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CyberNet Information Media, Inc, Signs Agreement to become a Proforma Preferred Limited Partner

Mechanicsburg, PA (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

CyberNet Information Media, Inc. a provider of Information, Internet and Media Services, Variable Data, Direct Mail, Publishing and Printing Services is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to provide its services including Offset, Digital and Mail services to the Proforma Franchise Network of over 750 Proforma owners.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. The Proforma Network has over 120 staff members providing nationwide support and procurement services for its franchise owners. Proforma is a dominant force in the graphic communications industry and has more than 750 Proforma franchisees throughout North America generating over $ 350 million in sales. Proformas motto is One Source, Infinite Resources.

CyberNet's production facility in Mechanicsburg, PA, will be providing a full array of services to the Proforma Franchise Network, including its new internet-based services such as hosted e-mail services, website development, web hosting and cloud computing. CyberNet combines these services with traditional offset and digital printing, design, variable data printing and traditional mail addressing, sorting and mailing services and complete bindery services. CyberNets' motto is from "Pre-Press to the Post Office, the Internet and beyond"

CyberNet is proud to become a Preferred Limited Partner to Proformas outstanding support for its Franchisees and to be part of one of the fastest growing service concepts in the United States.

Utilizing CyberNets production PDF workflow network will allow the Proforma Franchisees immediate access to the workflow that CyberNets Commercial and Governmental customers from around the world now use providing direct access to the main production facility in Mechanicsburg, PA, and accessing a network linked to CyberNets expanded digital print capabilities.

CyberNet also provides thermographic (raised letter) printing to complement its expanded digital center, direct mail and variable data capabilities. CyberNet utilizes several Xerox and multiple Konica Minolta Bizhub 6500, C500 and 1050 digital production systems to compliment its traditional Shinohara, Ryobi and Hamada offset print production. Additionally, CyberNet maintains full bindery and direct mail addressing systems.

For additional sales information, please contact Jody Fink or Leeann Caplinger.They can be reached via telephone or E-mail at 717-220-6660 or 717-697-4567, E-mail: Jody(at)CyberNetprint(dot)com or Leeann(at)CyberNetprint(dot)com

Safe Harbor: This release includes forward-looking Statements. statements contained in this Release that are not historical facts may be deemed to be forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking statements are inherently uncertain. Actual performance and results may differ materially from that projected or suggested herein due to certain risks and uncertainties including, without limitation, ability to obtain financing and regulatory and shareholder approvals for anticipated actions. Additional information concerning certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from that projected or suggested may be identified from time to time.


Virtual Assistants Have Become a New Trend in Online Marketing and Back-Office Processes by Denisse Martinez, Call Center Services International

Tijuana, Baja California (PRWEB) October 10, 2012

There are many ways to find companies that offer the Virtual Assistant Program that better suits their business needs. When doing a Google search on Virtual Assistant over 1 million listings come up, some are better than others. The most popular are in Mexico, India and the Philippines. For companies in North America, the best option is a Near-shore solution, meaning Mexico. Why? Because in Mexico, especially in Baja California it is possible to find trained, bi-cultural and dynamic virtual assistants in a very cost effective environment while fulfilling the needs of clients to their highest expectations.

Recently Call Center Services International, a leading state of the art Call Center in Mexico, launched My Virtual Assistant program that is meant for every industry that needs support for their business. Experts in marketing, graphic design, e-mail blasts, lead management and social media put the finishing touches on marketing campaigns for their clients. As well as providing them with marketing materials, postings and blog updates to websites and numerous other services. Back-office trained Virtual Assistants become part of the companys team. The clients are assigned a dedicated Point Person who organizes their tasks and manages them on a daily basis. Clients get an endless array of services through this package including in-bound and out-bound calling, blogs, database management, advertising, CRM, lead processing, and more.

