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eWebSchedule Announces New Feature for Its Online Employee Scheduling Software

Westerville, Ohio (PRWEB) September 17, 2013

eWebSchedule, an industry leader in online employee scheduling, announced today it has added a new Drag and Drop Schedule editor as an alternative to schedule entry. eWebSchedule was founded with the goal of assisting employers with their staff scheduling. The frustration that engulfs many employers surrounding this task fueled the need for a better solution. Faster, easier, simplified staff scheduling was -- and remains -- the company mission. The most recent proof of this commitment is the Drag and Drop Schedule editor.

eWebSchedule’s services are delivered through a cloud solution that makes deployment easy and affordable. It also resides in an environment that instantly communicates with your staff. Staff immediately receives their schedule, changes to their schedule and notices of open shifts through the website, text and email messages.

Engineers at eWebSchedule recognized that it’s not just about the schedule. They created an integrated system that delivers all things related to the schedule under one umbrella. The service also manages employee availability, requests for time-off and shift trades. It is also customizable to reflect your organization and policy. eWebSchedule’s employee scheduling service accomplishes universal employer goals.

    Quick and accurate schedule compilation
    Preventing unexpected gaps in shift coverage
    Eliminating over/under staffing
    Reducing, if not eliminating costly overtime
    Managing requests for time off
    Instantly keeping staff informed of their schedules and new business needs

eWebSchedule’s latest breakthrough development is its Drag and Drop Schedule editor. This new feature significantly improves on an already user-friendly system. Here are a few examples:

Save even more time scheduling employees. This online, employee scheduling software can already save up to 25 percent of the time formerly spent on assembling the shift coverage puzzle. Drag and Drop schedule compilation further speeds the process and most likely will improve on the 25% benchmark.

Further improves schedule accuracy. Enhanced graphics of the Drag and Drop editor help HR and schedulers become even more accurate. Through color coding of the employee tiles, the scheduler can instantly see who is available and simply drag the employee tile to the schedule timeline. As the shifts are added to the timeline, the scheduler can quickly identify any shift gaps or over-scheduling issues, and fix these potential errors.

Frees up staff to concentrate on other issues. eWebSchedule’s Drag and Drop schedule editor gives staff more time to focus on core business needs.

Make changes fast when needed. Employees who call off from work can create potentially dangerous shift coverage gaps. Its new Drag and Drop editor allows the scheduler to instantly identify available staff to cover a call off.

Cloud friendly. eWebSchedule is a cloud-based solution to employee scheduling, or some prefer the term Software as a Service (SaaS). The significance of the cloud solution is that it is easy to deploy, easy to implement and provides instant access to everyone in the organization; all with little or no investment in hardware. Any current device with internet access has access to the schedule.

Importance of Cloud Technology

The affordability of cloud service delivers to every organization what was once only available to organizations with large IT budgets and endless IT resources. Cloud solutions are highly cost-effective. A cloud solution eliminates the requirement for sophisticated servers and expensive staff to manage the hardware, database and software. As a subscriber to a cloud service, the investment is a low monthly cost that is based on what your organization utilizes. The cost for the expensive hardware and IT guru’s is distributed and shared by the cloud subscribers. The result of a cloud service implementation is access to systems that were once considered unaffordable as well as time and money saved.

To learn more about eWebSchedule’s cloud service visit its website at A trial period can be started by simply clicking the blue ‘Get Started Now’ button. If you prefer an online demo, contact eWebSchedule’s staff by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ menu item and submit your request.


“Business & Beyond” to feature Dataslide, Inc.

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) September 28, 2005

Platinum Television Group is pleased to announce the selection of Dataslide Ltd. For its innovative, educational television series Competitive Edge. Dataslide will be featured in a segment on “Innovation in Storage Technologies”.

Dataslide Ltd has an enabling technology for storage and computing devices. Initially aimed at creating an innovative mass storage device to replace rotating hard disks, their patented approach offers rapid, efficient access to high volume information storage. They also seek to provide new ways of using the computer for health and education purposes.

“Changing the future of storage”, Dataslide’s enabling technology uses advanced materials to gain fast access to magnetic media with standard protocols and packages, less immediate and lifetime energy requirements, and reduction of CPU cycle waste.

