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Exhibition Stand Designers, Quadrant2Design Launch New War on Cost Blog

Poole, Dorset (PRWEB UK) 14 October 2013

Poole based exhibition and design contractors Quadrant2Design have launched a new series of blog articles aimed at exposing the hidden costs passed onto exhibitors by event organisers, contractors and venues.

Written by Design Consultant Chloe Anderton, the new blog series will educate exhibitors on the 'Stealth-Costs' Show Organisers and exhibition Venues, directly and indirectly impose on exhibition stand projects, and show how to avoid or minimise them.

In recent years UK shows have been burdened with increasing costs, mostly as a result of unnecessary regulations and extra costs imposed by venues, trade bodies, show organisers and their 'on-site' contractors.

These costs act as a 'stealth tax' on exhibiting in the UK, as all the costs are passed onto the end customer, exhibitors. As a result the UK exhibition industry is increasingly under effective competition from foreign exhibition destinations who typically impose fewer unnecessary regulations and costs.

Take electrics for instance, where every individual plug socket is charged at up to £120. Recently, a minor change in a BSA guideline resulted in increased electrical inspection costs. Unfortunately this has little effect on the safety of the exhibition stands but only increases costs for exhibitors.

Chloe Anderton said: “It seems that UK exhibitors are at breaking point with the absurd cost of stand electricals. I believe we're at the point now where exhibitors are actually voting with their feet, and choosing to take their exhibiting overseas”.

Likewise, organisers have in recent years begun imposing extremely short build-up and break-down deadlines on exhibition contractors. Whereas in other European countries contractors can work 24 hours, UK halls sometimes require large exhibitions to be completely assembled in a single day between 8am and 6pm.

For large shows with numerous exhibition stands this means contractors inevitably have to use significantly more workforce labour to get the job done on time. Again this only has the effect of inflating costs for the exhibitor.

So while Show Organisers benefit from lower venue cost, the exhibitor simply pays extra.

Managing Director of Quadrant2Design, Alan Jenkins, said: “We can’t understand why these stealth costs are being imposed on UK exhibitors. We would understand if there was a genuine safety, or other sensible reason, but all too often there isn’t. It’s not fair on our customers, and we are going to do our best to help our customers avoid or offset these costs being imposed on them”

“Unfortunately we can’t change the rules, but we can point out the flaws and hope Organiser and Venues see sense.”

To help with costs, Quadrant2Design will often work with customers to design an electrics plan to reduce usage. Other popular solutions are for customers to ‘self build’ their Prestige Events System stand. The modular stand is easy to assemble, so removes installation costs. Lastly customers can take advantage of Quadrant2Design’s popular ‘free hire’ scheme, whereby they only pay for the graphics they use, not the hire of the exhibition kit. This has been found to save around 20% to 30% on costs.

Chloe comments: "This new Blog campaign will focus on beating these costs, or if you can't beat them, minimise them as much as possible"

You can view the first entry to the blog here, with more to follow:

Quadrant2Design's 'War on Cost'

Any exhibitors looking for further advice on cost, please do get in contact with a Quadrant2Design Design Consultant via: phone +44 (0)1202 650 333 or email designteam(@)


PC Healthboost Reconstructs Its Official Blog

Boston, MA (PRWEB) December 18, 2013

In order to serve its customers even better in 2014, PC Health Boost decided to reconstruct its official blog. On each page, product users will enjoy a much easier-to-navigate, updated interface of this top registry cleaner.

"Our number one priority is to make sure our customers stay informed," says Public Relations Director Erin Walsh, "We want them to know how to use PC Healthboost 3.0, but we also want them to know how to fix registry errors and speed up their slow computers."

The Official PC HealthBoost blog regularly posts tutorials with screenshots, images or videos. On it, the company also displays infographics pertaining to technology and important information about malware and screen freezes. Beginning to intermediate computer users often refer to this information displayed to help them resolve specific computer problems.

For instance, people might not realize that stored passwords and download histories can cause slow computer performance. Likewise, cluttering up the hard drive with excess files and programs can reduce PC efficiency.

The PC HealthBoost blog provides the steps needed to help everyone with computer problems resolve them. It also shows customers how to use the latest product features, such as junk file deletion and privacy item removal.

