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Silicon Real – the new video podcast about the People behind the amazing tech scene with a focus in London

(PRWEB UK) 23 July 2013

Take a walk though Shoreidtich in East London around Old Street Roundabout, now coined Silicon Roundabout, and it's easy to witness the great accomplishments of both the City and the community at large. The ecosystem that has evolved over the last year couldn't have happened, as much as people may not want to admit, without some government help. But at the end of the day it all comes down to the amazing people and teams that have and are creating some amazing businesses.

What exactly is Silicon Real?

Silicon Real has been spun from the hugely successful video podcast called London Real TV. Its vision and mission is simple, tell the stories about the people behind the tech scene in London. Whether it's a hugely successful, a complete failure or just a company treading water, the team behind Silicon Real feels that these personal stories can not only be entertaining but extremely educational and insightful for entrepreneurs from all over the world. The stories are told in a tight 30min format that can be viewed on YouTube or downloaded via Itunes.


Calamity Gym Announces The Idea Behind Their Groundbreaking Mobile Fitness Network

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 05, 2012

Calamity Gym is ready to introduce the world to their mobile fitness network on, and change the world in the process. Their online gym will allow users to stay fit and healthy through a global community of friends, personal trainers, and people from around the world. The unique aspect of this venture is that 25% of the profits will go to charitable organizations of their members choice. Calamity Gym will be available to use anytime, anywhere and will be compatible with your HDTV, Computer, iPad, and Smartphone.

Calamity Gym was born out of my love of fitness and my desire to give back, says CEO Mike Lyon. I have had the privilege of taking part in several humanitarian aid trips and know first hand the power of helping those who are less fortunate. I also know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of exercise. Calamity Gym will allow people to continue their fitness routines wherever they may be in the world, and it will allow them to exercise with their friends, meet new exercise partners, and stay dedicated to their fitness routine. Donating a portion of the proceeds to charity was a no brainer, and creating a fitness program for a mobile culture was something I knew would work.

Some of the features of Calamity Gym include thousands of videos from elite personal trainers in the U.S. Members can engage in group workouts with a global community of friends, family, co-workers, or perfect strangers, making geography irrelevant. Your status can be public or private when you workout; you can enlarge your screen in order to see other members of your group, add music and talk to your workout partners. The software also suggests workout partners for you based on your interests, workouts, and geographical location. Members can customize their workouts or they can allow the platform to customize a workout for them. The cool benefit and game changer is the opportunity for members to have donations go to the charity of their choice, changing the world using sweat equity.

Calamity Gym goes live on on June 5th. Their crowd-funding campaign allows people to make pledges in exchange for fantastic deals on future memberships, training sessions and promotional items. For more information and to donate, go to You can also visit their website at:

Starting from a position of being a true underdog in the billion-dollar fitness industry, Calamity Gym is confident they will revolutionize the exercise industry. They are distinguishing themselves from traditional brick and mortar fitness centers by building a worldwide social community of fitness partners.

Mike Lyon, CEO & Founder of Calamity Gym has leveraged his entrepreneurial and humanitarian background to create a fitness platform that combines his love of fitness with his dedication to giving back and helping communities all over the world by donating 25% of Calamity Gyms profits to charity. Lyon has created a convenient, affordable product that has the ability to make a significant contribution towards humanity, the obesity epidemic, and promote awareness of the benefits of exercise for people who suffer from depression, anxiety and stress.


SpiriTalk: The Zodiac and the Truth Behind Astrology- Has Your Sign Truly Changed?

SpiriTalk: The Zodiac and the Truth Behind Astrology- Has Your Sign Truly Changed?

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) January 25, 2011

Learn the truth behind Astrology through its history and understand how this ancient system really works. Author and Spiritual Teacher, Gahl Sasson, walks his audience through the basics of Astrology as he explains when and how Astrology was developed, the marriage between Astronomy and Astrology, how to relate to this ancient system of symbols and metaphors, and which great minds embraced its teachings.

