executable graphical flowchart. Printing is done through WYSIWYG page layout forms (print templates).

In addition to reporting database data, SCRIBE can also update database tables by inserting, updating and deleting rows, using graphical flowcharts with database-editing components.

SCRIBE is written in Java and can be deployed on Windows and Linux platforms. Its functionality can be extended by adding custom Java code; third-party Java applications can run reports programmatically using the Scribe API library.

SCRIBE is a Trade Mark of STEP FORWARD Software Inc. and is distributed world-wide by Gestalt Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of STEP FORWARD Software Inc., and a member of Mi Group of Companies providing software development, data processing, and consulting services to a wide range of clients in Canada and the USA since 1970.

For additional information visit SCRIBE’s web site at

Contact Information:

Alex Molochnikov, Vice-President – Software Development

Gestalt Corporation

403 - 252-3282 telephone

403 - 271-9356 fax

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