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Anzea Textiles Highlights Blue Fall Trends in Upholstery in Fashion Show

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) October 04, 2013

In Anzea’s newest product introduction, each fabric and vinyl incorporated at least two shades of blue to stay on point with the latest fall decor trend. "Florentine," "Tuscany," and "La Piazza," three new textile designs, are pictured in their blue colors, as well as Hemp Canvas and Sistine. These Anzea textiles are on trend while also delivering high performance. The three fabrics in the new product introduction utilize GreenShield technology, ensuring the textiles are environmentally friendly.

What consumers may not know is the color blue has been used since the beginning of human civilization. In wall paintings from Egypt, Rome, and Mesopotamia there is evidence of its use within fashion and decor. Blue pigmentation creation has evolved over the years. The first blue pigment to be used was derived from azurite, the mineral. Indigo was the next major pigment of blue that has been used. Indigo is responsible for the color of blue denim jeans. The newest pigment of blue was recently discovered at Oklahoma State University using manganese. This pigment and recipe is the closest anyone has come to re-creating the Ancient Egyptian blue. Historically speaking blue is very rare to find in nature, therefore it could only be afforded by the royal or wealthy. This resulted in the historical relationship between wealth and blue, giving us the modern expression of "blue blood." Blue Anzea textiles make the perfect on-trend addition to any room.

Even though the textile industry doesn’t change trends nearly as often as the fashion industry, there are always fashion-conscious ways to encapsulate the latest trends in décor and textiles.

About Anzea:

Anzea was founded in 1990 by creative director Mitzi Mills and business partner Bruce Doeren. Since the company’s inception, Anzea has focused on contract upholstery textiles offering the marketplace the option of leading edge colors, bold designs and high performance. These designs are reflective of Mills graphic design background, love of photography and travel.

The Anzea contract textile collection is a spirited mix of materials from luxurious natural fibers to recycled polyester yarns. Bleach cleanable, solution dyed fabrics and vinyl upholstery form a cohesive high performance bond with the green faux leathers in nylon matrix and polyurethane. To complement Mills designs, Anzea expanded to include the Jhane Barnes collection adding a layer of sophisticated fashion. Barnes joined Ruth Adler Schnee as an inspiring voice in the Anzea design brand. Schnee’s mid-century designs for Anzea are in galleries and museums worldwide. Schnee’s understanding of the whimsy in textile design has influenced the color palette and patterns developed by Anzea and the design team over the last 22 years. Design, marketing and warehouse facilities are located in the Fort Worth, Texas arts district. Visit Anzea at or call at 1-877-862-6932.


Bluefin Media to Exhibit and Provide Video Highlights from Ad-Tech New York 2013

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 29, 2013

Bluefin Media, Inc. (, an empowering, entertaining, engaging lifestyle digital media company, announces they will exhibit and provide video highlights from Ad-Tech New York 2013.

Bluefin Media is a leading producer of specialized video content producing over 250 original content videos a month. Bluefin’s sites are among the top 10 destinations on the Internet for video consumption and garner over 50 million video plays every month. Two new video production studios located within Bluefin’s corporate offices will provide space specifically dedicated to its video production services team.

Bluefin Media Studios will boast the latest television production equipment needed for single or multi-camera high definition shoots. The green screen studio features an infinity wall while the multi-camera studio is suitable for larger scale productions.

Aligning brand support with original video content is becoming an increasingly attractive option for many marketers and advertising executives. Bluefin Media creates successful connections between leading brands and consumers. The power of online video, leading to stronger brand relevance, response rates, conversions and revenue is what the Bluefin consumer relevance strategy is built on.

The Bluefin Media Studios production team creates a wide variety of original content, utilizing state-of-the-art video equipment to deliver exceptional quality. From ideation to the post-production phase of a project, the team focuses on delivering top-notch content through savvy experience inspired by newsworthy information.

