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Stampede Technologies Delivers WebRider—the First in Series of Enterprise Web Performance Solutions–at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2004

ORLANDO, FL (PRWEB) October 22, 2004

Stampede® Technologies, Inc. ( announced today at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2004 the availability of WebRider™ the first in its series of Web performance acceleration solutions. Responding to enterprise customer requests for better-performing advanced enterprise Web and portal applications, Stampede’s WebRider delivers the newest and most innovative Web performance acceleration solution on the market. Visitors to Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2004 October 19-21, 2004 are invited to learn first-hand the benefits and value of WebRider performance acceleration at Stampede’s Booth #313 at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida. WebRider is available for immediate shipment.

“Companies have learned to leverage the Web to streamline a multitude of business processes,” said Gordon Dorworth, Stampede Technologies’ president and CEO. “As they become more dependent on the Web for mission-critical applications, performance counts. Faster applications and Web delivery have a huge impact on productivity, and thus, on the bottom line. WebRider is the newest in Stampede’s line of products that demonstrate our commitment to providing solutions that offer real savings and increase performance for companies.”

Built on the Linux OS, and taking full advantage of 64-bit processing, WebRider operates seamlessly with leading enterprise applications, including Peoplesoft, Plumtree, WebSphere Portal Server, IBM Team Workplace, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook Web Access, Domino Web Access, IBM Lotus Workplace and more. Very easy to install and deploy, WebRider optimizes XML, J2EE and .NET environments, introducing significant financial savings; while at the same time increasing performance, response times and scalability of enterprise servers. Compatible with industry-standard hardware to support an enterprise’s migration to Web-based applications, WebRider is currently certified for compatibility with the IBM eServer line. Compatibility certification is underway for other hardware platforms.

WebRider employs performance-enhancing technologies that no other products have, because Stampede Technologies holds the patents for them: Turbostreaming, SSL termination, intelligent cache validation, image transformation, content-aware streaming and adaptive compression bring significant performance enhancement. And, WebRider tracks bandwidth and throughput savings so that companies can quantify its value with the reports it generates.

WebRider enables:

•Accelerated Data Flow. WebRider’s unique software approach uses enhanced compression, data streaming and cache schemes to take full advantage of 64-bit processing, so Web-based applications operate at blazing speeds.

•Reduced Network Processing Burden. By taking over such functions as SSL encryption, GZIP compression and TCP connection management, WebRider allows enterprise servers to concentrate CPU power on activities that are more important.

•Provide Incredible Flexibility and Adaptability. Only WebRider is designed to offer all of these benefits to users of the leading Web-based applications built on XML, J2EE and .NET platforms.

•Demonstrable Results. WebRider monitors Web traffic and generate reports that quantify the savings.

Availability and Pricing

WebRider is available now. It can be purchased as a software-only solution, or Stampede can pre-install the application on an IBM eServer and ship the entire integrated software/hardware solution. Price quotes based on license and configuration choices are available from Stampede Technologies; contact for a quote.

About Gartner Symposium/ITxpo

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo is the IT industry's largest and most strategic conference, providing business leaders with a look at the future of IT. For more than 10,000 IT professionals from the world's leading enterprises, Gartner's annual Symposium/ITxpo events are key components of their annual planning efforts. Attendees are responsible for more than $ 35 billion in IT spending for their respective companies, and rely on Gartner Symposium/ITxpo to gain insight into how their organizations can use technology to address business challenges and improve operational efficiency. For more information, please visit

About Stampede Technologies, Inc.

Stampede Technologies is the leading provider of advanced, cost-effective solutions to accelerate information throughout an enterprise. Stampede’s patented technologies improve performance, improve response times and increase productivity with concrete justification for verifiable ROI. For more information on Stampede Technologies, visit

Stampede, WebRider, Stampede TurboGold, TurboGold, Multicator, AutoZip, JustZip is either registered trademarks or trademarks of Stampede Technologies, Inc.



IBASE Releases World’s First Pentium® M based ATX IPC Motherboard

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (PRWEB) November 24, 2004

IBASE Technology, a leader in embedded computing, releases the world's first Pentium® M-based ATX industrial motherboard. Supporting Intel's latest mobile processors manufactured using 90-nanometer process technology, the MB892 motherboard is designed for used in transaction terminal, industrial automation, gaming, medical and kiosk applications.

The MB892 utilizes Intel's 855GME chipset supporting Pentium® M processors with up to 2GHz processor speed and two DDR DIMM sockets for a maximum 2GB memory capacity. With the optimized integrated-chipset graphics solution, both CRT and LVDS interface can be used while featuring dual display capability. Network connectivity is provided with either 10/100 or Gigabit LAN.