With the potential to replace most current storage formats, Dataslide’s technologies leverage current assets and offer clearer ROI for computer systems in the fields of business, science and education.

Dataslide Ltd was created to take advantage of the intellectual property, principles and designs contained in US and global patents for computer hard drives. Further work led to the development of an enabling technology with its wider implications for all components of computer architecture.

For more information on Dataslide and this advanced storage technology, visit them on the web at



Hacker Halted USA to Feature Top Industry Keynotes & Over 50 Hacking Experts at September 19-21 IT Security Conference in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 06, 2013

EC-Councils flagship information security conference, Hacker Halted USA, officially starts on September 19th in Atlanta. Now in its sixth year, the conference consists of over 50 briefs by leading security researchers, divided into three-tracks over three days, and four days of advanced technical training by the industrys top instructors.

This years Hacker Halted USA is focusing on a wide range of escalating threats, from mobile security and the cloud to critical infrastructure targets, said Eric Lopez, director of conferences and events for EC-Council. Top security researchers from around the world, will be showcasing the latest vulnerabilities on which corporations, financial firms, government agencies and SMBs need to focus. In conjunction with Hacker Halted is the Global CISO Forum, an invitation-only event for top infosec executives to share information and discusses successes, failures and best practices.

A recent study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies estimated cyber attacks cost the global economy $ 300 billion each year - and $ 100 million per year in the US. With such a massive impact on the global economy, more businesses and governments are seeking out new solutions and more proactive strategies to combat it. Information security conferences like Hacker Halted provide a unique glimpse into the world of hackers and give corporate executives, IT professionals and security teams a chance to preview the latest threats and defense strategies.

Here are key highlights of Hacker Halted USA:

17Sep/130 Updates Ezach Deposit Software to Include Column Mapping Feature

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

In response to many requests from customers, software developer updated ezAch direct deposit software so that customers can now save settings for importing payroll data from .csv files, saving valuable time.

With data importing feature, customers can import bulk transactions data to generate the ACH deposit file faster. Customers found that re-entering the same column-mapping information each pay period was a needless redundancy. Developers at agreed and modified the software to fit the way customers use it. is excited to announce the latest version of EzAch Deposit Software. Finally ending repetitive column mapping for customers, founder, Dr. Ge says.

Additionally, ezAch version 2.0.5 can save multiple groups of settings. If one file is generated for paying employees and a different file for collecting funds from vendors, ezAch Deposit Software can remember the settings for both. The customer simply tells ezAch which group of settings to apply to each imported data file.

EzAch is priced at just $ 199 per installation, making it affordable for any size business. To ensure the software meets customers requirements before purchasing, ezAch Deposit Software can be downloaded and tried at no cost or obligation for 14 days. With the purchase of a license key, customers can unlock ezAch Deposit Software for unlimited use. The download and the license key can be found online at

Unique features of EzAch Deposit Software:


Product Launch Platform Daily Grommet Works with Graphic Designer to Feature New Product, Whooz? Identification Labels for Technology Devices

Lexington, MA (PRWEB) April 04, 2013

Daily Grommet, an online shopping site and product launch platform for innovative and undiscovered products, is working with a graphic designer to feature new Whooz? identification labels for technology devices. Daily Grommet is excited to feature this innovative, festive problem solver as it will give broad appeal to both a young and old demographic.

After Sativa Turner and a roommate had trouble telling apart their identical chargers, she thought about labeling hers with tape or permanent marker. The graphic designer in her couldnt bear to spoil the look with random markings, so she created a more aesthetic -- and much more fun -- identification system. Sativas Whooz stickers are removable vinyl labels for chargers, USB cables and earbuds. Fun designs include Rico, Cindy, Charlene and Dexter (the quirky characters Sativa created to jazz up our peripherals) or go for solid color identifiers. Each pack contains 4 sheets of labels, and each sheet has enough labels to cover one charger, USB cable, and set of earbuds.

Its not uncommon for a single household to have multiple iPhones, iPads and iPods -- which means multiple white power cords plugged into every available outlet. Shared charging stations at airports, libraries and coffee shops are a sea of identical cords, too. When youre seeing iOS accessories here, there and everywhere, Whooz makes yours different.

