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“PIANO” – an interactive conference table that is truly “Plug and Play”

"PIANO" – an interactive conference table that is truly "Plug and Play"

(PRWEB) October 6, 2004

Meeting growing demand by military, government, educational and business customers for a multi-use conference table with integrated computer capability, SMARTdesks has developed a fresh, new design incorporating the company’s patent-pending flipIT™ mechanism that enables users to rotate an LCD flat panel monitor from under the table top into an ergonomic semi-recessed position while providing a clear top surface when computers are not in use.

The table’s wedge shape and the low profile of the semi-recessed LCD displays insure that everyone seated maintains an unobstructed line-of-sight to each other and to screened presentations. Its proportions allow it to fit in most existing conference rooms. Giving the product line its name, "PIANO" provides a slightly elevated center surface that can be raised like the top of a baby grand to provide easy access to all the requisite cables and power needs of the connected conference center. When the table is in use, this area serves as a platform for projector, document camera and other equipment.

To fine-tune the table system, SMARTdesks offers enhanced LCD displays for the flipIT™ with light-sensors that adjust screen brightness to ambient light conditions and an energy-saving automatic control that shuts down the monitor when it is closed. A low-profile roll-out console with unique side-to-side rack-mounting houses the CPU cases leaving plenty of leg room under the table and providing equipment security. Individual access to data storage is available at USB ports on each keyboard.

SMARTdesks was founded eight years ago in the Baltimore area as an internet-based design, manufacturing and marketing resource for a broad range of computer training furniture, equipment and accessories. Their extensive client list includes educational, corporate, military, medical and government entities around the world. Visit their web site at or contact them by phone at 800-770-7042


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Argentinean group of game developers launches an interactive demo of their work

Argentinean group of game developers launches an interactive demo of their work

Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina (PRWEB) April 20, 2004

Oniric Games, an Argentinean group of game developers, is proud to announce the launch of the demo version of 'Forgotten Stories: Echoes of Destiny' a role playing game with 3D graphics, based on an original story.

In Forgotten Stories, the player must guide a group of heroes in their mission to save Terra, a fantastic medieval world, from the forces of evil. To that end, the group lead by Argat, will have to get through an uncountable number of dangers and adventures, on a journey that will take them to the furthest places in the planet. Moreover, along their way, the player will have to solve defying puzzles and talk to different people to collect clues; they'll also be able to take part in many mini-games.

The game takes place in a fully 3D environment, where action is captured through cinematographic cameras. The multimedia engine that serves as the core for the game was developed completely by Oniric Games.

The demo that we now release to the public, in English and Spanish, is nothing but a fragment from the beginning of this thrilling game. In it, the player will be able to control two of the characters and solve a little introductory adventure. Besides, they'll be able to experience or original battle system and will have the opportunity of upgrading their characters by means of our unique evolution system.

The main objective of this launch is to show the general public the kind of developments Oniric Games can achieve. We hope this will serve as a window to show the quality and originality we strive to put into our developments.

System requirements

To play the Forgotten Stories demo you will need:

Minimum: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, 600 MHz Pentium III or Athlon processor, 128 MB RAM, TNT 2 video card with 32 MB VRAM, DirectX 8.1, 200 MB of free hard disk space, DirectSound compliant sound card.

Recommended: Windows 2000/XP, 1 GHz Pentium III or Athlon processor, 256 MB RAM, GeForce 2 Ti video card with 64 MB VRAM, DirectX 9, 200 MB of free hard disk space, DirectSound compliant sound card.

Additional information

You can find more information about our developments by visiting:

Direct link to download the demo (about 50 MB):

In English: FSED.exe

In Spanish: HOED.exe

Link to download the introductory animation of Forgotten Stories (about 15 MB):

If your computer does not meet the system requirements to run the Forgotten stories demo, you can download a small video that was compiled from pieces of the demo:

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7Apr/110 to be First to Offer Live and Fully Interactive Online eCareerFairs in Canada to be First to Offer Live and Fully Interactive Online eCareerFairs in Canada

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) November 20, 2007, the Canadian leader in HiTech professional recruitment services, announced today it has partnered with, innovators of the electronic job fair venue, to offer branded online eCareerFairs for the HiTech sector. "We are excited to be able to offer our clients another great way to attend live Career Fairs." says CEO Terri Joosten "Electronic Career Fairs will help add to our list of excellent recruitment services and enable our customers more flexibility in recruiting from the convenience of their desktop."

