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Free Download of New expressor Studio beta Allows Developers to Design Complex Data Flow Applications in Minutes

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 8, 2010

expressor software has introduced expressor Studio and made the beta version immediately available as a free download. expressor Studio provides game-changing ease-of-use with a drag-and-drop and wizard-driven interface that enables developers to easily connect to standard data source and targets, map data to common business names and types and design complex data flow applications in minutes.

The expressor Studio beta is available immediately as a free download from , and the general release version will be available as a free download by end of year. Users will be able to access online support from expressor software and from their peers by visiting and logging into the new expressor Community Center, a vibrant online community.

expressor Studio is a high-reward, low-risk option that allows organizations to immediately get started and benefit from semantic data integration, said expressors vice president of marketing Michael Waclawiczek. With expressor Studio, we deliver enterprise-class ETL onto your desktop that benefits from a familiar Microsoft Office-like look-and-feel and a fast embedded engine to create and run reusable data mappings in minutes. And most importantly, expressor Studio can be downloaded for freewith no strings attached.

expressor Studio extends expressor softwares unique semantic integration capabilities with Semantic Types a powerful new approach to data mapping and transformation that greatly reduces your time-to-value. With expressor Studio 3.0, users can:

Easily rationalize source and target field names to improve communication and data governance.
Automate data-type conversions and eliminate errors.
Build new Semantic Types from existing types and reuse types in existing and new applications.
Create multiple reusable business rules for the same type and debug rules once and apply them repeatedly.
Easily implement data quality rules and constraints.
Check the validity of a data flow application before deploying.

Ive seen expressor Studio and like the fact that the company now offers a free, downloadable product with lots of cool capabilities, said Andy Leonard, SQL Server MVP and SSIS guru.

expressor Studio includes an embedded version of expressors high-performance parallel data processing engine, and it runs on Windows XP Service Pack 3 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. It requires 2 GB of RAM, .NET 3.5 or higher and Microsoft Visio 2007 or 2010. The beta version is now available, and expressor Studio will be in general release and available as a free download in expressor Community Edition year-end, with an annual email and telephone support subscription starting at $ 1,150 for a single user. It will also be available as an important component of expressor Standard Edition and expressor Enterprise Edition. See companion press release introducing expressor 3.0

The graphical, color-coded user interface of expressor Studio all but eliminates the need for training by guiding you through each step of developing an expressor ETL job, said Scott Morgan, data warehouse architect for H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute. My one-word description for the new user interface is that it is fantastic.

About expressor software

expressor software knows data integrationand we know todays most capable data integration tools are too complex and too expensive. Our vision is to provide enterprise-class data integration software that is cost-effective, fast and easy to use.

expressors game-changing usability enables you to use less technical, lower-cost development resources. Our unique, active metadata foundation simplifies data mapping and transformation to reduce your time-to-value. And our dramatically lower cost makes it easy to justify replacing your brittle and expensive hand-coded implementations or underperforming in-house ETL tools. expressor 3.0 is a comprehensive design, development and deployment platform available in three editions tailored to support the full range of data integration applications, from tactical data migrations to the largest enterprise data warehouses and strategic, predictive analytics.

To learn more about what makes expressor the leader in affordable, enterprise-class data integration, visit or download the free expressor Studio at


New Encryption Software from Protexx Allows for up to 2048-bit Encryption for Network Data Communications

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) October 12, 2005

Wireless and wired Internet users from private individuals to major corporations now have the ability to encrypt their e-mail and data transmissions in a secured environment instantly.

As almost every industry and millions of individuals struggle with identity theft and information protection problems, Protexx Encryption Softwares ability to totally protect against unauthorized access and transmissions, adds the ultimate security level for businesses wishing to achieve total security solutions for their data management. Protexx securely encrypts data transmissions to and from inter and Intranet platforms.