"Astrology is one of the most ancient sciences, held in high esteem of old, by the wise and the great. Formerly, no prince would make war or peace, nor any general fight in battle, in short, no important affair was undertaken without first consulting an astrologer." — Benjamin Franklin

Ever so often Astrology is presented with an opportunity to explain herself and thus improve on her wisdom and service to humankind. Such occasions, alas, usually happen when her system of symbolism is under attack, usually from people who have no knowledge of Astrology and who base their dismissive notions on popular culture and misunderstandings instead of serious consideration. In the last few days, emails and tweets, were circulated concerning the shattering “new discoveries” that the signs have shifted due to a “wobble” in the Earth’s axis and that there is a new 13th sign called Ophiuchus.

Let us address some of these concerns and assure everyone that whatever your sign was before 2011 is still the same and if you thought you could get an upgrade to a “nicer” sign, you are out of luck 🙁

1 - Astrology is based on the seasons and the relationships between the planets (called aspects) and NOT what sign is located behind the Sun when a person is born.

The signs of the Zodiac are merely symbols and metaphors that divide the year into 12 different and equal “seasons”. This partition is based on the proportions of day and night or light and darkness experienced throughout the year. Aries always begins on the first day of spring (aka the Spring Equinox), when the day and night are equal and the amount of light is growing. Libra, on the other hand, always begins on the Fall Equinox, when the day and night are also equal, but the amount of light is receding. Astrology postulates, regardless of what constellation occupies the Equinox, that people born in the spring will exhibit characteristics such as high energy and optimism. They will be the kind of people who spring into action, the same way that nature buds into life after its long winter slumber.

A new study, published by the Nature Neuroscience Journal, found links between the season of birth and personality. It is proven that people born in the winter, i.e. Capricorns, are more at risk to suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), schizophrenia and depression. In Astrology, Capricorn, beginning on the longest night of the year, is associated with suffering, difficulties and pessimism. To quote the author of the paper, Professor Douglas McMahon, "Our biological clocks measure the day’s length and change our behavior according to the seasons.”

2 - When Astrology was developed by the Babylonians, the constellation of Aries happened to be located right behind the sign Aries during the Spring Equinox.

Astrology was developed in Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization, as a cosmic clock, most likely to help early farmers trace the seasons. In fact, the reason why we have seasons to begin with is because of the Earth’s 23 degree tilt, which is also connected to its wobble. The idea is simple: one should plant in Spring, party in Summer, harvest in Fall, and be careful with provisions in Winter.

The first zodiac sign, Aries, begins on March 21st, the Spring Equinox. Of course there is no real Ram out there in the skies. The ancient wise women and men of the time chose a Ram to symbolize Aries because it is a great metaphor for the initiation of spring, the leader of the flock. When the refuters of Astrology claim that people born in Aries should be called Pisces, they are misunderstanding the symbolism of Astrology. It’s like saying New York City should be called “York” because by now it is hundreds of years old. However, when it was founded it was new, and it symbolized a modern place full of possibilities. Aries was located behind the Equinox, on March 21st 2000-4000 years ago, when Astrology was “founded”. That is why we still call this period of time Aries.

3 - Astrologers and Astronomers have known about the issues presented in the “Astrology refuting hoax” for thousands of years and CHOSE NOT to include a 13th constellation.

There is nothing new about the 13th constellation or the shift in the signs. The ancient Greeks, who were the first to cast astrological “Natal Charts,” were quite aware of these two issues. In fact, Claudius Ptolemy wrote extensively about the 13th sign and the procession of the equinox in the 2nd century AD. As you can see, there is nothing new under the Sun. Ophiuchus, the so called 13th sign, was not adopted into Astrology because the Sun barely touches the constellation during its path through the Zodiac. It also doesn’t fit into the Babylonians’ sexagesimal system that is based on 60 and 12. That is why we have 60 minutes in an hour and two sets of 12 hours in a day. That is also the reason behind the decision to have 12 signs in the Zodiac and not 13.

With all due respect, most of the people who rebuke Astrology have little knowledge about the ancient art. Intellectual giants the like of Johannes Kepler (considered by many the father of modern astronomy), Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Carl Jung, Benjamin Franklin and Sir Isaac Newton all knew about these two anomalies in Astrology. However, they continued to practice, study and develop astrological theories that resulted in amazing predictions and insights ( Astrologers for centuries have incorporated the earth wobble in their understanding of the connection between the heavenly bodies and life on earth. Ever heard about “The Age of Aquarius?” The reason why we have these ages and why they move backward (Age of Aquarius follows the Age of Pisces) is because of the wobble of the earth. So to claim astrologers had not known about this phenomenon or chose to ignore it is simply ridiculous.

