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Four Times the Sales Through GraphicMails Email Marketing Packages

Geneva, Switzerland (PRWEB) July 11, 2013

A recent study by marketing research company Custora shows that, while social media boosts online sales, email is still the number one contributor to client acquisitions worldwide. The report shows that over the past four years, online retailers have quadrupled client acquisitions through email alone; in comparison, social media barely blipped on the radar.

GraphicMails powerful mobile and email marketing packages offer its clients access to personalized services that ideally suit the environment in which their businesses operate. Although email is the main focus of Custoras research findings, what must be mentioned is the impact of mobile on email opens. With close to 40% of emails opened on mobile devices, this portion of digital marketing is gaining increased momentum directly appealing to the hyper-connected users of today.

GraphicMail, with over a decades worth of experience in the mobile and email marketing field, is perfectly placed to offer businesses an integrated, sound approach to mobile and email marketing. With free, graphic-rich mobile sites and hundreds of templates, businesses are able to expand their communications onto the mobile arena, adding to their email marketing portfolio.

While mobile and email dominate the direct marketing field, social media is growing in competitiveness, which is why GraphicMail offers full social media integration as standard practice. Clients are able to share their marketing campaigns on social media platforms, further expanding their reach and collecting valuable information making for truly segmented future campaigns.

As email marketing continues to help businesses expand their client portfolios and touch base with a wider demographic; ESPs like GraphicMail continue to grow their service offerings and in doing so build responsive, real-time relationships with their clients.

Says Andre Strauss, GraphicMail Sales Manager: GraphicMail offers you the easiest and most effective way to get your message delivered to the right people. Our global team draws experience from within all aspects of the digital environment, and this is evident in our proven track record.



Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 28, 2013



AOL Email Hacked What to Do and How to Recover

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 30, 2013

idcloak publishes a new advisory article AOL email hacked What to Do which was inspired by the authors own experience after her father suffered a hack and attempted fraud. Robin Welles used her tech security background to recover and protect the email account. The article explains her course of action.

During a trip abroad, my Dads email account was compromised, and every entry in his address book received a mail saying he had been abducted at gunpoint, tells Welles. Money was demanded for his freedom.

The hackers were clever. They timed the attack when he was actually abroad, so his contacts had some reason to believe the abduction had actually occurred. The hackers then deleted his address book so he could not send a counter message to warn his contacts of the attempted fraud.

Fortunately, the victim was reached over the telephone by all receivers of the email and no money changed hands. Welles says it could easily have ended much worse.

Two things surprised me during the episode, says Welles, First, there was so little good advice available online on how to recover and secure an email account. Second, even the email providers help desk made just one suggestion change the password and said nothing of what he should do if that failed. When the password change didnt work, my Dad came to me.

The article points to the 13 actions that Welles carried out to regain control of the account and protect it from follow-up attacks. Although many of the actions might be considered conventional, Welles says its the order in which they are carried out that is key, Its still good advice to change your passwords, but you need to be sure that the attackers cant repeat the method they used to break in the first time. For example, they might have come in via a Wi-Fi sniffer, or by a keylogger infection which informs the hacker of everything typed into a computer's keyboard (see What is a Keylogger?). Thats why its a good idea to do thorough spyware scans, set up an anonymous VPN Service and use a password manager like LastPass with a virtual keyboard. That way you have covered all bases.

Welles and her team have composed several hundred advisory articles in the Knowledge Center. A separate piece on how to cope with a hacked hotmail account is also available. is a Dallas-based developer of proxy-based security and privacy solutions.


Globanet Upgrades Its Email Migration Software GEM

Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY (PRWEB) March 25, 2010

Globanet (, a global leader in specialized software for data migration, announces its recent upgrades to GEM. The products updated version expands on its existing functionality by supporting new platforms for data migration into Symantecs Enterprise Vault. New platforms and enhancements include Tumbleweed Communications (now Axway), advanced chain-of-custody reporting, and server agent architecture for secured transmission of data.

Using the Globanet Email Migrator (GEM), clients are able to consolidate stored email data into Enterprise Vault and retire their previous archiving systems. Once consolidated, clients only have to maintain the database containing their email correspondence which is regulated by SEC compliance rules. Concerns regarding potential loss of data integrity during a migration keep organizations from abandoning their existing systems. GEM eliminates those risks by enabling administrators to migrate data while maintaining chain of custody. In addition, GEM enhances Enterprise Vault's existing functionality for organizations already using Enterprise Vault.