“Built on the latest embedded computing technology, the MB892 offers our customers the edge to develop more competitive products”, said C.S. Lin, president. “The MB892 is the latest addition to IBASE long life industrial motherboards and meets the current demand for high-performance, low-power embedded computing markets.”

Other special features of the motherboard are two ISA expansion slots, four serial ports, compact flash socket, DiskOnChip socket and optional Serial ATA and 1394 Firewire support.


· Supports Pentium® M / Celeron® M processors, Up to 2.0GHz, 400MHz FSB

· DDR DIMM x 2, max. 2GB

· Integrated VGA, shared memory, CRT/LVDS, supports dual display

· Integrated 10/100 BaseT Ethernet

· Watchdog timer, 1394, 6 x USB 2.0 ports

· 4 x PCI, 2 x ISA, 1 x AGP, 2 x SATA

About IBASE Technology

IBASE Technology was set up by a group of experienced engineers who revolve around the IPC arena and talented marketing and management staff sharing the same ideals and goals. As a team, it has gained the respect and support from reputable and established companies that eventually forged strategic partnerships with IBASE. IBASE’s R&D team is composed hardware and software engineers, 20% with over 16 years and 80% with over 10 years experience in their respective fields. IBASE, an ISO9001 certified company, also specializes in OEM/ODM services tailoring products to customers’ requirements. Current product offerings from IBASE include various single board computers, Mini-ITX motherboards, industrial motherboards, ETX CPU modules, CompactPCI processor boards and digital surveillance systems.

Contact Information:

IBASE Technology Inc.

11F, No. 3-1, Yuan Qu St., Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. (Nankang Software Park)

Tel: 886-2-26557588    

Fax: 886-2-26557388


Web Site:


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Themis Computer Announces the First 64-bit PowerPC VMEbus Computers in the Industry

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) February 22, 2005

Themis Computer has announced a new family of PPC64™ VMEbus computers. The PPC64 is Themis’ first in a new family of 6U VMEbus computer boards based on the IBM® PowerPC® 970FX processor. Two PPC64 configurations are available; a single processor single slot computer and a dual-processor, symmetric multiprocessing, two-slot solution. The PowerPC 970FX processor provides maximum performance for existing 32-bit applications and new 64-bit applications.

With the addition of the PPC64 to its rapidly growing product family, Themis offers the industry’s widest breadth of rugged, high performance VME embedded computers. The 1.8 GHz PPC64, in a single-slot configuration, can be configured with up to 4 GBytes of DDR400 memory and includes a Gigabit Ethernet port and support for Dual Ultra320 SCSI drives. The single-processor PPC64 also includes a high performance Universe II VME64x interface, two 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, two USB ports, AC97 audio, and two serial ports. A second processor may be added, in a second VME slot, communicating with the baseboard via a Hyper-transport link.

Higher levels of I/O integration can be achieved by adding up to two PCI carrier cards, hosting up to six PMC slots. A combined two PMC slot carrier and local on-board I/O, is also available.

”Our PPC64 family of single board computers offers users a greater selection of VME bus computing solutions that deliver the high performance and reliability required for today’s increasingly demanding applications,” stated William E. Kehret, president of Themis Computer. “We understand 64-bit multi-processing, and we wanted an SMP PPC-64 platform, similar to our AMD64 and Sun® UltraSPARC® VMEbus offerings. Themis Computer now offers a complete family of rugged single-board computers with IBM PowerPC, AMD64, and Sun UltraSPARC processors,” Mr. Kehret added.

Significant features of the PPC64 family of VMEbus computers include:

IBM PowerPC 970FX processor – 1.8GHz clock rate,

Estimated performance: 890 SPECint2000 and 1100 SPECfp2000,

Estimated Typical Power 45 Watts (single CPU configuration),

Up to 4 GB of DDR400 SDRAM memory,

Linux OS support

VME Interface

VME64x front panel latches

Universe II VME64x interface

System and front panel LEDS

Optional Expansion Capabilities

Second IBM PowerPC 970FX processor

Carrier board PCI I/O expansion option supports up to 6 additional PMC slots

High-Performance, 64-bit IBM PowerPC 970FX Processors for Embedded Systems

Featuring an advanced 64-bit architecture and 90 nm SOI technology, the IBM PowerPC 970FX processor provides ten execution pipelines and a speculative superscalar inner core organization, enabling it to execute up to five instructions per clock. The PowerPC 970FX processor provides superior performance when compared to 750FX and 7457 processors, enabling a single-processor PPC64 to perform almost four times faster on integer performance, and almost twice as fast for floating point performance. In addition, the PowerPC 970FX includes a SIMD vector engine. This feature provides significantly improved compute power in signal and image processing applications. Incorporating the PowerPC 970FX processor, Themis’ PPC64 family was designed for industrial and military users who need workstation and server capabilities, integrated on a VMEbus platform.

