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Game Nation Tells Its Story in a New Form of Graphic Novel Introducing GN Archives

Fort Myers, FL (PRWEB) July 03, 2013

Game Nation Theme Park and Resort is proud to announce the release of their first ever hybrid graphic novel, GN Archives. But this is no ordinary tale. The original saga tells "true stories of fictitious events" yet to happen.

Episode 1, Lab Rats, the first in the series of historic hybrid novels, tells the legend of the evolution of Game Nation leading up to GN Celebration. Humans discover the possibility of other worlds worlds where games are real.

Follow the first story as Wake discovers a universe of physics beyond his dreams and possibilities, beyond his imagination. Wake is excited to use his flight pilot training for something meaningful when hes recruited for a top secret, corporate-military joint project. Or he was, until co-workers began suddenly leaving the organization and strange lights started appearing on his flights. Track his journey as he uncovers plots in the organization he works for and tries to unravel the mystery of The Blur. But the revelation doesnt come until November at GN Celebration. Is this coincidence or truth to be uncovered?

The Game Nation Archive series are not novels, nor are they graphic novels. They are a genuine hybrid tale connecting novel and comic book. The series is created and developed by RUKE and written by A.J. Scudiere, with art by Christopher Betancourt. This is the first of its kind, blending reality into fiction and offering real people the opportunity to be written into history as a Game Nation character. Written charactersas well as their human alter egos--will be celebrated at Game Nation Theme Parks and Events. This is a truly unique opportunity for those who join the army of Game Nation.

Game Nation is giving fans the first look at GN Archives before the phenomenon hits. You're invited to join the GN Army and download your free digital copy at and order your copy in limited release only at

About Game Nation Theme Park and Resort

Game Nations mission is to create a realistic experience that immerses the visitor into a story. By combining video game mechanics with interactive physical themed attractions, we are creating the worlds first Experiential Video Game Theme Park and Resort. Visitors will become players as they step into a re-creation of worlds based on popular video games filled with myths, legends and arenas. Instead of just rides, visitors are immersed in a world of total interactivity where, with everything they do, they earn a higher score, experience points and reputation. It is a place where dreams and fantasies will come to life. They will be able to become anything they like and live out the character they create in the actual park. But it's not a video game: its a physical, large-scale theme park and resort.

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Girl Power: Game Development Graduate, Rebeccah Cox gets Apple Approval

(PRWEB) August 26, 2013

Media Design School talked to Rebeccah about her journey as a game programming student to indie developer.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in games?

I have always liked maths and have a weakness for logic puzzles. Programming involves a lot of lateral thinking and problem solving, so it suits my way of thinking and working.

How did you discover Media Design School?

I did one year of a bachelor's degree in computer science and found that I only had about four hours of programming a week and the other classes seemed irrelevant. I started at Media Design School the following year and really enjoyed getting to work on code for the majority of the time. Most of the assessments were based on making different games to demonstrate the subject we were working on like physics or AI. This project-based assessment method was what really made me learn the most about game development.

Why did you choose to follow a career in indie games rather than working for a studio?

I like making the whole game from scratch and enjoy art and design as much as programming. This is what led me to indie development, because I didn't want to specialise in any specific area and liked having creative control over projects. However, I also learnt that independent development would be a much harder road and I would definitely not be earning the same money as my peers who went with more traditional jobs. In the end, I decided that the benefits outweighed the drawbacks, and that I was willing to put in the effort to make going indie a success.

How did you decide which platform to develop for?

"I put in a lot of research and eventually decided on iOS because it would be cheaper and easier to make and maintain games. The biggest draw cards were the limited number of devices (and resolutions) and that Apple provides customer support, whereas Android leaves that to the developer. This meant that I would not have to buy a large number of phones and tablets, or hire testing teams and a customer support person to respond to emails. The other factor was that Apple only has one app store, whereas Android has many to choose from, which would require more work when it came to submitting games, and picking stores.

What were the biggest challenges in developing Koi Pond Code Breaker?