Bluefin Media Studios offers short and long format video production, on-camera talent, studio or location production equipment and services for online interactive video ads, customized campaigns and commercial production. Bluefin Media’s original video content is featured throughout all its properties including Fashion First Media, Global Food Media, and Gossip Center Network.

For attendees and other exhibitors who visit the Bluefin Media booth, will be given the opportunity to enter a raffle that will leave them gaining more than just the event experience. Attendees will have a chance to enter to win $ 25,000 in display advertising.

About Bluefin Media

Bluefin Media was incorporated in 2003 under the name of Brand Technologies by the founders of Rawhide Internet Services (one of the top 10 SEO/SEM companies in the world that was sold to Exact Advertising in 2003). Only recently was the name changed to Bluefin Media to reflect the true nature, and spirit of the business. The company currently consists of three networks. There is GossipCenter Network (entertainment news), Fashion First Media (fashion), and Global Food Media (food). In addition, the entertainment news and fashion sites all have Hispanic versions with their own original content catering to the given demographic. Bluefin is ranked in the top 25 companies on the Internet (Quantcast 2013), and in any given month has over 50 Million unique visitors from around the world. To learn more about Bluefin Media, and what it can do for your company please visit

Contact: Sophia Fisher, Director Marketing/Public Relations

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Inaugural AIIM Trendscape Report Highlights A Cloudy Future For Businesses

Silver Spring, MD (PRWEB) September 11, 2013

Citing a need for better insight into core industry issues, AIIM has issued its inaugural AIIM Trendscape report titled Content in the Cloud. Each quarter a new Trendscape report will tackle questions surrounding important issues for senior business leaders. Todays report emphasizes that business leaders are apprehensive about using cloud computing, yet at the same time they are eager to embrace the technology. The report states that adopting cloud computing technology is seen as a way to provide support for mobile applications and devices, and help promote the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to work philosophy.

The Trendscape is a new model designed to help senior executives set aside the hype and gain a better understanding of key issues that are driving todays business environment. Each Trendscape report will examine an important industry issue, discuss insights from AIIMs global Executive Leadership Council, and outline ideas and questions for business leaders to consider. The Trendscape is divided into four sections that highlight priorities, potential outcomes, desired goals, outstanding issues and AIIMs recommendations for addressing the challenges identified.

Our Executive Leadership Council consists of nearly 50 business leaders from the United States and Europe who have their finger on the pulse of todays business environment, said AIIM President John Mancini. We created the AIIM Trendscape to help business leaders move beyond industry hype, gain a better understanding of critical business issues, and outline ideas to help improve their businesses. As discussed in todays report, cloud computing continues to be an important topic and, while there are many executives who have concerns about adopting cloud technology, our research indicates that these concerns are greatly outweighed by the potential benefits.

Throughout the discussion about cloud computing with the ELC, it is clear that there are varying opinions on cloud computing. Corporate marketing departments have spent the past few years hyping cloud computing from multiple angles which has made it unclear what is fact and what is fiction. The AIIM ELC believes that, in order for companies to be successful, they must understand cloud computing from a business-centric perspective, not a technology-centric view.

Other key findings in the AIIM report include:


Aastra Named Champion in New IP Telephony & Unified Communications Analyst Report – Info-Tech Research Group Highlights Aastras Cost-effective, Well-rounded UC Portfolio

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 08, 2013

In its latest Vendor Landscape study into the IP Telephony (IPT) & Unified Communications (UC) Market, Info-Tech Research Group has identified Aastra, a leading company at the forefront of the enterprise communications market, as Champion in this highly competitive space.

In their evaluation of 12 vendors in the IPT/UC market, independent researchers highlighted Aastras strong dedication to enterprise communications and complete portfolio of IPT/UC solutions. They praised Aastra for its highly flexible deployment options, well-rounded UC suite and strong focus on collaboration.