The package that the VA Program offers is not only effective but also affordable. This is why a Virtual Assistant makes an excellent option for those who want to accomplish performance objectives and focus on dollar productive activities.

About Call Center Services International:

Call Center Services International (CCSI) is strategically located in Baja California, Mexico just minutes from San Diego, California. CCSI handles the complete set-up of call center operations in Mexico and manage the day-to-day administrative duties. As your near-shore solution CCSI features bilingual, bicultural, educated and highly motivated Agents.

Our business solutions allow companies to reduce agent cost by as much as 50%, while accomplishing their corporate performance objectives. Call Center Services offers agent specific programs ranging from Debt Collection, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Order Processing, Survey Calls, Customer Service and Virtual Assistants.

Our Virtual Assistant team offer professionals who can fulfill the time consuming day-to-day activities from your business and provide full back-office/marketing support that will take your business to the next level. Allowing you the time to focus on dollar productive activities and what matters most to you!

For more information visit, or contact us at / (858) 427 8514.


Biodegradable Stents Will Soon Become Commercially Available – A Dream Come True, According to Latest Market Research by RI Technologies

Hyderabad, AP (PRWEB) July 17, 2012

Global Biodegradable Stents market is projected to grow at a CAGR of about 70% through the analysis period 2015-2020. With research trials becoming effective, and products pending approval, biodegradable stents will have a commercial market very soon.

Stent implantation is now regarded as an effective procedure for stenosis of blood vessels that are not acquiescent to balloon angioplasty. The medical field has seen remarkable improvement in stent design from the primitive Palmaz stent to the modern bioabsorbable and growth stents. The avenue open for future design development is with regard to suitability for treatment of CHD and further improvement to ensure biocompatibility that totally forbids restenosis and hyperplasia of intima. The major constraint in the use of stents for CHD patients is the paucity of number of patients on whom clinical trials can be performed. If these issues are solved by developing multinational registries of CHD patients, then stent implantation may alleviate the sufferings of innumerable CHD patients worldwide.

This latest market research gives an insight into Global Stents and Biodegradable Stents market. The report also provides a market overview of the Worldwide Bare Metal Stents and Drug Eluting Stents market. Market analytics for Biodegradable Stents by Application and by Biodegradable Material is provided in this niche report. The market is divided by Application into Coronary Arterial Stents, Peripheral Arterial Stents and Other; and by Biodegradable Material into Polymer and Metal. Major companies and their biodegradable stent products are discussed that include - Abbott Vascular (USA) ; Biotronik SE & Co. KG (Germany) ; Kyoto Medical Planning Co., Ltd. (Japan) ; Reva Medical, Inc. (USA) ; UK Medical (UK) ; and Xenogenics Corporation (USA).

Global stents market is analyzed from 2005 -2015, while estimations and predictions for the biodegradable stents market are provided for 2015-2020. The market is graphically represented for geographic regions including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World (RoW). The report serves as a guide to the potential Biodegradable Stents market worldwide. Information related to product developments, partnerships, collaborations, and other strategic market updates is covered in the report.

For more information about this report, please visit:

Customer Support: contactus(at)researchimpact(dot)com.

Phone: INDIA: +91 9676994272 / UK: 076-24-057837 for 24/7 online and offline support

About RI Technologies

RI Technologies ,, is a premier source of market research on the Biotechnology & Healthcare sector with exclusive focus on product segments, global and regional market analysis, technology trends, industry outlook, competitor profiles, corporate directory and patents information. The company believes in pure research that will trigger action for immediate customer needs rather than plain reporting of data. The dedicated team works 24/7 to deliver unique reports that are of immense value to investment banks, companies, management consultants, trade associations, corporate executives, business analysts, libraries, universities, and business schools. The company's reports provide strategic information tools to the manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and suppliers that will help them to probe into and support critical business decisions. RI Technologies believes in broadening the value of market research obtained through several dedicated streams of information. The strategic market information tables, graphically represented, will aid companies' research needs and help in forecasting, and gearing up to the future. Emphasis is on factual insights and forecasts with maximum global coverage. The company strives to provide market insight reports that empower customers with enlightening critical business information.


