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The FroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide Teaches People to Capture Spectacular Images Simply –

(PRWEB) December 13, 2013

The FroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide, a new photography guide for beginners, was designed by Jared Polin. As an expert in photography, he claims to help people to capture striking images easily without getting stuck with the Auto mode of their cameras. The 3-hour video will teach users the basics of photography and give real-life examples. The guide will provide users with tips, ways and suggestions to shoot impressive pictures. Users who receive little training of photography will find it easy to follow the guide. They will not restrict themselves to create pictures with the automatic mode of their cameras anymore. After the creator introduced his guide, he has received positive feedback from numerous customers who have been satisfied with The FroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide. Thus, the website has presented an overview about its utility.

A complete overview of The FroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide on the site makes it clear that this is an informative photography guide. It can help beginners reach higher levels of photography with ease and fun. Users will get a firm grasp of photography namely the fundamentals of cameras, photography principles, photography terminology, major parts and functions of any DSLR. They will also learn how images are captured and get prepared to take beautiful pictures at any time. Thanks to TheFroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide, users will become more competent and confident in capturing images.

Mathew Turner from the site says: “This is a useful photography guide for those who wish to develop their photography skill systematically. Users can download the program to their computers instantly. The program is also available in the form of physical DVD and Data Disc. Users will receive the bonus 20-minute video outlining a five-year photography plan. This plan will guide users how to make photography a profitable business. Besides, users will grasp the opportunity to work as Jared’s assistant on four professional-level photo shoots. It should be noted that the program will carry a two-month money back guarantee. In other words, users can get your money back if they dislike the program for any reason. In this case, users have to pay shipping and restoring fees.”

To discover more about The FroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide overview, they could visit the website.

Additional information on The FroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide can be found on the official site.

About the website: is the site developed by Dung Vu. The site serves to help people find tips, techniques, methods, ways about various topics including entertainment, health & fitness, and self-help. If people have feedback on digital products, they could write emails to Dung Vu at dungvq(at)abb2u(dot)com.

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Sales Tax Holiday Guide for Added Back to School Savings Featured on Fatwallet

Beloit, WI (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

FatWallet provides mid-summer and back-to-school shoppers with a comprehensive guide for all states participating in Tax Free Holiday weekends. This annual, limited sales tax exempt shopping event gives parents, students, teachers and most other consumers a prime opportunity to save additional money on a wide variety of products for school, home and work. The Tax Free Holiday Weekend Guide features information for Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and 13 other participating states, including:

Schedules for each states event (majority runs August 2-4)
Links to a list of each states exempt and taxable items
Links to each states sales and use tax information
Overview of main exempt categories and item spending limits

Smart shoppers and FatWallet members recognize tax free weekends, back to school sales events and storewide summer clearance sales as an opportunity to stack savings on a variety of products, including furniture (for both home and office), cooking/kitchen, women's clothing, eyewear, cosmetics, luggage and tech (electronics, smartphones, laptops, tablets and computers). FatWallets Fun In The Sun Deals adds another level to summer savings on cameras, pools, bikes and a wide assortment of sports and outdoor products. Dozens of retailers will offer increased cash back during the Fun In The Sun promotion for shoppers who make purchases through FatWallet July 23-29.

Shoppers normally think of back to school as a time to save on just school related purchases, stated FatWallet spokesperson, Brent Shelton. However, this is one of the best times of year to apply these same significant savings towards needs for both home and office.


About FatWallet: As the preferred online shopping resource for millions of smart consumers, works closely with 1,500+ retailers like Dell, Kohl's, Walmart and Amazon to publish special offers, discounts, coupon codes and Cash Back rewards to its members. The much celebrated FatWallet forums represent the pulse of an evolving online marketplace where smart consumers gather to share and learn. FatWallet is owned by Performance Marketing Brands (PMB) who owns and operates the world's most rewarding shopping programs. Through its family of distinct websites and reward programs, PMB users can get a great deal and earn money back every time they shop. PMB shoppers are expected to spend over $ 2 billion through PMB's websites and shopping programs.

