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Coyote R&D Announces the Two-Can64, a Full Featured, Liquid Cooled, 2U, Windows 64-bit Ready PC With Cross Platform MIDI Over Network and Remote Control

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) February 24, 2005

The TwoCan64 improves on their highly successful Two-Can, adding 64 bit capability, faster speeds, more storage, and a new, low noise, liquid cooling option. It is superbly suited for everything from sequencing to VST hosting to sampler playback with multi-gigabyte libraries.

Coyote R&D's president, Mike W. Smith: "Our customers have been thrilled with our original Two-Can, raving about its compactness, performance, and especially the NetMIDI and remote control software. But we thought we could improve it even more – and we have! The Two-Can64 is now hot-rodded with 64-bit capability (for Windows Longhorn), boasts up to 800GB of internal RAID-able storage, and now comes with a liquid cooling option for ultra-low noise performance. And it still all fits within the same 2U high, 14 inch deep chassis."

Every TwoCan64 comes with Coyote R&D's exclusive NetMIDI drivers -- 256 MIDI ports per machine over high-speed network for both Macs and PCs -- plus high speed, low cpu utilization remote control software that eliminates the need for a separate monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

Features -

Rackmount: still only 2U high and 14 inches deep, containing a fully configured, high performance PC.

Speed: up to 3700+ cpu speeds at 64 bits - ready for Windows Longhorn.

Noise: nearly silent operation with the liquid cooling option.

Total storage: 80GB + 800GB raid array (maximum), plus optional firewire 800 for additional high-speed external storage.

Software: includes the NetMIDI drivers - 256 ports of MIDI over network, fully cross-platform capable (Windows and Mac) with full auto-configuration; Remote control - fully cross-platform remote control with fast performance and 100% accuracy; Restore and Recover CD - automatic, multi-level recovery CD that restores the Two-Can64 to the original factory specs without any loss of data.

Pricing and availability:

Two-Can64 systems start at $ 1695. For more information on pricing and available upgrades, please visit Coyote R&D on the web at:

Coyote R&D was founded in 2001 and is based in Santa Monica, CA.

Coyote R&D is an innovator in easy to use hardware and software for music and sound creation, bridging the gap between Macintosh and PC users.



Jordan Lawrence Featured on Rackstories,The Rackspace Customer Culture Portal

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) December 18, 2013

Jordan Lawrence is excited to announce its inclusion on Rackstories, where Rackspace highlights Jordan Lawrence’s successes helping companies of all sizes comply with records retention and privacy laws while reducing their information management costs and risks.

Companies rely on Jordan Lawrence to develop corporate retention schedules, create governance and retention rules for electronic systems including Microsoft SharePoint, and consistently enforce records management policies. And Jordan Lawrence relies on Rackspace to deliver their unique SaaS services to customers worldwide in an environment that meets stringent security and compliance standards.

“Today, every company, public or private, large or small, is facing three significant challenges: Complying with records retention and privacy regulations, skyrocketing costs of discovery during government investigations or litigation, and the expense of retaining records and information. Our partnership with Rackspace makes it possible for us to deliver our solutions to these challenges cost effectively to any company anywhere in the world,” says Marty Hansen, Jordan Lawrence’s EVP of Technology.

John McKenna, Editor in Chief of Rackstories said “Innovative companies like Jordan Lawrence are leveraging Rackspace to revolutionize their industries. We’re pleased to have them as a valued customer and be able to tell their story, inspiring others inside Rackstories.”

About Jordan Lawrence

For over 25 years, Jordan Lawrence has worked with the world’s premier companies to develop and implement records management programs that work. Jordan Lawrence provides proven, fast and affordable services that help any company meet current and ever changing legal and business requirements related to records management and information governance.

