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Holiday Newsflash: FirmTek Debuts the ThunderTek/PX-Q6G

Union City, CA (PRWEB) December 16, 2013

Offering unprecedented performance of up to 10Gbps per channel, the ThunderTek/PX-Q6G incorporates the latest 6G eSATA and Thunderbolt technologies for connecting high-performance storage devices to Thunderbolt equipped notebooks, desktops, PCs or Macs. Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" is supported as well as Mac OS X 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.8, BootCamp and Windows 7 & 8.

FirmTek, LLC, a world-leading developer of external storage solutions, today is announcing and shipping the ThunderTek/PX-Q6G. Offering four high-speed 6-Gig eSATA ports using just a single Thunderbolt link, the ThunderTek/PX-Q6G supports both direct-connect and port-multiplier eSATA enclosures. "Thunderbolt delivers unparalleled performance, flexibility and simplicity to personal computing," said Jason Ziller, Intel's director of Thunderbolt Marketing, "Products like FirmTek’s ThunderTek/PX-Q6G help highlight what Thunderbolt makes possible." Thunderbolt technology is the fastest connection possible to your Mac at 10Gbs in each direction at the same time. Transfer HD movies in less than 30 seconds or backup a terabyte of content in less than 5 minutes. All of this is possible with Thunderbolt.

ThunderTek/PX-Q6G Value Equation

During product surveys, it was discovered customers are looking for a low cost solution for unlocking the potential of existing storage solutions. With this in mind, FirmTek designed the ThunderTek/PX for use with numerous PCIe adapters. ThunderTek/PX-Q6G in particular is comprised of the ThunderTek/PX chassis and the SeriTek/Q6G, FirmTek’s premiere PCIe adapter with four port-multiplier enabled eSATA ports. "Macintosh and PC users have desired built-in external eSATA ports for years, given the vast amount of eSATA storage options available. Now with the announcement of the ThunderTek/PX-Q6G, high performance eSATA ports and other connection options are possible on a wide variety of Thunderbolt equipped computers," said Chi Kim Stanford, Vice President of Business Development.

Pairing up with existing eSATA enclosures, ThunderTek/PX-Q6G saves time and money. Instantly access multiple projects stored in existing eSATA enclosures and avoid wasting hours transferring data to new and costly enclosures. Extending the life of eSATA enclosures helps save the planet by keeping electronic waste to a minimum in addition to saving time, money and equipment downtime. As new storage technology is released, professionals can simply swap out the storage adapter within the ThunderTek/PX-Q6G rather than replace several expensive enclosures. Leveraging this upgrade path helps to cost-effectively avoid storage technology speed bumps. Future-proofing Thunderbolt has never been easier.


Many PCIe storage adapters are "Thunderbolt-enabled," meaning that they have been tested and approved to work with Thunderbolt. ThunderTek/PX (P/N TTPX) supports half-size "Thunderbolt-enabled" PCIe adapters such as the SeriTek/Q6G. Existing SeriTek/Q6G adapter customers are free to purchase the ThunderTek/PX and install their adapter to enable ultra-fast 6G eSATA using Thunderbolt.

The SeriTek/Q6G PCIe adapter bundled with the ThunderTek/PX (P/N TTPX-Q6G) delivers four ports for connecting all native eSATA enclosures including the miniSwap/ES, SeriTek/2EN2, SeriTek/2eEN4 and the SeriTek/5PM.

ThunderTek/PX-Q6G Key Features and Benefits:

Chassis supports compatible single half-length x1, x2 or x4 PCIe 2.0 card
ThunderTek/PX is Mac OS certified for Thunderbolt
Supports compatible PCIe cards for eSATA, USB 3.0, 8Gb Fibre Channel, 10G Ethernet, audio and more
ThunderTek/PX-Q6G is Mac OS and Windows certified for Thunderbolt
PCIe expansion via Thunderbolt offers up to 10Gb/s dual channel data transfer rates
Energy Saver Mode: automatically powers on/off with your computer
Light-weight, rugged, aluminum case for maximum durability and heat dissipation
Ventilated case and offers quiet fan operation
Single Thunderbolt connector and power connector
Perfect for both storage-hungry and speed-sensitive applications
Expand storage without overloading the computer's power supply or increasing heat within its chassis

The FirmTek ThunderTek/PX (without PCIe card) and ThunderTek/PX-Q6G (4-port eSATA bundle) are available now from FirmTek and selected resellers. For more information or to purchase FirmTek products, please visit FirmTek's website at

About FirmTek

Headquartered in Silicon Valley and founded by former Apple engineers, FirmTek is a leading hardware and firmware research and development company focusing on storage technologies. The company takes pride in developing reliable, high performance computer storage solutions. FirmTek products are offered through FirmTek's OEM and worldwide distribution channels. For information on how FirmTek helps users deploy, and organizations develop, advanced storage interface solutions, please visit FirmTek's website at, or drop us a line at the FirmTek support page.

