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Intelligence & Security Operating System To Blast Its Way In IDEX 2005

(PRWEB) January 27, 2005

Emirates Malaysia German IT Co, WLL was setup to serve and commercialise Security Technologies for the Government Sectors and Agencies, IT and Communication industries. It anticipates being an ICT leader within 15 years of inception in the industry.

EMG Black Box is one of the many products and solutions made available by EMGIT. It is a secured set of hardware, software, and solutions tailored and designed for a particular security need. It is a comprehensive set of mechanics that may be executed utilizing different operating systems, coupled with applications and defined solutions which when initiated will detect intrusion from layers and eliminate downtime caused by conventional security systems.

Emirates Malaysia German IT Co, WLL was setup in 1999 with the objectives of being both an intellectually and sociably responsible company to both community and ecosystem; to develop businesses in a challenging and manageable environment whilst introducing the market with innovative solutions and conformity; and to harness research and development in the industry.

Located at Workshop 3, Abu Dhabi Industrial City , The Emirates Malaysia German IT Company houses technicians, programmers, developers, support staff and R & D. It is also a base for manufacturing and test-bedding of specialized secured solutions and systems.

When Intellectual Property and highly critical data are central to your organization’s principal force, your security requirements must be met within the confinements of a vigilant and specialized solution. Customization is imperative to ensure excellent results, whilst focused problems are detected, analyzed and eliminated within the network

EMG Black Box System & Features:

The Master system is designed with a combination of Firewall Server, Auto Monitoring, Security Control Management, and Recovery Server.

The system has been especially designed to control and manage activities in any given IT management process.

Shadow System is designed specifically to replicate the Master Server. It is set to auto-enabled by default when the Master system fails to initiate within ten minutes.

Application System Using single database and user interface, the Application system is a highly scalable, enterprise-level, web-based data analysis and gateway built on processing technologies, and fully supporting three tiers client/server architecture configurations.

Backup Recovery System was specifically designed as a backup for all data within the architectural setup. During product development cycle, the Lockstep system will identify portions of the backup that need protection from unauthorized access.

CCTV Monitoring System is packaged with a complete solution for secured camera activities, inclusive of remote monitoring.

Computer Access System is specifically designed to log all access activities, using biometrics gears. Users are being informed on the effective utilization of biometrics tools.

Door Access System is implemented using specifics in biometrics, retina-scans, ID/Password for added security. Activities are logged in real-time to the main CPU ensuring effective monitoring. Logs can easily be generated thereafter.

Networking System offers 10Gbit Ethernet switch densities for Enterprises, ISPs and demanding backbones, including LAN, WAN and MAN. Empowered by EMGIT Co, it features the highly secured and guaranteed EMITC Operating System, which includes extensive security, multicast, and multi-protocol feature sets.

All EMGIT solutions and servers are unmatched and unparalleled. From certification programs, to hardware, software, policies, and solutions are professionally tailored for the requirements of each company.



Pulpo Media Releases (i)Hispanic Market & Media Intelligence Tool in Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

Silicon Valley, CA (PRWEB) September 30, 2013

Pulpo Media, the top-ranked digital Hispanic media solutions company, today announced that its ground-breaking Pulpo Planner Lite product will be available exclusively for trial during Hispanic Heritage Month, mid-September through mid-October, 2013. Trial offer begins on September 16th and ends on October 16th. Interested parties can access the free trial by signing up at:

The Pulpo Planner Lite product allows media professionals and advertisers to gain deep discernment of the online Hispanic – (i)Hispanic - market as it pertains to geographies, demographics, linguistics, and online platform preference - across acculturation levels.

Informed by its pioneering technical infrastructure, the Pulpo Planner Lite product makes multivariate data easily navigable and accessible via a simple graphical user interface – an interactive map. The solution empowers users to effortlessly pull valuable and actionable knowledge about the multifaceted Hispanic market, across multiple dimensions.

