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Fastest Computers Now Up to 3800MHz at Michael’s Computers Since 1996

Marina Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) December 17, 2004

MX8 VIPER. Michael's Computers latest MX8 Viper system appeals to intelligent PC users who desire the absolute best in visual, speed and performance up to Pentium 4 3800MHz now.

CPU Scorecard can be seen at Michael's Computers ( providing a visual of all other processors.

Our Second Review on the MX8 Viper : I was in the market for a new computer. I came across Michaels computers and saw the MX8 Viper. First off I was immediately drawn to the design of the Viper. It is like nothing I have ever seen before. I wanted one immediately just by looking at it. Then when I found out what it comes with, I decided this was the computer for me. I was amazed at how fast I received it after ordering it. When I first turned it on, I was blown away by how fast it is. The colors and graphics are so bright and vivid. I had more than one window open and it still performed at the same speed. My MX8 viper is like nothing I have ever seen before. IT BLOWS AWAY ALL OTHER COMPUTERS!! I will never own another computer from anyone but Michael of Michaels computers. --K Finney, Pala, California

Every process from gaming to DVD-burning occurs rapidly and any business application is absolute blissful play. Better cooling keeps the MX8 Viper running effortlessly efficient and prolongs the lifespan of it's internal components.

PC users know that when setting up LAN gaming or simply transporting pc's, the typical computer is hard to carry. MX8 Viper with it's built in handles on top allow for the easiest transport possible.

The new MX8 VIPER is sure to astonish and awe any and all who walk in its path and already has taken off to Dodge fans in Michigan, United States!

Side by side any other computers, Michael's MX8 systems including the MX8 Viper outperforms the competition consistently. As seen in Maximum PC, Wall Street Journal and much more.

Latest Processor - Intel Pentium 4 3800MHz Processor with SSE3 Instruction set outperforms AMD and all Apple processors. Combined with Michael's MX8 SATA-X Hyperdrives up to 600GB, (more than 4X Faster than any other hard drives), Michael's Computers continue to be the world's only instant computer systems and most reliable with a rock solid 8 year warranty....there is no computer on the market that performs as best as the MX8 day in and day out. Compare to ANY system and you just won't find the speed or power better than in a Michael's Computers MX8.

ATI's PCI EXPRESS x800xt Video Card is IN! TWICE AS FAST AS 8X AGP! The X800xt video processor was designed to have a native 16 lane support, or “true” PCI Express interface. As a result it can communicate directly with the PCI Express bus at PCI Express speeds. Other graphics companies have cards that are compatible with PCI Express, but they are still only AGP cards that are “bridged” by a second chip to be physically compatible with PCI Express slots on the motherboard. And you NEED this human reality visual card! Graphics are ultra REAL!

"When someone hears about Michael's fastest computers they have to own one" - 1000's of clients worldwide voice the same after seeing a system from Michael's Computers. That's why those who use Michael's Computers are the only fortunate customers to experience near CLICK INSTANT performance. Outdated computers are those that when you click something, you have to wait for it to load to come on. All programs launch instantly on Michael's Computers MX8.

Michael's MX8 Tower continues to be the most powerful Desktop in the world. Featuring the NEW Intel 3800MHz Pentium 4 'E' processor, it outperforms it's nearest competition 12X faster than Apple's G5 Dual 2.5GHz!. Significantly faster due to Michael's integration of over 1024MB of PC4200 DDR Memory, SATA-X Hyper Drives, ATI's VERY latest X800xt Video or Nvidia's latest 6800 256MB DDR Video Card - Technology developed by Industrial Light and Magic (a George Lucas Company) or ATI's Radeon 256MB x800xt 16X PCI EXPRESS Video Card, SoundBlaster's Platinum Audigy ZX 108dB Soundboards (up to 7.1 Surround Sound), 16X DVD Re-Writeable, 52X CD-R's, and SO MUCH MORE!

"I can invite some of my friends to come check out my MX8 and see what it can do. I know they will be in awe. I surely was. Thanks again Michael for the incredible systems you build. This is the FASTEST production computer I ever had" --Darryll Patterson, Belle Glade, Florida

Michael's Computers invites you to stop by today and by simply asking, they will install an extra 512MB of PC4000 DDR MEMORY FREE!

There is never a point in buying a system, unless you have stellar software to run and show off the performance. Michael's Computers bundles top of the line software that makes computing more useful, productive and fun.

With the longest 8 year warranties in the business, world's only proven systems to load programs and run operations nearly instantly, best service and web posted benchmarks, Michael's Computers have personally proven to have manufactured the perfect computer system, both desktops and laptops, for the professional and gamer user.

United States Navy Sidewinder Missile Division in California - "We have computers from every company, and your MX Systems surpass every computer we have ever tested. Our technicians saw your latest systems and they practically drooled over them"

Where parts may be similar, side by side, no other computer can be as instant or as fast. Many wonder how this is possible? Simple explanation - Ever wonder how one V8 engine in a car can be beat by another manufactures V8 in another car? It's always the way a system is built and optimized that makes the total difference.

