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Market4Demand Announces Lucie Newcomb as New Advisory Board Member

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 13, 2012

Market4Demand, Inc. (, a Silicon Valley technology, life sciences and educational marketing consulting firm, announced today that the company has named a new member to serve on its Advisory Board. The Advisory Board, launched in November of 2008, consists of respected and successful Silicon Valley professionals committed to helping Market4Demand meet its goals for continued expansion and further contribution to the resources available to entrepreneurs and executives. Ms. Newcomb joins three existing distinguished Advisory Board members, Chris Gill, current chief executive officer at SVForum and former president and chief executive officer of SVASE who has co-founded 8 companies, with 6 achieving profitable liquidity events; Brian Reaves, vice president of Service Delivery for SAP America; and Dr. Stephen McElfresh, principal and founder at HR Futures who has served as former chief executive officer of Saratoga Institute and as chief HR officer for SRI International, Exponent, and Friden Alcatel.

"Like NewComm Global Group, Market4Demand is market-savvy and customer-centric, with a solid commitment to service delivery," said Ms. Newcomb Global Strategist and chief executive officer. I'm honored to be in a position to provide incisive advice on global strategy best practices for its clients and insights about the unique global marketing, leadership development and business transformation (aka Change Management) opportunities available to startup and midrange technology, life sciences, educational, and nonprofit organizations, especially at this pivotal time."

Lucie M. Newcomb, Global Strategist and chief executive officer of The NewComm Global Group, Inc., has been opening markets and opportunities for market leaders, such as Cisco, IBM, Johnson & Johnson's LifeScan, and innovative former startups, such as and Marvell, for more than 25 years. In addition, with over 20 years of global experience in most regional trading blocs, she has significant bench-strength in the EMEA region and Emerging Markets worldwide, where she has lived and worked extensively. Proficient across the marketing mix, she specializes in global marketing strategy go-to-market to pricing systems to foreign direct investment (FDI); business design and sustainability organizational change; capacities-building; revenue flows and culture; integrated sales and marketing platforms; and thought leadership programs.

Hers was one of only 35 consultancies approved by the South African government for its productivity improvement program. She has also held a number of leadership roles, including co-founder with the United States Consul General of the Cape-American Business Council in Cape Town, South Africa. She has also been a magazine columnist on global marketing and technology topics for an international business magazine

In addition to Advisory Board roles, she has also been on the Boards of professional and community groups, such as the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association, since 1991. She is also a mentor for the US Market Access Center where she works closely with foreign-based technology entrepreneurs regularly. She founded The Leader as Reader Virtual Book Club, initially for the International Leadership Association and now as NewComm Globals Global Leader as Reader program, and served as a co-leader of the ILA subgroup on Leadership and Philosophy, Religion and Worldviews. She was on the organizing committee for TEDX Bay Area Women, with a focus on Global Women Entrepreneurs, in 2011 and she continues as president of The Global LightWorks Foundation, a small nonprofit organization supporting small nonprofits in Emerging Markets.

Ms. Newcomb is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and earned her Masters degree in Leadership Studies from Saint Marys College. She is also an accredited coach in the Hall-Tonna Values Inventory, a recognized methodology for Leadership Development and Organizational Change and Transformation. Fluent in French, she is a frequent speaker and trainer in the United States and abroad.

The Market4Demand Advisory Board members all bring experience and unique insights to business for both Market4Demand and its entrepreneurial and executive clientele. Together, the Advisory Board members will help Market4Demand expand and improve its marketing service offerings designed for entrepreneurs and CEOs in midrange enterprises as well as leaders of entrepreneurial departments within large organizations.

"We believe the vast global expertise and zeal Ms. Newcomb demonstrates will be invaluable as we build a scalable organization that continues to attract successful entrepreneurial customers -- and that helps our entrepreneurial and CEO clients attract and motivate their exceptional employees and grow their marque customer base," said Sarah Autrand, founder and chief executive officer of Market4Demand, Inc. "Ms. Newcomb will be a tremendous resource to Market4Demand and our executive customers as they navigate the global business challenges and learn to identify and leverage key strategic international opportunities associated with growth and becoming a successful business."

To learn more about the Advisory Board at Market4Demand, visit:

About Market4Demand, Inc.