THERES AN APP FOR THAT iPods Not Just for Music Anymore; May Become a Staple in the OR

Oak Lawn, Illinois (PRWEB) August 11, 2012

The iPod touch is not just for music and videos anymore.

Nurse, please hand me my iPod is quickly becoming as common as nurse, please hand me my scalpel in some of the operating suites at Advocate Christ Medical Center as physicians increasingly turn to high-tech ways for enhancing the efficiency and precision of surgical procedures.

The iPod touch used for surgery is a typical, off-the-shelf, hand-held device that any consumer can purchase, but includes a special app allowing the surgeon to track and map the patients anatomy at the surgical site, receive a digitized image of the surgical area on the iPod screen and use that image and anatomical calculations to make incredibly precise, accurate cuts.

The medical center has become the first institution in the nation to employ the Dash navigational software for iPod touch in the operating room since the iPod technology was approved for use by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2011. Trials of the device had been performed at another medical center prior to FDA approval.

Orthopedic surgeon, George Branovacki MD, has been using the iPod touch successfully since July of this year to perform knee-replacement procedures at Christ Medical Center. (See the video at He expects to do as many as 30 such procedures by October, in time to present his work at an international meeting in Sydney, Australia.

The iPod touch puts the power of GPS-like navigation in the hand of the surgeon. It improves the overall accuracy of the procedure, ensuring a precise cut in the right spot, Dr. Branovacki said. Helping the surgeon make better decisions leads to better patient outcomes.

Using Dash for iPod touch in surgery also may extend the life of patients joint replacements because the device helps ensure the highest precision in the placement and alignment of the joint-implant components, experts say.

In the operating room, the iPod is first placed in a sterile, clear bag and then inserted into a small cradle with reflective spheres. An infrared camera system, affixed to a mobile, easy-to-maneuver platform, locates the iPod by detecting the spheres. Touching a digitizing probe, which is mounted to the iPod touch, to surgical landmarks allows the tracking system to record the information. Calculations are made in milliseconds, and the camera sends back wirelessly to the surgeons iPod a 3-D image of the patients joint or other area to be treated.

Other iPods and iPads that may be in use in the operating room and include the special app also pick up the same image, making the system a superior learning application for students and residents.

Providing the first app of its kind in the clinical environment, the Dash Smart Instrument Technologies are designed to bring the benefits of traditional operating-room navigation in a cost-effective, easy-to-use way. The iPod touch works remotely with the mobile platform and infrared camera to give surgeons accurate and intuitive guidance through each procedure and help them make interactive, fine-tuned adjustments to surgical instruments that ensure correct placement of artificial knee and hip implants.

Dash Smart Instrument Technologies for iPod touch were developed by Brainlab, which provides computer-assisted or navigational surgery technology for orthopedic, neurosurgical and spine procedures.

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Sirius Computer Solutions Helps AISO.Net Become More Eco-friendly

Romoland, CA (PRWEB) October 24, 2006

AISO.Net, California's first and only solar-powered hosting company announced today that they have chosen Sirius Computer Solutions, a leading technology company in business for 25 years, specializing in high end data storage and virtualization software. Using VMware, Sirius Computer Solutions will enhance their data center and reduce electricity usage by providing a high end, scalable infrastructure solution for their dedicated and shared hosting clients. AISO is moving all of their physical servers into virtual machines, which in turn will reduce power consumption and will be better for their clients and the environment.

Based in Romoland, California, AISO.Net has been providing environmentally friendly web hosting services since 1997. Using solar panels to power its data center and network, AISO.Net hosts web sites and dedicated servers for customers throughout the US and many other parts of the world. Due to the massive growth of web hosting and dedicated server clients, AISO.Net chose to virtualize their hosting solution. VMware and NetApps' clustered SAN (storage area network) solution was a natural fit to reduce power consumption within their data center.

