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Two Leading Central Pennsylvania Court Reporting Firms Join Forces Offering Innovative Technology and Training to Assist Clients in Managing Complexities of Litigation

Harrisburg/York, PA (PRWEB) December 26, 2013

"Our mission is to make things simple for our clients. This era of constantly evolving technology can be complex and frustrating. GLFM will offer solutions and training to help our clients make the most of the technologies available," says Robin L. Smith, partner and marketing director for the firm.

Geiger & Loria Reporting Service and Filius & McLucas Reporting Service have been leading providers of court reporting and litigation support in the Central Pennsylvania area for over a half century. Both firms owe their longevity to a continual commitment and focus on providing superior court reporting services and excellent customer service. "We are excited about joining in business with another dedicated and respected court reporting firm. Combining services will enable us to provide a greater level of service for a larger coverage area," says Gail D. McLucas, partner and Registered Professional Reporter.

About Geiger & Loria Reporting Service

This firm was established in 1950 and remains one of the oldest court reporting firms in Central Pennsylvania. Their mission throughout their history has been to offer the latest technology to support their clients' litigation needs. They were among the first to offer computer-aided transcription and alternate transcript formats, as well as the first satellite deposition in the area.

About Filius & McLucas Reporting Service, Inc.

Established in 1983 with a staff of highly trained, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic reporters, the firm has had extensive experience in handling complex asbestos, medical malpractice, patent, and technical litigation. Recent videoconferencing capability has enhanced attorneys' access to clients and witnesses worldwide.

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Richard Kaplan Named Ringling College of Art and Design’s Vice President for Marketing and Innovative Partnerships

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) September 03, 2013

Ringling College of Art and Design President Dr. Larry Thompson today announced the appointment of Mr. Richard Kaplan as Ringling College of Art and Design's Vice President for Marketing & Innovative Partnerships.

As Ringling College continues to evolve its programs and compete more heavily for the best and brightest students worldwide, the President stated that redefining and broadening the College brand, strengthening marketing efforts, and maximizing opportunities for additional revenue streams are essential strategies to complement its degree program offerings.

“Rich is a dynamic and innovative creative leader who served as a Creativity Champion for Ringling College’s Imagination Conversation in November 2011,” said Dr. Thompson. “He is a visionary who understands strategic marketing at the highest levels and will help make us develop this aspect as we attempt to attract new students, donors, supporters, and partners for the College. He also will help us analyze and develop new strategic partnerships to increase additional revenue streams because we can no longer continue to rely solely on the traditional tuition model in order for this institution to thrive. I am so pleased to be able to bring him to the Ringling College campus to work with us in expanding the Ringling College reputation and brand.”

In his new role, Mr. Kaplan will work with President Thompson on strategic growth initiatives. Kaplan will oversee Marketing, the madeby Gallery, and the College’s ancillary enterprises: the Englewood Art Center, Longboat Key Center for the Arts, and the Ringling College Center for Creativity/RC3. He will also focus on expanding the College’s corporate alliances and will work closely with the President’s Office and the new AVP for Collaborative Enterprises, Cynthia Gravino.

Mr. Kaplan has an extensive background in both sales and marketing, most recently as the President and Chief Brand Officer of the Tervis Tumbler Company, where he has worked since 2008. Kaplan was instrumental in reimagining and expanding the Tervis brand, creating a national advertising campaign, and developing an innovative strategic direction for the company, which propelled it to national prominence. Under his leadership, Kaplan saw sales growth increase 60% year over year as he increased product distribution channels and licensing agreements.

Today, Tervis products are carried on, Tervis-owned stores, and 5,000 distributors nationwide, including big box retailers such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, and Hallmark. Prior to being promoted to President of Tervis, Kaplan held the position of Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for the company, and was responsible for overseeing the sales force, Tervis-owned stores, the online store, the website, and directed all licensing, marketing, and product development teams.

Prior to joining Tervis in 2008, Kaplan worked with a number of top-tier consumer brands including a 20-year stint at Levi Strauss & Co., and JNCO Jeans Company. He is lauded professionally for his innovative thinking, breakthrough brand building programs, and his success in creating dynamic marketing teams, as well as his affinity for pursuing and developing relationships with top-tier national companies and their brands.

