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Paessler Network Monitoring Bundle Eases Bandwidth Tracking for Redland Brick

Portland, Ore (PRWEB) July 21, 2006

Paessler today announced that Redland Brick is using Paessler IP Check and Paessler PRTG to implement a robust bandwidth-tracking function without the expense and complexity of a larger solution.

Redland, a Maryland based brick maker, used CA's Unicenter for several years to meet some of its needs in IT, but ultimately found that the network-management application Unicenter provided was too complex and specialized for its day-to-day network management needs. Unicenter is a comprehensive enterprise solution that required a significant financial commitment from Redland.

We spent two days working with CAs professional services implementing the solution and then three days training on it, said Mr. Neil Shanholtzer, Redland's IT manager. Then we had to go to class to learn how to use it -- all at costs above the expense of the software. If we were General Motors, that might make sense, but it didnt for us.

Mr. Shanholtzer added that as it was purchased, the Unicenter network-management application didnt offer Redland the one element of functionality it needed most: bandwidth monitoring. In order to achieve that, an additional Unicenter module would have been required.

Redland's IT department operates the network infrastructure -- including security, safety and performance -- for Redland Brick and its parent company, The Belden Brick Company. The department has 11 servers, which are housed at Redland and include an ERP solution running SQL. Redland also keeps its anti-virus and other mission-critical software in house.

Mr. Shanholtzer also added that the department was constantly looking to automate the monitoring of its various servers. The department's staff generally works from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and wanted the convenience of being notified at home or by pager on weekends for network-related issues.

Mr. Shanholtzer and his colleagues selected Paessler's Monitoring Bundle consisting of IPCheck Server Monitor for the availability monitoring and PRTG Traffic Grapher for bandwidth monitoring after their analysis of several shareware and freeware enterprise network-monitoring applications.

The team followed a few easy steps to set up IPCheck and PRTG as their new network-monitoring solution. It was also easy, Mr. Shanholtzer said, to add the SNMP community string and hand-pick the service that he wanted to monitor.

Im a 40-something IT guy, and I dont care to read the manual, Mr. Shanholtzer said. The software was very easy to setup, but before buying IPCheck and PRTG, I had some questions. I emailed Paessler support and got prompt responses. That experience sold me on the product.

The Redland IT department can now use IPCheck and PRTG to efficiently monitor its network, servers and various applications, as well as receive timely alerts when there are problems within Redland's network infrastructure.

Mr. Shanholtzer and his colleagues are in the process of upgrading their ERP package and used both monitoring products to strategically plan the changeover. Specifically, Redland's IT department used IPCheck to analyze the company's CPU and memory usage as well as the number of users on its network. The team also set up sensors with IPCheck and ran reports to help them plan for network upgrades. The reports were then passed on to their ERP vendor who used them to easily and quickly size the proper servers for their upgrade.

I dont write code, Mr. Shanholtzer said. IPCheck gives me 99.9 percent of what I want, and I dont have the need for a customized solution.

Redland now uses IPCheck to gain insight into bandwidth usage, which allows them to evaluate trends and help the company's brick-manufacturing operation run efficiently.

The longer I do this, the more I prefer dealing with smaller companies versus buying from a big corporation, Shanholtzer said. Just because they are big doesnt mean they make the best product.

Redland Brick operates four U.S.-based plants and incorporates more than 130 years of experience and the latest brick-making technologies. The Williamsport, Md.-based company creates high-quality bricks in every price range and in a range of colors, textures and shapes to meet virtually any building need. Redland Brick is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Belden Brick Company.

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Fuerth, Germany, Paessler AG builds cost-effective German-engineered software that is both powerful and easy to use. Its products cover network monitoring as well as testing and are used by more than 100,000 network administrators, web site operators, Internet service providers and other IT professionals worldwide. Freeware and free trial versions of all products can be downloaded from



Computer Donations and Recycling Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Faces A Brick Wall Also Known As the Ignorance of the Government and Its Arms-Length Organizations

Computer Donations and Recycling Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Faces A Brick Wall Also Known As the Ignorance of the Government and Its Arms-Length Organizations

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) September 8, 2005

The Electronic Recycling Association of Alberta is struggling to meet the demand of low income peoples, communities, non profit groups, 3rd world countries, for old computer equipment. Due to the lack of care by Alberta’s government agencies and departments many Alberta based businesses, organizations, and government bodies have been convinced that it is better to destroy a possibly working computer than to give it to a poor person to use.

Research has shown that fear of sensitive information stored on old PCs being used maliciously is one of the biggest obstacles preventing environmental disposal and re-use of old IT equipment.

ERA provides data removal or drive wiping up to the US Department of Defense clearing & sanitizing standard DoD 5220.22-M. This standard requires all storage and indexing locations on the hard drives within the computer to be overwritten three times with zeros and random characters. This is generally adopted as industry standard.

Additionally, we can also physically destroy hard drives by shredding.

There is no reason for organizations, government departments, schools and colleges to ship their computers to recycling firms or landfills to be destroyed. Many of these computers can be used to help people learn here in Alberta, and especially in the 3rd world, where they have no computers at all.

ERA's goal is to collect 100,000 computers this year and provide them to people in need.

Companies, organizations, and government departments need to realize that just because their old computer is junk to them, doesn't mean somebody else wouldn't be able use it.

Calgary (403) 262 4488

Edmonton (780) 455 2088

Vancouver (604) coming soon.



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