Peter Dunbar and Amit Mehta first started the PC Healthboost project in 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information about this registry cleaner and how to fix a slow computer, please visit


Minted Launches Julep, a New Design and Lifestyle Blog

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 26, 2012

Minted, the global design community and e-commerce site, today announced Julep (, a lifestyle blog dedicated to helping the busy, design-savvy woman create beauty all around her. Julep content is created by prominent lifestyle bloggers and Minteds community of independent designers, artists, and stylists.

"Julep continues Minteds innovation in crowd-sourcing, looking outside of our company to discover and celebrate the worlds best design," said Mariam Naficy, CEO of Minted. "Julep will be a design destination of its own, not a marketing tool for the company. We invite bloggers, customers, stylists, and designers to contribute to Julep and share their design inspiration."

"Julep will celebrate the small, thoughtful details of life," said Liz Stanley, who was named Managing Editor of Julep. "Julep will make the dreamy handcrafted projects that are so popular on Pinterest accessible to the regular, busy woman by combining store-bought and handmade." Stanley is the founder and editor of the popular craft and style blog, Say Yes to Hoboken. Her work on Say Yes to Hoboken has been featured by Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Parents Magazine, and the Huffington Post.

"I love how Julep helps readers find simple, practical ways to surround themselves with beautiful design," said Bri Emery, who led the design and development of Julep. Emery is founder and editor of Designlovefest and founder of Blogshop, a globetrotting series of design workshops for bloggers.

Juleps contributors will include:


New Tech Blog Launches to Provide News, Articles and Reviews for Various Technological Products

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 27, 2012

The new tech blog,, has just launched to provide people everywhere with insightful information about a wide range of technological products. Featuring news, articles and reviews, the site aims to offer the highest quality information about various topics within the technology world, from computers and tablets to smartphones and the web.

There are currently thousands of technological devices on the market, with more and more being added every day. Some products, like the iPhone and iPad, already have millions of loyal customers and are well known in the industry, while other products are still new to the marketplace and require potential customers to do quite a bit of research prior to purchasing them.

Updated daily, features in-depth reviews of some of the most popular products on the market, as well as products that have recently been introduced. The blog currently offers reviews of such items as the new iPhone 5, the HTC ONE X and the LG Optimus 4X HD P880.

According to the creators of, Our goal is to help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing technological products. We provide an array of unbiased reviews, all focused on the hottest and latest devices currently available.

Whether a person is in the market for a new tablet or a new smartphone, provides the necessary data to make their choice easier and less of a hassle.

In addition to reviews, the new tech blog features articles about the most recent industry news. Site visitors can sort articles by computers, mobiles, tablets, web and other various topics. Current articles featured on the site include: Windows 8 Update Before Launching, Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini A New Avatar in the World of Smartphones, Best iPhone Applications that Might Help in Maintaining a Good Health or Take Precaution in Various Cases, Purple Flare in Images Taken by the iPhone 5 Apple Comes up with an Explanation, Comparative Analysis Between iPad Mini and Surface RT, The Prices and Specifications of iPad Mini Leaked, Catering to the Requirements of Economic Device Apple iPad Mini, and much more.

The site also offers videos where people can view products, reviews and more.

For more information, please visit


Recently launched, is a new technology blog with daily updates of news, articles and reviews. The site provides high quality information on various topics within the world of technology, including computers, smartphones, tablets and more.


New Hydroponics Systems, Grow Box, and Grow Tent Blog By Dealzer

Northridge, CA (PRWEB) July 31, 2012 has recently launched a new hydroponics systems, grow box, and grow tent blog. This hydroponic blog has detailed information on a variety of topics that help indoor gardeners with all of their hydroponics needs.

Hydroponics gardening has seen a big popularity boost in recent times. Thus, many hydroponics gardeners are seeking information to help them with their growing needs. Since most growers are new to hydroponics, they are in regular need of tech support. This blog will help gardeners with most everything that concerns hydroponics, grow boxes, or grow tents. continuously expands on its articles to further help people grow indoors. Although most topics are about general hydroponics tips, there are also articles that specifically focus on the hydroponics grow box or hydroponic grow tent.