About Daily Grommet

Daily Grommet is a highly curated online marketplace and launch platform for products of great utility, style or invention that havent hit the big-time yet. Daily Grommet seeks out these unique products, carefully tests them, and produces a video review of each one telling the story behind its creation. Daily Grommet is rooted in the philosophy of Citizen Commerce whereby regular people form the commerce experience by suggesting products that reflect their values and interests. Citizen Commerce turns the typical top down retailer approach sideways, encourages global product innovation from small producers, and satisfies the consumers need to know the stories behind and origins of favorite products. The company was also just named one of the hottest sites of 2013 by Internet Retailer. For more information, visit


Your Teen Magazine for Parents New Point/CounterPoint Feature Looks at Whether Childless Adults Should Dispense Parenting Advice

Beachwood, OH (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

With its new feature, Point/Counterpoint, Your Teen Magazine for Parents explores whether adults without kids have any right to advise parents on how to raise their children.

Two women share their viewpoints in Should a Childless Woman Give Parenting Advice? Point/Counterpoint.

Your Teen Magazine for Parents created the feature to prompt parents to think about whether they value or resent the opinions of childless adults.

View the full package here:

We were all perfect parents before we had kids. We all promised that our kids would never behave like those other kids. And then we had our own kids, Editor in Chief/Publisher Susan Borison shares. On the other hand, someone without children has a different and potentially valuable perspective to share. Our package already is triggering adamant discussions about the sensitive subject.

The Point/Counterpoint includes Ageleke Zapis, author of "A Childless Womans Guide to Raising Children" and Julie Cristal, a freelance writer and mom of two who weighs in with her parental rebuttal.

Here are some excerpts:

Ageleke Zapis:

When we were teenagers, we were never let loose at the mall to run wild and act up with our friends. We were at home doing homework or told to spend quality time with our family. (Truth be told, sometimes it was quality time and other times it was quantity time.) As far as my parents were concerned, hitching a ride with my friend Jackie to the mall was never an acceptable option. I was allowed to wander as far as my mothers voice would carry and not an inch further. (For the record, her voice carried down to the end of the block.)

Julie Cristal:

Mostly, I wish those who judge would pull up a chair the next time they see a group of loud, frozen-yogurt consuming teens and learn their backstories. Or visit a school. Most teens today are nothing short of magnificent and it gives me great hope for the future when I spend more than a few hours with several. They are kind and good and creative, using not only traditional artistic mediums, but those that involve crayons being replaced with computers.

About Your Teen Magazine:for Parents

Your Teen addresses the challenges inherent in raising teens and helps parents of teens to continue the journey toward the goal of successful parent. In the magazine format, parents can post questions, offer personal tactics and hear the different perspectives of professionals, other parents and teenagers on relevant topics. Your Teen hopes to ease the worry.

Your Teen is available in Barnes & Noble.

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Reverse Review Magazine To Feature Alexander J Chaudhry In January Issue

(PRWEB) November 27, 2012

Purchasing, refinancing, or selling a home can be an exciting yet stressful time for many individuals. The change often marks the beginning of a new journey, one which will likely take more than a bit of planning and time. FNC Title Services, LLC is a full-service settlement and title service company that can help ease the real estate transaction process and prevent any unforeseen snags. FNC has extensive experience in the reverse mortgage industry, having developed relationships with reverse mortgage brokers and lenders. With FNCs help, individuals can protect themselves from fraud, forged deeds and wills, mistakes in legal documents, will misinterpretation, undisclosed heirs, false impersonation of a propertys true owner, and instruments executed under expired or invalid power of attorney. Recognizing the standing of FNC among title service companies, Reverse Review Magazine invited FNC Legal Counsel, Alexander J. Chaudhry, to contribute to the publication.

In the November issue of Reverse Review, Mr. Chaudhry wrote about the rash of recent cyber-attacks targeting the bank accounts of high net-worth companies and the appropriate cyber security steps they should take. Given Mr. Chaudhrys expertise, Reverse Review Magazine has invited him to contribute a follow-up article in the January issue. The upcoming article will expand on the steps a company should take to secure its online banking platform. Mr. Chaudhry addresses the benefits of utilizing a computer that does not run Windows for online banking needs, creating a more secure password, the importance of setting rules with financial institutions to place limits on the ability to initiate online wire transfers, and a number of additional precautions. In order to be up to date on the current state of cyber security affairs readers can refer to Mr. Chaudhrys article in the November issue before the release of the January article.