Themis Computer’s Environmentally Robust Servers and Single-Board Computers

Themis provides a broad range of high performance VME and Compact PCI computers and graphics controllers for the embedded market featuring AMDÔ, IBM and Sun processors. Themis’ family of VMEbus embedded computing products comprises the new PPC64™, TOP64-LP™, the USPIIIi™, the USPIIe-Gb™ with Gigabit interface (dual 10/100/1000 ports on the front panel), the USPIIe-USB™, the USPIIe-cPCI™, the TGA3D+™ and TGA-100™ PMC graphics mezzanine card. Themis’ single board computers have been performance tested to MIL-S-901D, Class A standards, with equipment shock loads of up to 40 G’s.

Themis' high performance servers, single-board computers and graphics controllers are now being integrated into advanced communications and defense systems, worldwide. The Themis Computer family of VME-based boards and systems products provide increased processing power and system reliability for demanding application environments, while achieving a net reduction in total cost of ownership.

PPC64 Price and Availability

The PPC64 VMEbus SBCs will be available in the second quarter of 2005, with single processor pricing below $ 6,000, in OEM quantities. Please contact factory for evaluation units or for volume order requirements.

About Themis Computer

Themis Computer is a leading developer and supplier of high performance VME and Compact PCI single-board computers, as well as systems based on ruggedized COTS motherboards and systems, for mission-critical telecommunications, military/aerospace, and industrial embedded applications. Themis provides open standards-based embedded computing platforms that support the Solaris™, Linux®, and Windows® NT operating systems. Themis' products incorporate features designed to ensure high reliability and availability while reducing the risks of failure caused by environmental extremes. An ISO 9001 certified company, Themis Computer practices Total Quality Management (TQM) in all areas of its business, from engineering and manufacturing to customer service. Themis Computer is headquartered in Fremont, California and offers worldwide service and support. For more information please visit or email:

PPC64, TOP64-LP, USPIIIi, USPIIe-Gb, USPIIe-USB, USPIIe-cPCI, TGA3D+, and TGA-100 are trademarks of Themis Computer. Sun, Sun Microsystems, Solaris, and UltraSPARC are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All SPARC trademarks are used under license and are trademarks or registered trademarks of SPARC International, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Products bearing SPARC trademarks are based upon an architecture developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. AMD and Athlon are trademarks or registered trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. HyperTransport is a licensed trademark of the HyperTransport Technology Consortium. IBM and PowerPC are registered trademarks of IBM in the United States. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective companies.

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IK Multimedia Announces iRing – the First Motion Controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Music Apps and More

Sunrise, FL (PRWEB) January 08, 2014

IK Multimedia, a global technology company and leader in mobile music-creation apps and accessories for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, today announced a new technological breakthrough in mobile music making and app control: iRing™, the first motion-tracking controller for iOS music apps and more. Now musicians and others can control sound effects and other parameters of their favorite apps, in real time, using hand position, freeing them from needing to touch the screen.

iRing utilizes a wearable ring with identifiable markers, the mobile device's front-facing camera, and advanced computer vision with highly-optimized recognition algorithms built into an app, to determine the precise positioning of the ring markers, tracking their movements and position on the 3-dimensional space in front of the device. This system provides a low-cost solution and a motion-tracking device that is accurate and affordable to anyone.

The iRing controller is a lightweight, double-sided ring that the user wears between two fingers, comfortable enough to be worn while operating musical instruments or other traditional music controllers. Each ring features a linear dot pattern on one side and a triangular pattern on the other. The device camera picks up the positioning of the ring patterns and the apps convert that information into music commands for dedicated app or MIDI information, which any compatible music app can read. This means that a user can now operate up to six controllable music parameters in their preferred music apps with one or two hands gestures.

While there have been previous attempts to use a device camera to track hand positioning, they proved not to be reliable for real-world usage, due to the many variables involved in computer vision recognition and the available processing power of mobile devices. iRing solves these issues providing an accurate method for precision detection of hand position in a wide range of lighting conditions.

iRing includes two identical double-sided ring controllers, plus two complimentary apps for music applications, which target everyone from music lovers to knowledgeable musicians: iRing Music Maker and iRing FX/Controller.

The iRing Music Maker app gives music lovers a new and incredibly fun way to create music and grooves using hand gestures, with no music knowledge required, whatsoever. Users simply launch the app and use the iRing controller to change the beats, control rhythmic elements, synth parts and effects, for hours and hours of quality entertainment. Creating music has never been so much fun!

The included iRing FX/Controller app targets skilled musicians and DJs, and converts the distance information from the rings into precise MIDI control information that can be configured by the user. This MIDI data can then be used by any compatible Core MIDI app running on the device, or even sent to a computer via Wi-Fi. Users can configure the app to control effects, filters, notes, patches and more.

