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General Graphic Scores with the Addition of GBC’s CombBind

General Graphic Scores with the Addition of GBC's CombBind® C110E Comb Binding Machine

Kaysville, UT (PRWEB) September 11, 2006

General Graphic, the online pros of office and binding equipment, is pleased to add the GBC CombBind® C110E Comb Binding Machine to their roster of all-star document binding equipment. The CombBind® C110E is the new recruit in GBC’s lineup of varsity comb binding machines and equipment. General Graphic has this new electric comb-binding player on the field at Their entire squad of comb binding machines can be found at

GBC has been building up top quality binding machines and office equipment and sacking the competition for over 50 years. GBC is a true hall-of-famer with their high-performance machines designed to go the whole 10 yards for offices, schools, churches, binderies and print shops. The company merged with ACCO Brands Corporation in 2005, and has their home field in Booneville, Mississippi.

The addition of the CombBind® C110E adds another quality GBC member to General Graphic’s team of comb binding machines. The C110E is used to produce professionally bound documents, booklets, and presentations. This comb-style paper binding machine can punch 15 sheets and bind up to 300 sheets per play, and has an adjustable edge guide to tackle oversize covers. It’s an ideal player for any size office with moderate binding needs.

Comb binding continues to be a cost effective method for businesses and organizations to gain the home field advantage by preparing their own presentations, booklets, reports and handbooks for publication and distribution. Schools, churches, and non-profits also go for it by using binding machines to save money binding and publishing their own books and manuals.

For further information, please contact Kelly Bingham of General Graphic, 1-888-346-9184.



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