About Rackspace

Rackspace® is the global leader in hybrid cloud computing and founder of OpenStack®, the open-source operating system for the cloud. Rackstories is an on-demand, ready to use global customer culture portal that is fully integrated with

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Sales Tax Holiday Guide for Added Back to School Savings Featured on Fatwallet

Beloit, WI (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

FatWallet provides mid-summer and back-to-school shoppers with a comprehensive guide for all states participating in Tax Free Holiday weekends. This annual, limited sales tax exempt shopping event gives parents, students, teachers and most other consumers a prime opportunity to save additional money on a wide variety of products for school, home and work. The Tax Free Holiday Weekend Guide features information for Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and 13 other participating states, including:

Schedules for each states event (majority runs August 2-4)
Links to a list of each states exempt and taxable items
Links to each states sales and use tax information
Overview of main exempt categories and item spending limits

Smart shoppers and FatWallet members recognize tax free weekends, back to school sales events and storewide summer clearance sales as an opportunity to stack savings on a variety of products, including furniture (for both home and office), cooking/kitchen, women's clothing, eyewear, cosmetics, luggage and tech (electronics, smartphones, laptops, tablets and computers). FatWallets Fun In The Sun Deals adds another level to summer savings on cameras, pools, bikes and a wide assortment of sports and outdoor products. Dozens of retailers will offer increased cash back during the Fun In The Sun promotion for shoppers who make purchases through FatWallet July 23-29.

Shoppers normally think of back to school as a time to save on just school related purchases, stated FatWallet spokesperson, Brent Shelton. However, this is one of the best times of year to apply these same significant savings towards needs for both home and office.


About FatWallet: As the preferred online shopping resource for millions of smart consumers, works closely with 1,500+ retailers like Dell, Kohl's, Walmart and Amazon to publish special offers, discounts, coupon codes and Cash Back rewards to its members. The much celebrated FatWallet forums represent the pulse of an evolving online marketplace where smart consumers gather to share and learn. FatWallet is owned by Performance Marketing Brands (PMB) who owns and operates the world's most rewarding shopping programs. Through its family of distinct websites and reward programs, PMB users can get a great deal and earn money back every time they shop. PMB shoppers are expected to spend over $ 2 billion through PMB's websites and shopping programs.


Anthem Institute Student Kenneth Teores Photography Exhibit Featured at Monroe Township Public Library for National Autism Awareness Month

North Brunswick, New Jersey (PRWEB) May 03, 2013

Despite his complex learning disabilities and high-functioning autism, Teore is excelling in the Graphic Design and Animation program at Anthem Institutes North Brunswick campus. Teore is a gifted nature photographer and his education is helping him gain the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue his goals, which include working for National Geographic in film and photography.

Kenny sleeps, eats and drinks his program of studies, said his mother Joananne Teore. We are so grateful for Kennys incredible opportunity to attend Anthem, where not only does he have an excellent curriculum-based education, but also wonderful instructors who have enlightened him about reading social cues and enabled him to be successful by meeting his needs using assistive technology.

Through his exhibit, featuring a display of more than 20 photographs, Teores goal was to educate others about his experiences with autism, dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Kennys story is just one example of how we strive to work with each and every one of our students to help them succeed, said Maria Veglia, Executive Director at Anthem Institute in North Brunswick. We have full confidence that Kenny will successfully complete his program and look forward to helping him establish a fulfilling career.

Anthem Institutes Graphic Design and Animation diploma program gives students hands-on experience with Graphic Design Industry Standard applications. Students take courses in basic design, digital imaging and print, 3D modeling and 3D animation. They learn to use the same packages and tools as graphic design professionals, including 3D Studio Max and Adobe Master Collection Creative Suite and are introduced to standard markup/scripting languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS ActionScript and MySQL.

Taught by graphic design and web professionals, students can receive academic advising from professional education staff, which also arrange for tutoring services when needed and help organize study groups. Program graduates can compete for different kinds of entry-level positions in the graphic design field, including web designer or developer, flash animator, Photoshop specialist or multimedia designer or specialist.

Anthem Institute in North Brunswick is located at 651 US Route 1 South on the 1st floor. For more information about Anthem Education, please contact the campus locally at 855-331-7764.