The iRing FX/Controller app also doubles as a controllable audio effects processor with 16 powerful and creative effects including Delay, Stutter, Phazer, Flanger, Compression, Fuzzy, Reverb, AutoWah, Crush, Twist Up & Down, Brake, Spin and Tail. These effects can be creatively controlled by the iRing, and inserted into the device audio path for use with any music app that is Audiobus or Inter-App Audio compatible.

iRing technology will also be incorporated into core IK Multimedia apps such as GrooveMaker®, DJ Rig™, AmpliTube®, SampleTank®, VocaLive™ and more, so DJs, guitarists, vocalists, bass players, producers, keyboardists and engineers will have a new level of control to deliver powerful and unique performances.

For third-party developers that want to incorporate and implement iRing technology directly into their apps, IK is offering a free development kit and licensing program, which make it easy to take advantage of this new breakthrough technology. iRing can also be easily utilized beyond music for a wide variety of applications including gaming, health & fitness, utility and more. Developers can take advantage of the technology and improve the functionality of their apps by contacting IK via the link provided on the iRing product page.

iRing features:

Ring controller, in tandem with either of two included apps featuring advanced motion-tracking technology, allows remote control of iOS app and app parameters using hand gestures.

Great for musicians and non-musicians alike.

Includes two identical, two-pattern reversible rings, allowing for numerous control combinations and the control up to 6 effect parameters simultaneously with two hands.

Rings are unique looking, light, comfortable and provide a universal fit.

Included iRing Music Maker app allows novices to make music using hand gestures.

Included iRing FX/Controller app lets musicians and DJs create custom MIDI control setups, plus add and control audio effects when used together with other music apps via Inter-App Audio or Audiobus.

Pricing & Availability

iRing will cost $ 24.99/€19.99 (excluding taxes), and will be available in Q1 2014 in three colors (white, green and silver) at music and electronics retailers worldwide. Pre-orders are now available on the IK Multimedia online store and selected stores. iRing FX/Controller and iRing Music Maker apps will be available as free downloads from the App Store.

For more information about iRing™ for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, please visit:

Watch a video on iRing™ for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:

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First Ever International School of Biomedical Diagnostics Launched

Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) January 07, 2014

Arizona State University (ASU) and Dublin City University (DCU), Dublin, Ireland are joining forces to create the new International School of Biomedical Diagnostics, which will offer the first degree program of its kind. The initiative is at the cutting edge of establishing diagnostics as an independent discipline.

Diagnostics are at the center of healthcare innovation today. They are involved in over 60 percent of clinical decision-making and the industry employs more than 3.5 million people worldwide. Diagnostics are critical to personalized medicine – the process of targeting drugs to those for whom they will be most effective.

The new school’s United States and European bases are home to diagnostic research centers in each region. In the US, Arizona is a growing academic and industrial hub for diagnostics. The state is home to the largest US diagnostics laboratories and non-profit institutes as well as innovative diagnostic companies such as Ventana Medical Systems. ASU is a leader in the field with its Virginia G. Piper Center for Personalized Diagnostics and the recently established National Biomarker Development Alliance. In Ireland, DCU hosts the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute (BDI), a world-class multidisciplinary research institute focused on the development of next-generation point-of-care biomedical diagnostic devices.

“This school has been designed and implemented as a result of ASU’s partnerships with Dublin City University and Ventana Medical Systems,” said ASU President Michael Crow. “This is a tremendous example of how higher education is being transformed on a global basis through new technology-enabled collaborations. The school will have a huge impact on personalized medicine, as well as lowering health care costs and focusing on earlier disease detection and on wellness rather than illness.”

“The school is being launched at a critical time in healthcare worldwide,” said Mara G. Aspinall, President and CEO of Ventana Medical Systems, Inc., a member of the Roche Group. “Now is the time for diagnostics to be recognized as an independent and distinct discipline. With the significant advances in technology, diagnostics play a critical role in every aspect of the healthcare system – from pharmaceutical drug development to patient treatment.”

The new school will draw from several assets of each institution. At DCU, the school will build upon the award-winning M.Sc. in Biomedical Diagnostics program based at the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute, and upon expertise from its faculties of Science and Health, Engineering and Computing, and DCU Business School.

Pending approval from the Arizona Board of Regents, the ASU school will involve faculty from the Biodesign Institute, School of Life Sciences in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Health Solutions, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, W.P. Carey School of Business, and Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes. The initiative will also leverage the expertise of the National Biomarker Development Alliance, led by ASU.

“This is an important and exciting development of global significance. The field of diagnostics is changing rapidly, and education programs must keep pace with developments,” said DCU President Brian MacCraith. “By combining the expertise and geographical context of ASU and DCU, and by collaborating with industry partners such as Ventana, we will be in a strong position to provide programs that are always at the cutting edge.”

