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Axiomtek’s Robust Line Of Intel Pentium Solutions Offer Developers Faster Times To Market For Their Products

City of Industry, CA (PRWEB) July 7, 2005

AXIOMTEK, a world renowned provider of industrial and embedded systems and components, today announced it continues to lead the industry with an expanding line of Intel® Pentium® M computing platforms. Axiomtek’s Pentium M platforms include a choice in configurations for low power, fan-less and wide temperature SBCs, eBoxes and Panel PCs. All of the computing platforms are designed to help developers get their products to market faster and more affordably than if they were to take on the task of designing and prototyping their own platforms.

“Axiomtek has designed its extensive line of Pentium M computing platforms with consideration to our customers’ needs,” said Kit Chui, Axiomtek Director of Marketing. “Each platform comes in a variety of configurations for use in many different industry applications. Furthermore, each platform can be further modified per individual customer needs using our integration services.”

Axiomtek’s Pentium M SBC product line includes its SBC82810 Half-size SBC, SBC83810 Petit SBC, and SBC84810 Capa SBC. All SBCs are available in a wide choice of options and configurations. In addition, Axiomtek offers its fan-less and extended temperature eBOX738-FL eBox and industrial-quality PANEL1170-810 Panel PC.

Single Board Computers (SBCs)

SBC82810 Half-size SBC

– Measuring only 7.3 x 4.8 inches, the fan-less, low power SBC comes equipped with LV/ULV onboard CPUs, DualView with different content and resolution capabilities, Dual LAN (Fast Ethernet and Gigabit option), DVI and SATA-150 with RAID support capabilities. Additional options along with embedded enclosures are available.

SBC83810 Petit SBC

– For different design needs, the fan-less, low power SBC83810 measures 5.75 x 8 inches. The SBC is equipped with DualView capable of handling different content and resolutions; Fast Ethernet and four com ports for transactional terminals; serial ATA-150 support; PCI-X, PCI104 and Mini PCI expansion interfaces; and RAID 0 and 1 capabilities. Varying optional configurations are available.

SBC84810 Capa SBC

– For developers requiring a Capa platform, Axiomtek offers its fanless, low power SBC84810 measuring 4 x 6 inches. The SBC is equipped with DualView capabilities; Fast Ethernet; and four com ports, Dual LVDS option and Mini PCI extension all via stacking kits. Additional options are available.



– The desktop or wall mounted Pentium 1.4 GHz fanless eBOX offers a unique mechanical design for optimal thermal protection. Support is provided for PC/104, CompactFlash®, PCMCIA, LAN and one 2.5-inch HDD.

Panel PC


As an ultra-slim Panel PC, the PANEL1170-810 comes equipped with a 17-inch SXGA TFT LCD display; front accessible USB v2.0 ports; easy-to-install CPU/HDD/DRAM back door; stainless steel chassis with IP-65 aluminum alloy front panel; serial ATA and IDE interfaces; Dual LAN; and support for Panel, Rack, Desktop and VESA arm mounting.


Founded in Taiwan by a group of young and aggressive engineers in 1990, AXIOMTEK has been acknowledged as one of the major design and manufacturing companies for diverse and market niche solutions in a wide array of industrial and embedded applications. Since the company’s establishment, it has successfully gained worldwide recognition for its innovative designs, product quality and exceptional customer service. Today, AXIOMTEK offers a wide range of products including Industrial Computer Chasses and Workstations, Super Slim Panel PCs and HMI Solutions, Data Acquisition Systems, Single Board Computers from 386 to Pentium II/III, PC/104 Modules, Embedded Computers in every conceivable form factor, CompactPCI systems and more. AXIOMTEK employs an international distribution network with tracking and inventory control located in Taiwan, USA, China and Germany to ensure rapid delivery of customer orders. The company can be found on the Web at


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Free Download of New expressor Studio beta Allows Developers to Design Complex Data Flow Applications in Minutes

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 8, 2010

expressor software has introduced expressor Studio and made the beta version immediately available as a free download. expressor Studio provides game-changing ease-of-use with a drag-and-drop and wizard-driven interface that enables developers to easily connect to standard data source and targets, map data to common business names and types and design complex data flow applications in minutes.