“Our innovative Pulpo Planner Lite product was developed in response to the needs of our customer base. This lite version of our robust Pulpo Planner solution allows advertisers to actively observe the dynamic (i)Hispanic market during Hispanic Heritage Month,” said Justin Kuykendall, CEO and founder of Pulpo Media. “By diving deeply into this prized consumer segment, marketers will gain valuable insights to inform more efficient marketing efforts that both reach AND touch the iHispanic.”

Marla Skiko, Executive Vice President, Director of Digital Innovation for SMG’s Multicultural Division, added: “Pulpo Planner Lite is a great new marketing and media tool that simplifies the process of accessing Hispanic market intelligence to give advertisers a more holistic view of the Hispanic consumer across digital channels.”

Dr. Jake Beniflah, Executive Director for The Center for Multicultural Science, confirmed: “Pulpo Planner Lite is one of the most comprehensive Hispanic market and media intelligence planning tools available today. It features an in-culture geo-demographic mapping tool, more than 20 key demographic variables based on the Census, and a robust acculturation model to help identify key segments of the U.S. multicultural population.” He added, “Pulpo Planner Lite drives real marketing program performance for leading brands, and delivers value for advertising agencies – turning every media planner into a multicultural media planning expert."

About Pulpo Planner Lite

Pulpo Planner Lite, a lighter version of Pulpo Media’s robust (i)Hispanic Media Planning Tool – Pulpo Planner, brings complex, multi-faceted (i)Hispanic consumer data to a user’s fingertips. The breadth and depth of the solution enables customers to speedily filter and process very rich data across the (i)Hispanic landscape – from national to local levels, with the ease of a click. By doing so, Pulpo Planner Lite demystifies the complex (i)Hispanic market and empowers media and marketing executives with actionable knowledge and insights to inform programs that drive greater relevance and improved ROI.

About Pulpo Media

Pulpo Media, the first comprehensive (i)Hispanic media solutions provider, employs world class proprietary technology for advertisers to better reach, and personally connect to, the online Hispanic consumer -- at every stage of acculturation and across all digital platforms. Pulpo Media combines its top ranked media offering with hyper-relevant segmentation, authentic (1:1) messaging, and in-depth analytics to drive campaign ROI and brand engagement, among the influential (i)Hispanic. This holistic solution empowers advertisers to more efficiently and effectively drive mind and market share gains across the total Hispanic market. Based in Silicon Valley, CA, Pulpo Media is privately held.

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50 Years Old and Still Bounding Over the Counter: Klines Healthcare Practice Continues to Deliver Unmatched OTC Market Intelligence

Parsippany, NJ (PRWEB UK) 24 September 2013

With over half a century of market insights on the U.S. consumer healthcare market, Kline & Company expects that new paradigm shifts in regulations, retail, and technology will create new opportunities for medications to move along the Rx-to-OTC continuum and more growth prospects for the U.S. OTC market. Additionally, with the OTC medication market in the United States nearing $ 23 billion in 2012 alone and with the FDA - through its recent NSURE (Nonprescription Safe Use Regulatory Expansion) initiative - showing encouraging indications that it is becoming more receptive to allowing more Rx-to-OTC switches, the U.S. OTC market is fast returning to pre-recession health.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Kline’s distinguished Nonprescription Drugs USA report continues to provide the most comprehensive market intelligence expanding its longstanding OTC drugs industry know-how to include indispensable research on related topics including Natural OTCs, OTC Retailing, OTC Innovations, Impact of Recessions on the U.S. OTC Market, OTC Drugs: U.S. Competitor Cost Structures, OTC Consumer/Shopper Insights and a series of reports on Rx-to-OTC Switch.

In recent years, the U.S. OTC market has been hindered by significant product recalls by major players, with the resultant vacuum - abetted by recession-affected ever cost-conscious consumers - largely claimed by private-label alternatives. Laura Mahecha, industry manager at Kline’s Healthcare Practice, adds, “The impact and profound magnitude of ongoing economic uncertainty is borne out by more than half of respondents in a recent Kline survey disclosing that they’d changed how they purchased OTC drugs. Specifically, nearly a quarter of those surveyed choose private label OTC drugs whenever possible because of their perceived cost advantage.”

