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Author Elizabeth Evans Helps Readers Rediscover African History

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 11, 2014

With the use of computers, digital records and endless amount social media platforms to share and disseminate the most personal of information, anyone in today’s world can chronicle every detail, every second of their lives. How does this compare to civilizations of the past, where languages were first developing and the written word was impossible to keep preserved?

It varies from culture to culture, however, African history was recorded orally by men called griots. Griots were trained from boyhood to remember and recite the reigns of all the chiefs and kings of the empire. Each major chief and king had his own griot who committed to memory all of the important events of the chief or king’s reign.

“If you don’t know where you come from you can’t know where you’re going is something that can be said of many young African-Americans who believe that their history begins with American slavery and consequently, believe that they are ‘less than’,” said Elizabeth Evans, author of “Sanakhou.”

“This feeling of ‘less than’ results in anger and hopelessness. Giving African-American youth a sense of pride about their African heritage before slavery could present additional and different heroes for a generation in need of pride and positive role models,” Evans continued.

Evans is no stranger to the benefits of a strong, influential role model. Her father gifted her with a passion for black history and surrounded her by the books in his library growing up, which at the time was considered the best private collection of books on African and African-American history in the country. Evans’ father gained success as he creator of the first African-American comic book in the US. It is now part of the collection at the latest Smithsonian museum, The Museum of African-American History.


By: Elizabeth Evans

ISBN: 978-1-4836-9207-4

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xlibris online bookstores.

About the author

Elizabeth Evans is the first African-American woman to be head of a K-12 independent school in the United States. She is a founder of The Alliance, an organization that places students of color in independent schools in Southern California giving them the educational tools to succeed in college. Her organization has a 100 percent college matriculation rate. Evans currently pursues passion for writing about ancient African history and desire to make difference through education and writing.

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InterAct Helps Perry County Sheriffs Office Transform Community into a SafeTown

Winston-Salem, NC (PRWEB) November 26, 2013

With SafeTown Household Profiles, residents can complete a survey of their residence that could help guide first responders in the event of an emergency. The secure profile will let public safety crews know basic information, such as the number of people living in the home, presence of pets, people with special needs, and other critical information that will help crews respond quickly in the event of an emergency.

SafeTown Community Alerts allows authorities to publish alerts such as traffic incidents, HAZMAT warnings or public ‘be on the lookout’ (BOLO) notices where citizens can view information in real time on the SafeTown map. Additionally, SafeTown’s applications are fully integrated with InterAct’s suite of public safety applications, so information is always accurate and up to date for first responders in the field.

“The Perry County Sheriff’s Office is always looking for new ways to serve our citizens,” said Sheriff Smith. “By launching SafeTown, we’re opening up new ways to communicate with our citizens that allows them to be proactively involved in their safety.”

“InterAct is delighted to support Perry County Sheriff’s mission by implementing new technologies to improve the quality of emergency services they provide their community,” said Jim Wilson, GM/VP of “Citizens now have access to a simple and powerful set of cloud applications which are as easy for the public to utilize as Google, Facebook and Twitter.”

About SafeTown™

SafeTown delivers services to the community via a community web portal and a family

of smart phone apps. With SafeTown, citizens can create household profiles for first

responders to use. Agencies can post alerts to all SafeTown subscribers in the community and citizens can report non-emergency problems or suspicious activity.

Additionally, real time events and crime history can be viewed on a map, and authorities can publish information to the community about inmates in local correctional facilities. To learn more about SafeTown, please visit

About InterAct™

InterAct creates public safety software products that support dispatchers, incident responders (law, fire, EMS) and correctional officers worldwide. We bring the benefits of cloud computing to public safety. Our cloud applications connect public safety practitioners to each other and the information they need anywhere, anytime. Our cloud options are more reliable, less costly, easier to use, and more secure. We believe the benefits of cloud computing are so great that its adoption has become a key success factor in achieving the mission that we share with our customers: the safety and well-being of citizens and their communities. To learn more about InterAct’s solutions, please visit us at:

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New Photo Book Chronicles Hurricane Sandy and Helps Its Victims on Long Island, NY

Long Island, NY (PRWEB) September 11, 2013

Noted Long Island photographer Amy Medina is publishing a photo book on the destructive effects of Hurricane Sandy on the beaches and structures around New York City and Long Island, NY. The book chronicles the aftermath of the storm on the natural and man-made landscape of the downstate area of New York in poignant, emotionally charged images taken throughout the area immediately following the “Super Storm of the Century”.