In order to help IT and business decision makers to select the right solutions for their organizations, Info-Tech Research Group assessed products in terms of features, usability, affordability and architecture, and vendors for viability, strategy, reach and channel strategy and strength. According to the study, the Champion rating relates to vendors who receive high scores for most evaluation criteria and offer excellent value. They have a strong market presence and are usually the trend setters for the industry.

Aastra received consistently high scores in terms of product and vendor ratings. Aastra solutions - its MX-ONE


Wagner SprayTech Highlights Products at the National Hardware Show in a New Tradeshow Exhibit by nParallel

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) May 30, 2012

When Wagner SprayTech presented its products earlier this month at the National Hardware Show, they established their presence in a new 20x20-foot exhibit from nParallel. The exhibit presented excellent brand visibility with strong graphics, brilliant lighting, and an effective product demonstration area. nParallel is a full-service agency that creates, crafts, and takes charge of displays and fixtures designed to establish brands in tradeshow, retail and corporate environments. Wagner SprayTech Corporation serves the consumer DIY market and professional contractors alike with products designed to make it easier to prepare, apply, and clean up after painting projects.

nParallel comes up with great design solutions, and they execute flawlessly, said Trisha Gregory, director of marketing, Wagner SprayTech Corporation. Our goal was to raise our profile and upgrade our presence at the National Hardware Show. Our new exhibit from nParallel conveys our brand leadership.

The design challenge was to make room for three product categories, a retail wall showcasing merchandising, and a demo area all in a 20x20 exhibit that offers a clean, professional appearance and spacious feeling, said Megan Diamond, president, nParallel. Our team crafted a design that makes every square inch of space work.

The exhibit is divided into sections that give special attention to each product category (sprayers, rollers and preparation products). Each section features a television monitor showing the products in use. A retail wall is merchandised to show the recommended merchandising methods for retailers.

nParallel designed two-sided demo boards that can be flipped to reveal a new, clean board to paint. Quiet fans blowing cool air are integrated into the top of the interior wall to help the paint dry faster so the boards are quickly ready for the next demo.

About Wagner SprayTech

Wagner SprayTech Corporation (Plymouth, Minn.) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wagner Holding, Inc. Manufacturing started in 1973, and today the company has full research and development, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities. Wagner develops and markets a wide array of painting and decorating products used in home improvement, commercial painting and industrial fine finishing. Wagner products are designed to make it easier for the end user to prepare surfaces, apply paints and other coatings, and clean up after painting. Wagner is strongly committed to maintaining a leadership position through innovative marketing, high technology engineering, and quality manufacturing. For more information, visit and and follow @WagnerSprayTech on Twitter.

About nParallel

Marketers and retailers know that displays and fixtures establish their brand experience, engage customers, and drive sales if they are designed with imagination, skillfully crafted, and managed intelligently. Too often, unfocused planning, uneven execution and unexpected costs squeeze the creative spark out of their most compelling concepts. Their alternative is nParallel, the full-service agency that creates, crafts and takes charge of displays and fixtures designed to embody brands. Whether the venue for connecting with customers is a show, a store or a headquarters, the pros at nParallel fulfill the big-picture vision with a sharp eye focused on the small details of disciplined production and meticulous program management. For excellence without compromise, count on nParallel (



Custom T-Shirt Printer Highlights Design Ideas for Personalized T-Shirts for Special Occasions

(PRWEB) March 24, 2012

The ability to make your own t-shirts online has increased the popularity of personalized t-shirts among businesses and consumers. While businesses will design t-shirts online for uniforms and marketing value, consumers use custom t-shirts for graduations, birthdays, family reunions and more.

With the help of t-shirt printing companies, it has become increasingly easy for any consumer to design t-shirts online no matter what the occasion or need.

At this time of year, many consumers want to buy custom printed shirts and custom graduation t-shirts in anticipation of the big day. The challenge is many people want the souvenir - not just the mom or graduate whose special day it is.

