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US Immigrants Build Credit with UpgradeUSAs Laptop Payment Plans

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

UpgradeUSA, a leading online company focused on helping customers build credit through laptop payment plans, today announced a service that provides legal US immigrants the chance to build a history of good credit.

People from all over the world who move to the US find that when they complete their move, their credit doesnt move with them, effectively forcing them to start building credit from scratch -- and they quickly discover the US financial system to be daunting and full of hassles.

UpgradeUSAs laptop payment plans help these people build the future they want in the US by being a company that will help them build better credit, and have every payment reported to US credit bureaus.

After they work with their immigration lawyers, legal US immigrants often find it challenging to take the next step and build the credit they need to fully participate in the US financial system, said Jon Weisblatt, founder & CEO, UpgradeUSA. It doesnt matter to us if our customers are doctors or janitors we can help legal immigrants address the credit challenges they face. Our service offers a smart way for legal immigrants to demonstrate that they can make consistent payments over time, which is critical towards building good credit.

Which Immigrants Can Benefit

People who have legally moved to the US from any country in the world -- including Mexico, Canada, India, China, Japan, etc. will see benefits from the UpgradeUSA laptop payment plan program. Establishing credit in the US is an important milestone for any family looking to build a future in the US. The UpgradeUSA program is a discreet, online-only program.

In addition, people over 18 who are able to take advantage of the much-discussed DREAM Act will also find UpgradeUSA to be an invaluable tool for them to jump-start their credit in the US as they seek citizenship.

Any legal immigrants interested in UpgradeUSAs credit building laptop payment program must have a social security number.

How People Can Apply

To participate in the program, people should visit where they can click on the Apply Today button and complete a short application on a secure site. They should expect an email response within one business day. UpgradeUSA ships after the first customer payment.

After approved customers make their first payment and schedule subsequent monthly payments, UpgradeUSA quickly ships the computer that the customer ordered. Customers can make and schedule all payments securely online via debit or credit cards.

UpgradeUSAs Prices and Products

UpgradeUSAs laptop payment plans are available for immigrants and the general public, and start as low as $ 55/month. Unlike other companies, prices at UpgradeUSA do not change based on a customers credit score. This makes for an affordable quality alternative to traditional rent-to-own, financing, and layaway.

UpgradeUSA offers a variety of high-quality new and factory-refurbished laptop computers from the worlds best technology brands. Available products often include the latest technology and operating systems.

Availability by State

UpgradeUSAs online-only laptop payment plan services are now available for qualified customers in the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming.

About UpgradeUSA

UpgradeUSA helps solve a leading question for a growing number of U.S. consumers: How do I build credit? The company addresses this through the online leasing of new and refurbished mobile computers, with each monthly customer payment reported to all three major U.S. credit bureaus. Customers can choose to end their lease and return their computer at any time after a few months, or can purchase it early at any time during the lease process, with no penalty. Our program is available in a growing number of states across the U.S. UpgradeUSA is privately held and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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Asahi Technologies to Help Entrepreneurs Build Custom Applications Using Latest Version of Python 3.3.0

(PRWEB) October 13, 2012

Python offers plenty of advantages from accelerated development time, lower costs and smooth maintenance, making it easier for programmers to develop custom software. With the recent version (Python 3.3.0) released last month, its features plenty of advantages for developers as well as users. And to help businesses access top-notch custom software applications, Asahi Technologies announces custom Python development with the latest version 3.3.0.

Pythons powerful development environment enables web programmers to accelerate and integrate systems efficiently. Developers around the world who use Python have also experienced quick boost in productivity and considerably low maintenance costs. The popularity is such that sites like NASA, Google, Yahoo and YouTube use Python programming. Continuing with these unique capabilities, the recent version of Python 3.3 provides web developers with an array of enhancements.

The major improvement comes in the form of ipaddress module that can be used for inspecting and manipulating IP addresses. Users can use them to create objects from strings and integers. Apart from it, the sys.implementation attribute can hold consolidated information about the implementation of the running interpreter. Making it a source to the standard library to look for implementation-specific information.

Our programmers, developers and coders have extensive knowledge on Python and its capabilities to render custom solutions to client requirements, stated Vinod Subbaiah,

CEO of Asahi Technologies during the launch of Python based services in New York.

To help firms learn more about Custom Programming Solutions, Asahi Technologies provides a free online consultation to clients letting them understand their Python development options. The organization also provides custom Software solutions using PHP, ASP.NET and PERL.