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AdWords Coupons for $100 Google AdWords Advertising Featured in First SEO Tips List, Announces JM Internet Group

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 24, 2013

The JM Internet Group, a leader in online pay-per-click training, is proud to announce the first list of top resources of its new 'SEO Tips' blog. The list focuses on Google AdWords Coupons for $ 100 and $ 75 that can save small business advertisers money on the initial setup of Google advertising. Many small businesses are eager to start with advertising online but are inhibited by both the set up costs and the complexity of the difficult-to-use advertising platform that is the Google platform.

"Businesses, small and large, use Google AdWords as part of their Internet marketing mix," explained Jason McDonald, Director of the JM Internet Group. "Our mission is to make Internet marketing both simple and effective, so we thought it appropriate to start our first list on the new blog with a list of AdWords Coupons."

For more information on how to get the coupons go to AdWords coupons are explained both in terms of how to get them and how to use them for the first $ 100 or $ 75 in no cost Google advertising.

Online Advertising Explained: A Mission of the JM Internet Group

Many small businesses start their Internet marketing with AdWords because the program is heavily promoted by Google. Microsoft has a similar program for Bing, and of course both Facebook and Twitter have jumped into the mix as well. Business marketers and owners turn to courses like those of the JM Internet Group for assistance in understand the rules of the game.

The company's classes on Google AdWords explain issues such as proper keyword selection, the differences among broad, phrase, and exact match types, how to write strong ads, the Display Network, and metrics. For many business marketers this is their first exposure to advertising online and the ability to save $ 100 or $ 75 through AdWords Coupon offers from Google is a big plus. Unfortunately, one has to know where to look to find the coupons.

About the JM Internet Group

The JM Internet Group provides SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google AdWords training and courses for busy marketers and businesspeople. Online search engine optimization training helps explain keywords, page tags, link building strategies and other techniques needed to climb to the top of search engine rankings for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The teaching methodology is hands on, with live examples and discussions, taught from the convenience of each student's computer.

Email. jm.internetgroup(at)gmail(dot)com

Tel. +1-510-713-2150

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Social Media Consultant Gloria Rand is featured in Social Media Tech Tips Video Series for

Oviedo, FL (PRWEB) October 17, 2012

Social Media Consultant Gloria Rand is pleased to announce that she recently completed a video series of Social Media Tech Tips for The videos address a number of questions regarding how to use Facebook, LinkedIn and Google that were submitted to eHow.coms website.

Millions of people visit each month, so having my content published on their website is a great way to raise my profile on a national scale, and generate new leads for my SEO copywriting and social media consulting business, said Ms. Rand.

Gloria Rand had to apply for the opportunity to become a social media expert on with the websites distributor, Demand Media, Inc. Once approved, she worked with a producer to select a series of topics that fit her expertise. Then, Ms. Rand wrote the scripts for the videos, and created screencasts of the various websites to go along with the scripts. Once the scripts and screencasts were approved, a video production crew met with Ms. Rand in person to record the Social Media Tech Tips.

Here is an excerpt from Ms. Rands video: How to Make Review Stars Show Up On Google:

The best way to get these review stars to show up on Google is to set up accounts on local directories and review sites like Yellow Pages, CitySearch, Nextag, and Yelp. Once you create an account on these sites, ask your customers to post a review of your products or services on one or more of them. The more reviews you get, the better off youll be. A great way to make this easy for your customers is to include a link to these sites on your companys website.

Other topics in the video series include: How to View the History Manager for Facebook and How to Remove a LinkedIn Photo in Outlook.

About Gloria Rand:

Gloria Rand is an SEO copywriter and social media consultant who helps small business owners achieve online visibility, profits and success. Ms. Rand has over 20 years of writing experience, including 15 years with the award-winning PBS program, Nightly Business Report. She has made several appearances on Central Florida News 13 to discuss social media. Ms. Rand's experience as a work-at-home mom has been documented in the book, Mogul Mom How to Quit Your Job, Start Your Own Business, and Join the Work-at-Home Mom Revolution. is a leading online destination for practical, trusted advice and know-how.'s useful and informative content reaches an engaged and intent driven consumer who is on the site to take action in a specific area of interest, including Home, Money, Style, Health, Family and Food. The site is home to millions of resources, including how-to articles and videos, creating an indispensable environment that people rely upon to accomplish tasks, large and small, and share their experiences and expertise.