Who builds your system at Dell, Compaq, Gateway, HP, IBM, Alienware or any other company? Do you actually get to know the maker? Why do you think more people trust Michael's Computers?

About Michael's Computers

Michael's Computers, founded in 1996, is the world leader in design and manufacturing of the highest performance computer systems under the brand names MX8 (Previously MX7 which the MX stands for "Michael's Xtreme" and the number stands for years in warranty AND business). The company does 100 Percent business online and can be contacted by mail at 4712 Admiralty Way, Suite 359, Marina Del Rey, Ca 90292.

Michael's Computers have been designing world performance systems for Gamers, Web Designers, 3D Cad Designers, Law Offices, Realtors, Doctors, Movie Producers, Audio Enthusiasts and personal within the US Navy, US Air Force and US Marine Corp since 1996.

Michael's Computers systems are sold throughout the United States and also ship as far as Canada, Alaska, Ireland, Australia, Germany, UK and London.

Michael's Computers are sold exclusively online at

Owner: Mike J Gonzales

Company California/Worldwide


Michael's Computers

4712 Admiralty Way Suite 359

Marina Del Rey, Ca 90292


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AValonRF Presents its Wearable Computer Solutions and Wireless Wearable Computers at AFCEA West 2005

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 19, 2005

AValonRF presents its Wearable Computer solutions and integrated digital wireless links at AFCEA WEST 2005, San Diego, California, February 1-3, 2005, San Diego, California, Booth 1451.

The main module of the Wearable computer is Module F, also available as an OEM module.

·Module F – main features:

– Transmetta® TM8800 CPU at 1.6GHz with dynamic power control

– 768Mbytes of DDR DRAM

– AGP display controller with 1280x1024

– Toshiba 0.85” Four GB HDD

– 802.11g and Bluetooth modules

– Windows XP Embedded / Optional Linux

The RF Module inside the Wireless Wearable Computer is module TR430-3G - its main features:-

– TR430-3G 1.53Mbaud Transceiver – main features

– 2GFSK modulation

– Tuning: 460MHz to 960MHz

Optional: 138MHz-460MHz, L, S or C Band

– Bandwidth of 1MHz

– Automatic Channel Negotiations & Power Control

– RF power 1W

– Forward Error Correction (FEC)

– AES Encryption

– Optional GPS

Approximate size and weight of each module: 60mm x 33mm x 9mm, 14 grams.

Also on display at the show - HMPC-1.6 Wireless helmet mounted wearable computer, running Windows XP Embedded (or Linux), Includes Module F, Module D and TR430-3G x 2 (for diversity). Optional Module C for TCP/IP + USB + on board DVR; Hands free, light weight (under 1Lbs) ground station operating with Rockwell/Collins KEO HMD display. Allows operations of a UAV while in motion.

AvalonRF will also present its micro transceiver modules, compression and decompression micro modules, Network interface micro modules, and wearable computer micro modules.

The digital links are based on a unique modular concept where each link is composed from a combination of micro modules, connected together via a 100Mbaud full duplex daisy chained serial bus.

AValon RF digital module lineup includes:

· RF UHF Encrypted Transceivers

TR430-3G - 1.53Mbaud/1W UHF transceiver with GPS

TR423-1    76Kbaud/0.25W UHF transceiver

TR430-2G - 200Kbaud/1W UHF transceiver with GPS

TR430-2+G - 325Kbaud/1W UHF transceiver with GPS

TR430-3+G - 3.06Mbaud/1W UHF transceiver with GPS


Module F - CPU, running Windows XP at 1.5GHz, 512MB DRAM, AGP - display controller with resolution of 800x600 to 1280x1024, 4GB HDD, 802.11g, 802.15 and GSM/GPRS for Wearable Computers

Module A - NTSC/PAL to MJPEG/MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4 Encoder based on the WISchip GO7007SB Encoder and Includes a smart video pre-processor DSP, RTC and VITC

Module B - Same as Module A with camera on board

Module C - Power PC with TCP/IP + USB 2.0 + IDE/ATA interface

Module D - MPEG4 to NTSC/PAL decoder (software dependent)

MPEG4 low latency CODEC or MPEG4 video conferencing controller.

· Modules: General & Mechanical

Power - 5V-10V unregulated

Size - 60mm x 33mm x 9mm

Weight - approximately 14 grams

About AValon RF Inc.:

AValonRF designs and produces state-of-the-art wireless links that include receivers, transmitters, Wearable computers, In Car Video Systems, remote display units, DVRs, rugged wireless PDAs, Rugged PCs, No moving parts tracking Antennas, Wireless Microphones, Miniature MPEG 4 Encoders, Miniature MPEG4 Decoders and a variety of specialized antennas. Our intelligent true diversity technology provides broadcast quality interference-free video links over the frequency spectrum of 56MHz to 2.5GHz. A wireless link from Avalon RF is an affordable easy to install video solution with superior image quality.

