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Equifax Advises Students Heading onto the Jobs Market Should Take Care Where They Share Their Personal Details

(PRWEB UK) 25 July 2013

The proliferation of social media has undoubtedly had an impact on how people look for jobs and probably nowhere more so than for students heading onto the jobs market for the first time. Data released earlier in the year* suggested that over the past two years, nearly two thirds of employers (59%) have increased the proportion of vacancies that they advertise on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. This is good news for those looking for a new job, but leading ID fraud expert, Equifax, is urging job seekers to take care when posting CVs online and through social media sites.

Job seekers have become increasingly reliant on online recruitment sites to secure employment, explained Neil Munroe, External Affairs Director at Equifax. But people desperately trying to find a new job are also prime targets for fraudsters. Unfortunately, posting CVs online can increase the risk of falling victim to ID fraud and phishing emails.

Young people trying to get onto the jobs ladder could fall into the trap of placing more trust than they should in websites they find and post or provide an enormous amount of personal information online when they upload their CV. There are of course many job recruitment sites that are reputable and secure, but fraudsters are unscrupulous and will use any method to obtain personal information. We are therefore urging job hunters to look closely at the sites they are using to ensure they are legitimate and secure before providing any information.

The Metropolitan Police claims that it takes just 3 pieces of personal information to commit ID fraud. Equifax is, therefore, advising those looking for jobs to be cautious about what information they supply and ensure that they are not revealing too much. Equifax is also warning job seekers not to succumb to phishing emails they might receive asking for information in exchange for possible job interviews.

It is completely understandable that job hunters are going to want to get their CV out to as many potential employers as possible, concluded Neil Munroe. But they really must be careful how much personal information they give away.

To help protect job seekers from becoming victims of ID fraud when trying to find their dream job, Equifax has put together the following tips:


Dont give out all your personal information on your CV when posting it online or making it available to others you can always provide more information at a later date

Ensure that the company or individual that has got in contact with you is genuine by carrying out some background checks on them

Check that websites on which you upload personal details have security locks to reduce the risk of them being hacked into

Never send any bank account details until you are totally sure that the job you have been offered is genuine and can transfer money securely

Make sure you have virus protection on your computer, which is regularly updated and a Firewall

*experHR March 2013

About Equifax

Equifax is a global leader in consumer, commercial and workforce information solutions, providing businesses of all sizes and consumers with information they can trust. We organize and assimilate data on more than 500 million consumers and 81 million businesses worldwide, and use advanced analytics and proprietary technology to create and deliver customized insights that enrich both the performance of businesses and the lives of consumers.


Bay Area Eye Care Provider 20/20 Optometry of Silicon Valley Shares New Summer Eye Care Tips

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) June 28, 2013

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a growing concern for eye care professionals around the world. Protecting eyes from UV rays is even more important during the summer months when people spend more time outdoors in sunnier weather.

The Bay Area optometrists at 20/20 Optometry explain that UV radiation is a factor in the progression of many serious eye diseases and problemssuch as cataracts, macular degeneration, and cornea degenerationthat affect millions of people each year. Exposure to UV radiation can also lead to abnormal growths on the eyes surface and sunburn of the eyes.

Therefore, to reduce the damage UV rays can have on eyes during the summer months, the eye care providers at 20/20 Optometry of Silicon Valley recommend that proper eyewear be worn. Below, they provide their summer eye care tips to protect eyes and vision from UV damage.



Care Coordination Software Company, Health BI, Kicks Off its Healthcare Innovation Internship Program

Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) June 03, 2013

Healthcare Innovation Software Company, Health BI, kicks off its Healthcre IT internship program with five graduate students from Arizona State University College of Engineering.

The students are provided opportunity to gain hands-on experience in developing healthcare IT applications and standard system protocols, such as HL7, XML and CCOW. The students will be working on projects, which include interoperability and integration solutions with HIEs, leading EMR systems and medical devices.

Health BI is a developer of care transitions software solutions, and creator of the HealthCollaborate Care Coordination Information System.

