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Hair Replacement Company Announces Offerings with Animation

Bainbridge, PA (PRWEB) November 22, 2012

Hair Directs Motion Graphics team has created a fast-paced How It Works animated video to describe the benefits of ordering custom hair systems (wigs and toupees) direct from the factory. The animation explains how much easier it is to order hair online than to use a salon for the same service.

Traditionally, hair-wearers have relied on monthly hair replacement salon appointments to order and maintain their hair. Hair Direct allows customers to design, order, and maintain their own custom hair systems without setting foot in a salon. Since do-it-yourself hair replacement is new to many people, Hair Direct has chosen to illustrate the process with this instructive, short animated video.

The Lancaster County, PA firm is no stranger to video. There is a whole hair replacement video section of its website devoted to product reviews, how-to educational content, and funny clips and outtakes about the company.

About Hair Direct

Founded in 1994, Pennsylvania-based Hair Direct Inc. is an online hair loss solutions and hair replacement company. With clients spanning the globe, the company provides nonsurgical hair systems (hairpieces, wigs, etc.) and accessories for both men and women.

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Andy Kulp at (717) 426-4333 ext. 855 or email pr(at)hairdirect(dot)com.

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Hair Direct Increases Service Capabilities

Bainbridge, PA (PRWEB) June 12, 2012

Hair Direct, an online hair replacement, has increased its customer service, salon and technical capabilities with the addition of six licensed cosmetologists. These additional Hair Techs enable Hair Direct to continue to provide top notch service to their clients.

Toneya Humes and Bobbi Bentzl are the companys newest Finishing Center Hair Technicians. They are responsible for styling, cutting, coloring, perming, repairing and otherwise finishing hair systems for clients. These hair systems can be straight from the factory or customer returns. Both Humes and Bentzl each have over eight years of experience.

Kerri Domback and Tara Frattaroli have been hired as Retail Center Hair Technicians. They consult with clients in Hair Directs in-house salon and perform any attachment, removal, cleaning, styling and maintaining services necessary. Domback and Frattaroli have over eight years experience as well.

Raquel Miller and Jenny Gertler serve as Customer Support Hair Technicians. Their duties include consulting with clients on the phone, or via webcam or online chat. They place customers orders and handle customer service issues for a wide range of hair replacement-related issues. Miller and Gertler have each spent 10 years in the industry.

About Hair Direct

Founded in 1998, Pennsylvania-based Hair Direct Inc. is a mail order hair replacement company. With clients worldwide, the company provides nonsurgical hair replacement systems (hairpieces, toupees, etc.) for both men and women. Hair Direct also sells a complete line of attachment and maintenance products online at The company has a manufacturing facility in Qingdao, China.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Hair Direct management, please contact Andy Kulp at (717) 426-4333, ext. 855 or email andy(at)

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US NeoTechs Announces Exclusive Agreement with NeoGraft Hair Restoration Technologies

US NeoTechs Announces Exclusive Agreement with NeoGraft Hair Restoration Technologies

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 26, 2010

US NeoTechs announces an exclusive and sole provider contract with NeoGraft to provide certified NeoGraft trained hair transplant technicians to serve the needs of NeoGraft physicians for the United States, Canada, Central and South America.

“We are tremendously excited about the opportunity to work with US NeoTechs,” says Michael Oakes, President of NeoGraft. “By utilizing the experience and highly talented hair transplantation technicians provided by US NeoTechs, we can ensure that each of our physician providers will receive the necessary comprehensive training they need to expand their skills to provide the safest, most advanced, most natural looking hair transplant procedures and therapies available. US NeoTech offers us a multiple of resources. Their Dallas training facility is the only facility in the world to offer full service training and education on advanced hair transplant procedures with the emphasis on automated hair transplant methods. They offer physician and technician training at their facility as well as on-site training, and continuing education programs (CME). They can provide our trained physicians additional on-site staff and offer technical assistance by providing their experienced hair transplant technicians on a per case basis.

“We take great pride in being the only full service company with the resources and infrastructure capable of providing nationwide coverage for NeoGraft physicians in the US, Canada and beyond,” says Stan Dunavant, President of U.S. NeoTechs, LLC. “Our technicians are the highest trained specialists in the NeoGraft technology in the country”. US NeoTechs will provide specifically trained technicians to assist physicians who have incorporated the NeoGraft technology into their practice. These technicians have been trained in all aspects of graft harvesting and implantation with the revolutionary hair replacement technology.