AValonRF is a privately held company headquartered in El Cajon (San Diego). More information about AValonRF is available online at

AValonRF Contact:

Tommy Orpaz

Vice President, Business Development

AValonRF, Inc

San Diego, CA

(619) 401-1969

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AValon RF and Blackfin Provide “Land Warriors” with Essential Survival Tools – Wearable Computers with Integrated Wireless Links

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 20, 2005

AValonRF presents its Wearable Computer solutions and Wearable computers with integrated digital wireless links at AFCEA WEST 2005, San Diego, California, February 1-3, 2005, San Diego, California, Booth 1451.

Leapfrog advances in communications, sensors, and materials technologies have transformed the equipment inventory carried by today’s soldier beyond the realm of the well-oiled weapon. Included are far-flung items like video cameras, microphones, and global positioning systems (GPS) - tools that let leaders and soldiers exchange video, audio and data. The Future Combat System (FCS) contents of the new-age kitbag provide soldiers with accurate target location capabilities, enabling operation in harsh weather or close to zero light conditions, and even allowing shots to be taken around corners without exposure to enemy fire. Above all else, today’s tools of the battlefield are aimed at helping soldiers survive.

In the urban combat theater, “land warriors,” like police, fire fighters, medics and security guards, can also benefit from these lightweight, wireless video/audio tools. While the uses may differ, wireless systems like these must be compact, energy efficient, easy to produce, and affordable, if they are to become successfully applied in military and commercial/industrial contexts.

AValon RF, located in El Cajon, CA, develops and manufacturers such wireless products. The company’s original products were based on true diversity wireless technology that allows fast video, audio, data, and telemetry communications over dial-up phone lines and wireless media (“in air,” or under water).

A pioneer and innovator dedicated to the delivery of state-of-the-art wireless products at affordable prices, AValon RF set out to develop its next-generation of products based on the latest space-time wireless technology. For this, AValon RF turned to Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) for its Blackfin® processor. Blackfin embodies a new breed of embedded processor that combines high performance and low power. Blackfin was designed specifically to meet the computational demands and power constraints of today's embedded audio, video, and communications applications.

A Stronger Signal

AValon RF products target high mobility applications for military, government, private industry, and consumers. The company’s products can be used for unmanned air, ground and sea vehicles, mine sweeping, long-range video links for border patrol, covert surveillance, maintenance of nuclear power plants, electronic newsgathering, wireless TV viewing, and many other applications. To accommodate these applications, AValon RF products carry one-way video, alarm, and telemetry, two-way audio and data, and cover frequencies from 56 MHz to 2.5 GHz.

Developers of high mobility products must take care to manage signal fading, which can result when multiple signals from different paths cancel each other out at the receiver antenna, or when large objects obstruct the line of sight between the antenna/transmitter. It can also happen as a result of humidity, fog, or rain, or from an overcrowded spectrum. Signal fading is often managed by capturing the strongest signal from an array of multiple antennas (a technique called antenna diversity). There are numerous types of diversity technologies and numerous types of diversity receivers.

The most commonly used method for mobile applications is space diversity, which ensures that at least one antenna at any given time will not be subject to distortion. With multiple antennas placed at a site, one can control the proximity of the transmitter antenna to one of the receiving antennas. Signal fading is further complicated in a mobile environment in that the “nulls” are not fixed in space, but vary in time; the user is moving and so is the environment. “Developing wireless products that deliver reliable audio/video is tough,” said Eli Weinstein, President of AValon RF. “The likelihood of unwanted interference is high when you’re transferring audio/video back and forth between two moving objects.”

One of the newest and best solutions to signal-fading issues in mobile environments is space-time diversity, whereby signal processing is performed on a receiver that comprises several antennas, exploiting both the spatial (space) and temporal (time) dimensions of a radio channel. AValon RF planned to update its entire product line¾transmitters, lapel cameras, diversity receivers, boom cameras, and wireless digital microphones¾to cutting-edge space-time diversity technology.

High Performance, Low Power, Low Cost

AValon RF’s space-time diversity receiver is essentially a software-defined radio (SDR), which requires a processor to handle SDR functions and space-time diversity processing for the receiver. Said Weinstein, “We needed a high-performance processor that could handle the complex mathematical algorithms this application requires. It had to be low power so that we can use smaller batteries for lighter, more comfortable products our customers can wear. And it had to be cost-effective so that we can manufacture products our customers can afford to buy in volume.”

“Blackfin was the best choice for us. It is the smallest chip on the market. It doesn’t waste battery power,” he continued. “It’s very powerful. And it’s affordable.”

