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Axiomtek Expands Operating System Support with its Own Royalty Free Embedded Linux O/S

City of Industry, CA (PRWEB) January 10, 2005

Axiomtek, a world renowned provider of industrial and embedded systems and components, today announced it is introducing its own embedded Linux operating system for the company’s x86 PC architecture platforms. The operating system built on the 2.4.25 Linux kernel is able to be easily embedded onto Axiomtek’s 5.25-inch petit, 3.5-inch capa, PC/104 and half-size single board product families providing customers with reduced build costs, development times and total cost of ownership in building their systems.

“The 2.4.25 kernel was selected due to its stability and robust onboard functions in support of device drivers and interfaces for XFree86 and X-Windows/QT graphic functions,” said Kit Chui, Axiomtek Product Director. “Axiomtek customers in vertical industries, such as industrial automation, HMI, Point of Sale, transaction terminals and more, require flexible and cost-effective Graphical User Interface embedded solutions for their systems. The ability to acquire a complete system interface solution (PC board and Linux operating system) from one vendor offers our customers greater confidence in system compatibility as well as service and support in times of need.”

Axiomtek is not new to offering embedded operating system support for its systems and components. The company currently offers support for Microsoft’s Windows CE, Windows CE.NET, Windows XP embedded; as well as Lineo Solution’s embedded Linux products. As part of the company’s available support, Axiomtek also provides specialized integration services. Branded as eSMART™, in as little as 30 days Axiomtek will perform, test and validate custom integration work on its PC board product platforms, including device drivers and IRQ settings; embedded Linux functions; customer proprietary device drivers and applications; bootloader and utilities as required. The key advantages for the customer is that they receive a PC board prototype ready for mass production, while they are able to focus on their own core competencies in software development and systems integration.

For customers desiring to do their own Linux integration work on Axiomtek’s PC board platforms, the company offers an FTP site for easy access and downloading of the operating system. Furthermore, the company provides a Software Development Kit for customizing features such as multi-language support (i18n, internationalization), keyboard layout time zone and more. Axiomtek will continuously maintain and upgrade its Linux operating system with a team of dedicated software professionals. Customers seeking more information should visit the Axiomtek website at or call the corporate headquarters at (626) 581-3232.

The Axiomtek PC Board Product Platforms

• 5.25-inch Petit Boards – an ideal platform solution with scalability, flexible I/O connectors and low power consumption. Widely used in industrial applications, but can be used in a variety of other industries. Available in seven embedded or riser card standard configurations.

• 3.5-inch Capa Boards – full featured in a compact size, the product family offers low power consumption architecture with ruggedized fan-less reliability with Pentium level performance and flexible onboard features. Available in three embedded standard configurations.

• PC/104 Modules – modularly designed for ease of expansion through onboard multiple PCI sockets, the product line’s 215mm x 142mm form factor features pre-wired I/O connectors on two sides for less board re-layout efforts and easier adaptation to different applications. Available in 21 standard configurations for a multitude of applications.

• Half-size Single CPU and Backplane Boards – conforming to industrial standard form factors, the half-size SBCs provide standard ISA and PICMG compliant PCI edge interfaces with internal power input connectors for backplane-free availability, which are best suited for compact size applications. Available in 12 half-size CPU card and 4 backplane standard configurations.

About Axiomtek

Founded in Taiwan by a group of young and aggressive engineers in 1990, Axiomtek has been acknowledged as one of the major design and manufacturing companies for diverse and market niche solutions in a wide array of industrial and embedded applications. Since the company’s establishment, it has successfully gained worldwide recognition for its innovative designs, product quality and exceptional customer service. Today, Axiomtek offers a wide range of products including Industrial Computer Chasses and Workstations, Super Slim Panel PCs and HMI Solutions, Data Acquisition Systems, Single Board Computers from 386 to Pentium II/III, PC/104 Modules, Embedded Computers in every conceivable form factor, CompactPCI systems and more. Axiomtek employs an international distribution network with tracking and inventory control located in Taiwan, USA, China and Germany to ensure rapid delivery of customer orders. The company can be found on the Web at


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Connections 2005: Practical Business Solutions Offered at B2B Expo Free Event Sponsored by Pivotal Systems: Empowering Your Business™

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) May 5, 2005

Effectively managing inventory, CRM, superior customer service, integrated networking—these are just a few of the essentials in today's hyper-competitive business market. If your strategic plans include them, you are well on your way. If they don’t, should they?