Despite the stronghold private-label products have on the market and the highly competitive nature of this market, there is still room for OTC brands to grow and prosper in the coming years with increased focus from major companies on innovations, new product launches and line extensions, and strategic marketing plans.

Currently, Rx-to-OTC switches continue to be a major force driving the OTC market as they increasingly involve large widely used products and drive demand by bringing ex-Rx users to the OTC market. Major Rx-to-OTC switches introduced since 1976 account for nearly $ 4,555 million in sales in 2012 and represent 32.8% of overall OTC sales (excluding home diagnostics, vitamins and minerals, and herbal products). The increased numbers of switch approvals by the FDA are expected to lead to future gains for the U.S. OTC market and could even create brand new, never-before-available-without-a-prescription categories.

The U.S. OTC market has evolved markedly, beginning with the FDA establishing an OTC review/Monograph system in the 1970s and the landmark Rx-to-OTC switch of hydrocortisone and its subsequent inclusion in OTC first-aid and anti-itch medications. The 1980s saw a recession fuelled spike in private-label OTC sales and the approval of ibuprofen as an OTC drug, in addition to the approval of many allergy, cough, and cold ingredients bringing brands like Nyquil, Benadryl, Triaminic, and Actifed to market.

View our 50 year overview graphic on Evolution of the U.S. OTC Market 1963-2013.

Download the file here or copy paste

There are challenges for OTC marketers including but not limited to private-label competition, retailer SKU rationalization, cost-conscious consumers, consolidated number of competitors, and increased scrutiny of manufacturing and quality assurance procedures. However, opportunities exist to see increased levels of growth over the next few years for the companies that have solid brands, good claims, strategic marketing, a steady stream of innovations and line extensions, and efficient and compliant processes.


dashboardMD Partners with Henry Scheins MicroMD to Provide Integrated Healthcare Analytics and Turnkey Business Intelligence Reporting

(PRWEB) June 03, 2013

dashboardMD, a leading provider of business intelligence reporting solutions for healthcare, is further expanding its healthcare dashboards and intelligent reporting solutions through a strategic partnership with Henry Schein MicroMD


RKNet Studios Announced Game Download from Play Store of Intelligence Game 21 Ninja – for Brain Fitness and Development of Cognitive and Social Skills

Middletown, NJ (PRWEB) June 25, 2013

Anant Goel, CEO at RKNet stated: "21 Ninja is an intelligence game for hours of fun, brain fitness, and development of cognitive skills and social skills. You can play against the computer as your playmate or challenge a friend in a game for two. Game is fun to play, and challenging the computer, or challenging your friends, is even more awesome when you win."

21 Ninja is a real life intelligence game that engages and develops 21 cognitive skills and can last 30 minutes of fun. Game shows the skills engaged and developed. It continuously keeps the score, monitors the progress, and at the end of the game it grades players' cognitive skills.

Everyone has cognitive abilities, but not everyone's cognitive abilities are the same.

There are some natural differences that separate the potential of an astronaut from a taxi driver. People can, at any age, improve their cognitive capacity, speed and accuracy. When they do, everything that relies on those cognitive skills gets easier, faster and more efficient.

21 Ninja is played with computer generated Ninja cards and a cognitions game board on screen.

Number of Players: One plays against the computer to engage, develop, and grade cognitive skills... Two play against each other to challenge and develop social skills.

Computer Deals: Random Ninja cards from the deck with 4 Ghost Ninja cards.

Game Start: First name player can start by picking and placing the Ninja card in the open stage for Ninja challenge. Ghost Ninja, when served, is used to disrupt challenger's Ninja force or skip the turn to gain strategic advantage.

Score: Running score is updated each time a player has three Ninja cards of the same suite in a winning formation horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Ninja Warrior Plays: There are 3 Ninja suites in the deck: Red Ninja, Black Ninja, and the Ghost Ninja.

Ghost Ninja Play: introduce a low-probability, high-impact event in the game. This concept is introduced to increase players ability to adapt to real surprises in life. Such sudden incidents might constitute as turning points in the game and replicate life events that change or greatly impact the final outcomes.

The objective of the game is to Hunt for Ninja formations for scoring opportunities, Block the opponent from scoring, strategically Plan ahead, and Disrupt opponents scoring formations when winning.