Blackfin processors combine a 32-bit RISC-like instruction set and dual 16-bit multiply-accumulate signal-processing functionality with the ease-of-use attributes found in general-purpose microcontrollers. For power savings, Blackfin processors are based on a gated clock core design that selectively powers down functional units on an instruction-by-instruction basis. Blackfin supports multiple power-down modes for periods where little or no CPU activity is required. Blackfin also features a dynamic power-management scheme whereby the operating frequency and voltage can be tailored to meet the performance requirements of the algorithm currently being executed. As such, Blackfin processors are particularly well suited for portable applications requiring extended battery life.

Weinstein says another benefit of working with ADI is that he was able to purchase a whole suite of products from the company in addition to the Blackfin processors. “ADI is one of the very few companies where you can get everything you need to build a radio under one roof.”

Thanks to Blackfin, AValon RF’s space-time diversity receivers offer the best possible signal-to-noise ratio, using signals from all antennas to create an output. That translates to a 6dB gain in a four-antenna system. The receivers clean up most, if not all, multi-path distortion and compensate for receiver/transmitter motion by measuring the Doppler shift and spread, and by shifting the spectrum. AValon RF’s space-time receivers convert line-of-sight systems into non-line-of-sight systems by tuning in to the multi-path signals in the absence of a direct signal. And they eliminate jamming signals from unwanted directions. This adds up to high-mobility solutions that deliver audio/video data without fail, which, on the battlefield, can mean the difference between life and death.

Software-Defined Radio

A conventional digital radio system comprises three main sections: a radio frequency (RF) front-end section, an intermediate frequency (IF) section, and a baseband section. The RF section, also called the RF front-end, comprises analog hardware modules, while the IF and baseband blocks comprise digital hardware modules.

The RF front-end transmits/receives the RF signal from an antenna, converts the signal to an IF signal, and performs RF amplification as well as analog down and analog up conversions. The IF block comprises A-D and D-A conversion blocks for analog-to-digital conversions and vice versa, and digital-down conversion (DDC) and digital-up conversion (DUC) blocks to perform signal modulation (signal generation) on the transmit path and demodulation (also called digital tuning) on the receive path. The baseband section performs numerous operations such as connection setup, equalization, hopping, and timing, and implements the link layer protocol.

Software-defined radio (SDR) technology comprises software modules that implement IF and baseband radio functions and various waveform requirements over a broad frequency range. Used for military, commercial, and civilian radio applications, SDR technology enables a system to implement differing link-layer protocols and modulation / demodulation techniques.

This kind of flexibility helps manufacturers deal with multiple standards as well as issues surrounding the deployment of new services and features. SDR dramatically reduces the hardware costs that would otherwise be necessary to accommodate multiple standards and upgrades.

AValon RF digital module lineup includes:

·RF UHF Encrypted Transceivers

TR430-3G - 1.53Mbaud/1W UHF transceiver with GPS

TR423-1 - 76Kbaud/0.25W UHF transceiver

TR430-2G - 200Kbaud/1W UHF transceiver with GPS

TR430-2+G - 325Kbaud/1W UHF transceiver with GPS

TR430-3+G - 3.06Mbaud/1W UHF transceiver with GPS


Module F - CPU, running Windows XP at 1.5GHz, 512MB DRAM, AGP - display controller with resolution of 800x600 to 1280x1024, 4GB HDD, 802.11g, 802.15 and GSM/GPRS for Wearable Computers

Module A - NTSC/PAL to MJPEG/MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4 Encoder based on the WISchip GO7007SB Encoder and Includes a smart video pre-processor DSP, RTC and VITC

Module B - Same as Module A with camera on board

Module C - Power PC with TCP/IP + USB 2.0 + IDE/ATA interface

Module D - MPEG4 to NTSC/PAL decoder (software dependent)

MPEG4 low latency CODEC or MPEG4 video conferencing controller.

·Modules: General & Mechanical

Power - 5V-10V unregulated

Size - 60mm x 33mm x 9mm

Weight - approximately 14 grams

For more information about AValon RF products, visit

For more information about Analog Devices Blackfin processors, visit    

AValonRF Contact:

Tommy Orpaz

Vice President, Business Development

AValonRF, Inc

San Diego, CA

(619) 401-1969

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Stealth Unveils Small Quiet Fanless Computers that Fit in the Palm of Your Hand – a Breakthrough in Micro Computing

Toronto (PRWEB) February 9, 2005

Stealth Computer Corporation a leading ISO 9001 manufacturer of specialized computers and peripherals have continued their tradition of providing small form, powerful, PC based solutions to a growing marketplace. Stealth has introduced their latest model: LPC-401FS Fanless Little PC, a breakthrough in micro computing technology, delivering a fanless noise free computer system small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The robust anodized aluminum chassis measures just over 2 inches tall having the overall footprint about the size as a hard cover novel (10" x 6.1" x 2.17") and weighing in at a meager 5lbs.

