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Elysium and Nexroot to Provide a Grid Enabled Multi-CAD Data Translation Portal

Southfield, MI (PRWEB) October 14, 2004 - Elysium Inc., a leading global provider of multi-

CAD enabling software, and Nexroot LLC., a provider of software services for product design and development, today announced the launch of CADportal. CADportal is a new, enterprise job management software solution for automatically, checking, healing and translating 3D CAD data. This highly scalable technology is available for enterprise implementations at manufacturers needing to streamline multi-CAD environments.

CADportal is written in Java using Grid Computing architecture to streamline and enable the CAD translation process. Grid technology enables dynamic access to additional computing resources by integrating computers over a network and dispatching jobs in parallel to multiple computer nodes. CADportal has combined this advanced computing power with Elysium’s range of high-end translation technologies, which support bi-directional CATIA V4, CATIA V5, Pro/ENGINEER, Mechanical Desktop, I-deas NX, Unigraphic NX, JT, IGES and Parasolid formats. The Elysium translators also provide advanced healing of 3D data and translation of features within CADportal.

“The strength of Nexroot’s technological excellence with Grid Computing means that manufacturers now have access to an incredibly powerful 3D data translation solution,” stated Ken Tashiro, Vice President & COO, Elysium Inc. “Furthermore, the solution is very scalable and easy to implement and manage, making this kind of super-strength technology available to even the smallest manufacturer.”

“Many of our largest end-users today are running into compute-demand issues whereby secondary platforms and software purchases are required,” Tashiro continued, “With Nexroot’s Grid enabled CADportal, these end-users today can scale compute throughput by simply connecting another cpu and registering the node with the scheduler via the translation control panel.”

CADportal has been developed for easy integration into existing infrastructure and rapid deployment. Once installed, either via hardware appliance or software download, additional compute nodes can typically be installed and running within 15 minutes. The easily-understood interface with CADportal means that administration and use of CADportal can occur very rapidly and with zero training for system administrators or users.

“The use of Grid Computing technology for Elysium’s Multi-CAD data translation is a perfect match and avoids the need for expensive, additional servers and new sets of CAD translation tools when usage increases in an enterprise,” said Dave Maloy of Nexroot. “The taxonomy of being able to use spare cycles on users’ systems within the network means CADportal is infinitely scalable with another simple, 15-minute implementation. This solution means that high-end CAD translation is now within reach of smaller manufacturers who simply could not afford the overheads in the past.”

CADportal’s interface provides intuitive job management, reporting and scheduling tools that make it easy to administer CAD data translation across an organization. It supports Windows 2000, XP, HP-UX and Sun Solaris platforms.

An architecture developed with robust data security is built into the solution:

– Secure hypertext transport protocol (https) from end-user to appliance.

– 3-DES encryption for Scheduler/Client communications and vault data storage.

– Enhanced by firewall-compliant architecture featuring a configurable communication port and passive client communication for DMZ deployment.

Nexroot will continue to work exclusively with Elysium to develop and enhance the underlying technology that makes CADportal so powerful. Elysium will be heading sales and distribution of the solution via its global channel of resellers and partners in North America and Europe.

About Nexroot LLC

Nexroot, LLC. is an independent company serving the engineering community by providing specialized IT services and software solutions that facilitate product design and development. At Nexroot, we’re inspired by finding innovative solutions for everyday problems. Our commitment to that philosophy is evident in our flagship product, CADportal. CADportal establishes a new level of productivity for design collaboration through process automation and resource virtualization.

Based in Canton, Michigan, Nexroot LLC. was founded by a group of experienced professionals from leading engineering and technology firms. We are building the company on a core set of values – customer satisfaction, achieving excellence and developing talent.

About Elysium Inc.

