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BioTrackTHC Announces It Will Attend the National Cannabis Industry Association Event in Chicago This Weekend

Denver, CO (PRWEB) August 21, 2013

On August 1, 2013, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed HB 1, which created a medical marijuana pilot program for the state of Illinois. The program, which goes into effect January 1, 2014 and is called Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, allows for the therapeutic use of medical marijuana by patients who suffer from one or more of 33 qualifying medical conditions.

What better place to hold the first comprehensive marijuana business symposium ever conducted in the Midwest than in Chicago?

BioTrackTHC, a division of Bio-Tech Medical Software, announced today that it will be attending the symposium which is being sponsored by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). The event will be held at the Embassy Suites Downtown at 600 N. State Street on Saturday, August 24, 2013 from 10:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. with a networking reception immediately following.

Patrick Vo, Co-CEO of BioTrackTHC, the industry's developer of the only true plant management and seed-to-sale medical marijuana software for marijuana businesses, said, We are very excited to be attending this first major industry event in the Midwest and, because Governor Quinn recently signed the medical marijuana bill into law, the timing couldnt be better. As the developer of the only true plant management and seed-to-sale medical marijuana software for marijuana businesses, it was imperative that BioTrackTHC attend to answer any questions about our suite of products and how our software will meet compliance requirements of every aspect of the new Illinois law.

Phil Kinsella, Vice President of Marketing for BioTrackTHC, will be attending the symposium and will be available to meet one-on-one with anyone at the show who wants information on the BioTrackTHC suite of products. To set up a private meeting with him, attendees are asked to call 855-762-4420 or send an email to sales(at)biotrackthc(dot)com.

About BioTrackTHC

The industry's developer of the only true plant management and seed-to-sale medical marijuana software for marijuana businesses! BioTrackTHC was designed to not only offer you a turn-key Medical Marijuana POS software system to meet state regulations, but to actually enhance every aspect of your medical marijuana business! Our MMJ dispensary POS software allows for easy grow house location tracking, inventory, patient management, point-of-sale system and easy accounting reporting. As the market leader in MMJ POS software BioTrackTHC uses cutting edge technology and offers the most robust medical marijuana dispensary software in the industry to help you run your business more efficiently and profitably while staying compliant. Other systems were designed to help you run your business: our system was designed to make your business successful!

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Association of Divorce Financial Planners Offers One-Day ADFP University in Conjunction with the 11th Annual ADFP Conference in Chicago

East Northport, NY (PRWEB) July 30, 2013

The Association of Divorce Financial Planners has finalized the course offerings for the 2013 ADFP University on September 19 at the Chicago Hilton/Magnificent Mile Suites. The one-day ADFP University is held in conjunction with the 11th Annual ADFP Conference, September 20-21. ADFP University covers material that gives both new and experienced practitioners a solid foundation in the basics of divorce financial planning.

When planning the courses for the 2013 ADFP University, we focused on content that will provide divorce financial planners with useable information, said Andrew Samalin, president of ADFP. The wide range of topics allows participants to customize the learning experience to fit the needs of their individual practices.

Attendees can register for up to four of the twelve course offerings, most of which provide Continuing Education (CE) credits. Presenters and topics featured at this years ADFP University include:

Wendy Drefahl, president of WFA Econometrics Corporation, presenting two sessions on Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs). One session covers Pension Basics and a second covers advanced issues in the distribution of retirement funds to former spouses. The advanced session will cover issues related to distributions from lesser understood government pensions, railroad retirement, and military retirement benefits.

Two sessions during the day will focus on what divorce financial planners need to know about forensic document investigation. Linda Spencer, CGA, M.S., president of L S Spencer and Associates, will provide information on Handwriting Analysis. She is a noted lecturer on handwriting analysis and behavioral profiling. Warren Spencer, CGA, CFE, also of L S Spencer and Associates, will share insights on Forgeries and Questionable Documents. He is a certified fraud examiner who specializes in investigations involving handwriting.

Brandi Ruffalo, MBA, AVA, president of The Business Development Company, outlines important information on Business Valuations and Computer Forensics. Ms. Ruffalo is an expert in business valuations for divorce litigation. Her clients range from small family-owned businesses to large privately held entities.