FirmTek, ThunderTek, UltraTek, AV-Tek, SeriTek names and logotypes are trademarks of FirmTek, LLC. Apple, Macintosh, MacBook, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, Mac, and the Mac logo are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Incorporated. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Thunderbolt and the Thunderbolt logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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Masterpiece Graphix Debuts New Website & Material Offerings

Fenton, MO (PRWEB) September 23, 2013

On September 6, 2013, Masterpiece Graphix of Fenton, MO, presented a new website and rebranding effort to combat rising industry image challenges. The new site is located at and is offered in mobile and desktop versions for a user-friendly experience. A complete history of the company and its product offerings are available for users. The site covers all aspects of digital printing, from pre to post-press and ways to use digital substrates to make amazing applications. On the heels of the website redesign are the releases of several new products, including a wood veneer paper and PSA, as well as silver, gold, and black PVC materials. The release of the website and these new materials coincided with the beginning of Print 13, bringing Masterpiece Graphix to the show with an upgraded image.

Masterpiece Graphix has been heading innovations in the print industry for over 15 years, transforming from a graphics company into a team of printing, coating, and material experts. In 2005 Masterpiece Graphix was named the first North American HP Treatment Center by Hewlett Packard and is still the only verified treatment center. Over the years Masterpiece Graphix has delivered innovative substrate options for all printers and presses, as well as cross platform material lines that can operate on the HP Indigo, Xerox iGen, Kodak Nexpress, Canon ImagePRESS, Konica Minolta Bizhub, and many more.

Masterpiece Graphix also has a team of digital material experts that fit materials to specific applications, giving easy customization and concentrating in R&D to keep bringing new materials such as wood veneer and silver, gold, and black PVC to the table.

In publishing the new website, Masterpiece Graphix shows an updated image that keeps the company at the front lines of the industry. The site offers the complete product lines of the company along with suggestions for material applications geared toward an optimal user experience. Please visit

To contact Masterpiece Graphix please call 636.349.6401 or email sales(at)mgxdigital(dot)com.

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Brady Debuts New BMP

Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) September 09, 2013

Brady announced today the release of its newest handheld printer, the BMP®41 label printer. The new portable printer is exceptionally easy-to-use and can print durable 1” wide die-cut or continuous labels for a variety of datacomm and electrical applications.

“Offering a die-cut, portable printer to users provides a far wider selection of label types and a much more efficient process,” says Matt Luger, regional product specialist for printers. “Between the full range of die-cut labels, ultra-rugged construction and the low price-point, this printer offers the ultimate tool in the toolbox for users who are ready to step into a die-cut labeling solution.”

The BMP®41 printer is extremely rugged and has been drop tested to withstand up to a six foot drop, among other harsh environments. It also features industrial bumpers with a grab-and-go grip for easy handheld transportation. In addition to fitting in one hand, the BMP®41 label printer has NIMH a rechargeable battery for long-lasting power supply, making it easy to take anywhere for on-the-job labeling.

The BMP®41 printer features smart-cell technology for simple user set-up and all-in-one drop-in cartridge loading with already-matched ribbon for fast and easy supply changeovers. It can also print up to 250 labels per day at a print speed of 1.3” per second.

With a large graphical LCD display with backlight and QWERTY style keypad, the BMP®41 printer lets users see exactly what their printing. Multiple built-in-wizard applications and graphics are also included to help users create and print labels quickly.

Compatible with up to 10 different industry specified materials, the BMP®41 label printer is ideal for applications, such as wire marking, sleeving, panel labeling, terminal block, patch panel, general identification and more.

“The BMP®41 label printer allows users to have the materials and label types they need to label their project more efficiently, with fewer errors,” says Nicole Nelson, global product manager for portable systems. “Whether our customer is facing their jobs for the day or a one-off task, we want our users to have a tool that allows them to print it once and get it done.”