It was my first attempt at making an iPhone game, so I encountered a lot of challenges. I was taking a business course, which took away time from the project. I also had a new engine to learn, but I have had to do that before at Media Design School, so it made the process a lot easier. The main hurdle I had to overcome was finishing the game to where I was happy with it, especially since I was working on both the art and code.

What next?

The current goal is to get another three or four games out by the end of the year. In the near future, I am hoping to work on some children's games and interactive stories. I have one lined up that should be out by the end of the year, and will be tested by my old primary school, Aorangi, Rotorua. There is a lot I want to accomplish through games.


True Office Launches Anti-Insider Trading Training Game

(PRWEB) July 31, 2013

True Office, the company that gamifies regulatory and compliance training, today announces the launch of its anti-insider trading game. The game, which uses the scenario of a fictional investment bank (RXG Capital) accused of insider trading, is intended to help companies more accurately identify and manage risk through reality-based, experiential learning.

"Despite investing vast amounts of time and money, the news headlines over the last few weeks are once again demonstrating that most traditional approaches to compliance training can be gamed in the worse sense of the word, said Adam Sodowick, founder and CEO of True Office. Applying gamification techniques to compliance training not only creates a significantly more meaningful learning experience, it also produces powerful data to help raise red flags around questionable grey areas in a safe environment. Unless policy translates into true meaning, companies will continue to open themselves to huge regulatory fines and public discredit.

The storyline of the anti-insider trading game explores whether sensitive information about an obesity drug in development by Litzer Pharmaceuticals was shared by a fictional employee of the organization with RXG Capital. The player is tasked with investigating locations, analyzing items and interviewing key employees to determine whether certain actions constituted insider trading. The goal is to determine if RXG Capital was guilty of shorting Litzer shares before the information became public.

The 15 minute mobile and desktop game is played out over multiple locations in New York City and provides participants with an immersive and interactive way to learn about the rules and regulations surrounding insider trading while producing actionable data for companies.

True Office games were first piloted in Barclays, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup as part of the 2012 FinTech Innovation Lab program which is run by the Partnership for New York City Fund and Accenture. The games are now being developed and rolled out across the US and UK, primarily for financial institutions and other companies that work within complex regulatory environments.

About True Office

The multi-billion dollar mandatory compliance training market has been largely ignored by technological innovation until True Office. True Office founder and chief executive Adam Sodowick started the company in 2010 to solve a longstanding problem: the tedium and high cost of regulatory compliance training. Based in New York City with offices in Boston, True Office creates data-rich desktop and mobile games that help companies reduce risk and save money, transforming mandatory compliance training into a fun, intelligible and quantifiable experience. In line with key enterprise trends such as tablet and smartphone usage, enterprise apps and decision analytics, True Office designs and delivers products for a connected workforce.

True Office was chosen to participate in the 2012 FinTech Innovation Lab. The program, which is run by the Partnership for New York City Fund and Accenture, supports the development of cutting edge technologies for the financial services industry in New York City under the guidance and mentorship of chief technology officers and other senior executives from 12 of the world's major financial institutions, as well as executives from leading venture capital firms.


Sara Firouzyar

+44 (0)20 7935 4800


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Ten Best Game Development Companies Named by for July 2013

(PRWEB) July 12, 2013

The independent authority on web design and development,, has released their list of the ten best game development companies for the month of July 2013. Each month the top performing game development companies are put to the test by the independent research team at in order to determine which companies produce a comprehensive solution for custom branded gaming experiences.

The Ten Best Game Development Companies for July 2013 are:

1) Bappa Games Inc.

2) Sickhead Games

3) Davanti Digital Media

4) Brains Tech.

5) IQ Foundry

6) Codeplay Software Ltd.

7) Art & Logic

8) Arkadium

9) Glyphic Entertainment

10) Howling Moon Software

The process used by for evaluating and ranking the best custom game development solutions involves an in-depth look at the key aspects of each service which produce a comprehensive game development service. Five areas of evaluation are used to benchmark and compare game development solutions in areas including communication, graphic design, engine development, bug testing, and support.