The expressor Studio beta is available immediately as a free download from , and the general release version will be available as a free download by end of year. Users will be able to access online support from expressor software and from their peers by visiting and logging into the new expressor Community Center, a vibrant online community.

expressor Studio is a high-reward, low-risk option that allows organizations to immediately get started and benefit from semantic data integration, said expressors vice president of marketing Michael Waclawiczek. With expressor Studio, we deliver enterprise-class ETL onto your desktop that benefits from a familiar Microsoft Office-like look-and-feel and a fast embedded engine to create and run reusable data mappings in minutes. And most importantly, expressor Studio can be downloaded for freewith no strings attached.

expressor Studio extends expressor softwares unique semantic integration capabilities with Semantic Types a powerful new approach to data mapping and transformation that greatly reduces your time-to-value. With expressor Studio 3.0, users can:

Easily rationalize source and target field names to improve communication and data governance.
Automate data-type conversions and eliminate errors.
Build new Semantic Types from existing types and reuse types in existing and new applications.
Create multiple reusable business rules for the same type and debug rules once and apply them repeatedly.
Easily implement data quality rules and constraints.
Check the validity of a data flow application before deploying.

Ive seen expressor Studio and like the fact that the company now offers a free, downloadable product with lots of cool capabilities, said Andy Leonard, SQL Server MVP and SSIS guru.

expressor Studio includes an embedded version of expressors high-performance parallel data processing engine, and it runs on Windows XP Service Pack 3 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. It requires 2 GB of RAM, .NET 3.5 or higher and Microsoft Visio 2007 or 2010. The beta version is now available, and expressor Studio will be in general release and available as a free download in expressor Community Edition year-end, with an annual email and telephone support subscription starting at $ 1,150 for a single user. It will also be available as an important component of expressor Standard Edition and expressor Enterprise Edition. See companion press release introducing expressor 3.0

The graphical, color-coded user interface of expressor Studio all but eliminates the need for training by guiding you through each step of developing an expressor ETL job, said Scott Morgan, data warehouse architect for H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute. My one-word description for the new user interface is that it is fantastic.

About expressor software

expressor software knows data integrationand we know todays most capable data integration tools are too complex and too expensive. Our vision is to provide enterprise-class data integration software that is cost-effective, fast and easy to use.

expressors game-changing usability enables you to use less technical, lower-cost development resources. Our unique, active metadata foundation simplifies data mapping and transformation to reduce your time-to-value. And our dramatically lower cost makes it easy to justify replacing your brittle and expensive hand-coded implementations or underperforming in-house ETL tools. expressor 3.0 is a comprehensive design, development and deployment platform available in three editions tailored to support the full range of data integration applications, from tactical data migrations to the largest enterprise data warehouses and strategic, predictive analytics.

To learn more about what makes expressor the leader in affordable, enterprise-class data integration, visit or download the free expressor Studio at


Quantum Art Releases QP7.2: Latest QP7.Framework Features Expanded .NET Support and Usability for Web Developers and Content Managers

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 7, 2006

Quantum Art, a leading developer of content management and web publishing software, today announced version 7.2 of its leading content application server QP7.Framework. QP7.2 provides expanded support for all the .NET languages including Visual Basic.NET and C# as well as tools to help developers and users quickly and easily launch and manage dynamic web sites.

Our goal is to help customers transcend traditional content management and realize the value of newer, more flexible methods, said Quantum Art CEO Edward Shenderovich. With QP7.2, were offering our customers the most comprehensive web development platform to expedite the delivery of lightweight content applications, as well as workflow and import tools to help them change and manage their own dynamic web content.

Architecturally, QP7.Framework uses an object-oriented templating model, which provides superior flexibility to most other approaches and facilitates code reuse. The core presentation template and a library of template objects may be created using standard HTML-editing tools or using QP7s online interfaces. Quantum Art continues to support its view that content management solutions must facilitate openness and free information exchange, and just like previous QP7.Framework releases, QP7.2 does not carry any seat license costs.

New QP7.2 features include:

Improved and Expanded .NET Platform Functionality Developers and users now have full support for all the .NET languages including JavaScript and J#. Other tools included Quantum Arts OnScreen, Form Wizard and Object Hierarchy Trace. For example, with OnScreen functionality for .NET-developed websites, users can now visually edit content and easily navigate to article "form view" for editing. With Form Wizard users can automatically create submission forms based on a certain Content Type, and with Object Hierarchy Trace developers can view how object calls are nested in their projects to simplify the development process.

New Content Library and Site Library Fields Allows users to browse images stored in Content Types and the Site Library, to allow for much greater flexibility in document management and project implementations.

Improved Workflow Gives regular users the ability to automatically create notifications during the workflow creation process, without resorting to object coding done by developers.

