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New Bra Invention Helps Fight Cancer

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 29, 2012

Austin entrepreneurs Jacqueline Romanies and Bryan Daigle have teamed up to refine and produce Jacquelines invention, a patent pending hanger for bras, lingerie and swimwear which helps extend the life of the garments, and saves precious closet and drawer space. The BraLadder Hanger can be used with most plastic hangers or clotheslines to vertically dry and store bras and other intimates, extending the uniformity and life of straps, and preventing lumps and warps due to storing bras in drawers and cramped closets. After nine months of development and working with industrial designers and manufacturers, the team recently launched BraLadder on and 1% of sales of the product are donated to the Save the Ta-Tas Foundation benefitting breast cancer research.

Made of durable plastic with top and bottom hooks and vertical rails, the BraLadder Hanger can be used for drying, storage, and organization. Long Tail Products, Mr. Daigles product development company, worked with industrial designers from around the globe to ensure the BraLadder was elegant, compact and functional. As a result, the hanger looks good enough to be hung anywhere in the house or dorm room, and portable enough to travel in a suitcase. The BraLadder comes with four rails that hold up to five bras, and can be extended by daisy chaining more rails to create a long ladder to dry and store more garments.

Priced at $ 14.95, the BraLadder is available immediately to consumers and retailers through and

The BraLadder prototypes have seen interest from multiple prospective retail partners and Direct Response companies.

About Long Tail Products:

Long Tail Products, an Austin, TX based product design and marketing firm, develops and manufactures high-quality products for Consumer and B2B markets. The firms product lines include: the Headset Buddy line of adapter products for business and call center applications, IP phone, telephone, handheld, and headset interoperability; the bottleBOSS line of unique and functional bottle openers; and Sunflower, a silicone, BPA-free microwaveable omelet maker.

Long Tails current product portfolio spans more than 35 unique solutions which can be seen at the companys web site:, or on their product web sites at and

About Bryan Daigle:

Bryan Daigle graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. In 2011, as Class President, Bryan received an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the highly esteemed Acton MBA program.

Bryan has founded four companies in the last five years. An entrepreneur at heart, he most recently created Long Tail Products (LTP), an innovative product development and online retail company that has launched several popular consumer product brands.

About Jacqueline Romanies:

Jacqueline Romanies is a Presidents List honors graduate of Texas Tech University with a Bachelors Degree in Communications, Minor in Dance, whom has recently been admitted as a Doctor of Chiropracty student. Jackie and her brother were recognized entrepreneurs in high school when they jointly developed a web based promotional products company.

Media Contact: Bryan Daigle, Long Tail Products, (512) 487-7730

Keywords: Breast Cancer Awareness, Bra Hanger, Consumer, Bra Organizer, Bra Storage, swimwear, lingerie, Ta-Ta, student, college, alumni, retail, Entrepreneur, inventor

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The Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation and the Scripps Research Institute Partner to Advance Genomic Breast Cancer Research

Sioux Falls, SD, Jupiter, FL, La Jolla, CA (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

The Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation and The Scripps Research Institute(TSRI) today announced a dynamic, interdisciplinary collaboration that will lay the groundwork for significant advancements in personalized breast cancer treatment and care.

Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Research will leverage TSRIs expertise in genomic sequencing as it embarks on a proof-of-concept study to reveal the differences between a womans normal genome and her breast tumor genome during the progression of disease. The project marks an important milestone for Edith Sanford, as it will establish research protocols to frame larger-scale studies that will help pioneer the integration of genomics into breast cancer research and patient care.

Edith Sanford is thrilled to partner with Scripps Research, an institution that is on the cutting-edge of genomics, and harness their expertise and technological capabilities in our work to accelerate these discoveries from the bench to bedside, said Brian Leyland Jones, MB BS, PhD, director of Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Research. This partnership will facilitate the translation of large-scale sequencing data into meaningful information that will help us understand how to more precisely and accurately treat breast cancer patients based on their DNA profiles.

Specifically, Edith Sanford will provide TSRI with tissue samples from 25 breast cancer patients for analysis to identify the changes in genes and proteins that are linked to the cancer and Edith Sanford will then validate these findings through clinical testing.