ABOUT is an independent research firm with a dedication to providing a list of the best web design companies and web development firms in the industry. Through meticulous research and developed methods for evaluating and ranking companies, has provided customers of web design and development services with a great resource to find a top performing web design company. Evaluations are carried out by a specialized team of researchers who examine thousands of applicants each month. provides their rankings free of charge to companies and individuals searching for a quality web design firm or looking for other design and development services with updates being provided on the first of each month. The website also provides information and resources for those looking to learn more about web design and development services.

To view the rankings of the best game development companies for July 2013 visit:

Companies interested in being evaluated and ranked can visit:


RKNet Studios Announced Game Download from Play Store of Intelligence Game 21 Ninja – for Brain Fitness and Development of Cognitive and Social Skills

Middletown, NJ (PRWEB) June 25, 2013

Anant Goel, CEO at RKNet stated: "21 Ninja is an intelligence game for hours of fun, brain fitness, and development of cognitive skills and social skills. You can play against the computer as your playmate or challenge a friend in a game for two. Game is fun to play, and challenging the computer, or challenging your friends, is even more awesome when you win."

21 Ninja is a real life intelligence game that engages and develops 21 cognitive skills and can last 30 minutes of fun. Game shows the skills engaged and developed. It continuously keeps the score, monitors the progress, and at the end of the game it grades players' cognitive skills.

Everyone has cognitive abilities, but not everyone's cognitive abilities are the same.

There are some natural differences that separate the potential of an astronaut from a taxi driver. People can, at any age, improve their cognitive capacity, speed and accuracy. When they do, everything that relies on those cognitive skills gets easier, faster and more efficient.

21 Ninja is played with computer generated Ninja cards and a cognitions game board on screen.

Number of Players: One plays against the computer to engage, develop, and grade cognitive skills... Two play against each other to challenge and develop social skills.

Computer Deals: Random Ninja cards from the deck with 4 Ghost Ninja cards.

Game Start: First name player can start by picking and placing the Ninja card in the open stage for Ninja challenge. Ghost Ninja, when served, is used to disrupt challenger's Ninja force or skip the turn to gain strategic advantage.

Score: Running score is updated each time a player has three Ninja cards of the same suite in a winning formation horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Ninja Warrior Plays: There are 3 Ninja suites in the deck: Red Ninja, Black Ninja, and the Ghost Ninja.

Ghost Ninja Play: introduce a low-probability, high-impact event in the game. This concept is introduced to increase players ability to adapt to real surprises in life. Such sudden incidents might constitute as turning points in the game and replicate life events that change or greatly impact the final outcomes.

The objective of the game is to Hunt for Ninja formations for scoring opportunities, Block the opponent from scoring, strategically Plan ahead, and Disrupt opponents scoring formations when winning.

21 Ninja game is designed in the labs but proven in real life to engage, exercise, nurture, and develop a range of 21 cognitive skills from working memory to fluid intelligence.

In a game between an adult and a youth, the adult can take the fun opportunity to teach and mentor on the basis of shared interests and nurture the youth's memory skills, logical thinking and reasoning skills, decision making skills, risk taking and risk aversion skills, and social skills such as turn taking, graceful winning [or losing] and being patient with others.

Integration of multiple cognitive skills in one competitive game makes 21 Ninja fun to play; and more beneficial than brain-training computer games. Repeating one or two cognitive skills in brain-training games, again and again, is like revving your car engine in Neutral while sitting in your driveway, going nowhere.

Anant Goel said:"Train the brain and develop cognitive skills with 21 Ninja. Challenge the computer or friends to develop social skills. There are no limitations in age and brain power. This is an interactive game for kids and adults, people of all ages."

Be social. Play, chat and share achievements with friends and family!

Be the best! Play at the party and have the family join-in the fun or make it a challenging pair game with friends!

Publish comments and suggestions on Google Play Store and rate the game. Send player's high scores to receive Certificate of Excellence and T-shirt bonus prize!

Cognitions Bridge games can be downloaded on tablets from Google PLAY Store or the Apple APP Store.