The integration of digital signatures through Protexxs partner NXCONN allows us to act as a Certificate Authority from their secure server in Plainview, New York eliminating the use of pins and passwords. NXCONN a premier provider of broadband services, who hosts the NOC, (Network Operation Center) provides the technical support for Protexxs growing list of clients. Secure Information Technology Highway (S.I.T.H.) is Protexx's next generation VPN technology, which provides the maximum available level of security and user authentication to eliminate fraudulent transactions while at the same time allowing total control of access to your internal networks.

"The ability now of small to medium business enterprises to be able to comply with laws protecting privacy and security are available instantly Peter Letizia, Protexx President said. Were finding that the Protexx solution immediately pays for itself within our client base. Without hardware or appliances our Secure Information Technology Highway ensures that server, client and remote communications happen within a secured environment with more than 10X the security level of todays standards. You have the flexibility of choosing multiple encryption algorithms (128, 256, 3DES and our own 2048bit Dynamic Encryption).

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) create secure communication paths from one point to another, by encrypting the information packets from point A, to decrypting them at point B, and vice versa

Because of S.I.T.H.s dynamic capabilities, it is possible to create a tunnel within a tunnel for a very secure environment to eliminate unwanted access. Public and Private Key Pairs handle accessibility to S.I.T.H. Protexx's 2048bit-encryption technology creates minimal CPU overhead and compresses MP4 video technology. This increases both the performance and security levels of remote video communication through IP based networks. Doctors will now have the capability of seeing a patient remotely with secure technology that far exceeds todays HIPPA standards. Letizia stated further.

Accessibility to the tunnel is limited by public and private Key pairs. Establishing these key pairs ensures that only the authorized users have the ability to transmit, view or access the information transmitted between the two authorized locations.

Tunnel communications through the transport layer of a network infrastructure provides extremely high network performance. The tunnel can also be established as a separate and different layer conveniently fitting on top of established environments such as: Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Wireless Technology, Existing Networks, Server to Server Communication, and Server to Client Communication.

When coupled with an approved firewall infrastructure, S.I.T.H. provides the ability to create a Virtual Security Network (VSN) , the next generation of enterprise security.

For more information or to acquire Protexx Technology please contact Gene Feher 203 559 9860



Planetwide Games’ Comic Book Creator? Self-Publishing Software Allows Anyone to Create Comics and Digital Storybooks

Planetwide Games' Comic Book Creator™ Self-Publishing Software Allows Anyone to Create Comics and Digital Storybooks

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) January 6, 2006

With the vast array of next generation laptops, cell phones and digital cameras on display at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), it’s readily apparent that digital imagery is the medium of choice for most consumers. However, without some context it’s difficult to display these precious images of our friends, family and loved ones in a meaningful way. In response to this need, Planetwide Games recently released Comic Book Creator™, an innovative self-publishing software that with a few mouse clicks allows users to create custom comics and scrapbooks.

The software, which is currently available, has a myriad of applications. Proud parents can use it to make comic-themed birthday invitations featuring their kids’ photos, or even coloring pages based on their kids’ favorite cartoon characters; students can use the software to illustrate homework or put together creative presentations; gamers who live through their virtual identities can now create authentic comic books from their game play action, documenting their virtual victories; photo scrapbook makers can capture their important events and experiences in real-life comic book form and bloggers can quickly generate political cartoons with a few mouse clicks. Once created, a comic can be printed out by a home computer or an outside source that for a fee will staple, bind and shrink-wrap it.

To create a comic, users need only select from one of over 500 different layout and design templates, drop in their art assets and insert text bubbles that bring to life whatever story they can imagine. Comic Book Creator™ will work with any jpeg, bmp or gif digital image and once users complete their masterpiece they can share it with friends by printing or exporting the image into a PDF or HTML file for online distribution.

Comic Book Creator™ is currently available at retail outlets across the United States and Canada, and via digital download from and sells for a suggested retail price of $ 19.99. Content packs featuring popular entertainment properties will also be available via digital download and will range in price from $ 2.99 to $ 9.99.