Come find out as Pivotal Systems hosts its first-ever B2B Expo “Connections 2005” which will bring together the Upper Midwest’s premier business professionals. Industry experts will share their knowledge of warehouse management systems, CRM, web based commerce, VOIP, electronic catalogs, RFID, paperless offices, ERP software selection, sales force best practices, value-add businesses and more.

“This free networking event is a great way for Pivotal Systems to be a resource and contributor to the productivity, success and satisfaction of our customers and the business community at large,” said Lori Allaman Hanken, Pivotal Systems president. “Attendees will have a chance to learn more about the critical business tools that can impact their bottom line.”

Event sponsors include: INFOR, Cabling Services Corporation, Facet Corp, Radio Beacon, Harvest Technology Group, Storage Equipment, Total Displays, Sandler Sales Institute, Minnesota Glove and Safety, Palay Display Inc., BlueStar, Shippers Supply, CPU Options, Computer Pundits Corporation and more.

Event Details:

Host: Pivotal Systems

Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Time: 3 to 7 p.m.

Refreshments: Wine and cheese provided

Location: Minnesota Valley Country Club, Grand Ballroom

6300 Auto Club Rd, Bloomington, MN

Cost: Free

RSVP: Registration Required by Friday, May 20th

About Pivotal Systems:

Minneapolis-based Pivotal Systems has been providing hardware and software solutions to the distribution industry since 1992. Services provided by the award winning company include quality design, programming, consultation, training, business process consulting and support in areas such as: distribution, supply chain, CRM, inventory management, integrated networking, IP-based phone systems, and warehouse management. Focused on being a one-stop-shop for distribution customers, Pivotal Systems has been nationally ranked as one of the top 3 resellers for the last 7 consecutive years. For more information, visit

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DAYMAK is Launching Its New Electric Bicycles the “Super Ebike” and is Giving Away Free Electric Scooters

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) July 26, 2005

DAYMAK is launching its new electric bicycles the “Super Ebike” and is giving away free electric scooters.

Daymak is launching the “Super Ebike” one of the most powerful electric ebike ever developed and is giving away 10 Daymak electric scooters, including a Lightning, a BoomerBuggy, a Beat and a B.A.M. ebike. To enter just send an email to, subject “DAYMAK CONTEST” with your full name and phone number. A draw will be made September 30, 2005.

“There are better ways to travel around the city and neighborhoods”, says Yeg Baiocchi, general manager. “There are electric scooters, mobility scooters and electric bicycles, all environmentally friendly green vehicles, some of which range up to 100kms on a single charge which costs only 20 cents. We are giving away 10 electric scooters to show alternative means of transportation.“

Our latest model the Super Ebike has a range of up to 100km. The cost of charging the batteries is less than 20 cents per charge. It features brake lights, signals, horn, EABS (electric assist brake system), 15 degrees climbing ability and the most advanced brushless CPU motor. The ebike is street legal with insurance, plates and “G” license. Price ranges from $ 1499 - $ 1599 depending on the battery size.

While mobility scooters are allowed to cross streets and on sidewalks, electric bicycles are not legal on the street without insurance and a driver’s license. Transport Canada standards suggest that certain vehicles should be roadworthy if they meet certain criteria but it’s up to individual provinces to adopt the standards. Quebec and BC have already adopted the standards, Ontario hasn’t. Daymak’s products meet or exceed the Transport Canada standards. In most of the world, electric bicycles are allowed on the street without insurance.

Ontario has very strict regulations concerning electric bicycles which makes it almost impossible for riders to get them on the road.

