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Mesa Arizona Air Conditioning Service Center, American Cooling and Heating, Announces New May 2013 50% Reduction For Full System AC Maintenance Services

Mesa Arizona (PRWEB) May 03, 2013

American Cooling and Heating is here to help trim the expenses, ensure the buyer of effective ROI value, and backup the commitment with reliable, 24-hour scheduling. Right now and throughout the month of May 2013, AC&H kicks profit into the wind and offers Mesa AZ residents a 50% reduction toward full-featured, quality-focused AC maintenance.

Our professional AC maintenance techs actually service your equipment. This means we clean the coils, measure the electrical performance, check refrigerant pressures, examining temperature splits and more. At AC&H maintenance refers to full-system service,

(American Cooling and Heating, Mesa area Service Manager.)

Feature-Balance Mesa Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

With the rising Arizona heat index, homeowners and business owners throughout the region of Mesa, Scottsdale and Gilbert are facing sub-standard performance from their installed air conditioning systems. Its time for a bi-annual AC maintenance, but the costs and the perceived return on investment (ROI) generates concern over prematurely calling in a professional air conditioning technician.

Think about it.

When area consumers dig into the core features of the average Mesa AC tune-up offer, they often discover that the process is limited to a visual inspection complemented with refrigerant top-off for an additional charge. All the important air conditioning maintenance features remain outside the scope of the vendors tune-up performance specifications.

Yet to be effective and efficient, an Arizona AC maintenance program must include a comprehensive system makeover. For example: The average Mesa AC tune-up includes removal of the front cover, a visual once-over of the coils and a quick check concerning the refrigerant pressure. The process barely qualifies as a bi-annual checkup, much less as a bi-annual air conditioning performance maintenance program.

American Cooling and Heating understands this difference. The standard AC&H system maintenance process includes pulling the cover, visually examining the coils and checking the units refrigerant pressure, but these are merely one segment of the complete AC&H air conditioning maintenance services. The full American Cooling and Heating AC system continuance program includes:


Conditioning Specialist Greg Herzog Trademarks a System to Find Process for Learning and Performance; for Fitness, Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 24, 2012

Greg Herzog, of Herzog Body Tech LLC has received the Trademarks from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: FITNESS PREDICTOR


Lake Erie Medical of Ohio Announces the New TechTrainer, Groundbreaking Equipment for Strength Conditioning

Lake Erie Medical of Ohio Announces the New TechTrainer, Groundbreaking Equipment for Strength Conditioning

TechTrainer High Performance Pneumatic Conditioning System

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) May 11, 2009

Lake Erie Medical of Ohio, in cooperation with BTE Technologies and Keiser Corporation, announces the launch of TechTrainerâ„¢ High Performance Pneumatic Conditioning System, a ground- breaking computerized athletic training and strength conditioning solution that sets a new standard for smaller, affordable equipment.

The companies have incorporated years of research with professional sports teams into the TechTrainer's development. They integrated the real-time feedback and functional analysis features that are integral to its high-end equipment into the TechTrainer, but designed it as a smaller, more compact solution for private practice physical therapists and smaller businesses. The TechTrainer's technology meshes with the multiplanar, bilateral cable system originally developed by Keiser, a leader in strength, conditioning and fitness equipment.

The TechTrainer provides athletic trainers and physical therapists with functional, objective, real-time feedback that they use to evaluate trends, imbalances, and improve athletic performance. The TechTrainer is used to establish baseline, symmetry, and progress.

"TechTrainer is 'marketable to the masses'," explains Tristan Tillette, president of Elite Sports Performance in Birmingham, Alabama, an early user of the TechTrainer. "We can evaluate an athlete's strengths with a level of data quality that hadn't been available before for smaller businesses and private practices."

BTE has been in the forefront of work with athletic trainers from professional basketball, baseball, football, and Olympic sports teams with its PrimusRS and wanted a compact athletic training unit with the most valued computerized assessment options. The TechTrainer is one of BTE's most compact pieces of equipment, and it can be utilized in a corner. It sells at an affordable price point.

In addition to sports performance, research has proven that exercise and wellness programs can greatly improve the quality of life of older adults. For example, low-impact, isotonic strength training can actually reverse the declines in functional ability associated with aging. The TechTrainer will afford senior living centers the technology to safely assess ability and prescribe age appropriate exercise programs.

The TechTrainer continues BTE's legacy of providing objectivity to isotonic functional performance for the demands of the advancing athletic training, rehabilitation, or fitness professional. Key product benefits include:

Simpler user interface - easier to set training programs for patients and allows busy trainers to quickly interpret results
Uses Keiser's Pneumatic Resistance technology. The pneumatic resistance technology facilitates optimal training and testing for motor control.
Robust training modes to provide a series of unique exercise routines
Endurance modes for building fatigue resistance
Double cable structure, facilitating greater movement

The TechTrainer is now shipping, and can be ordered as a stand-alone or can interface with modules in various customizable configurations.

About Lake Erie Medical of Ohio

Lake Erie Medical of Ohio specializes in PT/OT products geared toward professionals, clinics, industrial medicine, sports medicine, and athletic facilities. Our range of products can assist with assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, preventative exercise, and ongoing therapeutic requirements.

We also offer a wide variety rehabilitation and exercise products suitable for consumers to facilitate in-home therapy.

About BTE Technologies

BTE Technologies is the leading producer of musculoskeletal testing and rehabilitation technologies. The company provides advanced physical and occupational evaluation and therapy solutions and works with employers and payers to reduce workers' compensation and disability expenses. With nearly 30 years of experience and innovation, BTE offers clinicians, employers, and researchers the most advanced rehabilitation and evaluation technology available. For more information, please visit

About Keiser Corporation

Keiser began over three decades ago when Dennis Keiser introduced the pneumatic resistance system to the fitness industry. This simple idea - to pump air instead of iron - provided trainers with the ability to train their users at any speed and at any resistance with little or no impact. For more information, please visit

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