Recently, GEM was used at a multi-national financial firm to decommission Tumbleweed and yet retain supervisory data that was in the Tumbleweed system. Tumbleweed is a program that was used to capture a firms inbound and outbound email correspondence. The email messages were subject to compliance review and contained supervisory annotations from compliance officers who had commented on the events that had transpired and documented in emails of monitored individuals. In order for the firm to comply with SEC Rule 17a-4, it was required to retain the messages stored by Tumbleweed as well as the supervisory data when decommissioning the system. The firm decided to consolidate the stored email data by leveraging Globanets product GEM which proved to be a complete solution.

GEM is unique in its capability to decommission legacy archiving systems such as Tumbleweed and give stakeholders peace of mind that all information including supervisory commentary about archived messages are safely retained during migration and thus compliance with SEC regulations maintained, said Sevag Ajemian, President of Globanet. One of our recent projects with a multi-national financial firm exemplifies this ability of GEM and really pushes Globanet to the forefront of the IT industry when it comes to dealing with data archives effectively. GEM has been largely successful and will continue to be improved upon as new technologies are developed.

GEM is an application developed by Globanet to provide seamless migration of data from a variety of information sources into Symantec Enterprise Vault. It transfers email data from several platforms such as Iron Mountain Email Management, Zantaz Digital Safe, GFI MailArchiver, AXS-One (for DXL file migration), and now Tumbleweed Communications and EMC (Legato) EmailXtender. GEM has the ability to migrate email archives into Enterprise Vault (EV), migrate EV data across hardware, migrate between different EV sites, reprocess existing data archived in earlier versions of EV allowing for cost savings on storage, and repatriate email data from hosting providers.

For more information about GEM please contact Globanet at 310-202-0757 ext.102. Visit Globanets GEM product page:

About Globanet

Globanet ( has provided proprietary software and services worldwide since 1996. The company is a pioneer in email archiving and it has developed specialized software for data migration. Globanet offers many data migration and compliance tools including Merge1, Globanet Email Migrator (GEM), Reverse Archive Module (RAM) and Designated Third Party Compliance Services (D3P).

For more information, visit | 888-427-5505

New York: 230 Park Avenue, Suite 1000, New York, NY 10169

Los Angeles: 15053 Ventura Blvd., Suite 207, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403



Email Marketing Needs Better Content, More Social Presence, Say Marketers

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) July 25, 2013

Marketers increasingly need higher quality content to make email campaigns profitable, according to a survey by BtoB Magazine. Internet marketer Chris Watson, co-founder of SEO and content development firm Everspark Interactive, says the demand is part of a larger trend in what users expect online.

The survey was conducted in February and March of this year, polling over 400 sales and marketing professionals about their use of email. Delivering relevant, useful content in marketing emails was respondents' highest priority in improving their email campaigns, and more than half said that content was their greatest email challenge according to BtoB Magazine (7.15.13) .

Watson, whose firm Everspark helps companies develop content including email, blog, social, and video content, said the result is not surprising.

People are still happy to read marketing emails if it benefits them, Watson said. Loading an email with great free information and a teaser of your product or service is the only way to stay out of the junk folder.

The survey also found that increasing numbers of marketers are relying on embedded videos or social media links to get people to click through.

Email is just one channel on an increasingly multichannel internet, said Watson. As marketers, we need to think of email messages more as a gateway to our sales copy, and not as a package for sales copy itself.

Watson says that trend shows itself nowhere so much as in the shift to mobile-friendly emails.

More users view email on mobile devices, and they're even less tolerant there than on computers, Watson said. The content should be a stepping stone toward liking a page, viewing a video, or some other easy, reflexive action.

It's part of a formation of ad channels that work together.

About Everspark:

Everspark Interactive is an Atlanta SEO company and internet marketing firm. With a hand picked team of the brightest marketing minds in the country, Everspark creates gripping, engaging content that drives web traffic and dominates search engines. They can be reached at (770) 481-1766 or


Longclasp Maildistributor Provides Email Support Solution for Teamwork

(PRWEB) December 16, 2005

Longclasp software has released the Longclasp Maildistributor. It is a Windows/Linux application that serves round emails to each team member from one email account like

There are several distinctive features, which make Longclasp Distributor become support manager's man Friday.

First of all, Longclasp Maildistributor can "read" each incoming email and adjust whether it is new thread or continuing email about a previous question. If a continuing email, Maildistributor will find which supporter process this question before and serve round this message to him/her. This is very important for it keeps the commutation consistently.

Secondary, Maildistributor records all incoming and outgoing emails in the server and kept in context. This accumulates the knowledge database in ownership's company. After the knowledge database build up, it can be used in searching and training new staff.

