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Southern California MacFair 2004 Attendees Help Clean Up the Environment By Properly Disposing of Over Five Tons of Their Obsolete Electronic Equipment

Norwalk, CA (PRWEB) November 19, 2004

Over 800 Macintosh enthusiasts descended on Cerritos College over three days this past weekend, November 12-14th for the Southern California MacFair 2004. It brought together 40 Mac related companies, 43 Mac seminars and 25 intensive Mac workshops. For the third year in a row, it was the largest Mac community get together in the southwest US.

In addition, this year the Southern California MacFair 2004 made arrangements to provide attendees free disposal of their old computer equipment including monitors, CPU, fax machines, printers, servers, phone systems and virtually any office electronics product. In two days, attendees disposed of over 11,280 pounds of electronic waste.

"We are thrilled that SoCal MacFair attendees properly disposed of over 5.5 tons of their obsolete electronics and that their old Macs didn't end up in landfills," said Keith Mueller, the show's organizer.

"I cleaned out my garage and disposed of 5 monitors, 6 computers, 6 printers, 2 faxes and a copier. I saved $ 150 in disposal costs at the SoCal MacFair," stated Lance Handy, an attendee at the event.

The hands on workshops were extremely popular and were taught by some of the world’s most respected instructors. "Beverly Houwing's Adobe Illustrator class was overwhelming. So much to digest and remember." stated Mark Bausman of Font & Center Graphic Design "This has to be one of the best hands on courses I have been to and that includes the ones I have attended at Macworld!"

The seminars at the SoCal MacFair were enthusiastically well-received "Our third year at the SoCal MacFair and its still the best Mac event in Southern California. Specifically enjoyed Gordon Bell and his Prosoft products which are life savers for Mac people" stated Charles Clark of Laguna Woods. Dr. Murray Massin also of Laguna Woods commented on the Marilyn Miller and the Mac Show "Don't miss it! You will enjoy an hour of fantastic clever entertainment using David Pogue lyrics."

Exhibitors and Seminar presenters were equally thrilled at the huge outpouring from the Mac Community.

"The SoCal MacFair 2004 was a success for Fastmac on all levels! Not only did we double our show sales expectations; we made contacts that will be repeat customers. The attendees were all very passionate about their Macs and were a pleasure to meet. Put us on next year's vendor list!" stated Michael Lowdermilk of Fastmac.

"Even though our software tool is geared more for a corporation or a software company the Southern California MacFair 2004 resulted in a number of good leads. We spoke to a lot of great people and felt it was time well spent for our company," said Redstone software VP of Sales, John Brennan.

"SoCal MacFair is a class act! The fair was professional and very well attended; an added plus was the quality of the facilities, staff, and attendees in my workshops. Truly an excellent event! I would definitely participate again!" commented Mike Descher, Apple consultant and workshop trainer.

For more information on the Southern California MacFair 2004, please go to Contact: Keith Mueller, Show Manager, 949-721-9280

Contact: Keith Mueller

Show Manager

Southern California MacFair 2004




California Middle School Helps Struggling Students Conquer Math with ALEKS Individualized Learning

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) September 03, 2013

Deborah Burton, a seventh and eighth-grade math teacher at Big Bear Middle School in Big Bear, Calif., considers the color-keyed pie chart in ALEKS as one of her favorite teaching tools. The interactive pie chart displays the results of a students current knowledge and each pie slice corresponds to a particular group of math topics, such as fractions or equations. The larger the area of a slice that is darker, the more mastery the student has of the topic area. Content mastery can be visually tracked by determining how much of each slice is dark.

Before class begins each day, Burton studies students pie charts to determine which topics her students are ready to learn. For the first 10 minutes of class, she calls groups of students to the whiteboard to work on problems before sending them to the computer lab for independent study. She then spends the remainder of the class working with students as they work individually on the topics they are ready to learn.

ALEKS accomplishes two big goals: filling in the gaps of students knowledge and teaching them the topics they are ready to learn right now, said Burton. Normally, I would have to take the whole class to the lab and spend time focused only on the students who need the most help. Or, I would teach the whole class the same topics, even though not everyone would be ready to learn it. ALEKS allows for extremely targeted teaching, which is just wonderful.

With its completely individualized approach to learning, ALEKS enables students to successfully master course material by targeting their learning on the material they are precisely ready to learn right now. Since ALEKS is web-based, and accessible directly via common Internet browsers, students can quickly access their accounts anytime, anywhere, via a tablet, laptop or traditional computer. All ALEKS courses feature user-friendly answer input tools that allow students to enter mathematical expressions and free-response answers that avoid multiple-choice and demonstrate true content mastery.

