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Watch DVDs on smartphones and tablets this Christmas with major upgrade from Pavtube Studios

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 18 December 2013

This Christmas, people will be able to convert and watch DVDs and Blu-rays using the latest upgraded software from Pavtube Studios. Bytecopy, an innovative conversion software from Pavtube, allows users to convert movies and videos from DVDs and Blue-rays straight onto their mobile devices while maintaining the original quality.

With the large number of people using their mobile phones and tablets to consume media, there was the need for a software to be able to watch DVDs on these devices. With one in three people now a regular user of a tablet in the UK, according to eMarketer, and 67% of the US using smartphones according to Nielsen, a large proportion of people are using tablets and smartphones to consume media while commuting and at home.

“We found that the majority of our customers are converting digital media to their tablets and smartphones. So we decided to upgraded our software to not only allow people to watch movies on the go but now convert media for the very latest range of devices,” said Anda Wu, the software’s developer.

Bytecopy also has features that make it stand out from the crowd. Features such as multi-task conversion which allows users to convert Blu-rays and DVDs with multiple language audio tracks on all the latest devices. No other software on the market is able to do this and it allows users to use subtitles on their mobile devices.

Another innovative feature of the software is the fact that Bytecopy can now convert movies into 3D format. This allows users to watch standard movies in 3D on 3D televisions and 3D projectors using side by side and top down technology.

Wu continued, “Along with all these great features, Bytecopy can now convert media for devices such as the new iPad Air, the iPhone 5S/5C, Apple TV, WDTV, Android phones and tablets such as the Kindle Fire HDX and the Galaxy range of devices.”

With Christmas almost here, people will be able to review and convert classic movies and the latest blockbusters from Blu-rays and DVDs to their devices. They will be able to watch these movies on the go while travelling by plane or train to see loved ones and enjoy their holidays.

Ease of use is now a big feature of the upgrade with people being able to convert movies in just a few clicks. Bytecopy is able to automatically detect and convert the main movie on DVDs, help trim off unwanted material from the start and end of movies and also add subtitles. This is truly a one stop solution to all the converting needs of smartphone and tablet users.

“After the upgrade, this software is at last an all-in-one Blu-ray/DVD solution to meet all the needs of movie fans for multi-track backup and conversion,” concluded Anda Wu.

About Pavtube Studios

Founded in 2007, Pavtube creates expert multimedia software applications that help consumers access, transfer and share their digital content across different devices that range from PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones, to HD media players, game consoles, and home theatre systems.

On the basis of computer OS, Pavtube products are divided into two categories - Windows solutions and Mac solutions, spanning across BD/DVD backing up, video trans-coding, camera/camcorder footage and DVR recordings (e.g. TiVo) conversion.

With creativity, expert knowledge as well as cutting-edge technology, Pavtube helps consumers throughout the world enjoy more in a digitally connected audio-visual world. See for more information.


Lady-Comp – the best Christmas gift for every healthy conscious woman with special 10% discount in December

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 26 November 2013

How does Natural Family Planning / Fertility Awareness Methods empower women?

Almost every woman, at one point or another, finds herself in one of the following situations:

Trying to achieve pregnancy
Trying to avoid pregnancy
Simply wanting to understand her body’s natural cycle

Such women are acutely aware of the implications of fertility in their personal and family lives, whether it’s the heartache that can stem from infertility or the complex emotions, often including anxiety, surrounding family planning choices.

Unfortunately, many women lack adequate understanding about their bodies’ natural processes, including their personal window of fertility, and feel the need to surrender to medicine to dictate what their cycles do. Both the fear of becoming pregnant and the fear of being unable to conceive push women towards artificial hormones and invasive treatments that are often expensive and can have unpleasant—and sometimes harmful—side effects.

However, women are more confident in making decisions regarding their fertility when they understand it. By letting their cycles run their course and pinpointing their peak fertility, women can use such knowledge to try to achieve pregnancy or to avoid it. By learning about and working with one’s cycle—rather than fighting against it—they can take control of their fertility and plan their lifestyle accordingly. Thus, Natural Family Planning (NFP), frees women from needing to deal with unnecessary side effects and problems that may arise from trying to control their cycle artificially.

Hormonal Intervention: Why It's a Problem

It may come as a surprise that the birth control pill, despite its effectiveness and popularity, is actually discontinued by as many as 50% of women who begin taking it before the end of the first year of use. Why? Many are left feeling disillusioned by the drug’s promise of regulating their cycle with only minimal side effects. Certainly, each woman’s reaction to drugs is unique and varies.