Founded in 1984, Elysium bridges the gap between CAD systems and enables PDM and product structure synchronization with its industry-leading technologies. Elysium's CADporter, CADdoctor, and CADserver software products enable the translation of all geometry from one CAD system to another with the industry's highest success rate. Platforms supported include, ABAQUS/CAE, ACIS, CATIA, Inventor, I-deas, Metrix Build!IT, One Space Designer, Horizon, JT, Parasolid, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, Unigraphics and other major MCAD products. Elysium has successful partnerships with several major software companies including ABAQUS, Autodesk, CoCreate, UGS, Maya Metrix, PTC, SmarTeam, SolidWorks, and Spatial. Elysium is a member of the AIAG and a sponsor of Renault F1 Team.

For additional information about Elysium's products and services, please visit

CAD•portal, CADporter, CADserver, CADdoctor, CADpdm, and CADfeature are trademarks of Elysium Co., Ltd. and Elysium Inc. All other products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Company Contact:

Leanne Olsgaard

Elysium Inc.

+1 (248) 799-9800

Press Contact:

Rachael Dalton- Taggart

Strategic Reach

+1 (303) 487-7406

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New GPS Enabled Location Device Connects Consumers with MedicAlerts Famous 24/7 Emergency Response and Health Information Service

Turlock, CA (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

MedicAlert Foundation International, the leading international emergency information and support network, and eTrak, developer of the smallest, most reliable GPS enabled device on the market today, come together to introduce a new, cutting-edge device for consumers named MedicAlert


Video with TLC – Temasys Communications Lead the Technology Race, Demonstrating the Worlds First Fully WebRTC Enabled Multiparty International Video Conference

(PRWEB) December 19, 2012

Today, Temasys Communications demonstrated a fully functioning multiparty video conferencing platform that needs no special software, no special hardware, no special applications, and no special tools or knowledge, to use. The idea is that a user can communicate with anyone, anywhere, at anytime, by just opening any browser on a computer and, by clicking on See, Call or Chat, depending on whether or not we want to video call or just use voice or chat, we connect. Using a emerging technology called WebRTC to power their web site, interestingly named (the tlc stands for Temasys Laboratory of Communications, by the way) Temasys has harnessed the power of WebRTC, a disruptive technology that everyone is forecasting to change, forever, the way we communicate and the hottest video conferencing and communications technology around.

How does it work? In a demonstration at Temasys Labs today, a URL was entered into a browser to connect to the Video With TLC web site. Two clicks later a video conference and chat connection was made to a partipant on the other side of the world, in Boston, MA., USA. Two more clicks and three more people joined from around Singapore. For good measure the Temasys Logo became a participant via another computer. This completed a six way pure WebRTC call (no Flash Plug In, no downloads). It was that simple. In addition to taking part in the video call, each user could, simultaneously, use private chat between each other or with the group. Using the public Internet Video With TLC will link friends and families around the world, more simply and easily than ever before. By Q2 2013, Temasys Web RTC service will be available at the standards demanded by corporate users.

A seismic shift in communications is underway, a tsunami of change, has taken place and, today, Temasys has beaten many giants of the industry to stake the high ground.. says Bill Lewis, MD of Temasys the applications that will emerge using this technology are boundless and we are proud to be the first company to be able to put this multi party WebRTC communication technology into the hands of everyday users and companies alike.

Dr Alex Gouaillard, Temasys Chief Technology Officer, explains: WebRTC (or Web Real Time Communications) part of HTML5 is one of the hottest topics around in the field of hi tech today. Since WebRTC really started to get momentum in the fall of 2012, the Silicon Valley development community and Tech VCs has been buzzing with news that companies are taking this latest technology seriously and Temasys at the table to exploit this emerging technology for the benefit of our customers.

While there have been many announcements of what I would term partial solutions, or limited application of WebRTC, we have taken the greatest leap in the development of the WebRTC so far. Multiparty visual communications, readily accessible via a publically accessible service, on a stable WebRTC platform, full GoogleID, OpenId support, presence information support, and direct conference invitation for users logged in, has not been achieved before today and there were considerable challenges which we overcame in moving the application of this great technology to a new level.