Before coming to the middle school, Burton taught math for 18 years at the high school, which is where she first used ALEKS. Already sold on the program, Burton became a highly vocal advocate for bringing ALEKS to the middle school. Her enthusiasm convinced Principal Tina Fulmer that the program would help the math department meet its goals for the school year, and Fulmer and Burton worked together to find grant money to help cover the costs.

Once Burton began to use ALEKS at the middle school three years ago, the impact was immediate: Students who had been learning at a basic level were now at levels of advanced learning. After using ALEKS for a year, Algebra Readiness eighth graders more than doubled the increase of California Standards Test (CST) score typically seen at the school. Moreover, 56 percent of these students scored at least Proficient, compared with the usual 40 percent. Scores on the CST increased an average of 30 points, and students who used to need constant attention no longer required Burtons help, as they were now motivated and successful working independently.

For Principal Fulmer, ALEKS has been well worth the investment. Whenever she visits classrooms, she has found students to be completely engaged with the work and empowered enough to work at their own pace. Even students who dont struggle with math have been eager to share the success theyve found with ALEKS.

I had a student come into my office to show me her math grade, which was at 133 percent. When I asked her what she was doing, she said Im addicted to the ALEKS program. Even though this student already had an A, she was excited to keep going and push herself as far as she could.

In another instance, Fulmer was contacted by a parent who was in tears because her daughter was failing math. She was able to use some additional funding to give the student access to ALEKS from home. Within one month, the student went from a failing grade to a C- and her mother was thrilled. Her daughter was so motivated by her quick progress that she spent every spare minute at home working on ALEKS.

The success Big Bear Middle School has experienced is nothing short of extraordinary and is a prime example of how ALEKS makes for a truly personalized learning experience, allowing each student to learn at his or her own pace," said R.G. Wilmot (Wil) Lampros, president of ALEKS Corporation. "As always, our primary goal at ALEKS is to give educators powerful tools that enable them to help students master the basics of math in order to prepare them for life beyond the classroom."

Read more about the success at Big Bear Middle School:

To learn more about how ALEKS works, visit: A free trial of ALEKS courses is available to teachers and administrators at:

About ALEKS Corporation

ALEKS Corporation is a leader in the creation of web-based, artificially intelligent educational software. In 2013, ALEKS was acquired by McGraw-Hill Education, a leading digital learning company. ALEKS assessment and learning technologies were originally developed by a team of cognitive scientists, mathematicians, and software engineers at the University of California, Irvine, with major funding from the National Science Foundation. ALEKS is founded on groundbreaking research in mathematical cognitive science known as Knowledge Space Theory. Through adaptive questioning, ALEKS accurately assesses a students knowledge state, and then delivers targeted instruction on the topics a student is most ready to learn.

ALEKS has been used by millions of students in over 100 different mathematics, science, and business courses at thousands of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities throughout the world.

For additional information, visit:


National E-Retailer Home Security Store Expands to a New Building in Southern California

Riverside, CA (PRWEB) July 30, 2013

Home Security Store, Inc. has seen strong and steady growth over the past several years. So much so, that the company has purchased an even bigger warehouse and office space building in Southern California.

We need more room to grow. We were running out of room in our old warehouse, said Home Security Store Vice-President Ralph Winn, who has more than 37 years of experience in the security industry.

Home Security Store is the premiere online e-commerce website specializing in affordable Do-It-Yourself wireless and hardwired home alarms, security camera systems, fire protection products, spy equipment, survival gear, home automation devices and more. In addition, the companys website offers useful video tutorials, tips, security news and educational articles teaching homeowners how to optimize home security in order to help prevent property loss and damage.

Through its website, Home Security Store informs visitors how a DIY security installation can save money. Home Security Store sells name brand equipment directly to the public with same-day shipping option and technical support.

Winn says this is the second time in the past several years that the company has had to move in order to accommodate the business growth.

Home Security Stores new home is a 33,000-square-foot building located on the Riverside and Corona city line. Acquiring such a central location will allow the company to also engage with local installers in Riverside, Corona, and the surrounding Orange County area.

Great customer service and free top-notch tech support has been at the core of Home Security Stores plan for success since it opened its doors and this will continue as the company grows, adds Winn.