Classes begin in the fall of 2014. Degrees will be offered by ASU and DCU. The program will employ a blended learning approach adopting online and face-to-face elements. Students will also be able to be offered the opportunity to be involved in research or industry immersion programs, as well as internship experiences at both sites.

The first degree offered will be an international M.Sc. in Biomedical Diagnostics with shared curriculum and courses offered by both universities. The academic programs will attract students from a mix of recent college graduates and those working in industry wanting to further their careers.

Four core curriculum areas will be the foundation of the school, covering the biomedical diagnostics field. They include the technology of diagnostics, the science of diagnostics, the business of diagnostics and the application of diagnostics.

The school expects to enroll 100 students per year within its first five years.


About Arizona State University:

Arizona State University is the largest public research university in the United States under a single administration, with total student enrollment of more than 70,000 in metropolitan Phoenix, the nation’s sixth-largest city. ASU is creating a new model for American higher education, an unprecedented combination of academic excellence, entrepreneurial energy and broad access. This New American University is a single, unified institution comprising four differentiated campuses positively impacting the economic, social, cultural and environmental health of the communities it serves. Its research is inspired by real-world application, blurring the boundaries that traditionally separate academic disciplines. ASU champions intellectual and cultural diversity, and welcomes students from all 50 states and more than 120 nations. Learn more at

About Dublin City University:

DCU is a young, dynamic and ambitious university with a distinctive mission to transform lives and societies through education, research and innovation. DCU delivers more than 120 programs to more than 11,000 students across its four faculties – Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Health, Engineering and Computing and DCU Business School. DCU’s excellence is recognized internationally and it is ranked among the top 50 Universities worldwide (QS ‘Top 50 under 50’ 2012). In the last eight years, DCU has twice been named Sunday Times ‘University of the Year’. Learn more at


MUM Accounting Students First in World to Learn New Reporting System Required by US Government Agencies

Fairfield, IA (PRWEB) January 03, 2014

Accounting students at Maharishi University are gaining certification in a new worldwide standard for exchanging financial and accounting information that’s required by the US government as well as a growing list of international organizations. Maharishi U is the first university in the world to offer this certification training as an academic course.

"The government is increasingly expecting financial institutions to adopt this new standard, but there are very few accountants trained in this area," said accounting professor Andrew Bargerstock, PhD, CPA. "Our students are moving quickly to fill this void."

Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)

The new standard, XBRL, or eXtensible Business Reporting Language, is a formal markup language with some similarities to computer programming that systematically defines business facts, values, contexts, units, and more in order to exchange financial information.

Common functions in many countries that make use of XBRL include regulators of stock exchanges and securities, banking regulators, business registrars, revenue reporting and tax-filing agencies, and national statistical agencies.

A Highly Marketable Skill

According to Dr. Bargerstock, the XBRL standard is rapidly spreading worldwide. In the U.S., both the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) require that all data reported to them use XBRL.

The Netherlands has adopted XBRL as a government-wide standard of reporting accounting and financial information. And in a recent report, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) stated that "XBRL reporting has become an integral aspect of most registrants’ financial reporting infrastructures, and interactive data is more readily available to financial statement users than ever before."

"We want our students to be on the cutting edge," Dr. Bargerstock said. "This new system is very challenging to learn, but once an accountant is certified, he or she will be highly sought after by the many large institutions who are now having to prepare their data in this new way. This will give our students another credential that will make them attractive in the US and international job market."

Students, Faculty Earn Certification

XBRL International, (, which developed this new standard, offers testing to certify that accountants have mastered it. Dr. Bargerstock and six of his students have so far earned XBRL certification. According to XBRL International, Maharishi University of Management is the first university to offer XBRL instruction and certification as part of the curriculum. XBRL is offered as a one-credit course in MUM’s MBA Accounting program.

The MUM Accounting MBA

Maharishi University of Management offers an MBA for Accounting Professionals program that enrolls students from a variety of countries. They spend seven months on campus taking MBA courses, and then are placed in paid practicum positions around the US while completing their degree via distance education.

Track Record of Success

Dr. Bargerstock, director of the University’s MBA programs, received the 2009 Excellence in Lean Accounting Professor award from the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) at the Lean Accounting Summit. Since then, Dr. Bargerstock has published research articles in Management Accounting Quarterly and guided two Ph.D. students who won the Lean Accounting Student of the Year Award (2011, 2013) by LEI at the annual Lean Accounting Summit.