“I love where I live,” Medina said. “I am a true New Yorker at heart, and was affected deeply by the damage I saw around the area after the storm.”

Super Storm Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was dubbed a “Super Storm” as the hurricane hit the New York/New Jersey area at the same time as another storm front and coincided with normal high tides. Causing massive flooding that forever changed the natural landscape while destroying beaches, homes and businesses from Manhattan to Montauk, thousands of residents lost their homes and businesses and over a million more were without power for weeks.

Hurricane Sandy’s storm surge hit New York City on October 29, 2012 flooding streets, tunnels and subway lines and was the second-costliest hurricane in United States history (after Katrina in 2005). The largest Atlantic hurricane on record, with winds spanning 1,100 miles, Sandy was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane in recorded history. According to reports compiled on Wikipedia, estimates as of June 2013 assess damages to have been over $ 68 billion with at least 286 people killed along the path of the storm.

“Salted Wounds”

The new photo book by Medina, “Salted Wounds” is currently being offered for pre-sale and is expected to be available for delivery as both an eBook and a softcover 9-inch by 7-inch “zine” packaged in a comic-book style sleeve this October. The photographer is offering the book in various formats as low as $ 7 for the eBook and others that include limited edition autographed prints at

Selected by International Center of Photography & Museum of the City of New York

One of Medina’s images has been selected as the Cover Photograph for the International Center of Photography and the Museum of the City of New York’s "Rising Waters" exhibition on Governor's Island. The show features photos from Hurricane Sandy and will run through the end of September. Drawn from an open call for submissions from the public that drew over 5,000 entries, the exhibition includes 100 works by more than 90 professional photographers, community members, and bystanders who photographed the effects of the devastating storm and the subsequent recovery efforts.

Proceeds Donated to Help Storm Victims

Medina will be donating partial proceeds of the book sale to The Robin Hood Foundation, which has already granted millions of dollars to many worthy organizations helping people impacted by the storm.

“They do great work,” Medina said. “They have assured me their Hurricane Sandy grantees will continue to receive money as long as donations are coming in.

About Amy Medina

Lifelong Long Islander Amy Medina, also known online as "DangRabbit, is a local photographer and professional graphic artist. In addition to a deep love of the beaches of the area, she has a strong passion for photography, and has been doing a Picture-A-Day (PAD) Project since July 2009 -- over 1500 days straight. In her PAD project, Medina is committed to taking and publishing a photograph every day from around the Long Island home she is so passionate about. Like many who live in the area, she was affected deeply by the damage she saw in the wake of the storm and sees the publication of “Salted Wounds” as a way to chronicle her deep love of the Long Island and New York City area. More of Medina’s work can be seen on her website,


Lilitabs New Site Helps Customers Tailor Tablet Kiosk Systems to Suit Their Needs

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) September 10, 2013

Lilitab’s new kiosk configurator enables customers to design the perfect tablet kiosk system for their needs. The Lilitab Pro line of secure tablet kiosks comes with a wide selection of options, including tablet platform (Apple®, Android® or Windows®), mounting style, color, accessories and branding. The DIY design tool ensures customers have the opportunity to create and visualize several options before placing an order.

Lilitab’s mission is to help get touch screen tablet interactions into the hands of customers and businesses worldwide. Not content with selling one-size-fits-all imported enclosures, Lilitabs are custom assembled to order in the company’s warehouse in California. “We want our customers to create the perfect tablet kiosk system for their unique installation,” says Adam Aronson, Lilitab Founder and CEO.

Lilitab Pro tablet kiosk systems work with most 10” tablets on the market, including Apple iPads®, Samsung Galaxy Tabs®, Google Nexus®, and Microsoft Surface RT®. After choosing a tablet, customers are guided through several steps to design their own custom kiosk, including color, mount and kiosk style.

The Lilitab Pro line of tablet kiosk systems includes modular solutions for any mounting requirement. The Lilitab Floor Pro is an adaptable freestanding kiosk well suited for events, tradeshow booths and retail self-service stations. The Lilitab Counter Pro promotes optimized customer interactions with the swivel, tilt and rotate motions of the head unit on a tabletop kiosk. These are ideal reception and retail transaction stations. When combined with the optional base plate, the Counter becomes portable.