About Asahi Technologies

Asahi Technologies is a New York based web design and development firm that provides software consulting and Web solutions to small and medium level businesses all across North America. Asahi Technologies specializes in responsive design, cloud computing, online marketing, mobile application development and open source technologies. Under the leadership of Mr. Vinod Subbaiah, who himself started his career as a software programmer, Asahi Technologies team comprises of experienced software professionals having extensive knowledge of technology with B2C and B2B operations. The firms headquarters is located in New York City, NY.

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CoSentry and JE Dunn Partner to Build State-of-the-Art Data Center

Lenexa, Kansas (PRWEB) February 20, 2012

Today CoSentry, a leader in cloud computing and managed technical services, announced it has started construction on a $ 30 million project to build and outfit a 60,000 square foot data center in Lenexa, Kansas. The new data center will be built to accommodate clients seeking highly resilient, very secure facilities and infrastructure for their IT requirements. CoSentry will partner with JE Dunn Construction for the build of the advanced facility, commenting on the experience and reputation that led to their decision.

JE Dunn was the clear choice after thorough review of our options, explained Doug West, Vice President and General Manager of CoSentry. He continued, We were seeking a partner that had the background and foresight to understand where this industry and specifically this community of high tech clients are going. It is a very demanding and exciting time in our industry and we required a partner who could keep pace.

CoSentry operates a network of extreme density, high availability data centers which are connected with high capacity fiber links. This allows for the ability to design and operate highly reliable, very flexible data center capabilities at cost effective levels. The Lenexa facility will be amongst their top tier facilities, the company currently operates five other data centers in the central U.S. including a 12,000 square-foot data center in Kansas City, Missouri.

Were looking forward to working with CoSentry on this project, remarked Dan Euston, President, JE Dunn-Midwest. CoSentrys Lenexa center is the type of project that keeps JE Dunn Construction at the forefront of the industry and challenges us to maintain our commitment to integrity, quality and client collaboration.

The project is expected to continue through the summer with occupancy in early fall. Clients may reserve space effective February 20, 2012.

About CoSentry

CoSentry serves as a one source provider of data center, cloud computing and managed technical services. For over 10 years CoSentry has been helping clients compete in todays ALWAYS ON business environment. Business leaders depend on CoSentrys world-class capabilities including collocation, virtual server and storage platforms, high-capacity internet and technical help desk services to keep their businesses running no matter what. CoSentry has facilities in Lenexa, KS, Kansas City, MO, and Sioux Falls, SD, Papillion, NE and Omaha, NE. For more information about CoSentry, please visit their main web site: Cloud Computing

About JE Dunn

JE Dunn Construction, founded in 1924, is one of the most experienced general building contractors in the United States with offices in 20 cities. The JE Dunn organization remains family-owned and is represented by three generations of the Dunn family in its day-to-day operations and philanthropic activities. For more information on JE Dunn Construction, visit

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Is it Cheaper to Buy or Build your Next PC?

Is it Cheaper to Buy or Build your Next PC?

(PRWEB) October 18, 2002

“This article details our search for a new computer to run our website on”, commented Mark Hamel, webmaster of “In the past we always built our work computers as it saved us at least $ 500 compared to the cost of buying a new computer.”

Included in the article, is a step by step look at preparing to build a 2 GHz or faster PC while trying to stay within a $ 1,000 budget (which does not include the cost of a new monitor). Then the cost of building a new computer is compared to buying the same computer from Dell.

Mr. Hamel concluded, “We wound up with a 2.53 GHz Pentium 4 with 512 MB of 333 MHz DDR RAM, and we were quite happy with the results, even though we were about 16 % over our original budget.”

For further information, please see the full article, Is it Cheaper to Build or Buy a New PC? at

InfoHQ provides free computer buying advice articles and services on its web site located at

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The High ROI of Professional Graphic Design: Visible Logic Shows Small Businesses How to Build Brand Equity, Increase Revenues

The High ROI of Professional Graphic Design: Visible Logic Shows Small Businesses How to Build Brand Equity, Increase Revenues

Portland, ME (PRWEB) January 20, 2010

In an uncertain economic climate, many new and existing business owners are cutting corners when it comes to designing their logos, web sites and other marketing communications. However, by hiring amateurs or, even worse, choosing the design-it-yourself route, these entrepreneurs are turning valuable customers--and revenues--away.

Visible Logic (, a Portland, Maine-based boutique graphic design firm, shows businesses how to avoid this fatal mistake by investing in professional graphic design, which not only has a high ROI, but also helps generate higher revenues and build brand equity.

