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USA Military Medals Expanding Marketing Department

Milwaukie, OR (PRWEB) September 24, 2013

Local uniform superstore USA Military Medals is adding several professional graphic design and media specialists to its ranks, here, today, reinforcing their marketing department with the added talent.

While also upgrading software and computer systems to the latest and greatest, UMM is shifting its focus on marketing to a more advanced state. In a marketing world where social media and the quality of its content are growing at an unprecedented rate, UMM sets to embrace the movement full force.

“With the way things are going out there in marketing, it was a no-brainer that we hire on some folks with a deeper knowledge of these factors,” said USAMM, LLC President of business operations, Jared Zabaldo.

USAMM, out of Milwaukie, Ore., owns and operates USA Military Medals along with various other military uniform e-commerce stores.

“These are professionals with a great amount of experience in these fields, which means we have a better shot at reaching our customers the majority prefers to be reached,” said Zabaldo.

UMM's main focus involves building ready-to-wear, mil-spec ribbon and medal racks, which may be purchased through their sites and additionally through the “EZ Rack Builder” – a free online uniform tool for any branch of service.

A military ribbon or medal “rack” is military slang, referring to the colorful rows of awards generally located above the wearer’s left pocket on U.S. armed forces dress uniforms.

Online marketing tools have major influence in the military uniform arena, notes Zabaldo, and to be competitive at this level requires that companies big and small revamp how they are approaching and tackling such goals.

“It’s exciting to know that with all the online technological advances out there, that we have a foot in the door,” said Zabaldo.

About USA Military Medals:

USA Military Medals ( is an internet-based company formed in 2005, carrying more than 12,000 dress uniform products in stock and specializing in custom military medal and military ribbon rack production with their state-of-the-art rack builder. USA Military Medals also operates a brick and mortar store servicing local military personnel and veterans.


Proactive Communications Awarded Texas Department of Information Resources Emergency Preparedness Contract

Killeen, TX (PRWEB) July 09, 2013

Proactive Communications, Inc., a Texas-based integrated communications provider, today announced that it was awarded a contract from the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to provide end-to-end Emergency Preparedness hardware, software and network services under the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Cooperative Contracts Program.

The products and services under Contract DIR-SDD-2147, which range from Proactives Integrated pCom


Forrester Research, GuardianEdge, UCSF Medical Center, John C Lincoln Health Network, and Arizona Department of Health Services to Discuss ARRA

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 20, 2010

The Institute for Health Technology Transformation announced today the speakers for their panel focused on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) at this year's Winter Health IT Summit.

The panel will be moderated by Khalid Kark, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, and speaking will be Ram Krishnan, SVP of Products and Marketing, GuardianEdge; Carole Klove, Chief Compliance Officer & Privacy Officer, UCSF Medical Center; Robert Israel, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, John C Lincoln Health Network; and Aaron Carpenter, Chief Information Security Officer, Arizona Department of Health Services.

Their presentation entitled, "Technology, Security Mandates, and HIPAA Privacy" will cover the new mandates that ARRA has brought practices under HIPAA. "New mandates will force practices to adopt policies and procedures in order to avoid new enforcement provisions and significantly increased penalties," said Waco Hoover, CEO, Institute for Health Technology Transformation. "These critical changes include: new provisions for accounting of disclosures; new patient rights that you will need to incorporate into your policies and staff training; new requirements should your patient data be breached; modifications that will need to be made to your business associate relationships; and increased penalties up to $ 50,000 per violation to a maximum of $ 1.5 million a year in the most egregious cases of data breaches."

Khalid Kark, who will serve as moderator, contributes to Forrester's offerings for the Security & Risk professional. He is a leading expert in information security program governance; security services; strategy; and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) initiatives.

Ram Krishnan is responsible for directing the company's product management, product marketing, and corporate marketing strategies. Mr. Krishnan brings nearly two decades of experience in creating and marketing enterprise software and information security solutions to large to mid-size enterprises.

Carole Klove has over twenty years of experience in the health care industry as a registered nurse, an attorney, and most recently as a Chief Compliance Officer and Privacy Officer for two large academic institutions. Carole specializes in regulatory matters such as HITECH and HIPAA Medicare/Medicaid compliance and reimbursement, as well as professional licensing and certification.