Lilitabs are available in fixed or removable head unit styles. The patented MagDock lock with pass-through power utilizes a snap-in dock for easy head unit installation and removal, all the while securing the entire kiosk with a custom key.

Lilitab accessories include headphone mounts and brochure holders for the Lilitab Floor models, and custom cut shipping cases for backdrop graphics for Lilitab Floor and Counter kiosks. The Liliswipe Magnetic Stripe Reader turns any iPad 2 or 3 into a self-service check-in or check-out station for retail, restaurants, hotels or hospitals.

Creating a custom look is easy with the many branding options available for Lilitab kiosks. The quick-change faceplates can be printed with seasonal or promotional graphics. Lilitab Floor kiosks stand out with banner graphics or backdrop graphics. Lilitab Counters look great with custom backdrop graphics for a permanent or temporary tabletop display.

Lilitab LLC is a San Francisco-based technology company holding both prestigious Apple MFi licenses as certified Manufacturers and Developers for 30-pin Dock Connector and Lightning Connector accessory design, integration and manufacture. Lilitab is a group of designers, engineers and business people passionate about the use of tablet computers in public environments. With their compelling interface, compact form-factor and economical price-point, there are all kinds of new and unique uses for putting interactivity into the public space.

Founded in 2011 by Adam Aronson, an award winning kiosk designer, Lilitab is committed to delivering the most secure, functional and stylish security enclosures for ANY tablet. For more information, visit or call 888 705 0190.

The choices are many when designing a custom tablet kiosk, but Lilitab’s new configurator tool makes it a breeze to create the perfect installation every time.

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California Middle School Helps Struggling Students Conquer Math with ALEKS Individualized Learning

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) September 03, 2013

Deborah Burton, a seventh and eighth-grade math teacher at Big Bear Middle School in Big Bear, Calif., considers the color-keyed pie chart in ALEKS as one of her favorite teaching tools. The interactive pie chart displays the results of a students current knowledge and each pie slice corresponds to a particular group of math topics, such as fractions or equations. The larger the area of a slice that is darker, the more mastery the student has of the topic area. Content mastery can be visually tracked by determining how much of each slice is dark.

Before class begins each day, Burton studies students pie charts to determine which topics her students are ready to learn. For the first 10 minutes of class, she calls groups of students to the whiteboard to work on problems before sending them to the computer lab for independent study. She then spends the remainder of the class working with students as they work individually on the topics they are ready to learn.

ALEKS accomplishes two big goals: filling in the gaps of students knowledge and teaching them the topics they are ready to learn right now, said Burton. Normally, I would have to take the whole class to the lab and spend time focused only on the students who need the most help. Or, I would teach the whole class the same topics, even though not everyone would be ready to learn it. ALEKS allows for extremely targeted teaching, which is just wonderful.

With its completely individualized approach to learning, ALEKS enables students to successfully master course material by targeting their learning on the material they are precisely ready to learn right now. Since ALEKS is web-based, and accessible directly via common Internet browsers, students can quickly access their accounts anytime, anywhere, via a tablet, laptop or traditional computer. All ALEKS courses feature user-friendly answer input tools that allow students to enter mathematical expressions and free-response answers that avoid multiple-choice and demonstrate true content mastery.

Before coming to the middle school, Burton taught math for 18 years at the high school, which is where she first used ALEKS. Already sold on the program, Burton became a highly vocal advocate for bringing ALEKS to the middle school. Her enthusiasm convinced Principal Tina Fulmer that the program would help the math department meet its goals for the school year, and Fulmer and Burton worked together to find grant money to help cover the costs.

Once Burton began to use ALEKS at the middle school three years ago, the impact was immediate: Students who had been learning at a basic level were now at levels of advanced learning. After using ALEKS for a year, Algebra Readiness eighth graders more than doubled the increase of California Standards Test (CST) score typically seen at the school. Moreover, 56 percent of these students scored at least Proficient, compared with the usual 40 percent. Scores on the CST increased an average of 30 points, and students who used to need constant attention no longer required Burtons help, as they were now motivated and successful working independently.

For Principal Fulmer, ALEKS has been well worth the investment. Whenever she visits classrooms, she has found students to be completely engaged with the work and empowered enough to work at their own pace. Even students who dont struggle with math have been eager to share the success theyve found with ALEKS.

I had a student come into my office to show me her math grade, which was at 133 percent. When I asked her what she was doing, she said Im addicted to the ALEKS program. Even though this student already had an A, she was excited to keep going and push herself as far as she could.