"Many hosting companies decide to sell low cost dedicated servers and hosting services to clients and when disaster strikes these low cost unreliable solutions can have hours of downtime. People usually don't think about downtime and data loss until disaster strikes. That is why this solution is so good." says Phil Nail, technology manager for AISO.Net. The SAN is clustered and takes a server snap shot every 3 hours, yet is configurable per virtual machine. This means that if a disaster strikes, a server can be restored and back online in a matter of minutes. This is the best solution on the market and it is proven technology that is used by other major companies such as 7 Eleven and Monster.Com.

In addition to providing additional redundancy, VMware and NetApp provide AISO.Net with increased flexibility and scalability. As AISO.Net continues to grow, the storage can be increased simply by adding additional fiber drives. Load balancing and CPU power can be adjusted with the click of a mouse. The NetApp SAN is built with redundant power supplies, fans, CPUs and network connections so the storage appliance will continue working if any component fails. Because the components are hot swappable they can also be repaired or replaced without having to schedule downtime.

With VMware's VMotion technology, unique to VMware, the system will automatically move running virtual machines from one physical server to another with no impact to end users (Zero Downtime), allowing maximum resource availability to each machine. Plus all of the virtual machines have network card failover and load balancing between separate network cards enabling greater hardware availability, speed and fault tolerance. The VMware systems also continuously monitor all physical servers in the cluster and almost instantly without human intervention, restart the virtual machines on a different physical server in the event of a server failure, so they are back online within minutes.

AISO.Net is the only true 100% solar powered data center that does not use green energy credits. They are proving their commitment to be the best, most reliable eco-friendly hosting company in the world. In 2007 eco-friendly hosting company AISO.Net will become the first and only public data center in North America to add a green roof to their facility.

About AISO.Net

AISO.Net has been a trusted name in environmentally friendly web hosting since 1997, providing a level of service that is unmatched in the industry. All network and server hardware is fully redundant with 24x7-automated systems monitoring to ensure the highest possible uptime. Using solar panels to power its data center and network, AISO.Net is the first and only 100% completely solar powered web hosting company. Customers as far away as Kenya, East Africa rely on the service and reliability offered by AISO.Net.

About Sirius

Sirius is a national IBM Premier Business Partner and the world's largest IBM eServer reseller. Sirius provides IBM solutions to leading companies of all sizes and industries. Sirius' certified and experienced sales and technical teams design, integrate, deliver and modernize IT environments that make businesses more competitive.

About VMware

VMware, an EMC company (NYSE: EMC), is the global leader in virtual infrastructure software for industry-standard systems. The world's largest companies use VMware solutions to simplify their IT, fully leverage their existing computing investments and respond faster to changing business demands.

About Network Appliance (NetApp)

Network Appliance is a world leader in unified storage solutions for today's data-intensive enterprise. Since its inception in 1992, Network Appliance has delivered technology, product, and partner firsts to simplify data management.

# # #

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Grudi Associates is Using New Mobile Hotspots Technology to Help Businesses Become More Mobile, Efficient and Cost-Effective.

Harrisburg, PA (PRWEB) June 29, 2012

Utilizing new mobile hotspots technology, Grudi Associates is enabling businesses to connect Wi-Fi-only devices to the Internet even when Wi-Fi is not available. This powerful functionality is greatly expanding a companys ability to do business anywhere a wireless signal is available, without investing in devices with onboard modems.

This tool makes it easier and more economical for companies and organizations to do business outside the confines of their facilities, says Walt Grudi, President of Grudi Associates, a leading provider of telecom and IT services in Central PA and beyond. Now, with the expansion of 4G, and especially LTE, mobile hotspots can provide the high-speed Internet connections necessary for any Wi-Fi device to handle virtually every mobile business need.