Robert Israel joined John C. Lincoln in 1999, after serving in the U.S. Navy for six years, and holding various IT Management positions on the east coast. Mr. Israel has over 16 years of diversified experience in network management and administration. He has been an active member of groups ranging from 10 to 1000 hardware, software and administrative professionals, involved in network design and management as well as system setup, analysis, and business development.

Aaron Carpenter is responsible with ADHS's Information Security program and compliance with the HIPAA security rule, Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standard, and State statues. He practices Information Security by ensuring his department protects its information assets through vulnerability and incident management, security awareness, policy development and maintenance, and disaster recovery planning.

The Summit's attendees include industry leaders and senior executives from the healthcare community with the following job titles: Chief Information Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Physician, Practice Manager, VP and Director of IT.

Sponsors and Partners for the Winter Health IT Summit include RelayHealth (, WiSpots (, MMR Information Systems (, Vidyo (, GuardianEdge (, Arizona Health Information Management Association, Arizona State Physicians Association, Arizona Health Care Association, American Society of Health Informatics Managers, Arizona Academy of Family Physicians, Health Management Technology, Healthcare IT News, Healthcare Technology Online, mobihealthnews, MarketsandMarkets, and more

The Winter Health IT Summit is designed to bring together C-level, physician, practice management and IT decision-makers from North America's leading provider organizations and physician practices. For two full days, executives interact with a national audience of peers, national leaders, and solution providers featuring the latest solutions for practice management, mobility, telemedicine, outsourcing, IT infrastructure, next-generation electronic medical records, disease management, and more.

About the Institute for Health Technology Transformation

The Institute for Health Technology Transformation is the leading organization committed to bringing together private and public sector leaders fostering the growth and meaningful use of technology across the healthcare industry. Through collaborative efforts the Institute provides programs that drive innovation, educate, and provide a critical understanding of how technology applications, solutions and devices can improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare.



Sevatec Awarded $117M Mission Critical Contract from Department of Transportation

Falls Church, VA (PRWEB) May 14, 2013

Sevatec, Inc., a leading provider of management and technology consulting services for the federal government, announced today it has been awarded a $ 117M single award contract with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to provide multi-faceted nationwide IT support services to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Under the terms of the FHWA Information Technology Support Services II (FITSS II) contract, Sevatec will provide a variety of IT services that are vital to operate FHWAs Headquarters and its 60 field locations nationwide. The scope of the FITSS II contract includes seven primary task areas in support of FHWAs IT systems including Program Management, Integrated Communications, Infrastructure Support, Customer Service, Capital Planning, Application Software Management, and IT Security. Sevatec will be responsible for the design and improvement, installation, management, configuration, customization, testing, training and maintenance of the FHWAs IT infrastructure, which serves as a critical platform to address current and emerging transportation issues.

It is a tremendous honor for us to be selected by FHWA to help achieve their mission of improving the performance, safety, reliability, and sustainability of our Nations highway system, said Sonny Kakar, President and CEO. We are humbled with the level of trust FHWA has placed with Sevatecs ability to deliver exceptional, mission-critical solutions. This is indicative of the confidence our customers across the federal government have with Sevatec based on repeated exceptional performance. We are very motivated to deliver high-impact outcomes to FHWA by serving in the best interest of their customers and the American people with cost-conscious, innovative solutions.

Since 1982, the FITSS program has been a vital contributor to FHWAs success in improving the mobility of Americas highway infrastructure; making it the best transportation system in the world. These IT support services are regularly used and relied upon by over 1,500 FHWA employees and contractors at FWHA Headquarters, as well as approximately 2,000 field site employees and contractors. There are approximately 26,500 non-FHWA, state, and local users of impacted IT systems supported by FITSS, as well as general public access to FHWA websites.

Team Sevatec includes trusted subcontractors, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and Tetra Tech, as well as vendor partners Oracle and IBM.