A 14-day trial of the Comic Book Creator™ Self-Publishing Software can be downloaded at and features all the functionality of the retail version of the software. The trial version printing and publishing capabilities contain a watermark on all printed and saved “Comic Book Creator” files. Watermarks are removed with the purchase of a full retail version of the software.

Minimum system requirements include a PC running Windows 2000 or higher, a Pentium 4 processor 128 MB of RAM, a CD ROM and a hard drive with 1 GB of free space.

About Planetwide Games

Based in Orange County, CA, Planetwide Games, Inc. is a provider of innovative games and application software. The Company’s games and applications easily integrate with portals and major game developers, or can be sold separately through digital downloads and box sales at retail locations. Planetwide Games’ Comic Book Creator™ is a new and innovative self-publishing software program that empowers users to create custom comic books using their own imaginations and digital images, and then publish them for friends online or in print. By providing an enhanced game playing experience and ease-of-use, Planetwide creates stronger online communities and new ways of expressing creativity, resulting in customer loyalty and longer sessions for portals and game developers. Planetwide Games also has 3D game engine software to develop branded titles, and a current library of casual games called Pixel Poppers™. The Pixel Popper library contains challenging games of strategy, trivia, sports and card games that can be downloaded to customers, major portals and social communities. Planetwide Games develops proprietary online technology and software products, and is building a worldwide network of affiliates. Visit and

Safe Harbor Statement

With the exception of historical information, matters discussed in this news release, including, in particular, statements about how Comic Book Creator software will be used in the consumer market place are forward-looking statements involving a number of risks and uncertainties and may not be achieved due to factors beyond our control. Actual results could differ materially from those contemplated by the forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause actual results to differ include general economic conditions and their affect on consumer spending, the Company’s inability to sufficiently anticipate market needs and develop products, increased competition, changing customer demands, and market acceptance of Company products. Planetwide Games, Inc. undertakes no obligation to revise or update any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of this release.

Company Contact:    

Mark Politi

Planetwide Games, Inc.             

32 Journey            

Suite 250         

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656        

Phone: (800) 560-2993             

mark.politi @        

Media Contact:        

Mike Larson


5670 Wilshire Blvd.

22nd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Phone: (323) 202-1891

mike.larson @

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ezVID Allows Microcontrollers Easy Access to Video

ezVID Allows Microcontrollers Easy Access to Video

Lake Forest, California (PRWEB) October 5, 2004

This month, Multilabs announced the release of their ezVID serial video card. The video card is specifically designed for microcontrollers, and gives them the ability to generate text and graphic images on monitors, televisions, and similar-type equipment that accepts composite video signals.

The ezVID gives microcontrollers the ability to break free from visual indicators such as LEDs and LCDs. It provides for professional applications such as text messaging, diagnostics and status indication, but is also useful to the enthusiast user for applications in simple video games and graphics. The ezVID commands allow placement of any built-in or user defined character anywhere on the screen in any one of fourteen colors. An onboard controller and special video chip designed by Multilabs allows simple color video generation with only two communication lines required.

Commands are sent through TTL level asynchronous serial data lines. Other commands allow the user to define up to 256 custom characters, change the background color, clear the entire screen to any one of fourteen colors, or reset the system for a clean start. The pixel resolution of the screen is 188 by 254 and the video output is non-interlaced, composite, NTSC format.

The ezVID has a small footprint at only 2 by 2 inches with mounting holes in each corner. User interfacing is done through a 4-pin header and a standard RCA style jack is provided for the video output.

About Multilabs

Multilabs is a small Southern California business that specializes in microcontrollers and their supporting circuitry. Multilabs designs and manufactures engineering modules for microcontrollers and can provide engineering services in the microcontroller industry.

Please visit for more information or to order the ezVID serial video card. Media contact is preferred through email.