The biggest benefits mobile hotspots offer businesses are:

Productivity By creating a Wi-Fi environment for several devices anywhere there is a cellular connection, team members can do business virtually anytime and in any location. This creates more collaboration, less down time and faster responses to customer and company needs.

Efficiency As a single source for up to ten Internet connections, mobile hotspots eliminate the need to equip every mobile device with its own onboard modem. It also connects more devices with the business network, especially if using a virtual desktop cloud-based environment (VDI).

Cost Savings A few mobile hotspots cost much less than purchasing many new devices equipped with onboard modems. Mobile hotspots can also significantly extend the life of older devices that only have Wi-Fi capabilities.

Security Most Wi-Fi in public places provides unsecured connections that are vulnerable to compromise and criminal activity. Mobile hotspots (Mi-Fi) create secure, encrypted connections, accessible only by authorized users.

Mobile hotspots, or Mi-Fi, are portable wireless broadband devices approximately the size of credit cards that simultaneously function as a modem, router and Internet access point, says Grudi. They are equipped with modems that access a wireless signal from the carriers and utilize an internal router to share the connection with users and devices usually five, but up to ten, at least for now. The numbers are sure to go up.

Unlike smartphones, mobile hotspots are very simple to use. They are essentially ready to go, right out of the box after initial charging, activation and minor setup. Just turning them on triggers an auto-connect feature on many models. If a carrier signal is present, the Wi-Fi connections are immediately available. Individual devices may have other features and capabilities (like SMS), but basic operation has virtually no learning curve.

Mobile hotspots are an excellent business solution for companies, organizations and individuals who:


Marketing Videos Now Become Affordable.

Pune, India (PRWEB) May 21, 2012

MarTeck Consulting, a Video Production Agency for Technology Companies, today announced all types of video production at a flat fee of USD 500 per minute. These videos range from product demos, customer stories, animated infographics, to product feature videos.

Their customers include startups, established product brands, and large IT service companies. When asked about quality concerns, Esha Goyal, one of the founders remarked Our customers seem to love our work. We've yet not had a complaint about poor quality."

"Weve refined and re-refined our processes. Tools are easy to use - its the story that we bet on. We hire only the best visualizers and story tellers. We know how vidoes should be. And because we are all techie marketers - were able to build relevant and impactful stories for tech businesses quickly., added Esha.

Because of budgetary constraints, technology businesses are neglected by video production agencies. Agencies either prefer to chase high value B2C customers or charge a steep fee. Weve successfully piloted our production engine. Its efficiency coupled with the India cost advantage; were able to offer fantastic videos for a flat fee of $ 500 per minute. No hidden costs and all that. said Sameer.

The future of content is video. And the SMB technology market like ISVs have no reason to procrastinate. Instead of getting 3 text based case studies - consider putting a customer on camera. After all, 3 prospects will not read 3 case studies. Just 1 video on their iPad will be far more effective., said Esha.

Technology has commoditized itself. And nothing is B2B anymore. No one wants to take out time to read your paper. The most powerful way to engage a prospect or even a suspect is to use the AV format and present your proposition. Youll see almost every ISV today has a video on their home page. A company like Dropbox has ONLY a video on their home page! It gives a visitor comprehensive product introduction in less than 2 mins. Purchase decisions become so much easier when someone can show you what they have quoted Sameer.

Text based content can get the job done for sure. However, its video that gets the job done faster and better. Thats because a video is more engaging. How many times have you switched off an engaging video? And mind you, with videos you get to capture 2 out of 5 senses. - mumbled Sameer as he bit into his sandwitch.

When asked why they themselves dont have a video, Sameer and Esha both chuckled, We are working on it - itll be up soon.

About MarTeck Consulting:

MarTeck specializes in videos production for technology businesses. It undertakes all kind of marketing videos from animation to camera work for a flat price of $ 500 per minute.