In order to get the best value, we always suggest buying more of a single design explained Ron Reed, VP of Marketing & eCommerce for Printfly and Rush Order Tees. Set up costs are fixed and not passed along to the consumer. As a result, the unit price per shirt goes down with every additional shirt ordered and drops considerably with larger orders.

The budget conscious can take advantage of this by creating a design that can be shared by their entire group rather than just one person.

Reed outlined a few suggestions and examples of this approach. Instead of The Graduate or ConGRADulations with the graduates name which could only be worn by one person or by the group for a day, taking a witty approach extends interest to the whole group and has longevity. College is Expensive... This T-shirt was Not with the year and graduates name celebrates the day and graduate while being a souvenir everyone can enjoy for years to come for its camp value.

Our design studio offers visitors a lot more freedom to create and upload their own images to work with. Our designers can work with any image type and optimize every image and design so it looks its best on fabric. This is a free service we can provide having a large full time in-house team or professional graphic designers.

Screen printed shirts are fashionable ways to celebrate just about any occasion.

For more details on promotions and events, contact Rush Order Tees at (800) 620-1233.

About Rush Order Tees | a Printfly Company

Printfly and Rush Order Tees are eCommerce based businesses built on repeat business and referrals from satisfied customers, Rush Order Tees has grown to be a major leader in the custom shirt printing industry.

Since it's founding in 2002, Rush Order Tees has expanded its product offering beyond custom printed shirts to include a wide variety of sports, academic, community-driven, commercial and business offerings including company polos, custom business shirts, custom team jerseys, custom printed hats, custom printed sweats, custom college shirts, school jerseys, custom totes, custom aprons, and more.

As it began to grow out of its prior facilities, Rush Order Tees acquired a 15,000 SF facility in North East Philadelphia, PA which they equipped with over twenty of the highest quality screen printers, digital printers (DTG Direct to Garment printers), screen exposure units, screen printing heaters and much more. Now, in 2012, the business continues to grow to a point that now requires a new facility and offices.

As the company grew, it continued to offer free nationwide shipping along with no fee polices and industry leading low prices. Through the years, Rush Order Tees has developed a reputation for excellent service, value and quality. Their customers have voiced their well earned allegiance and appreciation across many consumer-driven review sites earning Rush Order Tees and Printfly overwhelmingly positive online rating and reviews across the leading sites including Google, Superpages, Yellow Pages, and the Better Business Bureau where they hold a certified A+ Accredited Rating.

Contact Rush Order Tees at 1 (800) 620-1233

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Dr. Ronald Receveurs New Book Highlights 21st Century Solutions for Missing Teeth, Failing Teeth and Painful Dentures

New Albany, IN (PRWEB) January 17, 2012

Dr. Ronald Receveur announces the release of his new book, You Dont Have to Die With Your Teeth in a Glass. This comprehensive guide on dental implants and IV sedation is intended to inform patients about how they can solve their dental problems including missing or failing teeth and painful dentures. Since 1981, Dr. Receveur has strived to help patients understand their options. "Patients want to be educated about their health care so they can make intelligent decisions, said Dr. Receveur.

You Dont Have to Die With Your Teeth in a Glass details the cutting-edge treatments used by Dr. Receveur using easy-to-understand text and graphics. Dr. Receveur has trained internationally, from The Midwest Implant Institute in Columbus, Ohio, to The Malo Clinic in Lisbon, Portugal, so he can provide comprehensive implant care right in his office.

The advantage to the reader/patient is that Dr. Receveurs expertise can be reviewed and shared with loved ones after initial consultation. Often times, patients have questions concerning a treatment after leaving the office.

Explained Dr. Receveur, If a patient gets home and wants to review what we talked about, theres good information right in front of them. Also, I hope this book will help show the options and treatments to your loved ones when they just cant be there for the consultation.

The book is also useful for those who just arent sure what they are looking for as far as treatment. Some people are concerned that theyll feel pressured into treatment. For these readers, Dr. Receveur provides a safe way to learn about dental implants without having to go to the office for a consultation.