Launch Press:

Download from Play Store:

Download from App Store:

About RKNet Studios:

Founded in 2007, parent company of RKNet Studios develops digital media content and mobile apps for the global audiences. Created by NJBIN award winning team; Cognitions Bridge mobile apps and games are for education, entertainment, brain fitness, and development of cognitive and social skills. The developers bring over 40 years of experience in technology, Applied Cognitive Psychology, communications, and applied operator training systems for fast moving Nuclear Power Control Rooms.


GameDesk Debuts New Filament Game “Reach for the Sun” at PlayMaker School Event

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 23, 2013

At the recent PlayMaker Ribbon Cutting Event students, parents, teachers, and community members explored the transformed PlayMaker learning spaces and participated in digital learning games and maker activities. The Adventure Rom, a high tech learning space packed with plasma flat screens and floor projection, featured Filament Games Reach for the Sun, a new digital game that teaches systems of plant growth and the process of photosynthesis.

GameDesk saw great value in Reach for the Sun. Its ability to demonstrate systems of plant growth and the relationship between the root structures, leaf structures, flowering structures, and pollination is remarkable, said GameDesk Executive Director, Lucien Vattel.

GameDesk created curriculum to complement the games features using its newly developed Play-Research-Present System. Pairing the game with curriculum empowers kids to be focused and research-oriented in a playful way. The peer-to-peer learning builds collaboration and problem solving skills, and the game play allows students to practice important scientific concepts in a risk free environment.

"It can be difficult to understand complex processes like plant growth and reproduction, but Reach for the Sun makes everything seem so easy and obvious, said Abby Friesen, Lead Designer for the game. No textbook can match the experience of actually becoming a plant."

PlayMaker School was launched in the fall of 2012 as a partnership between GameDesk and New Roads School. Its philosophy centers on student guided learning and purposeful play through no tech, low tech, and high tech curriculum. Game-based learning is one approach PlayMaker uses to engage students in the classroom and teach fundamental concepts. Playing digital games provides quick and effective feedback, is popular among the digital native generation, and taps into problem solving and decision making skills essential for a range of disciplines.

PlayMaker teachers challenge misconceptions of play, emphasizing that play requires persistence and hard work and deserves a place in the classroom. It is a mindset that focuses on creating, exploring, and being fully engaged. Rather then telling students what they need to know we must frame playful experiences to give them context, and then extract knowledge from that play to facilitate learning opportunities, said Tedd Wakeman, PlayMaker School Sixth Grade Teacher.

Filament Games, winner of the National STEM Video Game Challenge in 2011, is recognized as a bold leader in digital education games. Reach for the Sun was officially released in May of 2013 and is the engaging result of game-based learning meets artistry, producing a game that is not only functional, but also extremely beautiful. It aligns with key science standards and can be purchased for the home, classroom, or school district.

About GameDesk

GameDesk is a 501(c)3 nonprofit research, game development, and outreach organization that seeks to rethink learning through play, making, and interaction. It evolved out of seven years of research at the University of Southern California with a mission to transform the learning experience, help close the achievement gap, and deeply engage students in learning core curriculum. In February of 2013 Fast Company ranked GameDesk #6 in the Worlds Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Education.

To learn more visit

About Filament Games

Filament Games is a game production studio that exclusively creates learning games. Its core competency is producing games that combine best practices in commercial game development with key concepts from the learning sciences. Accordingly, the senior staff is comprised of individuals who are equal parts game and instructional designers; a "dual literacy" that allows Filament to engineer authentic game-play mechanics (rules and interactions that directly correlate with specific learning objectives).

To learn more visit



VTree Entertainment to Add 3D Motion Controls to their Pro Riders Snowboarding Game Using Extreme Realitys Technology

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) March 28, 2013

At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Extreme Reality is demonstrating VTree Entertainment's Pro Riders Snowboard game with 3D motion controls using a standard 2D webcam. VTree Entertainment released the game this January and plans to release the 3D motion control-enhanced version by end of May 2013.