Vik Rajan, a co-founder of and a partner in Practice Marketing, Inc., helps financial advisors and other professionals market their expertise, within the guidelines of their specific professions. During two dynamic sessions focused on business growth, Mr. Rajan will cover Social Media-Linked In Marketing, Practice Management and Blogging for Referrals.

Other presenters and their topics include Steve Anderson on Estate Planning Pitfalls after Divorce; a discussion of Personality and Behavior Disorders with Danette Perry; information on the Role of the Corporate Fiduciaries in Divorce from Nancy Hermann; and thoughts on Health Insurance under Obamacare by Sheila Mack.

Participants in the pre-conference ADFP University are also invited to register for the 11th Annual ADFP Conference September 20-21. The two-day conference will feature presentations by thought leaders in divorce financial planning. Participants can expect to learn about emerging trends, best practices and tips on marketing to divorce professionals and clients. Among the highlights of this years conference are presentations on uncovering fraud in divorce, same sex issues, information on the Taxpayer Relief Act and expert witness enactment.

The 11th Annual ADFP Conference is being held at the Chicago Hilton/Magnificent Mile Suites. The three-day agenda offers comprehensive divorce financial planning education and the opportunity to network with leading divorce financial planning professionals. Continuing education (CE) credits are available for financial planners, accountants and CDFAs. Both ADFP members and non-members are welcome. Discounted rates are available for early registration through July 31 and for ADFP members. For a complete agenda and online registration, visit the ADFP website, or call 888-838-7773.

About the Association of Divorce Financial Planners

The ADFP is an interdisciplinary association of professionals who research and analyze personal and business financial issues, as well as tax implications, related to divorce. The association develops outreach programs, and training and continuing education opportunities for financial practitioners, allied divorce professionals and the general public. The organization plays a key role in policy making regarding divorce financial issues. The ADFP holds its members to high standards in professional and ethical protocols in the U.S., Canada and other countries. Comprehensive information on the ADFP can be found at

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Two Chicago Teachers Remix Music History with iPad Technology. Interactive Listening iBook Chosen as #1 Editors Choice by Apple

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 13, 2013

Interactive Listening announced today the launch of an ingenious new approach to music education with the release of its Interactive Listening iBook, recently named by Apple as the #1 Editors Choice in all categories of textbooks.

Interactive Listening is the brainchild of Pete Carney and Brian Felix, music educators and jazz musicians in Chicago, who were tired of the dead-end approach of using traditional textbooks to teach music. Instead they created a compelling iBook (interactive book) for iPads that remixes education with technology. At last, music history is fun! said Vandercook College of Music President Charles Menghini.

Created for digital-savvy students, Interactive Listening features Hollywood-style graphics, interactive 3-D instruments and computer games. At the same time, the iBook includes interactive educational content spanning 35,000 years of music, with sounds from every continent, from prehistoric cavemen to Beethoven to Coldplay. Ive never seen anything like it. Jennifer Foxx, President of the Phoenix Music Teachers Association.

In its early release in select markets in the United States, Interactive Listening is winning rave reviews.

Its thorough, and beautifully conceived, said Barbara Freedman, author for Oxford Press.

This book changes everything for education, not just music, said Mike Lawson, executive director of technology in music education in Nashville.

This book is the next step in education. Thanks for paving a way forward, Jay Berckley, music director at the Village School and TED Conference Speaker.

The Interactive Listening iBook was designed for schools that are replacing traditional textbooks with iPads. The self-published digital title is priced at $ 14.99, ten percent of the $ 149.99 textbook price Carney and Felix paid for a comparable textbook in college.

The Interactive Listening iBook is available immediately on the Apple iBookstore for downloading at $ 14.99, and available in eight countries, including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

To view the multimedia assets associated with this release, please click:


About the Interactive Listening iBook

Music Educators Carney and Felix sought to create a more relevant, current experience for their students with Interactive Listening.

We used the tactile experience of gaming and visual graphics from Hollywood movies to help music teachers in high school and college compete in the digital world, said Carney, Listening to classical, jazz or Tibetan music can be an entirely fun new experience if youre receiving instant quiz feedback about your listening skills. We discovered that students had a blast playing musical games, such as dragging and dropping parts of a symphony into the right order.