But some common reasons are the unpleasant side effects of depression (pill users are twice as likely as nonusers to be depressed), decreased libido, increased appetite, breakthrough bleeding, and the small (yet harmful) increased risk of developing blood clots or, later on, breast cancer. Then there’s the cost of monthly pills—just plain expensive!

Additionally, many fertility experts, including doctors, are concerned about the fact that women often are not informed that the birth control pill does not always prevent ovulation, causing a moral dilemma for those who believe life begins at conception.

Despite the hormones’ ability to prevent the release of eggs, sometimes a “breakthrough ovulation” takes place. A woman can still conceive a baby (embryo), which in some cases cannot attach to the uterine lining because of synthetic hormones, preventing the embryo from developing fully.

This is due to the pill’s mechanism of changing the lining of the endometrium, which creates a hostile environment for the newly created embryo. A similar and perhaps worse mechanism of IUDs (coils), like Mirena, prevents implantation of an already conceived embryo by physical intrusion. Thus, a woman’s body, affected by artificial hormones, may involuntarily abort the newly formed embryo, a reality that some women may have difficulty coming to grips with.

Some women, knowing all of the risks of hormonal birth control methods, will decide that it is worth tricking their bodies regarding ovulation and dealing with the side effects in order to prevent pregnancy. But it is essential that first they understand the negative implications of hormonal birth control.

Natural Family Planning / Fertility Awareness Benefits

There are a plethora of benefits for women who decide to learn their bodies’ natural rhythm of fertility. By tracking the various signals of their cycle, women can identify their peak fertility and use that information to try to conceive or to avoid a pregnancy.

Fertility awareness puts the responsibility of family planning on both partners, requiring cooperation and a commitment to working with the woman’s cycle. Couples who have used fertility awareness as a method of birth control have not only reported better communication in their relationship but also significant improvement of their marriage relationships.

Additionally it was reported that divorce rate for married couples who had used natural family planning was 0.1%, where divorce rate for couples who had used invasive and hormonal contraception was 35%.

There is no doubt that there is no better way to improve communication, intimacy and trust between partners than natural family planning. As an additional benefit, women who track their cycles will also soon be able to predict with great accuracy their days of menstruation, ovulation and potential hormonal imbalances and health problems.

If fertility awareness is so great, why don’t more couples use this method to try to conceive or to prevent pregnancy?

Despite the great benefits of natural family planning and fertility awareness methods, some couples sense roadblocks, which may vary from couple to couple. A common turn-off of fertility awareness methods is either lack of fundamental knowledge about women’s fertility, or fear concerning the amount of dedication required to ensure accuracy in charting one’s cycle.

Often, it takes a cross-section of two or three elements over a period of time to achieve an accurate prediction of a woman’s most fertile days: charting daily basal body temperature, classifying cervical mucus consistency, and keeping track of menstruation in a calendar. It can be discouraging for those who are not yet familiar with the various stages of cervical mucus in a woman’s cycle.

Fertility Tracking Made Easy

Fortunately, there are many aids available for women wishing to use fertility awareness and natural family panning to achieve or avoid a pregnancy. One of these is the natural birth control monitor Lady-Comp and its sister fertility monitor, Baby-Comp. These monitors essentially do all the hard work and “remembering,” while users reap the benefits of letting their cycles run their course free from artificial hormones or devices. So now – without excuse - every woman can plan a family without any contraceptives or side effects.

These monitors compute users’ individual daily temperatures with data gathered from over 700,000 menstruating women to pinpoint each user’s unique fertile times, even for irregular, long or short cycles. For those trying to avoid a pregnancy, the red light (indicating peak fertility) tells you when to abstain from intercourse. For those seeking to become pregnant, the Baby-Comp device helps one monitor peak fertility in an unobtrusive way.

Many couples are not infertile at all, but simply incorrectly pinpoint their fertility windows, assuming all women ovulate around day fourteen— an error Baby-Comp can quickly help correct. Baby-Comp also registers if you don’t ovulate or if you have a hormonal imbalance responsible for potential miscarriages (yellow body dysfunction).

According to scientific trials of these products, they boast 99.4% accuracy in helping women to prevent pregnancy, which is equal to and even higher than popular invasive contraceptives and any on-off ovulation predictors.