Stealth’s LPC-401FS LittlePC has been designed without cooling fans as the rugged extruded aluminum chassis acts as a passive heat sink dissipating internal heat and providing fan -free quiet operation. An Intel Celeron Mobile 1.5GHz CPU provides the processing power to take advantage of most demanding applications. A multitude of I/O connectivity is built-in such as; LAN, Serial, Parallel, 3-USB, FireWire, video, PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard ports. The LPC-401FS has a built-in 2.5” high-shock hard drive with up to 80GB of storage space for archived data. For applications that require extra high shock/vibration an optional Solid State Hard Drive or Flash Drives are available. A slim CD-ROM is standard with optional DVD, CD/RW and DVDRW drives available. Systems are compatible with WIN XP/2000, Linux and can be pre-configured if desired. The LPC-401FS operates from 12 volts DC making it ideal for mobile and field deployment. Stealth’s built to order manufacturing offers a wide range of configurations built to the customers exact specifications.

According to Stealth’s President & CEO, Ed Boutilier, “We believe we are delivering the most powerful, feature rich, small footprint PCs available today” Boutilier says “we are experiencing an early trend where Small Form Factor computers are showing rapid growth in the marketplace evidenced by Apples recent release of their Mini-Mac”. Stealth has been shipping numerous versions of their LittlePC products for over 2 years.

The LittlePC products serve a demanding market where powerful solutions are being deployed in space-challenged applications around the world. Thanks to the rugged design, compact dimensions, and high functionality, the LPC-401FS Fanless PC is ideal for diverse and demanding applications within the Industrial, Commercial, Scientific Research, Military, Public Safety, Utility, Transportation, mining and Telecommunications markets. Stealth Little PCs are shipping now with prices starting at $ 795.00 USD.

Founded in 1990 Stealth Computer Corporation is quietly evolving as a leading provider of specialized Computers and Peripherals. The company is ISO 9001 registered with its headquarters near Toronto, Canada. Stealth continually develops innovative products designed to meet the exact needs of their clients. For 15 years Stealth, products have been used in industrial, commercial, scientific, Government and military applications. Stealth Computer Corporations impressive customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, Military installations and Governments worldwide.

For additional product information on Little PC’s explore our website:

Stealth’s main website and corporate information is available at:

High quality digital TIFF & JPG images, (300DPI) available on-line:

or by e-mailing your request to:

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Themis Computer Announces the First 64-bit PowerPC VMEbus Computers in the Industry

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) February 22, 2005

Themis Computer has announced a new family of PPC64™ VMEbus computers. The PPC64 is Themis’ first in a new family of 6U VMEbus computer boards based on the IBM® PowerPC® 970FX processor. Two PPC64 configurations are available; a single processor single slot computer and a dual-processor, symmetric multiprocessing, two-slot solution. The PowerPC 970FX processor provides maximum performance for existing 32-bit applications and new 64-bit applications.

With the addition of the PPC64 to its rapidly growing product family, Themis offers the industry’s widest breadth of rugged, high performance VME embedded computers. The 1.8 GHz PPC64, in a single-slot configuration, can be configured with up to 4 GBytes of DDR400 memory and includes a Gigabit Ethernet port and support for Dual Ultra320 SCSI drives. The single-processor PPC64 also includes a high performance Universe II VME64x interface, two 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, two USB ports, AC97 audio, and two serial ports. A second processor may be added, in a second VME slot, communicating with the baseboard via a Hyper-transport link.

Higher levels of I/O integration can be achieved by adding up to two PCI carrier cards, hosting up to six PMC slots. A combined two PMC slot carrier and local on-board I/O, is also available.

”Our PPC64 family of single board computers offers users a greater selection of VME bus computing solutions that deliver the high performance and reliability required for today’s increasingly demanding applications,” stated William E. Kehret, president of Themis Computer. “We understand 64-bit multi-processing, and we wanted an SMP PPC-64 platform, similar to our AMD64 and Sun® UltraSPARC® VMEbus offerings. Themis Computer now offers a complete family of rugged single-board computers with IBM PowerPC, AMD64, and Sun UltraSPARC processors,” Mr. Kehret added.

Significant features of the PPC64 family of VMEbus computers include:

IBM PowerPC 970FX processor – 1.8GHz clock rate,

Estimated performance: 890 SPECint2000 and 1100 SPECfp2000,

Estimated Typical Power 45 Watts (single CPU configuration),

Up to 4 GB of DDR400 SDRAM memory,

Linux OS support

VME Interface

VME64x front panel latches

Universe II VME64x interface

System and front panel LEDS

Optional Expansion Capabilities

Second IBM PowerPC 970FX processor

Carrier board PCI I/O expansion option supports up to 6 additional PMC slots

High-Performance, 64-bit IBM PowerPC 970FX Processors for Embedded Systems

Featuring an advanced 64-bit architecture and 90 nm SOI technology, the IBM PowerPC 970FX processor provides ten execution pipelines and a speculative superscalar inner core organization, enabling it to execute up to five instructions per clock. The PowerPC 970FX processor provides superior performance when compared to 750FX and 7457 processors, enabling a single-processor PPC64 to perform almost four times faster on integer performance, and almost twice as fast for floating point performance. In addition, the PowerPC 970FX includes a SIMD vector engine. This feature provides significantly improved compute power in signal and image processing applications. Incorporating the PowerPC 970FX processor, Themis’ PPC64 family was designed for industrial and military users who need workstation and server capabilities, integrated on a VMEbus platform.