Cebu Tech Jobs Offers Opportunities through Featured Job Postings

Cebu, CEB (PRWEB) September 19, 2012

As the name suggests, is the latest and promising player in the jobsite industry in Cebu City to offer employment opportunities in the information, communication and technology specific sector. Having launched on June 18, 2012 to the public, offers a reliable list of local jobs in Cebu. is the brainchild of Canadian company, Clicking Labs led by its Marketing Director, Ian Callet and his dedicated team.

Comprised of a budding team of professionals, has created an online facility that aims to make a convenient and efficient tool for jobseekers in Central Visayas. This online jobsite has features that allow jobseekers to conveniently apply for employment in just a click. Within its first month of operations, it has had over 1,000 jobseeker sign-ups. Cebutechjobs offers free membership for both employers and jobseekers.

A key feature that the team behind Cebutechjobs highlights is their methods of recruitment. They currently are using Recruitment 2.0 methods, which involves adapting to the new digital ecosystem. They specialize in using social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter for interaction. They also have an affiliate of partnered blogs with a special widget that syndicates all job openings. By harnessing this network of channels, this job portal is able to engage in different media landscapes.

Another pioneering feature of Cebutechjobs, is its chat tool that enables jobseekers to directly contact employers or vice-versa. This allows jobseekers to get an immediate response regarding their application, cutting down the waiting time of their search and application time.

For the month of September, Cebutechjobs has released the paid options for the Featured Job Posting. A Featured Job Posting functions as the job opening of the month and is located on the landing page of the site. It is currently priced at P1,485 for one (1) Featured Job Posting along with other freebies.

For more information, an inquiry can be sent to support(at)cebutechjobs(dot)com. also offers various opportunities for recruitment such as relationship and network building, employer branding, candidate research, market intelligence, and recruitment news updates via social networks, SMS, and email blasts. To know more about these Cebu jobs, please visit their website at

About is owned by Clicking Labs, Inc. Clicking Labs is a well established internet marketing company founded in 2010 by Jean-Patrick Bisson, Diana Quartin and Jonathan Kennedy. The company specializes in driving search marketing and social media traffic, social web app development and conversion optimization. Each product or service specifically helps small/medium website owners increase online visibility and improve online sales.


New Coupon Featured Today Targets Students With $49 Off the 11.6 inch MacBook Air

Houston, TX (PRWEB) August 02, 2012

It may still feel like summer to most consumers, but online retailers are extremely aware that fall is just around the corner, and with it millions of students returning to school. A coupon featured today by for $ 49 dollars off the 11.6 inch MacBook Air is a perfect example of online back to school marketing., a premier online electronics retailer and outlet for Apple products, features an entire section of back to school offers, of which todays featured coupon is only one part.

Every year when August hits we see a lot of great offers targeted towards returning students who will be starting school within a couple months, explained Justin Bowen, CEO of And this year is no exception. In fact, with a depressed economy, special offers like the coupon we featured today seem to be even more prevalent.

Students and other consumers interested in the coupon for $ 49 dollars off the 11.6 inch MacBook Air can find it here. The MacBook Air is an even lighter, even more portable competitor to Apples MacBook Pro line of laptops. It differentiates itself primarily by being a bit sturdier and a lot cheaper than the MacBook Pro. Perhaps one of the biggest key differences between these two laptop lines offered by Apple is that the MacBook Air comes in the 11.6 screen size, Apples answer to the latest craze for the uber-portable netbook.

The 11.6 inch MacBook Air comes standard with an Intel Core i5 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM, and a 64 GB hard drive. The MacBook Air also incorporates cutting edge proprietary technology designed around all-flash data storage (part of the secret to its featherweight specifications). Flash storage creates instant-on capability, blazing fast data retrieval, rapid app launch, and a super quiet sound profile.