Topics covered in You Dont Have to Die With Your Teeth in a Glass include:

Dental ImplantsDo They Hurt?

Dental ImplantsHow Much Do They Cost?

Dr. Receveurs method of combining oral and I.V. sedation to guarantee the patient comfort!

Galileos CAT scans and how this technology has given dentists amazing precision and accuracy and the ability to place your implants on the computer screen prior to surgery.

Teeth-in-One-Day, All-on-4, Mini-Implants, Snap-On Teeth, Zirconium Bridges and all of the treatment options available in the 21st century.

How long will implants last? Tired of another dental project every 3-5 years?

The detailed information in You Dont Have to Die With Your Teeth in a Glass seeks to help the reader make the decision of his or her treatment plan with confidence.

Said Dr. Receveur, If you have lost faith in dentistry being able to promise solid, long-lasting results, we will help you to make an informed decision that you can feel good about. Dental implants have given dentistry the tools to offer patients treatment that is predictable and permanent.

For information or to receive a free copy of Dr. Receveurs book, please call the office at (812) 945-7643 and ask for Laurie.

Dr. Receveur has provided cutting-edge, compassionate dentistry to the Southern Indiana and Louisville area since 1981. He offers patients one-stop service for IV sedation, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. Patients travel from as far away as Illinois, Ohio and even Florida to obtain treatment and care from Dr. Receveur.

You dont have to run all over town to have your dental implants and new permanent teeth, said Dr. Receveur, adding: I personally place your implants and craft your new permanent teeth myself.

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Technology Expert and Guru, Scott Steinberg, Highlights the Top-Tech Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day

Technology Expert and Guru, Scott Steinberg, Highlights the Top-Tech Gifts for Dad this Father's Day

Fairfax, VA (PRWEB) June 09, 2011

Nationally known technology guru, Scott Steinberg, recently appeared on NewsWatch to reveal his top hi-tech gift ideas for Dads this Father’s Day. The four tech products Scott picked as the “Top-Tech Gifts For Dads” include; the TabGrip2 and TG Sleeve, The Sonos S5 Music System, The Audio-Technica ear-bud ATH-CP300 and in-ear ATH-CKP300 headphones, and the D-Link DCS-930L. Scott Steinberg spoke with NewsWatch through a Satellite Media Tour and shared his tech insights on the nationwide NewsWatch television show.

The TabGrip 2 is an integrated system designed to make the iPad 2 better in every use and every position. The TabGrip 2 is performance gear for your Ipad2, maximizing three core functions; gripping, standing, and protection. For gripping, the Tabgrip2 has soft touch contoured grips as well as a flexible backing which allows you to comfortably and securely hold and handle your iPad2. For standing, the TabGrip2 has adjustable stand legs which provide numerous sturdy and stable standing positions in both the horizontal (landscape) or vertical position(portrait). Lastly, for protection, the TabGrip2 has an integrated bumper system that actually prevents your iPad from hitting a hard surface when you put it down, keeping it safe from damage. The TG Sleeve is the companion for the TabGrip2, providing a grippy, water resistant, and lightweight sleeve that gives you added ease and protection for your TabGrip2 and iPad2 when you’re on the go. The TabGrip 2 retails for $ 39.99 and the TG Sleeve goes for $ 14.99. You can save 10% by getting both in a combo -- called the TabGrip Complete -- for just $ 49.99 at

The Sonos S5 is a great gift for any music loving dad. The Sonos S5 is an all-in-one wireless music system for the house. You can have one S5 and easily move it around from room to room, or you can scatter as many of these as you want around the house. They all work wirelessly. The system streams music wirelessly from iTunes and the Internet including thousands of internet radio stations, shows, live concerts, sites like Pandora and pretty much all the music on the planet. A cool trick of the system? You can control all of these players wirelessly throughout the house using your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android phone with free Apps. It’s a great system that allows guests to play DJ throughout the night. The price of the Sonos S5 starts at $ 399 a room and they are available at or many major retail stores including Best Buy, and more.