Leveraging industry best practices and emerging trends, Market4Demand is a technology, life sciences and educational marketing consulting firm that delivers strategic and tactical services designed to successfully market innovative products and services. Representing enterprise and consumer products and services, Market4Demand clients include Sun Microsystems, Fujitsu, A3 Solutions, Contivo (acquired by Liaison Technologies), Saqqara (acquired by Parts River), Workshare (acquired by SkyDox), DigitalPersona, Cartesis (acquired by Business Objects), Proximex (acquired by ADT Security Services, Inc.), Spinal Integration, LLC, Rhausler, Inc., First Focus Learning Systems, Gorin Tennis Academy, Gorin School of Music, Mu Dynamics (acquired by Spirent Communications), Spirent Communications, and Hewlett-Packard. The company specializes in interim executive marketing, marketing planning and implementation, product marketing, and all aspects of marketing communications, including social media, mobile marketing and digital strategy. Market4Demand is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information about Market4Demand and its services, visit or call (415) 218-6041.

About The NewComm Global Group, Inc.

The NewComm Global Group, Inc. ( specializes in Global Market Leadership, Global Individual and Team Leadership and Global Citizenship. We empower leading organizations and individual leaders worldwide with superior, highly effective markets development, organizational development and business design and development strategies, programs and coaching for greater effectiveness and return on investment (ROI). More than a "Launch-and-Drop Shop, our 20 years of international experience enables us to launch multinational companies of all sizes to establish and embed their brands and revenue streams effectively. Launch efforts are buttressed by in-country recruiting, hiring and training; team-building; cross-cultural communications; and change management capacities and skills-building on both a global, integrated and market-by-market basis. Similarly, our CONNECT-SV initiative provides an accelerated on-ramp for foreign-based ICT and Clean Tech companies do the same in the United States. And, our EcorityLeader product suite helps teams of all sizes align, perform and accelerate business goals.

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CheckMate Advisory Board Convenes in New Orleans

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) October 29, 2012

What do Weta Digital, Electronic Arts, and CNN have in common? Leading artists from these companies, all members of the CheckMate Advisory Board, convened last week at the TurboSquid headquarters to discuss best practices for constructing 3D models, the digital props and characters used in films, TV production, video games, and architectural visualization. While the filmmaking industry has, over its hundred-plus years of evolution, developed best practices for constructing facades and physical props, the relatively young visual effects industry hasnt had parallel guidelines for digital props and characters.

The realism achievable in modern visual effects starts with carefully researched models with realistic textures. Investing the time to collect detailed reference is essential, said James Ogle, Lead Modeler at Weta Digital, the New Zealand-based visual effects studio known for its groundbreaking work on The Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong, Avatar and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Its also important that these 3D models are built using modern techniques and tools for easy compatibility with todays advanced animation and rendering workflows. The requirements for models have changed a lot over the last few years.

In response to these changes, TurboSquid, the leading 3D model marketplace, surveyed over a thousand production artists across all industries to find common denominators. The results were released in August 2011 as the CheckMate 3D Modeling Standard, and then TurboSquid formed the CheckMate Advisory Board to continue the standards development.

I just assumed every company had their own way of doing things that didnt overlap with our methods, said Jed Denjean, Computer Graphics Supervisor and standards-keeper at Blur Studio, who recently worked on the opening sequence for the film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Until I joined the CheckMate Advisory Board, I didnt realize there was so much common ground.

The meetings discussions centered on best practices not only for the construction and texturing of 3D models, but for ensuring accurate reproduction of real objects such as cars, stadiums, electronics, and even people. The Board also discussed how 3D models could be constructed to retain their integrity when opened by different 3D modeling and image finishing software packages.

Its not unusual for us to run a bunch of 3D models through three or four software packages just to produce one scene, said Fred Ruff, Computer Graphics Supervisor at Portland-based Bent Image Lab, whose credits include commercials for Bing and Coca-Cola as well as special effects for NBC's hit TV show Grimm. We get 3D models from so many different sourcescontractors, in-house artists, and marketplaces like TurboSquid. The industry needs a standard like CheckMate so well know that all the 3D models from all these different places work in our production pipeline.

As part of their commitment to the CheckMate standard, TurboSquid has made training materials and quality-checking tools available to the public on their site, and will also publish the results from the most recent CheckMate Advisory Board meeting.

"Getting some of the best minds in the field together to distill best practices was unprecedented, and more productive than any of us had imagined," said Matt Wisdom, CEO of TurboSquid. "The wealth of information we gathered will lead to a big step forward for all industries that use 3D models."