About Sevatec

Headquartered in Falls Church, VA., Sevatec, Inc. is a CMMI Level 3-rated and ISO 9001:2008 certified management and technology consulting services firm. We partner with federal customers on initiatives that help protect and improve the lives of Americans through innovative, transformational, and cost-conscious solutions. Sevatec was founded in 2003 on the concept of "Seva", which means "a commitment to serving others", as the central principle of its way of doing business and nurturing relationships with its clients, employees, partners, and community. Sevatecs portfolio includes mission-critical technology and consulting initiatives across the federal government including Homeland and Law Enforcement Agencies, Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, Department of State, and multiple Civilian Departments and Agencies.

To learn more about Sevatec, please visit

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Cluster Resources Wins Largest Cluster and Grid Management Contract in History Provides Moab Site License to the U.S. Department of Energy

Provo, UT (PRWEB) August 10, 2006

Cluster Resources, Inc., a leading provider of cluster, grid and utility computing software, announced today that the Department of Energys National Nuclear Security Administrations Advanced Simulation and Computing Program has selected Cluster Resources Moab workload and resource management software ( as a standard for use across NNSAs high performance computing systems.

The Advanced Simulation and Computing Program (ASC) unites the high performance computing expertise and capabilities of the national labs responsible for ensuring the safety, security and reliability of the nations stockpile of nuclear weapons without testing. ASC, also known as Tri-Labs consists of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and Sandia National Laboratories. ASC currently has the number 1, 3, 6 and 9 largest systems in the TOP500 Supercomputing list, as well as dozens of other systems equating to approximately 25% of the TOP500s total CPU count (

Cluster Resources is honored to be selected by ASC, said David Jackson, CEO of Cluster Resources, Inc. There is no organization in the world which matches the technical expertise and scope of compute systems found at ASC in terms of scalability and architectural complexity.

This agreement brings two industry leaders together. ASC is widely acknowledged for their leadership in successfully deploying next-generation massive architectures, networks and storage solutions, as well as their research and expertise in scalable middleware. Cluster Resources provides industry leadership in intelligent workload and resource management that orchestrates compute, network, and storage resources, in order to maximize utilization, availability and responsiveness. The ASC/Cluster Resources partnership will push innovation boundaries for the Supercomputing / High Performance Computing (HPC) industry on both current and future leadership-class systems.

Assessing Resource and Workload Management Solutions

ASC initiated the search for a common resource and workload management solution to improve usability and manageability of their diverse resources and to attain an improved return on their significant computing investment. In addition, the program also sought enhanced reporting for managed resources and to optimize resource utilization while maintaining the flexibility required to meet the individual needs of each site and project. ASC has a highly heterogeneous environment with systems that range from large scale Intel and AMD Opteron-based systems provided by IBM, HP, Dell and others, to more exotic and powerful systems such as Crays XT3 and IBMs Blue Gene. Going into the assessment, ASC also had a high degree of knowledge in the resource management space due to their development of advanced resource management and scheduling tools such as BProc, SLURM (, and LCRM.

ASCs expertise, from their own extensive research and development work and from managing the world's largest array of leadership class systems, makes this review and selection a great honor, Jackson said. What makes this selection so meaningful is that this organization knows supercomputing, knows the real world and is able to see through the marketing fluff that can be so prevalent. Not only does this speak well of Cluster Resources Moab product line and our service capabilities, but it also provides significant value to us as we collaborate with these thought leaders to develop capabilities for the next generation of systems and enhance our ability to meet their current and future needs.

The Selected Solution

The awarded contract grants ASC use of Moab software, which provides workload management, system accounting, capacity planning, automated failure recovery, virtualization and a host of other capabilities in cluster, grid, and utility computing environments. In addition, the contract also includes collaborative research and development, consulting, 24/7 support and other professional services.

The Moab solution adds significant manageability and optimization to HPC resources, while providing deployment methods that effectively minimize the risk and cost of adoption. Unique Moab capabilities allow it to be transparently deployed with little or no impact on the end-user; these capabilities include system workload, resource, and policy simulation, batch language translation, capacity planning diagnostics, non-intrusive test facilities, and infrastructure stress testing.

At the core of this solution is Moab Cluster Suite


ITU Announces New Partnership between Digital Arts Department and TechShop in San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) April 13, 2012

International Technological University (ITU) is announcing a partnership between its Digital Arts Department and TechShop, a member-based workshop facility offering access to over $ 1,000,000 worth of powerful equipment, digital design software and instruction. The partnership between ITU and Tech Shop is a result of their membership within The San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce.