11Sep/130 Has Introduced A Guide To Ergonomic Office Chairs

(PRWEB) July 30, 2013 the Online Home Improvement Store has made their goal to deliver the right product to the consumer. With that in mind, shopping and home design tips, as well as special product selections are being introduced.

For those that work from home or spend any serious amount of time sitting in front of a computer, a good office chair is hands down the most important furnishing in a home office. The desk is a bigger decor statement, and bookshelves and other office equipment are definitely important, but research is finding that how much time is spent sitting can have a huge impact on a persons overall health. has introduced a guide to finding an office chair that not only looks good, but is also supportive, comfortable, and designed to match the amount of time spent sitting in it.

For those that work primarily in front of a computer, choosing a supportive desk chair is crucial. That means upper and lower back support, adjustable arm rests, and an adjustable height. Most office chairs these days are rated by hour like two, six, eight, or ten according to the recommended duration of use, and can give a good overall sense of how comfortable the chair is going to be.

If theres one most important feature to look for in an office chair, its lumbar support. Not all chairs have it (though many do), but for anyone that spends a significant amount of time in a desk chair, this feature is key. The lumbar is essentially the lower back and all the muscles, bones, and nerves that make it up, and its responsible for carrying most of the bodys weight and facilitating most movement, which is why lower back pain is so common. Chairs with lumbar support help minimize pressure on the lower back and can even help improve posture.

Lumbar support is the feature thats always talked about when it comes to the ergonomics of office chairs, but upper back and even neck support are important, too. The human spine is naturally curved, and depending on height, not all chairs will fit comfortably with the shape of everybody. Look at least for a chair with an adjustable back height to help ensure a comfortable fit. Higher end chairs are even more customizable, allowing for adjustment of the curve and pitch of the chair back, while mesh-backed chairs conform easily to the shape of the body while still providing support.

What type of arms a desk chair should have is a little more difficult to recommend simply because everyone uses their desk differently, which makes this feature one thats a little more subjective. Some people simply cant stand office chairs with arms, while others cant live without them. Chair arms at a comfortable height can help relieve shoulder strain and pressure on wrists and hands, while ones that are too high or too low can actually make these problems worse. The ideal height for the arms will depend a little on the desk and how its used - primarily with a keyboard, a laptop, or for writing by hand so its worth looking for arms that are adjustable.

Now, all this isnt to say theres no room for style when it comes to office chairs. These arent orthopedic shoes, all utility and no style. In fact, often the most ergonomic office furniture is the most stylish, too either leather executive chairs or funky modern designs engineered specifically to maximize comfort and support. But its an important distinction to make, because there are also plenty of office chairs that are more style than substance. Decorative desk chairs are great for infrequently used computer desks in a public area of the home. Serious sitters, though, should try out chairs if possible, or at least look for specific mention of support features in the product description, catalog, or manual online.

Of course, there are those out there that would argue (and pretty compellingly) that no chair, no matter how well designed, can make up for just how bad sitting for long periods of time is for the body. Unfortunately, the reality is that many people have to spend time at a desk. The result is a lot of hybrid solutions, like desk chairs that encourage more active sitting. For the slightly more adventurous, standing desks eliminate the need for a chair entirely (and also all the negative health effects of sitting). Pairing a standing desk (or high counter or very tall table) with a bar stool can help ease the transition.

To see more of these ergonomic desk chairs, read the full article here, or check out the office collection from Zuo Modern. is not only a home improvement superstore, it also provides expert design tips and a comprehensive shopping guide, taking the ideas from professional interior designers, and offering tips to the consumers on how to pick the products to best suit their needs.