Redesigned Site Export/Import Features Now users can selectively update existing sites and choose which parts of the site to update. Previously, users could only import/export an entire site but not update their existing site. In addition, this functionality allows the complete separation of development and production environments: users can start work in a development environment then update their work in the production environment using all the same data, code, and files.

Pricing and Availability

Quantum Art sells QP7.2 directly as licensed software and as a hosted service, and sells it through Quantum Arts growing partner network. Pricing begins at $ 10,999 per CPU for commercial use and at $ 8,999 for government, non-profit and educational customers. For more information, call: 1-888-899-3303, or email: growth [at] quantumart [dot] com.

About Quantum Art

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Quantum Art provides next-generation content management solutions and leads the market with QP7.Framework, its advanced content application server. QP7 delivers a framework for ultra-rapid development and deployment of dynamic sites and Web applications on top of structured information. Quantum Arts customers include ABBYY Software House,, Amnesty International, University of Houston, Bernalillo County (NM), Honolulu Police Department and others. For more information, please visit or call (888) 899-3303.

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Quantum Art Announces Visual Studio Integration for .NET Developers Building Content Management and Web Applications

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 7, 2006

Quantum Art, a leading developer of content management and web publishing software, today announced a combined release of QP7.4, its award-winning content application server, and a Microsoft Visual Studio


.NET Developers can now Test-Drive foxtrot_xray Development Tools

(PRWEB) September 12, 2006

Following the release of the Segment v1.0 component, foxtrot_xray:software has released free fully-functional trial versions of their .NET components, allowing developers a glimpse at how much more they can accomplish with less code.

The trial version of the WebRobot v1.1 component allows you to interact with web sites and applications, directly from your .NET code. Static pages or interactive AJAX sites, the WebRobot will allow you to interact with any and all sites. The free trial version of the WebRobot is available at:

The trial version of the Announcer v1.0 component is a self-contained, lightweight message-passing component, to enable your .NET projects to communicate on a local area network. Extremely low CPU utilization, small memory footprint, and automatic detection and connection-handling functionality enable the developer to focus on the software, not on debugging messy networking code. The free trial version of the Announcer component is available at:

The Segment v1.0 component is a color-based automatic edge detection and image segmentation component that allows you to find regions in your images, and manipulate them at will. Cut, highlight, track, or extract regions from your images with a few lines of code. The trial version of the Segment component is availabe at:

The fully-functional trial versions of the foxtrot_xray components for .NET allow developers to see how much more they can accomplish with less code. From smart applications that interact with the web, to dynamic network-aware applications, to complex image recognition, developers can do it all in just a few simple lines of code.



A Web Developers Virtual Toolbox – Tools and Tips of the Trade

Ireland (PRWEB UK) 6 July 2012

PixelApes ( are based in Ireland and offer various services including print design, web design & development, and web hosting. Throughout the seven years we have been in business we have come across some great productivity tools that enables us and our clients to communicate efficiently and work productively .

Prior to 2010 our core team of two worked from a single office space, and up to that time our virtual toolbox had been relatively simple. This changed when our web developer, Alex Leonard, relocated to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Initially it was to be a working holiday but he liked it out there so much that he stayed for two years.

Since then weve had multiple relocation's, working between Cambodia and Ireland; Cambodia and South Africa; and, Northern Ireland and South Africa. Our current situation sees us split between Dublin, Ireland and Ballycastle, Northern Ireland.

As a result of these relocation's and the new experience of distance-working, our virtual toolbox has had to adapt.

Our projects vary hugely; print design, web project consultation, simple brochure websites, bespoke web development, search engine optimisation, and more. Our clients are based all around the world too: Ireland, United Kingdom, Norway, Canada, United States, Cambodia, New Zealand; and include NGOs, artists, small to medium enterprise, charities, e-commerce websites, and more.

Design and Development:

Certain applications are a given when working on web and print. The Adobe CS suite is one of those. Illustrator is our primary tool, with InDesign being used for brochure print work, and occasional usage of Photoshop although we prefer using vectors where possible on our design work.

Graphics tablets have also become a necessity, with the Wacom Intuos range being the preferred option.

From a web development point of view, were currently rocking Aptana as our IDE, although still do miss StyleMaster for fine-grained CSS control which hasnt been actively developed in a long time. SQLYog and MySQL Workbench co-exist as useful tools for database planning and management as they both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Weve also been finding useful for quick and easy sitemapping and increasingly indispensible is Balsamiq ( Mockups for wireframing.