We are pleased that both of our members, ITU and Tech Shop, are benefitting from one of the chambers core values: helping our members create mutually beneficial connections with each other, said Matthew Mahood, the Chambers President & CEO.

TechShops mission is to empower people to build their dreams. Members have access to equipment for rapid prototypingeverything from mills and lathes to 3D printers and laser cutters.

We are thrilled to work with ITUs Digital Arts Department, said Michael Catterlin, Manager of TechShop San Jose. TechShop is centered around educating the community and offering a supportive environment to students, entrepreneurs, artists, and others who want to make things but lack the tools, space or skills.

The Digital Arts Department at ITU, a graduate university in Silicon Valley, is currently offering a course called Manufacturing Cinematic Spaces taught by Professor Marina Christodoulides. Professor Marina is co-founder of RECESS, an interdisciplinary design collective, and designer for innovation studio at MKThink. The course uses film as a pedagogical tool for an architecture design studio. Students learn about space in a new way by analyzing films. By the end of the semester, students will incorporate class concepts to design and represent space in three dimensions through digital and physical models. After giving the students comprehensive equipment training, TechShop will provide them with access to their state-of-the-art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment to fabricate physical models of their final designs.

As Professor Christodoulides puts it, TechShop is making tools that were once only available to manufacturing and production facilities available to everyone today. It is the contemporary shared woodshop.

Students at ITU will be trained to use laser cutters and 3-D printers by TechShop staff. Though this is a pilot program for experimentation and research purposes, Digital Arts Chair Cedrick Chan, a media and entertainment professional who worked on films such as the Star Wars prequels, Hero and The Mummy Returns, notes: We expect that student membership will be an integral part of the departments curriculum. Students are already recognizing the tactile and digital influence of their work. To learn more about the Digital Arts Department, visit

About ITU

With seven departments providing top-quality academic and practical training, ITU offers exceptional certificate, graduate and doctorate level programs in Electrical Engineering, Computer/Software Engineering, Engineering Management, International Business, Interdisciplinary Sciences, and Digital Arts. All of ITUs programs aim to build competent engineers, engineering managers and business administrators with a deep understanding of cutting-edge theory and hands-on practical application in their respective fields.

ITU is recognized by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), and has been granted candidacy status by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).* This status places ITU on the U.S. Department of Educations database of recognized institutions of higher learning and the Council for Higher Educations Listing of Accredited and Candidate Institutions (CHEA).

Candidacy for Accreditation is a status of preliminary affiliation with the Commission, awarded to institutions for a limited period following a specified procedure for institutional self-study and on-site evaluation. Candidacy is subject to renewal. Candidacy is not accreditation and does not ensure eventual accreditation. It is an indication that an institution is progressing toward accreditation.


Horizon Data Center Solutions Adds Virtualization Tools to Enhance Government and Enterprise IT Department Abilities

Horizon Data Center Solutions Adds Virtualization Tools to Enhance Government and Enterprise IT Department Abilities

jpg photo file

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 13, 2011

Horizon Data Center Solutions has completed the full integration of VMware’s vCloud Director, adding new capabilities to its vStructure enterprise-class Infrastructure as a Service offering. For many existing VMware customers, including those using vSphere, this introduces an entirely new means of deploying, provisioning and managing the capacity of virtual environments.

“Traditionally, customers would come to providers like Horizon and create a new environment within our vStructure IaaS platform to complement their own internal virtualization efforts. They would then have two completely separate environments to manage and maintain,” says Lance Black, Chief Executive Officer of Horizon. “VMware’s vCloud Director allows a paradigm shift in that equation. Customers now can acquire a pool of resources from Horizon and manage those resources as their own from their existing management console. It’s truly an extension of their own environment. That’s game-changing.”

VMware vCloud Director is a software solution at the data center level that makes secure, multi-tenant private clouds available by pooling the infrastructure resources into virtual datacenters that businesses can access through web portals. The software makes it possible for IT organizations to supplement their internal business units with external capacity upon demand from a desktop application.