Today, in the home security field, there are so many competitors to choose from, which is a major hurdle in trying to get the attention of potential customers. Nevertheless, Home Security Store has optimized its online business since the mid-1990s, and still does today, by bringing customers the best of service with seasoned technical professionals and a product line which features the latest technology to help make your property safe and life easy, Winn said.

With that in mind, Winn adds that the company has long had the trust of DIY home and business owners nationwide and is expanding to a new market of local installers, as well.

The new location has landed us in an ideal and centralized area in Southern California. The new building will allow us the means to truly serve the wholesale market. This means we will provide the contractor a comfortable place to not only purchase from, but a friendly environment to come and learn about the newest trends and get hands-on training, said Home Security Stores Wholesale Account Manager Andre Perkic.

About Home Security Store, Inc.

Home Security Store is the premiere online e-commerce website specializing in affordable DIY wireless and hardwired home alarms, security camera systems, fire protection devices, spy equipment, survival gear, home automation technology and more. The company brings together highly trained, professional technicians and a state-of-the-art product line to provide the most comprehensive security source found online. The company offers fast shipping, plus complimentary tech support. For more information about Home Security Store and its line of security products and services, go to


WESTEC 2013 Returns to California Amidst Promising Manufacturing Climate

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

WESTEC, the premier West Coast manufacturing event, returns to California amidst an encouraging environment that has seen a measurable increase in exports, production, overall employment growth, and recent legislation designed to enhanced the states manufacturing sector. While California has long been the nations leading industrial state, recent economic gains have been powered by new technologies, many of which will be on display at WESTEC at the Los Angeles Convention Center from October 15-17.

Produced by SME, WESTEC has built a reputation as the West Coasts leading technological showcase for the manufacturing industry for nearly 50 years. Generations of manufacturers have used the event as a forum to find cutting-edge equipment, explore advanced technologies, and learn innovative new production methods to help grow their businesses. Many of the industrys top equipment manufacturers unveil technological breakthroughs at WESTEC from software to cutting tools, 3D printers to multi-tasking machines.

According to the latest UCLA Anderson Forecast, California is one of the bright spots in the U.S. economic picture. For the 12 months ending April 2013, California had the second highest employment growth in the nation. The Forecast also reported that the economys strength was built within the technology and knowledge-laden sectors, which accounted for more than half the job growth in the state. California also showed strong growth of total direct exports of goods, which now account for 8.1 percent of GDP. Manufactured computers and electronics account for 30 percent of that total.

The manufacturing industry will also benefit from the implementation of recently passed legislation. Earlier this month, California signed into law a future sales tax exemption on manufacturing equipment. This brings the state in line with the 48 other states that exempt manufacturing equipment from sales and use tax. Recent anecdotal news has also been encouraging. Several manufacturers, such as Boeing, BYD and Ecologic Brands, all opened or announced increased manufacturing programs or facilities within the state.

We are greatly encouraged by recent developments in California, which has seen an uptick in manufacturing and production. said Christine Longroy, WESTEC event manager. The economic climate is one of the reasons why we decided to move WESTEC up from March 2014 to October 2013.

For more information and to register for WESTEC 2013, visit

About WESTEC: WESTEC, the regions definitive manufacturing event, returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center fall 2013. The three-day event provides access to the latest technologies, equipment, and products from the industrys leading innovators. Products and technology are highlighted through interactive exhibits, education and networking.

About SME

SME advances manufacturing and attracts future generations through its strategic areas of events, media, membership, training & development and the SME Education Foundation. A 501(c)3 organization, SME has been gathering, validating and sharing manufacturing knowledge for more than 80 years. SME Making the future. Together.

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Introducing the Epicure Digital NutriSchool Menu and Nutritional Information System at CSNA 2012 California School Nutrition Conference

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) November 05, 2012

Epicure Digital Systems, a leader in digital menu boards, presents at CSNA 2012 California School Nutrition Conference, the Epicure Digital NutriSchool Menu and Nutritional Information System for centrally controlling menu and nutritional information on school websites, classroom smart boards, and digital menu boards in the cafeteria and around campus, Introducing Epicure Digital NutriSchool menu and nutritional information system centrally controlling menu and nutritional information on school websites, on classroom smart boards, and on digital menu boards, to help school food services to transform school cafeterias into smarter lunchrooms

K-12 schools have just finished implementing the new revolutionary healthful menus and face these challenges:

Promote the new school menus
Students need to learn the benefits of good nutrition to help them make healthier menu choices on a daily basis and as a way for life.

Meet the new regulations
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Act of 2010, sections 204 and 209, requires schools to make information more readily available to students, parents and the public about the nutritional quality of meals.