Scripps Research is committed to helping accelerate the work of Edith Sanford to bring to patients the lifesaving potential of forward genomic research, said Brandon Young, director of the Genomics and Cell-Based Screening Core Lab at Scripps Florida. We are excited to work with Edith Sanford as it is establishing a genomics program that will transform the way we think about and treat breast cancer.

Young and colleagues, Nicholas Schork, PhD, Ali Torkamani, PhD, and Andrew Su, PhD, at Scripps California, and the Genomics Core at Scripps Florida will be working jointly with the research team at Edith Sanford.

Additionally, in order to mine and accurately interpret vast sets of patient data produced in this field of research, Edith Sanford recently established the foundation for a leading bioinformatics program through the hire of Scooter Willis, PhD, as its director of computational bioinformatics. Dr. Willis is a specialist in computer science and engineering and brings expertise in the genomic analysis of expression data from the fast-moving field of next-generation sequencing. He will also work closely with TSRI and play a vital role in facilitating the partnership.

The prestigious partnership with TSRI, which Leland-Jones confirms is the first of many high-caliber collaborations, and the ongoing recruitment of leading scientific experts, are pivotal steps for Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Research as it positions itself as a national hub for breast cancer genomic research.

Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Research is supported by the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating breast cancer through genomic and translational research. Thanks to a transformational gift that launched the Foundation in 2011 and will catalyze its future growth, Edith Sanford is able to commit 100 percent of every contribution to its research program.

To change the course of breast cancer, our research team is pursuing collaborations to bring together the brightest minds from different scientific fields to quickly move the field of breast cancer research, treatment and care, said Kimberly Simpson Earle, president of the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation.

About the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation

The Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation is pioneering a bold new comprehensive approach to breast cancer, with a mission to unlock each woman's genetic code, advance today's prevention and treatment, and end breast cancer for future generations. Edith Sanford Breast Cancer is pursuing cutting-edge translational genomic research to identify specific treatments that will work best for each person, prevent the disease on an individual basis, and ultimately eradicate breast cancer. To accelerate the research and advances in care, a cornerstone of this ground-breaking organization is our biobank a shared collection of genetic information from people of all ages, medical histories and backgrounds that provides researchers easy access to data.

The launch of this movement began with a gift from Denny Sanford, who tragically lost his mother, Edith, to breast cancer when he was just four years old. For more information about the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation, visit or call 1-855-GO-EDITH (463-3484).

About Sanford Health

Sanford Health is the patient care and research partner of the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation, and the largest rural, nonprofit health care system in the nation with locations in 126 communities, in seven states. In addition, this dynamic integrated health system is now developing international clinics in Ireland, Ghana, Israel and Mexico.

Sanford Health has been in service for more than 100 years and includes 35 hospitals, 140 clinic locations and nearly 1200 physicians in 70 specialty areas of medicine. With more than 25,000 employees, Sanford Health is the largest employer in North and South Dakota.

About The Scripps Research Institute

The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) is one of the world's largest independent, not-for-profit organizations focusing on research in the biomedical sciences. Over the past decades, TSRI has developed a lengthy track record of major contributions to science and health, including laying the foundation for new treatments for cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, hemophilia, and other diseases. The institute employs about 3,000 people on its campuses in La Jolla, CA, and Jupiter, FL, where its renowned scientistsincluding three Nobel laureateswork toward their next discoveries. The institute's graduate program, which awards Ph.D. degrees in biology and chemistry, ranks among the top ten of its kind in the nation. For more information, see



Breast Cancer Prevention with Vitamin D: GrassrootsHealth Paradigm

Encinitas, CA (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

GrassrootsHealth focus is on prevention of breast cancer, not early detection. Our aim is to engage women in the primary prevention of breast cancer by getting their vitamin D serum levels tested and then getting that level to the 40-60 ng/ml (100-150 nmol/L) range, says Carole Baggerly, director of GrassrootsHealth.

According to Dr. Cedric F. Garland of the Moores Cancer Center and the UCSD School of Medicine:

This will potentially be the most important action ever conducted toward prevention of breast cancer. The more women who participate in this study, the greater the chance that we will defeat breast cancer within our lifetimes.