MarTeck believes videos for technology isnt like making a funny film. The story has to be relevant to their customers customer. And this takes years of involvement with the industry. MarTeck Consutling has been providing marketing and content services to technology businesses for over 2 years. In the last 5 years, Sameer has consulted and built content for over 30 tech companies. This wide cross-pollinated experience is a great asset to the teams story telling capabilities.

To know more about MarTeck, please visit: or, or, or,

write an email to:

Media Contact:

Jenny Rodriguez


Telephone: +91.20.41232238


Infopulse Has Become One of Five Leading Ukrainian Companies Providing IT Offshore Outsourcing

Infopulse Has Become One of Five Leading Ukrainian Companies Providing IT Offshore Outsourcing

(PRWEB) November 12, 2004

American company dealing with embedded systems with wide experience of outsourcing projects to Indian and Ukrainian companies has opted for Ukraine in a matter of strategic development of its production capabilities.

Following are several advantages of Ukraine over India:

• more skilled labor force,

• lower cost of highly skilled personnel,

• stronger scientific and educational facilities,

•availability of a larger number of spare production resources.

Partner selection project lasted from June till November 2004. Other famous Ukrainian IT market leaders participated in this tender, such as Kvazar Micro, Miratech, SoftServe. However an alliance of Infopulse and Hi-Tech Initiative managed to work out a better quality approach to the selection stages and gaining the victory.

As Victor Maznyuk, Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative coordinator stated: Infopulse is a leader in growth among Ukrainian software developing companies. During the last year, the company expanded rapidly and currently there are more than 150 employees. Today Infopulse is one of five leading software outsourcing companies in Ukraine.

"Embedded systems is one of very interesting but poorly represented in Ukraine areas of expertise. Commencement of such a partnership with such a large American customer will allow opening new perspectives as well as increasing competitiveness of the industry as a whole. Our company possesses highly qualified and experienced personnel for implementation of the tasks that the customer assigned. We hope for the long term and efficient collaboration with out new customers as well as for continuation of fruitful relationship with Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative", - the Director of Infopulse - Alexey Sigov commented on the event.


Elena Kovtun

+380 (44) 458-1753



Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative (WWW.HI-TECH.ORG.UA) - alliance of Ukrainian software development companies. There are currently 27 companies in the alliance.

Main objectives of the Initiative:

• Expansion of international network of contacts for collaboration in software development.

• Assistance in creation of a positive image of Ukrainian software development in the western markets

• Assistance in companies' technology potential advancement and IT personnel qualifications upgrade

• Attraction of investment to Ukrainian software development companies

Infopulse (WWW.INFOPULSE.COM.UA) is one of the leading software development companies in Ukraine.

Main specializations:

• Financial software

• Billing systems

• Enterprise management software

• Embedded systems

• Solution maintenance systems

• Electronic business systems


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Tatung Makes the Concept of a Digital Home Become Reality

Tatung Makes the Concept of a Digital Home Become Reality

Berlin, Germany (PRWEB) September 7, 2005

At the International Funkausstellung Tatung introduced its full line of digital home products at the International Funkausstellung Association, the Number one world wide consumer electronic exhibition, this weekend. Included in these products were Tatung's Home Media Server, Entertainment Genie, and its IP-Based Set-Top Box.

The first of these products to be marketed in Europe is Tatung's Entertainment Genie, a Networked High Definition Personal Video Recorder. The Entertainment Genie combines the functionalities of a personal computer to digital electronic appliances. These functions include: DVD Recorder, Karaoke Module, Smart Card Reader, Digital TV (DVB-T), 8 in 1 card reader, Surround speakers and much more.

Tatung's Home Media Server is the product of inspiration stemming from the trouble of file management and transmission. Using a unique management interface with wireless transmission, the Home Media Center is able to recognize, classify, and organize files and file formats for you. It enhances the capability of file integration as well as adds new video codec formats (VC-1, H.264), making it the top model on the market for video processing and performance.