One of Visible Logic's clients, Educational Endeavors, an academic tutoring and homeschooling services company, came to the graphic design firm after first attempting to design their branding themselves. Educational Endeavors admitted its marketing collateral looked homemade and that its web site was "junk." The company needed to communicate a more professional image to attract more business.

To help Educational Endeavors achieve its business goals, Visible Logic revised the company's logo, incorporated a tag line, redesigned the web site, and designed new print brochures, folders, registration forms, and electronic newsletters with consistent use of imagery and color schemes across all media. Within just six months of launching its new brand, Educational Endeavors' client base more than doubled, and the quality of its clientele increased dramatically. Company Founder Eric Davis says he now understands the reality of the business cliché: "We had to spend money to make money." Business continues to soar as Educational Endeavors partners with Visible Logic for ongoing design needs.

Founded in 2001 by Emily Brackett, Visible Logic provides graphic design services for print, web and identity for clients across the country. Brackett's goal is to serve clients who want to use high-quality design to help them compete with companies of all sizes.

"Customers form lasting impressions about a company's size, financial condition, product reliability, service quality, value and more based on their initial contact with your company, whether that's a glance at your business card or a visit to your web site," says Brackett. "A negative first impression is hard, or even impossible, to undo."

Startups and growing businesses can learn more about the high ROI of professional graphic design by downloading Visible Logic's free white paper, "Professional Graphic Design: The Crucial Step Toward Higher Brand Equity, Increased Revenues," which includes a case study of Educational Endeavors, at

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FinalBuilder 4 Dramatically Accelerates Software Build and Release Cycles

FinalBuilder 4 Dramatically Accelerates Software Build and Release Cycles

Canberra, Australia (PRWEB) December 2, 2005

FinalBuilder 4 introduces a vast number of improvements which can dramatically accelerate software build and release cycles as well as increasing the flexibility of FinalBuilder build processes. The new version adds over 150 new actions and now includes integration with Microsoft Team System and VMWare.

FinalBuilder is an end-to-end build and release management system; capable of automating the entire build process, everything from integration with version control systems, compilation of source code, deployment, and burning a CD or DVD. As well as increasing the speed and reliability of the build process, FinalBuilder increases staff productivity by relieving them of the repetitive and error prone tasks.

One of the biggest new features in FinalBuilder 4 is the ability for the build process to be parallelised. This produces dramatic speed improvements on multiprocessor and multi-core computers. Even on single processor computers, I/O bound (either local or network) actions can be run in parallel with CPU bound actions, which leads to an overall reduction in the build time. "We have some customers whose build processes run for most of the day," says Vincent Parrett, director of VSoft Technologies, "these customers [depending on their hardware and build process] will be able to realise a significant reduction in their build times.â€Â Running actions in parallel allows users to get more work done in the same amount of time.

FinalBuilder 4 also introduces an easy way to synchronise version numbers and version information between the various modules of a software project. It is common practice to use a single set of version information which is applied to a variety of modules, and it is important that each of these modules contain the same information, such as the file version. The new Property Set actions allow the build process to define a compact set of information which can be easily shared between different components, such as between compiler actions.

FinalBuilder 4 also adds support for synchronous waiting. The build process can be paused until a certain condition is met, for example waiting for a network share to become available, or for the date of a file to change. In the past, automated builds either had to either loop or fail outright if a certain condition was not met.

Similarly, the new File Dependency action can be used to conditionally run a set of actions depending on the file dates, attributes, or accessibility of one or more files. "We have concentrated on adding features to make the build process extremely flexible", says Vincent Parrett, "the positive feedback received during our beta testing period show that these new features really make a difference".

Pricing starts at $ 379 per developer for FinalBuilder 4 Standard Edition and $ 499 per developer for FinalBuilder 4 Professional Edition.

A fully functional 30 day evaluation copy is available from our website.

For more information, visit the FinalBuilder website at

About VSoft Technologies Pty Ltd

VSoft Technologies is the leading provider of automated build software for Windows developers and configuration management engineers. Founded in 1997, VSoft Technologies are based in Canberra, Australia.

FinalBuilder and Finalbuilder ActionStudio are trademarks or registered trademarks of VSoft Technologies Pty Ltd. All other trademarks mentioned in this release are the property of their respective owners.