CareerDoor Inc. is leading the way with innovative recruitment solutions which help employers to position themselves strategically to attract and hire HiTech Professionals online, in print and face-to-face. Their physical and now live electronic HiTech Career Fairs, Recruitment Ads, Online IT job Board, Guide to Best Places to Work in IT, and IT Labour Market and Salary Survey enable them to deliver branding and recruitment solutions which companies can utilize, cost and time effectively; to hire the HiTech talent they need to succeed. will be offering their new hi-tech IT electronic career fairs throughout Canada starting in January of 2008. LLC, has been developing and conducting the electronic job fair format since early 2005. Offering employers "freedom from the booth", their software and website allow employers and job seekers to meet online and interview live on specific dates and times for specific areas and industries or demographic interests. "These live and fully interactive job fairs are not virtual. They are real events where job seekers and employers meet and interview one-one-one with each other in real time." says Jason Vrane, Chief Marketing Officer for LLC.

For more information, please contact:

Jason Vrane,

Chief Marketing Officer at jvrane(at)


Terri Joosten,

Chief Executive Officer at tjoosten(ay)

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: on behalf of the company listed above.


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Terrasynth Explodes into Web Design Scene Offering Breathtaking 3D Animation and Interactive Graphics

Terrasynth Explodes into Web Design Scene Offering Breathtaking 3D Animation and Interactive Graphics

Gainesville, FL (PRWEB) October 2, 2006

Web design studios can now offer the most advanced and lifelike 3D animation and effects to their clients without the need to add employees or re-train existing staff.

Terrasynth, LLC, has officially opened its doors to unleash a storm of highly-sophisticated computer graphics services aimed at web design studios that understand the role 3D graphics and animation play in creative online experiences and e-commerce. Not only does Gainesville, Fla.-based Terrasynth, LLC, produce incredible three-dimensional imagery for web sites, they’ve also launched a high-payout affiliate program that allows web designers and other media producers to resell Terrasynth’s dynamic graphics services as their own.

Founder Nathan Gilder has gathered a team of professional artists and animators from across the globe in order to provide web design studios with the highest-quality 3D graphics, 3D animation, and interactive 3D presentations for the internet. Terrasynth, LLC, offers freelance, part-time and seasonal work to artists working in film post-production, gaming and related industries. The current group consists of five talented artists from the U.S. and Germany. Since its opening, the 3D animation studio has been asked to work with designers from around the world, including the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia.

“Our experience with Terrasynth has been eye opening and inspirational. I feel that their process and command within the realm of digital design and animation are unparalleled in the field,” said Cameron Thomas, Director of Creative Root, a well-respected design studio in Central Florida. “They make our projects shine, the clients pleased and our firm look like champions.”

Web design studios that choose to work with Terrasynth, LLC, understand the growing importance of three-dimensional presentations in e-commerce and that products and services using 3D presentations typically outsell those that don’t by up to 25%.

With 3D graphics and animation from Terrasynth, LLC, a company can give full product demonstrations on its web site. Interactive modules allow customers to engage with the demonstration to customize features like color, texture and more. The customer actually becomes a part of the sales process by telling the demonstration what features he or she needs. This gives customers a better understanding of the product or service so that they have more confidence in their purchase. This leads to more sales, fewer returns and a significant increase to the bottom line.

“Every project involves a rich process requiring a killer crew of designers, coders, and animators–which is why we love working with Terrasynth,” said Ron Edelen, Creative Director of Myjive Inc., an advanced web production studio. “They are a powerful addition to the Myjive team and have diligently executed everything we have thrown at them.”

Terrasynth, LLC, is selective about the designers they work with, choosing only those with professional standards, experience and quality that match their own. The company prefers to join forces with web design studios rather than dilute the market and compete with them. By collaborating with designers, Gilder’s team of 3D artists and animators can focus on establishing the highest standard for 3D graphics online.

“We have focused exclusively on 3D animation and interactive graphics to become a powerful resource for the web design community,” Gilder said. "Terrasynth was established by 3D artists who joint venture with designers to realize exceptional content that neither group can produce alone.”

Terrasynth, LLC, forms its partnerships using an affiliate program format that allows web design studios to market Terrasynth’s graphics as their own. This enables partner companies to take advantage of specialized 3D graphics at a discounted rate and focus on producing high-quality web design for their clients. The studio has developed a unique production process that makes inserting its 3D graphics into partners’ web designs simple and seamless.