Themis Computer’s Environmentally Robust Servers and Single-Board Computers

Themis provides a broad range of high performance VME and Compact PCI computers and graphics controllers for the embedded market featuring AMDÔ, IBM and Sun processors. Themis’ family of VMEbus embedded computing products comprises the new PPC64™, TOP64-LP™, the USPIIIi™, the USPIIe-Gb™ with Gigabit interface (dual 10/100/1000 ports on the front panel), the USPIIe-USB™, the USPIIe-cPCI™, the TGA3D+™ and TGA-100™ PMC graphics mezzanine card. Themis’ single board computers have been performance tested to MIL-S-901D, Class A standards, with equipment shock loads of up to 40 G’s.

Themis' high performance servers, single-board computers and graphics controllers are now being integrated into advanced communications and defense systems, worldwide. The Themis Computer family of VME-based boards and systems products provide increased processing power and system reliability for demanding application environments, while achieving a net reduction in total cost of ownership.

PPC64 Price and Availability

The PPC64 VMEbus SBCs will be available in the second quarter of 2005, with single processor pricing below $ 6,000, in OEM quantities. Please contact factory for evaluation units or for volume order requirements.

About Themis Computer

Themis Computer is a leading developer and supplier of high performance VME and Compact PCI single-board computers, as well as systems based on ruggedized COTS motherboards and systems, for mission-critical telecommunications, military/aerospace, and industrial embedded applications. Themis provides open standards-based embedded computing platforms that support the Solaris™, Linux®, and Windows® NT operating systems. Themis' products incorporate features designed to ensure high reliability and availability while reducing the risks of failure caused by environmental extremes. An ISO 9001 certified company, Themis Computer practices Total Quality Management (TQM) in all areas of its business, from engineering and manufacturing to customer service. Themis Computer is headquartered in Fremont, California and offers worldwide service and support. For more information please visit or email:

PPC64, TOP64-LP, USPIIIi, USPIIe-Gb, USPIIe-USB, USPIIe-cPCI, TGA3D+, and TGA-100 are trademarks of Themis Computer. Sun, Sun Microsystems, Solaris, and UltraSPARC are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All SPARC trademarks are used under license and are trademarks or registered trademarks of SPARC International, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Products bearing SPARC trademarks are based upon an architecture developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. AMD and Athlon are trademarks or registered trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. HyperTransport is a licensed trademark of the HyperTransport Technology Consortium. IBM and PowerPC are registered trademarks of IBM in the United States. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective companies.

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Ace Computers Delivers Custom High Performance Computing to Leading Physics Analyst

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 27, 2013

Ace Computers, one of the finest custom technology manufacturers in the U.S., has been tagged by a leading computational physics analysis organization to provide custom high performance computers including core clusters, visualization post-processing machines, development workstations, networking, and storage.

Ace Computers CEO John Samborski said, “They chose us because we work closely with companies, like Intel, that they respect and that we are cost competitive. We are on the same page, which is the basis for a close collaborative relationship and they trust us to provide exactly what they want.”

The organization provides computational physics analysis, such as fluid dynamics, shock wave physics, and structural mechanics, to support the defense and automotive industries. They maintain a 5,000-CPU parallel supercomputer system capable of conducting a massive number of large-scale computations annually. The organization also develops prototype hardware for incorporation into existing and emerging weapon systems.

As a test, the organization first ordered an Intel-based HPC 584 core cluster with QDR IB from Ace Computers. Once they were satisfied, they initiated a full-scale purchase. Among the many benefits the organization cited of working with a smaller technology manufacturer are that they really get to know each client’s business and they are accessible. They also noted that Ace Computers is highly experienced, competent, and has a good reputation. The organization’s CEO added that he has recommended Ace Computers many times because of the value and service—which is just about everything that most people are looking for—and so hard to find--- in a custom technology manufacturer.

Samborski said, “It’s the ability level of our employees that makes us so successful. Our clients have good reason to trust us because we have a good track record. There are not that many companies that can design and implement high level data centers.”

