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Hybricon Corporation’s RME1021M High Power Enclosures Named Best in Class

Ayer, MA (PRWEB) December 1, 2005

Hybricon Corporations RME1021M Series enclosure has been chosen as best standard enclosure of 2005 by EE Product News magazine. The editors at EEPN reviewed the past years products and chose the best products in each of their standard product categories. Their choice of best products was based on performance or innovation or other quality that caught their attention.

Hybricons RME1021M enclosures provide a significant improvement in cooling capability for high power ruggedized applications. The power dissipation levels of todays extremely dense CPU and DSP boards are dramatically higher than in the past and keeping these high power boards cool is a challenge. The RME21M enclosure meets that challenge by employing dual DC impellers powered by a dedicated power supply output and patented CoolSlot


Fertility Centers of New England Announces Computerized Sperm Class Analyzer

Reading, MA (PRWEB) June 26, 2013

The Fertility Centers of New England is proud to announce the successful launch and clinical use of the Computerized Sperm Class Analyzer


Class of 1963 to Celebrate Golden Reunion at Concordia University, Nebraska

Seward, Neb. (PRWEB) May 05, 2013

Concordia University, Nebraskas graduating class of 1963 will celebrate its 50th year golden reunion on Saturday, May 11, and will be recognized that day at the universitys commencement ceremony.

Honors aside, the reunion is all about the relationships formed while at Concordia and continued over the years according to Jan Koopman, director of alumni, university and church relations.

I hear the stories of pranks and fun time, but mostly I hear the accounts of dear friends and professors who made such an impact in their lives.

It is wonderful to hear the pride and joy in their voices, especially when talking about children and grandchildren who have also come to their alma mater as students, said Koopman. These connections and the support that alumni offer our students help to ensure the legacy will continue.

Members of the class of 1963 who have indicated they will attend the reunion include Jon Anderson, Dennis Andreasen, William and Barbara Senechal Bade, Betty Polster Baden, Marilyn Holt Bader, Arthur and Carol Henning Brinkmeyer, Charles Brockmann, Joyce Fischer Brosch, Paul and Kathryn Wisroth Eisenbraun, Anette Bargsten Fehlhafer, Paul and Rachel Schultz Frese, Margaret Born Garmatz, Marilyn Rotter Grasz, Alice Duensing Hausman, David Helmer, Carol Mueller Householder, Raymond Huebschman, Karen Plautz Jauch, Lynette Wolfe Kindt, Priscilla Lawin, Jean Schmieding Lehmann, Roger and Sharon Nokes Mailand, Darlene Tech Mattson, Neil Misegades, Jay Musfeldt, John Nelson, Cathy Nightlinger, Gary Norton, Glenn and Patricia Ahrens Ohlmann, Gerhardt and Marilyn Mueller Pralle, Dale and Mary Ann Michalk Rauh, Eula Guebert Rehberg, James Rhiver, Arlene Haefker Riemer, Karen Killian Ringel, Gerald and Judy Werth Roggow, Ronald and Elaine Hummel Royuk, Elaine Michael Ruff, Marvel Schock Sanders, Frederick Schamber, Kenneth Schkade, Joyce Salzwedel Schultz, Janice Fischer Stover, Norma Schaefer Suhr, Gayle Timken, Kathy Groppe Walther, Lois Meder Webster, Paula Mueller Wehling and Darla Rein Wolters.

The planned activities for the reunion include tours of campus, dinner with President and Mrs. Friedrich, devotions, music recitals, lunch with the 2013 graduates and plenty of time to catch up with one another.

Every year when our golden reunion alumni return to celebrate with each other and the Concordia community, it is evident that Gods grace has been reflected in their lives no matter where God has led them to serve, said Koopman.

Concordia University, Nebraska, founded in 1894, is a fully accredited, coeducational university located in Seward, Neb. that currently serves over 2,100 students. Concordia offers more than 50 professional and liberal arts programs in an excellent academic and Christ-centered community that equips men and women for lives of learning, service and leadership in the church and world. For more information, visit

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Rehmani Consulting, Inc. to Host an Online Class on jQuery for SharePoint

Plainfield, IL (PRWEB) May 22, 2013

On Thursday, May 23, 2013, Rehmani Consulting, Inc, a strong proponent of no-code development approaches, will offer an online class to the SharePoint developer community: JavaScript and jQuery for SharePoint 2013: The Other SharePoint Development Method Click this link to read about our course on jQuery and JavaScript for SharePoint 2013. You can register directly from the page (interested parties can reserve a seat for the course from this web page). The course will be held from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM at a cost of $ 297.00 per attendee.



Renowned Crafters Jessica Sprague & Heidi Swapp Team Up For Cell Phone Camera Class

(PRWEB) October 16, 2012

Jessica Sprague, founder, instructor and designer at, and Heidi Swapp, designer, teacher and author are teaming up for a one-of-a-kind cell phone camera class - {Mo}tography: Rock Your Camera Phone.