For more information:

Visit for more information or to watch a video demonstration. You may also contact a Brady representative at 1-888-272-3946. For Brady’s complete product offering, visit In Canada, visit

About Brady Corporation:

Brady Corporation (NYSE: BRC) is an international manufacturer and marketer of complete solutions that identify and protect premises, products and people. Its products include high-performance labels and signs, safety devices, printing systems and software, and precision die-cut materials. Founded in 1914, the company has millions of customers in electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing, electrical, construction, education, medical and a variety of other industries. Brady is headquartered in Milwaukee and employs 6,900 people at operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Brady’s fiscal 2012 sales were approximately $ 1.3 billion. More information about Brady Corporation is available at

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Noyo Debuts French Immersion App for Mac App Store

Boston, Ma (PRWEB) July 03, 2013

Noyo, a Boston based educational software company, is pleased to announce the release of Noyo French Immersion for the Mac app store, the French-only version of its powerful vocabulary-building iPad app. This engaging learning tool is designed to teach French vocabulary and supplement the curricula of French immersion programs in classrooms around the world.

Following the educational principles of language immersion programs, Noyo French Immersion features lively graphics, built-in assessment questions, and professional audio and content text exclusively in French.

This new version allows educators to use our app in an immersive language-learning setting, said co-creator Mike Sullivan, who serves as Chief Learning Officer of Noyo. We are thrilled to bring Noyos exciting, innovative vocabulary-building system to language immersion classrooms.

Noyo French app was developed specifically with educators from French immersion schools and online French immersion programs in mind, providing them with a tool to engage students and enrich lessons taught exclusively in French.

Noyo French Immersion links French vocabulary words to entertaining images and high-quality audio to provide a strong educational foundation for language learning. A talented team of graphic design artists brings vocabulary to life with comical characters and amusing scenarios, and each word or phrase is voiced by a native French speaker. The app offers ten targeted vocabulary units, each with its own set of assessment questions for maximally effective learning.

All text and audio in the vocabulary-building and assessment slides are presented in French for an immersion experience; English navigation buttons and menus are included to guide beginning language speakers. The built in assessment piece allows teachers to monitor and track data.

Noyo was created through the combined vision of veteran Spanish schoolteacher Mike Sullivan and innovative mobile software entrepreneur Ted Chan, who specializes in mobile user interface design. Noyo French Immersion follows from their vision of quality, affordable language learning software that fits the needs of students and educators.

"We created an immersion version of our beginner vocab app as a direct result of feedback we received from French teachers," said Micaya Clymer, Product Manager for Noyo. "We read and respond to every email we receive, and we're hoping this will lead to even more awesome feedback and suggestions from educators. Tell us what you need, and we'll try to make it!"


Over 1900 words and phrases, each reinforced by supporting audio, visual representation, and written translation

176 custom-illustrated scenes, packed with friendly characters and amusing scenarios

Audio by a professional voice artist who is a native French speaker

Built-in assessment questions at the end of each unit

Check your stats--including how words learned, the time spent learning, and assessment scores--and email them to yourself or your teacher!

10 targeted units, featuring vocabulary related to: food, ordering at a restaurant, transportation, cities, vacation activities, home and family, sports, animals, school, seasons

Noyo is a Boston-based educational software company dedicated to providing engaging and cost effective language learning tablet apps. Noyo now offers language learning apps for Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hebrew and Mandarin Chinese. All apps are created by a passionate team of educators, technologists, linguists, and designers. More information can be found at

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HCT | Group Debuts New Packaging Innovations at CosmoProf North America 2013

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) August 02, 2013

July 14 - 16, 2013 HCT | Group, a leader in innovative product packaging and design, introduced their latest advancements at CosmoProf North America (recently held in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 14-16, 2013) with focus on the newest trends in skincare packaging, formulation and cosmetic brushes, as well as their latest business endeavor, point of sale. Before the latest innovations in packaging hit store shelves, the cosmetics industry is privy to the latest launches and inventions at trade shows.

At this years show, HCT premiered a ground-breaking advancement with their Cooling Tip Technology, a patented ZAMAC tip that cools the skin as it is applied. Combining their Cooling Tip Technology with Pum-Techs airless pump expertise, they created a finger-free, cooling ZAMAC tip on a vertical airless pump. This innovation brings further advancement to the application of complex skincare formulas, particularly those designed to treat the delicate eye area.

Additionally, HCT debuted their latest advancement in the brush category, Cashmair. These luxuriously soft cosmetic brushes provide flawless application by using an ultra-fine synthetic filament designed to perform like natural hair. Cindy Lim, Vice President of the Global Cosmetic Brush Division, received overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding Cashmair, and stated how it is always inspiring to see our customers excited about our products. Innovation is what we pride ourselves on at HCT and we look forward to the next show to unveil more new and innovative products.

HCT also introduced the newest endeavor in their growing business, point of sale (or POS), at Cosmoprof North America 2013. Similar to HCTs packaging division, the POS team is putting a large emphasis on design innovation and displays. We have built a talented team of in-house designers and engineers, says Erwan Depays, HCTs Global POS Manager. I was very pleased with the great response we received from the show, as well as the promising opportunities which have arisen from it.