Carney said students are more engaged and drawn into their new interactive way of conveying the drama, history and elements of music.

Instead of reading about the great composer Beethoven, we created listening homework for the digital world, said Carney, We found that students want to discover music, express themselves and test themselves, not read boring biographical fillers and factoids. The Internet is full of information about when Beethoven was born, but that doesnt teach you how to understand his music. We believe our interactive approach instantly brings home the impact of music to our students in way old textbooks never could.

The Interactive Listening iBook features:


Chicago Bears NFL Apparel up to 75% off at Sports Fan Playground

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) May 26, 2013

Current and classic Chicago Bears NFL apparel and accessories are available at up to 75% off of retail price at the Sports Fan Playground.

The store has a variety of classic Bears NFL sports memorabilia that commemorates the classic Bears teams of the 1930s and 1940s, during the club's early years. The store also has classic Chicago Bears memorabilia from the famous 1985 Bears team that won the SuperBowl with items from classic players including Jim McMahon, Walter Payton, William "Refrigerator" Perry, and the iconic coach, Mike Ditka. Classic items include footballs, jerseys, shirts, photos, signed helmets and more.

The store has current Bears NFL apparel and merchandise including jerseys, sweatshirts, t-shirts, office products, home products, tailgating items, flags, among other items. In terms of jerseys, the top Bears NFL jerseys are available including Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Brian Urlacher, Julius Peppers, Charles Tillman and many more.

For more information, please visit

On Social Media -

Facebook -

Twitter - @SportsFanPlay

Pinterest -


The Sports Fan Playground is a leading provider of top sporting goods and accessories from the NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA, WWE, UFC, Barclays Premier League, and other top organizations around the world. The website recently added a special Nike store section, as well as classic sports memorabilia, jerseys, hats, and sporting goods equipment from major professional and college sports leagues. The store recently expanded its inventory to carry the top sporting goods and equipment for all sports including MMA, baseball, hockey, football, cheerleading, golf, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, bowling, camping, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, boxing, boating, cycling and many more.

Along with the website, the store also recently launched the new website, which specializes in the sale of IT solutions for small business and enterprise companies, as well as consumers. Items available include modems, routers, switches, adapters, cables, computer cases, speakers, cooling fans, office products, furniture, laptop computers, desktop PCs, memory, memory cards, and more from companies such as Cisco, HP, Lenovo, Apple and others.

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Chicago Start-up, Clandestine Development, Gives Back This Holiday Season

(PRWEB) December 12, 2012

This holiday season, Chicago tech start-up Clandestine Development is giving back through their Gift App and Give Back campaign. Clandestine Development has partnered with RAINN, Take Back the Night, 1 In 6, PAVE and SAFER Campus to promote the companys new personal safety mobile app, LifeLine Response, and to raise awareness for sexual violence.

During the month of December, Clandestine Development will give $ 1 for every LifeLine Response app purchased to one of the above organizations. A vote will be taken to determine which organization will be the recipient of this holiday donation. Anyone can vote online at We encourage people to Gift LifeLine Response to a loved one and then Give Back by voting for their favorite organization. Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. on December 31st.

Peter Cahill, Founder of LifeLine Response, said, When it comes down to it, our goal for LifeLine Response is to make the world a safer place. RAINN, Take Back the Night, 1 In 6, PAVE and SAFER Campus share this goal. We think they do phenomenal work, and we want to help them to continue fighting sexual violence.

One in four college women is the victim of rape or attempted rape, said Take Back the Nights Executive Director, Katherine Koestner. "The Take Back The Night Foundation is delighted to have the support of LifeLine Response in our campaign to end sexual violence in all forms. When we know that we have help when we need it, we are all more confident.

LifeLine Response is now available at $ 21.99 for an annual subscription. LifeLine Response is available in the United States from Apples App Store and Google Play, or by visiting: Also, visit the website for more information about the product, including videos and screenshots.

I am thrilled that LifeLine Response is giving back to the community and working with us to shatter the silence of sexual violence, said Angela Rose, Founder of PAVE.