In another instance, Fulmer was contacted by a parent who was in tears because her daughter was failing math. She was able to use some additional funding to give the student access to ALEKS from home. Within one month, the student went from a failing grade to a C- and her mother was thrilled. Her daughter was so motivated by her quick progress that she spent every spare minute at home working on ALEKS.

The success Big Bear Middle School has experienced is nothing short of extraordinary and is a prime example of how ALEKS makes for a truly personalized learning experience, allowing each student to learn at his or her own pace," said R.G. Wilmot (Wil) Lampros, president of ALEKS Corporation. "As always, our primary goal at ALEKS is to give educators powerful tools that enable them to help students master the basics of math in order to prepare them for life beyond the classroom."

Read more about the success at Big Bear Middle School:

To learn more about how ALEKS works, visit: A free trial of ALEKS courses is available to teachers and administrators at:

About ALEKS Corporation

ALEKS Corporation is a leader in the creation of web-based, artificially intelligent educational software. In 2013, ALEKS was acquired by McGraw-Hill Education, a leading digital learning company. ALEKS assessment and learning technologies were originally developed by a team of cognitive scientists, mathematicians, and software engineers at the University of California, Irvine, with major funding from the National Science Foundation. ALEKS is founded on groundbreaking research in mathematical cognitive science known as Knowledge Space Theory. Through adaptive questioning, ALEKS accurately assesses a students knowledge state, and then delivers targeted instruction on the topics a student is most ready to learn.

ALEKS has been used by millions of students in over 100 different mathematics, science, and business courses at thousands of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities throughout the world.

For additional information, visit:


How To Overcome Procrastination | Attractor Genie Helps People Clear Their Limiting Beliefs About Money V-kool

Seattle, Wa (PRWEB) August 24, 2013

Attractor Genie course developed by John Petrov introduces to people secrets to success in business, finances, and relationships, tips to clear all their limiting beliefs about money, and lessons on how to overcome procrastination. After John Petrov launched the Attractor Genie course, a lot of customers have used it for learning how to live the life of their dreams easily. Consequently, the website completed a full overview about the effectiveness of this course.

A full overview of Attractor Genie on the site indicates that this course takes people step-by-step through the process of discovering advanced methods to end procrastination forever, and lessons about the law of attraction. The course also teaches people how to remove negative thoughts, how to activate the law of attraction, and how to delete their limiting beliefs. In addition, when ordering this course, people will get a guided meditation audio, videos, software, some self improvement books, and a lot of special gifts from John Petrov. Firstly, people will get the Attractor Genie manual that helps them master the law of attraction, and manifest anything they desire. Secondly, people will receive the Attractor Genie software that is designed to be simple to use. Thirdly, the course gives people 16 Law Of Attraction Tutorials videos that instruct them how to create projects for different aspects of their life such as confidence, friendship, new car, weight loss, spirituality, and other aspects. Finally, John Petrov offers people a policy of money back if the Attractor Genie course does not work for them.

Jayna Davis from the site says that: Attractor Genie is the unique course that covers tips for overcoming procrastination quickly. The course also reveals to people all the tools that are necessary to attract the things they want with the speed of light. In addition, when buying this course, people will get the Attractor Genie software that helps them manage their multiple projects, and keep everything in a well organized form. Furthermore, the course also introduces to people 33 categories of motivational quotes from different domains that are designed to remind them whenever they return to their computer to take action. Moreover, in this course, people also find out tips to write their own vision statements, ways to write a few thoughts every day to clear their ideas about what is worthy and important for them.

If people wish to view pros and cons from a full Attractor Genie overview, they could visit the website

To know more information about Attractor Genie, get a direct access to the official site.


About the website: is the site built by Tony Nguyen. The site supplies people with tips, ways, programs, methods and e-books about many topics including business, health, entertainment, and lifestyle. People could send their feedback to Tony Nguyen on any digital products via email.


New Finance Function Online Course Helps Companies Succeed in Changing Economy

Los Angeles,CA Toronto,ON (PRWEB) June 18, 2013

The role of the finance function is more critical than ever in todays business climate and Vubiz Elearning has responded with the launch of the elearning program: Redesigning the Finance Function.