Donald J. Bartley

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New Busless PMC Carrier Card Allows the Use of Configurable FPGA Modules in a Stand-alone Mode

New Busless PMC Carrier Card Allows the Use of Configurable FPGA Modules in a Stand-alone Mode

Busless PMC Module Carrier Card

Wixom, MI (PRWEB) October 18, 2010

Acromag introduced the APMC4110 busless PMC module carrier card that allows use of a PMC module in an independent stand-alone mode. This carrier card delivers power to a PMC module and regulates the PCI bus start-up sequence to prevent a system lock-up by the connection to the local bus. The APMC4110 is ideal for custom computing applications based on a re-configurable FPGA module operating independently of VME, CompactPCI, or other bus-level resources. With the busless carrier card, no expensive card cage or other computer chassis is required. Pricing starts at $ 275.

“After introducing our PMC modules with configurable Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs, many customers asked for a way to use them independently in engineering bench prototyping and test systems” states Joseph Primeau, Acromag’s embedded sales and marketing director. The Virtex-5 FPGA modules offer plenty of computing power and a number of engineers would like apply the DSP and logic capabilities without all the costly overhead of a full embedded system with a backplane, rack, CPU card, and more. Acromag’s PMC-VFX module even has a hard-core PowerPC on the configurable FPGA to provide additional processing abilities for a stand-alone implementation.

As a single-slot non-intelligent carrier, the board acts simply as an adapter to route signals to and from a PMC module. The user has full access to the field I/O via two 50-pin ribbon cable connectors.

Using an external power supply, this carrier card allows use of any industry-standard PMC module. The on-board DC-DC converter creates +3.3VDC from the external +5VDC source, lowering the number of external power connections required.

For troubleshooting, a 14-pin Xilinx JTAG connector facilitates boundary scan debugging. Users have access to the TDI, TDO, TCK and TMS signals. Also, a manual reset button allows the user to force a PCI reset when needed. The voltage monitor helps prevent code execution errors during power-up, power-down, or potential brown-out conditions if the +5V DC supply dips too low.

Acromag has designed and manufactured measurement and control products for more than 50 years. They are an international corporation with a world headquarters near Detroit, Michigan and a global network of sales representatives and distributors. Acromag offers a complete line of embedded I/O products including bus boards, mezzanine modules, wiring accessories, and software. Industries served include military, aerospace, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and scientific research laboratories.


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New Internet Technology Allows Schools, Small Businesses, Non-Profits To Share Documents and Collaborate Globally

New Internet Technology Allows Schools, Small Businesses, Non-Profits To Share Documents and Collaborate Globally

Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) November 21, 2005

Finally there is an easy-to-use Internet tool that allows organizations such as schools, non-profits and small businesses to safely and securely share documents and collaborate globally without the need for an expensive computer network, Intranet or VPN connections.

ShareTechnologies ( has developed a new Internet collaboration technology called "ShareSuite". ShareSuite allows an organization to easily connect all of its employees, sales reps, contractors, suppliers, and clients to an online collaboration system so the sharing of ideas and documents is seamless.

For security, every folder and every file has a security system that allows an administrator to determine which users have access to which files and how each user can interact with a particular file or folder.

To use ShareSuite, all each user needs is a computer with Internet access. This offers schools, non-profits and small businesses a tremendous cost savings because they do not need to own and maintain an expensive and complicated computer network with an Intranet and VPN connections.

According to Khaled Bitat, CEO of ShareTechnologies, "My team and I developed ShareSuite so organizations such as schools, non-profits and small businesses can securely collaborate and share documents globally without having to invest in building an expensive onsite computer network and Intranet."

For more information about ShareSuite and to try ShareSuite free for 30-days, please visit or call (719) 785-7194.

ShareTechnologies, 130 E. Kiowa St, Suite 507, Colorado Springs, CO, 80905 (719) 785-7194.

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Open Sense Solutions Unveils Revolutionary Computer System That Allows Up to 3 Simultaneous Users

Open Sense Solutions Unveils Revolutionary Computer System That Allows Up to 3 Simultaneous Users

(PRWEB) December 13, 2004

Open Sense Solutions announces it has integrated Linux software and hardware to create Groovix, the world's first multi-user desktop in a single unit offering sound and 3D graphics to each user. By allowing independent keyboards, mice, monitors and speakers, the Groovix system provides up to three simultaneous users with a complete computing experience. The system's multi-user capabilities make it ideal for home or business use.