According to Ms. Baiocchi: “It doesn’t make sense that a regular bicycle is allowed on the street without insurance or driver’s license which can go as fast as you pedal, reaching 35km/h+, while an electric bicycle reaching 25km/h can’t”. This concern is shared by most of Daymak’s clients who love the idea of riding an electric bike or scooter to work rather than driving or depending on the TTC, and with the gas prices reaching all time highs, more and more people are turning to alternative ways of transportation.

Again, to enter the contest please send an email to, subject “DAYMAK CONTEST” with your full name and phone number a draw will be made September 30, 2005 or visit our website for more information.

For further information contact: Yeg Baiocchi Tel, 416-749-2324 x111 Fax.416-749-3424

Daymak Inc. imports, distributes, and develops alternative-power transportation devices. Daymak is driven by a mission to develop and sell fun and innovative transportation solutions. We have a full range of products from electric scooters, electric bicycles, pocket racers, atvs and dirt bikes. Our long-term goal is to develop and sell electric motorcycles and electric cars. Daymak’s 's headquarters are in Toronto, Canada. Daymak’s products can be purchased at several dealers around the country or by calling 1-866-379-7779. For additional information about Daymak or to find dealer locations, please visit


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Tech Startup Launches Free eBook, Interceptor Rules

American Fork, UT (PRWEB) September 30, 2013, a workflow automation software company, officially announced the release of their newest eBook, Interceptor Rules. The eBook, available online at, shares how properly integrating business rules can improve business process and open doors to new methods of automation and business information system management. The book includes examples of these beneficial interceptor rules, such as medical billing applications that can stop or retrieve specific medical data before the data is passed to the next system. Interceptor Rules focuses on the types of rules that can improve the data-management functions in software and allow users to have better control of their Web 3.0 platforms, and ultimately their business.

Authors Carl Hewitt, Chief Architect of Decisions, and Kevin Lindquist, Director of Sales and Marketing at Decisions, released their eBook to acquaint businesses with some of the challenges that businesses face in implementing business rules and the unique way that rules can be implemented with Decisions. Find out more about how your business can improve by gaining better control of company data and automating costly business process. To download Interceptor Rules, visit the Decisions website.

About Decisions

Decisions is a graphically configurable workflow automation platform that gives users the ability to both create new, and enhance existing applications. The Decisions team has been working together for over a decade delivering an experience that gives more control and configuration ability to administrators. Specifically, the platform allows for the creation of applications that can be configured by non-programmers in a way that is safe, visible, and flexible. This mission has driven the Decisions team to create numerous technologies in use today at some of the world's largest and most innovative companies. For more information, visit

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Free Download of New expressor Studio beta Allows Developers to Design Complex Data Flow Applications in Minutes

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 8, 2010

expressor software has introduced expressor Studio and made the beta version immediately available as a free download. expressor Studio provides game-changing ease-of-use with a drag-and-drop and wizard-driven interface that enables developers to easily connect to standard data source and targets, map data to common business names and types and design complex data flow applications in minutes.

The expressor Studio beta is available immediately as a free download from , and the general release version will be available as a free download by end of year. Users will be able to access online support from expressor software and from their peers by visiting and logging into the new expressor Community Center, a vibrant online community.

expressor Studio is a high-reward, low-risk option that allows organizations to immediately get started and benefit from semantic data integration, said expressors vice president of marketing Michael Waclawiczek. With expressor Studio, we deliver enterprise-class ETL onto your desktop that benefits from a familiar Microsoft Office-like look-and-feel and a fast embedded engine to create and run reusable data mappings in minutes. And most importantly, expressor Studio can be downloaded for freewith no strings attached.

expressor Studio extends expressor softwares unique semantic integration capabilities with Semantic Types a powerful new approach to data mapping and transformation that greatly reduces your time-to-value. With expressor Studio 3.0, users can:

Easily rationalize source and target field names to improve communication and data governance.
Automate data-type conversions and eliminate errors.
Build new Semantic Types from existing types and reuse types in existing and new applications.
Create multiple reusable business rules for the same type and debug rules once and apply them repeatedly.
Easily implement data quality rules and constraints.
Check the validity of a data flow application before deploying.