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CreditLoan’s Guide to Personal Loans

Apollo Beach, FL (PRWEB) April 10, 2013

by Jason Brick

The trouble with personal loans is that, though they can be a useful tool, not everybody offering one has your best interests at heart. You have to understand personal loans before you consider, let alone apply for, one. Loan resource has released an infographic that plainly describes the good, the bad and the ugly of this type of personal debt.

Here's what the graphic shows:

The Good

Applying for a personal loan can help you consolidate debt into easier payments, afford needed home repairs or replace an ailing car. When filling out the application, avoid common mistakes that can lead to rejection.

-Be clear and specific when filling in the subject line of the application.

-Avoid mentioning personal details that might indicate you're a poor risk such as needing the money to pay for mental health problems, or that your parents wouldn't cosign.

-Don't give information that reflects a bad financial situation, or that you'll continue bad spending habits after receiving the loan.

-Never say you're taking out a personal loan to make a down payment without providing a clear plan for how you'll pay the rest of the debt.

The Bad

Secured personal loans (usually using home equity as collateral) are a less expensive option for borrowers because they pose less risk to the lender. According to data reported on CreditLoan's graphic, the average family has tripled the amount they've borrowed against their homes over the past 13 years. However, the percentage of family debt represented by home-secured loans has remained stable. This means families are borrowing much more, and risking their homes to do it.

The Ugly

That risk, reports CreditLoan, has resulted in the rate of personal bankruptcies doubling over the past 10 years. With 43 percent of American families reporting that they spend more than they earn each year, that figure may riser even further as the economy continues to adjust.


CreditLoan has been a leading resource for consumer information regarding personal finance for nearly 15 years. Striving to publish only the most current, accurate and insightful information helps ensure the quality of our content.

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Tech Center Info., LLC Releases Guide Providing Instructions to Receive HD TV without Cable

Denver, CO (PRWEB) May 02, 2013

Tech Center Info., LLC announces the release of its latest edition eBook, Stop TV Bills: A Resource Guide to Getting Free TV in HD Legally."

Based on extensive research, implementation, and testing, this breakthrough eBook covers such topics as how to get free over-the-air HD channels, how to use your TV to tap into free legal content on the Internet, and how to set up and run a DVR off a computer. A complete list of available TV networks is available at

I got fed up with our ever-increasing TV bill and spent a good deal of time working out how to stop paying for TV, says eBook Infopreneur and author, David Rubins. With a minimal investment in hardware (under $ 50) I was able to set up free TV in HD legally in our homeand completely eliminate our TV bill. With an annual savings over $ 1,200, I feel like this has been a great investment and want to share this knowledge with others.

The eBook was developed to help others who are still paying a small fortune each month for TV. Many consumers are looking for ways to reduce their cable TV bill, but dont know what alternatives are available, Rubins stated. Were continually amazed at the number of people who are not aware they can get free TV in HD legally.

Available for download at, the eBook is offered at $ 25. also offers the ebook for Kindle readers.

About Tech Center Info, LLC

Tech Center Info., LLC is a Colorado-based, Internet marketing firm that has been operating since 2005. The firm owns propriety SEO software that facilitates local search and provides web hosting and custom website development.

6Feb/130 Launches a Digital Article Library to help Inform, Prepare and Guide Students through the Online School Experience

(PRWEB) October 30, 2012

No longer is it necessary to spend hours searching the Internet for current, reliable information regarding online school. Now, at, individuals interested in learning more about earning accredited online degrees can find answers to frequently asked questions gathered in one, easy-to-navigate website. Within's digital library rich with articles addressing a broad range of distance learning topics, prospective students will find invaluable information such as detailed course descriptions, how to apply for financial aid, tips for successfully completing an online degree program and employment opportunities for all sorts of degree fields.

Never before has such a comprehensive article library specifically related to the online school experience been available at one website, In addition, many different online school programs are thoroughly covered in these articles, from obtaining a teaching degree to earning a master's degree in computer science. Other programs explored in depth include medical assisting, business administration, paralegal studies and graphic design artist. Moreover, regular visitors to the site benefit from the addition of 20 new articles each month.