21 Ninja game is designed in the labs but proven in real life to engage, exercise, nurture, and develop a range of 21 cognitive skills from working memory to fluid intelligence.

In a game between an adult and a youth, the adult can take the fun opportunity to teach and mentor on the basis of shared interests and nurture the youth's memory skills, logical thinking and reasoning skills, decision making skills, risk taking and risk aversion skills, and social skills such as turn taking, graceful winning [or losing] and being patient with others.

Integration of multiple cognitive skills in one competitive game makes 21 Ninja fun to play; and more beneficial than brain-training computer games. Repeating one or two cognitive skills in brain-training games, again and again, is like revving your car engine in Neutral while sitting in your driveway, going nowhere.

Anant Goel said:"Train the brain and develop cognitive skills with 21 Ninja. Challenge the computer or friends to develop social skills. There are no limitations in age and brain power. This is an interactive game for kids and adults, people of all ages."

Be social. Play, chat and share achievements with friends and family!

Be the best! Play at the party and have the family join-in the fun or make it a challenging pair game with friends!

Publish comments and suggestions on Google Play Store and rate the game. Send player's high scores to receive Certificate of Excellence and T-shirt bonus prize!

Cognitions Bridge games can be downloaded on tablets from Google PLAY Store or the Apple APP Store.

Launch Press:

Download from Play Store:

Download from App Store:

About RKNet Studios:

Founded in 2007, parent company of RKNet Studios develops digital media content and mobile apps for the global audiences. Created by NJBIN award winning team; Cognitions Bridge mobile apps and games are for education, entertainment, brain fitness, and development of cognitive and social skills. The developers bring over 40 years of experience in technology, Applied Cognitive Psychology, communications, and applied operator training systems for fast moving Nuclear Power Control Rooms.


JETNET To Exhibit at 2013 Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition – Aviation Intelligence Firm Celebrating 25th Anniversary

Utica, NY (PRWEB) March 22, 2013

JETNET LLC, the world leader in aviation market intelligence, will exhibit at ABACE 2013 in Shanghai, China and is celebrating 25 years of delivering professional aircraft research services. JETNET will present their full range of software products and services at the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport at Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Service Centre. This year's ABACE runs April 16th-18th. JETNET will be in booth H214.

JETNET is the leading provider of professional, business, and commercial aviation research services, and has been providing state-of-the-art services since 1988. We're proud to be celebrating 25 years of serving the aviation industry, said Vincent Esposito, JETNET President. Every year we're shining a brighter light on the aircraft market, giving industry professionals better ways to grow their businesses. That's kept us growing for a quarter of a century.

Among JETNET's clientele are leading manufacturers, suppliers, and government and advocacy groups for business and commercial aviation worldwide. The company employs a full-time staff of more than 40 research specialists who contact industry professionals around the world each business day. They make real-time updates to the most comprehensive database of its kind. At the close of 2012, JETNET's database held information on more than 18,000 business turboprops, 19,000 business jets, 28,000 helicopters, and 35,000 commercial aircraft, a stunning total of more than 100,000 aircraft.

At JETNET it's all about reliable information and market intelligence, said Paul Cardarelli, JETNET Director of Sales and Marketing. Our staff solicits original information from sources directly associated with aircraft. The data they gather is reviewed and confirmed for accuracy and completeness. It's then added to the JETNET database for instantaneous access by our clientele, a network of aviation professionals around the globe.

JETNET gathers comprehensive details on aircraft owners and operators, lessors and lessees, fractional owners, airframe, engine and cabin specifications, transaction histories on aircraft dating back 25 years, and comprehensive market details on aircraft for sale.

The company's flagship product, Evolution Marketplace, combines the vast JETNET aircraft database with its comprehensive global listing of Aircraft For Sale. The software suite features an intuitive and customizable graphical user interface, so subscribers can view charts, tables and selective information, depending on their needs. Their alternative service, Evolution Aerodex, is tailored for FBOs, maintenance shops and other service providers who need timely information on turbine aircraft and their owners and operators worldwide. Aerodex provides the same fleet data and functionality as Evolution Marketplace, without the aircraft for sale component.