Acknowledged as the best custom technology manufacturer, Ace Technology Partners (Ace Computers) is a Woman-Owned Small Business custom technology systems manufacturer and reseller for the public sector as well as the commercial sector. Their channel partners include Intel, Supermicro, InfiniBand, NVIDIA, Mellanox and Samsung among others. It has been an industry leader since 1983. In addition to some of the finest academic institutions in the U.S., long-term clients include the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Defense. Ace Computers builds custom technology with the same components that top manufacturers use without the premium price. Its principal, recognized industry expert John Samborski, is an alumnus of Intel’s prestigious board of advisors. In addition to its Greater Chicago headquarters, Ace Computers has locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Idaho, and Nevada. To contact Ace Computers, call 1-877-223-2667 or 1-847-952-6900 or visit


For media inquiries, contact Jeanna Van Rensselar at Smart PR Communications;

630-363-8081; jeanna(at)smartprcommunications(dot)com.

For Company Background, visit:

Acknowledged as the best custom technology manufacturer, Ace Technology Partners (Ace Computers) is a Woman-Owned Small Business custom technology systems manufacturer and reseller for the public sector as well as the commercial sector. Their channel partners include Intel, Supermicro, InfiniBand, NVIDIA, Mellanox and Samsung among others. It has been an industry leader since 1983. In addition to some of the finest academic institutions in the U.S., long-term clients include the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Defense. Ace Computers builds custom technology with the same components that top manufacturers use without the premium price. Its principal, recognized industry expert John Samborski, is an alumnus of Intel’s prestigious board of advisors. In addition to its Greater Chicago headquarters, Ace Computers has locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Idaho, and Nevada. To contact Ace Computers, call 1-877-223-2667 or 1-847-952-6900 or visit

Ace Computers on LinkedIn:

Ace Computers on Facebook:!/AceComp

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Apple IT Consulting Company, Forget Computers, to Attend European Mac Sys Admin Conference September 17-20

Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) September 13, 2013

MacSysAdmin 2013 is a forum for European Mac Administrators to gain knowledge, meet colleagues, make acquaintances, and exchange relevant technology experiences. Throughout the three day program speakers will host sessions specific to Mac OS X, OS X Server, iOS and iCloud, as well as mobile strategy and security, and the future of the Internet. In attendance will be system administrators from the business and educational markets where Apple computers and mobile devices make up a considerable part of the computing environment. Technical consultants from resellers, distributors, and consulting firms who are focused on Apple technology will also host informational sessions.

While Ben is overseas, he will conduct business consultations with current European Robot Cloud subscribers to review and analyze their infrastructure, corporate mobile device strategy, and provide technology recommendations for 2014. Also to be discussed is the impact of iOS7 and the latest Casper Suite enhancements. Improvements to the comprehensive Robot Cloud solution and its companion, Device Scout (also available as a standalone SaaS subscription), will be discussed and shared with customers and prospects. Most importantly, says Ben Greiner, Im excited about the opportunity to meet face-to-face with a few of our overseas clients and get direct feedback on how Robot Cloud can help them operate more efficiently.

Ben Greiner is the President and Founder of Forget Computers and is an expert in the Apple technology field. In addition to several speaking engagements over the years Ben has most recently published the following articles in i.Business Magazine: Best Practices for Creating Apple IDs, Six Steps to Better Mac & iOS Security, and Secure Corporate iOS Devices the Smart Way.

Founded in 1998, Forget Computers is a team of Apple IT specialists skilled in delivering Mac and iOS management and support to Chicago Creatives and IT Professionals worldwide. Forget Computers is also the developer of Robot Cloud, a hosted, Apple device management solution, powered by the JAMF Casper Suite, and the ingenuity and experience of Forget Computers.

Ben will be posting updates related to MacSysAdmin at and on Twitter @robot_cloud.


Group Mobile adds Unitech Rugged Handheld Computers to its Product Offerings

Chandler, AZ (PRWEB) April 22, 2010

Group Mobile, an online reseller of rugged computers has recently added Unitech Electronics' rugged handheld computers to its product offerings on .

Group Mobile, well known for carrying the top brands in rugged laptops, rugged tablet PCs, rugged UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PCs), rugged PDAs, and rugged handheld computers, now carries another leading brand in rugged handheld computing. The Unitech PA600 rugged PDA has recently been added to Group Mobile's product line, with other rugged Unitech mobile computing devices to follow soon. Unitech rugged handheld computers are designed to support applications such as field service, sales automation, retail, hospitality, utilities, and healthcare, as well as other highly mobile workforces that require extra security and efficiency in demanding working environments.

"The PA600 rugged PDA is one of Unitech's most popular products and will be an excellent extension to Group Mobile's rugged handheld computer offerings," stated Richard Lawson, President of Group Mobile. "We listened to our customers, tested and evaluated Unitech's rugged PDA, and determined that these versatile and competitively priced mobile computing devices offer great value and the enhanced functionality our customers are looking for."