At Cosmoprof North America, the trade show unveiled their new project, Beautique, a sampling box initiative in which HCT provided the packaging materials for. The Beautique boxes were sold to attendees with $ 10 per each sale being donated to CITY OF HOPE, a charity dedicated to the research and treatment of diabetes. Executive Vice President Nick Gardner stated, HCT was very pleased to have the chance to partner with Cosmoprof North America to help provide packaging products for their highly successful Beautique deluxe sampling initiative. It was great to see the long lines for the products and know that we were helping such a good cause.

About HCT Group: Founded in 1992, HCT Group is a global leader in cosmetic design and manufacturing, producing cutting edge innovations in packaging development. In recent years, HCT has expanded their divisions to include turnkey solutions and more patented and patent-pending packaging solutions in the skincare and cosmetics than any other company in the world. Today, HCT is a global business with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Moscow, Milan, Hong Kong and Madrid.

For more information on HCT, please visit and for further information on CosmoProf North America, please visit

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The Adaptable, High Performance ET4500t Thin Client Debuts From Computer Lab International, Inc. (CLI)

Placentia, CA (PRWEB) November 4, 2005

Computer Lab International, Inc. (CLI), a leading provider of thin client and text terminal products, adds yet another thin client to its next generation product line the ET4500t. Targeted at businesses looking for high performance and the utmost in adaptability, the ET4500t is available immediately through CLI resellers worldwide.

Key Features of the ET4500t include:

-Powered by the secure, easy-to-use and highly reliable Mandrake Linux operating


-X Window System for graphical UNIX applications

-Multiple terminal emulations to access midrange, mainframe, Linux, UNIX and other

legacy applications.

-Firefox browser to access web-based applications, with Sun Java Virtual Machine


-RDP and Citrix ICA protocols to access all Windows applications

-High performance CPU and multiple simultaneous session support to increase speed and


-Bundled with CLI SNMP Administrator software, to provide administrators complete

control of all CLI desktops.

Standard configuration of the ET4500t comes complete with keyboard, mouse and a three-year warranty. Many upgrade options are available, including monitor, keyboard, memory and warranty upgrades.

About Computer Lab International, Inc. (CLI)

Since 1984, Computer Lab International has been specializing in application modernization through the use of CLI thin client devices, IBM-compatible midrange terminals and host-access terminal emulation software. The benefits of using CLI products include delivery of new features and capabilities to users, reduced risk of upgrading legacy systems, shortened time-to-market for system enhancements, and increased ROI for IT investments. CLI is based in Placentia, California, has sales and support offices throughout the world and an extensive VAR partner network

For more information, visit the CLI web site at or call 1.800.727.5250 in the US, 1.714.572.8000 elsewhere.

Computer Lab International is a trademark of CLI, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



Shopcade Debuts a Widget to Turn Any Site Into Social Shopping Storefronts

(PRWEB) June 20, 2013

Shopcade, a fast growing social shopping app for top trends and deals, just launched a contextual widget this week for publishers and bloggers to further monetize their sites.

Once embedded, the widget automatically detects the pages contents and displays a carousel of relevant products, sourced from over 10,000 of its partner brands. The external widget is ideal for bloggers and editorial sites to bring products directly to their readers and generate extra revenue when purchases are made.

A webpage discussing the latest denim trend will, for example, feature a carousel of relevant denim products from Shopcades most trending brands, with high quality product images linking directly to a retailer site for purchase.

Shopcade is set apart from other similar services like Mulu or Skimlinks by its social component. The widget self-updates to feature socially hot products and deals. This means even a three month old article will still feature todays hottest items good news for generation Y shoppers who are trend and deal conscious.

Publishers and bloggers can now monetize very easily by making their content shoppable. Its a great user experience because it allows a captivated audience to read a page, then immediately go on to shop related products earning commission for the blog or site when these products are purchased, Shopcades CEO, Nathalie Gaveau, said. Its much easier to implement, and less intrusive for a sites readers because its not distracting or irrelevant like banner ads can be.

Available on web and mobile, Shopcade is a social shopping app dedicated to making online shopping more connected, more interactive, and more cost effective for users. Launched in November 2011, Shopcade recommends to shoppers in real-time over 100 million products from more than 100,000 brands specializing in fashion, beauty, home and tech.