I hope that my upcoming article in the January issue of Reverse Review Magazine can help companies secure their online banking information, said FNC Title Services Legal Counsel Alexander J. Chaudhry. A cyber-attack could be devastating if a company isnt safeguarded against it.

To learn more about how to secure online accounts from cyber-attacks, look out for the January issue of Reverse Review Magazine. The tips shared by Alexander J. Chaudhry can help a company avoid a potential disastrous financial mishap. In order to read about things you can do to immediately beef up cyber security, take a look at Alexanders article in the November issue of Reverse Review, out now. Individuals interested in learning more about FNC, CEO Ali Farahpour or the title services it offers can visit

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27Dec/120 Introduces a New Online Computer Feature: “Design Your Own Photo Locket,” using an “Interactive Photo Locket Designer.”

Staten Island, NY (PRWEB) November 21, 2012

Picture yourself as a fashion designer creating unique Personalized Photo Locket jewelry. Express your inner artistic talent and create a one of a kind photo locket to give as a holiday gift to family, friends, and business associates at using the Interactive Locket Designer. takes the guesswork out of finding a place to add a photo and allows users to upload, email or even mail in the photograph and will either permanently laser the photo inside, or add a high resolution photo print. The graphic artists digitally enhance the photo, zoom in, and make it ft perfectly inside the locket. "It's not easy to enhance your photo, remove the background, remove unwanted people or objects and photo shops just don't do it any more. We're told by customers every day how clear and vivid the photos look once we laser it inside", Says Daniel Schifter CEO of

As stated by Daniel Schifter, The Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year Holidays are fast approaching, and our new "Interactive Locket Designer", presents an opportunity for customers to design distinctive personalized jewelry online. Families, and friends can express their love for the special people in their lives creating a cherished photo locket using photos which capture favorite moments. It is a simple process that is consumer friendly."

Customers can add a personalized engraved message, monogram, birthstone, and or choose how the outside of the customized photo locket will look by selecting from hundreds of clipart images that can be engraved. The photo laser process is 100% waterproof and scratch proof. The amazing part is the finished product ships the next business day, customized and all," said Mr. Schifter

It is an effortless process. It's known before your make the purchase exactly how your Personalized Photo Locket will look. prides itself on producing quality, and innovative locket jewelry designed to last.The quality of the photos is superior, the engraving is clear, and adds a special touch, said Mr. Schifter.

The Personalized Photo Lockets are featured in a variety of shapes and sizes. Customers can choose a heart, round, or oval style locket in 14K Gold, Sterling Silver, White Gold, or Platinum. Prices start at just $ 29.99 in Sterling Silver and under $ 200 in 14k Gold. Mommy Bloggers throughout the USA and Canada are writing rave reviews on the Personalized Photo Lockets.

Dont miss this opportunity to delight the significant people in your life for the upcoming holidays.

About has been manufacturing jewelry since 1998 for the jewelry industry throughout the world. 95% of the work is done directly in their factory. is the only company in the world to laser-print full color, sepia, or black and white photos onto jewelry. A sentimental photo can now be downloaded and permanently imprinted on a 14k gold locket or sterling silver lockets. Initials and a message can also be engraved to further develop the personalized jewelry. The website was created in 2005 and has some unique products like Photo Engraved Jewelry, Lockets, Medical Id Jewelry, Custom Sports Jewelry, Religious Medals, Awareness Ribbons, Childhood Cancer Awareness Jewelry, Personalized Name Bands, Monogram Jewelry, and many other choices.

For additional information, log onto PicturesOnGold.


Change Payroll Software Mid-Year? EzPaycheck Makes It Easy With New YTD Feature

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

Small business owners who are seeking productivity-booting solution are welcome to start the free test drive of ezPaycheck payroll software at EzPaycheck developing team recently improved this in-house paycheck software with the new YTD feature which makes it simple and easy to change payroll software or begin using payroll software for the first time - even for companies in the middle of their fiscal year.

"We've heard from many customers that they held off changing to ezPaycheck for too long because they feared the momentous task of transferring data mid-year, and the window for such a change between fiscal years is very small," said founder Dr. Ge. "But when they finally did it, users found it was incredibly easy to begin using ezPaycheck, even in mid-year. We want to get this information out to other business owners and managers before they wait longer than they need to."