About is a blog that focuses on hydroponic tips regarding everything that concerns hydroponics and also provides information on the grow box or the grow tent. This blog will continue to expand with fresh information daily.

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Let’s Blog About Office Supplies! E-commerce Site Launches Upbeat “Office Blog” With Advice On Making Work More Productive – And Fun

Grand Rapids, MI (PRWEB) July 16, 2012

Office supplies e-tailer announced the official launch of the SupplyGeeks Office Blog today, a blog devoted to making work easier and more fun. Launched in May of 2012, has been quickly gaining momentum in the office supply e-commerce arena. After shattering first month sales expectations and bringing customer service to the next level with LiveChat software; the SupplyGeeks are at it again. The Geeks look to again separate themselves from the big box stores by bringing practical work/life solutions and a little bit of fun back into the home and office.

Even before was launched, the main goal for the office supply e-tailer was to make the office supplies buying experience easy and fun. They currently accomplish this by way of extensive social media interaction and most recently through the use of LiveChat software. Offering over 35,000 products in addition to providing the best customer service has separated SupplyGeeks from the pack. Taking their commitment to customer service and interaction one step further, the SupplyGeeks have integrated a brand new in-depth blog to their e-commerce site.

From the start we wanted to have a different and special relationship with our customers, said Director of E-Commerce Eric Houtkooper. Our new blog gives us a unique opportunity to interact with our customers beyond just a sale like most other stores. The SupplyGeeks blog is the perfect place to show our expertise and at the same time, make work a little more fun. That is something everyone can relate to.

The new blog offers unique elements to engage and empower customers that are hard to match. Original articles will include product spotlights, reviews, buying guides, contests, and more. As of press time, popular articles included Five Ways That Buying Office Supplies Is Like Golf and the 2012 SupplyGeeks Computer Mouse Buyers Guide. However, the work/life balance will also a main focal point. The Geek blog will feature tips for the typical person to be more productive, get more done at work, and even ways to further their career all the while maybe having some fun in the process. Marketing Coordinator Matt Jones is excited for the content that will be presented. Our blog will be the place to go for showing off the newest and coolest supplies one day, how-to choose a business travel bag another day, or maybe 5 ways to be a more positive person another day, said Matt Jones. Giving our customers relevant, interesting and humorous original content about work and life is what this blog and essentially, the SupplyGeeks mindset is really all about.

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is an online seller of office supplies, school supplies, business furniture, tech gear and more. Backed by a parent company with over 60 years of experience in office supplies, this innovative company aims to make your work experience more efficient, and whenever possible, more fun. Director of E-Commerce, Eric Houtkooper, was previously President of


Latest Post from PC Games Tips Blog,, Announces Game of Thrones Fail

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) May 18, 2012 is one of the worlds most visited PC Games blogs. Offering daily tips and advice to PC gaming addicts, information can be read directly from their blog, or via a daily digest email.

Today, John Cummings at GamerDuomo published his latest post, titled Game of Thrones Fail.

PC gaming fans can access the new blog post here:

In his latest blog post, John gives his own opinion on the latest version of Game of Thrones. He says that, while the second version was a hundred times better than its predecessor, the game still did not make par in his eyes.

John gives his brutally honest opinion about the game.

It is an attempt at a 3rd person slasher that just becomes boring. The graphics are glitchy and the gameplay is twitchy. So as a fan of the Game of Thrones series, Im very disappointed again! he says.

While John personally wasnt a fan, he does admit that certain gamers may have fun playing it. He especially thinks this may be true for nerds of the series who have read all of the books.

John says that he believes die-hard fans will enjoy it as they are already obsessed with anything to do with Game of Thrones, so the second version will be enjoyable purely due to its natural affiliation.

In order to help his readers make a choice on if the second version of Game of Thrones is for them, John sums up the game in a blunt yet helpful way.

He discusses if readers should get it or skip it.

Two part answer. First, Skip it if your like 90% of people. But if you can look past the horrible game and like it purely because of the theme, Id say get it he says, concluding his latest blog post.