Temasys Communications is a Singapore based provider of Cloud Based videoconference services (VaaS) and a specialist in providing corporate video solutions and visual communications to remote places using terrestrial and satellite communications. Customers include multi national corporations, government entities, and small businesses alike. Temasys global encrypted network can provide worldwide coverage using the latest in video conferencing, visual communications, and collaboration technology.

Temasys Laboratories of Communications (TLC) is the Research and Development arm of Temasys Communications and specializes in advanced technology and software concepts. It draws on leading talent from Singapore and around the world to form a caucus of talent committed to changing the way we communicate, conduct business, and lead our daily lives for the better.


New Integrated Chip Enables Next Generation of DAB Enabled Digital Audio Products

London, UK (PRWEB) August 31, 2006

Frontier Silicon, the market leader in semiconductor solutions for mobile TV and digital radio, has launched a new advanced and highly integrated system-on-chip IC, which will enable the next generation of DAB digital radio-based products. The Chorus 2 FS1020 chip is a new programmable DAB baseband receiver providing significant space, cost and power savings on a typical radio or mobile handheld devices. The chip is now in mass production and products using the chip will appear in the market early 2007.

The key benefit of the new improved Chorus 2 IC is the level of integration -- providing up to 40 percent space savings on the board real-estate and 35 percent cost savings on the system bill-of-material. Chorus 2 has 640Kbytes of integrated memory, enabling it to run value added features without requiring external memory. The advanced chip architecture also provides up to 50 percent power consumption savings compared to other integrated DAB baseband receivers currently available.

The significant increase in processing power available on the chip allows manufacturers to create new convergence products at lower cost than is possible at present. Typical of the new products that will be enabled with Chorus 2 are DAB radios merged with other audio functionality -- such as combined DAB/ FM/ MP3/ WMA/ AAC digital music players, DAB radios with USB 2.0 OTG connectivity for high speed file transfer and firmware upgrade, Internet radios, digital music servers and jukeboxes, and multimedia-enhanced PDAs.

Chorus 2 will supersede the successful Chorus processor found in over 80 percent of DAB digital radios on the market. The new baseband receiver covers a number of physical layer standards, particularly those utilizing COFDM modulation. The IC uses a Meta122 CPU with extensive DSP (digital signal processor) capabilities, which is based on a multi-threaded architecture capable of executing multiple DSP tasks on the same core without cross-task interference.

Many of the components which were previously outside the chip are now incorporated on-chip, including a switched mode power supply which eliminates the need for external regulators, power-on-reset, digital clock (DCXO) and integrated memory to provide full ensemble 1.8Mbps decoding in a Eureka-147 DAB receiver. The use of a hardware-assisted DSP architecture on the Chorus 2 chip ensures that the DSP has additional capacity to run other embedded applications such as software FM, audio decoders, digital rights management, graphics and audio equalisers.

Unique to Chorus 2 is the integration of peripheral features on-chip, such as the USB 2.0 OTG interface, support for TFT and LCD displays, ATA/ATAPI interface for hard-disk storage, and NAND Flash, memory stick and SD interfaces.

Chorus 2 is available now in a package with small footprint of just 13mm(l) x 13mm(w) x 1.7mm(h).

About Frontier Silicon

Frontier Silicon is the leading supplier of digital and RF integrated circuits and modules for mobile TV and DAB digital radio products. Frontier is supplying solutions for leading products such as the Samsung B2300 and SGH-P900 T-DMB mobile phones and has over 80 percent market share for DAB receiver solutions. Frontier Silicons products include solutions for DAB digital radio, T-DMB and DAB-IP and a multi-standard receiver solution for mobile TV reception combining DVB-H, T-DMB and DAB-IP.

Customers include Bang & Olufsen, Denon, Grundig, JVC, Philips, PURE Digital, Roberts Radio, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and TEAC. Frontier Silicon has operations in UK, Ireland, China, South Korea and Japan. For more information, visit

Frontier Silicon uses Meta(TM) and UCC(TM) intellectual property from Imagination Technologies.