Reacting to his new post and his aspirations for his role at Ringling College, Kaplan commented, "I am extremely excited to join the Ringling team. I am passionate about enabling people to succeed, attain their goals, and creating an atmosphere where people can debate, participate, communicate openly and develop to their highest capabilities. At the end of the day, we will celebrate our accomplishments and have fun!"

About Ringling College of Art and Design

Ringling College of Art and Design is a private, not-for-profit, fully accredited college offering the Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in 13 disciplines: Advertising Design, Computer Animation, Digital Filmmaking, Fine Arts, Game Art & Design, Graphic Design Illustration, Interior Design, Motion Design, Painting, Photography & Digital Imaging, Printmaking and Sculpture, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Business of Art & Design. Located on Florida's Gulf Coast, the picturesque 48-acre campus now includes more than 100 buildings, and enrolls nearly 1,300 students from the United States and abroad. It is recognized as being among the best and most innovative visual arts colleges in the United States as well as a leader in the use of technology in the arts.


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SLP Launches the Home Version of BiteStrip – a New Innovative Sleep Bruxism Screener

(PRWEB) November 3, 2005

Tel-Aviv, Israel SLP, a leading developer of physiological sensors for diagnosing sleep disorders, launched the home version of BiteStrip, a new innovative Sleep Bruxism Screener, which can identify the existence and frequency of bruxism.

This accurate, single-use home screening device can be used to confidently and precisely prepare for and evaluate bruxing therapy, treatment of a malocclusion, occlusal restoration, snoring and sleep apnea treatment, and temporomandibular joint pain therapies.

Bruxism is the medical term for grinding, gnashing or clenching the teeth. This condition affects both children and adults. Some people with bruxism unconsciously clench their teeth during the day, often when they feel anxious or tense. When children, who have bruxism, and some adults with the condition, grind or clench their teeth during sleep, this is called sleep bruxism.

Studies that have been published recently at the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation and the International Journal of Prosthodontics indicated a need to standardize methods for clinical assessment of bruxism and that tooth wear status is not predictive of ongoing bruxism level. Realizing the increasing need in simple, cost effective diagnostics of real-time sleep bruxism, SLP just launched the homecare medical device of BiteStrip.

An alternative to formal sleep and EMG studies, the BiteStrip is a low-cost, easy-to-use device given to a patient suspected of bruxing. The self-adhesive BiteStrip contains a sophisticated micro CPU that operates real-time acquisition and analysis software designed to detect and count EMG signals from the masticatory muscles during sleep.

A score representing a range of events is recorded on the permanent display. The score, interpreted by the doctor, indicates the existence and frequency of bruxing. More complementary information about bruxism and the innovative BiteStrip device, both for doctors and patients can be found at BiteStrip website,

About BiteStrip

The BiteStrip is a low cost, disposable self-use home test for Sleep Bruxism. Its indications correlate well with comparable indications from formal sleep lab studies. It is available through health providers worldwide at a low price to the public and as a self-administered or prescription test.

The BiteStrip unit can be included as a part of the patients permanent medical record and used as a follow-up tool to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment as well. For more details, please visit BiteStrip website at,

About SLP

Established in 1993, SLP Ltd. has become a leading developer of physiological sensors for diagnosing sleep disorders. The companys products are distributed all over the world and in use by physicians from different disciplines.

SLPs sensors are primarily used in sleep labs, but also have applications in EEG and cardiology. SLP sensors measure respiration effort, airflow, snoring, body position, and movement. SLPs experienced team has a deep understanding of sleep disorders. The Company products offer the highest performance while addressing evolving technological requirements. For further information, please contact SLP at: +1 (630) 513-7479 or

# # #

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Northeast Indiana Innovation Center Provides Early Stage Capital Funding & Entrepreneurial Business Assistance to Two Innovative Student Businesses

Fort Wayne, IN (PRWEB) May 01, 2013

The Northeast Indiana Innovation Center ( is pleased to announce the entry of two new student venture companies into NIICs nationally recognized Student Venture Lab program. Live Capture Sound LLC and D-n-S Design Company have both moved in and begun the venture start-up process this month.

As part of the Student Venture Lab program (, student companies receive an early stage funding investment (typically $ 3,000) and six months of office space & business services at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Campus (an in-kind investment valued at $ 3,000) in exchange for a small amount of equity in the student venture.