Women across the world are invited to enroll in a 5-year Breast Cancer Prevention Study initiated by GrassrootsHealth. To be eligible to enroll, women must be at least 60 years of age and have no current cancer. A free vitamin D home test kit will be provided for the first 1000 women to enroll. The study aims to fully demonstrate health outcomes of vitamin D serum levels in the range of 40-60 ng/ml (100-150 nmol/L) and will examine the occurrence of breast cancer among a population of women 60 and over who achieve and maintain a targeted vitamin D serum level in the bloodstream. In addition to breast cancer prevention, short-term effects of vitamin D such as hypertension, falls, colds and flu will also be tracked. More information can be found at

Funding for this enrollment is being actively solicited by GrassrootsHealth. Participants as well as other sponsors are encouraged to make a donation of at least $ 75 to help cover the costs of this step in the project. The total funding goal for this cycle is $ 150,000. Everyone can donate at

We are expecting to find individuals and organizations who can help us meet our target of $ 300,000 per year. This will cover the participation of 1000 women for two vitamin D screenings per year and the analysis of the information. We have been funded entirely by private individuals and private organizations. Currently, both Bio-Tech Pharmacal and the Vitamin D Society are helping fund D*action Community Breast Cancer Prevention Projects in Northwest Arkansas and Canada respectively.

There is a large group of people who are ready for action to prevent breast cancer. We sincerely hope that those people will help by donating directly to this effort to demonstrate how we can do primary prevention, not early detection. Ive had breast cancer. I dont want anyone else to get it! says Carole Baggerly, director of GrassrootsHealth.


Fishing Clothing Company Fights Skin Cancer

(PRWEB) July 24, 2012

As the heat of summer intensifies, a fishing tackle company has introduced an innovative clothing line to help sportsman reduce their risk of skin cancer. These performance fishing shirts help anglers and boaters protect themselves from the damaging UV rays. According to the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Cancer Society, melanoma and other skin cancers are on the rise, with between one and two million diagnosed cases per year. Now the American Fishing and Tackle Company, AFTCO, makers of Guy Harvey signature shirts and apparel, offers anglers and others a solution.

As fishermen, its impossible to avoid exposure to the sun, said AFTCO president Bill Shedd.

And sunscreens can wash off, leaving our skin unprotected. We were determined to make something that was comfortable for fishing but provided maximum protection.

While typical shirts may have a UV rating around 10, AFTCOs state-of-the-art, long-sleeve fishing shirts have an SPF of 30+. They also have special buffs, sometimes called gators, that cover the neck and lower face, also with the same 30+ SPF rating. Its not enough to wear a ball cap and a t-shirt anymore, Shedd said. Especially as we get older. Its about using technology to wear the right kind of materials. According to the National Cancer Institute, the majority of people diagnosed with melanoma are white men over the age of 50 also a strong demographic in fishing.

AFTCO has not only come out with high-tech, sun-resistant material, but theyve also designed their fishing clothing line with art from hall-of-fame fisherman and artist, Dr. Guy Harvey.

The most important thing is safety, Shedd said. But why not look good too? Guys vivid art depicts classic fishing scenes and marine specie, so its a perfect fit for our line of protective clothing.

In addition to their commitment to creating protective clothing, AFTCO is also focused on protecting the marine environment. A portion of every clothing items sold is donated to support the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. In 2011, the GHOF funded more than a million dollars in research and education related to the marine environment.

"Fishermen are some of the greatest stewards of the oceans," Shedd said. "We're proud to be able to fund the great work done by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation."

For all boaters, fishermen and water enthusiasts, Guy Harvey Sportswear is a perfect trifecta. It looks good, it protects from the sun's harmful rays and it supports marine conservation.

AFTCOs Guy Harvey apparel is available at more than 1,500 retail stores such as West Marine, Bass Pro Shops, Hibbetts Sporting Goods, Academy Sports and Bealls Department Stores.

To learn more about Guy Harvey's line of UV protection gear visit Guy Harvey Magazine

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Win A Meeting With Sean Parker, New Enterprise Associates, Bessemer & More In An Auction To Benefit Cancer Research

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 25, 2012

Motion To Dismiss Cancer, a team formed to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Societys, presents round two of the 2012 Venture Capital Masters Lunch Series, an auction that gives anyone and everyone an opportunity to win private meetings with some of Silicon Valleys top venture capitalists and startup founders, with all proceeds going towards LLS and cancer research.