Special Christmas 10% discount code:

Lady-Comp UK is happy to announce special Christmas promotion for Lady-Comp and Baby-Comp models: 10% off the standard price for all customers, who enter Christmas discount code: Healthy Christmas


Thankfully, we live in a time when health education is more readily available than ever before. But it is up to individual women to be proactive in their approach to family planning, including understanding the risks of hormonal and invasive methods and the benefits of fertility awareness and natural family planning.

Such knowledge yields confidence and power for women seeking to work with— rather than against— their menstrual cycles.

Content produced by Rebecca Graham

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Apple iMac Deals for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas 2013 Now Recommended by

(PRWEB) November 24, 2013

Apple might not be willing to give discounts on their flagship products like the iMac as many people would think. This is not a good thing for those people who love all things that are Apple. They are bound to put up a promotion, like they have done in the past years but Apple, being Apple might just hold a Black Friday promotion at their stores for a very limited time.

Check the price now for Apple iMac: Click Here Apple iMac Black Friday 2013.

Going by what happened last year with Apple holding the Black Friday promotion for 24 hours, starting on Thanksgiving and ending on the actual Friday. This is the only chance that manufacturers of smart computers, and devices offer discounts on their new products but Apple is not known for giving out things that much easily, especially with the problems they have been having with the new iMac. A sale at an Apple store is a big deal, it is missable the best discount is never more than 10%.

Apple has not been having a great year with display panel production issues. The company that was meant to supply display panels for the new iMacs had problems which forced Apple to delay its mass production plans for the new iMac.

The new Apple iMac slender design, shipment was pushed further into the 4th quarter of 2012. They were set to be rolled out in time for last year's Black Friday but they didn't quite make it into the 2012 best Black Friday deals.

Check out Apple iMac Black Friday 2013 Deals:


Luggage Superstore gives tips on travel apps for over the Christmas holidays.

Kent (PRWEB UK) 21 November 2012

With so many choices of applications available to use on mobiles, narrowing down to just a few that work for specific travel needs can help to be less baffling. Luggage Superstore recommends just a few popular ones to download if travelling over this Christmas holiday.

Hotel Tonight: -At Christmas time, hotels can get pretty booked up early, so if planning to use a hotel for accommodation, then this app is definitely one to keep on the phone. This app shows same-day hotel booking and with this option come many heavily discounted rooms. The app is linked to many top rated hotels all around the United Kingdom and United States, Canada and Amsterdam and still spreading. Users have rated this app quite high for ease of use, money saving, and with correct information and glitch-free. The bidding process for this app seems to be more highly favoured than other similar ones on the market as it seems to work faster.

Dark Sky: - Christmas and winter go together and with this season comes unpredictable weather. This is one of the newest weather apps hitting the market. This app is high tech radar animated information on the phone. This app predicts weather down to the last minute exactly where you are. It tells how long it will rain or snow etc and when it will stop etc. The graphics and maps seem to come alive with its vibrancy of colours and animations. This app can be extremely useful for day trips with families also.

Trippit: - this is an itinerary organiser. It places all the important documents received by email into one easy place to access at the touch of a button; flight information, vehicle rental and accommodation etc. This will definitely help anyone who is already organised and even better for the disorganised traveller.

There are many apps out on the market that may suit users differently-its all about trial and error and keep reading reviews that are readily made available online.

Luggage Superstores established site is in West Kingsdown, Kent. Their aim is providing competitive prices of the highest quality luggage and top calibre Customer Service for online luggage shopping.

Trina Chee-a-kwai

Luggage Superstore


Email Information

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Best Christmas Gift Baskets for Men and Women List Published by Those Tech Guys

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) December 15, 2012

Those Tech Guys have released a new best Christmas gift baskets for men and women list online. This new list is designed to provide information about some of the most requested baskets for the holiday season. Along with the popularity of each item, this list now details how this retailer is discounting prices as much as 80 percent to clear out remaining stock before the Christmas season is over.

A link to the published list is here

Many grown adults become nostalgic over childhood favorites like candy and toys. One company specializes in creating baskets that are themed for specific generations. The nostalgic candy gift boxes that are created by the Hometown Favorites company are one item that is one of the most requested for the holiday season.

The 1960s Retro Candy Basket includes favorites from this time period and includes an insert that provides information about notable events during the decade. Those that are from the 1960s generation can get the chance to relive childhood memories with this special gift for Christmas. TTG found that this gift is selling for 20 percent off online.