Life in the cloud:

With regard to distance-working, weve become much more dependent on cloud computing than before. SpiderOak has been mission-critical for us, ensuring complete file-synchronicity between multiple machines in multiple locations. Their service is well-priced and includes versioning and encryption. We really would struggle to stay on top of local file management without it. Even with SpiderOak, we still find quite a lot of use for as a lot of clients already use it.

For invoicing, whilst we used to use the solid open-source BambooInvoice for several years, it ceased development and we migrated to which offers an extensive feature set and makes it easy for us to issue invoices & receipts and get a quick overview of what payments are outstanding.

For project management we use Our clients are always impressed by the functionality on offer and weve been absolutely delighted with the level of service offered by The TeamworkPM developers are insanely quick to respond to any support queries or feature requests. We can manage multiple projects in one location and easily stay on top of what tasks are assigned, who theyre assigned to and when theyre due for completion. Its also much easier to track communication within TeamWork than it is via email and for people not using Dropbox they can easily upload larger files without having to send them via email.

Weve also been relying on Google Docs more and more, just for the simple collaborative power of it. Whilst it falls short on more complicated word document layouts, its invaluable in numerous cases, and also helps us keep track of our accounts.

Interestingly, a new development that looks like it may provide some benefits is Google Plus - namely the Hangouts feature. Were currently working on a project where its very useful for us to have a Hangout with our client , as the three-member client team tend to be in different locations all the time. I think it could become a very useful tool for us.

Another aspect of our business is providing managed-hosting. We maintain a dedicated server which is well specified and resides in co-location space in Park West, however with our frequent re-locations and our server administrator being based in Cambodia, weve stopped maintaining a back-up server locally. This has moved to the cloud and were happily utilising Amazon Web Services for this. It gives us great flexibility and ensures low costs for our redundancy commitments.

Round Up:

The last few years have been fascinating, and its been amazing to see how the digital office and workspace has enabled much greater flexibility in our working methods and given us the freedom to work in far flung locations across the world.

If youve ever thought that distance working and a digital office is not possible, wed like to point out a small company whose software powers 15% of the top million websites in the world and has a workforce spread across over twenty countries. Who? Automattic, the company behind WordPress.


Link Maker Speeds Software Development — Buttons Made Easy with Altuit’s ButtonGadget2 — Developers and Designers Get Professional Results

Link Maker Speeds Software Development -- Buttons Made Easy with Altuit's ButtonGadget2 -- Developers and Designers Get Professional Results

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 17, 2006 -–

Custom Web buttons are now easier to create with ButtonGadget2(tm) from Altuit, Inc. A leader in providing design solutions (including the rapid development platform Runtime Revolution), the company today announced it is shipping the new graphics and design application to customers worldwide. The program complements many widely used Web and software applications, such as Filemaker, Window’s Vista, and Apple’s Xcode.

ButtonGadget2(tm) allows Web and software developers – even those with minimal graphic design skills -- to create animated buttons more easily than with any other tool on the market. It supports Macromedia applications and Microsoft FoxPro, among many other well known applications.

ButtonGadget2(tm) is the brainchild of internationally known and award-winning developer Chipp Walters, founder and CEO of Altuit. Using the program, a user can capture any arbitrary portion of a screen display and in seconds convert it into a set of four buttons that animate correctly. Grab a button from an existing site, import it into ButtonGadget2(tm), remove the text and replace it with your own in just seconds. "Virtually any button you see anywhere, you can copy, strip the text, add your own text, icons and logo, and publish it," Walters says.

In addition, ButtonGadget2(tm) incorporates a new ButtonStudio plugin that lets you instantly create professional buttons with glossy effects from simple screen captures.

"Another great feature," Walters says, "is our patent-pending SmartStretch(tm) technology which enables you to clean off and resize perfectly virtually all existing buttons regardless of how they were originally created while maintaining zero distortion of the original image. Web designers have expressed great interest in being able to do this very thing for some time now, as it's difficult if not impossible to do inside Photoshop. Legacy web sites can now be upgraded in rapid-development fashion using ButtonGadget2."