Ive seen expressor Studio and like the fact that the company now offers a free, downloadable product with lots of cool capabilities, said Andy Leonard, SQL Server MVP and SSIS guru.

expressor Studio includes an embedded version of expressors high-performance parallel data processing engine, and it runs on Windows XP Service Pack 3 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. It requires 2 GB of RAM, .NET 3.5 or higher and Microsoft Visio 2007 or 2010. The beta version is now available, and expressor Studio will be in general release and available as a free download in expressor Community Edition year-end, with an annual email and telephone support subscription starting at $ 1,150 for a single user. It will also be available as an important component of expressor Standard Edition and expressor Enterprise Edition. See companion press release introducing expressor 3.0

The graphical, color-coded user interface of expressor Studio all but eliminates the need for training by guiding you through each step of developing an expressor ETL job, said Scott Morgan, data warehouse architect for H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute. My one-word description for the new user interface is that it is fantastic.

About expressor software

expressor software knows data integrationand we know todays most capable data integration tools are too complex and too expensive. Our vision is to provide enterprise-class data integration software that is cost-effective, fast and easy to use.

expressors game-changing usability enables you to use less technical, lower-cost development resources. Our unique, active metadata foundation simplifies data mapping and transformation to reduce your time-to-value. And our dramatically lower cost makes it easy to justify replacing your brittle and expensive hand-coded implementations or underperforming in-house ETL tools. expressor 3.0 is a comprehensive design, development and deployment platform available in three editions tailored to support the full range of data integration applications, from tactical data migrations to the largest enterprise data warehouses and strategic, predictive analytics.

To learn more about what makes expressor the leader in affordable, enterprise-class data integration, visit or download the free expressor Studio at


The LCO Group Announces a Low-priced, Turn-key Disaster Recovery and Backup Solution, and a Free Business Continuity Assessment

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 17, 2010

The LCO Group announces a low-priced, turn-key disaster recovery and backup solution, and a limited time offer for a free business continuity assessment.

The LCO Group, a leading provider of technology consulting services in New York City, announced today that they have unveiled version 2.0 of their industry-acclaimed Sentinel Backup and Disaster Recovery All-In-One Solution.

The Sentinel System is an all-in-one backup and disaster recovery solution for small to mid-sized businesses. Typically, small businesses rely on tape, online, disk based backup, or a combination of such technologies. In the event of system failure however, these methods are far from foolproof: according to Microsoft, 40% of all full-tape restore attempts fail, and online backup solutions suffer risks like slow restores and data insecurity. The Sentinel System can help businesses mitigate these risks by offering continuous, disk-based local and offsite co-located backup, local and remote virtualization ability, and does not require any changes to existing infrastructure.

The heart of the Sentinel System consists of a local Continuous Protection Device (CDP) device that makes fast, reliable disk based backup copies of client data as often as every five minutes. At night, the data is sent, using 256 bit encryption, to two secure offsite data centers where copies of the data reside. In the event of a server outage, the local device, which can be configured with up to 36gb of RAM and RAID arrays of up to 10 terabytes, can be brought up as a Virtual Copy of the downed server in as little as 30 seconds. No matter what OS or role the source server was handling Exchange, SQL, File / Print, or Domain Controller the Sentinel can become a virtual twin of that server. With the higher level models, as many as 16 servers can be run off of one Sentinel device.

Sentinel also provides true business continuity: if the entire client-site is lost, the client can easily declare a disaster, and remotely access their data on virtual servers located in co-location facilities where their nightly backups are stored. These virtual servers can be accessed either from users homes, or from dedicated hot-seat facilities. When the clients site resumes operation, a Sentinel device, complete with all up-to-date, modified data, will be express shipped to the clients site, where bare-metal restores can take place onto the clients servers. No lengthy over-the-internet downloads or complicated fail-back processes are required.

