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Family Featured on 20/20 Available for Interviews: Teenage Son Escapes Going to Prison for Life for Images Someone Else Put on His Computer

Family Featured on 20/20 Available for Interviews: Teenage Son Escapes Going to Prison for Life for Images Someone Else Put on His Computer

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) January 15, 2007

Matt Bandy and his parents, Dr. Greg and Jeanne Bandy, profiled by ABC's 20/20 program on Friday, January 12, and at a special website,, are available for interviews. The full ABC story and an extended interview with Maricopa County, AZ County Attorney Andrew Thomas can be found at: and a video clip taken from the show is at: Dozens of blogs are already picking up on the news and recommendations for legal reform may be introduced very soon in Arizona and, hopefully, elsewhere.

The family wants to:

Warn others that - as happened to Matt -- their home computer could contain child pornography or other illegal material placed there by criminals who have turned the computer into a "zombie" which the criminals can control at their whim. And under the laws of many states, and federal legislation being pushed hard in Congress, the computer owner could go to jail for what is found on their computer, even if they didn't put it there.

Speak out against the Maricopa County, Arizona County Attorney's office -- whose malicious and careless prosecution ruined two years of their life and cost them their life's savings, and to call for changes to laws which do not factor in the realities of today's Internet.

Encourage bloggers to comment on this case and link to the relevant websites.

Urge major Internet companies to take more responsibility for protecting users from criminal exploitation.

The Bandys are available in person or by phone, by appointment. Tuesday January 16 has been set aside for press briefings but they are available before and after that date.

Complete background information is available at

Media Contact:

Jonathan Bernstein

Bernstein Crisis Management LLC




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