Healthcare IT is highly specialized. We need to start investing on developing software programmers, early on, who understand the complex healthcare systems and workflow. Healthcare IT innovations come from small entrepreneurial companies with people who understand the space. We want to give these folks the opportunity to learn healthcare IT and start using their talents in improving the lives of the patients, says Koorosh Yasami, Health BI co-founder and CTO.

Health BI offers internship to students with strong computer science and software programing background. Internships are available for qualified undergraduate and graduate students and all positions are paid.

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Stellar Announces Release of Data Care Suite – A Three Unique Layer of Defense Against Data Loss

(PRWEB) May 26, 2006

Stellar Information Systems Ltd. has launched Stellar Data Care Suite which is a comprehensive data protection software designed to safeguard your data from almost any form of data loss. Stellar Data Care Suite is a powerful solution that helps you to protect your data by taking regular back-ups at a different time periods along with safeguarding it from major threats and continuously monitors the health of your hard disk to minimize the risk of any data loss. This Multi Utility Pack contains three exclusive applications - InstaBackup, Stellar Smart and Stellar Shield which help you in protecting data with their distinctive features.

Stellar InstaBackup is data backup software to backup any and every bit of data on your computer. InstaBackup simplifies the process of data backup both in the network and single user environment. InstaBackup is easy to use and contains several advanced options such as Full/Incremental backups, strong File Encryption, and Zip Compression. Its a comprehensive data protection solution for all Windows File Systems and requires no prior knowledge of data Backup.

Stellar Smart is an advance warning system for potential hard disk problems. The software makes use of hard disks in-built S.M.A.R.T technology to display a graphically detailed user interface which helps users take corrective action before a disk failure. The software takes advantage of predictable degradation of physical disk components to issue warnings before a disk disaster and is a must-have to ensure data safety on hard disks. Stellar Smart is equipped with a unique graphical user interface which displays, among other things, graphs showing hard disk temperature variations and CPU usage. An additional capability to clone potentially fatal disks (that is, paste the contents of a bad disk onto a healthy one) makes this a truly distinctive software.

Stellar Shield This is pre-crash data protection software that provides data restoration after any form of logical data loss. Once installed, Shield takes a snapshot of critical system attributes and information and stores it in your hard disk. In the event of any data loss, Shield searches the backup Image and helps recover/restore all the data immediately.

Speaking at the launch of the software suite, Mr. Sunil Chandna, CEO Stellar Informations, spoke about the proliferation of malicious software coupled with increasing instances of human-related errors leading to data protection & safety being of paramount importance in todays world. He continued by describing how this suite would almost completely eliminate data death and is a must for both personal as well as professional use.

The software is available in a physical disc (CD-ROM), and can be purchased for a price $ 69.

For further information on this product.


Further information available at:

India helpline: 919213955509

USA (Tollfree): 1-866-978-0600




IT Marketing Expert Aggie Haslup Joins Health Care DataWorks

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) December 20, 2012

Health Care DataWorks, Inc. (HCD) has announced that technology and software marketing veteran Aggie Haslup has been named vice president of marketing for the leading healthcare analytics company.

Haslup, with more than 25 years experience as an IT marketing executive, will direct all marketing initiatives for HCD, including the development of strategies to elevate the HCD brand, launch new products and support the sales team. Haslup brings a strong track record of creating and executing successful campaigns that consistently contributed to sales growth with IT companies, including those on a global scale.

With her stature and experience in the technology marketing space, Aggie will be a valuable addition to our executive team, said Detlev H. (Herb) Smaltz, Health Care DataWorks CEO. Her tremendous success in branding, product launches and IT marketing will bring us a higher level of expertise at a time when our company is poised to take the next step in delivering analytics solutions to hospital and health systems in search of cost savings and improved quality.