View the article library here:

Helpful Resources.

Helpful links to relevant government websites are included in articles that illustrate the steps to take when applying for financial aid, such as Pell grants, scholarships and Stafford loans. Instead of being directed from one pointless, commercially-based website to another, and then on to sites that have nothing to do with educational financial aid, will not waste time by including useless links or unnecessary information. Instead, people who are seriously interested in taking online classes to earn diplomas, certifications or degrees can discover all the information needed to start taking advantage of the benefits of online school without the hassle of spending unnecessary hours scouring the Internet for pertinent details and instructions.

In-Depth Information about Each Online School Topic.

The development and launching of represents the future of websites that legitimately and straightforwardly offer a wealth of data concerning all aspects of one topic. In addition to the article library providing important information designed to help students get started on the road to earning a degree, also offers content concerning the best, accredited online schools currently in operation and accepting students. Only distance learning higher education schools accredited by national and regional accrediting agencies should be considered as valid institutions from which to earn a degree.'s article library contains several articles that define the meaning of accreditation and also provides names of all accrediting organizations recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Time Management and Class Management Articles.

Although online classes are rapidly becoming the preferred method of earning two year, four year and graduate degrees, many students find the lack of a strict time schedule and the flexibility of taking online courses something difficult to manage successfully. In fact, the primary reason students have trouble completing an online degree program involves time management skills and keeping up with course assignments. To prevent potential students from falling into a cycle of procrastination and cramming that often leads to failing,'s article library dispenses articles with tips and real-world advice about what to do to successfully manage time, how to pass exams and ways to remain motivated while enrolled in an online degree program.

Visit the Digital Library.

By providing the ultimate article library with interesting and readable documents covering the world of online education, is sure to become the definitive online school source for students who are already taking online courses and for people who are interested in learning about the best online schools as well as applying for financial aid, enrolling in a degree program and what to expect as a professional online school student.


Free Twitter Guide Helps Detroit Businesses Take Flight

(PRWEB) October 22, 2012

Such Great Heights Marketing LLC, a marketing company serving Detroit and Southeast, Michigan, released a free guide for small businesses striving to maximize their effectiveness on Twitter. The PDF guide, How to Master Twitter for Your Business, is available on the companys website.

The three-part Twitter guide covers what to tweet about to provide value and encourage interaction, how to successfully grow a quality following, and advanced tips and tricks to help companies take flight. Not only does the document outline best practices, it cites actual examples to show business owners how its done.

After encountering dozens of businesses in the Detroit area not using Twitter to its full potential, the idea to provide a free downloadable guide was born.

A lot of businesses grasp how to use Facebook, but we see so many that struggle with Twitter, said Brett Heitz, President of Such Great Heights Marketing. The ideas outlined in our guide are specifically for the needs of local businesses. What works for a Fortune 500 company doesnt necessarily work for the mom-and-pop shop down the street.

Whether your business wants to use Twitter more effectively or if youre looking to get started, you can download the free guide at

About Such Great Heights Marketing

Such Great Heights Marketing LLC is a Detroit marketing company that provides quality, affordable marketing services for small businesses. In addition to managing Twitter accounts for small businesses, the company provides a variety of social media management services, email marketing and other forms of online marketing, inbound marketing, consulting, graphic design, and more. For more information, visit


RJT’s Guide to Get the Most Out of Your ERP System in 2013

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) December 03, 2012

ERP Recent Evolution

In recent years business applications have been undergoing many changes. The progression of cloud computing, the access to mobile technologies and the impact of social media is affecting the business application environment. ERP has been the business application most affected. ERP systems have come a long way in the past few years and are now able to better integrate with the web, provide more sophisticated analytics, and are much easier to configure. It's not your father's ERP system.