Increase participation in the Breakfast and Lunch program
School food services need fuller participation to sustain profit margins in the face of increased food costs as a result of new and modified meal recipes.

With the new school meal standards beginning to be implemented and the growing importance of providing nutrition information to families and students, Epicure Digital NutriSchool is a logical way for K-12 schools to communicate to students and parents about nutrition information relating to their menus. This will help educate students and parents alike on the nutritional quality of their food choices, according to Kim Blum, MS, RD, LD, owner KB Nutrition Consulting in Dallas, TX and a former USDA employee, and it makes perfect sense to showcase the improvements via a simple system which can be displayed on cafeteria menu boards, online and in the classroom.

Increasing participation in breakfast and lunch programs is essential to retaining profitability. Less than half of low-income children receiving school lunches participate in the breakfast program and only about 30 million out of the total 50 million students in US public schools participate in the school lunch programs. Food services have potential to double the number of school meals served.

The NutriSchool system displays daily menus, nutritional data and labels, allergen alerts, and educational and promotional messages and graphics on classroom smart boards, on district and individual school websites, and on menu boards in the cafeteria, to inform, engage and encourage student participation.

In the classroom, teachers can use NutriSchool menus on smart boards to help students make healthier menu choices. At home, viewing NutriSchool menus on the school website, parents can guide their kids to make healthier menu choices. In the cafeteria, digital menu boards can educate on the front line, at the point-of-sale.

NutriSchool is an affordable system, explained Harvey Friedman, President and Founder, Epicure Digital Systems. Any size school district can easily and quickly provide daily online NutriSchool menus on their websites and existing classroom smart boards. And, the same system can also be used to control LCD menu boards in cafeterias if and when they are required.

For schools that already publish weekly and monthly menu information on their websites, NutriSchool provides the ability to display an additional webpage updated daily with nutritional and allergen information for each menu item.

NutriSchool utilizes a proprietary nutritional menu labeling system to easily select icons representing food groups, allergens, and nutritional data for each menu item.

NutriSchool can display district wide ES, MS and HS menus, or menu and nutritional information for each school with each schools local messaging and graphics.

NutriSchool can display different graphics and communicate different messages on the websites, smart boards and cafeteria digital menu boards, targeting students and parents with relevant and timely information for each platform.

NutriSchool can provide content in English and Spanish.

NutriSchool can read and display RSS feeds, campus alerts, live weather forecasts and current news and information from the Internet and can easily be set to display nutritional tips of the day and other school and district news and information.

NutriSchool can integrate with food service management and nutritional information systems.

The Epicure Digital NutriSchool Products & Services:

Epicure Digital Menu Boards
Display daily NutriSchool menus on LCDs in the cafeteria and at other

campus locations including outdoor

Epicure Digital NutriSmart
Display daily NutriSchool menus on district and individual school websites

to help parents at home guide their kids to make healthier menu choices

Epicure Digital NutriClass
Display daily NutriSchool menus on classroom smart boards as a tool

teachers can use to help students make healthier menu choices

Epicure Digital NutriGuide
Disply daily complete nutritional and allergen information for all menu items

Epicure Digital Nutritional Menu Labeling
We develop creative nutritional menu labeling solutions for each client

Epicure Digital Multi Function Boards
Display daily menus, school information and multimedia messages in the

cafeteria and at other campus locations including outdoor

Epicure Digital Menu Engineering & Design
We solve clients complex menu engineering and student participation issues

Epicure Digital NutriLive
Easily control nutritional menu labeling on your digital menus

Epicure Digital Quick & Easy-To-Use Interface

Designed for non-technical food service personnel

Epicure Digital LiveText
Instantly change and update your menu items, descriptions and prices

Epicure Digital LiveMenu
Easily rearrange the layout of your digital menus

Epicure Digital SlideShow Builder
Assemble and upload your own slide shows

Epicure Digital Integration
Import data from third-party nutritional data bases

Epicure Digital Meets the New Legislation Guidelines
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Act of 2010, sections 204 and 209, requires

schools to make information more readily available to students, parents

and the public about the nutritional quality of meals

NutriSchool is a product of Epicure Digital Systems, a leader in digital menu board systems with over twelve years of experience designing customized digital menu and nutritional board systems. The company pioneered the display of nutritional data on menu boards in 2004 for the U. S. Navy.

Epicure Digital clients include K-12 schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, independent and chain restaurants, contract food service companies, business & industry, and cinemas and casinos among others.