Haslup previously served as vice president of worldwide marketing with Quest Software, where she was responsible for developing and executing corporate and product marketing strategies across the Americas, EMEA and the Asia Pacific region. Prior to Quest, she was vice president of marketing at Aelita Software, implementing product management methodologies in alignment with the sales and development organizations, establishing a corporate messaging platform and leading a major product positioning and re-branding initiative. She also was vice president of corporate marketing for Frontstep, Inc., an ERP software company formerly known as Symix. While there, she held management-level positions in business development, product management and industry partnership development. With more than 25 years of experience in technology and marketing, Haslup has also contributed her business expertise to companies including ABB, Legent Corporation and Goal Systems. Haslup began her career in information technology at Marathon Oil Company, where she held management-level positions.

Im excited to join the HCD team and be part of an organization with such incredible market potential, Haslup said. Business intelligence is increasingly vital to hospitals and health systems, and HCD is well positioned to help with a proven solution that empowers healthcare organizations to leverage analytics to reduce costs, save money and improve quality of care.

Haslup has a bachelors degree in mathematics and MBA in marketing, both from Bowling Green State University. She previously served as a board member of HealthCare Transaction Processors, Inc., a privately held company that provided innovative solutions to connect providers, health plans and financial institutions. In 2007, she was a candidate for TechColumbus Outstanding Woman of the Year.

Health Care DataWorks, Inc.

Health Care DataWorks, Inc., a leading provider of business intelligence solutions, empowers healthcare organizations to improve their quality of care and reduce costs. Through its pioneering KnowledgeEdge product suite, including its enterprise data model, analytic dashboards, applications and reports, Health Care DataWorks delivers an Enterprise Data Warehouse necessary for hospitals and health systems to effectively and efficiently gain deeper insights into their operations. For more information, visit

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IDM Research Slashes The Costs of Health Care!

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) November 28, 2012

Treatments and cures have been the backbone of public healthcare for many years... that's why IDM's Scientists got so interested in comparing the related costs. The truth is, Preventing Disease is an astonishing 100 times less costly then treatments or cures and at least as many times more effective! In light of this new information, everyone: businesses, governments and private citizens alike, will soon enjoy relief from the high costs of healthcare.

Right now, IDM offers their new program directly and on-line, thereby providing the public with a comprehensive, 7-step workshop, seminar and/or computer download program, that will teach them how their thinking, behavior patterns and lifestyles effect their health. Then they will know precisely what steps they can take to make immediate and substantial improvements in their lives. Finally, IDM offers a number of proprietary evaluation, training and support systems that will add value and profitability according to individual needs.

As to future growth; IDM is currently rolling-out their state-of-the-art Growth & Health for a Lifetime program throughout the world. To facilitate those efforts, the company offers qualified coaches and counselors a brand license, as well as opportunities for alliances and/or equity ownerships in the company.

"I really feel that we must solve these health problems now," says IDM founder Neil Roberts, "before they become unmanageable and more seriously debilitate the world's economy. If anyone has the slightest reservations, doubts or questions about the integrity or value of my program, I want them to contact me directly, so I can personally offer to provide whatever information and/or support they need to enjoy future success."

Based on more than 10,000 individual case studies, IDM's award-winning, seven (7) step Growth & Health for a Lifetime program enables qualified parents to start preventing growth-related problems in their child's formative years. When initiated later in life, the program enables individuals to more quickly "unhook" from the root of their anxieties, giving them more time to enjoy commensurate success, on their own, in their own right. The program has proven to be most effective and profitable when applied through therapeutic, coaching, career counseling and/or leadership venues.

IDM Research has found that childhood anxiety is the root cause of virtually all chronic disease and that all such problems are more quickly resolved by encouraging both physical and behavioral scientists, in all related fields, to cooperate in finding more common ground.

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After the Revolution in Touch Computing Made Possible by Windows 8, Senior Care Corners New Tips for Selecting Computers for Seniors

Greenville, SC (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

The art of selecting a computer for senior loved ones was redefined going into the 2012 holiday season by Microsofts introduction of Windows 8 and the accompanying announcements of new computing devices utilizing the Windows 8 touchscreen capability. Among the beneficiaries are older adults and the family members seeking to demonstrate how easy it is to gain the benefits of going online and participating in social networking.