Where can PC gaming fans learn more? PC fans can get PC Games tips by subscribing to GamerDuomo for free. Visit their daily tips website at

GamerDuomo () thinks this is important information for PC gaming fans and asks them to Like our Page on Facebook to learn exclusive daily PC gaming, tricks, and news getting the most from your habit. "Wed appreciate your help in spreading the word amongst gaming fans," says John Cummings.

Like this? Check out GamerDuomos last article: Latest Post from PC Games Tips Blog,, Announces Future Release of Diablo III

24May/120 blog summarizes the one year experience gained from recruitment for a young employee at Kovasys IT Recruitment

Montreal,QC (PRWEB) April 25, 2012

According to a recent recruitment blog posted on, the experience gained from a career as a recruiter can be great, but when is it appropriate? On this blog, a journalist sat down with one of the recruiters, Carlo Brofferio, a junior technology recruiter at Kovasys Inc., an IT recruitment agency for Montreal and Toronto, and gave his accounts and thoughts on the experience.

According to this blog, Carlo Brofferio has been employed at Kovasys, an IT Recruitment Agency in Montreal, for almost a year. As his job was coming to an end at Kovasys Inc., he has described his employment before moving on to pursue future endeavours. He felt he should write a short analysis of his experience as a recruiter for those looking to get a little more insight on this field of work. Therefore, the article summarized what a twenty-something year old B.A. graduate has to say about recruiting.

Here are Carlo Brofferios thoughts: Firstly, the cons: Like several other office jobs, you have to acknowledge that you would be spending most of your 9 to 5 day sitting in front of a computer and a phone. These are the primary recruiting tools, so evidently hours upon hours should be spent using them. The unfortunate aspect that goes hand in hand with this routine is, in fact, its repetitiveness. Recruiters engage different people daily in different ways, but the idea is always the same every day: search and find a qualified candidate with a CV that matches the clients needs. For younger recruiters still aspiring to an adventuresome career, this factor can be disheartening.

He mentioned that like any sales job, recruiters must be willing to accept disappointments and frustration. In addition, the fact that they are dealing with individual people rather than a marketable material product makes the whole process even more fickle. Most recruiters depend largely on the commission obtained with placements; therefore the level of stress can be high when they know that their potential income will be decided by the volatile minds of not only the client, but the candidate as well.

Although he found these to be the biggest issues regarding the work, unless you are an astronaut-actor-athlete-billionaire, most will find similar flaws in numerous other careers. Fortunately, these cons become inherently affiliated with the positive characteristics of recruiting...the pros!

Carlo Brofferio summarized the pros: I have learned that above all else, if you want to become wealthy through recruitment, you must recognize that it is a numbers game. The more phone calls means the more clients or candidates, the more candidates means the more submissions, the more submissions the more interviews, the more interviews the more placements, and the more placements the more money! Therein lies the need for repetitiveness: if a recruiter can repeat what they did to make a great placement over and over again, obviously adjusting to the differences that do come with each mandate, their work will be very economically gratifying. This encourages recruiters to be driven and pursue their goals, since the harder they work the better the chances of a placement. The more money is made, the more the routine is appreciated.

In regards to the irritations of selling candidates, this becomes in turn the main source of excitement for recruiters. A good head hunter is also an excellent communicator, who sincerely enjoys significant conversations such as negotiations and meeting and inspiring new prospects. Also, the stress taken in while experiencing a client or candidate fall-out or the countless rejections can be immediately forgotten through the sheer thrill and exhilaration of a successful placement. Think about jumping for joy when finally the work you put in pays off in a generous check from your client. In addition, when the recruiter is happy it means that they have made a client and a candidate happy as well, making their connection extremely positive and rewarding for everyone.

"All in all, recruiters realistically know that screening 50+ people a day can be aggravating. However, what I have learned at my agency is that a little mental fortitude can go a long way to make a head hunter understand and respect the fact that they are helping people with their careers, as well as meeting and speaking to a variety of backgrounds that range from the excited university graduate to the wise millionaire CEO. If you value networking, which you should, recruiting is an area that will greatly reinforce those skills, as well as applying them to business situations.