JETNET also offers aviation professionals a variety of ancillary services. JETNET's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service is designed exclusively for aviation professionals-specifically aircraft dealers and brokers, financiers, insurers, FBOs, airport managers and aviation product or service providers. JETNET CRM provides instant access to their entire worldwide database of aircraft, owners and operators, to which users can add and organize their own contact information for an exclusive combined database.

JETNET SPI (Sales Price Index) provides actual selling prices of aircraft, along with averages and statistical information on used retail sale prices of whole aircraft. Information is gathered directly from owners, operators, chief pilots, sellers and purchasers, including sale prices by aircraft category. Users can generate charts and graphs with statistical averages on make, model, year, days on market and more.

Aviation Business Index (ABI) is a worldwide portal for aviation information featuring hundreds of aircraft for sale listings from reputable brokers and dealers throughout the world. Visitors to ABI can also navigate through JETNET derived reports and listings for aviation products and services, market reports and lists, aircraft owners and operators, aircraft dealers and brokers, FBOs, aircraft financiers and insurance providers, and industry news and events.

JETNET iQ (Intelligence Quarterly) is the firm's members-only business aviation market forecasting and premium advisory service. Produced in partnership with the Rolland Vincent & Associates aviation consultancy of Dallas, TX, JETNET iQ performs insightful surveys of 500 business aircraft owners and operators every quarter. There are three components to JETNET iQ:

JETNET iQ REPORTS, definitive references with state-of-the-industry analyses, customer insights and detailed 10-year delivery and fleet forecasts.

JETNET iQ CONSULTING for customized research and analysis on a project-by-project basis.

JETNET iQ SUMMITS, networking opportunities to learn about emerging developments and interact with other industry thought leaders. The next JETNET iQ global Summit takes place on June 5, 2013 at the W Hotel in New York City. More information is available at

Since our founding, we've never rested in improving our products and services, added Esposito. We look forward to many more years of providing exactly what our subscribers ask for. JETNET is inviting ABACE attendees to learn more about their products and services at booth H214 at this year's show.

For 25 years, JETNET has delivered the most comprehensive and reliable business aircraft research to its exclusive clientele of aviation professionals worldwide. JETNET is the ultimate source for information and intelligence on the worldwide business, commercial, and helicopter aircraft fleet and marketplace, comprised of some 100,000 airframes. Headquartered in its state-of-the-art facility in Utica, NY, JETNET offers comprehensive user-friendly aircraft data via real-time internet access or regular updates.

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Business Intelligence Provider Hoovers Releases Latest Edition of The Hoovers 100 List of the Top 100 Companies Searched Most on its Site

Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 13, 2006

Hoovers, Inc., a D&B company that gives its customers a competitive edge with insightful business information about industries, companies and key decision makers, today announced the May 2006 edition of The Hoovers 100, a monthly list of the companies most searched on Hoovers Web site (

Derived by tracking the search requests of Hoovers subscribers, The Hoovers 100 company list provides insight about those companies being most closely watched by corporate executives, as well as sales, marketing, and business development professionals, who represent a large portion of Hoovers customers seeking business intelligence. The Hoovers 100 officially launched last month and will be updated monthly.

There was plenty of movement on this months edition of The Hoovers 100. Some companies like Wachovia announced huge deals, while others like YUM! Brands reaped the rewards of big advertising efforts, said Tim Walker, Hoovers industry analyst. Intels rise in the May rankings came from a mix of good and bad news. Intel is still a powerful company, but these days it seems bewildered about which direction to go.

The news behind the biggest movers ranged from strategy shifts, to major sponsorship deals, to top executive moves and acquisitions.

Intel Corporation (From #41 to #19)

For the longest time, Intel has been a synonym for juggernaut in the microchip business. But in recent years, perennial also-ran Advanced Micro Devices the #2 maker of microprocessors behind Intel has eaten into Intels seemingly unassailable lead in the market for computer CPU chips. This spring Intel CEO Paul Otellini, who took over the companys top spot just a year ago, announced that the company would undergo a period of strategic self-examination as it tries to forge a new direction for itself. A first step will be making its new Core 2 line of energy-efficient microprocessors as popular as its aging Pentium brand.