This new elearning program focuses on three major activities of the finance function: transaction processing, control and risk management, and decision support. Learners will see how the role of the finance function is changing in todays world to create, enable, preserve, and report value. There is less emphasis on transaction processing and more emphasis on data analysis which provides better decision support to other units and, most importantly, helps guide overall organizational strategy. The finance function is no longer seen as a purely technical function, involved with looking backwards and measuring past performance. Today, the finance function has evolved to play a key role in identifying the strategic requirements of the organization and making recommendations for future success.

The two modules in Redesigning the Finance Function use text, audio, video, and interactive graphics to present the best in contemporary management practices. This 5 hour program includes a final exam and a certificate of completion. Contact Vubiz to see a sample of course.


ColdQuanta Helps JPL Develop Ultracold Atom Experiments in Space

Boulder, Colorado (PRWEB) June 26, 2013

Bose-Einstein condensates will be produced in space using a system developed and manufactured in Boulder, Colorado. ColdQuanta has already supplied the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) with elements of its physics package destined to create Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC) in the Cold Atom Lab on the International Space Station (ISS). At the heart of the system, which simplifies and expedites the production of BEC and ultracold atoms, stands the RuBECi


Revolutionary Treatment with MedX at The Back Clinic Helps a Former British Waterski Champion Get Back on the Water After Suffering a Serious Back Injury

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 23 May 2013

In March 1992 former British Waterski Champion, Brett Hodgkins, suffered a very serious back injury as he hit the six-foot ramp on his last jump at the Bridgewater Ski Club, Australia. It was his final chance to qualify for the US Pro Tour. He said ''It felt like someone had plunged a dagger into my lower back. It was the worst pain I had ever felt and I was unable to complete the run and jump.''

He later discovered he had two slipped discs in his lower back and had damaged most of the surrounding ligaments. Discs act as shock absorbers between the vertebrae. When a disk slips (disc prolapse) and pushes on your spinal nerves the pain is excruciating. With the pain he was experiencing he thought he would never compete again. After resting for one season without any success he received pain relieving injections which also had no effect and finally was admitted for surgery. He said ''I thought I had reached the end of the line as far as my skiing career went.''

In January 1998 he travelled to Florida for specialised back treatment on a piece of equipment called MedX which had been in the USA for several years but not been available in the UK yet. MedX is a revolutionary breakthrough for the general public and top-class athletes alike who is suffering from back pain or want to prevent back injuries. It is an ideal treatment for water skiers and wake boarders as around 75% of them suffer with back problems as result of their sport.

The MedX Lumbar Extension machine is unique as it has been specially designed to isolate and strengthen the lower back muscles. The result of over 20 years of research. By strengthening these muscles, the spine and discs become supported which in turn leads to a significant decrease or total elimination of back pain. It is a simple concept and also highly effective. He worked on MedX in Florida for a couple of months and then returned to England to complete his treatment at The Back Clinic which was then based at 148 Harley Street, London. It was the first clinic who brought MedX to the UK earlier that year and was already seeing great results with its patients.

The patient is seated in the MedX chair and the lower half of the body is immobilised using specially designed straps and blocks. This leaves the upper body free to bend and extend. The patient then performs a safe isometric strength test to determine their lower back strength (or lack of it) and range of motion. This information is printed out on a computer graph. The results are often surprising. The physiotherapists at The Back Clinic are used to seeing top-class athletes who think they are fit but who are amazed to see that their graph shows a back that is far weaker than it should be for their sex, age and weight matched norms.

Brett started out being able to push only 75lbs on MedX, but gradually by the end of the 12 week program, was pushing 400lbs. Afterwards he said ''My lower back felt rock solid and really strong. More importantly the excruciating back pain I had been feeling had disappeared completely.'' Advising his peers he said that he had no doubt that MedX is a great form of injury prevention and a way to improve skiing performance.

He also felt that since doing MedX at The Back Clinic he had gained greater balance control and more aggressive line loading which resulted in him being placed fifth in the Slalom event at that years British National Championships at Kirtons Farm. Brett believes that if it wasn't for the help he received from Mike Fulton in America and the specialist physiotherapy team at The Back Clinic he would not have been able to ski again.

About us:

We are passionate about seeing people set free from the debilitating effects of lower back pain. The Back Clinic is the only clinic in England that offers treatment in a clinical environment by Consultant Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists consisting of spinal mobilisations and manipulations, combined with core stability training and spinal rehabilitation on our MedX machines.