"Lastly, recruiting is a profession that is applicable to any background and any education. As long as there is a will to speak confidently and professionally and socialize and network with a variety of people every day, the financial and moral rewards will make a recruiter love their job. Recruitment is truly a field of work where success and career growth can be measured by how much you put into it, and those who do put in the effort will soon see its worth.

"Nevertheless, there are limitations to the amount of time spent working in this area in particular with the younger crowd. Newly graduated university students may become amazing head hunters because of their energy, their social and communication skills acquired in college, as well as their excitement with a new position which pushes them to succeed. However, there is still too much to see and explore and try in the world for this demographic of employees to want to keep making phone calls for more than a year or two. In this respect I would humbly presuppose that the position itself, as well as other office jobs, is not to blame for the short stay of several younger employees. Their youthful ambitions cannot and should not be changed, so let them go and discover other experiences for now, because when they come back they will have that much more knowledge to offer.


Silver Square Announces New Blog That Supports Small Business Marketing

Silver Square Announces New Blog That Supports Small Business Marketing

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) January 23, 2008

Silver Square, Inc., an Indianapolis-based marketing and graphic design firm, announces the launch of their blog, The Marketing Muse at Silver Square at This blog offers daily marketing tips, marketing advice, marketing exercises, business news, and graphic design and website advice. The blog is updated daily through the week.

"This blogs helps the small business owner gain expert marketing advice and tips they can implement immediately," said Raquel Richardson, principal at Silver Square. "We share advice on common marketing frustrations, tips on how to keep your marketing efforts focused and general business advice."

Richardson serves as the main blogger with company account manager Angela James providing tips for how to create memorable client interactions and extraordinary customer service. Recent posts from the duo include:

Nine reasons you need an eNewsletter

Facebook vs. Myspace

Four reasons you should outsource your marketing

Thanking your 20 percent

Give yourself powerful direction

Track your direct mail with a private URL driver

Five must haves for your website

"We are a voice for the small business owner trying to do it all. We give them the power to take control of their marketing, or, outsource their marketing to a firm like ours," said Richardson. "We make people think about their marketing actions."

Subscribers can receive the The Marketing Muse at Silver Square as it's released through their e-mail inbox and it will also be available through RSS feeds.

Silver Square is an Indianapolis-based marketing and graphic design firm specializing in helping small business owners brand their business and keep their customers coming back. A portfolio of their work can be found at


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PsPrint Launches Its Blog Redesign

PsPrint Launches Its Blog Redesign

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) July 3, 2010

It's out with the old and in with the newly redesigned PsPrint Blog ( The recently launched blog features easier navigation, more graphics and a current Twitter feed - all the better for readers to find the most up-to-date news, graphic design inspiration and small-business tips.

The PsPrint Blog redesign - a collaborative effort among PsPrint's graphic services, IT and marketing departments - includes top navigation, social-networking icons, a Twitter feed, a listing of the most-read posts, archives and a blogroll. The posts are more image-heavy, giving readers inspiration for their own design projects.

"A blog aimed at graphic designers has to be attractive, since they're all about visuals," said Dave Lessing, vice president of sales and marketing. "The brand-new PsPrint Blog displays its posts and other features in an easy-to-navigate format with eye-catching photos."

The PsPrint Blog is aimed at designers, freelancers and small-business owners. It provides a bounty of valuable advice on setting up print jobs, low-cost printing solutions, creative ways to improve graphic design and layout skills as well as useful marketing tips for marketing.

PsPrint provides many value-added online printing services, including custom graphic design, direct mailing list creation and direct mail fulfillment. With a library of free downloadable design templates,, PsPrint offers quick turnaround, unsurpassed quality and discount printing services pricing. PsPrint is rapidly becoming the No. 1 choice of small businesses nationwide for superior online printing services.

About Us

Since 1990, PsPrint has provided better printing and service to nearly 500,000 small business marketers and graphic designers. PsPrint combines state-of-the-art Internet capabilities and the industry's best printing equipment with experienced print professionals and color specialists to deliver convenient online ordering, consistent color matching and 99.7 percent on-time delivery. By offering a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee, PsPrint also stands behind every order, every time. More than 70 top-quality and eco-friendly printed products and related mailing services are available online at

# # #


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