Developed by VTree Entertainment, Pro Riders Snowboard has stunning character visuals and vivid surrounding environments. The game also includes real-world snowboarding physics with tricks, flips, jumps and grinds. Users can race down the courses against the clock or against opponents while grabbing coins and unlocking achievements.

The 3D snowboarding game merges VTree Entertainment's graphics, physics engine, and gameplay with Extreme Reality's technology to provide real-time tracking and analysis of gamers movements for a much more immersive game experience.

Extreme Motion full-body 3D motion capture technology enables full-body 3D motion capture using a standard 2D camera.

"Adding 3D motion control was our solution to approach a new market of consumer that can enjoy an enhanced user experience of our Pro Riders game, said Charles Bergen, President of VTree Entertainment. "We chose Extreme Realitys for their innovative cross platform technology and found the integration process to be short and straight forward.

"We are very proud of the quick and seamless integration process with VTree entertainment, enriching their game with our motion control technology and opening this new user experience to a wide range of gamers," said Asaf Barzilay, VP Products of Extreme Reality.

Pro Riders Snowboard webcam motion control version will be available for PC via Amazon and additional online stores by May 30th.

About Extreme Reality

Established in 2005, Extreme Reality, also known as XTR3D, is a privately held company based in Herzlia, Israel. The company is the developer of the patented Extreme UI gesture control and Extreme Motion full-body 3D motion capture software. Supported by strong intellectual property, this powerful technology allows any consumer electronic device to enable full-body 3D motion capture using a standard 2D camera. This software can be implemented on any platform, turning any consumer electronic device into a full-body motion-controlled game system. For more information, visit

About VTree Entertainment

As a leader in the special needs software and assistive technology industry, VTree entertainment develops products to make a real difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities, enabling them to achieve a higher level of satisfaction in their lives. The most important part of VTree Entertainment products, and the companys overall philosophy, is that the method is fun. VTrees video games can be manipulated to match the operators level of competency, meaning most children and adults can play regardless of their level of physical and/or cognitive competency. Hand-eye coordination and social skills are all positively affected while enjoying a fun video game experience.


22Feb/130 Announces Big Game Television Deals

Edison, NJ (PRWEB) January 18, 2013, the Internet's #1 Superstore has a special offer on select flat-screen televisions for the biggest game of the year this February. Televisions ordered before January 28, 2013 are eligible for free shipping with arrival guaranteed before the Big Game on February 3rd. Big screen televisions of all sizes and formats, whether LED, LCD, or Plasma are part of this offer. Beyond televisions, also has projectors which will allow viewers to watch the game in any size they desire, home theater systems, wall mounts for flat-screens, and much, much more.

In addition to these special offers on televisions for Game Day, has marked down their already low prices on party supplies. Those interested can just take an extra 10% off Big Game party supplies including popcorn makers, grills, grilling accessories, and beer makers when they order with the coupon code "Kick10Off." Football fans will no longer have to run out in the middle of the game if they get low on brews they can make their own homebrew right there in the house!

Learn more about these offers at's Big Game Page. In addition to the aforementioned savings, is also offering $ 1 expedited white glove shipping on select televisions. Those interested in learning more about this offer are invited to head over to this information page.

Lastly, would like to help their customers keep their New Years Resolutions to get fit and drop pounds. To this end, they are running a sweepstakes on Facebook to give away a Waring Pro Stainless Steel Pro Health Juicer. Simply head over to their Facebook page, "Like" it, and enter to get the chance to win one of these juicers. Valued at $ 100, this juicer can help anyone maintain a healthier diet with more fruits and vegetables without a lot of extra effort.

About BuyDig: ( is a family-owned and operated online retailer based in Edison, New Jersey. Founded in 1983 under its parent company, Beach Trading Co. Specializing in selling digital cameras, electronics, computers, tablets, audio/video, home and garden, kitchenware and more, BuyDig has worked to become the internet's #1 electronics superstore. BuyDig partners with many of the major CE manufacturers such as Canon, Samsung, Sony, HP, SanDisk, Garmin, Pyle, and Toshiba to make consumer technology and electronics affordable and available to the widest market possible. BuyDig also offers free shipping on most products as well as a 45-day return policy on items purchased from their store. By combining legendary customer service with a philosophy of providing more for less, has earned its reputation as the premier destination for consumer electronics.