The Audio Technica ear-bud ATH-CP300 and in-ear ATH-CKP300 headphones are a great tech product for any athletic and sports loving dad. The ear-bud ATH-CP300 headphones deliver a sports-friendly fit with oval hangers that fit securely behind the ears. They won’t fall out in the middle of a workout and most importantly, the ear-bud ATH-CP300 headphones deliver incredible audio clarity, something Audio-Technica is well-known for. If your dad prefers in-ear headphones, the ATH-CKP300’s are the right gift. They feature an extra oval rubber ring that keeps the headphones in place during exercise and they have an angled housing that direct the cable behind your neck and out of the way. Both headphones come with a unique laboratory tested and approved sweat-proof design. The ear-bud ATH-CP300 headphones have a suggested retail price of $ 34.95 and the in-ear ATH-CKP300 headphones go for $ 39.95 and they can be found at

The DCS-930L Wireless N Network Camera is a mydlink-enabled Wireless Camera that comes with everything you need to quickly add a surveillance camera to your home or small office network. It works right out of the box. To view what the camera is seeing, simply log on to, choose your device, and start viewing. It retails for $ 119.99 and is a great gift for any dad that might want to make sure his infant child is sleeping well or his new Porsche is safe when he’s in a different country.

Scott Steinberg is a nationally recognized Tech expert and appears regularly as a tech analyst for broadcast networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CNN. NewsWatch is a consumer-oriented nationally broadcast television show seen in more than 190 markets nationwide. Scott spoke with NewsWatch through a Satellite Media Tour from studios in New York City. For more information you can head to


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Auto ID Showcase Highlights Tracking Applications for Quality Management

Auto ID Showcase Highlights Tracking Applications for Quality Management

Southfield, MI (Vocus/PRWEB) March 02, 2011

On March 15, members of AIAG, a not-for-profit, member-supported organization that works collaboratively with a wide range of manufacturing companies, suppliers and service providers to help them operate at peak performance, will showcase automatic identification technologies which can be used to quickly identify, track and trace components within the supply chain, and in production vehicles.

In a continuing effort to educate the automotive supply chain on current and future applications of automatic identification (auto ID) and radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies, AIAG will hold its 15th annual Auto ID Showcase at its headquarters in Southfield, Michigan. Sessions will also be broadcast over the internet in a webinar format.

A demonstration of the parts identification and tracking application and RFID standard applied to a gas tank assembly is among the highlights of this conference, illustrating how this ground-breaking technology can be used to easily identify and trace components to specific vehicles as a quality control mechanism.

Other highlights include sessions on International Standards for automatic identification; a key-fob 2-D symbology application; and a marking process capability assessment and application traceability case study.

In addition, representatives from AIM Computer Solutions, Inc., Freedom Technologies Corp., Lowry Computer Products, Inc., MICROSCAN, Nutech Systems, Inc., Precyse Technologies Inc., Radley Corporation, RF*IDI, LLC., and Pyramid Solutions will demonstrate solutions in bar code, direct part marking, shipping labels, RFID and other technologies throughout the conference.

The complete conference agenda is available online. To register for the showcase, visit the AIAG Web site at or contact AIAG’s customer service department at (248) 358-3003.

About AIAG

AIAG is a not-for-profit organization with more than 25 years experience working with OEMs, suppliers, service providers, government and academia to collaboratively drive down costs and streamline the complexity of the supply chain by developing global standards and harmonizing business practices. There are more than 600 AIAG member companies, including Caterpillar, Inc., Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company, Honda of American Manufacturing, Inc., Navistar International, Nissan North American, Inc., Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North American Inc., and many of their part suppliers and service providers. For more information, visit the

AIAG Contact: Lorrie Kinney




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