During the six month period, the student ventures use the lean start-up canvas and customer development tools to create a product demonstration, a business model, and validate both of those with prospective customers. Ventures receive one-on-one coaching from Mike Fritsch, the Innovation Centers Entrepreneur-In-Residence (

At the end of the six month term, each venture will demonstrate their product and their customer-validated business model at Demo Day to investors, bankers, and other leaders of the regions business and technology community. Ventures that have shown tangible progress during the first six months may receive up to two additional phases of follow-on business funding (totaling over $ 8,500 in additional early stage capital) and office space & business services to accelerate their venture's growth and development.

Live Capture Sound LLC is led by Jeremy Harmeyer, a student at University of St. Francis and Andrew Miller, a recent graduate. Live Capture offers live event production and sound recording as well as recorded advertisements. Live Capture aims at delivering the highest quality product without the high cost. Live Capture provides records and produces live sound for musicians, venues, TV and radio ads, video games, Internet videos, and any other application requiring quality sound.

D-n-S Design Company is led by Lindal Walker and Matthew Vanlandingham, both students at ITT Technical Institute. D-n-S provides various digital media-based products including web sites, mobile apps, digital graphics design and their big project, video games.

"For the past five years, the Innovation Center has invested financial and entrepreneurial training in the next generation of student entrepreneurial leaders. Instead of taking a ob, our students are making a job and career for themselves and others," stated Karl R. LaPan, President and CEO.

For more information, contact Student Venture Lab Program Manager Mike Fritsch at 260-407-1754 or mfritsch(at)niic(dot)net.

Live Capture Sound LLC, Jeremy Harmeyer, can be reached at livecapturesound(at)gmail(dot)com.

D-n-S Design Company, Lindal Walker, can be reached at

Northeast Indiana Innovation Center (NIIC) - NIIC is a non-profit, community-based resource center that catalyzes the growth and development of innovative companies in Northeast Indiana, thereby diversifying, improving, and growing the region's economy and enhancing our community's vitality.

NIICs Student Venture Lab is made possible by generous contributions from The Lincoln Financial Foundation, iAB Financial Bank, The Edward M. & Mary McCrea Wilson Foundation, and private individual & corporate donors. Any future proceeds from NIICs equity investments in Student Venture Lab ventures will be reinvested in support of the mission to grow the next generation of student entrepreneurial leaders. Interested in applying for an investment in your student venture or business? Contact Mike Fritsch at mfritsch(at)niic(dot)net for more information.

Check out our angel funding blog at


Innovative Trucking Software Gains High Performance User Interface Options With Web Browser Access

Beachwood, Ohio (PRWEB) April 18, 2013

TMW Systems


SPI Launches Innovative One-Step Concrete Resurfacing and Waterproofing Polyurea Elastomer

Lakewood, Washington State (PRWEB) May 01, 2013

After substantial R&D and successful field testing, Specialty Products, Inc. (SPI) has unveiled the innovative Synergy Series Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3 elastomeric bridging polyurea. This cutting edge technology provides a cost-effective, one-step solution for concrete waterproofing and resurfacing. Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3 forms a seamless, monolithic surface that seals and protects concrete, eliminating the time-consuming and costly process of applying a concrete primer, mortar filler or dry sacking. This provides a key benefit by reducing surface preparation time and material cost. Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3 can be utilized across a variety of industries, from the rehabilitation of water and wastewater infrastructure to the restoration of historic structures.

Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3 was recently applied to a wastewater digester in a Midwestern town that is updating its wastewater infrastructure. Sewage waste produces hydrogen sulfide gas that contributes to the rapid deterioration of concrete surfaces. To mitigate this challenge, city officials opted to find a coating solution that will protect and extend the structures service life, said Dan Helton, President of SPI. Sixty mils of Synergy Series Aquaseal Hi-RiseX3 was spray applied through the Synergy Series LPG proportioner as a base coat. Because Aquaseal Hi-RiseX3 bridges and seals surface imperfections to form a seamless membrane, the application crew saved a week of prep time, and in turn, this saved the city a weeks worth of associated labor costs, not to mention the savings in materials, explained Helton.