The company's website ( has an extensive portfolio of its client's digital and online menu board projects.

Visitors to the CSNA California School Nutrition Association Annual Conference in Pasadena, 9-10 November 2012, Booth #305, will be able to view NutriSchool at the Epicure Digital booth on large daylight readable Sunbrite LCD screens for indoor and outdoor menu boards.

For more information, contact:

Tommy Orpaz





California Southern University Names New Business Dean

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) December 20, 2012

California Southern University is pleased to name Dr. George Sayegh Dean of the universitys School of Business. He will begin work at the university immediately.

Dr. Sayegh has a long and distinguished career in education and business. He comes to CalSouthern from Argosy University, where he served as Program Chairman for the School of Business. As a professor at a number of universitiesboth online and campus-basedDr. Sayegh has taught courses in business technology, management, finance, leadership, computer science, information systems, technology and business, critical thinking, and mathematics, among others.

Dr. Sayegh founded a successful computer and information technology companyeventually specializing in medical and institutional information systemsand also has worked for organizations including NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Hewlett-Packard, Ferranti Aerospace Missile Systems, and Wangtek Drive Systems.

Dr. Sayegh earned a Doctor of Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems from Argosy, a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Mercy College, and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from California State University, Northridge.

I am honored to accept the position as Dean of CalSoutherns School of Business, says Dr. Sayegh. CalSouthern is an institution of academic integrity and rigor, with a culture based on ethics and student support. From my first conversation with University President Dr. Caroll Ryan, it was clear that the university and I share the same values. I instantly felt at home at CalSouthern and look forward to enhancing an already-strong business school.

Outgoing Dean Dr. John Minchin will remain with the university and assume the position of Director of Institutional Research Planning and Assessment. We are thrilled to have Dr. Minchin take on this critical function, says University President Ryan. By assessing and evaluating every aspect of university operations and following through to make sure all necessary changes are made, Dr. Minchin will play a key role in driving the continuous improvement that has been and will continue to be so integral to CalSoutherns growth and success.

About CalSouthern:

Founded in 1978, California Southern University is an accredited university offering online degree programs at the associate, bachelors, masters, and doctoral levels in business, law, criminal justice, and psychology to an international student body, utilizing a proprietary learning system. CalSouthern is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council. The Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. The Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council is a recognized member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. To learn more about CalSouthern, please visit

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Creative Website Design Brings New Clients for Southern California Minister

TEMECULA, CA (PRWEB) October 08, 2012

Ceremonies founder and wedding pastor Janet Westall, an officiant with over 25 years experience, has recently launched a new website that has resulted in a sharp increase in traffic and business.

The newly designed site,, has six pages that feature a contact page and blog, making it much easier for Westall to access and interact with prospective clients. In general, the site is much improved aesthetically and now features tones and colors that express gentle warmth and friendliness. A new softer look, with better graphics is something that makes the site come alive. As Westall said, It is really pops.

Future brides and grooms have already made great comments.

I have already experienced more calls and more inquiries than I have seen in a long time, Westall observed.

Currently she conducts upwards of 50-60 wedding ceremonies a year.

I used to get requests a month or two in advance, Pastor Westall said, but now Ive been getting quite a few calls for 2013, and those dates are filling up quickly.

Pastor Westalls ceremonies are fun, easy, and create a relaxed experience for every bride and groom. They focus on each couples unique celebration of love with touches that include faith, culture, family traditions or new same sex commitments.

Her personalized ceremonies, flexibility and responsiveness to every couples needs are what have earned a sterling 5-star rating on, including being recognized as a Brides Choice Award in 2011 and 2012.

About Janet Westall and Janet Westall is a wedding celebrant/officiant from Temecula, CA, serving all of San Diego, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties in Southern California. Following postgraduate education (M. Div.), and then ordained as a minister, Pastor Westall has had over 25 years experience as an officiant/celebrant, conducting a wide variety of custom designed ceremonies, whether they be Christian-faith based, civil unions, military, spiritual or a traditional style weddings. Westall has conducted a very wide variety of different ceremonies. Yet, each one is a unique celebration of love in an atmosphere of beauty, simplicity and joy.

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Chief Outsiders Expands to Northern California Region

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) November 27, 2012

Businesses in the San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento areas of Northern California are gaining access to new and significant support in their quest for growth as San Jose, CA based branding and strategic marketing executive Charles Born joins Chief Outsiders. Chief Outsiders is one of the nations fastest growing and most innovative marketing strategy firms focused on building and executing market based growth plans for midsize and growth companies through fractional, or part-time marketing executives. As a Chief Outsider, Born will assist growth-oriented businesses achieve their performance goals as a part time or interim senior marketing executive.