During the eight day class, Jessica Sprague will use her legendary video-based instruction to walk users through over a dozen of the best photo apps for cell phones, showing how to get the most out of each and how they work together to create amazing photos.

After each of the app lessons, master crafter Heidi Swapp will show how she combines techniques to create truly gorgeous photo creations. Users will create three different "hybrid" (printable papercrafting) projects.

In the past year or so we have seen a real shift in people using their cell phones as a way to preserve memories. Things have changed so quickly that it can be intimidating to know exactly where to start, what apps are best and what to do with the pictures said Jessica Sprague. Heidi and I are so excited to show people how simple it is to use their phones to take amazing pictures and then use them in new ways.

Class participants will learn:


Full Sail University Announces 2012 Hall of Fame Induction Class

Winter Park, FL (PRWEB) October 02, 2012

Full Sail University is proud to announce the 2012 Full Sail University Hall of Fame inductees comprised of six graduates recognized for their outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment, media, and the arts. A weeklong series of events including an induction ceremony to celebrate and acknowledge these latest additions to the hall is scheduled to take place in early 2013.

The 2012 Full Sail University Hall of Fame inductees are:

Marcella Ms. Lago Araica


Think Big Partners Announces Startups Accepted Into First Accelerator Class

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

Business incubator and startup accelerator Think Big Partners has announced the six startups accepted into its first accelerator class, which is to begin on September 25, 2012 at the accelerators coworking space, bizperc, in Kansas City, Missouri.

Think Big Accelerator opened its first application window on June 14, 2012 for tech-focused, early-stage startups interested in launching a business faster, smarter and stronger within a Midwest accelerator program. Think Big Accelerator focuses on technology-based businesses with consumer-facing services, software, web services, apps and supportive solutions, to participate in the program.

Think Big Accelerator accepted six companies from across the nation to participate in its 22-week program:

H2OCloud (New York, New York): H2OCloud is a cloud-based application that connects music fans to bands in a mobile-based platform. H2OCloud helps bands create more revenue through better marketing, smarter asset management and improve the overall fan experience and artist-fan interaction.

inCharge (Kansas City, Missouri): inCharge is a kiosk-based mobile phone charging station that provides digital out-of-home targeted advertising to the consumer. inCharges initial focus is high teledensity overseas markets.

Kahootz (Kansas City, Missouri): Kahootz is a consumer-focused online calendar platform that provides users with easier ways to combine, share and manage all obligations and profiles on one easy-to-maintain social-based platform. Kahootz also enables user-controlled, privacy-enabled, permission-based business-to-consumer markets through event promotion syndication.

Keyzio (Kansas City, Missouri): Keyzio has been defined as the for real estate for two people who dont know they are trying to find each other. The Keyzio platform connects people and helps them find, buy and sell real estate that may not normally be available through MLS.

Phone2Action (Los Angeles, California): Phone2Action uses location-based mobile technology to instantly connect constituents to their lawmakers making in-the-moment advocacy easier.

Weejay (Kansas City, MO): Weejay is a virtual jukebox application that allows customers to control music in particular venues through mobile devices. Weejays venue management feature dashboard enables total control of music for a specific venue and creates better revenue opportunities for venue owners to enhance the overall patron experience.

Once again, we were overwhelmed by both the quality and the quantity of applications we received, said Think Big Partners co-founder Tyler Prochnow. While the quality of their ideas alone were impressive, even more impressive was the quality of the entrepreneurs. Several of the class participants are repeat founders who have already achieved a high level of success in other ventures. We are confident that they will add significant value to the formal program we have established.

The first Think Big Accelerator class will start its 22-week program on Tuesday, September 25, 2012, capped by a Demo Week in January of 2013.


Think Big Partners Opens Application Window for First Think Big Accelerator Class

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

Kansas City-based startup accelerator Think Big Partners has opened the application window for its first-ever Think Big Accelerator class, a 14-week program that will aid tech-focused, early-stage startups and entrepreneurs in launching a business faster, stronger and smarter this September.

With a team made up of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and founders of startup companies, Think Big Partners accelerator program combines lessons and observations from other successful programs across the nation to create a model that allows experienced and budding entrepreneurs to build new startups. Think Big Accelerator sets itself apart, however, by allowing these entrepreneurs to maintain life outside of their businesses while participating in the program.

We have studied, observed and finally created our own accelerator model that we think will work better for entrepreneurs who want to remain dedicated to their families and other obligations while still participating in the program, says Herb Sih, co-founder and managing partner of Think Big Partners.

In order to facilitate this idea, the first class of Think Big Accelerator allows entrepreneurs to arrive ready to work on Monday and leave on Thursday night during the 14-week program. This model will let traveling entrepreneurs return home on the weekends to spend time with family and manage other responsibilities.