Not only can Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3 be used as a base coat, but it can also be used on its own to rehabilitate and waterproof aging concrete. Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3 was recently applied to the porous, uncompacted concrete basement of a historic home in Washington State. The concrete had numerous bug holes and surface imperfections. The unique combined technology of the LPG equipment and Synergy Series chemistries provided complete coverage in a one-step application, said Helton. Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3 can be applied through both traditional Graco


Vantage LED, US Manufacturer Of Innovative LED Displays, Launches An Interactive Website Featuring A New Product Series And A University

Corona, CA (PRWEB) May 01, 2013

About this time last year, Vantage LED embarked on a journey to declare themselves as a major player in the led sign industry. Upon rebranding their logo and product line, they reached out to their loyal dealer partners with new options requesting feedback on what they needed to grow and strengthen their partnerships; a Rediscovery. This lead to creating a host of tools and resources, such as co-branded materials and an online resource blog, that supported a dealers identity as well as growth in their business; it give them Power. Now, Vantage LED, confident in their hardware, software, and people, launched an interactive website featuring a new product line called Series 51 and a university. Today, the led sign industry will have no choice but to take notice of Vantage LED; a Revelation.

The industry has become content and stagnant; states Paul Martin, Director of Marketing at Vantage LED. Weve witnessed it and heard this over and over from our dealer partners. Were working hard and moving forward. Were having fun creating revolutionary solutions and always thinking Whats next? What makes our Dealer Partners lives easier, but more importantly, what makes an LED sign owner more excited about his display doing what its meant to do; grow his business!

Vantage LED has definitely made the lives their Dealer Partners easy with the launch of their new product line called Series 51. Available on their full color and grayscale LED displays, this series offers a complete comprehensive 5yr parts and on-site service warranty, plus 1yr free programming through the revolutionary cloud-based service: SM Infinity.

This is the best way to introduce LED signs to apprehensive market being overwhelmed by multiple oversea manufacturers. adds Martin. The owner can rest easy about the display's operation and get dynamic custom content for his business with the SM Infinity Content Creation Service.

This cloud-based service also features an iPad app, automated diagnostic reporting, content requests via voice command, and the all new conditional smart scheduling, where the LED display will trigger messages upon certain conditions. If its cold outside, the display will feature jackets for sale. Too hot? It will feature cold drinks inside. Now, thats smart.

Another amazing release with the new website launch is Vantage University. Exclusive to the Vantage LEDs dealer partners, Vantage University features Video Classes to help with Sales, Marketing, Project Management and Technical Support and a Resource Library full of Whitepapers, Self-Help Guides & Manuals, Strength and Project pieces.

The industry is rife with advertorials and misinformation; states Deacon Wardlow, LED Technology Specialist at Vantage LED, It's gotten to the point where manufacturers are vendors and not partners; sources, not resources. Vantage LED believes in partnership and education and Vantage University is the resource PMs, sales, techs and the industry have been looking for.

Vantage LED firmly believes it is their duty to educate and support their dealer partners in this industry keeping them a step ahead of their competition.

Deacon continued, This is only the beginning of what Vantage University will bring to our dealer partners. They will really see what it means to take the lead with Digital Signage.

Vantage LED is truly excited about this industry and what it has to offer their loyal and new dealer partners as well as future LED sign owners everywhere. They invite you to visit their new website and their facilities in beautiful Corona, CA. They promise never an ordinary experience.


Movers USA Introduce Innovative Eco-Friendly Moving Container to Save Time And Money to Customers As Well As Protecting the Environment

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) May 22, 2013

The top residential and commercial moving company in Maryland Movers USA is welcoming the 2013 moving season by unveiling their new innovative Green Box for local moves, to join in the worlds efforts to protect the environment by saving hundreds of disposable card boxes, packing tapes and other packing materials as well as saving the consumers time and money over traditional moving methods.

The innovative Green Box is a heavy-duty 4x3x3 durable box on wheels that can safely holds up to forty small to medium size framed pictures or paints, up to three to four 37 or less flat screen TVs or computer screens, up to ten 4x3 frames pictures or art or any combination. The box is made out of water resistance, strong and durable materials and has a secure lid that snaps into place to assure the items inside will remain safe and dry. Movers USA offers the box for rent on their local moves that require the transportation of pictures, paints and art and flat screens of any kinds. The new boxes allow Movers USAs local professional movers to work with greater efficiency and to avoid the waste of disposable materials.