4 - Astrology is a system of symbols and metaphors designed to help us connect to the universe, just like the words and metaphors found in the various spiritual texts from around the world.

Many people claim that Astrology has no scientific backing and therefore cannot provide “real” help to humanity. I was stunned to see that this assertion regarding Astrology, came from the Christian Science Monitor, a news organization owned by a church. But wait, there is no scientific proof of the resurrection of Christ, and yet the teaching of Jesus can still inspire love and compassion. There is no archeological proof of the Exodus and yet millions live and die by the teaching of Moses. There is no evidence to support Muhammad’s nightly flight on a winged horse from Mecca to Jerusalem. However, the holiest shrine for Islam, the Dome of the Rock, was built to commemorate that event on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Help and healing can be provided by systems that have no scientific proof, and have been for hundreds of years. The Cosmic Navigator is not saying that these events did not happen, but just noting that there is NO scientific proof that they did. However, the power of these systems of belief is undeniable. Handled in the right way, Astrology can help guide us to a better future. Over the last 15 years I have personally experienced Astrology prove herself again and again in remarkable ways with clients of all ages, races, nationalities, and genders. I can only hope that she will do for you, what she has done for me and thousands of my clients.

"Obviously Astrology has much to offer psychology, but what the latter can offer its elder sister is less evident.” — C.G Jung

About the author:

Gahl E. Sasson – teaches Astrology, Mythology and Kabbalah worldwide. His books A Wish Can Change Your Life (endorsed by HH the 14th Dalai Lama) and Cosmic Navigator, have been translated worldwide. Gahl Sasson is an established author and has been teaching workshops on Kabbalah, Astrology, and Mysticism around the globe for over a decade. His first book, A Wish Can Change Your Life, has been translated into over seven languages and is endorsed by HH the 14th Dalai Lama. His latest work, Cosmic Navigator, is the essential reference guide to understanding your astrological makeup.

Gahl is an active contributor to the Huffington Post and Infinite Quest and has been named “Los Angeles’ Best Astrologer” by W Magazine. His encyclopedic knowledge and charismatic presence have also made him a sought-after guest speaker. He has appeared on, CNN, ABC News, KTLA-TV Los Angeles, WPIX-TV New York and WGN-TV Chicago. Gahl currently resides in Los Angeles, but tours regularly throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

For further information, please email Gahl Sasson directly at gahl108(at)yahoo(dot)com


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Proven Fastest, Longest Lasting and Best Personal Computers and Laptops with Best Service and Convenience – Without a Michael’s System, You Fall Behind in Technology

Marina Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) March 11, 2005

MX5 3800MHz 17 Inch Laptop is the world's most featured and proven fastest widescreen laptop in the industry with ATI's PCI 16X Express or Nvidia's GFORCE GO PRO 16X PCI EXPRESS. MX5 258A is America's most featured 15.4" Laptop and fastest with AMD 3700+ Processor and ATI 128MB Video. MX8 Viper Desktop is proven fastest at it's price level. Always with Michael's HyperX technology - you DO get what you pay for.

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Michael's Computers have been designing world performance systems for Intense Gamers, Web Designers, 3D Cad Designers, Law Offices, Realtors, Doctors, Movie Producers, Audio Enthusiasts and personal within the US Navy, US Air Force and US Marine Corp since 1996. Michael's Computers systems are sold throughout the United States and also ship as far as Canada, Alaska, Ireland, Australia, Germany, UK and London. Michael's Computers are sold exclusively online at

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New Service Exposes the Industry Behind Computer Security

WOONSOCKET, RI (PRWEB) February 2, 2005 has launched a new "Whisper" Update resource for those who need a "bigger picture" of the computer security complex. Part Drudge Report, part The Smoking Gun, and part Think Secret, "Whisper" will collect and disseminate insider details on the industry behind computer security.

"Whisper" is managed by Rob Rosenberger, a hard-hitting independent observer of the computer security industry since 1988 and a member of the Investigative Reporters and Editors Association. "Whisper" will appeal to CISOs and computer security managers; military and government agency directors involved in computer security; presidents, COOs, and CTOs at computer security firms; editors and reporters who cover the computer security beat; and stock market analysts who watch publicly traded computer security firms.