Bidding is now open:

Round Two includes:

Private meetings with Kittu Kolluri,


Data Loss Prevention Company Continues Donations of eDiscovery Tools to Non-Profit Cancer Centers

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 06, 2012

GTB Technologies, the Data Loss Prevention Company, announced that world-wide donations of GTB Technologies Inc's, eDiscovery Tools are currently underway to Non-Profit Cancer Centers. Due to the success of last year's donation event, GTB has decided to expand the program. Now GTB Customers, Partners & Business Associates can make a donation of GTB's eDiscovery tool to a Non-Profit Healthcare organization of their choice.

The GTB Donation program is in memory of Leslie Cohen Tully, a sister of one of GTB Technologies founders. Leslie was diagnosed with Stage II cancer in the Spring of 2002, who unfortunately, after a brutal fight, succumbed to the disease March 8, 2006; just a few days shy of her 48th birthday.

"Leslie had always been the first to lend a hand to various worthy charities including Cancer Research and Treatment, both before and during her struggle with the disease." says GTB co founder, Wendy Cohen, "We have seen firsthand that our donations help Cancer Centers avoid heavy fines and damaging publicity while achieving compliance and maintaining patient privacy. Now these organizations are able to spend valuable funds on research and patient care."

All eDiscovery donations include a perpetual license to the GTB eDiscovery tool, free training, free support as well as maintenance upgrades. To request a donation of the eDiscovery tool please Click Here

About GTB Technologies Inc:

With offices worldwide, GTB Technologies Inc. has re-invented the enterprise extrusion / data leak prevention marketplace, like no other; bringing a broad set of influential innovations such as solving the known market limitation of false positive rates.

Unlike others, GTB customers are comfortable moving into enforcement mode quite quickly. This is due to an innovative, unique differentiator in its DLP design. Based on a Content-Aware Reverse Firewall, GTB DLP is the only Data Leak Prevention solution which can block Real-Time, with unsurpassed accuracy, on all ports & protocols; while being intuitive for administrators to operate with minimal operating expense.

GTB customers' include enterprises across the Global 1000 in sectors such as financial services, healthcare, defense contractors, power and energy, telecommunications, retail, and high-tech, as well as government agencies around the world in defense, homeland security, law enforcement, and intelligence.

GTB's Flagship product, the GTB Inspector, a content-aware reverse firewall, provides port-independent inspection covering all 65,535 ports. This technologically unsurpassed platform - provides accurate visibility and control over all content and applications in use, on the network, in real time. Some of its market distinguishing features are:

Support for all file formats
Real-Time Detection (without the need for File Cracking Tools)
100% accuracy for detecting both Personal Identifiable Information, PCI and partial file matching (on fingerprinted data)
Multi-language detection
Flexible and easy policy definition
GTB SSL Proxy - for SSL encrypted visibility (all in one product)
Scalability to outbound network bandwidth
Workflow for event remediation
Port hopping
Tunnelling Detection
SIEM integration
24/7 support
All at a fraction of the cost of any other comparable DLP solution

Enterprises with Data Loss Prevention initiatives whom have an interest in evaluating the GTB DLP / Extrusion Prevention suite can sign up for a free 30 day evaluation at

The Evaluation comes with free Data Leak Prevention education, training plus GTB's unprecedented support, analysis and reporting.

To learn more about next generation extrusion / data loss prevention solutions, how to "Put the 'P' back into DLP" , visit or follow us on twitter@gtbtechnologies

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Ogilvy & Mather Raises a stache For Movember and Cancer Research

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 22, 2011

This past November, 78 employees from marketing firm Ogilvy & Mathers New York office and sister company The Brand Unions 21 global offices partnered together to raise funds for the Movember organization, a non-profit that builds awareness for mens health and cancer research. In total, Ogilvy and The Brand Union raised $ 9,270 in the 2011 MoDown. With help from custom signs company, Ogilvy and The Brand Union encouraged employees to grow their own mustaches and also contribute donations for the cause.