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Auto-Graphics Offers Free 90-Day Trial of AGent? Digital Collections Provides a fully hosted turnkey solution for public libraries to build and share collections

Auto-Graphics Offers Free 90-Day Trial of AGent™ Digital Collections Provides a fully hosted turnkey solution for public libraries to build and share collections

POMONA, CA (PRWEB) January 19, 2006

Auto-Graphics, Inc. (AUGR.PK), a pioneer and leading provider of customized information management solutions for the library market for over 35 years, is proud to announce a free 90-day trial of AGent™ Digital Collections, a web-based collection development and delivery product that assists public libraries with the creation and display of their digital collections for patrons to search and enjoy online. The free trial provides a full service, turnkey solution for libraries to build unique digital collections within minutes. Libraries receive all of the necessary cataloging, search, and display software to get started instantly, as well as Auto-Graphics’ ASP hosted service with full system support, maintenance, and storage.

The free trial also provides access to an exclusive AGent Digital Collections member community, where libraries can showcase their collection, while networking and sharing ideas with their peers. Using the proven AGent user interface, members can search their own collection along with the collections of fellow community members in a federated search environment. Library collections can also be made universally available for searching as a Z39.50 target, accessible by those outside the member community. As part of the member community, AGent Digital Collections offers a unique Resource Center complete with articles & tips on everything needed from pre- to post-collection development, and much more.

“While digital collections technology is currently available to public libraries, the complex issues of technical staffing, funding, local IT infrastructure, and implementation make most projects too difficult or costly,” remarked Paul Cope, Auto-Graphics President. “With that in mind, we have created a fully hosted, turnkey AGent Digital Collections product that removes these barriers and makes viable the construction of a digital community.”

AGent Digital Collections is designed for immediate collection development and public display. Once a user logs in, digital files can be uploaded and cataloged in minutes using a simple data entry Web form. An optional advanced metadata editing tool is also available for the more experienced catalogers. The free trial allows libraries to test the immediacy and capability of the system with no risk or obligation.

At any time during or after the free 90-day trial period, libraries can purchase the AGent Digital Collections software and continue to receive Auto-Graphics’ ASP hosted service with support, maintenance, and storage for free in addition to the exclusive community member benefits. AGent Digital Collections allows public libraries on a limited budget to use their existing resources to create a powerful, working digital collection. To sign up for the 90-day free trial, visit

About Auto-Graphics, Inc.

Founded in 1950, Auto-Graphics provides a wide variety of library software services to clients who create, manage, publish, and access information using the Internet. Auto-Graphics has been a technology innovator for over 55 years, playing a leading role in translating the rapid developments in computer and data processing technology into advanced products and services used by more than 5,000 libraries in North America. For more information, please visit


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Portland Oregon’s First Ever Custom Motorcycle Build Off — Showdown In The West

Portland Oregon’s First Ever Custom Motorcycle Build Off -- Showdown In The West

(PRWEB) October 21, 2004

On November 20-21, 2004 at the Portland Expo Center in Portland Oregon.

· Portland's first ever NW's Bike build Off featuring some of the hottest builders in the northwest.

· The defibrillator "kool Kustom Cartoon Car" brought to real life, this is a mind blowing high horse power, 33 ford 3 window coupe with 38" custom clicks - Nos spraying skull.

· The "Eliminator", Tim Byers magazine featured ram-jet 502 trike.

· Debuting is Fred Vosk "Big Al" a Alison v-12 motorcycle and his "SuperSub Bike" with a turbo charge v-8 Hemi.

Also appearing on Saturday, November 20, 2004 is Voodoo Productions with their Voodoo Girls and the calendar model search and contest. Come take pictures with the national known Iron Angels.

Also appearing on Saturday, November 20, 2004 is Dennis Gage from “My Classic Car Television Show”.

For the kids, Santa Clause makes his first appearance on Sunday, November 21, 2004 and the first 250 kids receive a free gift sponsored by PPG and U-haul. This is a charity fundraiser for the local children's hospital and Ronald McDonald House.

This is one of the most jam-packed shows in the west! You can find more information on the show at Vendor and Motorcycle entry information, please call 503-254-8041 or 503-657-4497.

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Nucleus RTOS and McObject?s eXtremeDB Database Build Versatile Real-time Foundation

Nucleus RTOS and McObject’s eXtremeDB Database Build Versatile Real-time Foundation

Issaquah, WA (PRWEB) March 15, 2006

Target customers for the new database/RTOS pairing include companies developing telecommunications and networking equipment, avionics, consumer electronics, industrial controllers and other intelligent devices that demand high performance, reliability, and a flexible development environment.