Terrasynth, LLC, can be found online at

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Online Tech and Campfire Interactive Sign Managed SaaS Hosting Agreement

Online Tech and Campfire Interactive Sign Managed SaaS Hosting Agreement

Online Tech Managed Data Centers

Ann Arbor, MI (PRWEB) February 2, 2010

Online Tech, Michigan’s largest managed data center operator, and Campfire Interactive, an Ann Arbor-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software firm, announced a partnership to deliver Campfire’s PLM solution on managed servers in Online Tech’s SAS-70 certified data centers.

Pradeep Seneviratne, President of Campfire Interactive, said “we are clearly seeing the growing trend towards Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) running on managed servers. Many of our customers are deploying our advanced Product Lifecycle Management tools but don’t want to manage the servers and infrastructure. We selected Online Tech as our managed hosting partner to deliver our Software through a SaaS model for our clients. This allows us to operate as a tightly integrated team, and helps us focus on the business solution, and know that the underlying infrastructure will be reliable and cost-effective.”

“Our relationship began by hosting Campfire’s solution for a Fortune 50 company on our managed servers” said Mike Klein, President of Online Tech. “The customer needed to deploy Campfire’s PLM solution quickly and they preferred a hosted solution with a simple monthly fee over the challenge of getting a new application approved and supported through their corporate IT department. The customer was deploying Campfire’s solution for a mission critical business process - worldwide strategic planning and sales forecasting. This meant that the deployment had to meet all of the global enterprise-scale security and reliability concerns of a Fortune 50 company. We met all the customer requirements and helped them accelerate their time to market and minimize their long term support costs by delivering the software on managed servers.”

Online Tech’s SAS-70 certification smoothed the way to getting corporate approval for a managed hosting solution in Online Tech’s data centers. SAS-70 is a nationally recognized audit standard for evaluating the process and security control procedures across the data center that is required by Sarbanes-Oxley. The SAS-70 designation demonstrates that the data center has the proper controls and procedures around physical and network security, environmental controls, system availability and performance and those controls have been followed consistently over time.

Following the successful first deployment, other Campfire customers have already taken advantage of this partnership to utilize Online Tech’s services. Based on these multiple customer success, Campfire and Online Tech have decided to formalize their partnership and offer the solution to Campfire’s entire customer base.

As part of the agreement, Campfire’s customers can host their mission critical PLM software on Online Tech’s managed servers located in their world-class Michigan data centers for a fraction of the cost of maintaining a full-fledged data center. This helps Campfire Interactive rapidly deliver its offerings across a broad range of vertical markets including Automotive, Chemical, Electronics and Semiconductors, and across a wide range of geographies. In addition, Campfire can now offer the convenience of hosting custom solutions for those clients who have unique needs.

About Online Tech

Online Tech ( is one of the Midwest’s Premier Managed Data Center Operators. Online Tech helps companies manage their growing demand for data and computing capacity through its SAS 70 secure and reliable multi-tenant data centers. With a full range of managed colocation and managed dedicated server offerings, industry leaders trust Online Tech to insure their servers are always on, always online, and always safe.

About Campfire Interactive

Campfire Interactive, Inc ( specializes in easy-to-use, enterprise class Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software. Solutions offered by Campfire include sales forecasting, cost and price estimation, change cost management, engineering change management and project portfolio management. Campfire’s solutions span across financial, engineering, quality and timing information are used by thousands of users in medium-size, to Fortune 500 companies to identify, plan and develop their product portfolios.



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TechXpress Launches New Interactive Website for Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils

TechXpress Launches New Interactive Website for Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils

San Luis Obispo, CA (PRWEB) December 23, 2010

TechXpress, a leading eCommerce solutions provider, unveiled a new interactive website this month for its Canadian based client, Manitoba Harvest, the largest integrated hemp food manufacturer in the world.

Among the new site’s improvements are an updated design with enhanced educational content, a more intuitive navigation, and an interactive shopping experience.

“ needs to be both an e-commerce website and educational tool. For us, it was crucial to partner with a web developer that understood how to handle the dual functions,” said Kelly Saunderson, Marketing Manager for Manitoba Harvest. “TechXpress appreciated our needs and offered cutting-edge solutions. We were so pleased with the site development we have already partnered with them for ongoing Internet marketing services.”

The new site is more interactive and harnesses the power of social media. Customers can rate and provide commentary on products, watch videos, participate in contests, and share content with friends on integrated sites like Facebook.