The Candy Crate company is one of few in the U.S. that specialize in making specific baskets for certain demographics of people. This company has put together a special holiday gift for children or parents that grew up in the 1970s. The Retro Candy Box series is one of the best sellers of the holiday season according to

The 1970s Retro Candy Box includes candies that were available during this decade that are no longer produced. From Necro Wafers to Pop Rocks, this basket has something for retirees and those approaching the age of 43. TTG found the discounts to be as much as 25 percent with sellers online.

Wine and cheese baskets remain one of the most gifted items during all occasions. The company has introduced a special holiday basket for sale. Instead of pairing this gift with wine, an assortment of cheese, meats and other specialties are provided for adults and children to enjoy.


Christmas Toys for Kids Under $25 Review Published Online by

New York, New York (PRWEB) December 06, 2012

Christmas toys for kids under $ 25 can be difficult to find through some retailers. have put together a list of the top toys requested this season by boys and girls in this price range. This review has been published online and includes how one retailer is discounting toys by 40 percent or more to entice online shopping.

Video game branding is one thing that has remained consistent year after year with popular toys. The Halo game series helped to produce mullions of units sold of games and merchandise. The Mega Bloks company from Canada offers many of the Halo branded toys for children. One commonly requested toy for the 2012 season is the Covenant Banshee.

This ground support aircraft includes one soldier in its packaged configuration. This 8 and up toy is one that is popular with many boys and some girls that know the Halo series. Those Tech Guys found this toy selling for 36 percent off online.

The Angry Birds application has sold millions and many more have downloaded free versions of this game. One of the mascots of this gaming system has been turned into a plush toy for the holidays. This new toy is marketed to the 5 and under age group although it can be requested by older children.

This Angry Birds plush toy includes sounds from the application that are recognizable. This 8-inch toy is made from non-allergenic materials to ensure that it is safe for children to use. Those Tech Guys found this new plush toy selling for 50 percent off online.

Model railroading toys were first created in the 1920s and have remained in use in the 21st century. The Thomas & Friends company is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. The success of the Thomas the Tank series has helped this model railroad company to produce one of the most in demand train sets for children.


Amazon Kindle Fire HD Expected to Be Discounted to $159 for Christmas According to

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 06, 2012 expect the Amazon Kindle Fire HD to be discounted for Christmas to $ 159 according to a new report. The Cyber Monday special price of $ 159 for the new Kindle HD 7 could be experienced again by shoppers that purchase this new tablet online. released a new report that details this price expectation online.

The 1280x800 HD display is one of the selling points noted by those that have reviewed the new Kindle tablet. The first launch in September witnessed inventory sold out in less than 3 days. Most retailers received a restock of this tablet on November 18th in time for Black Friday. New stock levels are currently decreasing and no new shipments are expected before Christmas according to research. revealed in the new report the price difference on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Nearly $ 50 in savings plus the option of free shipping is the offer that consumers that purchased on Cyber Monday received. This discounted $ 159 price is expected to be exclusive to Amazon again before the holiday is over.

Those Tech Guys are expected to update the new review and pricing report before the shopping season comes to an end. A team of writers, editors and researchers find the best pricing for technology related products and publish this information online. Those Tech Guys actively monitor the Amazon website and frequently publish last minute price updates for consumers.

Those that have an interest in purchasing the Kindle Fire HD could find supply shortage online apart from this retailer that is noted to have adequate supplies on had to ship.

About Those Tech Guys

The 2010 year was a year of creation and innovation for Those Tech Guys. This technology based company started reviewing and offering price incentives to consumers that searched for low priced deals online. In just 2 short years, Those Tech Guys online have created one of the most respected resources to find sale prices and reviews written without bias. From consumer information to general product likes and dislikes, Those Tech Guys online continue to help men and women find online deals through


Best Christmas Gifts for College Kids List Released Online by

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) November 29, 2012 have released a list of the best Christmas gifts for college kids in 2012. This new list includes a range of products that are suited for young men and women attending college. Parents, aunts, uncles or friends that are purchasing gifts this season could benefit from this information. The list revealed that this retailer has some of the lowest online pricing for college student gifts for the 2012 Christmas shopping season.

The Kindle Fire is one of the hottest devices that is sold for the Christmas season. Amazon has listed this tablet as its most gifted item. College students can make use of the 40 percent increase in Wi-Fi connection that this tablet offers as well as the larger storage space.