Contact details:

Jonathan Colbourne, Marketing and PR manager



ABI Mobilram Enabled Lockhart to Come in $1 Million Below Budget for Pile Driving Project

ABI Mobilram Enabled Lockhart to Come in $ 1 Million Below Budget for Pile Driving Project

ABI Mobilram vibrated in the 125 beams in approximately 20 feet deep

Hazelwood, MO (Vocus) October 26, 2010

On a recent project, Lockhart Enterprises in Los Angeles California was able to use an ABI Mobilram that they purchased from Hammer and Steel to complete a project 60 days ahead of schedule and $ 1 million under budget. Lockhart was asked to provide shoring for a washed out road in Tunjunga, CA in Northern LA. The road sits next to a river bed with boulders, gravel and sand underlain by bedrock. Instead of using a traditional down-the-hole hammer (DTH) system with casing, the company went with an ABI MobilRam rig with the quick coupling docking system.

“Switching out attachments quickly is the key to saving time and coming in under budget in projects like this one,” said Daraius Tata, Territory Manager for Hammer and Steel. “However, oftentimes projects utilize many types of equipment in order to perform similar functions within drilling and pile driving. The Mobilram features many different attachments such as vibratory driver/extractors, vertical boring heads for pre-drilling, soil relieving, auger-cast piles, diesel hammers, double head auger drives for installation of secant piles and silent piling/hydro-press system to press sheet pile, that can all be used with the main rig to complete a variety of tasks. This versatility enables the ABI Mobilram to help companies like Lockhart to save time and money on complicated projects.”

The ABI Mobilram features functionality similar to a drilling rig, however is versatile enough to handle many different attachment types, so that one rig can be used for the majority of projects such as this one. The Mobilram is known for its quick set up time. The time required to set up an ABI Mobilram is typically less than 30 minutes and bringing it back to transport configuration does not take much longer. All of the attachments are connected and disconnected quickly and safely by the docking system, or the traditional rapid changing device

For this particular project, the ABI rig pre-drilled the holes with a small 8” DTH hammer with casing, stitch drilling a five hole pattern for a heavy duty, 40ft long I-beam. A MDBA 6000 drill was used with a 150 hex connector and a side entry flushing swivel, that was mounted below a knuckle device, which meant the entire drill string could be mounted on the ground and was easy to install and remove. In addition, a break out tong for the DTH hammer bit was provided to make bit changes easy. Each hole took roughly 15-30 minutes to drill, depending on the amount of bedrock and size of the boulders.

Once the holes were predrilled, the ABI rig vibrated in the 125 beams in approximately 20 feet deep. Each beam took only a few minutes to drive. The beams were finally driven to grade into the predrilled bedrock with a Delmag D30 diesel hammer. At the end of the project, only 2 beams needed to be pulled and re-driven because the computerized, automatic alignment feature of the MobilRam helped facilitate verticality of the beams.

The entire project was completed on an extremely narrow and long jobsite with a temporary road running parallel to the site. And to complicate the project, the jobsite was shut down for 3 weeks due to wildfires, that got as close as 300 feet from the job site.

“Working in a confined space can be a challenge for this type of project. Having to switch equipment types for any project can be expensive, due to the time needed to move equipment in and out of a space. However, when a space is this narrow and long, multiple pieces of equipment complicate this matter even further. With the low set up time for the Mobilram and the ability to use one piece of equipment for many aspects of the job, it helped the project keep moving. The MobilRam by ABI is one of the most sophisticated pile drivers on the market right now and it enabled Lockhart to come in under budget on this complicated project,” said Tata.

About Hammer and Steel

Founded in 1989, Hammer & Steel, Inc. has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of piling and pile driving equipment in North America. Hammer & Steel currently maintains a very diverse line of equipment carefully selected from manufacturers all around the world including ABI, Delmag, Banut, Soiltec, Dawson, Scheltzke and G&H. Inventory includes pile drivers, diesel hammers, drill rigs and other piling products such as sheet piles. For more information, please visit our redesigned website at



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