“Businesses want the ability to expand and contract their resources based on their internal data needs or external promotions or traffic demands. Horizon can now provide that external capacity in a way that is seamlessly tied to existing virtualized environments,” Black says. “It puts functionality and control into the hands of the enterprise and sets Horizon up as a pure IaaS play, which is perfect for both parties.”

Black says organizations will also benefit from the ability to use vCloud Director in conjunction with virtual disaster recovery. “It’s not only a great option for extending and scaling production environments – the ability to scale resources makes it very appealing for standing up virtual DR environments that sit in storage until needed. When required, the disaster recovery environment can be activated and managed from the same management console.”

Horizon is a leader in providing virtualized cloud computing technologies to both businesses and government entities. The company is one of just 11 providers of cloud computing services to the GSA, and it is the first cloud computing provider on the Government’s SEWP IV procurement contract. Black says cloud computing helps to reduce costs for hardware and infrastructure and increase efficiencies in the government.

In addition to providing government cloud computing, Horizon works with businesses of all sizes, from the small to medium sized business with fluctuating capacity needs to major corporate entities with massive operations. Horizon’s IaaS offering is supported by a network of world class data centers located in Dallas, Texas and Northern Virginia.

For more information, contact Horizon at 866.620.7516.

# # #

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OMG bolsters Creative Services Department: Nancy Forni Hired as a Graphic Designer for FastenMaster?

OMG bolsters Creative Services Department: Nancy Forni Hired as a Graphic Designer for FastenMaster™

Agawam, MA (PRWEB) March 5, 2007

OMG, Inc., a leading manufacturer of fasteners and building products for the commercial and residential construction industries, recently added a new Graphic Designer to their expanding staff. Nancy Forni was hired to dedicate design efforts to FastenMaster, allowing existing Creative Services staff member Deb Thompson the opportunity to focus on design for the roofing division.

Forni has 23 years' combined experience in graphic arts including her most recent position at MassMutual Financial Group, where she provided corporate brand identity, design, typography, and production during her five-year tenure. In her new role at OMG, she will support the FastenMaster marketing team by designing packaging, POP, collateral, and trade show materials while overseeing and preserving the integrity of the FastenMaster brand.

"There are not many manufacturing companies in this region with the resources to support a Creative Services department," says Hugh McGovern, President, OMG. "We are pleased to bring Ms. Forni on board to assist with our corporate design and branding - which helps make FastenMaster a recognized name in the industry."

OMG, Inc., is a world-class manufacturer and supplier of fasteners and components for the construction industry. For more information visit or call 1-800-633-3800.


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The Momentum Group Announces an In-house Multi-Media Department

The Momentum Group Announces an In-house Multi-Media Department

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) April 27, 2007

The Momentum Group, TMG, offers a complete package for the MLM Company. Whether that company is just starting out, or already established. TMG not only writes cutting edge software, but provides all the support needed to start and maintain a business. One of the services offered is an in-house multi-media department.

The World Wide Web is constantly in motion. Businesses can take advantage of those changes by incorporating multi-media into their presence online. To compete in this highly evolving arena, a company needs up to date, professional graphics that engage the client and get them involved with the company and its capabilities. Sophisticated, vibrant, rich, compelling content is vital.

Multi-Media presentation tools can cost thousands when purchased separately. TMG has a staff that is capable of providing all the graphic needs of a company in one place. By providing all the MLM needs in one company, a client can save time and money.

Having a complete audio video team brings a significant advantage that most MLM companies cannot. TMG has a full time staff team of senior designers and graphic artist capable of taking anything from conception to completion. Unlike many companies, the multi-media group at TMG is made up of professional artists who actually begin with sketches. Using top of the line equipment they are able to produce graphics with the same high quality as major motion picture companies. Whether it is audio, video, printed material, live action or other graphics, it is all done with excellence.

The staff understands that the product has to look professional. The website, business cards, branding and packaging need to be consistent. This magnifies the appeal to the client with consistency.

TMG uses a dynamic technology called Overweb. It allows one to literally leap off the screen and speak directly to the clientele while all functions of website exist behind them. With all the multi-media and digital products available, the staff can create more than just a custom web-site. They can create all the graphic needs and make them exclusive to the customer.