For businesses that are looking to reap the benefits of low-cost disaster recovery and business continuity with the latest virtualization technology, Sentinel represents a next-generation solution and an investment in your companys future.

The LCO Group is New Yorks leading provider of next generation technology services. LCOs other offerings include complete infrastructure support, managed services, security assessments, compliance analysis, 24x7 network and server monitoring, and other outsourced consulting services.

For more information, visit

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TROY Offers Free Shipping: TROY Printers and Toner Cartridges Delivered with No Shipping Charges this Holiday Season; Secure Check Printing for QuickBooks Included

Costa Mesa, CA (PRWEB) November 27, 2012

TROY Group, Inc., a Worldwide leader in Secure On-Demand Printing Solutions, announces free shipping to businesses in the continental United States that purchase TROY printers and toner cartridges. TROY created this free shipping offer so customers can save on printers and stock up on supplies, making the costs of check writing and reducing fraud liability more affordable.

The TROY line of printers and toners offers a variety of options for any business that requires a secure printing environment. TROY MICR printers and TROY security printers are available for small to medium sized businesses and large, multi-location enterprise printing applications. The free shipping offer includes TROYs newest offering, a printer package that includes TROY Check Print for QuickBooks.

Whatever application presents the need for TROY solutions, all TROY products address the continual increase in counterfeiting activity. Many fraudsters have access to the necessary printers and graphics capabilities to produce documents that appear to be legitimate as well as checks that appear to be negotiable. TROY MICR printers, MICR Secure printers, security printers, MICR Toner and security toner offer industry-proven methods to counteract those who target a companys checks and other sensitive documents.

TROY MICR Printers are modified to print the special character set displayed at the bottom of a check, called MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR). Using MICR toner, MICR printers produce negotiable checks on demand with electronic readability and fraud-deterrent security. Combined with TROY secure software, TROY MICR Printers can significantly reduce the cost of check printing for businesses of any size by eliminating the need for preprinted checks. TROYs MICR Toner Secure offers an added element of fraud-deterrent, producing a red stain when chemical alteration of the printed document is attempted.

For printing applications that do not involve checks, TROY security printers with locking trays protect critical preprinted stock used for documents related to vital records, shipping, insurance, titles, prescriptions and other applications that require security for specialized stock. Most MICR printers can be purchased with locking paper trays as well, providing a completely secure check printing environment.

TROYs latest solution, a package that includes TROY Check Print for QuickBooks, the popular TROY MICR 1606 printer model with compatible MICR toner cartridge and check paper, is eligible for the free shipping promotion.

Larry Landtiser, Executive Vice President and General Manager, TROY Group, Inc., said TROY extends the free shipping offer as a way of helping organizations defray the cost of purchasing equipment that combats document fraud. Were pleased to offer free shipping to our customers this holiday season to help alleviate the costs associated with reducing risk, he said. Small companies to large enterprises are all susceptible to fraudsters who seek to access their information. Its TROYs way of making business security more affordable.

TROY sells its products via direct sales, online sales and through resellers. The free shipping offer applies to all channels of TROY customers and is good from November 26 through December 31, 2012 in the continental US. As an HP Solutions Business Partner, TROY is the only company authorized by HP to enhance HP LaserJet printers and consumables for use in secure printing workflows. Only TROY MICR and Security printers and HP compatible MICR Toner Secure and security toner cartridges are certified by HP for quality and reliability.