"Computer security intelligence firms focus almost exclusively on the 'security' aspect," Rosenberger said. "The 'industry' aspect has been all but ignored, even by firms like GartnerGroup, which is itself a part of the computer security industrial complex." What little is told about the industry is gutted and sanitized; raw information is withheld and summarized.

Rosenberger insists the computer security industrial complex "evolved into a global multi-billion dollar industry, yet it wants the world to see it as a small group of computer scientists who wear lab coats. Add to this the fact computer security reporters ignore industry controversies. They simply won't report on the industry behind computer security."

Rosenberger compared today's computer security cartels to yesterday's Hollywood cartels. "The carefully constructed glamour did much to hide brutal corporate empires that ruled the movie industry with an iron fist. It was much like computer security is today," Rosenberger said.

"Whisper" will finally give the industry the attention it deserves, and it will pull no punches. "You'll read the full text of embarrassing emails, you'll hear about clandestine meetings, and you'll download sensitive documents," Rosenberger said. "All of our sources will remain confidential," he added.

"Whisper" debuts at an opportune time. What's Microsoft's game plan for its antivirus product(s) and how will competitors respond to it? Which firms supply hacking/virus technology to which governments (and who, by name, does the actual supplying)? Why does the Pentagon get such incredible deals on computer security products? What's the current status of the various industry cartels? Which computer security vendor refused to tell customers about a security hole in its own product? Which magazines prostitute themselves to computer security vendors? The "Whisper" Update will expose the industry behind computer security. is a critically acclaimed website that fights hysteria in the computer security world. Rob Rosenberger is one of the original virus experts from the 1980s, and he was the first to focus on virus hysteria. He was one of only a dozen industry experts invited to the White House's first-ever antivirus summit meeting. Red Herring magazine describes him as "one of the most visible and cursed critics in computer security."



Computer Learning Center for Kids is Committed to the Federal “No Child Left Behind” Law

Hiram, GA (PRWEB) February 23, 2004

Computer Learning Center for Kids exists to respectively serve as a highly valued resource for this regions educational, economic, social and cultural advancement with a commitment to a teaching / learning environment. And, provide computer training skills for children and adults of all ages in a diverse, ergonomic, safe environment and meet the technological needs in this technical world in which we live.

Serving Paulding County, Powder Springs, Carroll County, Cobb County, Douglasville and neighboring counties in Georgia.

The pride in understanding basic education and computer skills is priceless. Students will feel secure in the pace of classroom instruction due to the small class sizes and interactive teaching methods. Each student addressed at a personal learning pace that will boost their emotional appeal to learning the computer skills needed for tomorrow. The ease of use of the training programs will attract prospective students to our facility, and encourage existing students to return for more instruction. Computer Learning Center for Kid's Inc will benefit all peer groups of the community. Children will benefit from the advanced computer learning by increasing their appetite for technology and learning. Parents will benefit from the increased appetite for learning their children will experience, as well as the assistance of an additional educational institution to help raise their child's real world IQ. The benefits of our service extend beyond the realms of education into security of childcare and social activities with the belief in “No Child Left Behind”.

The learning facility is an 1800 square foot office space located at 1899 Lake Road, Suite 211, Hiram, Georgia 30141. The learning center has a restroom, break room, 6 computer workstations, along with fax-scanier, copier, printer, and e-learning educational manuals that will allow ample supplies for an effective learning environment. A sitting area is available for parents that allow visual observation of their child learning sessions. The learning center for children held at the facility with set business hours of operation of Monday-Friday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM. Saturday hours 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

The primary objective of our organization is to teach computer skills to children of all ages to include adults and senior citizens.

On hand, experienced trainers will lead small class sessions from beginning to end of basic computer functions and tutorial programs.

Tutorial courses in math, spelling, reading. Computer training in computer basic, word processing, excel, e-mail,Internet usage and web design explored in a fully comprehensive instructional setting.

Visit us on the web @ or take a tour of the facilities. Mention this press release and receive 1-hour free computer class.

1899 Lake Road

Ste. 211

Hiram, GA. 30141



Carolyn Blassingill


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