YUM! Brands Inc. (From #79 to #51)

The recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken really was invented in Kentucky, and now the corporate parent of KFC makes its headquarters there, too. YUM! Brands operates more fast-food outlets than any other company; besides KFC, it owns Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Long John Silvers. In May, the company called attention to itself with the first installment of its multi-year sponsorship of the Kentucky Derby. Besides highlighting YUM! Brands Kentucky roots (it is the second-largest public company based in the state, after Humana), the horseracing sponsorship is meant to boost awareness of the company among potential individual investors. In a very different sort of race held at the end of May, YUM! Brands sponsored Marco Andrettis second-place car in the Indianapolis 500.

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (From #77 to #58)

Goldman Sachs usually makes headlines because of its seeming ability to print money. Now Goldmans chairman and CEO, Hank Paulson, is slated to take over the outfit that actually prints U.S. money the Department of the Treasury. Besides being one of the most powerful people on Wall Street, Paulson is a committed environmentalist. He is an avid hiker and birdwatcher, and serves as the chairman of The Nature Conservancy. Pending Senate confirmation of his appointment, Paulson will take the Cabinet role first held by Alexander Hamilton, and hand off the Goldman reins to company veteran Lloyd Blankfein.

Wachovia Corporation (From #57 to #32)

In the world of big banks, consolidation is the name of the game. Wachovia Corporation, itself the product of First Unions 2001 purchase of the old Wachovia, has executed a string of acquisitions to keep pace with larger rivals Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America all of which have been on long buying sprees of their own. After buying Westcorp and its WFS Financial subsidiary earlier in the year, Wachovia came back into the limelight in May when it announced plans to acquire the big California-based thrift Golden West Financial for more than $ 25 billion.

The Hoovers 100 Company List for May 2006:

Rank, Company, Last Mo., Change

1, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.,1


Intuitive Business Intelligence Signs Reseller Agreement with iceoom

Manchester, UK (PRWEB UK) 9 October 2012

The partnership allows iceooms clients to benefit from the advanced capabilities of Intuitive Dashboards, which empowers users to create customised dashboards which present critical management information in a single, consolidated and highly graphical format enabling faster, more accurate decision-making. The dashboard solution provides proactive alerts to potential issues in areas such as finance, sales, marketing, and operations, while also enabling users to drill-down to the root cause of issues in a matter of seconds. The new partnership will focus on delivering turnkey solutions incorporating Intuitive Dashboards, to meet the needs of a wide range of public sector and commercial organisations.

Our customers have been asking for easier to use and quicker to deploy data visualisation and dashboard tools, said Niels Martin Ish


Intuitive Business Intelligence and ETIAH Partner to Deliver Interactive, Real-Time Dashboards for Customers in the United States and Canada

Montreal, QC & Needham, MA, USA (PRWEB UK) 25 April 2012

Intuitive Business Intelligence Limited, ( the author of award-winning advanced business intelligence (BI) dashboard software, Intuitive Dashboards, announced today that it has signed a reseller agreement with ETIAH, (, a leading SAP and business process consultancy in North America.

The partnership allows ETIAH clients to benefit from the advanced capabilities of Intuitive Dashboards, which empowers users to create highly-interactive, graphical real-time dashboard views of their financial and operational data, based upon the metrics and KPIs that matter most to the user.

Our customers have been asking for easier to use and quicker to deploy data visualization and dashboard tools, said Frank Rubio, VP Sales and Alliances, ETIAH. Intuitive Dashboards is the perfect graphical reporting complement to our customers that may already have other dedicated or embedded BI tools implemented within their ERP infrastructure. Its also a great dashboard solution for clients who are looking to gain quick insight and make better decisions in areas where they dont have the time or resources for a traditional BI project.

We had a number of requirements in choosing a dashboard, continued Rubio. In addition to fast implementation, a drag and drop data visualization interface, and zero training requirements for end-users, it also had to be completely Web-based. Intuitive Dashboards met all of our criteria and then some.