Dr. Bargerstock’s students have also placed in top 10 positions of the revolving CAPSIM business simulations CAPSIM business simulations. Every year since beginning the simulation as part of the MBA curriculum, MUM has placed student teams in the Top 10th percentile worldwide including #1 finishes in the world in 2011 and 2013. This online simulation addresses the need for accountants to become better acquainted with strategic thinking and decision-making in circumstances of uncertainty and in a team environment.

The XBRL training and certification adds to the growing list of skills MUM students have been developing, including their recent course in Data-Mining using the latest SPSS Modeler software and its application in business marketing.

"This combination of these three things—success is Business Simulations, understanding of Data Mining, and XBRL certification," said Dr. Bargerstock, "puts MBAs coming out of Maharishi University of Management in a whole new light with great potential for building long-term careers in the United States and internationally."

About the University

Founded in 1971, Maharishi University of Management (MUM) offers Consciousness-Based℠ Education, a traditional academic curriculum enhanced with self-development programs like the Transcendental Meditation® technique. Students are encouraged to follow a more sustainable routine of study, socializing and rest without the typical college burnout. All aspects of campus life nourish the body and mind, including organic vegetarian meals served fresh daily. Located in Fairfield, Iowa, MUM is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in the arts, sciences, humanities, and business. Visitors Weekends are held throughout the year. For more information, call the Admissions Office at 800-369-6480 or visit

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Fujitsu Joins-Up with TVonics to Bring First of Its Kind All-European Digital Terrestrial Set Top Box to Market

Frankfurt, Germany, and Pencoed, Wales, UK, (PRWEB) August 25, 2005

Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) has been working closely with UK digital set top box (STB) manufacturer, TVonics Limited, who is commencing mass production of its stylish, digital terrestrial set top box for the UK and European markets. This unique, European designed STB uses key components that have been either designed or manufactured within Europe. The TVonics designed product, which delivers fast, responsive performance at an affordable price, will be on sale from the end of September 2005.

This new STB, manufactured in the UK by Sony for TVonics, is initially being rolled-out to serve the high-growth UK digital terrestrial market for Freeview services. Offering a distinctive styling and form factor, it offers end consumers a refreshing alternative to the traditional silver or grey rectangular boxes currently on sale.

Designed to minimise ecological impact through the use of lead-free components, a recyclable aluminium enclosure, and low power consumption, it will conform to the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) EU mandate for products sold from January 2006 onwards. It is expected to be in high demand by British consumers, eager to enjoy the popular range of digital television programmes available on Freeview.

TVonics selected FME’s ‘SmartMPEG’ MB86H25B decoder for use in the new STB, due to its low power consumption & system cost, which was made possible through its optimised silicon integration design techniques. The chip was designed at FME’s Multimedia Development Centre in Frankfurt, Germany, and requires just one SDRAM and a Flash memory, consuming less than 700mW in full operation.

This 3rd Generation SmartMPEG device has enjoyed excellent success around the world, with over 10 million unit deployments. The design win at TVonics spearheads its expansion into the buoyant European digital terrestrial television market.

FME’s SmartMPEG family allows many different applications to be executed - in this case an optimised DVB-T Adapter with interactivity - but it is also suited to automotive applications; Personal Video Recorder, Dual/Twin Receiver, Portable and semi-professional applications; as well as satellite receivers, when used in combination with Fujitsu's QPSK Silicon Tuner.

The two companies were able to combine their experience in order to reduce the STB product development time to just 6 months. This was partly due to the application software being based on the Cabot Aurora DVB Middleware reference port, carried out last year between FME & Cabot Communications.

Production of the circuit board, product assembly, test and packing is being carried out by Sony Manufacturing, Pencoed Technology Park, UK - a natural choice for TVonics which is based on-site within the Technium Digital@Sony, technology incubation centre, established by Sony and the Welsh Development Agency in 2004.

Paul Fellows, CEO of TVonics said, “The silicon chip technology and technical support provided by Fujitsu, together with the software technology of Cabot, has enabled TVonics to enter the market quickly with a product delivering superior performance at a very competitive price. This development has been an excellent example of how three European based design groups can work together to deliver class leading products to market quickly”.

He continued, “The excellent co-operation from Fujitsu has led to very close links being forged between the two companies resulting in the perfect design mix. The new box will be announced and featured on our Stand 215, Hall 5 at IBC 2005 in Amsterdam from 9th-13th September”.

Johannes Richter, Multimedia Business Unit Director at FME, added, “The experience and professionalism from TVonics perfectly matched our own when it came to the design of an elegant, unique product to bring to market in the UK and Europe. We are extremely happy to have been part of this design and look forward to a long relationship with TVonics”.

He added, “We were able to achieve this fastest turnaround time from design start to production start in just 6 months including Cabot’s Pan-European Aurora DVB middleware stack with MHEG-5 functionality, because of the skilled engineers at TVonics designing a right-first-time solution, and the availability of Middleware from Cabot”.