Portal’s GLaDOS to appear in Chicago in July.

Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) December 28, 2012

The voice behind the infamous GLaDOS of Portal and Portal 2 will be returning to Chicago in 2013 to celebrate Anime Midwest. GLaDOS's first ever live performance of "Still Alive" and "Want You Gone" was at Anime Midwest two years ago, in 2011, and so far Anime Midwest is the only place fans can meet Ellen McLain in 2013.

Ellen McLain, the voice of GLaDOS, the artificial intelligence antagonist in Portal (for which she won an AIAS Interactive Achievement Award for Outstanding Achievement in Character Performance) and Portal 2, hails from Nashville, Tennessee. She has worked in theater and opera for over thirty years. Her professional career began on Broadway with Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady and with the legendary Peggy Lee in her show, Peg. Ellens credits range from Linda Loman in Death of a Salesman to Mimi in La Boheme. McLain provides voices for many characters in several video games from Valve. Among them are the announcer in Team Fortress 2, and the voice of the Combine overwatch for the Half-Life 2 series.

McLain is the only person to have her voice in all the games in the Orange Box. She sang the ending credits song to Portal, "Still Alive" and Portal 2, "Want You Gone", both written by Jonathan Coulton, and sang the Turret Opera by Mike Morasky featured at the end of Portal 2. McLain now lives in Seattle with her husband, fellow voice actor John Patrick Lowrie, who insisted she get a voice demo for years and is therefore responsible for her subsequent fame as the much loved and hated GLaDOS.

Her husband, famed sci-fi novelist John Patrick Lowrie, will also be returning. John Patrick Lowrie was born in 1952 in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Boulder, Colorado. At 16 he left home to make his way as a singer/guitarist/flautist/trombonist in a rock n roll band, sleeping in parks and communes and getting to know several hippies. Surviving the draft, he graduated with highest distinction from the Indiana University School of Music and for a few years managed to make a living as a composer and guitarist in his acoustic fusion duo The Kiethe Lowrie Duet, garnering critical acclaim and opening for people who were much more famous than he was. He then decided to become an actor because the pay was better and the work was steadier. To this day he remains the only person he knows of who has done this. He met Ellen McLain, his wife of twenty-four years, in Arnhem, Holland on a European tour of a Broadway show and started his acting career in Palermo, Italy telling jokes to an opera house full of Sicilians who didnt speak English. Success continues to dog his heels like an angry Pekinese. John and his wife now reside in Seattle, where they divide their professional time between acting in live theater and voice acting for computer games and radio.

The pair performed "Still Alive" and "Want You Gone" live at Anime Midwest 2011, with Ellen singing and John playing guitar.... or perhaps it was a Banjo. The video has had almost 200,000 views on Youtube, at

Over 3,000 people will converge on the Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Rosemont, Illinois from July 5-7, 2013 for the next Anime Midwest. Anime Midwest features over 100+ events, dozens of dealers and artists, dozens of video game tournaments, and dozens of epic guests. Some of the convention's events can be found at

Attending the convention requires registration either in advance or at the door. Advance registration is cheaper, and can be found online for only $ 30 at


Anime Midwest

Hyatt Regency O'Hare

9300 Bryn Mawr Avenue

Rosemont, IL 60018

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Spark Hire is Bringing Video Interviewing and a Party to the HR Technology Conference and Expo in Chicago

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 04, 2012

Spark Hire (, the leading video interviewing platform, will be exhibiting at Booth 877 during the 15th Annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition held at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL on October 8th and 9th.

"We are going to be bringing a lot excitement to the HR Tech event, said Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire. Not only will attendees be able to learn about our awesome video interviewing solutions, but they will also be invited to our unofficial HR Tech afterparty: HR Spark!"

Spark Hire will be hosting HR Spark on Monday, October 8th from 7-11 pm at Joe's Bar, a popular sports bar in Chicago. "We wanted to give HR Tech attendees a fun place to interact and socialize," says Tolan. "Partygoers will be able to mingle with other HR professionals over free drinks and appetizers and even hit the dance floor with a live DJ. That combined with a ton of giveaways and surprises makes this the place to be on Monday for any HR Tech attendee." (Click Here to Get Tickets to the Party)

Spark Hire's video interviewing solutions will be on display at Booth 877 in the HR Tech Expo Hall. Demonstrations will consist of one-way and live video interviews:

Spotlight Interviews: Employers can send a series of questions to candidates who respond with video answers. These interviews can be watched by the employer at their convenience.