The Back Clinic is at 107 Harley Street, London, W1G 6AL. For more information call Isabella on 0207486 7711 or check out their website at

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No Time to Exercise? No Worries; Natural Supplement Helps Shed Pounds with 15 Minutes of Exercise. Avoid the Typical 5 lb. Holiday Weight Gain Blues with NuShape

(PRWEB) November 23, 2012

Will the hectic holiday season leave you precious little time to exercise? NuShape may be just what the doctor ordered a dietary supplement that works with your bodys natural chemistry to turn 15 minutes of moderate exercise into 60 minutes of fat-burning. NuShape is helping time-starved consumers lose a significant amount of weight and can help prevent weight gain during the holiday season, according to NuSirt Sciences, the biotech company that manufactures the all-natural product.

NuShape saves you time by accelerating the benefits of fat-burning exercise. NuShape has demonstrated in clinical studies to increase fat burning by 300 calories per day, said Doug Grindstaff, NuSirt Sciences CEO. People strapped for time, especially over the holidays, often dont have an hour to exercise. NuShape now offers them a solution to avoid the dreaded 3-5 pound holiday weight gain that so many people experience.

Leucine is the key ingredient in NuShape to help the body naturally burn fat without any adverse side effects," said NuSirt Sciences' chief scientific officer Dr. Michael Zemel, PhD, former director of the Nutrition Institute at the University of Tennessee. Through his work, Zemel found that leucine, a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) found in dairy products, activates the powerhouse of the cell to burn more calories. Dr. Zemel's research led to the creation of NuShape, which addresses weight control by combining leucine with vitamin B-6. The all-natural weight loss supplement is activated through normal exercise but without the use of stimulants, fat-blockers or diuretics.

NuSirt Sciences, makers of NuShape, offers these 5 tips to keep fit during the holiday season:

1. Choose a parking spot farther from the entrance Plan on going to the mall for gifts? Why not get in a little exercise before you start by choosing a parking space that is farther away from the mall entrance. It will give you time to collect your thoughts before you enter the shopping frenzy and also some valuable calorie-burning exercise.

2. Say no to the elevator, when possible Whether you are at work or the mall, choose the stairs instead of elevators or escalators. You can also use hills and inclines to create a short workout: Try walking with a quick pace up the hill for a minute or two, then cool down by walking down the hill.

3. Bring the kids to the park The outdoors is a great way to de-stress, spend some time with your kids and get in some exercise. Pushing kids on the swings, playing tag or throwing a Frisbee can help teach kids good fitness habits, while you reap the benefits as well.

4. Take a pre- or post-Thanksgiving stroll While some families like to play tag football, others can find some fitness time with a pre- or post-Thanksgiving walk. It can help diffuse holiday tensions with family and friends as well as help you digest that large Thanksgiving meal. Just 10-15 minutes of brisk walking can get your heart-rate up and lower your blood sugar levels.

5. Create a 10-15 minute workout During this busy time of year, its important to carve out time for you. With 15 minutes of exercise, NuShape helps you lose weight and get in shape, or help prevent holiday-related weight gain, by turning 15 minutes of moderate exercise into 60 minutes of fat-burning naturally. Whether its walking briskly or doing jumping jacks or crunches, carve out 15 minutes of the day for exercise. Target a variety of muscle groups and alternate between cardio and strength training.

To kick start your holiday exercise routine, NuSirt Sciences is offering a BOGO (buy one, get one free) special on Cyber Monday buy one bottle (30-day supply) of NuShape and get the second bottle free. This special offer is for Cyber Monday (November 26, 2012) only. To take advantage of this special offer, visit and use coupon code CYBER-MON, or on search for NuShape and use coupon code CYBMON12. Also, on Twitter this Cyber Monday, visit @TryNuShape to learn more and participate in a twitter chat with NuShape fitness and wellness professionals.

# # #

About NuSirt Sciences, Inc.:

Founded in 2007, NuSirt Sciences, Inc. is a bio-tech company that discovers, manufactures and distributes nutraceutical products that are natural, outcomes-based nutratherapeutic solutions to improve metabolic health risks. NuSirt Sciences brings pharmaceutical rigor to natural supplements through its research and testing. NuSirt Sciences' first commercially available product addressing weight control is NuShape, a natural weight loss supplement activated through exercise. NuShape's tablets work with the body's own chemistry to burn fat and naturally extend the calorie-burning effects of exercise. The company also manufactures NuControl for healthy sugar metabolism. With headquarters in Nashville, Tenn., the company has a dedicated research laboratory in Knoxville, Tenn. Visit for more information.

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