Reflecting this major change in product offerings, and both the opportunities and confusion that it may drive just as the shopping season begins, Senior Care Corner has developed new tips for those choosing computing gifts for senior loved ones.

Were thrilled by the opportunity the wide range of touchscreen devices offers to seniors previously unable to use or uncomfortable using computers says Barry Birkett of Senior Care Corner. We want to help family caregivers and other loved ones open new doors for older adults through the web and social networking.

Considerations When Selecting Computing Devices for Seniors

Taking into account these points can improve the likelihood a device purchased for a senior loved one will provide enjoyment and other benefits well after a gift is unwrapped.

Consider how the device will be used.


The Employment Report for November, 2012: Affordable Care Act Provides New Approach to Jobs and Medicine

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 13, 2012

According to experts at the Urban Institute, despite implications that the new Healthcare bill may impede efforts for the nation's financial recovery, the data suggests otherwise. The Urban Institute conducts independent, evidence-based, economic and social policy research, collects data, evaluates social programs, and educates the public on key domestic issues. Researchers there have been studying various business and insurance models to examine the effects of the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) impact on coverage and costs per person on businesses of varying sizes.

Their model demonstrated that the ACA's regulations have only a minor impact on overall employer-sponsored coverage, including total costs. According to the study, "The law leaves large businesses' costs per person insured largely untouched and reduces them for small businesses. Only among mid-size businesses (with 101-1000 employees) would costs per person be noticeably higher, largely attributable to those employers not offering coverage today." (, 10/5/12) This seems to confirm other insurance models that large businesses have adopted for their employees for many years which utilize the unique coupling of a large insurance pool and the implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems such as Kaiser Permanente or Group Health Cooperative.

"This particular pairing provides an opportunity for Health Information Technology to bridge the gap between social and economic policy in a way which has far reaching implications of which the medical community has just scratched the surface. In the same way when NASA was able to put a satellite in orbit would have far more uses than merely keeping up with the Russian Space Program, EHR has the potential to revolutionize medical care, research, pharmaceuticals, and much more," says Del Johnston, Manager of Client Relations at

In a recent commentary by Eugene Steuerle, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and former advisor to the National Committee for Vital and Health Statistics, EHR technology could eventually be used to anonymously collect health information on a nationwide scale in order to for scientists to have access to data sets massively larger and more accurate than ever before. This kind of information could allow breakthroughs in understanding statistical trends which currently remain correlative anomalies. In the future, these large data sets being put together with computer statistical modeling software would allow doctors, researchers, pharmacists and other medical personnel to track an incredible amount of lifesaving information right from their examination rooms that they may otherwise be completely unaware of.

For example, regional outbreaks of specific symptoms could easily be attributed to their cause if the data is also available to match patients with a specific pharmaceutical that may need to be recalled, or a new strain of virus and be able to match the vital statistics of the carriers involved to identify the effected and potentially at risk populations within hours instead of weeks. Data can be assessed to find out why certain populations live longer, or do not seem affected by certain diseases such as Alzheimer's, Autism, or Parkinson's. Analysis such as these can take decades and come up with weak correlations because of limited data sets. (, 9/20/12)

John Burkhardt Managing Director of cautions, "Right now the EHR technology just isn't standardized at all. So, while the possibilities are pretty exciting, it could be a long wait before this kind of thing could be implemented. Also, obviously, keeping in line with HIPAA, making sure everyone's health information is kept private and secure is always the biggest priority when implementing any new technology. That's also why we need good people in the business, though. There are a lot of exciting job possibilities on the horizon." is one of the most notable and essential resources for accessing and finding healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology employment information on the internet. Their employment experts connect skilled and experienced workers with top industry employers.



Established in mid-1994, MedZilla is the original and leading web site to serve career and hiring needs for professionals and employers in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medicine, science and healthcare. The MedZilla jobs database contains about 7,500 open positions. The resume database currently contains over 295,000 resumes with 26,500 less than three months old. These resources have been characterized as the largest, most comprehensive databases of their kind on the web in the industries served.