Darren Standing, Business Development Manager at Cabot Communications commented, “Since being selected by TVonics in February 2005 to support its development programme, we have worked closely with engineers at FME and TVonics to deliver for the first time, an Aurora DVB-T Middleware market deployment running on FME's SmartMPEG technology. TVonics has used the performance and flexibility of Aurora to rapidly integrate its own innovatively styled user interface, system software and device drivers to deliver a market leading DVB-T solution in record time”.

There are up to 80 million TVs and VCRs in the UK, and the British government wants all receiving equipment to be able to handle digital signals by 2012, when analogue broadcasting will be switched off. Throughout Europe, an estimated 600 million units will need to be converted or replaced with digitally-enabled equipment in the next 10 years.

Figures above are based on typical usage of 2.5 TVs or VCRs in all registered TV households.

All product names and proper names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

About Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe

Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) is a major supplier of semiconductor and display products. The company provides advanced systems solutions to the automotive, digital TV, mobile telephony, networking and industrial markets. Engineers from design centres dedicated to microcontrollers, mixed-signal, wireless, FRAM, multimedia ICs and ASIC products work closely with FME's marketing and sales teams throughout Europe to help satisfy customers' system development requirements.

This solutions approach is supported by a broad range of advanced semiconductor devices, IP and building blocks as well as leading-edge Plasma Display Panels. For more information visit Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe's website at

About TVonics

Based in South Wales, UK, TVonics Ltd. designs state-of-the-art digital set top boxes and flat screen digital televisions for the European market. Managed and staffed by a team of industry professionals, with extensive product design experience gained previously at leaders in consumer electronics, broadcasters and semiconductors, TVonics delivers production line ready, digital television solutions.

TVonics specialises in the design of innovative digital set top boxes which viewers find very easy to connect and operate. It also designs modular components for integration into digital televisions. The company additionally provides consultancy services to television, monitor and personal computer manufacturers seeking to enter the digital TV market. Services include product concept and design, out-sourced manufacturing, product compliance, testing, marketing and training.

About Cabot Communications

Cabot Communications is a leading independent European supplier of digital TV software for set top boxes and integrated TVs. Cabot’s TV middleware stack enables manufacturers to build and support cost-effective and differentiated receivers for pan-European coverage of digital TV and interactive broadcasts. With nearly three million deployments, Cabot delivers a complete modular digital TV software solution for a wide range of CPU architectures. Combined with Cabot’s specialised digital TV services including integration, design consultancy and field support, Cabot enables OEMs to get compelling products to market quickly. Cabot’s technology is robust and deployed with over 20 major manufacturers. Cabot Communications will be exhibiting at this years IBC show in Amsterdam and can be found at stand number 1.130. For more information, visit


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Cabot Communications

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JDK Marketing Communications

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Entrepreneur Action PR

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World Trade Center in Atlanta First to Stream Global Education in 50+ Languages Simultaneously Using Speech Translation Software by Translate Your World

(PRWEB) December 10, 2013

The World Trade Center in Atlanta streamed an unprecedented course on entrepreneurship that was delivered online in over 50 languages simultaneously using a software called Translate Your World. Tears streamed down the faces of professors and students in Haiti, because, for the first time, they understood the lectures. Rave "thank you" web chats poured in from Africa, Europe, and Asia, thanking the dynamic teachers from School For Startups for offering their course in dozens of languages. This World Trade Center Atlanta event was the first time in history that education streamed across the Internet in over 50 languages at the same time.

Today’s increased bandwidth combined with the latest speech translation technologies crush the language barrier and open education to a prospective 4 billion people who own a computer, irrespective of where they are located or what language they speak. The new cross-language speech translation software by Translate Your World translates what people say in real-time for a global audience as subtitles or as synthesized computer voice like Apple’s Siri for any conferencing software (e.g. WebEx, Skype, Blackboard) and for all devices. The low bandwidth required for speech translation made it possible for the World Trade Center in Atlanta to stream to regions heretofore unreachable.

As institutions race to prepare their classrooms for global Internet broadcast, spoken language has been the insurmountable barrier. Understanding the spoken word affects not only class lecturers, but also educational recruiters and marketers. New speech translation software does for spoken voices what "Google Translate" does for text; they translate what people say in a way that the listener understands. For education, this means translating a teacher’s lectures from the podium into another language; giving recruiters new cross-language software to speak with prospective students; and offering avenues for promotional presentations in other languages.

Importantly, voice translation technologies reduce the cost of class translation by up to 95%, and quickly morph a classroom from local to global in a matter of days. Traditional lecture translation can easily cost $ 20,000 per 10-week course per language, and take months to prepare. Today’s voice translation products translate the professor’s voice directly as the professor speaks in real-time, then provide online interfaces for follow-up translation improvement, reducing the cost to $ 1,000 per 10-week course per language.