The Nucleus product family includes the widely used Nucleus PLUS RTOS, with implementations for C/C++, micro-ITRON and POSIX. Software design tools, middleware, Eclipse-based development tools, and software for evaluation, test and verification round out the Nucleus product offering. The Nucleus RTOS supports hundreds of different embedded CPU and development tool combinations and is delivered working, out-of-the-box, on the developer’s choice of reference design hardware.

eXtremeDB provides critical data management features—including transactions, concurrent access, High Availability and a high-level data definition language—while maintaining a tiny code footprint (as little as 50K). As an in-memory database system (IMDS), eXtremeDB delivers the highest level of real-time responsiveness, backed up by optional High Availability features for failsafe applications.

eXtremeDB also provides sophisticated development capabilities, such as support for varied data and query types, an optional SQL API, and a powerful debugging environment including a self-diagnostic API that catches a wide range of common programming errors before they slip into runtime code.

“Complexity is the embedded systems developer’s greatest challenge. McObject’s eXtremeDB helps tame the ever-growing volume of complex data in today’s full-featured ‘smart’ devices. With the Nucleus RTOS, Accelerated Technology enables developers to address application complexity with a scalable and flexible OS infrastructure—including file systems, network communications and GUI—to accommodate the most demanding real-time tasks,” said Steve Graves, McObject co-founder and CEO.

“The Nucleus RTOS and eXtremeDB share the virtues of real-time responsiveness, a ‘must’ for embedded systems to meet everyday demands; portability, to leverage the value of source code by enabling wide re-use; and minimal memory and CPU footprint, which lends a manufacturing cost advantage. We look forward to working with McObject to help embedded developers take advantage of this high quality, cost-effective combination,” said Glen Johnson, product marketing manager at Accelerated Technology.

About McObject

Founded by embedded database and real-time systems experts, McObject offers proven data management technology that makes intelligent devices smarter, more reliable and more cost-effective to develop and maintain. McObject counts among its customers industry leaders such as DaimlerChrysler, Peiker acustic, Tyco Thermal Controls, F5 Networks, JVC, Motorola and Boeing. McObject, based in Issaquah, WA, is committed to providing innovative technology and first rate services to customers and partners. The company can be reached at +1-425-831-5964, or visit

McObject and eXtremeDB are trademarks or registered trademarks of McObject. Accelerated Technology and Nucleus are registered trademarks of Mentor Graphics Corporation. All other company or product names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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Build Focus and Relaxation Skills with Dr. Gary Beale

Build Focus and Relaxation Skills with Dr. Gary Beale

Camarillo, Ca (PRWEB) March 22, 2005

The Mental Strength Training Center announced today the release of an interview with world-class sport psychologist Dr. Gary Beale.

The interview is made available to members of the Mental Strength Training Center to help athletes, coaches and other action-oriented people gain better control over performance.

Dr. Gary Beale is an expert in sports performance and has served countless competitors, coaches, and many high level athletes. Dr. Beale has also worked with professional football athletes representing nearly a dozen NFL teams, and dozens of athletes from sports such as motocross, skiing, tennis, baseball and basketball.

The 20-minute interview features Dr. Beale and the Mental Strength Training Center CEO Samuel Hirschberg in a conversational mode, with questions coming from Samuel based on what athletes and coaches need to excel. Dr. Beale reveals strategies he uses to help athletes gain focus during competition, and how to avoid potentially devastating problems that could occur, prior to them happening.

"Dr Beale is a wonderful mental strength coach and a pleasure to work with," said Mr. Hirschberg. "After reviewing his approach to mental and visual rehearsal, affirmation and thought-stopping, I knew our customer base would benefit. His preventive psychology techniques has been acknowledged by major universities, and more importantly, the clientele base that he has helped reads from a literal whose who of the top athletes in the world."

The interview with Dr. Beale can be found at


Since 1998 has helped over 8,400 athletes, coaches and parents of competitive athletes, worldwide. Becoming more mentally tough and a better competitor through mastery of basic strategies including nutrition, mental training and fitness. offers libraries of resources containing of tools and techniques through a subscription website to help athletes and coaches become stronger both mentally and physically.

About Dr. Gary Beale

Dr. Gary Beale’s specialty is the training of athletes, and others, with performance enhancement techniques before actual problems arise. He has created numerous mental preparation products, tools and resources, and has created exclusive sport-specific programs, called Mind Games. Dr. Beale has significantly enhanced the training efforts of world class and world record breaking amateur and professional competitors. And has also worked with members of the NFL Bills, Buccaneers, Chargers, Cowboys, Jets, Patriots, Rams and Seahawks.

To schedule an interview with Dr. Gary Beale or Samuel Hirschberg, email:

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