What does this mean for the consumer? As millions of home-based entrepreneurs can attest, the workload doesn’t disappear the minute the kids hop off the bus at the end of the school day. What often does, however, is computer access. With school assignments demanding more research and word processing, and more people working from home, the demand for family desktop time has never been higher. In the past, one of the few available options was to purchase a separate computer for each user. That, says Michael Pardee, Open Sense Solutions LLC founder, is extremely inefficient. “Separate computers waste space and electricity, create extra noise and heat and are very expensive from a software, hardware and maintenance standpoint.”

Enter Groovix. Groovix systems use Simultaneous Local Independent Multi-User (SLIM) technology to make one computer function as three from a user’s perspective. File sharing, Internet sharing, head-to-head gaming and other applications that traditionally have relied on a computer network are all possible with just one machine.

Groovix’s SLIM technology efficiently shares today’s ultra-fast processors, memory and hard drives to provide exceptional speed to each user at a fraction of the cost of separate systems. Memory can be shared between users since most will be running the same programs, such as the operating system and web browser. Users can run business applications, browse the web and play games at the same time. Groovix systems use open source software, so there is no problem running multiple versions of software at once. “The cost would be huge,” says Michael, “if you tried to do this using traditionally licensed ‘for single-user only’ software. The Groovix system builds on recent advancements in personal computing hardware and Debian GNU/Linux software to create an extremely capable and cost-effective solution for multi-user computing.”

Pardee created Vermont-based Open Sense Solutions LLC in April of 2004 because he saw a need. “The Internet was flooded with the posts of frustrated users trying to set up specific Linux desktop hardware and software. They couldn’t find any major companies integrating the two. I knew I could make Linux more useable for the masses.” The Groovix computer system evolved from this idea. Creating an optimal configuration at a reasonable cost, it will open the extensive possibilities of Linux to more people.

For More Information, Contact:

Gail Egle

Open Sense Solutions LLC




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Faster and Easier than Hypnosis, Break-through Technology Allows Anyone to Access the Power of the Subconscious Mind

Faster and Easier than Hypnosis, Break-through Technology Allows Anyone to Access the Power of the Subconscious Mind

faster than hypnosis

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 15, 2011

The new breakthrough technology program MindMaster allows anyone to quickly access the power of their subconscious mind, faster and easier than hypnosis. Through subliminal messages and positive affirmations, MindMaster allows users to lose weight, stop smoking, reduce stress and anxiety, or enhance any area of their lives. This revolutionary technology from MindMaster.TV is now available for download directly over the Internet.

Hypnosis is a great way to access the subconscious mind to bring about changes in one’s life. However, the problem with hypnosis is that if the person undergoing it has trouble focusing and relaxing, the hypnotherapist will have difficulty getting through. And while a good hypnotherapist can help patients, it takes significant time and money to look for one. With the current downturn in the economy, people are looking for ways to save money and still achieve desired results.

“There are ways that you can access the power of your mind using faster and better methods than hypnosis,” says Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Tony Dosanjh. “MindMaster is one of these new technology breakthroughs.”

Both hypnosis and MindMaster are intended to deliver messages to the subconscious mind in order to bring about changes in thoughts, behaviors, actions, attitudes, belief systems and value systems. The difference is hypnosis usually requires a conscious effort by the user to follow verbal instructions, while the technology MindMaster uses does not.

“Being a psychiatrist for the past 16 years, I have to say that MindMaster is a real breakthrough in the area of personal development,” says Doctor Gary Casaccio.