Every November since 2004, men across the globe have joined forces to grow moustaches and change the face of mens health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. Participants create teams which are tasked with shaving their faces on November 1st and growing out a mustache the entire month of Movember, taking pictures along the way. The pictures are posted on each teams page on the Movember website, so that donors may track the progress of the team as well as the moustaches.

Looking to generate excitement about their companys participation in the Movember movement, The Brand Union contacted Dallas, TX-based e-commerce company with a unique idea. printed 1000 custom clear decals in 10 different moustache designs for use throughout the Ogilvy New York office as well as The Brand Unions offices across the globe. The moustache window clings were placed on glass doors as well as bathroom mirrors in anticipation for Team Ogilvy/The Brand Unions participation in Movember. Employees both male and female were able to try on various moustaches to see what theyd look like with a handlebar, fu Manchu, or other type of stache.

This is a tremendously-creative use of our product, and we were excited to be involved with such a storied brand like Ogilvy & Mather, says Rick D., CEO of, Ogilvy and The Brand Union needed a high-quality material for temporary display that could easily be removed, and so our Clear Static Cling was the perfect choice. Richard Bates, Chief Creative Officer of The Brand Unions North America office, had this to say, Late one night we placed the clings on every clear glass surface possible at Ogilvy and in our own office at The Brand Union. We even had them on the mirrors in all the womens restrooms. The moustache clings were a great, fun photo opportunity and a playful reminder for employees to join the team and solicit donations during the entire month of Movember.

Congratulations are in order to Ogilvy & Mather and The Brand Union for their significant contributions to such a worthwhile causemo doubt about it!


11969 Plano Rd, Ste 190

Dallas, TX 75243


PR Contact: Jason(dot)p(at)signazon(dot)com

Based in Dallas, TX and Boston, MA, is the top online business sign company. Different from a local sign shop, we have been deploying the very latest in e-commerce technologies, free template-based graphic design, and high-quality, full-color printing at cheap prices for car signs, vinyl banners, window signs, yard signs, oversized checks, canvas prints, offset printing and sign accessories since 2005.

Movember is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November, run by The Movember Foundation. The goal of Movember is to "change the face of men's health." By encouraging men to go to the doctor, Movember aims to increase early cancer detection, diagnosis and effective treatments, and ultimately reduce the number of preventable deaths.

The Brand Union is a global brand and creative design consultancy agency, composed of 500 people across 20 offices. The Brand Union is a wholly owned subsidiary of the WPP Group one of the worlds largest communications companies.


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The Graphic Edge Professional Design Inc. Teams up with Clients to Support American Cancer Society

The Graphic Edge Professional Design Inc. Teams up with Clients to Support American Cancer Society

(PRWEB) May 1, 2005

The Graphic Edge Professional Design Inc. is proud to announce their 20th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, 20 percent of the price of their client’s next project will be donated to the American Cancer Society Relay For Life through June 1, 2005.

“I am very excited to be celebrating our 20th anniversary and helping the American Cancer Society at the same time,” said Nina Messina, President, The Graphic Edge Professional Design. “I’d like to thank all of our clients for their support, because without them we wouldn’t have a cause for this exciting celebration.”

The Graphic Edge Professional Design was founded in 1985 by Nina Messina when most clients knew it as Knee-na Graphics. Over the years Graphic Edge has grown and become one of the most prominent industrial and medical focused graphic design firms in the area. They have worked with clients such as Mr. Heater Corp., Farris Engineering, Carp Cosmetic Surgery and The Summit County Port Authority.

Nina Messina, President and Owner of The Graphic Edge Professional Design, attended Syracuse University where she received her bachelor’s in Advertising Design. Prior to starting her own design firm she worked as a designer and then as art director at Ad-Man Graphics. She is a member of the National Organization of Women Business Owners Cleveland Chapter and is involved with various organizations such as American Marketing Association, Northeast Ohio Direct Marketing Association and Chambers of Commerce throughout the area. Nina currently resides in Sagamore Hills with JT and her two cats Squeaky and Smokey.

The Graphic Edge Professional Design Inc. provides industrial strength graphic design that’s geared to sell your products and services. Areas of specialization include collateral materials, tradeshow materials, data sheets and spec sheets, newsletters, instructions, pocket folders, annual reports, customized open house invitations, catalogs and website design. Graphic Edges is skilled in creative direction, layout, design and production, illustration, photography and printing coordination. For more information, visit the website or call 330-468-7995.