This team of custom designers and programmers can build something that makes a business completely unique. High quality websites are a necessity for today's best marketing companies. A company's future depends on first impressions. These graphic designers, website builders, and programmers know the network marketing business. Every button, picture, page and menu bar is built with distributors and website visitors in mind.

TMG offers not only the website builder but the support and expertise to help in any way possible. They also offer many other multimedia products to help personalize the website as well as professional artist to make any website distinctive.

TMG has all the tools needed to get any MLM company of the ground and running. For free information on MLM software and to view their instructional and MLM success videos visit them online.

Mark Manuel is one of the founders of The Momentum Group. MLM software back office and consulting services are in high demand. TMG consistently book requests for consulting meetings on a daily basis. Mr. Manuel and the TMG Company only works with those who take their business and our services seriously. Determine if your business is a category 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Visit their site at or to find out more information and watch the videos.


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Tungsten Graphics Announces Phase I STTR Contract Award by Department of Energy, Chromium RenderServer: Remote and Collaborative Rendering and Visualization with Distributed Memory Parallel Clusters

Tungsten Graphics Announces Phase I STTR Contract Award by Department of Energy, Chromium RenderServer: Remote and Collaborative Rendering and Visualization with Distributed Memory Parallel Clusters

Cedar Park, TX (PRWEB) July 16, 2004

Tungsten Graphics, inc., premiere provider of Graphics infrastructure software and services announced today, Phase I STTR Contract Award by Department of Energy, Chromium RenderServer: Remote and Collaborative Rendering and Visualization with Distributed Memory Parallel Clusters.

Through funding provided by Department of Energy (DOE) Tungsten Graphics is developing the Chromium RenderServer. The project team for this Phase I project is: Brian Paul, Tungsten Graphics, Inc. (Principal Investigator), Randall Frank and Sean Ahern, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, E. Wes Bethel, R3vis Corporation, Greg Humphreys, Ahpah Software, and the University of Virginia

Our work, called the Chromium RenderServer aims to provide remote users with network-based access to interactive visual data analysis capabilities located at central computing facilities; 3D scientific visualization is performed in parallel on interactive resources located at central facilities ?close to? the data, and the resulting imagery is transmitted over the network to one or more remote users. By design, the Chromium RenderServer allows any existing visualization application that meet a minimum set of technical criteria to be deployed in a remote fashion, and enables rapid deployment of a new generation of high performance remote visualization applications.

An important part of this development effort is Chromium. Chromium is a flexible framework for scalable real time rendering on clusters of workstations, derived from the Stanford WireGL project. A Chromium system allows clusters of low cost, high performance, commodity computer hardware and graphics accelerators to be linked together over high speed networks in a scalable architecture. Although many OpenGL applications will run unmodified as distributed applications in a Chromium system, it?s often the case that customizations are needed to fully take advantage of Chromium.

About Tungsten Graphics

Tungsten Graphics Inc. (TG) is a graphics software consulting company that develops state of the art graphics and open infrastructure solutions running on Linux, FreeBSD, and other operating systems. TG was founded by Brian Paul (owner and principal author of Mesa), Frank LaMonica (former CEO of Precision Insight), Jens Owen (founding partner and former engineering manager of Precision Insight), and Keith Whitwell (senior engineer and major contributor to Mesa.)

TG has established itself as a premier consulting organization, providing vendor neutral development and world renowned software architectural leadership. Major clients include corporations such as Intel, General Dynamics, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Red Hat, and The Weather Channel. Our team members have consistently demonstrated the commitment and ability to do whatever is required to bring projects to successful completion.

As a recognized contributor to many open source projects, TG has a proven track record of developing technology that has become standard in the industry. TG is an active participant in many graphics initiatives, including XFree86, Mesa, DRI, Chromium, and VNC. As a result, we can assure our clients that software we develop will integrate seamlessly into our client's open or proprietary systems, and all existing open source technologies.

Technical excellence, highly refined management skills, and unfaltering commitment, combined with the highest ethical and business standards make Tungsten Graphics a trusted partner for any serious project.

For more information please see

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