ButtonGadget2 provides developers and designers with an impressive array of advantages. These include:

    ButtonGadget2 functions like a mini-Photoshop -- without the overhead -- and is specifically dedicated to creating buttons and links

    Multi-state buttons make for effective web and software interface work

    Designer and programmers can work more quickly, making dozens of buttons in an hour, each with different look and feel, or following a single design motif

    Using BittyFont technology, very small, very clear text on buttons -- as small as 3-point -- can be clearly rendered

    ButtonGadget2 allows users to copy icons from any source and build custom buttons around them

    Users can import stock photos and drawings to create multi-state icon-based interfaces

    The program makes interface development easier and faster

    Users can “professionalize software and web site interfaces, as well as navigation easily justify higher fees

    Resellable button sets for stock image firms (such as can be offered to clients

    ButtonGadget2 can be used in any rapid development or software development interface design: Windows Vista, C++, C#, Basic, REALbasic, Runtime Revolution, Filemaker, Apple Xcode, RapidWeaver, MacroMedia Dreamweaver, iWeb, Visual Studio 2006, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Borland C++ Builder 6.0, Adobe ColdFusion, and many more

A five-minute video demo of the new product is available at ButtonGadget Videos.

"There simply isn't any software I'm aware of that lets a graphically challenged software developer like me create such snazzy buttons so easily and quickly," says well-known software developer, author and speaker Dan Shafer. "You really do have to see it to believe it."

ButtonGadget2(tm) is immediately available for sale at for both Windows and Macintosh systems. Developed with ease-of-use for novice users, and the power seasoned developers and graphic designers demand. Priced at just $ 34.95 for a version that runs on both systems.

For a free evaluation copy of ButtonGadget2, contact Chipp Walters at



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1U Rack-Mountable Pentium 4 Embedded Development Platform Available for OEMs, Software Developers, and System Integrators

1U Rack-Mountable Pentium 4 Embedded Development Platform Available for OEMs, Software Developers, and System Integrators

North Andover, MA (PRWEB) December 15, 2004

WIN Enterprises, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of customized embedded systems, has unveiled a rack-mountable 1U development platform to help OEMs achieve a faster time-to-market – PL-01022.

Ideal for networking, Internet appliance, industrial automation, and point-of-service (POS) applications, PL-01022 features a Pentium 4 processor and up to 1 GB DDR RAM. A high-performance, economical system with several customization options, PL-01022 supports three Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet and two 10/100 LAN, a CompactFlash socket, two serial ports, and two USB ports.

Designed to speed time-to-market for software developers and system integrators, PL-01022 is readily available with Linux, Windows CE / XP Embedded, and several other software packages. WIN Enterprises offers full design, manufacturing, fulfillment, and support services to ensure the success of all product launches and product lifecycles.

PL-01022 Features

Pentium 4 Processor with 533 MHz FSB

Up to 1 GB DDR RAM

Three Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet and Two 10/100 LAN

CompactFlash Socket

Two USB Ports

Two Serial Ports

For more information, please contact WIN Enterprises at 978-688-2000 or Visit to learn more about WIN Enterprises’ embedded design and manufacturing services. WIN Enterprises: Custom Embedded Solutions.™

About WIN Enterprises, Inc.

WIN Enterprises is a product development company that designs and manufactures customized x86-based (IA-32 and IA-64) embedded systems and embedded controllers / motherboards.

Founded in 1991, WIN Enterprises has developed several reference designs for Intel’s Embedded Intel Architecture Division, as well as customized set-top boxes, rack-mounted appliances, barebones systems, and other electronic products for OEMs.

WIN Enterprises has facilities in the United States and Taiwan – which enables cost-effective design, manufacturing, and fulfillment services for corporations around the world.

WIN Enterprises, Inc.

300 Willow St. South

N. Andover, MA 01845


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Macresource Computer Solutions Announces Computer Training Courses for Web Developers and Graphic Designers

Macresource Computer Solutions Announces Computer Training Courses for Web Developers and Graphic Designers

London, UK (PRWEB) June 15, 2006

Macresource Computer Solutions ( will be holding a series of intensive one-week computer training courses at its new residential training centre conveniently located close to Paris Orly airport. Aimed at an international audience and limited to six delegates per group, courses will include Dreamweaver, Flash/ActionScript, PHP/MySQL, Adobe Creative Suite 2 and Excel VBA Programming.

Training sessions will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and feature expert tuition, guidance and real-world advice from a team of top-notch trainers who are highly experienced developers and practitioners.

“As well as formal tuition, delegates will be given a series of challenging practical exercises,” says Grant Gamble, Director of Training at Macresource Computer Solutions. “They will have unlimited access to the training machines and will even have the opportunity to start work on their own live projects.”

Gamble adds that because “all work and no play” can become tedious, the training centre offers outlets for relaxation, including a fully equipped gym, swimming pool and game rooms. “Delegates will have the opportunity to balance the mental exertion required to master IT technology with plenty of physical and recreational activity,” he says.