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Emory and Georgia Tech Hit the Hardwoods for Breast Cancer

Emory and Georgia Tech Hit the Hardwoods for Breast Cancer

Help raise breast cancer awareness at the Pink Game, February 13th, 2011

Atlanta, GA (Vocus/PRWEB) February 04, 2011

Emory Athletics, Emory Healthcare and Georgia Tech are putting a full court press on breast cancer.

The Emory Eagles Women’s basketball team will once again host their Think Pink Week of events, culminating in the Think Pink Game on February 13, 2011, at 2 pm. The Eagles will take the court against University of Chicago at the Woodruff Physical Education Center on the Emory campus. The Emory women’s team will be wearing their custom-designed pink uniforms.

And Georgia Tech Women’s basketball team is dedicating their Pink Game on February 13 at 5 pm to breast cancer awareness. The Yellow Jackets, who will also be wearing pink jerseys, will take on North Carolina State.

“We are thrilled that these two terrific teams are dedicating time and resources to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research,” says Walter J. Curran, MD, executive director of the Winship Cancer Institute. “Research is critical to our efforts in making progress in breast cancer and these important events not only raise funds for research, but also awareness about prevention. Our sincere thanks go out to everyone associated with these games.”

Emory’s Athletics Department has organized the Think Pink Week for five years. Various fund-raising and educational events help support the work of the Emory Breast Center and Emory’s Winship Cancer Institute. This year, beginning Monday, February 7, Breast Cancer Awareness items and ribbons will be for sale at the Dobbs University Center. All proceeds will support breast cancer research at Winship.

The Georgia Tech Think Pink Game will feature nearly 100 breast cancer survivors who will form a tunnel for the teams to run through just before tip-off. Each survivor will receive a free ticket to the game and a pink Emory Breast Center t-shirt for the game.

For more information on joining the survivors on the court for the Georgia Tech game, call 404-778-7777 or visit:

For more information on the Emory Think Pink game and activities, contact Angie Duprey, Emory Athletics, at 404-727-6739 or aduprey(at)emory(dot)edu.

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BizTechDay Seattle 2010 Entrepreneurial Conference Donates Portion Of Ticket Sales To American Cancer Society

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) September 12, 2010

BizTechDay and The American Cancer Society are joiningforces to create awareness for the fight against cancer within the entrepreneur community. For each full value ticket sold to BizTechDay Seattle 2010, $ 100 will be donated to The American Cancer Society.

“The American Cancer Society’s dedicate these funds to the fight against cancer and creating a world with more birthdays. It is important as entrepreneurs and members of the business community to give back and support the fight against cancer,” said Edith Yeung, Executive Producer of BizTechDay.

BizTechDay is a conference which brings innovative and scalable ideas to business leaders and entrepreneurs. It is an intensive one-day conference where attendees meet to inspire and be inspired by one another.

Originated in San Francisco in 2008, BizTechDay had a goal of bringing together amazing entrepreneurs to share their experiences creating and growing businesses. Since its inception, it has grown nationwide to Seattle and New York with the same goal; to connect, inspire and learn from one other.

“We are honored by this generosity and excited to be part of the Seattle entrepreneur community,” said Danielle Anderson of The American Cancer Society.

Emmy-award winning TV news anchor and reporter, Bill Wixey, who will be one of the speakers for BizTechDay Seattle said, “I am excited to be a part of this event. The lineup of speakers is phenomenal, and the chance to help a great cause like the American Cancer Society, is an added bonus.”

BizTechDay conferences attracts business icons, renowned thought leaders, 1,500 inspired business leaders, and entrepreneurs to come together at three separate events across the nation. The events will feature business icons such as Seth Godin, Clay Shirky, Jessica Jackley, Joan Barnes, Colleen McCreary, Megan Casey and many more dynamic leaders.

About BizTechDay

BizTechDay conference brings innovative and scalable ideas to entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit or call 415 763 8686.

About The American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society saves lives and creates more birthdays by helping people stay well, helping people get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back. Contact the Society at 1.800.227.2345 or


Gabe Brown



2443 Fillmore Street #330

San Francisco, CA 94115

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