Longclasp Maildistributor supports POP3 and SMTP. Team members use email clients receiving and sending emails, without changing their original work habit. This makes it easy to use and reduces the training cost of ownership.

Longclasp Maildistributor is easy to install, No web servers needed. No databases required. There is a friendly windows installer helping customer with the installation. Longclasp Maildistributor cost low memories and less CPU time and can run as a windows service.

Longclasp Maildistributor is a new email support tool. It intellectively serves round emails to each member in support team from the "support" email account, and accumulates the knowledge database automatic in background. For more information, please visit

About Longclasp Software:

Longclasp Software is a software company which dedicates with teamwork software. More information can be found at:

# # #

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NorthSeas Releases New OEM Solutions – Instant E-mail Archiving for Hardware Vendors

OTTAWA, Canada (PRWEB) August 30, 2006

NorthSeas AMT (NorthSeas) a pioneer in e-mail archiving appliances, today announced that server and storage vendors can now easily add NorthSeas e-mail archiving capabilities to their product offerings with one of its two new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solutions.

Now, e-mail storage can easily be added to the infrastructure where it belongs, says Stephen Spence, President and CEO of NorthSeas. Hardware vendors now have a fighting chance for a share of the billion dollar emerging market for vendor-neutral e-mail archiving.

Both NorthSeas OEM products ship pre-loaded with NorthSeas innovative e-mail archiving application:

nSEAC (NorthSeas E-mail Archiving Card):

A CPU card which when inserted in a standard PCI slot adds e-mail archiving functionality to the host system and runs as an independent system within the same chassis.

nFLASH (NorthSeas application on DOM or CompactFlash):

The NorthSeas application pre-loaded on an IDE Disk-on-Memory (DOM) or Compact Flash so that when installed in a host server or appliance, automatically converts it into an e-mail archiving system.

NorthSeas OEM products provide system manufacturers and solutions integrators the opportunity to turn their systems into turnkey e-mail storage solutions while avoiding the cost and complexity of third-party software or lengthy product development. Vendors can take advantage of NorthSeas extensive investment in this area.

Developing vendor-neutral message archiving products properly demands considerable time and painstaking attention to detail, says Stephen Spence, President and CEO of NorthSeas. With these new products, vendors can instantly add e-mail archiving to their products without the hassles of integrating third-party software.

The NorthSeas model of e-mail storage, renowned for its innovative and simplified approach, provides potentially limitless e-mail storage without locking the customer to one messaging vendors architecture. Users have access any of their archived messages in just seconds, even those that are many years old, while keeping storage on the mail server to a minimum.

About NorthSeas AMT:

NorthSeas was founded in 2003 on the principle that business critical information management solutions do not need to be complicated and expensive. The company is emerging as a leading e-mail management vendor by providing simple, open, affordable and effective e-mail archiving solutions. NorthSeas technology is vendor-neutral, Appliance Simple, and uses standard network file storage as a message repository.

For more information:

NorthSeas AMT

Toll Free: 1-888-591-1045 x35


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People Search and Email Lookup Website Reveals Email Ownership Details Online

New York, New York (PRWEB) August 16, 2012

People search and email lookup are two things that are usually private when it comes to online records. The data management company, Inteligator, is now making its one billion once private records available to the public. The new launch of the people search and email lookup service is designed to make it fast and easy for anyone to research the name or email address of any U.S. resident. The data in the database represents well over 90 percent of the current U.S. population and meets all FCC guidelines for privacy.

A person doing a reverse email lookup can find out the identity of any person with just a simple email address.

The economic challenges that some businesses face when conducting business offline and online can be worsened by employee theft. Studies have shown that cyber crimes that include theft of data or money occur more often in unstable economic conditions. Some companies are now fighting back against employee theft by implementing third party tracing solutions into the daily workflow.

Using a private database service like the new Inteligator service can provide once private data to any employer that conducts periodic employee background checks or new employment hiring screenings.

Accessing criminal records offline used to require approval from one or more agencies that held private data. The changes that took place during the Freedom of Information Act have made is faster for companies or private individuals to access once sealed criminal records. Businesses traditionally had access to linked databases offline, but few had access to online databases that can be accessed from any computer in the world.

Parents with minor children often search for housekeepers, nannies or other workers that help attend to the property both during and after standard business hours. Most parents that hire babysitters do so with one or more personal references given before employment is made. Website like Craigslist have become a popular place for parents to hire workers that will enter their home. The new Inteligator database gives parents complete access to criminal, email, reverse phone and sex offender information at the click of a button.