Forms for entering year-to-date data on ezPaychecks intuitive interface have always been simple, but the new edition includes enhancements that make the software even more user-friendly. The easy-to-use interface enables businesses to convert over to ezPaycheck in just a few hours - not days. Smaller companies will spend even less time on the conversion.

Founded in 2003, has established itself as a leader in meeting the software needs of small businesses in US. EzPaycheck payroll system is designed to automate paycheck processes to reduce the time spent on running payroll. The softwares graphic interface leads users step-by-step through setting up employee information, importing data, calculating payroll - including calculation of federal, state and local taxes; deductions for Medicare, insurance and 401(k) plans; and printing paychecks.

New customers considering ezPaycheck 2012 can download and sample the payroll software without charge or obligation for up to 30 days at

Available for just $ 89 per year ($ 59 to renew, no hidden cost), ezPaycheck payroll software is affordable for any size business. EzPayChecks many time- and money-saving features include:


iPhone App Daily Commute Gets Feature Updates Designed to Get Commuters to Work On Time with Less Stress

Greenville, SC (PRWEB) August 31, 2012

With the latest release of the commute iPhone app, Daily Commute, users now have new features and functionality to assist them in their travels. One key feature in this update is a new Tips feed. This feed is regularly updated with commute related tips and tricks from the original creators of the app.

Providing users with helpful information, co-creator Dr. Benton Cofer posted, Few situations invoke panic and anxiety quite so quickly as oversleeping! I was reminded of this just this morning. A minor malfunction in my snooze function resulted in my over sleeping by about 30 minutes. What a way to start the day! What to do? After springing from my bed, I immediately opened Daily Commute on my iPhone, and pulled up my countdown timer. To my immediate relief, I found that I had ~ 50 minutes before I needed to leave the house. Whew! No problem.

Giving commuters the tools and tips needed to be more productive, the user gets more out of life. The average American spends 25 minutes on their daily commute to work (one way), and there is an epidemic of stress related illness. If you are commuting, you are not spending quality time with your loved ones. You are not exercising, doing challenging work, having sex, petting your dog, or playing with your kids (or your Wii). You are not doing any of the things that make human beings happy. Instead, you are getting nauseous on a bus, jostled on a train, or cut off in traffic, says Annie Lowrey writing in

The commute iPhone app, Daily Commute has an easy to use interface allowing the technology to work for you. The app starts by prompting the user to input a name for the commute destination and desired arrival time. The user then starts the app upon leaving for work and stops it upon arrival. The app logs this data and the following day, uses this travel time to calculate a target time to leave for work. The touch of a button will bring up a full screen countdown timer. The background of the timer changes from green to orange and then from orange to red as the target time approaches.The user then repeats the process daily. As the app compiles data, it will then average this data to give a more accurate prediction. The app bases the user's predicted commute time on the best available data, so the more it is used the more accurate it becomes.The end result is a more consistent arrival time at work.

The commute iPhone app, Daily Commute also allows the user to input notes for each individual commute for later review. Trends in commute time can be analyzed in graphical readout as well as in tabulated form. Never before has the average commuter had the ability to easily generate usable data regarding commute time. Never before has there been an app that will use such data to make commuting more predictable and less stressful.

The app is currently available to download from the apple app store. The free version contains ads and limits the number of unique commute destinations to one. The commute iPhone app, Daily Commute may be upgraded by the user to the Pro version for 99 cents. The Pro version of the Commute eliminates ads and allows unlimited entry of unique commute destinations.


Valley Rocket was founded in 2011 as a tech startup in Greenville, SC. The companys focus is on mobile application development for the iPhone, iPad and Android Platforms. provides a custom app idea portal for individuals or businesses to submit ideas they have dreamed up.

Other applications in the portfolio consists of:

Alpha Calc iPhone / iPad App - The Alpha Calc iPhone and iPad Calculator App offers a new user interface for calculators that have been around for decades.

Bob Levy Radio iPhone / Android App - The Bob Levy Radio App provides access to a beautifully designed interface featuring The After Breakfast Show audio feed, links, stories and comments being discussed on air.

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