GameDesk Debuts New Filament Game “Reach for the Sun” at PlayMaker School Event

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 23, 2013

At the recent PlayMaker Ribbon Cutting Event students, parents, teachers, and community members explored the transformed PlayMaker learning spaces and participated in digital learning games and maker activities. The Adventure Rom, a high tech learning space packed with plasma flat screens and floor projection, featured Filament Games Reach for the Sun, a new digital game that teaches systems of plant growth and the process of photosynthesis.

GameDesk saw great value in Reach for the Sun. Its ability to demonstrate systems of plant growth and the relationship between the root structures, leaf structures, flowering structures, and pollination is remarkable, said GameDesk Executive Director, Lucien Vattel.

GameDesk created curriculum to complement the games features using its newly developed Play-Research-Present System. Pairing the game with curriculum empowers kids to be focused and research-oriented in a playful way. The peer-to-peer learning builds collaboration and problem solving skills, and the game play allows students to practice important scientific concepts in a risk free environment.

"It can be difficult to understand complex processes like plant growth and reproduction, but Reach for the Sun makes everything seem so easy and obvious, said Abby Friesen, Lead Designer for the game. No textbook can match the experience of actually becoming a plant."

PlayMaker School was launched in the fall of 2012 as a partnership between GameDesk and New Roads School. Its philosophy centers on student guided learning and purposeful play through no tech, low tech, and high tech curriculum. Game-based learning is one approach PlayMaker uses to engage students in the classroom and teach fundamental concepts. Playing digital games provides quick and effective feedback, is popular among the digital native generation, and taps into problem solving and decision making skills essential for a range of disciplines.

PlayMaker teachers challenge misconceptions of play, emphasizing that play requires persistence and hard work and deserves a place in the classroom. It is a mindset that focuses on creating, exploring, and being fully engaged. Rather then telling students what they need to know we must frame playful experiences to give them context, and then extract knowledge from that play to facilitate learning opportunities, said Tedd Wakeman, PlayMaker School Sixth Grade Teacher.

Filament Games, winner of the National STEM Video Game Challenge in 2011, is recognized as a bold leader in digital education games. Reach for the Sun was officially released in May of 2013 and is the engaging result of game-based learning meets artistry, producing a game that is not only functional, but also extremely beautiful. It aligns with key science standards and can be purchased for the home, classroom, or school district.

About GameDesk

GameDesk is a 501(c)3 nonprofit research, game development, and outreach organization that seeks to rethink learning through play, making, and interaction. It evolved out of seven years of research at the University of Southern California with a mission to transform the learning experience, help close the achievement gap, and deeply engage students in learning core curriculum. In February of 2013 Fast Company ranked GameDesk #6 in the Worlds Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Education.

To learn more visit

About Filament Games

Filament Games is a game production studio that exclusively creates learning games. Its core competency is producing games that combine best practices in commercial game development with key concepts from the learning sciences. Accordingly, the senior staff is comprised of individuals who are equal parts game and instructional designers; a "dual literacy" that allows Filament to engineer authentic game-play mechanics (rules and interactions that directly correlate with specific learning objectives).

To learn more visit



Noyo Spanish for Debuts in Android Market with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 22, 2012

Noyo, a Boston-based educational software company, is delighted to announce that its Spanish language-learning app for tablets is now availabile in the Android Market. The Noyo app features over 1800 Spanish words and phrases in nearly 200 custom-illustrated scenes, reinforced by professional audio.

Noyo Spanish works well across the spectrum of Android tablets, from the Galaxy Tab to the Motorolla Xoom, says Noyo Spanish Product Manager, Micaya Clymer. Were excited to give teachers a way to send the classroom home with their students, and to give adult learners a fun, low-key way to review crucial vocabulary.

Noyo isnt like other vocab-building apps. Instead of rote memorization and dry flashcards, app users will go on a journey through engaging, lively scenes, peppered with key vocabulary items and useful phrases. Learning is reinforced by linking vocabulary with visuals, vibrant audio, and associated terms.

Noyo was created to be a comprehensive language learning platform that is fun to use for students of all ages, said co-creator Mike Sullivan, who serves as Chief Learning Officer. Noyo quickly and intuitively leaves the user with a rock solid foundation of new Spanish vocabulary. We dont run ads in our app to distract you from learning, or ask for in-app purchases to upgrade.

The Noyo curriculum introduces vocabulary in context to provide a strong foundation for language learners. Individual words are embedded in relevant scenes, and humorous phrases tie them all together and show the vocabulary in action. Noyo Spanish is organized into eight vocabulary units, each with its own set of assessment questions to test user progress.

Features of Noyos Spanish app for Android include:


Reelz Debuts Second Screen Experience For Ken Folletts World Without End Mini-Series

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) September 27, 2012


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