The STB4000C is Tatung's first series of high definition digital Set-Top-Box products. As well as supporting up to 720p/1080i of high resolution video output, the STB4000C's digital handling ability has reached an unprecedented benchmark -- simultaneously able to display up to four monitors with 720p of playback and PIP (Picture-in-Picture).

On the software platform, the STB4000C supports the Linux 2.4 operating system, including browser, Flash, Java VM, and Multi-media API, as well as many other programs. Compared to other similar products on the market, the STB4000C is the best choice for capability and price. For telecommunication customers, the STB4000C is especially useful. Particularly because the STB4000C uses an x86-based host CPU, which is the simplest environment for software development on the market, allowing telecommunication companies to quickly extend their service and test different service models.

At the IFA exhibition, Tatung was able to interact with many of Europe's top companies to discuss further potential cooperation. Those who visited the Tatung booth all had great things to say about Tatung's products and services.

For detailed information on Tatung's Digital Home Products, please log onto:

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“Ecycle-it? Theme Created by Computer Recycling For Education Featuring Ewaste Eddie has Become the Newest eBay Rethink Initiative Member

"Ecycle-it” Theme Created by Computer Recycling For Education Featuring Ewaste Eddie has Become the Newest eBay Rethink Initiative Member

Sacramento, Calif. (PRWEB) April 22, 2006

“Ecycle-it”® theme created by Computer Recycling For Education® featuring Ewaste Eddie has become the newest eBay® Rethink Initiative member applying some fresh thinking to the problem of e-waste in San Jose, California.

The “Ecycle-it” theme features Ewaste Eddie's proclamation: "Remember to Ecycle-it" will join eBay’s Rethink Initiative which brings together industry, government and environmental groups to offer fresh new perspectives and new solutions to the challenges of e-waste. Some of the leading proponents of eBay’s Rethink Initiative in the consumer electronics industry are; Apple, Best Buy, Consumer Electronics Association, Circuit City, Dell, Earth 911, EPA, Gateway, Goodwill, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, March of Dimes, Motorola, National Cristina Foundation, Nokia, Toshiba, USPS, UPS and Verizon Wireless.

“Ewaste Eddie was created to partner with and help consumer electronics manufacturers, electronics retailers, business, municipalities, government agencies, educational institutions, environmental groups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local jurisdictions, waste haulers, e-waste recyclers, and nonprofits to inform the public on ewaste awareness through outreach and education,” said Al Chaney, President/CEO of Computer Recycling For Education, a retired solid waste specialist formally with the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA). “Ewaste Eddie’s was also created to change consumer behavior through social marketing to increase electronics reuse, reduce ewaste, recycle electronics and to buy electronics with recycled components through public awareness and education.”

“We at Computer Recycling For Education are excited to become a Rethink member in time for Earth Day 2006, and are honored to be recognized for contributions in helping solve the e-waste problem and to be acknowledged along with consumer electronics industry leaders,” said Chaney.

The goal is for Ewaste Eddie with his ‘Remember to Ecycle-it’ proclamation to become universally recognized as the world wide icon for electronics waste (ewaste). We plan to make Ewaste Eddie the spokesperson for educating the public on electronics waste (ewaste) prevention. The goal is to have every electronics item feature an Ewaste Eddie “Ecycle-it” label or sticker on it through a licensing agreement.

Computer Recycling For Education representatives are available to discuss licensing options with consumer electronics company representatives, computer manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, retail representatives, software companies and government agencies.

Computer Recycling For Education, located in Rancho Murieta, California, owns and has created all of the intellectual property exclusive rights, licensing, trademarks, copyrights, artwork, designs, patents, illustrations, derivative rights and publishing rights. Information about Computer Recycling For Education can be found at its website:

For information on United States and International licensing of Ecycle-it featuring Ewaste Eddie, please contact:

Al Chaney, MBA

Computer Recycling For Education


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