Live Interviews: Employers can connect face-to-face with job seekers using their webcam.

Spark Hire will also be raffling away gifts such as t-shirts, coffee mugs and even free iPads! Be sure to stop by to watch one of the demonstrations for your chance to win one of these great prizes!

About Spark Hire:

Spark Hire is a video powered hiring network that connects job seekers and employers through video resumes and online interviews. By integrating video screening and video interviewing into the hiring process, Spark Hire bridges the gap from the initial application to the final hiring decision by providing job seekers with a better way to stand out and employers with a more efficient way to identify top candidates. For more information, please visit

About HR Tech:

Over the past 15 years, the HR Technology Conference & Exposition has been dedicated to connecting HR executives and practitioners with the technology solutions that can solve their biggest challenges. For 2012, the conference will provide attendees with the unprecedented opportunity to meet with the worlds most powerful software executives and HR technology experts and learn about the latest technologies that will advance the effectiveness of the HR function. For more information, please visit


Winners of annual eyefortransport North American 3PL Awards announced at Americas largest 3PL Summit June 18th, 2012 Chicago, IL, USA

(PRWEB UK) 18 June 2012

Each year the eyefortransport 3PL Awards aim to recognize those 3PLs that continuously deliver excellence in logistics operations and superior service to their customers. The nominees are shortlisted by a panel of industry experts, and the winners are then voted on and decided by North American 3PL customers - the manufacturers and retailers who depend upon and work with logistics service providers everyday.

The awards reception was hosted by eyefortransport, and attended by senior management from the winning 3PLs, the nominees and hundreds of their customers. Representatives from over 40 major 3PLs, as well as Heads of Supply Chain for major 3PL users were in attendance.

Its a very exciting year for the 3PL awards, said Katharine OReilly, the Executive Director of eyefortransport. Weve had a great voter response, and the competition in some categories is fierce. Its clear that happy customers are really willing to support their best logistics partners. This represents a real sense of partnership in the industry, and reflects longer and more stable relationships that are a very positive trend.

Winners of the eyefortransport North American 3PL Awards 2012

Best 3PL for Automotive Supply Chains: Linc Logistics

2012 Shortlisted Finalists: CEVA, CAT, DHL-Exel, LINC Logistics, Menlo, Ryder, Schenker, UTi

Best 3PL for Chemical/ HazMat/ Oil & Gas Supply Chains: Jacobson Companies

2012 Shortlisted Finalists: Agility, DHL-Exel, Jacobson Companies, Menlo, Odyssey, Penske, UTi

Best 3PL for Consumer Goods Supply Chains: Transplace

2012 Shortlisted Finalists: APL Logistics, CH Robinson, DHL-Exel, DSC, GENCO, Jacobson Companies, Kuehne + Nagel, OHL, Transplace, UTi

Best 3PL for Fresh Food Supply Chains: CH Robinson

2012 Shortlisted Finalists: CEVA, CH Robinson, Transplace, Saddle Creek

Best 3PL for Hi-Tech & Electronics Supply Chains: FedEx

2012 Shortlisted Finalists: DHL-Exel, FedEx, Kuehne + Nagel, Menlo, UPS, UTi

Best 3PL for Industrial Supply Chain: UPS-SCS

2012 Shortlisted Finalists: CAT, DHL-Exel, LMS, Menlo, NFI, OHL, Penske, Ryder, UPS SCS, UTi

Best 3PL for Pharma/ Life Sciences/ Healthcare: DHL-Exel

2012 Shortlisted Finalists: DHL-Exel, Expeditors, FedEx, GENCO, Hub Group, UPS SCS, UTi

Best 3PL for Renewable Energy Supply Chains: BNSF Logistics

2012 Shortlisted Finalists: BNSF Logistics, CH Robinson, Schenker, UPS SCS

Best 3PL for Retail Supply Chains: Transplace

2012 Shortlisted Finalists: APL Logistics, CH Robinson, Damco, FedEx, GENCO, Kenco, Menlo, OHL, Transplace, UPS SCS

Best 3PL for Sustainable Supply Chains: UPS-SCS

2012 Shortlisted Finalists: CH Robinson, GENCO, Menlo, Transplace

Congratulations to all of the deserving winners and finalists!