The typical ERP solution contains a huge amount of very valuable data, but getting that data in an actionable format to end-users isnt always easy, said John Kitchen, President of Intuitive Business Intelligence, Americas. As a result of this partnership with ETIAH, ERP users in the United States and Canada will benefit from a web enabled solution that gives them the power to quickly visualize, interpret and manage critical operational data so that they can make faster, more accurate business decisions.

Intuitive Business Intelligence and ETIAH partnership/continued

About Intuitive Business Intelligence and Intuitive Dashboards

Intuitive Business Intelligence Limited ( is a rapidly-growing technology innovator in the field of Business Intelligence (BI) software solutions. Their products enable organizations to save time and money by making faster, more accurate decisions based on the wide-ranging data sources and systems that already exist within their business. Their flagship product, Intuitive Dashboards, empowers users with a single, consolidated, real-time view of critical business information, combined with proactive alerts to potential shortfalls in performance against the clients most important metrics and KPIs.


ETIAH is a leading IT consulting and business process management company that specializes in the delivery of SAP and Business Intelligence (BI) turnkey solutions. ETIAH provides SAP full lifecycle implementations, upgrades, change management, post-production support, global rollouts, enterprise mobility solutions, and cloud services. ETIAH is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec with offices in the USA and Canada.

For further information, contact:

John Kitchen, Intuitive Business Intelligence


t: 1.781.326.3243

Frank Rubio, ETIAH

e: frank(dot)rubio(at)etiah(dot)com

t: 1.703.291.4362

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CFO Rapid Fire Cloud Based Business Intelligence Announces Integration with Intacct Cloud Accounting to Set New Standard for Financial Reporting

Novi, MI & San Jose, CA (PRWEB) April 10, 2012

CFO Rapid Fire business intelligence allows users to analyze and trend all of their companys data from anywhere and at any-time, said Meg Potts, founding partner of CFO Rapid Fire. Partnering with Intacct is a natural extension of our goal to provide users with a 360 degree interactive experience with their business information. The ability of a company to trend its non-financial enterprise data with its accounting/ERP data is unparalleled in any other application.

At the core of the CFO Rapid Fire / Intacct-Ready module is Instalytics, a brand new way of seeing, reading and interpreting financial statements. Instalytics provides the first breakthrough in financial reporting in years no longer constrained by the traditional current year, prior year flat view of financial reporting; financial statements take on a new life, allowing users to view any time period, in any format, for any account at a click of a button.

The drill down capability of Intacct is replicated in Instalytics and allows a company to further refine and extend the reach of Intacct to other areas of their business. Companies are using this new method of reporting to track and trend side by side periods, quarters, and years, while at the same time using the broad functionality of CFO Rapid Fire to marry trends with their other data sources. This new technology doesnt stop with financial statements; it applies to EVERY source of information within Intacct including project management, project accounting, and sales force automation. Instalytics is addictive. Were able to provide our customers with what they need to see, when they want to see it, wherever they are, added Gregory Thomas, founding partner of CFO Rapid Fire.

CFO Rapid Fire can be a useful tool for our joint customers that want to analyze and trend their financial data with other operational data, said Dan Miller, vice president of Product Management for Intacct. CFO Rapid Fire makes it easy for companies to pull data from multiple sources such as Intacct, payroll, point of sale, purchasing into one system for analysis and reporting.

About the Intacct-Ready Partner Program

Under the Intacct-Ready Partner Program, Intacct partners with leading companies to develop and certify integration between their cloud computing-based applications and technologies and Intacct's cloud financial management applications. More information on how to achieve Intacct-Ready status is available at

About CFO Rapid Fire, LLC.

Established in 2010, CFO Rapid Fire, LLC is the creator of CFO Rapid Fire the interactive, cloud based, business intelligence system that captures business data from any available source and translates it into exciting visualizations providing bold and interactive graphical displays of information that result in bottom line change. The company was founded by enterprising finance professionals Gregory Thomas and Meg Potts, whose vision of providing real-time access to critical and relevant business analytics continues to define the company.

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