About Troy Group

TROY Group, Inc. (TROY) is a worldwide leader of secure on-demand printing solutions. TROY solutions manage, secure and simplify end-to-end enterprise printing environments. TROY offers application software, security printing hardware and specialized consumables for securely printing checks, money orders, transcripts, prescriptions and other important documents. TROY solutions are used by small and medium size businesses as well as large enterprises and governmental organizations to manage fraud, operational risk and comply with government regulations related to protecting information privacy. As a Gold Solutions Partner to HP, TROY is the only company in the world authorized by HP to enhance HP printers and consumables for use in secure printing workflows. Only TROY MICR and Security printers and TROY MICR Toner cartridges are tested onsite and certified by HP for quality and reliability. Unlike toner remanufacturing processes that produce rebuilt products, the TROY method modifies existing HP products to HP standards in its ISO-certified facility. TROY and HP offer new low-melt toners and security toners that help reduce energy costs using a reduced fusing temperature. We sell and service our products to major corporations, banks, key government accounts and distributors worldwide. Visit TROY at

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Better Windows by Beth of Northern Virginia Unveils New In-Home Free Estimate Quote

Chantilly, VA (PRWEB) November 11, 2012

Better Windows by Beth, a custom door and window replacement company based in Northern Virginia recently added a new feature to their website. The feature is a submission form to obtain a free in-home estimate for all of their services. Better Windows by Beth offers their services in the entire Northern Virginia region and they felt it was time to give their existing and potential customers a way to quickly reach out and ask for an in-home estimate. The new in home free estimate couldnt be easier to take advantage of. Visitors to the site can simply call the handy phone number and talk to a Better Windows by Beth representative or click on the link and fill out the quick free estimate form. If they fill out the form a representative of the company will get back with them very quickly to set up an in-home visit.

Better Windows by Beth specializes in entry doors, patio doors, storm doors, and replacement windows in Northern Virginia. All of the work is performed by experts, and not subcontractors who have over 38 years of experience in doors and window installation and clients can expect a quality job that gives them not only an aesthetically pleasing door or window but also an incredible energy savings. In fact, it is the energy savings that attracts so many consumers to Better Windows by Beth. One satisfied customer recently wrote, On average, I am averaging 28% savings on my utility bills! How cool is that (no pun intended)?!!

The Better Windows by Beth website is designed with the client in mind and offers full descriptions of all of the services the company provides complete with graphic representation of their works. Individual categories are clearly presented in tabs along the top of the site and of course, the free in-home estimate button is prominent on the home page.

Better Windows by Beth is a woman owned and operated company and provides services for custom doors and replacement windows Alexandria City, Arlington County, Fairfax County, Prince William County, Stafford, Fredericksburg and Clarke Counties, Fairfax City, City of Falls Church, Loudoun County, Leesburg, Purcellville, Herndon, and Reston. All of the work is backed by lifetime warranties and the company uses its own installers, not subcontractors so they can provide quicker more reliable service. Better Windows by Beth is located in Chantilly, Virginia and their showroom is open Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM and on Saturdays from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM. Those who want to learn more about Better Windows by Beth can visit the companys or call 703.327.1200.


Better Windows by Beth




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iPredator Author Offers Free Advice During Internet Safety Radio Interview

Hudson Valley, New York (PRWEB) December 06, 2012

As society becomes more technologically advanced, the importance of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) becomes vital in the daily living of humanity. Despite the multitude of benefits, the dangers lurking in cyberspace is both real and flourishing. iPredator Author, Dr. Michael Nuccitelli, will be a guest on Late Night in the Midlands, with host Michael Vara, to educate listeners on his recently published Internet Predator Warning Signs Checklist (IBWSC). On Thursday, 12/6/12, from 9:15 11:55 pm EST, Dr. Nuccitelli will present his assessment tool and invites citizens to call in with their results for free consultation.

As Dr. Nuccitelli has stated, Im not an alarmist or someone who advocates for ICT to be censored or monitored. What I do believe is that online sexual predation, cyberstalking and cyberbullying are real and flourishing.