MindMaster is light years ahead of subliminal tapes and other self-help and motivational programs and uses the same type of technology that has been scientifically proven and independently verified by studies at the University College of London and other major universities. MindMaster is completely customizable and works by flashing custom affirmations and subliminal images on a user’s PC while it is in use. The user selects the messages, customizes them with a few simple clicks, and sets the location and speed at which the messages will appear. The program then works silently in the background whenever the computer is in use. Since it is proven that the subconscious mind thinks in images, users can also use Google or Yahoo Images to select any images from the billions available online and paste them into the program.

MindMaster can deliver up to 3,600 customized affirmations and images to your subconscious mind per hour, making the program extremely powerful in bringing about changes quickly without using hypnosis or a hypnotherapist.

Another great feature about MindMaster is that a computer’s screensaver can be set to display the program’s motivational messages and images. This way, when the computer is not in active use, the user can still reap the benefit of instructing the conscious mind to help bring about change.

Professionals such as personal development coaches, alternative healers, world-class athletes, hypnotherapists and even medical doctors are recommending and using the MindMaster Program. Olympic Gold Medalist Nikki Stone says “MindMaster is something that I highly recommend to all those who are trying to achieve goals, build confidence and self esteem, or create success in any area of their life.”

A Demo Version of MindMaster is available on http://www.MindMaster.TV. The company also offers a 14-day free trial. After the trial, users pay a one-time fee of $ 44.95, which gives them the program for life.

Medical doctors, hypnotherapists, natural healers, NLP trainers and bloggers who blog about the program are currently being offered MindMaster at 25 percent off; after purchase, simply e-mail the company and they will credit 25 percent back.

Overall, MindMaster is much less expensive than visiting a local hypnotherapist for a hypnosis session, especially when you take in to consideration that MindMaster provides a lifetime of customized use.

For more information about MindMaster and its technique of using subliminal messages to unleash the subconscious mind, or for more information about MindMaster’s benefits over hypnosis, visit MindMaster can also be found on Facebook at

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Firestreamer-DVD Allows the Windows Backup to Span Multiple DVD Writers

Auckland, New Zealand (PRWEB) March 9, 2005

Cristalink Limited announced the release of Firestreamer-DVD 1.4, software that enables the native Windows Backup Utility (NTBackup) to directly access DVD media, with the ability to span an unlimited number of DVD writers. Firestreamer-DVD emulates a virtual tape drive and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft's NTBackup and Removable Storage, making all the features of NTBackup available for DVD writers, including data compression, media spanning, volume shadow copy, and Windows Automated System Recovery (also known as bare metal restore). The new version of Firestreamer-DVD eliminates the need for frequent manual disk changes, thus making DVD media more suitable for large backups.

"Firestreamer-DVD offers significant advantages over the packet writing software, which allows to access DVD writers by a drive letter", says Nick Repin, Cristalink CEO. "Among those are the ability to span multiple DVD disks and drives, data compression, and much faster backups with less CPU usage. With NTBackup, our software can back up and restore all types of data, from personal files to live Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange Server databases. This makes Firestreamer-DVD a great backup solution for home users and small businesses."

The software operates on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and 2003 Server, and is fully compatible with Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 and 2003. Firestreamer-DVD costs $ 30 USD for a single-computer license, and may be ordered securely online. A fully functional version of the software can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial from Firestreamer's website at

For additional information, contact Nick Repin, +64 9 837 7641, press (at) cristalink (dot) com, or visit

Cristalink is a trademark and Firestreamer is a registered trademark of Cristalink Limited, New Zealand. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

About Cristalink Limited:

Founded in 2002 in Auckland, New Zealand, Cristalink Limited specializes in device driver development, reverse engineering, and application development for Microsoft Windows operating systems. The company's products include Firestreamer-DV and Firestreamer-DVD, software utilities that enable the Windows Backup Utility (NTBackup) to access DV and DVD media. For additional information and free evaluation copies of all Cristalink products, please visit Cristalink's website at

Contact Information:

Nick Repin

Cristalink Limited

Auckland, New Zealand

press (at) cristalink (dot) com

tel +64 9 837 7641


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