What ERP Does

ERP collects, manages and distributes information across an entire organization and helps break down information barriers that interfere with full cooperation between finance and accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, customer relationship management and any other business function. The result is the increase in quality and efficiency, reduction in time-to-market, shortened lead times, higher productivity and lowered costs, improved customer service, and an increase in sales and margins.

What Has Changed

Integration with the Web

Modern ERP systems are built for the internet-enabled world with e-commerce capabilities and the ability to integrate and collaborate with supply chain partners, customer portals, and aid in the tracking of incoming material and outgoing product to increase visibility and control. Web based solutions and services offer certain benefits such as ease of integration and reduction in costs through the hosted application model. Because these solutions are in the cloud, they are easy to deploy, easy to adopt and do not need any additional investment in IT infrastructure and staff. Typically an organization pays a low monthly subscription fee and maintenance and upgrades are taken care of by the provider, which allows the organization to focus more on business and less on IT systems.

Better Use of Analytics

With the emergence of ground breaking analytics, organizations now have access to real time information that empowers them to react more quickly to a rapidly changing business environment. Integrated analytics brings together information from a company's ERP system and enhances it with advanced analytics. Intuitive role-based dashboards give deep insight into business performance which aids organizations in better decisions making processes. When away from an office computer, users can view all of this on a variety of mobile devices such as iPads and Blackberries.

Easier Configuration

Next generation ERP products allow organizations to quickly create new processes, reconfigure and tweak existing processes, as well as add additional functionality. Leading vendors provide a full set of functionality and modules out of the box. Because these vendors have already integrated these modules and optimized the interfaces, configuration is much less costly than it has ever been. As a business grows, and a need for enhanced functionality increases; these capabilities can be "turned on" without having to pay an additional license fee. This provides a more scalable and agile implementation path and a faster return on investment.

Learn More

See how RJT Compuquest is helping companies extract greater value from their ERP system investment. Learn how next generation companies are using their tools to compete in an uncertain economy.

About RJT Compuquest

RJT Compuquest, Inc. provides system integration and ERP management consulting services to companies with a local, national and global presence. The services provided are in the areas of assessments, implementations, optimization projects and individual resources. RJT is capable of working across all technology platforms, operating systems and infrastructures. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Torrance, CA, RJT Compuquest serves clients across the U.S. from offices in Irvine, Chicago, and Dallas. Built on long-term, trusted client and employee relationships, RJT strives to consistently and cost-effectively plan, execute and deliver high-quality solutions and services.

For more information about RJT please visit our website at:


Graphic Evidence create new selling guide brochure for Gratnells

(PRWEB UK) 29 August 2012

Graphic designers, Graphic Evidence, undertake more design work for Gratnells in the form of their new B2B promotional selling guide. The sixteen-page A4 guide is designed in full colour and will be part of their companys resource pack. Gratnells manufacture plastic tray storage solutions that are widely used by businesses, healthcare bodies and education establishments including schools, colleges and universities.

Previous work for Gratnells includes the design of their company brochure and business cards. Web design company, Graphic Evidence, are thrilled to continue to assist Gratnells with the design and print of their marketing materials and look forward to continuing this relationship.

Graphic Evidence has a wealth of experience in creating engaging and effective print design. From business cards to brochures and magazines, Graphic Evidence has worked for a range of businesses across a number of different sectors.

For more information on the services offered by creative marketing company, Graphic Evidence, please visit


A Guide For Hygienic Handles For Doors

(PRWEB UK) 5 October 2012

Today Door Handles LTD is publishing their weekly interior design tips in regards to advising their customers on the hygiene risks from door handles. When it comes to places that are possibly filled with bacteria, nothing beats handles for doors. Handles would be a rundown winner even when compared with the other dirty surfaces including money, computer keyboards and even phones. For one, handles provide ingress and egress to doors so they are touched by people on a regular basis, providing a convenient way of transferring bacteria and infection from one person to another.

Not to many door users are aware of the types of bacteria that can be passed on through the use of door handles whether in private or in public including the following:

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