About Inteligator People Search and Email Lookup

The Inteligator database holds over one billion once private records that include marriage, divorce, sex offender search, email, street address and reverse phone records. This powerful new database is completely accessible from any Internet connected computer or device. All searches are completed privately and are within the FCC guidelines for citizen privacy laws. Instant reports are available that detail the information. Both unlimited free and premium searches are available to anyone over the age of 18 years.

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Why You Need Social Media in Your Email Signature

(PRWEB UK) 21 June 2012

Exclaimer launch their free guide to using social media in email signatures today - their research suggests it could help increase traffic and engagement by 17%, they explained.

"Every company has masses of followers, fans and advocates ready and waiting - their email contacts," clarified Neal Stanborough, Exclaimer marketing manager.

"With a Facebook 'Share' or Twitter 'Follow' button under everyone's signature, you instantly reach a totally new but already informed and interested set of followers with your social media activity.

"And by displaying your latest Tweet, update or blog post in your signature, every email encourages them to keep coming back for more."

Companies may be able to supplement their social media audience by up to 17%, according to Exclaimer's preliminary research.

Exclaimer provides email signature software for marketing or IT staff to centrally control and instantly update every employee's signature - even on mail from mobiles and OWA.

With it, an admin can add social links or updates to email signatures and even vary them between teams: show a 'Share' link on email from HR but a 'Recommend' link on tech support emails.

The guide to social media in email signatures is available on Exclaimer's site, along with a technical handbook on setting up the features it assesses.

"Everyone is concerned about keeping up with social media," observed Exclaimer CEO Andrew Millington, "we've laid out common sense fundamentals that anyone can implement and everyone can benefit from.

"For 12 years, we've been the provider of choice for 37 million users in Fortune 500 companies, technology giants and SMBs alike.

"This guide is just another tool to help them get the most from mail."


GraphicMail Includes Device Detection in their New email Marketing Reports

(PRWEB) May 18, 2012

GraphicMail, a leading global hosted email marketing solution, announced today the release of updated Reports metrics that make it easier than ever for clients to track campaigns, analyze results and refine messaging. The redesigned Reports feature a Web 3.0 look and feel with a simplified, single-page data display to deliver powerful new analytics such as industry comparisons, geo-location tracking, detailed recipient activity views, device, email client and operating system statistics and social engagement.

Analytics and tracking are essential to successful email marketing campaigns, says Nick Eckert, CEO of GraphicMail. Our clients have always loved our Reports page, and theyll love the new and improved version even more because its now easier to track campaign progress worldwide and analyze results.

Needless to say, the reports also depict popular analytics such as email deliveries, opens, click activity, bounces and unsubscribe rates over time to enable users to gauge campaign effectiveness.

Clients can also view browser, email client and operating system statistics to find out which technologies and tools their customers are using. Since email newsletter and campaign views vary according to browser, operating system or whether customers are viewing them on mobile or desktop devices, browser analytics can provide valuable insights clients can use to optimize subscriber views and improve campaign results.

The new Reports metrics also allows users to compare their campaign results to industry benchmarks to see how well they perform relatively to their peer group when it comes to measuring email campaign success. Clients can also analyze the geo-location of their customers by viewing a world map that depicts campaign analytics in full detail.

GraphicMail sharpens the focus on recipient activity with a live feed view and new functions that enable detailed tracking of subscriber interactions in real-time. The page displays all relevant subscriber activities chronologically and in an easy-to-understand format.

To support deeper analytics and integration with popular business tools, the new Reports section enables clients to import and export data, subscriber information and more. Additionally, metrics on link or message triggers are also measured in full.

Arguably a first in the hosted, self-service email service provider industry, GraphicMail offers detection by device.

What that means, says Barbara Ulmi, is that you can now detect who in your email list views your mailer on a mobile device or on a desktop. This crucial information gives you the power to further segment your audience and make a positive impact on subscriber experience.

The upgraded GraphicMail Reports function supports end-to-end campaign tracking and analytics to allow clients to monitor and refine email marketing campaigns to generate better results. Find out more about the improved Reports at

About GraphicMail

GraphicMail is a hosted email marketing solution which lets users design newsletters, manage contact lists and track campaign performance. The platform provides seamless email marketing and publishing features that are easy and affordable enough for small businesses, yet powerful for large companies looking for a corporate-scale solution. GraphicMail offers mobile marketing services, such as bulk SMS / text campaigns and SMS sends with links to mobile sites that can be tracked and analyzed. They also offer social media integrations in the form of social sharing features and social data gathering tools. The company has been used by customers such as, Shell, the American Medical Association and Dell Empower since 2002. The product is available in 11 languages and is represented by 18 offices globally.

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