“Many people are just learning about hemp foods and hemp nutrition. Having an interactive, informative and engaging website is crucial to educate and introduce people to hemp foods,” said Saunderson.

Hemp foods continue to break into the mainstream, with hemp grocery sales growing steadily as more people discover the health benefits of the plant. With the richest vegetable source of Omega-3 and Omega-6, hemp has protein content comparable to soy beans and higher than that found in nuts, other seeds, meats, dairy products, fish and poultry. Hemp is also rich in fiber and minerals.

“It has been a pleasure working with Manitoba Harvest in the development of their new, cutting-edge website,” said Louis Camassa, Vice President of Web Services for TechXpress. “We pulled out all the stops to develop a site that would streamline the customer shopping experience and continue to position Manitoba Harvest as the industry leader in hemp foods.”

About TechXpress:

TechXpress specializes in helping organizations operate more efficiently and profitably by improving their use of technology. From computer & network management to cutting-edge Website and eCommerce solutions, we are committed to providing significant value to our clients, and living up to our slogan, "Your Technology Partner". For more information, visit or call 1-877-850-TECH (8324).

About Manitoba Harvest:

Founded in 1998, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils is the largest vertically-integrated hemp food manufacturer in the world. The company strives to manufacture the highest quality hemp foods, to educate people on the nutritional and environmental benefits of hemp, and to support sustainability in all that they do. For more information about the company or products, including recipes, visit

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Proactive Training Solutions Launches Its New Interactive Online Sales Training Platform, ADAPT VT

Proactive Training Solutions Launches Its New Interactive Online Sales Training Platform, ADAPT VT

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) September 14, 2009

For the past few decades, the most common means for training automotive sales staff has been on or off-site seminars / conferences. One disadvantage with this method has been the drop in productivity during those times as the sales staff attends the event (usually during business hours). The other is that although these seminars might pump up the sales staff, because the training is not continual in nature, the return on investment for the dealer may not be optimal.

While there is still a place and benefit to these methods, Proactive Training Solutions has recently introduced another option for dealers through its ADAPT VT Online Interactive Platform. ADAPT VT is an online and interactive comprehensive sales training platform for automotive dealerships. Topics include Telephone Training, Sales Training, BDC Training, Management Training, and Internet Training.

Many salespeople are at home in the showroom, but feel ill at ease on the phone. ADAPT VT provides staff with a game plan that they feel confident in and are confident in executing to capitalize on every opportunity, whether inbound or outbound. Successful training requires the repeated application of learned skills. With ADAPT VT, training is available 24/7 so that the dealership sales and management staff can train in increments during downtime or when most convenient. Additionally, with interactive exercises and comprehensive testing, salespeople can also practice with virtual customers and be held accountable for their training by management.

Lastly, ADAPT VT is a lifesaver for dealership sales managers. Regardless of turnover within the sales staff, new hires can train on ADAPT VT from day one, freeing up the managers to close deals, manage salesperson activity, and use their time wisely.

To learn more about ADAPT VT, visit

About Proactive Training Solutions:

Proactive Training Solutions was founded in 1991 by Alan Ram, who is recognized by many in the automotive industry as the best at increasing individual and dealership productivity through effective utilization of the telephone, Internet, and client base management. Through the years, Proactive Training Solutions has worked with several leading manufacturers, as well as tens of thousands of salespeople and managers. They have also worked with some of the nation's premier dealer groups, including the Penske Auto Group, Future Auto Group, and Staluppi Organization.


Alan Ram, President


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Metro Detroit’s Small Business Computer Specialists “The Computer Guys” Launch Their New Customer Interactive Website

Farmington Hills, MI (PRWEB) June 15, 2005

The Computers Guys Inc., known for their premium on-site computer and business solution technology services announces the debut of its new website,

The Computer Guys is a professional outsourced computer service company serving small businesses in South Eastern Lower Michigan. Our specialties are network planning (network consulting), Spam and Virus protection and ongoing network/computer maintenance. The Computer Guys also offers a new approach to business technology management by helping our clients understand the process and educating them on the importance essential upgrades, virus protection and on-going maintenance of their systems.

The same approach was taken when designing our new website. The site was designed for the purpose of having our clients interact with our company on an on-going basis as to any computer and network related service request and any customer service questions in order to provide an open forum of communication and response. “Small business does not have the luxury of waiting – we respond to every call as a priority so that we can be develop an on-going relationship with our clients” says Bill Yagiela, President.