Meeting with such great artists made this meeting a real treat, said Carlos Cristerna, Director of Visualization at Neoscape, an award-winning architectural visualization firm that relies on 3D models to showcase their clients not-yet-built structures. We are excited about the CheckMate 3D modeling standards effort. Nothing like CheckMate has ever been done before. We had a lot to talk about.

About TurboSquid

With a catalog of over 250,000 unique 3D models,TurboSquid is the worlds source for quality stock 3D. TurboSquids community of over 2.5 million artists and customers come from every line of production, including movies, games, news, advertising, architecture, engineering, simulation, and defense. TurboSquid introduced the CheckMate standard to improve quality across all production pipelines and make the lives of artists easier around the world.

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Virginia Tech Nutrition Professor & Published Author Brenda Davy Named to WellBalance Weight Loss Camps Scientific Advisory Board

Asheville, NC (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

Dr. Brenda Davy, Associate Professor of Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise at Virginia Tech, has been named to the Scientific Advisory Board for WellBalance, a leading health organization that runs weight loss summer camps for adolescents ages 10 20.

Davy has agreed to provide recommendations to WellBalance for improving a clients overall health through better teen diet, physical activity, and weight management strategies. Davys expertise in improvement of weight loss diet and health behaviors will be beneficial to WellBalance customers on their journey towards meeting their summer weight loss camp and health goals.

Dr. Davy has an enormous amount of respect in the scientific world due to the research she has led, said John Taylor, Vice President of Programs for WellBalance and a celebrity fitness expert. Dr. Davy is one of the nations leading experts on helping individuals create healthy behaviors, something that the entire nation is attempting to implement as a way to fight childhood obesity. WellBalance is honored to have her as a member of our Scientific Advisory Board, and we feel that her opinions will help our clients progress in their journey towards healthy living.

Davy has a number of publications to her credit including Translational Research: Bridging the gap between long-term weight loss maintenance research and practice, which appeared in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Davy is also a Registered Dietitian, and studies the relationship between beverage consumption and weight management.

I am very happy to join WellBalance as a member of their Scientific Advisory Board said Davy. I look forward to helping WellBalance clients adopt weight management strategies and diet behaviors that will enable them to lead healthier lives.

Dr. Davy earned her Ph.D. in Human Nutrition from Colorado State University in 2001. She also earned a M.S. in Exercise Physiology and B.S. in Human Nutrition from Virginia Tech, and in 2010, was featured in the WebMD article Study Shows Drinking Water Helps People Lose Weight and Keep the Pounds Off, which was a report based on her research. This study, published in the journal Obesity in 2010, received national and international media attention.


WellBalance fitness and weight loss health camps designed the ME Plan to Motivate & Educate on what medical research shows works for sustainable fitness, weight loss, and health success. Founded by professionals and guided by experts who have led some of the largest behavioral health, mental health, and treatment programs in the country, WellBalance is working to become the leader with a focus on improving an individuals overall health. WellBalance developed the WellBalance Health Score


Peter Bryant, a Leading Corporate Advisor Joins T-UP: The Technology Entrepreneur Centre Advisory Board

Peter Bryant, a Leading Corporate Advisor Joins T-UP: The Technology Entrepreneur Centre Advisory Board

Wellington, New Zealand (PRWEB) December 13, 2004

Wellington, New Zealand-based technology incubator T-UP, the Technology Entrepreneur Centre, has announced the appointment to its advisory board of leading corporate advisor Peter Bryant. Mr. Bryant is an ex-pat New Zealand who now runs his own technology advisory group TransTech USA and has extensive business experience in the technology sector in the United States, Asia/Pacific and United Kingdom.

T-UP CEO Robert Acton welcomed Mr. Bryant onto T-UP’s advisory board, saying his networks and skills would greatly complement those already in place.

“Peter has enormous knowledge and skill in the ICT sector in which T-UP is placing increasing emphasis. His energy and skills will be greatly valued,” Mr. Acton said.

“Peter is already delivering high level seminars in New Zealand through companies enrolled in the Hi Growth project and his combination of commercial knowledge and technical know-how, give him a unique perspective on developments in the ICT sector and how they can best be commercialized.”