MedZilla(R) is a Registered Trademark owned by MedZilla Inc. Copyright (C)MedZilla, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce and distribute this text in its entirety, and if electronically, with a link to the URL For permission to quote from or reproduce any portion of this message, please contact MedZilla, Inc. at press(at)medzilla(dot)com

Press Inquiries

Contact: MedZilla, Inc.

Phone: (360) 657-5681




Report: Versatile Website Chat Box for Webnode Auto Care Bloggers Launched by Chatwing Development Team

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 05, 2012

Based on the numbers of blogs across the Internet, many professionals believe that people can blog about almost anything. With this information, the Chatwing Development Team has decided to release its newest web chat box in the growing automotive community in Webnode. Chatwings developers believe that the automotive community will reach significant growth before the year ends, due to the trends introduced by thousands of manufacturers.

Auto care blogging is all about the health and properties of a users car. Auto care bloggers tend to discuss various topics about the mechanisms and modifications of their cars. Chatwings free chat box can help auto care bloggers reach large groups of people within few days. With this leverage, the bloggers can gather tips and experiences from many visitors. Moreover, they can share helpful information to other people. The average Chatwing chatroom can also accommodate up to 1000 users, emphasizing its communication importance.

Webnode has always been part of Chatwing teams strategic online campaign. This is due to the height of popularity of Webnode. Chatwings free shout box also saves up the time of the Webnode blogger. The installation time takes only a few seconds, and the application also features a high rate of customization. Users can design the widget that will fit to the theme of their blogs.

Aside from the Webnode auto care niche, the Chatwing team is also vying for other prominent niches. Additionally, the team is also planning to introduce the Chatwing chatbox in other communities as well, such as fashion, gaming and tech forums, financial advice sites, and many more. The Chatwing chat app will also undergo several developments to make it more efficient and reliable, not just for bloggers, but for everyone as well.

About specializes in the new field of website chat. Over years, the Chatwing team has introduced live chat widget for hundreds and thousands of blogs. The Chatwing application bridges people from many parts of the world, creating global synergy through the Internet. The shout box can be installed in just seconds, and it can be used for varying purposes such as leisure and Internet marketing. It also allows a user to customize the size, color, and name of the widget. Chatwing is 100% free for everyone.

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Adult Diapers Go High-Tech for Skin Health and Cost Savings for Long-Term Care Facilities

Neenah, Wis. (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

Sensor technology has been applied to the incontinence products category to create the SmartBrief, an intelligent adult brief, says Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership, a national retailer of incontinence products. It uses a patent-pending sensor and software to alert staff in nursing homes and skilled care centers when an adult diaper needs to be changed.

SmartBrief technology has the potential to reduce facility costs by eliminating unnecessary product changes, and its data tracking capabilities can make it easier to schedule staff and control inventory, Wilson says.

According to Gweepi Medical, the company that created the SmartBrief, using their patent-pending technology will result in cost savings for long-term care facilities and improved skin health for those who wear incontinence products. Wireless technology alerts staff when an incontinence product needs changing, and a user-friendly dashboard records data that administrators can use to track product inventory and operational efficiencies across multiple facilities.

One of its most important benefits to facility residents and their families is the potential for improved skin health, says Wilson. Removing urine and feces as soon as possible can help prevent skin breakdown and injury, increase wearer comfort and reduce urinary tract infections.

Gweepi Medical, based in Cambridge, Mass., and founded by a biomedical engineer and a software developer, is testing SmartBrief technology in a clinical setting and eventually will offer it to brief manufacturers. In addition, the company is researching cost-effective ways to apply the software to the home care setting.

Visit The CareGiver Partnership blog for further reading on incontinence and skin care.

The CareGiver Partnership is a national direct-to-consumer retailer of home healthcare products for incontinence, skin care, mobility, daily living aids, nutrition support and more. In its sixth year of providing products and services that help caregivers and loved ones maintain personal dignity, the company also offers an online library of more than 1,200 family caregiver resources and personal service by experts in caregiving. Call 1-800-985-1353 or visit

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