We have studied what can be done in a short period of time in the startup world, says Tyler Prochnow, co-founder and senior partner at Think Big Partners. After studying the success that startups have in sprint programs like Startup Weekend, Startup Bus and hackathons, we created Think Big Accelerators model for the fast-paced, highly-focused entrepreneur.

We are amazed at what can be done in a short amount of time, says Sih. With important milestones and deadlines in place, we believe that the entrepreneur participating in Think Big Accelerator will be able to maintain a work-life balance and recognize the opportunity to reenergize, refresh, refocus and reflect at the end of each week by connecting with family when returning home. Its a contrary belief, but we think that stepping away from a business actually allows entrepreneurs to work smarter, faster.

Entrepreneurs accepted into the program will receive what Sih refers to as rockstar treatment while building their businesses in Kansas City. Think Big Accelerator has assembled the ingredients for participating entrepreneurs to come to Kansas City and work on their businesses comfortably. The accelerator will provide custom-tailored key elements for the entrepreneur such as real estate, essential service providers, dry-cleaning, restaurant specials, living arrangements, technology, office space and more. Kansas City businesses interested in providing discounted services for Think Big Accelerator entrepreneurs are encouraged to contact Think Big Partners at (816) 842-5244.

In addition, those accepted into the accelerator program will partake in field trips to many Kansas City locations for inspiration, education, collaboration and ideation.

Think Big Accelerator is looking for five to ten technology-based startups (especially businesses with a focus in consumer-facing services, software, web services, apps, etc.) to participate in the program. Entrepreneurs will participate in the 14-week program Monday-Thursday with the goal of building a successful startup and finally pitching to investors at the end of the program on two separate demo daysone traditional, and one utilizing a state-of-the-art technology.


PerfCap Adds Virtualization Support to its Enterprise Class Performance and Capacity Management Software

Nashua, NH (PRWEB) April 24, 2012

PerfCap Corporation, the leading provider of automated performance management and capacity planning software for the IT industry, today announced virtualization support in PAWZ Version 10. PAWZ with CloudView enables customers to expand the performance and capacity management of virtual infrastructures and distributed applications. Using CloudView, IT managers can optimize current resource usage and plan for future growth ensuring the best possible system responsiveness.

PAWZ with CloudView delivers a comprehensive, automated software solution that at-a-glance provides enterprise, data center, cluster and host views of the availability of important virtual infrastructure resources and applications. Utilizing sophisticated modeling and what if analysis, CloudView goes beyond simple trending to forecast actual system and application responsiveness and end-user satisfaction. CloudView features include the ability to:

Automatically monitor, analyze, report, and project key performance dimensions of virtualized resources, including: CPU; memory; network and SAN adapters; storage space and latency;

Enable management, infrastructure and application teams to visualize the important virtual infrastructure resources and performance risk status pertinent to their perspective;

Automatically identify and analyze guest provisioning issues and recommend solutions; and

Integrate with VMwares agentless collector technology.

These virtualization features further enhance PAWZs already powerful performance management and capacity planning capabilities. Customers can now take advantage of industry-leading functionality that dramatically improves the management of infrastructure and applications, enabling enhanced end-user performance and more effective utilization of systems while improving IT support productivity.

Aberdeen research finds that today over 60% of all applications are virtualized, said Dick Csaplar, Senior Research Analyst for Aberdeens Storage and Virtualization practice. This makes understanding how servers are provisioned more important than ever because the findings can be leveraged across a large number of servers. With a tool like PAWZ CloudView users will know exactly what servers can handle additional loads so companies can avoid purchasing new, unnecessary hardware.

Virtualized environments introduce additional challenges in managing large server estates said Prem Sinha, CEO of PerfCap. These new CloudView features give IT organizations the tools they need to monitor, understand and plan their virtual infrastructure in the most cost effective manner.

PAWZ simplifies the often challenging task of managing the performance of computer systems and applications in todays distributed, heterogeneous environments. It meets the challenges that IS managers face by allowing them to visualize the performance, capacity and risk status of all of their servers and applications in a single view. PAWZ provides realistic capacity planning, even with limited historical business forecasts, by going beyond the simple trending projections to forecast actual system responsiveness based upon sophisticated algorithms that reflect end-user satisfaction - all while easily scaling to manage 10s to 10,000s of servers.

About PerfCap Corporation

PerfCap Corporation (, formed in July 2001 by experts in performance management and capacity planning, is headquartered in Nashua, NH, USA. A privately held company, PerfCap continues to focus on the development, deployment, and support of world-class performance management, capacity planning, asset management and software solutions for open system environments.

PerfCap Corporation provides the banking, stock exchange, technology, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, medical insurance, education, and defense industries with next-generation performance management and capacity planning solutions.

Media Contact:

Madeline Burns +1 (603) 594 - 0222 x 110

Madeline.Burns AT

PerfCap Corporation

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