“I am very excited about joining T-Ups advisory board, as I see a tremendous level of innovation and enthusiasm in NZ. I can offer insights and experience that will help these companies on their commercialization journey. Also, as a Victoria alumnus, it is gratifying to be able to participate at this level for my university”

About T-UP

T-UP: The Technology Entrepreneur Centre is based in Wellington, New Zealand and is one of New Zealand’s leading technology incubators, having close links to Victoria University of Wellington through Vic-Link, the university’s commercial arm. T-Up, The Technology Entrepreneur Centre is an incubation service provider focusing on ICT start-up companies with the potential for high-growth. T-UP’s mission is to create a valuable support system that allows selected ICT start-ups to establish themselves in the national and international markets. For more information, please visit the company's Web site at

About TransTech USA LLC

TransTech USA, based in Denver, Colorado, provides corporate advisory and business development services to emerging technology companies to successfully commercialize their products into new markets. The ultimate goal is to maximize a company’s return on investment and provide the widest choice of exit strategies.

Peter Bryant the founder and president of TransTech USA, has built successful businesses in the US, Asia Pacific and UK. Prior to founding TransTech USA he was CEO of Clear Technology, President of InfoNow Corporation, a NASDAQ company. He was earlier Vice President of Operations North America for Mincom, Inc. His previous 13 years were with Computer Associates International, the third largest global provider of enterprise software solutions. Peter holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand and has completed studies at the Kellogg School of Management. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is a Chartered member of the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants. For more information, please visit the company's Web site at

Media Contact:

John Bowie


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ad:tech Announces New China Advisory Board for 2007

ad:tech Announces New China Advisory Board for 2007

Beijing/Shanghai/HongKong (PRWEB) April 25, 2007

ad:tech expositions, LLC ( ), the leading organizer of conferences and exhibitions for the interactive marketing community worldwide, today announced the new China Advisory Board to set the stage for the 3rd annual event in China this year. The new advisory board, representing 13 leading companies, will be chaired by Paul Beckley, Vice President, Asia, Technology, dmg World Media.

"We are excited to be in China and be part of the growth and development of digital marketing," Mr. Beckley comments." A global conference and exhibition organizer, ad:tech brings in 10 years of experience as a business facilitator for the digital marketing community worldwide. ad:tech is proud to provide a dynamic and inspiring experience for marketers, media, technology providers and start-up companies."

"As ad:tech continues to grow and thrive globally, the new China Advisory Board will play a pivotal role in the development of digital marketing in China," said Mimi Vong, Director of Content & Marketing, Asia Pacific. "Providing valuable insights and key industry knowledge, the new Advisory Board will help this year's show in Beijing to bring in the highest quality of content and speakers with both international and local expertise. We would further like to thank our 2006 Advisory Board members for their continued support."

The ad:tech 2007 China Advisory Board of Directors consists of:

Mr. David Turchetti, CEO, 21 Communications

Mr. Hans Yu, Managing Director, China, AC Nielsen

Mr. Edward Bell, Marketing Director, China, adidas

Ms. Jasmine Shen, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, Alibaba Group

Mr. Shaun Rein, Managing Director and Founder, China Market Research Group

Mr. Vincent Kobler, CEO, Emporio Asia

Ms. Anita Huang, Head of Marketing, China, Google

Ms. Victoria Stull, Vice President, Integrated Cyber Media

Mr. Michael Tong, COO, Netease

Mr. Chris Reitermann, President, OgilvyOne China

Mr. Ralph Szeto, General Manager, Onexeno

Mr. William Bao Bean, Partner, Softbank China & India Group

Mr. S.Y. Lau, Executive Vice President of Advertising and Sales, Tencent

Digital marketing professionals who are interested to speak at ad:tech Beijing are encouraged to send in their submissions for consideration at the following link:

About ad:tech:

ad:tech expositions, LLC is the leading organizer of conferences and exhibitions for the interactive marketing community worldwide. ad:tech produces the world's largest interactive marketing events held in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, London, Paris, Hamburg, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore and Sydney. ad:tech is produced by dmg world media, with office in Beijing and Shanghai and regional headquarter in Singapore. For listings of exhibitors, speakers, events and upcoming conference offerings, visit

About dmg world media:

An international exhibition and publishing company, dmg world media produces more than 300 market-leading trade exhibitions, consumer shows and fairs each year and publishes 45 related magazines, newspapers, directories and market reports. dmg world media employs 800 people and maintains a worldwide presence through 38 offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, the United Arab Emirates, China, Australia and New Zealand. dmg world media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc (DMGT), one of the largest and most successful media companies in the United Kingdom. Additional information on dmg world media can be found at

Press & Media Contacts

ad:tech Expositions

Mimi Vong


MSN: mimivong(@)

Skype: MimiVong

Tel: +65 6232 23 23


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New Media Company Formed to Launch TechSpend, Offering Advisory Services, Research, Tools and News

New York (PRWEB) April 10, 2006

TechSpend, LLC., a new company formed through a partnership between Modern Media Partners LLC, Deal Architect and Stamford Research, announced today the launch of an integrated media platform focused on negotiating IT contracts and managing IT vendor relationships. TechSpend’s website (, blog and eNewsletter provide advisory services, research, downloadable tools, news and best practices.