Visit for further information, the full judging panel, and pictures.

eyefortransport is looking forward to next year's North American 3PL Summit & Awards Ceremony, scheduled for June 18th 2013, where the 3PLs who best lead their customers to new heights in the year ahead will be recognized. The European 3PL Awards will take place in Antwerp on October 22, 2012.

For more information on this years awards, or next years, please contact our Press Director on the details below:

Fiona Hill

Press Director


US toll free: 1800 814 3459 ex.3459

CAN toll free: 1866 996 1235 ex.3459

World phone: +44 (0)207 375 3459

About EFT

EFT (eyefortransport) is the global leader in business intelligence and C-level networking for the transport, logistics and supply chain industry. We specialize in connecting senior industry executives with their industry peers, and with the crucial information they need to excel in their work.

For 13 years, EFT has provided the industry with essential business intelligence in the form of news, reports, benchmarking data, white papers and high-level events. Through constant direct engagement with industry leaders, we ensure our products and events are directly tailored to meet the industrys needs.

With over 15 annual events in Europe, North America and Asia, EFT also provides the primary meeting grounds for the top executives in the industry. Our events are consistently attended by the CEOs, CSCOs, and VP-level decision-makers from the leaders in supply chain and logistics.

For information about our business intelligence products, or to get involved with any of our events or initiatives, call us today: +44 (0)207 375 7174 or 1-800-814-3459 ext. 7174, or visit

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Chicago Loop Dentist, Dr. Michael Marcus, Now Accepting Patients for One Visit Dental Crowns Using an Advanced Dental Restorative System Called CEREC

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 05, 2012

Perfect teeth, although coveted by millions across the nation, are an attribute that few people can attain without a little cosmetic dentistry work. Fillings, dental crowns and veneers are found in most peoples mouths. Research shows that in the next 10 years, 1.2 billion of these fillings will need to be completely replaced. Dr. Michael Marcus is using the innovative Chairside Economical Restorations Esthetic Ceramic to make fixing a cavity or a bad tooth a one-time event that lasts about as long as a regular appointment.

Normally, a visit to the dentist will result in a follow-up appointment due to the discovery of cavities or other problems that will need to be taken care. This involves taking more time out of the patients schedule and a possible, extra cost for the procedure, gas money, etc. Now, with the advanced techniques involved with CEREC, that may no longer be the case.

CEREC is not all that new to the field of cosmetic dentistry, but Marcus Dental Practice makes it something worth experiencing. With the help of specialized tools and machinery, an optical impression of the teeth in need of fillings or dental crowns is taken and processed. Because there is no need for a mold made of goop that you bite into, this image of your teeth is then converted by 3D software to create a virtual model on the computer screen.

Using a separate milling machine found on-site, Dr. Marcus designs the appropriate restoration to exactly fit your needs. This is then created out of a ceramic block that matches the shade of your tooth--all within one appointment, lasting perhaps 10-20 minutes. After a good polish, the needed dental crowns or restoration is securely bonded to the tooth of the patient, with a guarantee that a return trip will not be necessary.

For the dentists and staff at Marcus Dental Practice, cosmetic dentistry has never been easier, more accurate, and effective for their patients. Using CEREC has proven to be fast and economical for both dentist and patient, and the results are reported as overwhelmingly positive.

Marcus Dental Practice is a dental office providing patients personalized dental care and implant dentistry for Chicago, Illinois for over 50 years. As a father-son team, David and Michael Marcus strive to continue their dental education and are both members of the American Dental Association. They aim to provide dentistry in all dimensions as part of one percent of dental professionals providing the most recent FDA cleared laser procedure for gum disease and periodontal treatment. To learn more about Marcus Dental Practice and their dental services visit their website at and call (312) 241-1328.

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