The website also features service promotional offers that visitors can check for ongoing. The website launch promotion for the debut is “Get Out of Computer Trouble Free – see website for promotion details and to enroll in the promotion.

For more information about this website, visit or call 248-888-6860.

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Upper Bounds Interactive Releases New Virtual Environment for its Next Generation 3D Interface

Upper Bounds Interactive Releases New Virtual Environment for its Next Generation 3D Interface

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) December 1, 2005

The Wired theme for Tactile 3D is the epitome of cyberspace. The new environment blends wire-frame folder and drive containers with innovative file models that accurately represent their content. In addition to looking impressive the interface offers abilities not normally found in traditional file explorers. All objects may be user-placed in the 3D environment. The positions, and other information like what arrangement sorted objects take, are stored on a per-directory basis. Music tracks, pictures, and other content on both read-only media (CDs/DVDs) and hard drives can be organized by the user. The organization is remembered for each disc or folder separately. This allows, for example, favourite tracks to be "placed to the side" for easy identification next time.

Other benefits include a copy/move stack that allows multiple selections of files to be held simultaneously, thus reducing the time needed to organize your file system. Casey O'Brien, the art director at Upper Bounds Interactive, explains the situation.

"Part of the challenge we face with this product is the assumption that because it looks good it isn't functional. In fact there are features of this software that make it more useful and practical than traditional 2D file explorers. One example is the ability to cycle through photo thumbnails without launching a separate viewer. Another is the hot-key system that allows you to instantaneously jump from one location on your hard drive to another."

The list goes on: easy visual identification of recently modified, read-only, and hidden files; a sleep mode that gives other processes all the CPU they need when Tactile 3D doesn't have focus; and a quick-select mode that allows partial file names to be entered.

Upper Bounds has a clear short-term goal now that the Wired theme has been released: to better communicate how to use Tactile 3D effectively. A large part of the development cycle was spent making Tactile 3D a functional tool. This needs to be reflected in supporting documentation, tutorials, and demos.

Upper Bounds Interactive invites you to try the Tactile 3D interface by downloading it from The minimalist Orbis theme may be tried on an evaluation basis. The site also showcases additional screen-shots of the new Wired theme.

About Upper Bounds:

Upper Bounds Interactive Inc. is a privately owned software development company based in Vancouver, BC. The development team consists of software engineers and artists with a long and varied history in the console and PC video game industry. The Company was formed for the sole purpose of developing and publishing Tactile 3D and remains focused on that goal.

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Graphics Server .NET 3.0 Released with Interactive Designer

SEATTLE (PRWEB) October 18, 2005

Graphics Server Technologies, LP announced today that it has released Graphics Server .NET 3.0. This new upgrade provides innovative new capabilities including an Interactive Designer / Wizard, LiveCharting, and enhanced Widgets.

The new Interactive Designer allows quick prototyping of even complex charts. A developer can create a chart in five minutes or less, including connecting to data. Chart templates may be saved and reused to provide a consistent look across an application or a company. A standalone Interactive Designer can be distributed to end users or graphics specialists to develop the look and feel desired. Saved as templates, these designs can simply be returned to the developer to hook up to live data.

LiveCharting provides AJAX technology for chart images created with Graphics Server. Simply use the LiveChart control and you can refresh charts without refreshing the entire html page. No need to know or use javascript.

Graphics Server has long been an asset to developers all over the world. It’s extensive capabilities and functioning are what make it a powerful and comprehensive toolkit, while its low cost and simple licensing make it affordable and easy to own.

“The release of Graphics Server .NET 2.5 continues over 15 years of innovative graphing tools for Windows developers” said David Johnson, President of Graphics Server Technologies, L.P.    “Our original Graphics Server product shipped with Windows 3.1 and we are proud to continue the tradition of producing value-packed technology components for Windows developers” continued Mr. Johnson.

Graphics Server technology has won many awards from industry editors and readers over the years. In addition, the technology has been OEM’d by many leading technology companies, including Microsoft, Borland, Gupta, Cognos, ESRI, Liveware, and Wall Data.

Graphics Server .NET 2.5 is priced at $ 899 per developer and requires no additional server licenses for applications deployed on the Web. Upgrades from previous versions of Graphics Server are priced at $ 499. The no server license approach is virtually unique in the niche, where most competitors require expensive licenses and the associated administrative headaches.

More information about Graphics Server can be found at

Graphics Server Technologies can be reached at P.O. Box 4545, Seattle, WA 98104 and (206) 625-6900.

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