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Group Mobile Adds NEXCOMs Economical Tablet Computers to Product Offerings

Chandler, AZ (PRWEB) March 24, 2010

Group Mobile, an online reseller of rugged computers has recently added NEXCOMs MRC 2100 and MRC 2300 economical rugged tablet PCs to its product offerings on

Group Mobile, well known for carrying leading brands in rugged laptops, rugged tablet PCs, rugged UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PCs), and rugged handheld computers has extended its product offerings to include NEXCOMs MRC-line of rugged tablet computers. The MRC 2100-e and MRC 2300 are rugged and economical tablet PCs designed for mobile workers requiring real-time information in a variety of working conditions.

The rugged NEXCOM MRC tablets each provide a strong and flexible mobile computing platform at a very affordable price," stated Richard Lawson, President of Group Mobile. Priced under $ 2000, these rugged tablet PCs are cost-effective solutions for warehouse management and logistics applications, as well as outdoor applications such as field data collection, inspection and surveillance, building automation, mobile CRM, meter reading, asset management, plant operations, fleet management, shipping and receiving, and many others.

We are pleased to add Group Mobile as our newest Global Partner, said Alan Yao, Director of Sales for Nexcom. Group Mobiles understanding of the rugged computer market combined with the companys stellar customer service will create a win-win relationship for both NEXCOM and Group Mobile.

The MRC 2100 and MRC 2300 mobile rugged computers are among the most durable and economical rugged tablets on the market today. Both tablets offer sunlight viewable touchscreen displays and integrated wireless features such as WiFi 802.11/b/g/n, Bluetooth and GPS. The MRC 2300 also features a hot-swappable battery which allows users to change the battery without turning off the tablet. Ergonomic, yet durable designs make these tablets suitable for use even in harsh environments. To learn more and purchase the MRC 2100-e and MRC 2300 economical rugged tablets, visit

About Group Mobile

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Group Mobile serves customers all over North America. Customers range from Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Military, to local police/fire/ambulance, to small and mid-size businesses, to the frequent traveler that needs something more durable than a commercial, off-the-shelf computer. Group Mobile carries all the leading rugged computing brands. In addition, Group Mobile offers vehicle docking and mounting equipment from Gamber Johnson, Ram Mounts, Jotto Desk, and Havis/Ledco. To learn more about rugged computers and how they differ from commercial, indoor computers, check out the Rugged Computer Guide or visit us online at


NEXCOM International Co. LTD., an ISO-9001-certified company and a member of PICMG, PCI-SIG, and Intel Communications Alliance, is at the forefront of the competition by offering OEM, ODM and OBM designs for products such as innovative blade servers; network security appliances; industrial and embedded PC products such as single board computers, embedded boards and systems; CompactPCI CPU boards; industrial-grade server boards; and customized platforms. Established in 1992, NEXCOM has since won several patents, awards, certifications for its high-quality products and service that meet international standards and worldwide customers' requirements. To serve its worldwide customers well, NEXCOM, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, set up subsidiaries in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and Japan as well as distributors in the other parts of the world.



Experts Estimate 270 Million Computers Have Outdated Anti Virus Software

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) July 03, 2013

Millions of computer users are using out of date antivirus software according to the latest volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report released on April 17th, 2013. It is no secret that having an up to date anti-virus software is recommended by security experts, but do users really need the most updated version to be protected? With the sheer number of new malware applications, computer viruses and the ever growing threats online, it would seem obvious that users would want to have the highest level of cyber security, but an overwhelming number of PC users are not using the most current antivirus software applications.

Microsoft's Security report indicates that there are nearly 270 million users worldwide who are using an outdated anti-virus on their home or office computer. The report also shows that the chances of getting a computer virus or malicious malware is 5 times higher for users who are not being proactive and taking the necessary precautions. Everyone knows that a computer needs AV software but why would so many people neglect to protect their computers?

People today live in a digital world where things are always becoming more automated and people often assume that once software is installed on the users machine that is all they ever need to do and the rest will happen by itself, unfortunately this is not the case, says Ilias Melikov a spokesperson for the security software PCKeeper.

It is a common misconception that blocking all malware or computer viruses is virtually impossible and with that mindset many users undervalue the need for the most recent AV software. The speed that technology changes in todays world means that the most basic protection can become obsolete in a few days, weeks or months. In the same way that the bad guys are always changing how malware and viruses are delivered, Anti Virus companies are investing millions of dollars in the technology to stay a step ahead of them in detecting threats and vulnerabilities.

Threats are always changing and we must change with them and part of that change means having the most current version of whatever anti-virus application you are using. We update our virus database as often as several times a day and this is a contributing factor of why PCKeeper has performed so well and has some of the best detection rates among the top security software vendors, says Mr. Melikov.

In fact, according to the independent security testing agency AV Comparatives, the PCKeeper AntiVirus proved to be 99.4% effective in identifying potential threats. No antivirus tested scored a perfect 100% detection rate but cyber security experts recommend users have an anti-virus software of at least a 95% detection and above to be safe. For more information on cyber security tips check out the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report:

For more information on PCKeeper visit the official website to learn more. To get PCKeeper the software vendor is currently offering users to pay any price they choose.

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