During his three-hour instructional presentation, Dr. Nuccitelli and show host, Michael Vara, welcome citizens to call in with their results of the IBWSC. Individuals who do call have the option to remain anonymous. A brief definition of iPredator, the IBWSC and five items from the IBWSC are as follows:

iPredator Bridge Warning Signs Checklist (IBWSC): The IBWSC is a 50 item checklist designed to investigate if a loved one, colleague or peer is participating in or close to participating in harmful online and/or ICT activities toward others. Multiple affirmative responses to IBWSC statements suggests the person being queried exhibits patterned and/or observable behavioral patterns indicating they may be engaged in iPredator activities. The IBWSC focuses on confirmed behavioral observations and not upon personal convictions and/or philosophical reasons for harming others online or using ICT.

iPredator: A child, adult or group who, directly or indirectly, engages in exploitation, victimization, stalking, theft or disparagement of others using Information and Communications Technology (ICT.) iPredators are driven by deviant fantasies, desires for power and control, retribution, religious fanaticism, political reprisal, psychiatric illness, perceptual distortions, peer acceptance or personal and financial gain. iPredators can be any age, either gender and not bound by economic status, race or national heritage. Whether the offender is a cyberbully, cyberstalker, cyber harasser, cyber-criminal, online sexual predator, internet troll or cyber terrorist, they fall within the scope of iPredator.

IBWSC 5 Item Example:

1. The person is a habitual social networking site and/or ICT user and regularly interacts with a select group of online contacts that he/she has never met in person.

2. The person is a habitual social networking site and/or ICT user and uses private codes or lingo that is regularly communicated to a select group of followers.

3. The person is a habitual social networking site and/or ICT user and has been confirmed posting information that they quickly delete for no apparent reason.

4. The person is a habitual social networking site and/or ICT user and has been confirmed posting information that would be considered cryptic or jumbled in content.

5. The person is a habitual social networking site and/or ICT user and has been confirmed posting information about other peoples offline activities that are innocuous or trivial in nature.

Interested listeners can listen to the show at or Listener dial-in is (347) 989-1012 and the show is archived for future listening. The IBWSC is free to download at iPredator Inc.'s website and does not require sign up or providing personal information. Citizens who call in will be offered anonymity with no personal information disclosed. Dr. Nuccitelli is available for consultation, at no cost, if requested.

About iPredator Inc.

iPredator Inc. was founded in 2012 to provide education, investigation and consultation to consumers and organizations on cyber bullying, cyber harassment, cyber stalking, online sexual predation, cybercrime, cyber terrorism, internet safety and digital reputation. Created by a New York State licensed psychologist and certified forensic consultant, Dr. Michael Nuccitelli, iPredator Inc.s goal is to reduce victimization, theft and disparagement from online assailants. iPredator Inc. express their gratitude to Robert OBlock, CEO & founder of the American College of Forensic Examiners International. In June 2012, iPredator Inc. launched their Internet Safety & Tech. Predator website offering site visitors an enormous amount of free information.


Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., C.F.C.

NYS Licensed Psychologist

Ph: 347-871-2416


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Free Twitter Guide Helps Detroit Businesses Take Flight

(PRWEB) October 22, 2012

Such Great Heights Marketing LLC, a marketing company serving Detroit and Southeast, Michigan, released a free guide for small businesses striving to maximize their effectiveness on Twitter. The PDF guide, How to Master Twitter for Your Business, is available on the companys website.

The three-part Twitter guide covers what to tweet about to provide value and encourage interaction, how to successfully grow a quality following, and advanced tips and tricks to help companies take flight. Not only does the document outline best practices, it cites actual examples to show business owners how its done.

After encountering dozens of businesses in the Detroit area not using Twitter to its full potential, the idea to provide a free downloadable guide was born.

A lot of businesses grasp how to use Facebook, but we see so many that struggle with Twitter, said Brett Heitz, President of Such Great Heights Marketing. The ideas outlined in our guide are specifically for the needs of local businesses. What works for a Fortune 500 company doesnt necessarily work for the mom-and-pop shop down the street.

Whether your business wants to use Twitter more effectively or if youre looking to get started, you can download the free guide at

About Such Great Heights Marketing

Such Great Heights Marketing LLC is a Detroit marketing company that provides quality, affordable marketing services for small businesses. In addition to managing Twitter accounts for small businesses, the company provides a variety of social media management services, email marketing and other forms of online marketing, inbound marketing, consulting, graphic design, and more. For more information, visit

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