“IT buying professionals are hungry for the information that will empower them to source and negotiate contracts and manage vendor relationships more cost effectively,” said Vinnie Mirchandani, former Gartner analyst and TechSpend Editor. “In 2005, IT organizations in the U.S. spent roughly $ 1.7 trillion on technology and telecom. With disruptive technologies, vendors and practices, buyers can take a significant bite out of this spend.”

Mirchandini, who launched the successful DealArchitect blog in 2005, will spearhead the brand’s editorial product, while Albert F. Case, Jr., a former Gartner division president, will serve as publisher. Sales and marketing services will be provided by Modern Media, a media outsourcing services provider.

The brand will cover service level agreements, RFIs, RFPs, proposals, procurement policies and procedures, as well as provide access to downloadable tools for evaluation and technology management, ASP services, advisory reports, consultations and document reviews, conferences and online seminars, white papers, newsletters and blogs.

“At TechSpend, we’ll give IT buyers guidelines, tools and techniques for rooting out the best contract terms and conditions, the best prices and the best services levels from IT vendors, “ explained Case. “TechSpend members will be able to tap into the years of experience we have negotiating billions of dollars worth of IT procurement.”

TechSpend offers IT buyers free access to news, blogs and enewsletters. With a TechSpend individual or enterprise membership, readers gain access to in-depth research reports and individual advisory services, depending on the membership level purchased. Special charter membership rates and a free downloadable tool are available throughout the month of April. See for details.

For news and feature story ideas, contact Maryann Jones Thompson, Editor, at maryannt @

For sponsorship information, contact Dawn Briggs, VP of Sales, at dawn @

About TechSpend

TechSpend’s mission is to help enterprise IT buyers source and negotiate technology and service contracts, and manage their vendor relationships. TechSpend blends industry analysis and low-cost IT procurement advice with independent media, providing market and negotiating intelligence, IT vendor management news and information, and evaluation and technology management tools. TechSpend helps IT buyers reduce the time and cost to procure technology, increase the effectiveness of the IT contracting process, and manage IT vendors to specific service levels. TechSpend is the multi-media joint venture of Modern Media Partners, Deal Architect and Stamford Research.

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Pangea Media Expands Advisory Board — Additions Bring Decades of High Tech Experience

Pangea Media Expands Advisory Board -- Additions Bring Decades of High Tech Experience

Boston (PRWEB) January 6, 2011

Pangea Media (, an online marketing company announced today the addition of two high tech executives to the Pangea Media Advisory Board. David Cancel, CEO of Performable, and Andy Pane, co-founder of FanSnap and advisor/ investor in a number of high tech companies, bring decades of high tech leadership to Pangea Media.

David Cancel specializes in online marketing technology and social media and has a proven record of building successful high technology businesses. Prior to becoming the CEO of Performable, David was the co-founder and CTO of Lookery; a founder and CTO at Compete, which was acquired by WPP; and the CTO of BuyerZone. David was also part of the founding team of and held a senior position at Lycos. In addition to Pangea Media, David sits on the advisory boards of Visible Measures, Sonian Networks, Yottaa and Shareaholic.

Andy Pane is a board member, investor and/ or advisor to a number of companies including FanSnap,, Digium, HubSpot, SmartFlix and Kayak. Andy founded Revenio, a customer relationship management and marketing solutions company and co-founded OpenMarket. He has also served as a consultant to Agilent Technologies and worked for a number of years at Digital Equipment Corporation. Andy holds eleven patents and has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Cornell University.

The Pangea Media Advisory board serves as a sounding board for Pangea Media management, providing counsel on product direction and strategic planning.

"We are extremely fortunate to have such amazing and talented individuals join the Pangea Media Advisory Board. I look forward to working with the Advisory Board, and benefitting from their skills and knowledge," stated Seth Lieberman, CEO of Pangea Media.


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