Im pleased to be part of Chief Outsiders, Born said. I think our unique business model brings needed senior level marketing experts to fast growth and midsize firms who otherwise may not have access to the marketing and strategy expertise they need. I'm excited to contribute my expertise in B2B and high tech marketing and brand positioning with companies in the Northern California area as a Chief Outsiders CMO.

Mr. Born has more than 30 years experience managing and growing a broad range of B2B and B2C hardware, software and services brands with specific expertise in positioning companies to create new market categories or expand existing ones. After a few years managing a family business, his career started with small $ 2M software and consulting company that in a decade he helped grow to $ 800M in annual revenue. It includes senior level marketing and sales positions at global Fortune 1000 companies like Compaq, Nortel and Amdocs as well as most recently several successful fast growth companies in the eCommerce and SaaS market.

His approach as a pragmatic strategist is built from experience gained evangelizing and marketing solutions in data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics, open computing, CRM, billing and payments, customer experience systems, OSS/BSS, eCommerce, security and fraud and financial services to name a few. His diverse global background includes extensive experience building strong marketing and sales alignment and creating an effective dialog with B2B and B2C buyers that establishes value.


Top Northern California Printing Company Avalon Printing & Graphics Launches Expanded Catalog Printing Service

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) August 28, 2012

Avalon Printing & Graphics has launched a new broad range of catalog printing services designed for businesses. New digital and offset catalog offerings include more paper types, sizes and minimum quantities starting as low as 25. Avalon Printing & Graphics also continues to offer the best in digital and offset printing services including banner printing, booklet printing, business cards, envelopes and many other custom printing offerings.

With digital and offset catalog options now available, Avalon Printing & Graphics can accommodate a wide range of customer quantities, with online prices for catalog quantities ranging from 25 to 10,000. Avalon even offers its customers custom pricing on large quantities over 10,000 for larger businesses or marketing campaigns. With a variety of paper options combined with small and large sizes, there are catalog options that fulfill just about any business catalog need.

Avalon is pleased to offer high-quality business catalog printing for small businesses, said Avalon Printing & Graphics President Ken Frank. Catalogs are an excellent tool for advertising your products in the business world. Customers love to have a tangible reminder of what a business has to offer with pricing right at their fingertips.

For more information about Avalon Printing & Graphics, the services they offer or to see their current specials please visit or call the Avalon Printing & Graphics customer service line at (916) 786-2046 or (800) 565-0987.

About Avalon Printing & Graphics

Avalon Printing & Graphics is a Roseville, California based printer that currently serves tens of thousands of happy clients and whose printing operation began in 1990. We offer a wide variety of standard printing products including business cards, letterheads, newsletters, envelopes, postcards, booklets, carbonless forms, invitations and magnets. In addition, Avalon is a leader in the production of display printing like banners, yard signs, sandwich boards, posters, car magnets, banner stands, canvas prints and window displays. Avalon provides expert technical and customer support and quality printing that is unmatched in the region. Avalon is an ecologically conscious printing company and takes care to consider its impact on the environment.

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Facebook Graphic Design Challenge Hosted by California Design School FIDM

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

Open to anyone with a passion for art and design, FIDMs Facebook Graphic Design Challenge asked designers to create an image that incorporated the official FIDM logo along with original illustrations, photographs, and/or graphics. It was a huge success, and we received great entries from future FIDM students, current students, and the general public, said Larry Del Santo, Social Media Marketing Manager at FIDM.

The finalists, Jon E., Angelica V., and Marianna H., customized the FIDM logo using eye-catching patterns, typography, and graphics. The public was then asked to vote for their favorite design for the duration of a week on Facebook via a poll application. After more than 500 votes, Jons design was chosen as the winner and is currently featured as the official FIDM Facebook Cover image. The challenge was a partnership with FIDMs Digital Media Department.

The winners design is now up and featured as our cover photo for the month of June, added Del Santo. Jon Ezell, who is a current FIDM Graphic Design student at the Orange County campus, is also the co-founder and lead designer of the new apparel line, Adamo Collection. His blue and white creation mimics the look of dye swirling in water.

FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising is a co-educational, specialized, private college dedicated to educating students for the Fashion, Graphics, Interior Design, and Entertainment industries. Known as a one of the top fashion design schools, FIDM is also a leading graphic design school and digital media college. Visit for more information.

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