US NeoTechs also provides training for physicians and all appropriate personnel in a physician’s practice that desire to be trained to perform or assist in the NeoGraft procedure. The training programs offer educational and hands-on training as well as the ability to train and preceptor at specific physician’s offices. Through this program, US NeoTechs can offer technical services until such time as a physician and his personnel are prepared to perform all the necessary aspects of the NeoGraft procedure.

US NeoTechs recently completed another in a series of advanced hair restoration techniques cadaver training labs at their training facility in Dallas, Texas. A select group of tenured hair transplant technicians attended 3 days of intense hands-on training in all aspects of the NeoGraft technology that included a cadaver training module in a partnership with the University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Of Dallas.

Dunavant also warned hair restoration physicians to be aware of the significant amount of misleading information being distributed by hair technician staffing companies and some individuals in the industry. “Many of these companies promote their knowledge of the NeoGraft procedure and their “expertise” on the technology but have no certified training and are not recognized by the NeoGraft company as qualified or knowledgeable technicians. Most of their comments and literature are a simple effort of self-promotion. Most of these have never even observed a NeoGraft procedure and certainly have not utilized the technology.”

About US NeoTechs:

US NeoTechs, LLC is focused on delivering the most comprehensive staffing and training program that exists in the hair restoration industry. The company serves as the exclusive provider of certified NeoGraft hair replacement technicians trained to work under the supervision of physicians who offer the NeoGraft technology. In addition, with a state-of-the-art training facility totally dedicated to the science, education and training in automated Follicular Unit Extraction and implantation, the company is able to deliver gold-standard training to physicians and other associated medical personnel in the art and practice of hair restoration.

NeoTechs, LLC is based in Dallas, TX. For more information, visit:

About NeoGraft:

NeoGraft, the global leader in hair restoration treatments and therapies and the provider of the NeoGraft Automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Implantation Hair Transplant System, focuses on new innovative technologies for the treatment of hair loss. NeoGraft products reflect the significant advances in science, medicine, engineering and quality. NeoGraft provides advances in both technology and clinical techniques designed to promote the increase in safety, precision, artistry and efficiency for the benefit of both the patient and the physician.

NeoGraft is located in Flower Mound, TX. For more information visit:


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Parents Can Stop Pulling Their Hair Out Over Computer Use

Branford, Conn. (Vocus) November 11, 2008

Getting kids to take a break from the computer to do other important things is a constant struggle for parents. The latest release of ComputerTime changes all of that by effectively eliminating those conflicts and restoring peace, and it's easy.

Kids easily lose track of time when on the computer and see themselves as victims of their parents' arbitrary time constraints: "I haven't been on that long!" or "She had more time than I did. That's not fair!" For years, ComputerTime has provided a simple solution to this problem for parents worldwide. Recently updated, ComputerTime 3.1 introduces the ability to have one set of limits across all computers in the home across a network. Enhanced "Time Token" features let parents print and hand out additional computer time as rewards for good grades or completing chores. Many new options let parents customize ComputerTime for their family's needs.

Parents are concerned about the increased time their kids are spending online. YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, instant messaging and online games consume so much of kids' time. Most parents would prefer to see their kids socializing with others, playing outdoors, contributing around the house, reading books and studying. The obesity epidemic in children today is also a concern of parents; kids need more physical activity. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than one to two hours a day in front of screens. Hundreds of experts regularly chime in that limits must be set on kids' computer and Internet use.

ComputerTime works because it sets expectations and enforces limits. Kids know exactly how much time remains, and it reminds them when their time is running out. ComputerTime doesn't listen to arguments either. When time is up, they are off. Mom and Dad are no longer the bad guys. ComputerTime effectively eliminates arguments and restores peace.

"ComputerTime continues to be the single best software purchase that I have ever made. Our kids read more, go outside more and have face-to-face interaction with their friends more simply because they are not glued to the screen. I was so sick of arguing with them about it that I was ready to throw the computer out the back window. Now, peace reigns!

''I recommend your product to many like-minded people." -- Lori B., Lincoln, Nebraska

Parents can learn more about ComputerTime and try it free for 14 days by visiting

About SoftwareTime, LLC

SoftwareTime is a software company founded to provide families with helpful software products such as ComputerTime. For more than five years, parents around the world have been counting on simple solutions from SoftwareTime to improve the quality of their families' lives. SoftwareTime maintains a blog with interesting, helpful articles and news items about families and technology.

Visit SoftwareTime at


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