Those Tech Guys found that the Kindle Fire has been marked down from its retail price online. Frequent sales are often found from select sellers. Those that did not purchase this tablet during Black Friday could still benefit from the low prices published online.

Laptop computers have remained a popular gift for students. The quality of laptops from manufacturers like HP have improved over the past decade. The light weight, faster processor and larger memory now included in these laptops have helped to make them popular according to Those Tech Guys.

The lowest price online was found for the model HP Pavilion dm1-4210us. This laptop is sold for 21 percent off the already discounted price for this holiday season. This special pricing is enacted to help those purchasing these as a gift online.

While sales of basic DVD players have been in decline, the blu-ray technology has helped to keep these media players alive. The high definition resolution that is offered with the picture quality and Dolby surround sound offered by these players has helped to keep them popular.

One of the best prices online found by Those Tech Guys for the Sony BDP-S590 was 35 percent off the list price. This larger than standard discount is offered only for online purchases and is not applicable to in-store buying.

Those Tech Guys review of the best Christmas gifts for college kids is scheduled to be maintained and updated as the Christmas holiday nears. This information is designed to be helpful to those searching for some of the best online pricing deals for 2012.

About Those Tech Guys

As a technology review website launched in 2010, Those Tech Guys have quickly grown into a consumer review resource online that helps men and women to find the latest products easier. This resourceful website receives help from writers, researchers and editors that help to compile some of the best pricing incentives found online. Both regular and holiday season shopping guides are written and released by Those Tech Guys to help consumers make better purchasing decisions online. A newly designed website is expected to launch in 2013 at

10Jan/130 details top Christmas gift ideas 2012

(PRWEB UK) 6 November 2012 has detailed its top ten Christmas gift ideas for 2012. The company who runs sister website as an online portal for everyday shopping have compiled the list which was published yesterday, the 31st October 2012.

Their findings as were expected including several top selling products from the past few months and over the year including the Steve Jobs Biography, the Google Nexus 7 and Apple Ipad.

A spokesmen for the company commented: this list is aimed at everyone, we tried to incorporate something for everyone although it does have a very tech feel to the list. Our own interests may have caused this although it may be the fact 2012 has been a great year for Tablet pcs and these along with ebook readers are expected to be so popular this Christmas.

They continued: the list is meant as means of getting our site visitors to interact, we want to know what they feel would make a great gift this Christmas both for our interest and that of our news area readers, who knows, maybe someone will find the perfect gift courtesy of our post.

Perhaps the most surprising inclusion in the list is the Furby, a toy originally brought out in 1998 although it is expected in many circles to be a big seller this Christmas after a September 2012 facelift. is part of the Cheap brand, the everyday shopping portal offers online price comparisons of a large number of items and products from garden equipment through to electronics.


Computer School for Boomers & Seniors Announces New Partner Program in Time for Christmas

Plano, TX (PRWEB) November 14, 2012 is a virtual campus that offers the largest selection of online computer Lesson Plans created specifically for Boomers and Seniors. CS4Seniors is offering free enrollments as a part of their Partner Program just in time for Christmas.

Online students may now enroll in the new CS4Seniors Partner Program and also enroll another persona parenta grandparenta friend...a spousea sona daughterfor free. Learning how to get connected with friends and family via the Internet is a thoughtful Christmas gift.

Microsoft and AARP recently conducted a report called Connecting Generations (Feb.2012). They found that respondents in all surveyed age groups cite staying in touch with friends and family they do not see regularly as their number one reason for using social networking sites in general (67%). This includes solid majorities of those age 39-58 (66%) and age 59-75 (56%).

Mimi Witcher, Co-Founder of Computer School for Boomers & Seniors said, Now is a great time to learn how to share your love, share your thoughts and share your photos. The former Teacher of the Year at a Community College in Dallas, TX went on to say, This is an opportunity for a tech savvy son or daughter to help their parents or grandparents learn how to get connected and stay connected.

"Our objective in introducing the Partner Program is to help our students team-up and learn with a spouse, a close friend or relative regardless of age in order to enrich their lives. Exploring the world together via a computer and the Internet is a fun thing to do.

Computer School for Boomers & Seniors empowers their students by providing encouragement, lifelong learning opportunities and new worlds to explore via the Internet. To learn more about the Free Partner Program that provides over 400 online computer Lesson Plans for about 10 cents a day tuition, tour the campus at

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