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Dogington Post Receives Threats About Controversial New iPhone Game

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) November 08, 2012

Dog Pile Maze is an addictive, high speed whimsical game from the creators of Dogington Post. Based on a concept that dog owners can relate to intimately, players must navigate a maze, dodge furniture and spills, and avoid the cat from hell to gather their dog-walking necessities before getting the dog outside to do his deed.

Weve designed the game with a lot of social appeal, said Pegi Dahl, Creative Director for Dogington Post. And that includes having the gross-out factor that comes along with a dog pooping in the house!

Dog Pile Maze features professional graphics and animation, realistic sound effects, retina display support and the ability to share wins and losses via social media.

The dog news site turned to the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, to help raise funds to complete their game, improve its production value and beef up marketing and promotion after the games completion.

We initially focused on the edgy, humorous, gross-out stuff that makes our game so unique and what we know is going to make it a success once it hits the App Store, said Dahl. However, we didnt expect that our little Kickstarter campaign was so controversial and offensive!

Just days after launching their campaign, Dogington Post received angry, threatening emails regarding the nature of their project. One angry consumer from Kansas wrote, As the mother of 3 young kids, I'm disgusted by the growing lack of integrity by game developers. Children are going to be playing these games. How about something educational and clean, not something gross and crude!

In response, the dog news site softened their approach and restructured their Kickstarter campaign to focus on the slobbery reward the player gets from their dog, rather than the disgusting consolation prize their dog leaves for them when they lose.

We havent changed our game. Its still destined to be a viral hit, said Dahl. You cant make everybody happy, all the time. But if we can appeal to a broader audience to help get our little game funded, that is our ultimate goal.

Dogington Post developed the Dog Pile Maze Game in an effort to create a revenue stream that can support funding to dog shelters and rescue organizations. People who pledge support to the Kickstarter campaign will not only get any number of rewards based on their level of support, but will also be supporting the efforts of Dogington Post in helping rescue dogs.

Dog Piles Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to run for 30 days and will end on Friday Nov 30, 10:34am EST. Kickstarter campaigns function under an all-or-nothing funding model so if Dog Pile Maze doesnt reach its goal of $ 20,000 pledged at the end of 30 days, no funding is received.

If youd like to help Dogington Post reach that goal, visit the projects Kickstarter site here:


Users Show Their Appreciation for Mobile Game LetterSchool

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

A recent analysis of ratings across App Stores in several countries shows that over 90 percent of LetterSchool users award the app four or five stars. The vast majority of users also speak highly of LetterSchool in their reviews. This trend is most clearly visible in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The handwriting app has already been introduced into many homes, schools and therapy practices all over the world. User feedback confirms that LetterSchool lets kids have fun while they practice the complex skills of handwriting. The methods educational value is strongly appreciated by parents, teachers and therapists. Many of them write that LetterSchools wide variety of games captures the attention and keeps players practicing their letters and numbers, over and over again. The continuous highly positive response from parents and teachers underscores LetterSchools important role as an innovator in handwriting instruction. By spending $ 2.99 on LetterSchool, schools not only save money on expensive handwriting methods and software, but also on precious teaching time. A list of the apps awards and experts reviews is available at

LetterSchool competes with advanced mobile games, boasting high-quality graphics, effects and animations at a level rarely seen in apps for young children. In order to make LetterSchool a rock-solid piece of software, the makers didnt just rely on their own experience in education, software development and computer graphicslittle experts tested the app thoroughly. LetterSchool is a universal application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Install the free lite version of LetterSchool which will allow you to reach the gold level and test-drive the free-form writing game more quickly. Reporters can also request a promotional code for the full version. Feel free to ask for our media kit containing high-resolution artwork on the contact page of our website.


LetterSchool website:

LetterSchool video:

iTunes, LetterSchool:

iTunes, LetterSchool Lite:

Overview of awards and reviews:

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