One of the main reasons that Movers USA invested all their efforts in designing this great tool is to save time and money to their customers. We commit ourselves to excellence as well as integrating new eco-friendly tools that will offer Movers USA's same great service at a better price. It is a win-win alternative to traditional boxes, says Movers USA's founder and President Gil Benshoushan, who is also the former chairman of the Maryland Movers Conference at the MMTA (MD Motor Truck Association). The Green Box is also strong enough to hold regular boxes on top of it, this way Movers USAs professional stackers are able to stack regular boxes on top of the Green Box and to fit more on the truck.

The addition of the new Green Boxes comes at a time of great growth for Movers USA, along with the addition of three new trucks to their fleet. The new state-of-the-art trucks are environmental friendly, consume less fuel and cause less harm to the environment. The company can offer a solution to any move type in Maryland, DC and Virginia. Whether it is a residential or commercial local move or a long distance relocation to any state, Movers USA is the preferred choice for thousands of satisfied customers.

About Movers USA:

Movers USA is one of the most respected and recommended relocation van-line moving companies in the MD, DC, and VA areas. As professional movers in MD, Movers USA has a huge fleet of new trucks that can serve any relocation and moving needs. Whatever moving, packing, transport, storage or moving delivery needs are, Movers USA has highly trained relocation teams ready to provide superior moving services. Movers USA relocation van line is a fully licensed and insured relocating moving company in MD that offers local moving and interstate moving, residential moving and commercial moving van line services, long and short-term storage facility in climate-controlled storage facilities as well as transporting electronic equipment, trade show exhibits and displays, works of art, antiques, and specialized freight, in addition to household goods.


Childs Play an innovative games app for kids hits iTunes App Store this week

(PRWEB) November 27, 2012

All parents know that busy restaurants, waiting rooms and traffic jams arent the place to be with bored or impatient young children. Parents nowadays are turning to their phones to provide distraction in such situations, but find there is a problem: as most of the games on the App Store aren't aimed at the under sixes, younger children often get frustrated due to the unachievable demands they make in terms of dexterity and timing. Child's Play has been developed to solve this problem.

This app has been designed especially for younger children, so the games need no explanation to pick up and play. Just by tapping the screen, children can join in confidently with the simple and colorful games, whether they be popping bubbles, making frogs jump from lily pads, or launching beautiful fireworks above a storybook village at night. Child's Play boasts eye-catching graphics and animations, chosen specifically to appeal to this age range.

Childs Play was designed by two primary school teachers, who have nearly thirty years of experience between them. They wrote the app as a diversion for their own kids, and decided to produce a version for general release when it proved popular with family and friends.

Childs Play is now available in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices (including a full screen version for iPhone 5). The app is free to download and comes with three free games. An upgrade is available for $ 1.99 to unlock all fourteen games.

Find out more by visiting Child's Play on the App Store.


Graphic Evidence design and develop branding and website for and innovative, new and secure online policy manager Policy Buddy

London (PRWEB UK) 26 November 2012

Graphic Evidence began by creating strong branding for Policy Buddy, which was implemented throughout the site. The Graphic Evidence website designers then completed website design and web coding including functions to ensure the security of the information on the site.

Users of the site benefit from an easy to use interface that stores all information on uploaded policies, including documents such as insurance certificates. The Policy Manager keeps track of the total amount spent on policies and sends to policy holder an auto-renew email thirty days prior to the policy expiration.

Another function of the site is Quote Manager which can be used when a policy is about to expire. Quote Manager allows users of Policy Buddy to review other offers from a variety of companies, to compare prices of the variants.

Although there are plenty of good comparison sites around, no one allows us to save all of our current insurance policy information in one place. There have been plenty of occasions when we've needed quick access to check on something whilst at work but the documentation was at home. To us this is a logical step and something that is really missing from the market place say the creators behind the idea Klinton Marett and Georgina Jones.

"Whilst looking for a design company to assist us in creating our brand, designing our website and putting together the database behind the service, we came accross Graphic Evidence. Upon meeting with them, it was immediately apparent that they were the best people for the job. They understood our brief and vision from the outset and contributed valuable ideas to enhance our service. We are delighted with the way the branding and website have developed.

As a creative marketing company, Graphic Evidence offer a wide range of services including print design, packaging design, website design, branding and public relations. To see examples of our completed projects, please visit

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