The 11.6 inch MacBook Air also boasts a Thunderbolt port, which enables data transfer 10x as fast as FireWire 800, and its Intel Graphics 4000 card offers 60% faster graphics than previous generations. Seven hours of battery life and a durable aluminum frame make this small, light laptop a perfect road warrior. For full specifications on the 11.6 MacBook Air and todays featured coupon for $ 49 dollars off, look in the section dedicated to special offers from, here


Innovative New Apps Recently Featured on the NationWide NewsWatch Show: Share Your Voice and PowerPay

(PRWEB) August 31, 2012

A new mobile app by EZPrints lets the voters voice be heard on the important issues of the day by sending the candidates a printed postcard directly from an iPhone. Its called Share Your Voice and the app allows voters to take a photo of anything they want the candidates to address, attach a message and then have both that photo and message turned into a customized printed postcard which will be mailed to either presidential candidates campaign headquarters. The Share You Voice app is available for the iPhone free of charge in the Apple store and each personalized 4x6 postcard costs only 99 cents. If speaking out on the issues is important, consider this a simple three-step process to political action. For more information, head to

To see the video on EZPrints, please go to:

Powerpay is an app by AppCharge that turns any Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and most Android devices into a payment terminal giving merchants the ability to accept credit cards virtually anywhere. Ideal for business on the go, AppCharge features an optional card reader and a touchpad for customer signatures. It also e-mails electronic receipts and allows merchants to keep an electronic inventory of their receipts making paper receipts a thing of the past. As businesses move towards a more digital and mobile world, AppCharge is an affordable solution to mobile payment processing. Its available now on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. For more information, go to

To see the video on Powerpay, please go to:

NewsWatch is a weekly 30-minute consumer oriented television show that airs nationwide. NewsWatch regularly features top travel destinations, health tips, technology products, medical breakthroughs and entertainment news on the show. The show airs in 180 markets nationwide as well as all of the top 20 broadcast markets in the country, and is the preferred choice for Satellite Media Tour and Video News Release Distribution. For more information, head to


Toshiba Coupon Featured Today for up to $400 off a Qosmio Gaming and Media Laptop

Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 20, 2012

Today featured a Toshiba coupon that saves consumers up to $ 400 off the standard retail price of a Qosmio Gaming and Media Laptop. The Qosmio model X770-BT5G23 laptop is the featured model for $ 400 in savings, but the coupon offer is valid for the X770-BT5G24, X775-Q7170 models, and the F755-3D320 and F755-3D150 3D laptop models, with savings in various amounts from $ 50 to $ 300 dollars off. The Toshiba Qosmio laptop models are Toshiba's line of premier gaming and media focused computers, and many are customizable according to purchaser preference. The coupon for instant savings is featured in CouponBuzz.coms new section for Toshiba coupons.

Serious gamers tend to purchase laptops that have been custom-built with that purpose in mind, explained Justin Bowen, founder of Toshibas Qosmio line of laptops are ideal for this purpose, and we are thrilled to be able to offer consumers a way to check out these great computers for less. Todays featured Toshiba Coupon combines serious price savings with a couple of great free upgrades on memory and storage.

The Toshiba coupon for $ 400 off is for the Qosmio X770-BT5G23 laptop, a 17.3 inch screen with 1600x900 native resolution and an integrated webcam. A 640G hard drive pairs with 6G of DDR3 memory and an Intel Core i5 processor to create an impressive gaming and media machine. For which the Nvidia 1.5GB GDDR5 GeForce graphics card is made to order. The memory can be customized to 8G for faster performance, and the hard drive storage increased to 750G for a small additional fee. And if thats not enough, an entire second hard drive can be built into the machine. A DVD super multi drive comes standard, but can be upgraded to a Blu-ray super multi double layer drive.

Starting at an incredibly low $ 899 after the $ 400 off Toshiba coupon is applied, the 17.3 inch Qosmio X770-BT5G23 is hands-down the best deal available. However, online shoppers looking for even more bells and whistles, like 3D screens, might prefer one of the different models also offering an instant discount via this special offer. The offer is located at the top of CouponBuzz.coms Toshiba coupon section here

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