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Yamaha DGX-650 Portable Digital Grand: Classic, Acoustic Touch and Tone with Tech Forward Learning and Playing Features

Buena Park, CA (PRWEB) July 16, 2013

Yamaha introduced its new DGX-650, a Portable Grand digital piano that is ideal for piano students and hobbyists of all ages. This entertaining alternative to an acoustic upright piano offers several features that make learning and playing piano more fun than ever, including upgraded piano sound and CD-quality audio recording and playback, as well as the ability to play chords with a single keystroke and interactive software that helps players quickly learn songs of their favorite artists from many genres. It includes a stand and a sustain footswitch, and is available in two attractive finishes: black with rosewood side panels or spotlight white.

The DGX-650 has category-leading touch and tone with PureCF sampling, which integrates the authentic sounds from the critically acclaimed nine-foot Yamaha CFIIIS Grand Piano into this powerful portable keyboard. Yamahas Graded Hammer Standard action provides the natural touch response of a full-size grand piano -- the lower keys are heavier and the higher keys become gradually lighter through the different registers. Extra-large, front-facing speakers provide a full and rich room-filling presence.

The DGX-650 is an ensemble digital piano that is ready to be enjoyed by a wide range of aspiring pianists, from those looking to learn and grow their musical abilities to those who may want the experience of playing with a band, said Dane Madsen, Yamaha Digital Piano Marketing Manager. Players of all abilities will appreciate the comprehensive learning features, great sound and connectivity that make it possible to easily share performances with friends and relatives.

The DGX-650s XG song file compatibility and optional You Are the Artist series songbooks allow players to learn and play along with recordings of their favorite songs made popular by artists like Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Adele, Johnny Cash and more. With this special collection of piano songbooks and play-along recordings, piano music can be experienced in several ways. The piano part of a song can be played on the DGX-650s keyboard while XG song files play all of the backing band parts. Songs can be slowed down to allow players to practice at a comfortable tempo before speeding up when theyre ready. Players can even practice one hand while the DGX-650 plays the other. You Are the Artist series songbooks and XG song files can be purchased at or any authorized Hal Leonard music retailer.

Sharing music is now easier than ever with new USB audio recording capabilities. CD-quality audio recordings of performances can be loaded onto computer and emailed to a friend, posted as a video on YouTube or simply transferred to an iPod.

The DGX-650 has many key features that intuitively assist beginners and novices in expressing themselves musically. Smart Chord mode enables major and minor chords to be played with just one key and is suitable for a variety of genres. For example, when playing a jazz song, players can automatically create complex 7th and 9th chords. When playing pop music, simpler three-note chords can be created. With Smart Chord, these instant four and five-note harmonies are now possible with a single finger.

A stereo 3.5mm AUX line input enables external audio devices to take advantage of the DGX-650 speaker system and offers another way aspiring artists can play along with their favorite songs stored on iPods, CD players or computers.


Acoustic Echo Compliance Test Software per G.167 and P.340 standards

Gaithersburg, Maryland (PRWEB) October 09, 2012

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA -October 08, 2012- GL Communications Inc. a leader in providing PC-based test, analysis and simulation products and consulting services to the worldwide telecommunications industry, conveyed today the availability of its Acoustic Echo Compliance Test Software per G.167 and P.340 standards.

Speaking to media persons, Mr. Robert Bichefsky Senior Manager of Product Development of the company said, Acoustic echo is a common phenomenon that is encountered in many types of phone calls. It occurs when speaker output is fed back to the microphone input. This will disturb the far end speaker as they hear their own voice but delayed. Acoustic echo cancellers (AEC) are used in phones or in the network to minimize this distortion. Acoustic echo, unlike line echo, is dynamic during a call as people and speakers move about.

He added, GL's Automated Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) Compliance Test Software is a feature rich application used to perform acoustic echo cancellation testing in accordance with ITU-T Specifications, G.167 and P.340. The Software uses GL Communications' T1 E1 Analyzer products and the customers AEC hardware or software to perform Acoustic Echo Canceller testing. Rin and Sin files (stimulus and echo) are prepared by Automated AEC Test software in accordance with user inputs. Rout and Sout are captured and processed.

Mr. Bichefsky further added, Automated Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) test software works in conjunction with our T1 E1 product platforms, including USB T1 E1 Analyzer and Universal T1 E1 Cards. Automated AEC Test Software performs a full analysis (with detailed displays) that results in a "Pass" or "Fail. Automated AEC testing concepts are implemented within the software for various End to End Applications (Mobile, TDM, and VoIP) scenarios.

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McPherson Guitars Employs SolidWorks to Create Unique Design of Acoustic Guitars Played by Grammy-Award Winning Musicians

McPherson Guitars Employs SolidWorks to Create Unique Design of Acoustic Guitars Played by Grammy-Award Winning Musicians

Menomonee Falls, WI (PRWEB) January 5, 2005

Leading SolidWorks reseller Graphics Systems Corporation (GXSC), headquartered in Menomonee Falls, WI is pleased to announce McPherson Guitars of Sparta, WI is the latest “Spotlight Customer” featured on their website Each quarter, Graphics Systems highlights a different customer to share their experiences in using SolidWorks 3D CAD software and its solution partner products.

McPherson Guitars designs and builds acoustic guitars that produce a range and depth of sound that no other guitar can create. Innovations such as their signature offset sound hole, state-of-the-art laminated bracing system, and cantilever “floating” neck design contribute to this. This unique design is the reason McPherson is the guitar of choice for Grammy award winning musicians Vince Gill, Steven Curtis Chapman and other discerning artists like Paul Overstreet and Amy Grant.

Programmer Dean Johnson uses SolidWorks to design specific fixtures and individual parts for the production of the guitars. McPherson Guitars began using SolidWorks after realizing that their previous software lacked capabilities critical to their needs. The company bought SolidWorks from Graphics Systems and is extremely pleased with the post-sales service. “They provide excellent tech support and the teachers in the classroom add the finishing touches to a great product!” attests Johnson.

The entire Spotlight Customer article, complete with a design gallery, can be viewed online at From there, visitors can check out past Spotlight Customers who have also done extraordinary things with SolidWorks in their businesses. For more information on the Spotlight Customer program, please contact Michelle Hansen at 800-454-CADD ext. 117 or email

About Graphics Systems Corporation

Graphics Systems is the Midwest’s leading provider of CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM solutions for business and industry with over 14 years in business, and over 125 years of combined engineering experience. Major product offerings through Graphics Systems include SolidWorks, Cosmos FEA, PDMWorks, DBWorks, MoldWorks, Teksoft CAM, Dimension 3D printers and more. Graphics Systems has offices in Menomonee Falls, Madison, and Green Bay, WI in addition to Oakbrook Terrace, IL.

For more information on Graphics Systems Corporation, please contact Michelle Hansen at 800-454-CADD ext. 117 or visit

About McPherson Guitars

Located in Sparta, WI, McPherson Guitars has been designing and building guitars since 1981. McPherson Guitars offer a range and depth of sound that no other guitar can produce. Two decades ago, McPherson revolutionized the acoustic guitar world by introducing its unique Offset Soundhole Technology™. This breakthrough design increased the total flexible surface area on the central part of the instrument, and has become their unmistakable signature. Since then, McPherson has continued to be a pioneer in the marketplace with their state-of the-art bracing and cantilevered neck design.

For more information visit


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