Companies in this arena:

Speech translation:

Several speech translation solutions for cross-language speaking were introduced in 2013 by Translate Your World. The solutions unite strong and tested software by Microsoft, Dragon, Google, and others into cross-language applications for educational and business use. The software makes real-time "live" voice translation, presentations, and cross-language conversations both feasible and inexpensive. Options include subtitles and computerized voice, plus capability to save in a database with an interface to improve and combine with video.

Classrooms on mobile:

Institutions also find the need to move their classrooms to mobile devices. Particularly for students abroad, mobile and tablet may be the only reliable Internet access available. IntelaText displays voice translation as real-time subtitles on mobile, and also provides mobile applications for teachers to converse with students and parents across language barriers.

Mobile tutoring:

Mobile Tutor is a cross-language talking and texting application that provides personal support for student-teacher-tutor relationships throughout the educational cycle. Each participant speaks or texts in their preferred language, translated for the recipient.

International recruiting:

For recruiting technologies, Streaming Translation uses voice translation software to offer online presentations across languages, webinar subtitles, and speech translation for Skype, WebEx, and similar.

The World Trade Center in Atlanta was the first organization in history to offer a college level course in 50 languages at the same time using speech translation software. Hopefully the first of many, because now all of the major speech technologies have reached a level of development that enable them to be used together in harmony for worldwide education at dramatically lower cost.


LinkedIn Executive to Keynote First Ever TAG Social Savvy Awards

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) October 28, 2013

Technology Association of Georgia in collaboration with TAG Social will be hosting the first Annual TAG Social Savvy Awards on Tuesday, November 5th at Junior Achievement’s Chick-fil-A Foundation Discovery Center.

Atlanta TV and Radio Host, Conn Jackson will Emcee the event and Luke Davies, Social Selling Thought-Leader for LinkedIn will serve as the Keynote Speaker.

The TAG Social Savvy Awards celebrates Georgia’s best and brightest in social media and will recognize innovators in 6 award categories:

    Best Use of Sharing in a Cluttered World    

    Best Vision for Social in Enterprise

    Best Vision for Alignment - Recruiting and Marketing

    Best Use of Social for Customer Success    

    Best Extension of Corporate into the Field

    Best Change Master - Cultural and Leadership

In addition to the awards presentations, the event will feature a Q&A Session with social media thought leaders and experts from beremedy, PGi, UPS, Intellinet, SunTrust, Cbeyond, Manhattan Associates and Rural Sourcing.

A "genius bar" powered by students from Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) and PGi will also be available to answer questions about social and mobile apps. The genius bar will offer information on how to set up a virtual conference/meeting, how to post videos to Instagram, use several features of LinkedIn, and more.

Learn more at:

For more information on attending or sponsoring the 2013 Tech Marketing Awards, please contact Sierra Moore at sierra(at)tagonline(dot)org.

About TAG Social

TAG Social is a society within the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) that provides Georgia business leaders with insights, resources and the opportunity to collaborate to help harness the power of social media networks and technologies for their companies.

For more information on TAG Social, visit .

Follow us on Twitter @TAGSocialBiz

About The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)

TAG is the leading technology industry association in the state, serving more than 27,000 members through regional chapters in Metro Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Columbus, Macon/Middle Georgia and Savannah. TAG’s mission is to educate, promote, and unite Georgia’s technology community to foster an innovative and connected marketplace that stimulates and enhances a tech-based economy. The association provides networking and educational programs; celebrates Georgia’s technology leaders and companies; and advocates for legislative action that enhances the state’s economic climate for technology.

TAG hosts over 200 events each year and serves as an umbrella organization for 33 professional societies. Additionally, the TAG Education Collaborative (TAG’s charitable arm) focuses on helping science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education initiatives thrive.

For more information visit the TAG website at or TAG’s community website at

To learn about the TAG-Ed Collaborative visit


Maverick Science Investor Jeffrey Epstein Funds the First Humanoids in Berlin

(PRWEB) November 15, 2013

The Huffington Post published “ Maverick Hedge Funder Jeffrey Epstein Funds the First Humanoids in Berlin”.

The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation is pleased to announce the innovative new work of Joscha Bach, a young cognitive scientist specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Bach’s latest humanoid venture, titled MicroPsi Project 2, is a software program that creates goals and sensory driven agents in a virtual computer platform.

“The use of a virtual platform to explore the workings of the human brain provides optimal flexibility” science investor Jeffrey Epstein remarked. The exploration of the mind has been a longstanding focus of Jeffrey Epstein. A former board member of Rockefeller University and the Mind, Brain, and Behavior Committee at Harvard University, Epstein still plays an active role in brain institutes around the world.

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