These courses are an extension of the popular week-long courses that Macresource Computer Solutions has been running at its central London training centre for two years. The residential versions of these courses are aimed at the approximate fifty percent of delegates who travel into London from abroad (mainly from Europe and the Middle East) or from other parts of the UK and stay in London’s expensive hotels. The new residential courses will remove the delegates’ travel and accommodation worries. The training centre is a 20 minute taxi ride from Paris Orly airport and accommodation and all meals are included in the cost of the course.

The three courses that relate to Web development (Dreamweaver, Flash/ActionScript and PHP/MySQL) will be run back-to-back, enabling delegates who so wish to take all three courses as a single unit. The Dreamweaver week shows delegates how to construct both basic and complex sites incorporating CSS stylesheets, JavaScript behaviors and dynamic, database-driven content. The Flash/ActionScript week thoroughly examines the presentation and animation features of Flash before showing delegates how to create sophisticated Web content controlled with ActionScript 2. The PHP/MySQL course focuses on creating dynamic Web sites fed by a MySQL database server.

The Excel VBA Programming course is suitable for experienced Excel users and offers in-depth coverage of Excel macros and application development. Delegates will be shown how to approach the development of customised solutions which automate and enhance Excel's built-in features.

The Adobe Creative Suite 2 course looks at Adobe’s core prepress applications: Photoshop (the industry standard in professional image editing, retouching and composition), InDesign (the powerful page layout program for editing and creating publications of any description) and Acrobat (the versatile prepress and Web tool for creating, modifying and enhancing PDF files).

The address of the residential training centre is: 10 Impasse du Soufflet, 78730 Saint Arnoult en Yvelines, France. Booking and further information is available by calling 0800 1950 502 (from the UK) or +44 207 298 6109 (internationally) and also by visiting the Macresource Web site:

Media Contact:

Grant Gamble

Macresource Computer Solutions

+44 7796 923 940

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IEEE Computer Society Launches Downloadable Tutorials for Software Developers, Instructors, and Students

IEEE Computer Society Launches Downloadable Tutorials for Software Developers, Instructors, and Students

Los Alamitos, CA (PRWEB) November 19, 2005

IEEE Computer Society announces the launch of a new series of downloadable tutorials called ReadyNotes, which focus on hands-on content for software developers, IT practitioners, and instructors and their students.

IEEE Computer Society’s publishing operations has gathered recognized authorities from among its members with one goal in mind: Provide practical, accessible, affordable guidebooks that can help software developers expand their expertise into new fields and support instructors and their students by bridging the gap between theory and practice. In this continuing series of tutorials, Computer Society experts address the “hot topics” essential for developing applications in today’s—and tomorrow’s—technological environment. And because ReadyNotes are published by IEEE Computer Society, they must pass an expert peer review that ensures their quality.

“Colleagues of mine are quite taken with this ReadyNotes concept,” said Mike Williams, a long-time University of Calgary professor. “You get solid, practical instruction from well-regarded professionals, appropriate for both students and practitioners. The ReadyNotes I’ve seen are much more detailed than any standard journal article, but more immediate and focused than a book.” Williams, who will be the IEEE Computer Society’s President-Elect in 2006, recruited the volunteer team that developed ReadyNotes.

IEEE Computer Society will be releasing six ReadyNotes initially, including:

“A Survey of 3D Graphics Software Tools,” by Jim Chen

“IEEE Software Engineering Standards Support for the CMMI Project Planning Process Area,” by Kathy Land

“Designing Databases with Object Oriented Methods,” by Robert Muller

“Evaluating Performance in Software Engineering,” by Lawrence Peters

“Digital Avionics: A Computing Perspective,” by Elisabeth Strunk and John Knight

“Introduction to Python for Artificial Intelligence,” by Steve Tanimoto

For more information regarding ReadyNotes or IEEE Computer Society, please visit

About the IEEE Computer Society

IEEE Computer Society is the world's leading association of computing professionals with nearly 100,000 members in over 140 countries. Founded in 1946 and today the largest society within the IEEE, this not-for-profit organization is the authoritative provider of technical information and services for computing communities worldwide. It offers a full range of career enhancing products and services through its 150,000-article digital library, 20+ peer-reviewed journals, distance learning courseware, online technical books, 150+ technical conferences, standards development, 30+ technical committees, certification for software professionals, 150 local society chapters, awards and scholarships, and much more. Visit the IEEE Computer Society at

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